Alana Does Dallas
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My name is Matt and I love to watch my wife Alana fuck
other men. In case you did not read our previous story,
“Alana”, which can be found in asstr , allow me to
give you a little of our background. My wife Alana is
strikingly beautiful, with amazing green eyes and long,
thick dark hair. She is 37 years old and she still turns
heads as she walks down the street.

She is 5’4″ tall, and even though she carries a little
extra weight in her butt and thighs, she has an amazing
body. She has three young sons from a previous marriage
and when we met her once spectacular D-cup boobs had
sagged from breastfeeding. As a wedding present I had
paid for a top notch surgeon to redo her tits to their
original glory, and she is now a perfect embodiment of
sexiness and beauty.

I am 41 year old successful attorney. I was a confirmed
bachelor when Alana and I met a year ago. I keep in good
shape and have always enjoyed a healthy sex life. In
contrast to my confident demeanor in business, I have
always had a slightly submissive side sexually, due
mostly to my feeling that my not quite six inch dick was
on the smallish side. My wife, on the other hand, enjoys
being somewhat dominant and take charge in bed, so we
are a perfect match.

Alana loves to make me go down on her after we have had
sex, feeding me her “cream pie”. She also gives
incredible blow jobs, and swallows every time while
saving a little bit for me to share in a “snowball”.

After we married, I shared with Alana my fantasies of
watching her with other men, in particular men with
really big dicks. She was incredibly turned on by the
idea as she loves a nice big cock, and over the first
few months of our marriage, she acted out my fantasies
by sleeping with two different men while I watched.

Each time she took a lover, I was not only present to
watch, I was there to clean her pussy after her lovers
had filled her with their cum. She loves to share her
lover’s cum with me, and has even discussed making me
give her lovers head or clean their dicks with my mouth
after they fucked her.

Unfortunately, since her two previous encounters we have
not had a chance to again play with others. Alana’s
first lover, Steve, lives far away in a different state
and her second lover, Mark, is married to Alana’s best
friend Jennifer. Mark and Jennifer are now trying to
have children and it turns out Mark has a low sperm
count, so he has to “save” it all for Jennifer.

Alana and I continued to share fantasies about her
sleeping with other men, but due to my prominence in the
legal community, plus having three young kids in the
house, we had to be very discreet about finding lovers
for her.

An opportunity arose recently when I had to travel out
of state to Dallas for a legal conference. We arranged
for the kids to spend a few days with their grandparents
and Alana made plans to join me for the three day

In the days leading up to the trip we were both
constantly aroused. Each night for the week leading up
to our trip we had wild sex, sharing different scenarios
of what would happen. She talked about meeting a man
with a really big dick and taking him to our hotel and
fucking him as I watched. I told her how I wanted to
take her to a club and watch her pick up men and fuck
them in the parking lot. This talk always led to great
sex and lots of chances for me to taste my own cum from
my wife’s pretty pussy and sexy mouth.

When we finally left for Dallas, we were both ready for
some wild fun. We arrived on a Tuesday evening, with the
conference scheduled for Wednesday through Friday. The
conference was at the Fairmont in downtown Dallas.

After checking in, we set out to see some sights and
check out some of the clubs in the area. Never having
been to the city, we really didn’t know what to expect.
We had heard that Dallas had some awesome Gentlemen’s
Clubs, so we had planned to check those out on the trip.
Alana really enjoys going to strip clubs and has even
gone to them for “girls night” with her friend Jennifer.
They had learned some fun tricks from the dancers and
Alana had even become good friends with a sexy blonde
dancer named Cindy.

Sadly, our first night fizzled, as we were not able to
find any good action. We had tried to find places on our
own and we failed. When we got back to our room, we
vowed that we would seek out advice from some locals
during the conference to find the really hot places.

The night was not a total loss. When we got back to our
room, Alana dressed in a sexy little outfit, opened the
curtains to our room and gave me a nice slow lap dance
and blow job. It was exciting to think that anyone could
see in our room and see what we were doing. After I came
in her mouth, we hopped in bed for a night of serious
fucking and sucking. If anyone was watching they got
quite a show.


The next morning I went to the conference while Alana
spent the day getting a spa treatment, including
massage, manicure and pedicure. She then spent the
afternoon relaxing by the pool in a sexy little bikini.
During breaks in the conference I would go out and check
on her and there were always a few men at the pool who
were clearly enjoying the sight of my beautiful wife
spreading suntan lotion on her body.

During the conference I did not really meet any
interesting locals, but I did strike up a conversation
with a gentleman from Atlanta named Ian who visited
Dallas often. Ian appeared to be about my age and was
tall and well built. He and I got along great, joking
about how boring the conference was and talking about
our plans for the week. Like Alana and I, Ian wanted to
hit some of Dallas’ famous gentlemen’s clubs. He was
traveling without his wife and wanted to take advantage
of his freedom. He had been to some of the clubs on
previous trips and volunteered to show us around.

When the day’s sessions ended, Ian and I headed down to
the pool so I could introduce him to Alana. I had
already started to imagine him taking my wife to bed and
giving her a serious fucking. When we met up with Alana,
Ian was clearly very impressed. In fact, he could barely
take his eyes off of her sexy body. She also seemed to
be interested in him. While we sat by the pool, she
deliberately showed off as much of her body as she
could. In response, a bulge began to grow in Ian’s
pants. Both my wife and I noticed that it was a very
large bulge.

We agreed to meet Ian for a quick dinner and then a trip
to a gentlemen’s club he knew in town.

When Alana and I got back to our room, she quickly
stripped off her bikini, lay down in bed and demanded
that I go down on her. As I spread her thighs and got
ready to eat her pussy, I noticed she was already
soaking wet. As I enthusiastically dove in, she started
talking about Ian. She talked about finding out just how
big his dick was and about fucking him over and over
again. As she pulled my head tightly against her pussy
and shuddered in orgasm, she said she couldn’t wait for
me to eat his load of cum from her dripping cunt.

After she had calmed down, she led me to the shower and
had me wash her thoroughly. My almost six inch cock was
rock hard, but she offered no relief for me. She told me
that tonight I was going to have to wait until she got
some really big cock before I was allowed to even think
about cumming. I meekly agreed, secretly excited by the
prospects for the evening.

After her shower, Alana dressed in a very sexy outfit.
She wore a short skirt that barely covered her lacy
thong panties. She added a matching lace bra and low cut
top that really showed off her wonderful D-cup tits. She
finished by having me kneel down and put her five inch
spiked heels on her feet.

We met Ian in the lobby and I offered to drive us, so he
could act as navigator. We started at a nice little café
near our hotel. During dinner, Ian could not take his
eyes off my wife. She, in turn, flirted with him
continually through the meal. After eating, Alana
excused herself to freshen up before we headed out to
the strip club. When she had left the table, Ian turned
to and said, “Matt, I’m kinda embarrassed to ask this,
but was your wife hitting on me right in front of you?”

I laughed a little and told him that my wife and I had a
very interesting relationship and that I allowed her a
certain amount of freedom when it came to sex. I told
him that if she wanted to take a lover, she was free to
do so, as long as I was there to watch and participate.
I went on to explain that while Alana and I had a great
sex life, she on occasion really craved a very big dick.

I only pack an averaged sized pecker, I said, so I allow
her to seek out big cocks when she can. As I told him
this, I could see Ian shifting in his seat, clearly
trying to adjust the bulge that had again grown in his
pants. I mentioned that both Alana and I had noticed his
sizeable bulge and that she had commented on it.

I asked him about his marriage. He said that his wife
was very uptight when it came to sex, and that he always
hoped she would be more fun-loving. He even confessed
that he had also had fantasies of sharing his wife, but
he knew she would never go for it. Although he had been
tempted in the past, he had never cheated on her. Even
though his wife didn’t take care of all his needs, he
did love her and didn’t want to take the chance she
would find out. He seemed sincere, but knowing my wife I
was pretty sure his fidelity was going to be tested this

Alana returned and we set off for our night of fun. As
we left, Ian was walking a little funny, trying to hide
his growing erection.

Ian directed us to a club called “The Lodge” on the
outskirts of town. From the outside it did not look like
much, but inside it was a very classy, high end
gentlemen’s club. The décor was designed to look like a
winter lodge, and everything from the furniture to the
girls were top end. The dancers were all gorgeous and we
were treated very well from the minute we walked into
the club.

Alana was really having a great time. She did all she
could to flirt with and tease Ian, while also enjoying
the attention that beautiful women get when they are
patrons at strip clubs. Ian and I also benefited from
this attention, as the dancers seemed to give us special
treatment because we were there with a very hot woman.
Ian and Alana were getting on famously and I was
anticipating a very fun night later.

After we had been at the club for awhile and had each
enjoyed a few excellent lap dances, we found ourselves
sitting at the stage with Alana between Ian and me.
There was a very hot blonde dancing in front of us and I
noticed her looking down into Ian’s lap. I glanced over
to see that Alana had her hand in Ian’s lap, rubbing his
growing erection while she also whispered in his ear.

Alana glanced over and saw me watching her. She leaned
over to me and whispered, “My God, Ian is really hung.”

We continued to sit at the stage and enjoy the dancers,
each of us leaving for a lap dance now and then. One
time, as I returned from a dance, I came up behind Alana
and noticed that Ian had his hand under her skirt and
was clearly rubbing her pussy. As I sat down, he pulled
his hand away. Alana then got up and went to the ladies
room. When she came back she discreetly handed me her
panties, which I placed into my pocket.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Alana leaned
over and whispered in Ian’s ear. She then leaned back in
her chair as his hand again went under her skirt. This
time he felt her smooth, bare pussy. I saw his eyes
register a moment of shock, but he did not remove his
hand. Meanwhile, my own dick was growing as I watched my
wife seduce another man.

It was only a few more minutes when Alana announced that
she was ready to head to another club. We all stood up
and headed out to our car. Alana took Ian’s arm and
walked close to him as we exited.

Once we got to the car, Alana climbed into the back seat
with Ian while I got ready to drive. She leaned close to
him and asked him if he wanted to go to another club or
if there was something else he had in mind. Ian was
clearly a little nervous, despite knowing that I
welcomed him sleeping with my wife.

“Here, maybe this will help you make up your mind.” With
that she reached over and undid Ian’s pants and pulled
out his cock. She was clearly impressed as she held his
magnificent cock in her hand. It was at least 11 inches
long and very thick.

“Wow, this is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen,”
she said. She leaned over and gave it a few quick licks.
“Well, Ian, want to go to another club or back to the

“Well, if it’s okay with Matt, I say we go back to the

I had turned to watch the action in the backseat. I
turned back around, started the car and said, “Back to
the hotel it is!”

As I drove I could hear the sound of two people
passionately kissing. I would occasionally check the
action in the rearview mirror or by turning around when
we got to stop lights. Alana and Ian were having a great
time making out like teenagers. Ian was massaging my
wife’s tits and reaching under her skirt while Alana
continued to hold and stroke his massive dick.

When we arrived at the hotel, Ian had a difficult time
tucking his cock back into his pants as he and Alana
straighten themselves up for the walk to our room. As we
walked through the lobby both Ian and I had to walk
slightly hunched over to hide the tents that had grown
in our pants.

Once in the room, Alana wasted no time. She quickly
stripped off her clothes and pushed Ian down into a
sitting position on the bed. She knelt before him and
helped him remove his shoes, socks and pants. Her face
was now inches away from his cock. She leaned forward
and rubbed his massive tool over her face as she talked
about how much she loved big cocks.

She looked over at me and practically moaned, “I can’t
wait to feel this monster inside me.” She kept stroking
his cock as she started to lick and suck his balls. My
wife gives the most awesome blow jobs of anyone I have
ever met and I sat back to watch as she went to work.

Alana took her time as she licked her way up his shaft
before taking the head of his dick into her mouth. She
slowly started to suck him, trying to take as much of
his cock into her mouth as she could. Despite her
skills, she was only able to fit half of his thick cock
into her mouth. Ian didn’t seem to mind, as he kept
telling her how great it felt and complimenting her on
what she was doing.

As Alana continued her blow job, Ian turned to me and
said, “You are one lucky son of a bitch to have such a
hot wife. My wife rarely gives me head and when she does
it is nowhere near this good.” Hearing his, Alana
increased her efforts, sucking and slurping his fat

After a few minutes, Alana took his dick from her mouth
and looked over at me. She asked me if I wanted to come
over and help her. Even though we had discussed this in
the past, I was not ready to take the next step and
actually suck another man’s cock. I just shook my head
“no” and watched as she went back to giving head to her
new lover.

Ian was really moaning loudly and telling Alana that he
was close to cumming. Alana motioned for me to come
kneel next to her and I complied. I was inches away as I
watched Ian’s balls contract and I knew that he was
filling my wife’s mouth with a load of his hot spunk.
She kept sucking as he pumped what appeared to be
several shots deep in her throat.

Alana then let his softening cock slip from her mouth as
she kept her lips closed, holding his sperm in her
mouth. She then pulled me to her in a deep open mouth
kiss, sharing the last of Ian’s spunk with me. We kissed
passionately for several minutes while Alana continued
to stroke our new friend’s dick back to life. Even soft
his dick was larger than mine and it started to grow
again as he watched us share his load.

As she pulled away from our kiss, she tried again to
direct my head to Ian’s cock, urging me to suck him to
make him hard. I gently pulled away, telling her I
wanted to watch him fuck her.

Alana climbed onto the bed and pulled Ian on top of her.
They again began to kiss as she spread her legs so that
he could play with her soaking wet pussy. Ian lowered
his head and began to kiss and suck my wife’s beautiful
tits. His cock had again grown hard and after a few
moments he mounted my wife.

I took off my clothes and I sat back to watch as Ian
spread my wife’s thighs and started to rub his huge cock
up and down her slick lips. It was an amazing sight to
see such a large cock ready to fuck my wife. Alana
moaned with pleasure as his massive cock played up and
down her pussy lips and tickled her clit. I started to
slowly stroke myself as I watched them.

Ian continued to tease her by inserting only his
cockhead before going back to rubbing up and down her
slit. Finally she begged him to put it in her and fuck
her hard. Giving her what she wanted, Ian slid his large
tool into my wife’s dripping pussy. At first he took his
time, slowly slipping in and out of her. As she got used
to the length and width of his dick he picked up the
pace and started to really pound into her deeply. Alana
moaned in pleasure as she savored the feeling of such a
large cock fucking her.

In less than two minutes my wife cried out as her first
orgasm ripped through her body. For the next several
minutes she seemed to be having one orgasm after another
as Ian kept pounding away with his monster cock.

Having already come once, Ian seemed to be ready for a
good, long fuck and Alana was more than willing to
accommodate him. They fucked in several different
positions and my wife came loudly and often as they went
at it for almost a twenty minutes. Finally, as he was
pounding my wife from behind, Ian grunted and buried his
cock as deeply as he could in my wife’s pussy, emptying
a fresh load of cum into her. After he finished, he
slowly slid his cock out of her and as he did I could
see the mixture of their juices coating his penis.

Alana fell back onto the bed, lying on her back with her
legs spread. She was sweaty, her hair was a mess and her
pussy was stretched open and dripping cum. She was
absolutely beautiful. Ian lay on his side next to her
and wrapped his arm around her waist as he kissed her
gently and thanked her for the wonderful fuck. He told
her that his wife had never taken him so deep and that
Alana was the most amazing woman he had ever been with.
As they kissed, his massive prick lay soft across her
thigh and a small trail of his semen dripped down her

I crawled onto the bed between my wife’s lovely thighs
and started at the amazing sight before me. I could see
and smell their combined juices seeping out of her cunt.
I leaned in and started to lick her gently, tasting
their combined cum. As they continued to kiss, I slowly
began to clean my wife’s pussy with my tongue,
swallowing her lover’s cum as it poured from her.

Ian must have pumped a huge load into her, as no matter
how much of his cum I swallowed it didn’t seem to stop.
Finally after what seemed like several minutes I had
cleaned up all of his cum from her sweet lips. I looked
up and saw that they were both watching me as I lapped
up their juices.

Alana smiled and said, “I think you missed some.” She
pointed to Ian’s cock as it lay across her thigh,
leaking a stream of semen down the inside of her leg. I
dutifully started to lick her inner thigh, cleaning the
remnants of his cum from her body. As I licked I got
closer and closer to his now soft dick. I had to admit
it was a very beautiful looking cock. Alana watched
lustfully as I licked right up to the spot where his
cock lay across her thigh.

I knew what my wife wanted. And, as I looked at Ian’s
cock I found that I wanted it, too. As I licked the last
drop of his cum from her thigh I also licked the tip of
his cock. I then started to slowly and gently lick the
head of his dick. Before I knew it, I had taken the head
of his dick into my mouth and I was sucking it.

I let his dick fall out of my mouth and started to lick
up and down his soft shaft, cleaning their combined
juices off his penis. As I did this I looked up to see
my wife’s reaction. She had a huge smile on her face as
she looked lovingly into my eyes. I could tell that what
I was doing was making her incredibly happy and
incredibly horny.

I spent the next few minutes sucking and licking my
first cock. It felt very nice. It was soft and warm and
I found that I enjoyed the feeling of having a cock in
my mouth.

As I licked and sucked on Ian’s cock it started to rise
again. As he grew hard a third time, I found that it was
hard to get more than just the head of his cock in my
mouth. As Ian lay on his back, Alana came down to watch
closely as I sucked her lover’s dick. She leaned close
and we shared a kiss with Ian’s cockhead between our

We then took turns sucking our new friend. I watched and
tried to copy what Alana would do, but I was not able to
take him as deep as she was. Ian didn’t seem to mind, as
he kept moaning and saying how amazing this all was. He
told us that feeling of the two of us giving him head
was the most incredible thing he had ever felt. Soon he
announced loudly that he was going to cum again.

Alana passed his cock to me and I took him into my mouth
just as he started to shoot his load. It was salty and
burned slightly as I took his cum down my throat. I kept
sucking as he shot spurt after spurt of his cum into my
mouth. Finally he finished and I held the last bit of
his cum in my mouth, leaning over and sharing it with my
wife in a deep open-mouth kiss.

Ian got up from the bed and sat in the same spot I had
been when I watched them fuck. He told us that he wanted
to watch us now. Alana laid me on my back and started to
give me a blowjob. I had been holding out for so long I
was ready to burst. After only a minute of her sucking I
came hard in her mouth. Alana swallowed my whole load
before climbing on top of me and kissing me.

I was still hard and Alana climbed onto my cock and
started fucking me. We made love for several long
minutes, kissing each other often. It was a tender,
passionate fuck and we both whispered over and over to
each other how much we loved each other. Although we had
an audience, it was amazingly intimate. Finally, I came
inside my bride and she rolled off and lay next to me.
We held each other closely and again proclaimed our

I felt the bed shake a little and looked down to see Ian
climbing on the foot of the bed. He asked Alana if he
could taste her pussy. She looked first at him, then at
me. I simply nodded. She spread her thighs and Ian
started to eat her cum-filled pussy. He ate her for a
few minutes, taking his turn to clean my cum from her
pussy. Finally he climbed up and lay on bed with us.

“Thanks,” Ian said, “I’ve always wanted to try that but
my wife thinks oral sex is dirty. She won’t even swallow
my cum and she would be horrified if I tried to go down
on her after sex.”

The three of us lay together for awhile, naked and
sweaty, before all of us got up and piled into the
shower together. It was a tight fit, but we managed to
have fun washing up. Soapy hands were everywhere and
nobody seemed to mind who touched who where. It was a
fun way to end a great evening.

After the shower, Ian dressed and returned to his room.
Alana and I went to bed and discussed our plans for the
remainder of what had already been, and was sure to
continue to be a great trip.

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