Blind Lust Impregnating
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Bob and I have been the closest of friends since we
served together in the Air Force in Korea. We saved
each other’s butts against commanders trying to hang us
with Article 15s too many times to keep count. That’s a
special kind of friendship which has nothing to do with
being gay, which we are not. For a long time we lives
apart from each other, but we stayed in contact through
letters, telephone calls and more recently, Email. But
we’ve always shared everything.
We even work for the same company now.

Bob saw an advertisement in the paper recently in a
help wanted column, applied for it and came to work
here, not knowing that I was also working at this
company. I work in the acquisitions department while
Mike is in charge of shipping and receiving so we only
see each other on lunch breaks and after work. But we
have begun a routine where we almost always spend
weekends together and a lot of evenings as well.

So when I found myself becoming strongly attracted to
my best friend’s wife it really created a dilemma for
me. If I just kept quiet about it he knew me well
enough that he would sooner or later sense that
something was wrong. On the other hand if I just came
out and told him that Chee was giving me a raging hard
on every time she blinked at me or walked by while we
were watching a football game, could he blame me?

Chee is mouth-watering gorgeous, five foot six inches
of exquisite curves with long shining ash-blonde hair
and a face that could do competition with Helen of Troy
for instigating naval operations based on a bloodline
of mixed Japanese/Caucasian bloodline that offers
“American breasts, tummy and thighs” that is backed up
by Asian facial features and olive skin.

That’s not even mentioning her delectable bosom. No bra
devised by man can disguise the incredible combination
of size and shape of those wonderful orbs. It had
become impossible for me to keep my eyes off of her
every slightest move. Of course she had noticed this
and now and again had given me a glance in response
that was anything but offended.

My own wife Virginia had noticed too. She wasn’t
confrontational about it though knowing that I wouldn’t
dream of doing anything that would hurt my best buddy.
She’s as different from Chee as two beautiful women can
be. Where Chee is voluptuous and blonde Virginia is
slender and dark haired with small but very sensitive
breasts just right for sucking. Chee is a muscular
athletic type like an Amazon porn star while Debbie is
a business executive type built like a delicate fashion
model. Both women are as stunningly attractive as they
are different.

I finally decided when this had become unbearable that
the only fair thing to do was to be straight up and
honest with Bob. I hadn’t decided on when and how to
lay my cards on the table nor did I have any idea how
to deal with the problem.

As she often does in such situations Lady Fate took a
hand in the matter. The day I decided that I must talk
with Bob about my feelings for Chee there was a minor
crisis in his department so I didn’t get to see him at
lunch. Since we live quite close naturally we car pool
and that evening it was my turn to drive home.

When Bob met me on the way to my car in the parking lot
he was in a great mood. He had been confronted with a
difficult and complicated situation that day and had
resolved it successfully. He had every reason to feel
upbeat and proud of himself. He was still telling me
about what had happened as I guided the car onto the
freeway. My mind was whirling with the effort of trying
to decide how to broach the subject of my problem with

“By the way,” Bob spontaneously shifted direction in
conversation, “Chee and I have been noticing that
you’ve been a little uncomfortable around her lately.”

A flash of sheer panic burst in my brain and I feared I
was about to crash the car.

“Well, I wanted to tell you not to worry about it,” he
continued calmly as if reading my mind from my pale
expression, “She’s a real turn-on for any man so I
can’t blame you a bit. To tell the truth she admitted
to me that she’s rather flattered.”

I let go a heavy sigh of relief, “Bob, you don’t know
how afraid I was that you’d be upset.”

“Not at all,” he laughed, “and I have to admit that
I’ve had similar feelings about Virginia, too.”

“Really?” I blurted in astonishment. Had I been so
blinded by my lust for Chee that I was oblivious to
everything else going on around me? Apparently so.

“She’s so different from Chee. I guess it’s the old
thing about the grass always being greener on the other
side or something like that.”

The traffic had become especially heavy and we had come
to a complete halt. I was still sorting out my
bewilderment at the way my whole world had just

“Chee and I often share our fantasies,” Bob went on,
“and to be honest a lot of mine have involved your
wife. Does that bother you?”

“Not if my doing the same about your wife doesn’t
bother you,” I laughed becoming more at ease.

“Well, in response Chee has told me about her fantasies
about you.”

My cock literally jumped in my pants making the
operation of a motor vehicle even more hazardous. A
million erotic images suddenly flooded my electrified
brain. It was almost beyond belief that the blonde
goddess who had so tormented my dreams also harbored
such feelings for me.

My best friend chuckled pukishly, “Listen, if you’re
game for something wild and kinky I have an idea that
might be a lot of fun for all of us.”

Bob’s suggestion was stimulating in the extreme and we
decided to begin persuading our respective wives right
away. That night as Virginia and I were engaged in
nothing inconsequential I made my first move.

“Do you remember that fantasy you told me about,” I
whispered as I passed my thrusts, “the one about the

I occasionally broke my steady rhythm with a
punctuating hard thrust. She was making her soft little
cry each time I pushed into her. Her hands were clasped
tightly about my buttocks urging me on.

“Oh yes,” she sighed nearing her climax, “being
blindfolded and made love to by a man I could not see.”

“Do you think you could tell if it was me or not?” I

“Oh yes, do it just like that, a little harder!” she
moaned, “I think I could up to a point. After that I
probably wouldn’t care!” Her orgasm was approaching
quickly. She began to undulate beneath me like a
dancer. I accelerated my movements.

“How about if we do it? I’ll take you somewhere,
undress you and blindfold you, then leave. A man will
then come and make love to you. You won’t know if it’s
me or not.”

“Uhm, I like that! Oh yes! I’m coming!” she wailed
writhing under me in delight, the intensity of her
climax enhanced by the spiciness of her fantasy as I
felt her cream beginning to coat my nuts pressed
against her anal cavity. She slowly calmed and regained
her breathing. “You can talk me into anything when I’m
coming. But listen, if it isn’t you then you had better
make damn sure it’s someone you really trust with me.”

“Like who?” I teased.

“Oh,” she paused to consider, “maybe like Bob.”

The next morning when I picked up Bob at his place he
fairly leapt into the car. He quickly revealed the
cause of his excitement.

“It worked perfectly!” he chimed happily, “Chee’s
always been pretty adventurous and a little kinky too,
so when I suggested the blindfold scenario she jumped
for it. She said it would be fun imagining while being
taken that it wasn’t me doing to it her but someone
else, like you!”

So I told him about Virginia and he fell back into the
car seat laughing.

“Okay, so now how exactly are we going to do this?” I

We made our plans with careful coordination. Bob and I
usually went bowling every Friday night, something
Virginia had never developed any interest in. So she
had no reason to suspect anything when I kissed her
goodbye and hurried out the door.

Near our community is a back road that is almost always
deserted with lots of tree grooves. I drove to the one
we had pre-arranged and parked between two trees out of
sight from the road. Getting out stopped among the
bushes near a grassy area and waited.

I didn’t have to wait very long. Soon a pair of
headlights turned onto the road and approached the
groove. Bob’s van pulled up beside the trees and the
lights went out. From where I watched I could just make
out the two figures of Mike and Chee embracing and
kissing in the front seat. I waited, my pulse pounding
in my ears like a jack hammer.

Both of them disappeared into the back of the van.
Several minutes passed with my tension growing with
every passing second. Then the panel door slid open and
both of them stepped into the bright moonlight. Chee
was naked, her tall deliciously shaped body gleaming
like the ivory statue in the dark, of a mythical

My desperate organ swelled to full hardness instantly.
Bob was dressed and carrying a blanket. They walked
slowly to the middle of the grassy clearing where he
spread the blanket on the soft grass. Chee then
embraced him excitedly and they went to their knees in
a deep kiss. Then he broke the kiss and pulled a long
piece of black cloth from his pocket. He looped it
around her face and tied it behind her head across her
eyes. I could hear her panting in excitement. Then Bob
fondled her heaving breasts.

“I’m going to leave you now,” I heard him whisper to
her, “and a man is going to come and enjoy you. It may
be me or it may be someone else. But you must not take
the blindfold off.”

Bob kissed her again before he stood and hurried back
to the van. Chee sat there with her legs to one side
shivering from the night air and anticipation. I
stripped quickly and quietly, leaving my clothes in a
pile where I could find them in the dark. My cock was
raging hard and straight up as I stepped towards her on
bare feet. Looking down on her indescribably body I
could barely control myself. She could hear me
approaching and was visibly trembling with both fear
and arousal.

I knelt and touched her face with my hands before
kissing her gently but heatedly. She jumped at my first
touch then accepted my kiss and let my tongue pursue
hers into her mouth. My arms went around her as my
hands explored every curve and detail of her divine
body. She was trembling. Breaking our kiss I brought my
lips to one breast where I feasted on her erect nipple
while my free hand cupped and squeezed the other
perfect globe.

“That feels so good, just a little harder,” she cooed,
“Please Bob, or whoever you are I don’t care, take me

She lay back on the blanket and extended her arms over
her head making her look even longer and more
languorous than ever. My hands were on both of her
breasts squeezing them firmly then I reached with my
right hand to cup her blonde mound. She was steaming
hot to my touch.

“No more!” she whimpered pitifully, “Take me, please!”

Nor could I wait another second. My raging organ was
about to bust with excitement at entering her hot wet
cave before moving over her. She opened her long strong
legs and clasped them about my hips as if to eventually
lock her ankles across my bare ass as I guided my cock
into her opening. The instant the head touched her
wetness it seemed to suck me inside hungrily. She
arched her back instinctively and cried out as I had
slid all the way into her with one push. Somehow the
hot tightness of her vaginal flesh grasping my organ
felt subtly different from Virginia’s. As she clawed at
the blanket with both hands I pulled back just a little
and then plunged back into her.

Unable to restrain myself any longer I moved faster
plunging into her eagerly accepting femaleness. I
gripped her hips with my hands as she braced herself on
the ground with both arms and raised her writhing hips
her body moving in perfect harmony to my thrusts. She
made love as if it were an athletic performance. The
lean strong muscles of her thighs and the concave belly
rippled as they suctioned me deeper into her with every
movement. Both of our bodies were gleaming with
perspiration inspite of the night coolness.

“Oh God, Don! Jim! I don’t care! Just fuck me,
harder! Harder!” she shrieked in agonized ecstasy
bucking and twisting violently. My own juices were
boiling up from every gland with irresistible pressure.
I fell forward over her feeling her orbs pillowing
against my chest. Our bodies slid together on the
dampness of our flesh. Her fingers dug savagely into my
shoulders as I started to come, shooting my baby-makers
in a surge after surge erupting into her womb.

As the last spasm escaped my embedded organ I lay
panting and almost unconscious over her. She lay almost
limp making soft moans and sighs. Slowly and awkwardly
I raised myself on my arms and sat back. I looked
towards the van. The panel door was open but I couldn’t
see anyone. I tried to stand and almost staggered.
Somehow I made my way back to where I had hidden my

“Exactly where are we going?” Virginia asked me the
following evening after I picked her up following an
important business meeting. She was dressed in an
elegant wool skirt and business jacket with a crisp
white blouse that complimented her long silky dark hair

“Does it matter?” I asked with a smile, “How about a
damp, dangerous old warehouse down by the waterfront?”
I was changing lanes after getting onto the freeway
heading towards the suburbs. To the west the sun was
clearing the horizon turning the ocean into a carpet of
deep blue fringed with gold and crimson. By the time we
reached the offramp to our suburb it was already dark.

As we drove I had been fondling her thigh and caressing
her hand as I often do in the car. She sat silently,
icy elegant in her perfect makeup and a glazed look in
her large dark eyes that told me she was aroused but
apprehensive. I turned off the main road and followed
the dirt road around behind the grove to where Bob’s
van had been parked the night before. I halted the car
and switched off the engine.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

She turned towards me, eyes flashing, “Are you ready
for it?”

Then she opened the door and stepped out. As I got the
blanket from the back seat she unbuttoned her jacket
and laid it on the front car seat. I came around the
car and met her lusty gaze calmly. Laying the blanket
on the hood for the moment I drew her towards me and
unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra had a snap in the front
which I undid and pulled it away to expose her
perfectly shaped breasts to the night air. She was
gasping, her lips slightly parted.

Reaching down I undid her skirt and drew it down about
her ankles. Her panties had two little bows on either
side of her hips which I undid and drew them away
leaving her wearing only her open blouse, her black
garter belt and her stockings and shoes. Taking the
blanket again I led her by the hand out to the grassy

Once there I spread the blanket over the soft grass and
she knelt on it extending those long slender legs to
one side. Even in the moonlight she looked as if she
were posing for a fashion ad. I knelt before her and
offered her a kiss to which she responded intensely.
Then I pulled the black cloth strip from my pocket and
secured it around her eyes.

“Are you frightened?” I asked noticing that she was

“Yes,” she sighed, “I love to be frightened.”

“I’m going to leave now. A man will come and make love
to you. It may be me, it may be someone else, that’s
the fantasy.”

“If it is someone else!” she hesitated.


“Tell him not to be too gentle, I want to come, and I
want to feel his come as he shoots it into me!”

With that I stood and moved away back to the car. I
waited for some time and was beginning to fear that Bob
had been unable to get away from Chee as we had
planned. Then I saw a movement on the other side of the
clearing. Bob appeared stepping into the moonlight
naked. He moved quickly across the grass on bare feet.
Virginia apparently heard him approach and she
straightened tensely.

He knelt over her from behind reaching around her to
cup her breasts with both hands. I could hear her moan
and whimper. She turned her head and accepted his kiss
as he caressed her breasts with growing ardor. Then he
was kissing and nipping at her rounded shoulders with
his lips as he urged her onto her hands and knees.

I had my own organ free of my jeans by now and was
stroking it quickly. On the blanket Bob had positioned
himself behind Virginia and was fondling the cheeks of
her ass. Then he lunged while grasping her hips and she
cried in joy. He must have heard what she had said
about not being gentle because he was pistoning into
her with machine-like energy.

“That’s it! Do it to me, harder! Do it harder!” she
cried and blurted between gasps.

So he did, accelerating his thrusts making loud fleshy
slapping sounds punctuated with sighs and moans.
Virginia reared upright reaching behind her to dig her
fingernails into his flanks as she went over the edge
into orgasmic nirvana. Bob’s powerful arms encircled
her as he tensed and shot her full of his cream,
cumming furiously inside her. Finally she collapsed
forward onto the blanket. Bob stood slowly, looking
understandably dazed, his cum continuing to seep from
the end of his cock as it stringed from her hot wetness
that now housed millions of his baby-makers.

I had by now spewed my load into the grass near the
car. I had never imagined it would be such a strong
vicarious turn-on to watch another man enjoying my
wife. As I leaned back against the car trying to regain
my composure Bob rushed back across the clearing. After
a few minutes I crossed from my side to Virginia and
knelt over her.

She stirred to semi-consciousness as I touched her
shoulder. I lifted both her and the blanket in my arms
and carried her back to the car.

“Uhm, that was fun,” she purred as I carried her.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I answered, “but you’ll
never know if it was me or not.”

“Oh yes I will,” she assured me as I placed her in the

When I got to my side I asked, “How will you know?”

“Well, when you suggested this fantasy,” she began
cuddling next to me, “I talked with Chee and she told
me that Bob had suggested the same thing to her. The
idea that you two were conspiring to actually do such a
thing got us both turned on as we talked about it. So
we agreed we’d go along with it but each of us would
mark the man we were with.”

I gulped feeling a slight sting from the scratches on
the back of my shoulders.

“When we get home,” Virginia continued, “I’m going to
see if you’ve got scratch marks on your shoulders from
Chee or on your hips from me. Chee’s going to do the
same with Bob.”

Then she leaned over and kissed my cheek, “They’ll be
coming over in about an hour so we can compare notes.
Then we’ll just see where this little game of yours is
going to take us.”

When they came over, the cats were out of the bag. We
all got undressed and once again Virginia and Bob were
almost immediately into each other’s arms and I saw Bob
slip his uncovered cock into her folds at the top of
her thighs. Chee almost immediately sat down next to me
and began milking my cock to its extreme hardness,
before sitting on my lap and sliding her hot wetness
down onto my pole of lust. I felt an immediate desire
to cum and as I shot into her tummy, I glanced over and
could see Bob’s body going through a series of twinges
as he shot his wad into my wife’s belly

After we finished out lovemaking that afternoon we all
decided that our homes were too big for just the 4 of
us, so Bob and Chee helped us to move into their home.
We got two large King-sized bed mattresses to put on
the floor in their previous master bedroom and the
women sewed a set of large double-King sized sheets and
blankets to fit and accomodate us.

A couple of months later Chee’s tummy began to swell
and Bob and I compared notes… it was obvious that she
was growing my baby inside her belly as he had not
fucked her since our original times together. The next
month, Virginia missed her monthly period. Bob and I
took both the women to the local OB-GYN who confirmed
that he and I were both going to be Daddy(s).

We no longer make love with blindfolds on and the women
know when they are being fucked. Yes, now that they are
both pregnant, sometimes we go back and fuck our
original mates, just for old times’ sake. Our OB-GYN
has advised that both babies are girls, so maybe when
the time comes our blindfolding experience can

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