A Stranger In The Field
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Whenever I slept over at my cousin’s house, we always slept in the same bed. I had a huge crush on him and I always fantasized about what it would be like to kiss him. We often played games in bed. They were harmless for the most part, but one night, I suggested a guessing game. Guess what part of my body I’m thinking of by touching it with your nose. I went first, and when his nose touched mine, I kissed him. On his turn, I wasted no time to go down on him and he came in my mouth in what seemed like a second. After that, we kissed and gave each other head whenever possible. It was a serious relationship, or as serious as you can get in Jr. High.

Anyway, he wanted to fuck me, like the girl in the magazine we hijacked from his dad’s collection, and because I had the smaller dick, I was the girl designee. I didn’t mind, I loved being his girl. I loved it when he forced me down to suck his dick or when he would order me to do things for him. I was already playing with a corn on the cob using Vaseline as lubricant, so I wanted this to happen and his suggesting it made me very excited and that’s how I became his secret girlfriend.

One day, we were exploring the hill, an empty lot behind the bowling alley where we could have some privacy, and we saw a man sleeping under the big Marbury tree at the top of the hill. We quietly approached him and laid down beside him, and Alan, my cousin said, “Let’s see his dick.” I was horrified at the suggestion. We were still in the seventh grade, and we knew that gay sex, or any sex, was strictly taboo.

Allan cautiously pulled the man’s fly down and his enormous cock sprung out! It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had a blue vein running along its length and a big purple mushroom head. Allan looked at me and gave me an evil grin. “Suck it.”, he ordered in a quiet whisper. “I know you want to.”

I looked at the man’s face, and he was peacefully sleeping through our inspection, so I crept forward and took the enormous cock into my mouth and suckled it, moving my head up and down, trying to make him cum as I had done so many times for my cousin.

Allan pushed my head down, and I gagged when the monster hit the back of my throat. My choking and sputtering must have been too loud, because the man woke up. “What the fuck are you two queers doing?”, he said.

Allan quickly, and quite innocently, began pumping the man’s cock with his hand. “Gosh mister, it’s just so big that we wanted to see it spoo, like when we play with each other.”, he said while he continued to pull the man’s penis. “My cousin loves to suck cock and he even lets me fuck him. We were just curious. Can I suck it?”, and Allan went down on him before he could answer.

The man smiled and put his hand on Allan’s head and pushed him down, so his cock was completely in his mouth. “You like sucking cock like a little slut. Don’t you sweetheart?”, he said. He looked at me and smiled.

I was speechless, glued to the spot, and watching Allan go at it made my own erection form so I reached down and slid my pants down to more easily masturbate. “Let me.”, I said as I pulled on my dick. I scooted up to take the strangers cock into my mouth, and when I was getting started, Allen got behind me and started fucking me in the ass, but I didn’t stop sucking. In fact, I sucked even harder and sucked his great big balls, licking them like an ice cream cone and sucking and pumping the man with my hands. I was enjoying the stranger’s cock, trying to make him cum.

The stranger pulled away from me and moved behind me to take Allan’s place and Allan came to my face and stuck his dick in my mouth while the stranger rubbed the head of his giant cock against my puckering but hole before pushing its head in.

It felt amazing being filled by the man and I pushed my bottom back to force him deeper into me, making him moan with pleasure as he began to fuck me.

Allan came first, and I sucked him dry till his cock softened in my mouth and soon the stranger was exploding deep inside of me, and he slapped my ass as he called me a faggot.

After we were done, dressed and laying together under the tree, Allan said, “I told you he likes it in the ass.”

“Do you know this guy?”, I said. “He must be older than your dad.”

The stranger laughed, and Allan kissed me. “He saw us going at it in the back yard. This is Mr. Bemus, he lives in the house behind our house.”, he said. “I saw him watching us when you were sucking my dick. So, I decided to give him a show and I sucked you off.”

“Your cousin jumped the fence and took care of me when I was jacking off last week and he said we could probably be friends.”, Mr. Bemus caressed the back of my head. “You suck cock really good. I can’t wait to cum in that sweet little mouth of yours.” He pinched my face together with his giant, calloused hand making my lips pucker.

I looked over at my cousin and smiled. “I can’t wait either.”, I said. “Can I suck your dick while Allan gives me a blowjob?”

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