An Unexpected Visit
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Amanda was 10 year divorced with only 1 son Paul who
had married a girl from a nearby state last month. She
met the girl and her family at the wedding and didn’t’
really care much for them but Paul insisted she was the
girl for him so she went along with it. Not that she
could really stop it even if she wanted.

The girl was very bossy and her parents acted like they
were god gift to the world. Despite their shortcomings,
she made it through the wedding. That weekend, she
found herself quite bored at home alone and decided to
take a week off and go visit the newly wed couple for a
weekend. She had called twice that month but Paul was
always too busy to talk very long.

When she arrived at the house, she noticed Joyce, Julie
mother; car was in the driveway and knocked on the
door. Julie answered acting strangely and let her in as
she walked to the living room and offered a seat. She
noticed Julie still had her nightgown on even though it
was midday and even through she kept her legs together,
she could see her upper thighs. Tramp she thought to

“I just came by to check on how ya are doing,” said
Amanda. “Is Paul here?”

“He’s busy doing some work in back with mother,” Julie
replied strangely to Amanda. “Perhaps you’ll like to go
shopping or something and come back later. I’ll tell
him you dropped by so he’ll be here when you return.”

“Oh, I sure he want mind me interrupting him,” Amanda
said, “I’ll just go out back.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” said Julie.
“Paul does not like to be disturbed when he is busy.
You can come back later.”

Amanda was getting irritated at the tramp. He was
outside working with her mother but she couldn’t
disturb him. We’ll see about that.

“He is still my son you know and I still have the right
to talk to him when I want,” she replied.

She got up and walked towards the back door through the
kitchen area. A sliding back panel of glass was there
and she started to open it when she saw something
through the glass that stunned her to hesitate. She
could see Paul totally naked in the backyard dragging a
small cart behind. In the cart was Joyce also totally
naked displaying her chubby shape. She had a horsewhip
in her hand and was striking Paul white ass globes with
it as he waddled along.

As they turned toward the house, she noticed Paul cock
was rock hard and jutting out in front at least 10
inches. She couldn’t believe he was actually being
turn-on being beaten by that older bitch. They turned
again, as she watched his white ass globes being hit
and found herself getting excited watching his ass
cheeks wiggle with each strike. She knew she must be
perverted or something as her panties were starting to
get wet as she watched them stroll along.

She noticed Joyce was stroking her hairy pussy in the
cart and couldn’t resist the temptation herself to
reach down and rub hers. She wanted to go out and stop
it immediately, but her body wouldn’t move. She raised
her skirt and pushed her hand in her panties so she
could get at her pussy. She was so busy watching, she
failed to notice that Julie had came up behind her till
she felt a hard slap to her right ass cheek.

“Pull your panties down and raise that skirt higher,”
she heard from behind.

Slowly she lowered her panties, still watching the
action outside. Raising her skirt higher, she pushed
her butt outward in back like a kid expected to be

“I told you to come back and since you obliviously
can’t listen, I’m going to spank this big ass of
yours.” Julie taunted her.

She felt Julie hand slap her other cheek as she pushed
her butt farther back. Again and again, Julie started
slapping her ass as she watch Paul and Joyce outside.
Her own pussy was soaking wet from the spanking and the
scene before her but the pain in her ass was driving
her wild in excitement. She had never enjoyed a
spanking before but right now it felt so good.

Soon however, her ass was turning bright red as she was
fighting gain control of her senses. Her ass was trying
to avoid the slaps now instead of accepting them. Her
pussy was still wet and dripping on the kitchen floor.

“Spread your ass, slut.” Julie demanded from behind.

Knowing she should stop, her mind refused as she
reached behind and spread her ass wide for her
daughter-in-law. She felt something at the entrance to
her asshole, as she tightened her muscles around the
object for a moment before it forced it way into it.

“Ah,” she moaned as the object broke through her
resistance. Whatever it was, it was lubricated and she
felt it entering totally up her asshole. She had never
been fucked there, but it felt good at present as she
pushed back so it could enter further.

“What a slut,” Julie teased in back. Fucking a carrot
like the whore you are.

“Take it slut. Fuck my carrot.”

Julie talk was exciting her more as she started rocking
back and forth on the carrot in Julie hand. Her eyes
had been closed for a while and opened up to see Joyce
in the glass doorway looking down at her. Joyce was
smiling as she thought about running but the carrot in
her butt was still pumping and she couldn’t move.

“What have we here? A new toy,” she asked Julie.

“She wouldn’t leave and then I caught her looking at ya
in back and playing with her pussy. She’s just like her
son a natural born slave. Isn’t that right dearly.” She
pushed the carrot almost all the way in.

“Ah, yes,” screamed Amanda as the intruder went farther
than she wanted.

“Well let me help remove all these clothes,” said
Joyce, “you must be needing these.”

She grabbed Joyce blouse and ripped it off her tearing
it in several pieces and throwing them outside. Then
she reached on her back and grabbed her skirt bottom
pulling it over her hand breaking the buttons loose.

“That’s more like it,” she said. A slut shouldn’t have
clothes on. Oh what some knockers you have there. I
can’t wait to play with them. She grabbed the top of
Amanda hair and yelled out back for Paul to come over.”

Amanda tried to turn away but the grip on her hair and
Julie holding her ass in back still stuffed prevented
her. When Paul arrived, she looked up in total
humiliation to see him looking at her with eyes wide
open. There was nowhere to hide as she tried to avoid
his stare.

“Pauly,” this is your slut mom who wants to be our new
toy like you. “Don’t you think she has nice tits?”

“Yes mistress,” Paul replied as Amanda wished she could
sink in a hole somewhere and disappear.

“Do you want to see your mommy big booty?” Joyce asked

“No, please.” Amanda yelled as Julie pushed her out the
door by the carrot in her ass. She tried to maintain
her balance on the steps as she plunged outward totally
naked and bare for all. Joyce twisted her hair till she
was positioned with her ass towards Paul.

“Your mother has been a naught slut,” said Julie. It’s
time to finish her spanking. She let go the carrot and
started slapping Amanda ass a lot harder than she had
earlier. Amanda was trying to wiggle her ass to avoid
the slaps as Joyce kept a tight grip on her hair. The
carrot was slipping out her asshole as she tried to
gripe it with her ass muscles to avoid the humiliation
of having her son watch it pop out but she failed. A
hard slap to her right ass cheek and the carrot shot
out at least a foot in the air.

Joyce and Julie were laughing as she turned beet red in

“Paul,” Julie said, “please pick up your mother’s plug
and reinsert it in her ass. Her ass is as loose as

Amanda felt like she was dying in humiliation as she
felt Paul put the carrot back at the entrance to her
asshole and started working it in. She could never look
at him the same again as she started pleading with
Julie and Joyce to let her go.

Julie pulled her hands behind her and started tying
them with some rope she got somewhere and then started
working on her ankles despite her pleas for mercy. When
she was done, Joyce let go of her hair as she slowly
stood upright again catching her breath. She didn’t say
anything or look at anything but the ground till she
felt a slap on her face.

“On your knees, bitch!” Joyce demanded.

She slowly got to her knees in front of Joyce as she
saw her hairy cunt close up for the first time. She
tried to get back up and run but Joyce grabbed her hair
again and kept her pinned.

“Time to show you boy how a bitch like you suck cunt,”
Joyce said, pushing her by the hair till her face was
in her cunt.

She tried to turn her head to the side to avoid her
snatch when she felt something hard hit her back and
realized that Julie had struck her with something and
it hurt like hell.

“That’s it. Whip the bitch till she learns whose boss
her,” Joyce said to Julie as Amanda felt another strike
on her back and then turned forward and started licking
the hairy bush.

“Much better,” said Joyce. “Lick my clit up and down
first. I like it slowly and then faster. When I tell
you, push you tongue inside and fuck my pussy with it.”

Amanda was licking her clit like she enjoyed having her
licked by her ex-husband. She ignored whatever was
going on behind her. She knew she didn’t want whatever
hit her to do it again. She heard the command to use
her tongue as a dildo and started working it in and out
the bitch’s cunt.

Amanda felt Joyce juices running down her chin as she
climaxed on her face. She was so ashamed of herself
eating out the woman pussy in front of her own son. She
felt Joyce give her a shove on the head pushing her
backwards on the grass.

Looking up, she saw Julie masturbating Paul cock.

“Come on your mother,” she demanded of him. To help,
she applied several sharp slaps on his ass.

Cum spurted out of Paul cock landed on her belly and
tits. Amanda closed her eyes from the embarrassment.

“Paul fuck your mother’s cunt,” Julie demanded. “She’s
a bitch in heat and may be the only one you get to

Amanda opened her eyes in horror. No, she yelled but
Paul had already gotten between her legs and placing
them on his shoulders started working his cock in her

“No Paul,” she pleaded.

“Guess I’ll have to shut the bitch up,” said Julie
removing her nightgown and exposing her nudeness to
Amanda view. “Time to eat my ass she yelled down.”

Amanda watched in horror as Julie straddled her head
and slowly lowered her ass down on her face. Paul was
shoving his cock in and out her pussy and she needed
his cock badly right now. When Julie ass was planted on
her nose, she stuck her tongue upwards and started
licking the rim of her asshole, slowing working her
tongue inside. Paul was driving her wild with his cock
pounding. It had been so long since she had been fucked
and it felt so good. She rimmed Julie asshole for all
she was worth as she finally climax with Paul cock
deeply buried inside.

“Now you’re a motherfucker for sure,” laughed Joyce at
Paul. “Come on Pauly, momma wants to go to the bedroom
and have some fun of her own.”

She grabbed him by the ear, withdrawing his penis from
Amanda pussy who was still busy eating Julie ass and
led him inside.

Julie let Amanda keep tonguing till she came and slowly
got up.

“On you hands and knees slut,” she demanded. “From now
on, you will stay in that position unless I tell you

When Amanda finally got up on all fours, she slapped
her across the ass crack. Now crawl your ass in the
house. You’re going to prepare me a bath and serve me
while I bath. A quick kick in the butt, and Amanda
started crawling back into the house. She didn’t know
which way to go, but Julie gave her couple of more
kicks in the right direction till they reached the

“Prepare my bath, bitch,” she demanded.

Amanda prepared the bath while Julie relieved herself
on the toilet. She got in the tub and lay back
absorbing the warmth of the water.

“Wash me all over slut, first with soap and then your
tongue.” She commanded.

She closed her eyes as Amanda began the task of
cleaning her. She took her time soaping her all over
and then rinsing her off. Next she tongued her neck
down her tits and then her feet before working her way
to her pussy and licking it till she came. When she
turned over, she repeated her actions. Her own pussy
was dripping again as Julie got up and told her to
bathe and then come to the bedroom.

Amanda finished her bath in record time. Drying off her
large tits, she got down on all fours and started
crawling towards the bedroom where she could hear the
noises coming from. Entering the room, she saw Paul in
the middle of the room with his arms tied to a bolt in
the ceiling. He was still naked standing on his
tiptoes. His ass was plugged with a black dildo and
Joyce was at his side slapping his already redden ass.
He was telling her how much he wanted to eat her pussy
and ass. Julie was lying on the bed watching the
activities and slowing rubbing her tits.

“Well what have we here,” Joyce gleamed looking down at
Amanda crawling in the room. “Our little piggie has
decided to join us. Get your ass up and put your hands
over your head.”

Amanda got up as Joyce directed her to a position
nearby Paul. She got some rope and tied her hands and
then looped them to another eyebolt above her head as
she had did Paul. She tightened it so she had to stand
on her tiptoes like Paul was. Going back to the table
drawer, she returned with another black dildo.

“Where does this go she said holding it close to Amanda
face? It better be the right place.” She asked Amanda.

“In my ass mistress,” Amanda replied.

Joyce walked behind and spreading Amanda large ass
started working the dildo up her asshole. Amanda had to
maintain her position as the object penetrated her
butt-hole already wet and mounted inside. Joyce started
to slap her ass as she moaned from the pain on her sore

“Such a large ass. Plenty of space to slap,” she said,
as she continued to slap it while Amanda shifted weight
from one foot too the other.

“Oh, it looks like Paul ass now; Joyce teased stopping
and admiring her work. My husband said you had a hot
ass during the wedding ceremony. I guess he was right;”
she teased pinching her cheek making her jump.

Walking around front, she grabbed both of Amanda tits
and tightened her grip on them till Amanda moaned in
despair. Releasing them, she slapped both hard.

“Ah,” Amanda screamed.

She gripped them hard again. “Whose tits are these she
asked looking in Amanda face.”

“Yours mistress!” Amanda screamed.

“At least your tits are good for something,” Joyce
said, slapping them again.

They got Pauly cock hard again.

Amanda noticed Paul cock had gotten hard again during
her torture. Joyce walked away and joined Julie on the

“Time for entertainment,” Joyce said. She started
rubbing her pussy as Julie was doing while watching.
Turn around sluts and dance. I want to see those hot
asses,” she laughed.

Both Paul and Amanda turned on their tiptoes and tried
to wiggle and shake their butts for their mistresses.

“Oh yes,” Joyce said. “Lift those legs while you

It wasn’t very pretty as both tried to continue
wiggling their tails lifting one leg up at a time for
their mistress’s amusement. They could hear the
mistresses moaning in back and knew they were
masturbating on the bed.

“Julie,” Joyce said. “You have to let me take flabby
ass home to Bob tonight. He just loves women with big

Julie told her maybe tomorrow but if she liked, she
could stay tonight and help her entertain the guests,
which Joyce eagerly agreed to.

Julie demanded they turn back around while they danced.
Amanda, saw both women rubbing their clits hard as she
wished she could be doing right now.

“Come on sluts, beg to lick our pussies and asses,”
Joyce demanded humiliated them.

Both Paul and Amanda started begging to be allowed to
tongue their pussies and asses as they continued to
play with their cunts. It didn’t take long for both to
cum on the bed.

“I’m hungry,” said Julie getting up. “Let’s get a
sandwich while our sluts hang around for a while.
Grabbing her panties she put them in Paul mouth. This
should keep him quiet for a while.” Joyce agreed and
got a pair of hers putting them in Amanda mouth smiling
at her humiliation.

“I think they need time to get acquainted again,” Joyce
laughed. She grabbed some rope and tied it around Paul
and Amanda waist pulling them both tight together
barely touching the floor with their toes. Amanda could
feel Paul hard cock at the top of her clit as she
stared at his face in lust and saw him returning her

“Be good sluts,” Joyce laughed slapping their asses as
her and Julie departed turning off the lights. She
could hear both of them moaning in their gags and knew
they were trying to get off on anything at present.

She was totally right. As soon as she and Julie left,
Paul and Amanda started trying to rub their bodies
together. Amanda was trying anything to get Paul cock
lower to her clit area and Paul was trying to reach it
but neither could. Their arms and legs ache from the
pulling as they strained in desperation.

Meanwhile in the kitchen:

“Honey you have Paul full time. You don’t need two.”
Joyce was telling her. “Let me and Bob have the cunt
for a while. I promise to return her anytime you want.”

“Maybe later,” Julie replied. “She was such a bitch
during the wedding thinking I wasn’t good enough for
her son. I’m going to teach that bitch a lesson tonight
she won’t forget. When we go back in, I’m going to film
them for awhile just in case she thinks twice later.
Then I’m going to take her fat ass in the woods and
give her what she desires. A good birching.”

“Can I come with you,” Joyce asked. My cunt getting wet
just thinking about that fat ass of hers around a tree.
I bet she’s so hot right now she’ll fuck the bark off

Joyce and Julie finished their meal and went back to
see how the slaves were doing in the bedroom. When they
turned the lights on, both Amanda and son Paul were
both in heat. Each was trying desperately to get off on
the other but couldn’t get close enough to cum off the
other. They both stopped immediately in shame as the
ladies entered smiling at their naughtiness. Their
mouths were still stuffed with the ladies panties.

“Shame on you,” Joyce laughed at them. “Trying to fuck
each other while we were gone.” She gave each a hard
slap on the ass and then help Julie untie the sluts.

“Pauly,” said Julie. “Get on the floor. You are going
to clean the kitchen floor with your tongue while I
take your mommy slut out for a walk in the woods. Now
get moving.”

She gave him a kick in the ass as he scrambled outside
the door crawling. “And don’t make a mess on the floor
or you’ll have to clean that too,” she yelled.

Julie tied Amanda wrists together. “You and I are going
to get acquainted with a nice walk in the woods, she
smiled at Amanda. Mother would you please get that
paddle from the wall.”

Julie led Amanda out the room and through the kitchen
where Paul was on all fours licking the floor. Joyce
couldn’t help but swat his ass a couple of times as
they exit out the back in the yard. Walking behind
Amanda, she took good aim at her ass, hitting it as she
was dragged along. She noticed water dripping between
her legs and teased her on being such a cunt. Her ass
was still plugged and she swatted it several times with
the paddle to keep it up.

Finally, Julie arrived at a fallen tree, which she knew
was in the woods. She made Amanda bend over it as she
tied her wrists and ankles together so she was draped
over it on her stomach. Her ass was sticking out in
back for a perfect target and her face was out in front
for whatever they wanted. She took her time getting a
switch off a nearby tree while she watched in panic
with her mouth still stuffed with her panties.

“Mother we don’t want anyone to hear out cute little
pet scream.” Julie said. “Why don’t you just go in
front and push your lovely ass in her face. I’m sure
she wouldn’t mind.” Striking Amanda with the switch,
Amanda shook her head in agreement immediately.

Joyce got in front and pushed her ass back till Amanda
face was buried in her large cheeks. She adjusted her
position till she felt her nose press in her asshole
and pushed back to hold it glued in place.

“You got this coming you stuck up bitch,” Julie said
from behind.

She started bring the switch hard on Amanda white ass
in repeated swings. Amanda ass was wiggling in
desperation. She was taking no mercy on it and knew she
wouldn’t be able to sit again. She was yelling through
the panties for mercy as her nose was pushing in and
out of Joyce asshole.

She couldn’t move anywhere but forward and that plowed
her farther in Joyce ass. The panties had slipped out
of her mouth but didn’t fall down due to her close
quarters. Her yells were muffled by Joyce ass shoving
in her mouth. Finally Julie stopped when she thought
she was going to pass out from the pain. She knew her
ass must have been bleeding in back from the onslaught.

“I think she knows whose boss now,” Julie said.
“Mother, help me turn her over.”

Amanda gasping for air watched in fear as the women
roughly turned her upside down over the trunk. She was
now upside down looking up at them.

“I always have to pee when I go to the woods,” Julie
said, “and they’re never any bathrooms. You don’t mind
if I use you do you.”

Amanda looked up at the girl in horror but her ass told
her she better not refuse. She shook her head slowly as
Julie walked over her and slowly raised herself down on
her mouth.

“Open wide and don’t loose any,” Julie teased or we’ll
have to turn you back over and switch that big ass of
yours again.

Amanda opened her mouth and watched the first drips
come from Julie pussy. She couldn’t believe she was
doing this but it was too late now as the flow started
and she swallowed as fast as she could. Several times
it ran down her face as Julie finally got up and she
saw Joyce taking pictures from above. She was totally
embarrassed and humiliated of having been pissed on by
her own daughter-in-law. She closed her eyes trying to
hide. Julie however had other ideas as she struck her
tits with the switch.

“Ah, no!” screamed Amanda as it crisscrossed them.

“Don’t you dare go to sleep on me bitch!” yelled Julie.

“Her asshole is dying to be fucked,” said Joyce in
back. “Surely I can help her. She started slapping her
ass softy with the paddle on her ass plug.”

Amanda at first screamed and then feeling the plug
lightly entering and exiting from herself getting
excited from the feeling. The bitch was getting her off
just spanking her plug.

Julie was laughing down at her calling her names as she
started moaning from the feeling in her ass. She needed
to get off bad no matter how she did it. Finally she
came to their laughter and turned her head to the side

“I think we can untie the cunt and let her crawl along
now,” laughed Julie. “Mom be sure to get some good
pictures of my little slut toy.”

“No problem,” said Joyce smiling and helping to untie
Amanda. “I’m sure she’ll wiggle that fanny of hers for
her photographs. I’ll have to post some of them on my

Amanda felt a hard slap on her ass and she got
immediately on all fours and started crawling. She
could hear Joyce taking pictures from behind and knew
her life was forever changed.

“Wiggle more for the camera,” Joyce said, applying a
kick to her butt. “I want to catch that hot ass of
yours in motion so hubby can get his cock hard tonight.
I think I need a good fuck later. Too bad you won’t be
joining us. I suspect you’ll be licking pussy like the
cunt you are.”

“Oh, mother. Don’t be so negative. I may let her lick
my ass all night,” laughed Julie. Grabbing a switch
nearby, she applied a swipe on the side of Amanda ass.
“Get moving slut. I like to be home by dark.”

Amanda had crawled all the way back with sore knees and
hands with Julie and Joyce taking photos and teasing
her the whole way. Her cunt was on fire from the abuse
and needed to be satisfied.

When they entered the house, Paul was still on all
fours on the kitchen floor scrubbing it with his
tongue. His cock was at maximum length in front
sticking outward. Cum was dripping as he continued.

He’s making more a mess than he’s cleaning up,” Julie
said. “Slut, get behind him and clean his cum off the
floor while he works.

Amanda didn’t need to be told twice as she crawled
behind Paul ass and started licking his cum off the
floor. Her face was buried beneath his balls as she
glanced upward wishing it was in her pussy.

“If he doesn’t move fast enough, shove your face in his
ass and push him forward,” Joyce laughed.

That was music to Amanda ears as she rose up and buried
her face in his ass and pushed forward. She was dying
to see his ass close up as she enjoyed the pleasure in
it. When he moved, she returned to the floor and
gathered the rest he had dripped down.

Julie and Joyce sat at the table watching them with
enjoyment. Amanda was constantly pushing him with her
face in his ass and licking the floor afterwards. They
could see her cunt lips were wide open and knew they
would have to give her some relief soon. They waited as
long as they thought she could handle it before letting
her get up and telling her to open the side door of the
dryer and go waist deep inside it.

Joyce took Paul by the arm and led him over.

“Fuck her in her pussy,” Joyce demanded, as Amanda was
wiggling her ass in anticipation of his huge cock in
her pussy. Giving him a pair of dirty panties off the
top, she told him to shove them up her ass to keep her
tight around his cock while he was fucking her.

Neither slave needed encouragement as Paul immediately
pushed his cock up her cunt and started shoving the
panties in. He could feel her cunt muscles tighten
around his cock and pushed more of the panties in.
Amanda was breathing hard inside the dryer wagging her
ass out the back to get more of his cock up her cunt.

Joyce picked up a slipper from the side of the dryer.
Slapping Paul on his ass, she started encouraging him
to fuck her harder.

Finally Amanda body started shaking as Paul came

“I guess he is a total motherfucker after all,” teased
Julie. “At least his cock is good for someone.” She
made him redraw his cock and squeeze in the dryer like
Amanda. Neither was able to move. Their lower halves
were sticking out from the waist back.

“Let’s have a contest.” Julie laughed to see who can
have the reddish ass. Picking up the other slipper, her
and Joyce started slapping ass watching the slave’s
rear and legs kick recklessly around in back.

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