On My Way To Sloppy Seconds Heaven
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My wife and I decided to visit Hampi, a small town in
India after reading some rave reviews about its ruins
and palaces in Lonely Planet guide. To get the real
taste of travelling and local culture we travelled by
bus. It was a rickety old bus crammed with people.
Miles and miles of dusty landscape passed by and after
a torturous journey, finally the bus stopped midway for
dinner and some rest.

It was really primitive; they didn’t even have a
restroom. The guys just lined up next to a small wood
and peed freely waving their Indian black cocks. There
were only a few women and they too sat down right in
front of everybody and peed unashamedly even as
passersby stared at them. My wife was in desperate need
to go and take a dump but had no nerve to do so right
in the open.

I told her to go in the woods and dump her shit behind
some trees while I got some toilet paper (I was being
wishful!) or some water for her to clean up. It took
me a while to buy a few bottles of water because of the
long queue of people wanting to buy food and snacks.
Then I headed towards the woods. As I entered, the
musty, funky smell of shit hit my nostrils. I had to
gingerly step over dried turds as it seemed like a
common “shitting ground” in the absence of a proper

I spotted a few men sitting in a row on one side,
taking a poop. Most of them were black south Indians
and it was an exciting site to see them sit squatting
down on ground, their black uncut cocks in different
stages of hardness dangling down between their folded
legs. Some were so long that their owners had to hold
the fat cocks up to avoiding their uncut heads touching
the ground below. I was mesmerized by this blatant
display of ugly black uncut cocks. A few were smoking
cigarettes and they all had a bottle each by their side
for ablutions once finished. They were totally
unaffected by me staring at their cocks and black
balls. A few were actually stroking their cocks and
pointing them at me. I quickly got out of their sight.

I found my wife deep inside, behind some broad old
banyan trees. She was squatting just like the men and
there were five men around her – one each said of her
and three facing her. They were partially hidden by
bushes or by trees and I don’t think my wife knew they
were there.

Anyway, she had forgotten her glasses in the bus so
probably wasn’t aware of the goings on. It was not
difficult to see that they were there to poop their
turds. Probably they had either finished their poo or
had followed her just for some eye candy.

It was very exciting for me to watch my beautiful wife
surrounded by ugly, smelly black Indian cocks as I had
always fantasized but never dared to share with her. So
I slowly retreated and hid behind a tree. Then I
pretended to be one of the “poopers” and pulled down my
pants and squatted down. It only took me a short while
to observe that the two men to her side were slowly
moving closer and closer to my wife.

Then one of them, about 45-years of age, jet black of
complexion and as ugly as a bat, spoke, “Do you have a
light?” My wife, slightly started, screwed her eyes
tight to focus and try to see who it really was, and I
think the man understood that she was not able to see
properly and he moved slightly closer. He said, “Sorry
to bother you here but I forgot my lighter, do you have
a light?” (He had probably seen my wife smoke.)

My wife said, “Sorry, I forgot my cigarettes, lighter
and glasses in the bus only…and since I am night-
blind, I really can’t see anything at all and don’t
know how to go back.” Just then the second man, also
blue-black and nearing 60, moved in closer to my wife
and the first man, “Don’t worry my dear, we are here to
help you. We will help you go back as we are also going
in the same bus,” then he turned to the first man,
winked at him and said, “Here my friend, I have a
lighter, here let me light your cigarette.”

Oh fuck, it was awesome to see that my otherwise
prudish wife was happily sitting shitting in open broad
daylight, her hairy pussy open for all to see between
two low-class dirty, smelly countryside south Indians,
sitting by her side, their half hard black uncut cocks
dangling obscenely between their legs. The second man
moved forward towards the first one to light his
cigarette and I saw with open-mouth how close his black
cock was to my wife’s pussy from down below.

The old black man asked my wife if she wanted a
cigarette and when she said yes. “Would you like a
local flavor,” he asked and when my wife nodded, he got
up, his black old meaty cock slowly rising up like a
horsecock and said, “Here first, take a deep sniff.”
And then he slowly pulled his cock right under her
nose, without actually touching her skin. She took a
deep breath and inhaled, her eyes shut. “Wow, it’s
really different. Smells awesome like dried mushrooms
and musk. May I sniff one more time?”

Sure, he said and wavered his cock under her nose once
more. This time, he peeled his wrinkled foreskin down
and gave her a sniff of his cock-cheese smeared purple
cock head. My wife inhaled the aromas of his old cock
and exclaimed, “Wonderful. I love these smells so new
and so exciting. Can I feel the texture of this
wonderful cigarette?”

He said, “These are no ordinary cigarettes, my dear.
These are hand rolled exotic cigars. Actually these are
used by tribals in deep forest to overcome problematic
relationships and hurdles. Since these are rolled in
skin of some snakes, they really feel like skin and
flesh and you are not supposed to light it up with fire
and smoke like ordinary cigarettes.

These are stuffed with smoked flesh and wrapped with
the snake skin tightly and then you only need to place
it between your lips and roll your tongue around to
absorb the benefits of the skin and the ingredients.”
My wife looked mesmerized, “I am so lucky,” she said,
“To have encountered you today to get a taste of such
an exotic tribal delicacy. It’s a pity that without my
glasses I can’t even see it. Oh how I wish my husband
would come here soon and take some pictures for me.”

“My dear you are indeed very lucky that I have a few
different types of these tribal cigars,” the old
bastard said and beckoned the other three men closer.
The three also joined the first two men and circled
around my wife. The old black man gestured for them to
be quiet and offered his cock to my wife, “Here my
dear, open your mouth, a little wider…yeah there, now
don’t you touch it…these are divine things offered to
gods before being consumed and I don’t want you to
touch with your hands, which were going to do ablutions
just now. Don’t worry, I will help you with the
experience. Open your mouth and…ah…here it comes.
Remember, just roll your tongue around and try to
absorb its exotic properties.”

With that he slowly inserted his rather meaty and dirty
black cock in my stupid and gullible wife’s waiting
mouth. She let the heavy cock fall in her mouth and as
instructed, rolled her tongue around it “oohing” and
“aahing” from her closed mouth. My prudish wife has
never ever sucked a cock. She only allows me to fuck
her missionary style once every month just after her
periods and I don’t think she knows what a cock tastes
like. So it was like sweet revenge for me to see her
suck such dirty and smelly cocks.

The old man gave more instructions, “Yeah, good. You
are learning it fast. You should be one of us
tribals… slowly… you must not use your teeth on the
tribal cigar or you will damage it.” My wife was in
ecstasy rolling his black old cock in her mouth. The
other four men were getting impatient and pushed the
old man off her. The second man came forward and said,
“Darling, here’s the second tribal cigar for you.” And
he pushed his fat black cock in her mouth rather
roughly, getting her imbalanced and trip over. She
grabbed the ground with her hands, the fat black cock
still deep in her gurgling mouth.

Another man jumped forward and held her from behind.
Then he slowly pulled her down in his lap, his cock
right waving right next to her creamy white cheeks
puffed with the other black cock. The old man was back.
This time he was sitting between my wife’s splayed legs
as her puffy, hairy pussy stared at each of the black
cocks in the eye. “Would you like to savor two tribal
cigars at the same time?”

“Is it possible,” she said between mouthfuls of the
second cock.

“Sure, it’s just that you might feel a little
uncomfortable. Here, let me help you…” he said and
with that he spat on the top of his purple cock-head
and lubricated it.

He had some difficulty trying to push his fat monster
cock in my wife’s cunt because of the second man whose
cock was still deep in my wife’s mouth. I decided to
join and help him (she couldn’t see anything anyway)
and held his cock with my hands from behind and
gestured him to be in a “push-up position”. Slowly I
aligned his cock with my own wife’s pussy hole and
pushed his wrinkled ass forward with such a force that
his cock penetrated my wife in one motion, right down
to its root. His kinky grey pubic hair mashing against
my wife’s pussy hair. She couldn’t even scream because
of the big fat cock in her mouth.

That was it. All hell broke loose and the old man
started fucking her like a mad man. His black cock
pistoning in and out of her sloppy cunt like a fast and
furious giant horse-cock. He didn’t last long (well he
had already got sucked a long time) and blasted his
smelly cum in my prudish wife’s slackened cunt. Seeing
him blast his smelly load in my wife’s cunt, the man
fucking her mouth also blasted his nut right in her

When she gagged and tried to spit his load, he pushed
his still hard cock deep in her throat and pinched her
nose leaving her with no choice but to swallow his
load. Then the other three men too were impatient to
fuck their brains out and one by one they dumped their
smelly cock-loads in her hairy pussy. In 10 minutes
time, they had all gone, leaving my wife sprawled in
the dumps of dried shit and dirt. She was sobbing a
little and tried her best in whatever she could manage
despite her night-blindness.

To make her believe that I had not seen anything, I
walked back and started called out for her from a
distance. “I am here,” she replied in a meek voice and
when I reached there, she was not sobbing anymore.
“Honey, are you okay? I just couldn’t find you.”

She said, “Yeah I am okay but could you help me wash

I said sure and put my hand under her to wipe her clean
and as expected a big flood of smelly loads rushed out
of her pussy. She was probably too numb to feel
anything so I scooped up that palmful of load and
sucked it down my gullet enjoying every single warm
drop of the smelly loads dumped in her cunt by the dirt
smelly Indian cocks. I scooped some more and drank it
greedily. Then I washed her asshole and cunt with the
water from the bottles and wiped it with my
handkerchief. She got up groggily and holding my hand,
we walked back to the bus. Much to our horror, the bus
had left without us. Fortunately for us, they had
thrown our suitcase out.

Then I turned to the owner of the dirty smelly
restaurant and asked them when the next bus would be
in. “Tomorrow, same time,” said the 70-year-old owner –
pitch black and as smelly as shit. I requested him to
let us spend the night there and he agreed. He and
three of his dirty smelly servants slept in the same
restaurant. He slept on a cot and the others on the
floor. He was kind enough to offer my wife to sleep in
the bed.

Later I shared my whiskey with all of them and we
slept. In the middle of the night, I heard some
shuffling sound and saw that my night-blinded wife was
asking for help as she needed to go to pee. I pretended
to be asleep and the old man helped her out.

I sneaked out behind them and saw that as she was
sitting by the roadside peeing, the old black geezer
was standing just a few inches away from her and peeing
away. In the dim streetlight I saw some drops of his
piss falling on my wife’s face. My bat-blind wife
turned to the old man and said, “I can smell the
delicious aroma of a tribal cigar… do you want me to
put it in my mouth?”

The old man stroked his half hard cock to an impressive
nine inches and rubbing the tip of his uncut cock
(still dripping piss), slowly inserted his black cock
in her willing mouth, “Sure dear, I have a handy tribal
cock… I mean cigar for you…” My wife bobbed up and
down on his old cock till he spewed his old seed in her
mouth. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve and walked
back to the hut with him. Once inside, the old man woke
the three dirty scavenger-like servants and whispered
something to them one by one.

And sure enough, one by one, they climbed atop the cot
and fucked my willing wife with their what must have
been solid black cocks. Once they were all tired and
asleep, I crawled to foot of my wife’s bed and sneaked
between her wide open legs. She is a heavy sleeper and
slept throughout as I greedily slurped the smelly fresh
loads of cum from her weather-beaten pussy.

From then on, I had a fantastic time as my wife readily
slurped on any willing “tribal” cigar and I was in
“sloppy seconds” heaven.

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