K9 Mattress Meditations
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My fingers told them of my urgency and they responded in the ways I
knew spoke of their own need.

He, in his usual, direct, ‘I want you NOW’, fashion speared his nose
into my crotch and started licking and probing. He wanted one thing,
for me to roll over onto my knees and present myself for him.

She, on the other hand, while filled with her own desires, was more
‘patient’. She went for the open-mouthed, very demanding and
probing–kiss. I chuckled. “Bitch. You know what that does, don’t

She made the barest pause and then went back to forcing my mouth open
so she could explore.

‘Yes, dear,’ I thought. ‘I’m still wondering how you discovered the
direct connection between my mouth and my crotch. Not complaining.
Neither is he.’

It wasn’t long before my prick was fully engorged and I felt a paw
pushing against my side. ‘Enough foreplay. Be my bitch.’

I managed to get to my knees and present for him. I got a quick
nosing that I always thought of as his final check to make sure I was
ready and positioned right, then I felt 80 pounds of dog on my back.

This time, instead of ignoring her and helping him I trusted to his
experience and shifted her so I could satisfy her orally.

That was my intention anyway. But, instincts and years of
conditioning took over and I found myself forgetting about her needs.

I felt a delicate probing that told me he was searching for my asshole
and then I felt a wetness when his tip slipped slightly into me. His
forelegs clenched firmly and he jerked me back as his hips drove his
penis through my sphincter with his usual implacableness.

He made a few short but highly driven strokes that slammed his rapidly
swelling knot into me and kept it there while it reached full
expansion. Once tied and pulsing his orgasm into me, his instincts
let his experience take over again. I felt his forelegs slide along
my body until his front paws were draped over my shoulders. Once
there his toes curled and uncurled in time with his orgasmic pulses.
Once in awhile he’d use his legs to brace himself and arch his hips
forward so his still swollen penis would forge into my colon. When he
relaxed, his knot would tug gently and stretch my sphincter.

Every once in awhile one of us would shift and there would be a
momentary pressure on my prostate. When that happened I’d arch my
back and moan with pleasure.

80 pounds of dog felt like 200 pounds–and I loved it.

There was no doubt I was his bitch. Thoroughly dominated by his
selfish lust, I surrendered to him. I was a bitch. I was being bred
by the alpha dog in my life. His lust was everything. It was all I
needed to know.

I let his dominance control my desires. One hand braced me while I
arched under him, gladly taking his weight and supporting us both. My
other hand slid down my stomach until it found my still engorged
prick. I pressed it against my pubes while my fingers slid over my
balls and manipulated them, pressing and stroking them until I could
hold myself away from my prick no longer.

Still arched I started stroking my prick with a demanding, urgent
vigor than encouraged my orgasm. I pressed back into him and twisted
so his penis massaged me internally. With easy skill I found the
position that let me massage my prostate against him.

It was enough. I drove backwards and clenched. I felt the base of
his penis expand and contract as it was teased by my sphincter. My
hand demanded–and I felt the ripples as my muscles forced my semen
along my length until it splattered on the bedding.

In seconds it was over and I let myself collapse until my head was on
the bed.

Now I had time to luxuriate in the pleasure of knowing his dominance
wasn’t over. He was still swollen and his body was still collapsed on
my back while he contently waited for nature to finish with him.

Now I felt his drool cooling where it had dripped onto my shoulders
and along my neck.

I felt his nose where it rested along side my neck. His breathing was
ragged and it gusted past my ear.

I loved it. I loved him.

Once my breathing steadied I remembered her and turned my head until I
could see her knowing smile.

‘About time.’ She hadn’t moved except to shift her head so she could
gaze into my eyes.

Once that happened and she knew I was aware of her again she stretched
and let her legs fall open so I had full access to her pubic area.

I moved and my lips covered her vulva. My tongue delved and I felt
her hips respond, arching her into my attention.

Eventually I knew she was lubricated enough and I worked three fingers
into her. As I pressed, slowly easing my fingers into her, I felt her
muscles quiver and rhythmically press against them.

I paused once I was fully inside and waited until the clenching slowed
and eventually stopped.

By carefully shifting my weight, I freed my other hand and used it to
lightly stroke her belly. I wordlessly crooned and let her know how
much I loved her. The fingers I had buried inside her passage felt her
sigh and relax. I looked along her belly and smiled. “There’s only
one thing left to make it better for both of us, love.”

I twitched my fingers slightly and jogged then a little to warn her
that I was going to go back to teasing her body to its true orgasm.

Without warning I bent two of my fingers, leaving my middle finger
extended–and shoved my hand forward firmly.

Almost immediately I felt her clench. Then her muscles grabbed,
released–and I felt both of her rings of muscle milk my middle finger
while I kept it firmly embedded without moving it.

After a minute or so her pulsing slowed and stopped. I kissed her
stretched vulva gently before slowly withdrawing my fingers. I felt a
few spasms and then I was free.

I felt fur sliding across my back and shuddered with pleasure when I
felt his knot slip from my ass.

Warm air met draining semen and I felt the coolness trickle until it
dripped from my scrotum. His nose touched me and then his tongue.
Localized coolness became general after he was satisfied he’d tasted

I felt the bed shake when he collapsed and started licking himself.

Now, with all of us satiated, I rolled and settled on my back. I
spoke few soft words and they repositioned themselves next to me.

The three of us cuddled.

While the three of us shared the afterglow that only lovers can share,
I realized rather embarrassingly that all too often our lust and the
demands of life hadn’t allowed us to be like this as often as we
should have been.

Sure, we all had sexual desires that we readily took the time to
satisfy. Any of us could ask for sex, and generally get the one we
desired to mate with us if the time allowed for it.

But, all too often those times together didn’t let us relax together

I sighed and gave each of my partners long hugs and gently pulled them
into a closer embrace.

“Sorry, boys. Sometimes I forget to let you know how much you mean to

I felt them relax against me. He, of course, rolled onto his back in
a bid for more attention. That hand willingly gave it to him.

She, on the other hand surprised me with a gesture she hadn’t used in
years. On paw touched my cheek lightly and she held it there until I
captured it with my other hand.

Once she was satisfied she’d made her point she pulled her paw free
and shifted until her back was against my side.



Filled with the gentle understanding of the afterglow…

I went to sleep knowing no dream could ever match the miracle of the
reality I too often took for granted.

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