Girl Next Door
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I’d moved into my house about two months ago. Just at the end of winter. I worked from home, worked out at home and looked forward to being able to get some sun out on my deck. It was a nice change from living in an apartment in the city. The house wasn’t huge, but it was tucked down the end of a cul de sac with only another house on one side. I’d met the neighbors, but the guy didn’t seem my type. More into computer programming and online activities. I preferred outdoor sports, hiking, white water rafting and such. I’d say hello to him and his wife when coming and going, but not much more. They were maybe a few years older than me. Their kids were friendly enough, a son and daughter that I assumed were late teens. I couldn’t say much more about them what with all the winter clothes.

Now as the weather was warming I’d sit out back, maybe do some exercises. Anything to get a break from work for a few minutes. I started seeing the kids outside, together or with friends. The son, Todd, would sometimes lean on the fence between the properties and ask me about my workouts. He was interested in adding on some muscle to try out for his high school football team.

“Mr. Henderson, how much are you lifting?”

“Not too much, just keeping fit. And you can call me Steve.”

“OK, but our parents like us to be respectful.”

“I’ll let them know it’s ok. I don’t want to sound like I’m an old man.”

“Hah, no you’re in too good shape.

“Thanks. You keep working at it. You’ll get there.” He was a good kid. Already fairly tall at 5-11 or so. He would need to add some muscle to play football. I’d noticed his older sister sitting out more and more. Also fairly tall, she had that girl next door look down to a T. Light blonde hair, pony tail, tall, slim. She must have the high school boys chasing for sure.

It was one of the first really warm days of spring. I was out in the yard jumping rope in just gym shorts when I heard a voice calling. I turned to see the daughter, Sarah, leaning on the fence. I stopped jumping and stood catching my breath.

“Sorry to interrupt, but no one’s home and I forget my key and I’m locked out. I thought maybe you could open a window?”

“UM, sure. I’ll take a look but these windows probably can’t be opened if locked.” I was toweling off and watched, maybe a little too long when she said, “OK” and sauntered back over to her deck. If I didn’t know better she was shaking her hips while walking. I cleared my head, put on a t shirt and walked around to the front of their house. I couldn’t see any obvious way in, tried the door, just because, and walked to the backyard. Sarah was stretched out getting some sun. Her t shirt was pulled up exposing her flat stomach and her shorts had been pulled up to get as much sun on her legs as possible. I knocked on the side of the house to announce myself. Sarah jumped up,

“Oh hi. Thanks”

“I looked in front, let me check these windows.” I looked at all of them but I could see they were locked. No sense ruining a screen just to prove it. “Sorry looks like you’re stuck for awhile.” She rolled her eyes in the way perfected by millions of teens,

“Ugh, they’ll be hours. OK, thanks for your help. Um, could I ask one more favor?”


“I’ve been out here awhile. Could I get a glass of water from you?”

“Of course. Come around to my deck, I’ll get you something. I may have flavored seltzer.”

“That would be great!” We walked over to my side, I got the drinks and we sat out on the deck. We talked awhile. I asked about school and all that. She told me more about her family. It seemed to me she was more looking at me than making eye contact. I was doing my best not to check her out.

“Steve, I can call you Steve, right?” I nodded. “All that exercising you do, you look really nice.”

“Oh, um, thanks. I just like to keep fit.”

“Todd says he wants to get muscles like you.”

“It took me awhile. Do you exercise?” I glanced down then turned away quick.

“Some. A little running. I can jump rope too.” Then she jumped up and grabbed the rope laying across the table. When she started spinning that rope and jumping. Well, it had an effect. She was slim, but apparently her t shirt was doing a job concealing what was now bouncing. “See. Pretty good.”

“Yeah. Great.” Now she looked at me with her hands on her hips. I wasn’t sure if she thought I was making fun of her or maybe a lewd remark. Then she looked down.

“Hmm, seems maybe you liked what you were watching.” I moved in my chair avoiding any adjustments with my hand. That didn’t work so I stood up. Sarah took a step towards me. She was testing me, or teasing me, or whatever, I needed to get control of the situation.

“OK, yes, maybe the sight of a pretty girl had an effect, but that’s enough. You should be getting home.” She looked down, licked her top lip, smiled.

“OK, Steve. Um. Sorry. Can we still be friends?”

“Friendly neighbors?”

“Sure!” This time when she walked away there was definitely some extra sway in her slim hips. Damn, this could get dangerous. This hot young, shit just how old is she, teen is teasing me. I went inside to cool off, but the image of those young tits bouncing in the t shirt stayed with me. I kept myself from doing the obvious, but I was going to have to go out and meet someone, anyone. And they were going to get fucked, hard.

Weeks passed, I’d taken out my agressive needs on a lonely housewife. She appreciated the effort and I felt relieved. I wasn’t a man of many needs. Short, periodic affairs and I was good to go. Now it was a Saturday afternoon. I had a female friend over. We were long time acquaintences and occasional sex partners. I’d told her about my so called problem. We were sitting on my deck with a cool drink when Sarah walked out on her deck next door. She looked over my way, saw Laney, and turned away quickly. Laney had seen her coming and going,

“Damn, Steve, you do have a problem. If I were you I’d fuck her daily and twice on Sunday.”

“You’re not much help. You’re supposed to be here to discourage her.”

“Oh, is that the plan? I thought you we going to make your famouse penne ala vodka then fuck me all night.” I looked at Laney, mature, sexy, fuller figured than Sarah. But I knew what she was going to bring tonight. It was the unknown possibilities that made my cock twitch when I saw Sarah.

“The plan remains the same, but a little discouragement now would help.” Laney moved over to sit on my lap.

“I think I can handle that.” Now she was facing me, kissing me hard and leaving no uncertainty that she was fully into me. I reciprocated, but occasionally let my eye go to the other yard where Sarah made as if she was reading a magazine. The family must have been out because she had pulled the straps down on her bikini top and was letting a good part of her boobs get some sun. But she was keeping an eye on us.

Laney was letting her hands roam and had soon found my cock. “MMM, my favorite part.” She’d slipped off my lap and fished out my cock before I could stop her. “See what your sexy neighbor thinks of this.” Laney knew her way around y cock and it wasn’t long before she had it all in her mouth and beyond. I’m not huge, but long enough that some can’t take it all. But that’s not Laney. Down she went, then up. I had my head back enjoying en exquisite blow job, but then I peaked. Sarah had gotten up and walked towards the fence. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were wide too. Her bathing suit was allowing a good amount of her firm breasts to get some sun. She watched, assured herself that I was indeed having my cock swallowed, then turned and ran for the house, thinking she hadn’t been seen. Laney continued, unconcerned. When I felt the need arising, thoughts of Sarah’s nearly bare boobs in my head, I held Laney’s head and thrust two,

three times, then sent a load straight down her throat. She sucked my cock all the way up, draining me.

“Fuck, Steve, I hope you have some left for later. Did she see?”

“Oh yeah she saw. I believe she was duly impressed too. Maybe a touch afraid.”

“Hah. Just takes practice. Now how about getting to dinner, I have needs too.”

Laney got what she was expecting, a good meal and my cock plunging into her pussy until late that night. As we lay together relaxing after a good night of fucking, she looked over at me.

“You were thinking of her weren’t you?”

“No, you had my full attention!”

“Bullshit, the way you were going at me, hey I enjoyed it, but you were imagining that tight young body.”

“Now how could I ever admit that?” She looked at me and grinned.

“That’s why I like fucking you. You know what to say. Let me just say, I’m not offended. I like sex with you. It’s not complicated.”


“Now as for sweet cheeks next door. Be careful. Breaking her heart would be cruel, getting caught might be trouble. But I see the temptation. So if you want to keep getting yourself worked up then fuck an adult like you just did, call me.” I couldn’t argue her points. And she was great in bed. “OK, well it’s been a blast as usual lover. But I have an early meeting tomorrow, so I have to be off.” That still took us another half hour or so. Then I was left to ponder my thoughts and what Laney had said.

I had work to do the next day too, so I wasn’t outside. When I did go out back to do a little exercise I didn’t see Sarah. Maybe that was enough. I saw Todd the next day. He was his usual self and there was no indication that Sarah had said anything to him. It was another three days before I saw Sarah. I was relaxing after a workout catching some sun when she appeared at the fence.

“Can I ask you something Steve?”


“Can you come here? It’s private.” Uh oh. But better I go to the fence than have her walk over here. So I did.

“Yeah, what’s up Sarah?”

“I saw you the other day. Is that you’re girlfriend?” I should have said yes and maybe ended it. Instead what came out was,

“Not really. We’re good friends.”

“I bet. I-uh may have seen what she was doing.” Did I blush? I rubbed my head,

“So you saw that. I guess we should have gone inside.”

“I can’t believe she did all of it.”

“Yeah um. Uh huh.”

“This guy I know he’s in my grade. I tried that and I gagged so I just did the end until he was done. I don’t think he was happy.”

“Then he’s an idiot. And Laney is older and has some more experience.”

“Did you guys, ya know, have sex and all?”

“Isn’t that kind of private?”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“Oh, uh hmm ok.”

“It wasn’t so great. And it was..”

“Maybe I shouldn’t know this?”

“I want to like it and have fun. And have the guy like when I do stuff.” Now she looked downcast. I wanted to perk her up, but what to say? I put my hand on the side of her face.

“Sarah, you’re very cute and you must be fighting off all the guys who want to go out with you. Take your time and you’ll learn.”

“Learn? They all just want to fuck me so they can brag to their friends. I don’t want to be their fuck doll, I want to make a guy happy so he’ll come back for more and want to be with me.” Hard to argue with her. I was a high school guy once. Who wouldn’t want to fuck such a hot girl.

“There must be nice guys in your grade. Just how old are you?”

“I’m a senior. I’m 18. I go to college next year. I don’t want to be a know nothing little girl there.” I sighed. This wasn’t going well. Not if wanting her to not want me was the desired result.

“It would probably be better if you found someone your age. Really.”

“You don’t think I’m hot enough, or I don’t have big enough boobs like your friend..”

“It’s not that..”

“Or I can’t suck your big cock like she can, or…”

“No please, I don’t want to make it like that..”

“I’d fuck you. You could fuck me all you want.” Oh shit. Now we’d rung the bell. It was all out there. If I say I wouldn’t fuck her, then she’d be insulted.

“I uh…” Those blue eyes staring at me. Not with desire, or trying to seduce. She needed confirmation of what was fucking obvious to the whole world. “Of course…I’d want…to, but I shouldn’t.”

“Why not. You’re hot, I saw you get hard looking at me. I’m old enough. I’m on the pill.”

“You’re half my age. We’re neighbors. If anyone found out.”

“Who would I tell?”

“You brother for one.”

“Todd? No way. Ew. He’s my brother.” She stepped back. I had no idea if anyone was at home. I hope not because Sarah pulled her t shirt right over her head. And there they were. Still bouncing from the shirt pulling them up. Two scoops, not big, not small. Perfect. Tan lines all around. Damn. “Bet you’re getting a hard on.” I tried not to, but failed. She ran up quickly to the fence and looked over. “See, I knew it. You like me. Want me to take my pants off too?”

“Noooo.” My brain said HELL YEAH. “Uh, no, someone could come by.”

“No one’s home. I’m in my yard.” Her hands went to the button of her shorts. “Don’t ya want to know if I’m all blonde?”

“Really, please. It’s not right…” Oh god, if she’s all blonde I may jump this fence and do her in the yard. She was enjoying this now.

“Can I come over and discuss this some day?”

“Y-yes.” I was losing to this 18 year old nymph.

“Good. I’ll be alone this weekend. They’re all going to grandma’s.” Oh damn. This weekend. And the other side of my brain is shouting, you’re gonna fuck this piece of ass senseless! Stop. Stay in control. Then she pulled her pants down enough to show me blonde hairs leading down to a tight barely used pussy. I was done for.

“Come around back,” She pulled up her pants and pulled on the shirt.

“Yay. How should I dress?”

“Just like you normally do.”

“OK. See you soon.” I watched her bouncing back towards her house. This time I didn’t make believe I wasn’t watching. I followed every movement of her butt. When she got to the back door she turned. And blew me a kiss. Yeah, I was a dead man. But I’d die with a smile.

As I waited for the weekend I thought about how to handle Sarah. If I let her play out her fantasies this would never end. Now some might say, why have it end? Because the longer it went on the better chance someone finds out. She was bound to tell a friend. Or Todd. No, Sarah was going to have to realize that giving herself to a mature experienced guy meant doing what he says and expanding her boundaries. By the end she’d either be begging him to stop, or running back to safe horny high school boys. Yep, I wasn’t going to hurt her. Not a lot. But I was going to fuck her good and hard. And teach her a few other tricks along the way. I was almost looking forward to it.

Saturday morning I heard the car drive away. I got ready. Neat shirt, slacks. Just causal around the house wear. I cheated too. I don’t need them. I have all the stamina Laney, or most women my age need. But today wasn’t any old day. So I popped a blue pill into my mouth, washed it down, and waited. At 11 there was a knock at the back door. Sarah was dressed at the typical high school girl. The short skirt showed her long legs. The tight blouse accentuated her perky tits. Her smiled gleamed, her blue eyes shone. And that blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. I was interested.

“Hi Steve. May I come in?”

“Sure Sarah. But first things first.” I took my phone and turned on the video. “Say your name, the date and let me know you’re here of your own free will.”

“Oh you’re so silly.” But she did as I asked.

“Now if you’ll unzip my pants, if you want to, there will be no chance of any confusion.”

“You really think?”

“I can’t take chances. I won’t be filming anything more. After this it’s nothing but fun.”

“MMm.” She got on her knees and unzipped me.” I waved my hand and she took out my cock. Needless to say I was already hard. She looked up at me. I nodded. She smiled and stuck out her tongue, letting the bottom of my glans sit on it. I turned off the video. I think I was covered as much as I could be. Now to get down to business.

“OK, let’s see what you know.”


“You want to give good blow jobs, don’t you?” There she was, kneeling with my cock in her hand looking at me.

“It’s so big.”

“Every guy is happy to hear that, but it’ll fit.” She wrapped her lips around my head and it took everything I had not to have my knees buckle. Damn, this hot young babe was sucking me. Her hand began to stoke me as she sucked on the head. It felt good, but she had more to learn. I held her head gently and pushed my cock forward. “Careful with your teeth. Open and let it pass over your tongue. I managed to get a couple inches in. Her eyes were wide, looking up at me. That only made me desire her more. “Keep going.” I rocked my hips a little to give her the idea. She moved her head a bit, then backed off catching her breath. The next time she went down I helped her along.

“MMMMff.” She backed off. “So much.”

“You’re hardly there. Relax, it’s going in.”

“Do I have to?”

“Of course you do. All the good teen sluts do.” I pulled her to me and pushed further. “Relax.” Further. Then I let her go. “Take off your shirt. Maybe thankful for a break, she began unbuttoning herself. I did mine at the same time. She wasn’t wearing a bra so the immediate sight of her upturned tits made my cock tingle again. “OK back to it. I’m going to fill your mouth then cum down your throat.”

“Oh, I-a, ooh, mmm.” I was getting there. She was learning. Her blue eyes were watering. Her mouth bulged, her hands were holding my legs. I was holding her head in place. Constant pressure. Then back. Then ahh, she was gagging, but her nose was pressed against my pubes. She’d done it. I let go of her head. She came up for air, then gamely went back at it on her own. My cock was going deep, her saliva was running down my cock, her hands had a firm grip on my ass. I could feel it building. She might be surprised. I pushed deep and held her. OH fuck, there it went. Straight down. Then came the gagging and spitting and cum running from her mouth onto her tits. I was still cumming small bursts splattering her.

“Not bad Sarah, not bad.” She coughed.

“I can’t believe I did that. But I thought we were..”

“We’re going to do what I say we’re going to do. You want sex with an older man. Then learn to satisfy his needs.”

‘Um, ok. Can I wipe myself off?”

“Of course. Then let’s go inside.” By inside, I meant the living room. We might make the bedroom later, but I wanted her the way I wanted her. When she came out of the bathroom I was sitting on the leather sofa, my pants thrown over a chair. My cock still fairly stiff. When I saw her, I pointed to the skirt. She nodded and let it drop. Hmm no underwear either. Just a covering of downy blonde hair. I knew what I needed to do next. I got up and pointed to the sofa. She down and I knelt along side the sofa. “Have you ever been eaten


“No, no one has.”

“Then let me introduce you to something you should demand from all guys.” I shifted her to a sitting position, spread her long legs wide and introduced myself to her sweet pink pussy. Her wispy blonde hair was trimmed a bit for bathing suits, but there was plenty to tickle my nose as I dove in, letting my tongue open her up and giving me the first taste of her nectar. There was the expected tang, but it was the sweetest juice to me. I’ve always been a fan of letting my tongue get to know a lady and this one was extra special. I sucked at her tender lips, listening for her moans, when I kissed her clit there was the sharp intake of breath, as I worked down her slit, she hummed. Then I pushed my tongue into her tight opening. God it was going to be heaven to push my cock in here. But that was for later. Now I was licking and touching her inside, the tip of my tongue finding places that had never been teased in this way. Sarah was making little crying sounds, soft little sounds, “ooh, aah” and more as she felt new things, experienced new feelings.

“Oh god Steve, that’s so..ooooh.”

I hummed on her clit, the slid one finger inside. Her pussy holding tight on just one. I pushed it deep and wiggled it around while licking around her bud. She was starting to lift her hips, now her soft noises were louder. Oh how I hoped she was loud when she came. My finger worked, searching then finding as she clenched as if jolted. I latched onto her clit, my tongue working it hard as my finger pressed and massaged. And she was loud, calling out, her fingers, gripping my hair as she asked for more. I kept going, keeping her on a high, working her, drawing more from her. Her head was rocking back and forth, her eyes slammed shut, now panting, now begging me, “No more, ooh, ooooh, no, aaah fuuuuuuck.” I eased off, sitting back. She was drained. Before she could realize I pulled her to me, locking our louths together finding her tongue, letting her taste herself. Her pussy was wet, leaking fluid, my cock was as hard as it could be. I pulled her to the edge of the sofa, rubbed my cock on her slit, then pushed my head against her. She opened her eyes, stared at me with wide blue eyes. She felt what was coming, knew what was coming. And I gave it to her, pressing my cock into Sarah’s tight cunt.

“Steve, I…”

I was in. I needed this pussy, lusted for it. It took one tit into my mouth, sucking and biting around it as I worked myself in. Pulling out, then deeper, spreading her open, sucking at her tit, letting her mouth free to express what she was feeling, “So fucking big, god, oh, oh fuck, mmmm.” When I felt I was as far as I could go, I put her legs on my shoulders and began a long in and out, working my way up faster, wanting to fuck this pussy hard. She’d teased me, wanted me, demanded me. Now I gave it to her. Let her know what a good hard fuckng was. Before long I was slamming into her pretty hard. All she could do was let out an ‘oh, oh’ with each thrust. Sinking my cock deep then feeling her grip on me as I pulled back, then in, in, my arms around her legs holding her in place as I fed my cock into Sarah. Then I felt it. I was going to fuck her deep and give her my cum. I held on tight, fast quick thrusts, then a grunt of my own as my balls contracted, my cock opened her wider and spurts of cum filled her young pussy. I kept it there letting every bit flow, my cock throbbing, pushing in again, looking at her. I smiled, satified that I’d had her. She looked back at me surprised at what had just happened.

“Y-you fucked me.”

“Yes I did. Just like you wanted.”

“So forceful.”

“Your pussy felt amazing.”

“Now what?”

“First,” I pulled my cock from her, “Clean me off.” She looked at my cock uncertain. I was softening just a little, it was glistening from all the cum and juices on it.

“But, it’s…”

“It’s all yours, and mine.” I stood. She leaned forward and licked and sucked until I was satisfied. Now in all honestly I was a bit wiped out, but I wasn’t going to admit it. She’d need to ask. So I got back down on my knees and stuck my tongue right into her, searching for my cum as it oozed out.

“Eww, isn’t that all gross and messy now?” I sat up, my face a mess of our juices.

“Nope. Whatever we create together is fine by me. Don’t let guys wuss out on you. What’s good for you is good for them.” I went back to sucking her juices from the damp hair of her pussy.

“Could we, take a little break? My, um, it’s a little tender.”

“You’re what?”

“My pussy.” Whew, ok then.

“Ok if you want. I know you’re not used to this.” I sat up next to her. Looking down I couldn’t believe I was enjoying such a body. All tight and firm and smooth. My cock kept dancing, ready to firm up if needed. I was happy for the rest otherwise.

“I, didn’t…I didn’t think you’d go so hard.”

“Hmm. I though you came over to fuck. You find a nice guy your age if you want romance. Am I going too fast for you?”

“No, um, I wanted you, but wow, you’re…forceful, like taking me.”

“I’m not a young guy trying to figure out what to do. I know what I want and your sexy body is it. I’m up for whatever you can handle.”

She looked over at me. Her hand was wandering over my chest, pulling lightly at the hair, touching my nipples. She looked down.

“You’re um penis is..”

“My cock. We’re not in biology class.”

“Your cock is thicker than I’ve seen, and so strong looking with the veins and all and the way the head flares out.”

“Oh that’s just a matter of who you’re with and if they know how to use it. It’s not like I did workouts to make it bigger. It’s what I’ve got.”

“I thought you were going to choke me with it.”

“But you got it. You can do whatever you want.” She lifted my balls in her hand. My cock was twitching again. I’d have to take it easy, it was so tempting to take her hard all day. She had no idea what she was asking for.

“How much can you do it?”

“As much as you want. Next time we’ll go long, very long, but you can control it.” She put her head against my chest.



“Can we, do it in bed next time?”

“Sure Sarah. Whatever you want.” She rested with her head against me and a hand touching me from chest, to cock, to balls and back up. Then she turned her head up to me and offered a kiss. Mmm, that was nice. I let a hand gently cup and squeeze a breast, letting my tongue, touch and tease hers. It was a nice calming interlude. Then I scooped her up and carried her into my bedroom. We lay side by side. When Sarah rolled over on her stomach, to prop herself on her arms and look at me, I took the opportunity to let my hand follow the curve of her back until I found her cute round butt.

“Mmm, that feels nice Steve.”

“You have no idea how long it’s been since I held such a perfectly round little butt without a blemish on it.” I could hold a good amount of a cheek in my hand, bouncing it and caressing it.

“That’s feels funny. Nice.” That gave me another idea. Something I hadn’t thought of before.

“Ready for something new?”

“Uh huh.” I kissed my way down her back, then lavished kisses on her butt. I got in behind her, lifted her by the hips. She scooted her legs up to hold the position. “Just what are you doing?” I got in behind her and let my tongue, flick out at her pussy. “Ohh!” Then I licked up her crack. “Oooohhh.” Then I took one cheek in each hand pulling them aside. When the tip of my tongue touched her tiny puckered anus, “OOOOHHH.” I let my tongue go round and round teasing the sensitive area. She was moaning. I shifted up to get a better more direct angle, “You’re not going to, to fuck my ass, are you?”

“You want that?” I was sure that was NOT on her agenda. But she was more willing to give herself over than I’d thought.

“Um, if you want.” No, she wasn’t ready for that. It would hurt. She’d be scared. No, I’d satisfy myself by holding and licking this tight ass.

“No sweetie, you’re not ready. Relax.” I was holding her butt, I could feel her physically relax. She really didn’t want to, but she would have. Damn. I could literally do whatever I wanted with this body and she’d say ok. Instead I stuck the tip of my tongue in her ass and listened to her, “OOOOOHHH FUCK!” I wriggled it then went back to the rim. Now with two fingers in her pussy. I guess I’d opened her up just a little. I had my face right in her ass and two fingers working her when she came. It caused her to fall forward away from me.

“Holy shit that was intense.” I got up alongside her again. I touched her nose with the non pussy hand.

“Be very sure who you’re with and take your time if you want to try it in the butt. It can hurt. Don’t let anybody just stick a cock in there.” She nodded.

“Thanks. I didn’t really want to, but what you did was cool.”

“If you don’t want to, say it.”


“You have a great ass.” She smiled.

“Thanks. You really think so?” I nodded. Then went back to caressing her. We’d been laying together, kissing and touching. I was feeling the need for her again. I rolled on my back, my hard cock standing up.

“You on top. Straddle me.” Sarah immediately did as I instructed. “Take my cock and find the spot, then you control how fast and all.” She nodded then I felt my cock rubbing along her slit. When I felt her pussy enveloping my cock I was the one who sighed. Sarah put her hands on my chest which squeezed her tits together in the nicest way. She say back and let my cock find the farthest reaches of her. She moved her hips around finding the best fit and began moving up and back slowly.

“This feels so nice. I could do this for ages.”

“Go ahead. I could never get tired of what I’m feeling.” I pulled at her nipples and played with her tits. I would have sucked them into my mouth, but Sarah’s chosen angle kept them tantalizingly out of reach. I ran my hands along her smooth skin, down her legs where they were tucked up alongside my hips, looking up into her blue eyes as they opened, then shut as my cock hit a good spot. Her hair had come out of the pony tail and now hung alongside her face, turning her from cute and adorable to sexy and desireable. When she’d put her head up and back, eyes closed, mouth open in an O, her hair swinging as she rocked, I took it all in and thanked my lucky stars. I should be past scoring this kind of unspoiled beauty, but here she was special delivery. She was young, had stamina, and rode me, rode me so I lost track of time, my medically assisted cock along for the ride. She changed her angle leaning over me, letting me lift my hips to meet her as my tongue flicked out and found her nipples. Her hair was hanging in my face, I brought her head to mine and engaged in a long deep kiss as our bodies met and separated, then met again. She would take me deep, then lean forward and rub herself on me, then go back taking me deep. Sarah began moaning as her body responded to the various stimulations. I held her head to mine, my tongue in her mouth as I felt her

shivering in orgasm, her body tensing and releasing, her pussy gripping me even tighter. She collaped on me and left it to me to lift myself and feed my cock to her. I rolled her over and got between her legs lifting one onto my shoulder as I buried my cock in her and began pumping my hips, letting my cock press in, her youthful flexible body stretching to take me. I felt myself building and quickened the pace, driving myself into Sarah. When I again exploded filled her pussy she moaned in satisfaction. When I pulled out she immediately bent down and sucked my cock into her mouth. I lay back as Sarah leaned over me and worked until she had my whole cock in her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled around my cock which caused it to stiffen. Her eyes went wide as there was suddenly more of me filling her. She pulled back licking and sucking me clean. When done she crawled on top of me and gave me a kiss.

“There, how was that?”

“Perfect. You’re a quick learner.”

“This has been so unreal.”

“You can’t get used to it.”

“Why not?”

“Boys your age, won’t have the experience, or stamina. Don’t be disappointed. They need to learn too. At least you know what you want.”

“I want you. All the time. You can have me whenever you want. You can even fuck my ass if you want.”

“Easy Sarah. Don’t be so easy to turn yourself over to a man. Some will use you and may hurt you.”

“You didn’t.”

“No, I went hard at you at first, but I never hit you and I didn’t go so hard as to hurt you. Not everyone is as considerate.”

“You don’t want me anymore now that you’ve had me?” Oh shit.

“No, no, it’s not like that. You’re very desireable. But if anyone found out it would be trouble.”

“I’m old enough.”

“Yes legally, but not eveyone would see it that way.”

“So this is it?” In all honesty, I didn’t want it to be done. That body, the willingness and ability to meet my needs. What was I doing?

“Uh, we can’t be taking chances, but if no one was home, well this doesn’t have to be the only time. Until you find someone your own age. Now she perked up. “Oh thank you. I couldn’t imagine not having this again. Being naked with your sexy body and feeling your hard cock taking me, it’s the best. I want to just fuck and fuck and fuck. Will you take me again, hard?” With pleasure, I thought.

“Why don’t we have some lunch? Then we’ll see what happens.” She bounded from the bed. I patted myself on the back for not relying on my own unaided stamina. Damn, look at that ass. She turned, the outline of her boob,

“Come on. Let’s eat so we can go back to bed.”

“Who said anything about bed?” I gave her my most evil grin. She laughed and ran off. We had a mid afternoon lunch, washed up and got back together in the living room. I stood as Sarah entered the room. She walked to me, I held her in my arms as she laid her head on my shoulder. I kiss the side of her neck, caressed her back and eventually held her butt in my hands. I waited to see what she would do next. Apparently I hadn’t scared her off earlier today. Sarah looked up at me and gave me her own evil grin.

“Steve, take me, use me, like earlier only more, harder.” Shit, she hadn’t taken the lesson. She liked it. Like a young horse that needs to be broken and ridden.

“Remember, you asked for it. But if you want me to stop, just say banana.” I picked her up and held her over my shoulder, after swatting her ass I added, “because every other word out of your mouth better be dirty.” I dropped her on the sofa and as she sat up I grabbed her hair getting a good grip. “Lick my balls.” Again I was met by that wide eyed stare, then Sarah, with some coaxing from me, got up close and personal with my ball sack. I felt a tentative tongue, reach out, then the unmistakable feeling of my right nut bouncing on her tongue. I loosened my grip as I felt her get more adventurous, licking and taking one in her mouth, she let it fall out then tried the other. When she began licking behind my balls my knees weakened. I pulled her head back and ordered, “Get it good and slick”. She eagerly sucked my cock into my mouth and was more ready as I started a fucking motion. Her saliva was running down me as she made gagging noises while I pushed into her throat. When I felt I was lubed up enough I flipped Sarah over, leaning her on the sofa. I got in behind her and fed my cock straight up her pussy until I hit bottom. She shuddered and let out a small cry, I smacked her ass fairly hard and held on with my other hand so I could pound her tight pussy. When she’d let out a sound, I’d smack her ass, getting it good and red, until all she could do way grunt, “uh, uh uh” with each thrust, I now had her long hair in my hand pulling her head back as I enjoyed her. That’s when she took the game up a notch,

“Fuck me Steve. Fuck my cunt. Slap my ass, make me your slut bitch. Fuck me motherfucker, fuck me hard!” Now that was more like it. I smacked her good and hard, pulled her hard and bottomed out on each thrust. She cried out, “Ow you motherfucker. Harder pussy.” I didn’t want to hurt her inside, so I eased off on the deepest shots, but now made sure her left cheek matched the right. Then damn it I felt it coming on. I didn’t want to be done. I paused, letting my cock rest inside. I waited, she waited. I wonder what Sarah was thinking. She moved back a little. I smacked her ass. Then I leaned over her and took one tit in each hand. They were perfect for holding, and squeezing, then as I pinched and rolled her nipples in my fingers I began slowly moving inside Sarah. Taking my time letting it build again. I pinched harder. She squealed and I drove deep and let my cum go. I held onto her hips, admired her red ass, the blonde hair a mess around her head, her pussy milking me, drawing any cum I had left. I kissed her back, let my hand gently rub her ass, looked her over memorizing every part. When I backed off she turned and slumped on the floor. She looked wiped out. She grimaced when her sore butt hit the floor. There was cum leaking from her pussy, matted in the blonde hair. She looked as exhausted as I felt. She looked at me, blue eyes, tangled blonde hair, a grin on her face.

“Oh Steve, I can’t wait to do this again.” I don’t think she got the lesson. Not at all.

“You better go shower then get home.”

“OK!” And just like that she popped up all perky and ran to the bathroom. When she returned Sarah looked at me with a scowl.

“You bruised my tit and my ass is sore.” I felt bad but,

“You wanted it rough.” She smiled.

“I suppose I did.” She dressed, then was out the door. Her family didn’t get home until much later. Over then following days and weeks she was the same happy girl next door.

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