An Asian girl I date loves to fantasize about having sex with other men
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This is all a true story of a sexy Asian girl I’m
dating… I started dating this hot Asian girl and at
her suggestion, posted a number of pictures of her on a
sweatergirl website which began an explosive run on her
fantasies as she saw the number of men who responded to
her photos all telling her what they would like to do
to her!

What I love about her is she is a fantasy lover and
loves handjobs and fucking all while wearing soft fuzzy
sweaters! She loves the feel of these sweaters on her
skin and I do too… soft angora or mohair as we fuck.
It all started when we went to one of our restaurants
we go to and there’s a waiter there she thinks is hot
and I could see them looking at each other so the next
time we went, I had her wear this super fuzzy hot pink
sweater and he could not stop looking at her and vice
versa. I knew I was going to have a hot time that

She had some to drink and I asked her to go pay the
bill up front where he was at and I could see them
talking. When we got in the car, she started rubbing my
cock. I asked her if she was thinking about him and she
said yes. That night when we got home we got high and
proceeded to have some wild sex where she was
fantasizing about the waiter.

There was no doubt in my mind that while she was
jerking me off and fucking me, she was fucking him and
thinking about him. At one point while rubbing my cock
really hard, I had her calling out his name to fuck her
harder. I actually had her picturing his face as she
was riding my cock which got her really hot.

When we started going at it, she just kept saying his
name over and over until she came like thunder. We’ve
done this so many times with her wearing different
sweaters and then coming home and her jerking me off
and fucking me thinking of him. I know she would fuck
him in her sweater if she could.

I next brought her to my gym to show her a guy I saw in
the shower with a massive cock. It was huge! I told her
about him while having sex and all she could think
about was coming to my gym to see him. When she finally
came with me, once she saw him, all she could think
about was rubbing his huge cock. She started flirting
with him and I saw how she would stare at his cock.

The last time she was talking with him, she said he got
hard and she couldn’t believe how big his cock was. She
made pretend she needed help and brushed against him
for a few seconds so she could feel his cock. She then
saw it get even bigger. She immediately came over to me
and said lets go.

As soon as we were in the car, she started rubbing my
cock. I asked what happened and she told me she was
soaking wet thinking about his cock and what happened.
Once we got home she put one of our fuzzy sweaters in
these pictures posted, ( and look under
fuzzysweaterman) and started the fantasy game thinking
about this guys cock and what she would like to do
rubbing his cock all while doing it with me. She loves
imagining that big cock coming all over her sweaters
and that is so hot to me.

She told me next time she goes to the gym, it’s going
to be cold and she’s going to wear one of her soft
fuzzy sweaters and ask him to come out to the parking
lot with her. Then she’s going to jerk him off all over
her sweater and then rush home to fuck me with the cum
on her sweater. I can’t wait… Every time we have sex
now, she pictures fucking and jerking this guy’s huge
cock off. She goes crazy thinking about this and comes
like crazy thinking of riding his cock all while riding

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