A strange thing happens at this parlor that Mandy will love for a life time
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Jessie went into the massage parlor in hopes of getting a few kinks worked out of a very tired body. She had been by this place several times but was afraid to go in not because she didn’t want another person touching her body, she liked that, but because of what her body looked like without clothes on. But today she didn’t care. She was going in and to hell with what the person thought. It was what she was born with and she didn’t feel as though there was anything wrong with the way she was built.

Once inside she walked over to the desk and was asked by a very attractive girl sitting behind the desk if she could be helped.

“Yes, I would like a good massage to work out all these kinks I have.”

“That is what we do here”, the girl said. “Have you been here before?”

“No, in fact this is the first time I have ever been in any massage parlor.”

“Well I think you will be in for a treat then. My name is Jill and I will be setting up any future appointments that you may make. We offer a hot tube soak prior to the massage if you would like. This will help to loosen those tight muscles and help you to relax.”

“Do I have to do the hot tube?”

“Oh no. It is strictly up to you how much you want done any time you come in. As you will see we also offer a sauna bath and showers. All for one price. You just tell us what you want and we set you up for that. Once you have filled out these papers we will be able to set up any further appointments over the phone and get you in much quicker then as if you just walk in as you have done today. Of course you can do that as well any time you feel the need to do so as long as you understand that there may be a bit of a wait in doing so.”

“I understand.”

Jessie took the paper work and found a seat by a table where she was able to fill it out and proceeded to do so. Once completed she went back to the desk and handed it to the girl who took it and standing up ask her to follow her down the hall. She was a little surprised that she was getting in so soon but liked the idea as it would not give her a chance to chicken out.

“Your lucky, We are having a slow day today and are able to get you right in.”

“That’s good because I’m a little nervous doing this.”

“There isn’t anything to be nervous about I assure you. Your masseuse will be Mandy and as soon as you are ready she will be in and get started, first by asking you some simple question about where you feel tight and so on and then she will have you lay down on your stomach. You will be nude for the entire session and therefore the door will be locked from the inside giving you complete privacies and by the way these rooms are sound proof so if you feel the need to moan some don’t feel shy.”


“Oh yes. Some of our clients get quit vocal while being relived of all their tension. Remove your cloths and put on the robe hanging there and you can set on the table or lay back and relax while waiting.”

While all this talking was going on she couldn’t help but notice just how good looking the Jill was. She stood about five eight maybe 110 pounds with shoulder length blond hair. Her breast stood out from her chest as though they were begging for someone to touch them and hold them which she was more then willing to do if the occasion were to come about. A sparkle in those deep blue eyes gave the hint that this girl might be interested in her as well. Have to wait and see about that as sometimes not everything was as it seems. As the girl turned to leave Jessie got a good look at her back side and nearly drooled at the sight of those tight protruding buns. She would have to find a way to feel them in her own hands.

She removed her cloths and put on the robe as told and set on a chair that was along side one wall of the room. She had just crossed her legs one over the knee of the other when a door in the back part of the room open and another rather attractive women came into the room. She was built almost to a tea like the girl at the front desk, about five eight, a little heaver maybe 120 pounds, shoulder length blond hair and deep blue eyes. Except for the age difference they could be twins. The one at the front desk looked to be about twenty or so while this one looked to be more in her late thirties. No matter though as they were both good looking women.

“Hi, I’m Mandy and I will be your masseuse. Jill tells me that this is your first time at a parlor is that correct?”

“Yes, and I am a little nervous.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Well maybe I’ll just have to show you.”

With that she stood up and proceeded to remove the robe. Standing before Mandy was a rather tall women of about five eleven, naturally tanned body, breast that were shaped like ski slops, they were more then a hand full with an up turn on the tops as though you cold ski down them and launch out over the nipples into then air. Her areolas were swollen the nipples sticking up begging to be sucked by someone. Her flat tummy was to die for by any women and what made her mouth drop was the sight at the V of her legs. There she saw a rather large pecker that should not have been there as this was supposed to be a women after all. The pecker was stating to rise as she looked at it. It looked to be able to grow to about nine inches and as Mandy liked sucking cock she was hopping that it would be every bit of that.

“I’ll go if you would rather I didn’t stay”, she said.

This brought Mandy out of her shock and her reply was; “No, by all means stay. Are you going through a sex change or something?”
“No, I was born this way. I’m a morfidite and my parents didn’t know what to do about it so they let it go until I was a teenager and by then I was used to what I have and didn’t want to change. You see this way I can have sex with either women or men though I must say more women then men have an interest in me sexually.”

“ I can imagine so. Not many men want a penis in the way of their sex with a women especially if their having oral sex. Unless they are gay of course.”

“Yes but not even a gay man wants much to do with me in that department.”

“You said you can have sex with either men or women, does that mean that you have a vagina as well?”

“Yes, would you like to see?”

“Aha yes, if you don’t mind and are okay with me looking at you in this way. I have heard of such things but never in my wildest dreams thought I would run across such a person. I hope you don’t mind my curiosity?”

Jessie gave a little laugh as she walked over to the table and set down on the end of it and lay back on her back. She then lifted her legs and spread them so that Mandy could see that she did in fact have a love tunnel and what a pretty thing it was too. Not a hair on it, smooth lips with a little shinning moisture along those lips do to her growing excitement.

“Oh my, you are the most interesting women, or man, or what ever I have ever had the pleasure in meeting and a most beautiful one as well.”

“Thank you for that. I guess that means that you will be giving me my massages from now on?”

As Mandy look at what was before her she couldn’t help but think what any man wouldn’t give to pound her there with a stiff pecker. But some how Mandy didn‘t think there would be much of a chance of that happening. This women liked something more along the lines of good sex, be it man or women.

“Let me put it this way I think I would give up another client just to be with you.”

“You know I don’t have anyone in my life right now, if you are free maybe we can get together some time.”

“I think I would like that very much. I hope you like having both your pussy and your pecker sucked on though.”

“Yes I do. Are you saying that you like doing both?”

Oh yah. I love feeling a man shoot his load into my mouth. Do you like sucking a women?”

“Yes, and a man too if there happens to be one around. I can see that we are going to get along just fine. Can we start now?”

Mandy didn’t say a word but stepped up foot of the table and bent over to take the growing pecker into her hot mouth. This brought a low moan from Jessie while the pecker grew to it’s full size of nine and a half inches with a girth of an inch and half.

“It’s not going to take much as it has been a while since I have had an orgasm.”

Lifting her head Mandy replied;

“That’s okay with me. I have to make it quick so that I can do another women that’s waiting. But I would like to do you again tonight if you are in for it?”

“Oh honey I’m in for it believe me. I hope you are in for some penetration as well?”

“Oh yeah”, and Mandy went back to sucking this new found toy that she was already hoping would be around for a long time to come. She sucked on the head while running a hand up and down it’s shaft drawing some pre cum from it then started taking more and more if it into her mouth. Soon the head was at the back of her throat and she drew back half way then back down . She did this several times before she started to swallow the head down her throat until she had the whole nine and half inches in her mouth and down her throat. Jessie was amazed at what she was seeing and feeling. She could take no more and through her head back and yelled;

“Oh my god that feels so good! I’m going to cum! Oh I’m Cuming!”

Her hips bucked up into Mandy’s face as she shot a load of cum deep into her throat. Mandy did not let up but bobbed her head up and down about two inches on the shaft of this beautiful cock bringing more pleasure to this new women in her life. She herself was horny as hell now but that would have to wait until later when she had this women home where she would really be able to work her magic. She new she had to have this cock in her pussy, had to suck those beautiful breast with there large nipples, feel them in her hands. Yes, that all could wait until tonight when they were alone in her bed where they could both admire each others bodies, touching, feeling, kissing and doing all that it takes to satisfy the other and themselves.

Finally Mandy pulled back and sucked the last of the cum from the head of her new pecker, loving it and wanting more but did not have the time. Oh if only this day would end so they could go to her house and make love the way the both of them wanted, she taking this cock deep inside her pussy and she sucking this women’s pussy and pushing a large rubber cock deep into her body while doing so. So much pleasure to be had with this women. Where had she been all this time? No matter now. She was here and Mandy was going to take full advantage of this gorgeous women that came into her life this day.

Jessie was moaning deeply as Mandy sucked the last of the cum from her.

“Oh you are so good at that. I have never had it taken so deep into a person mouth as you did. The feel of your throat around the head was something that only a throat could bring about. Thank you for that and making me cum the best of my life.”

“It was my pleasure believe me. I would like to do more but I really have to get to the other customer now. Can we continue this at my place tonight?”

“I would love to. Give me your address and I’ll come by about seven if that’s okay.”

“That would be just fine.”

Mandy bent down and gave a deep suck on the now limp pecker.

“Something to remember me by.”

“You needn’t to worry about that. I don’t think I could ever forget this day even if I wanted to and I don’t.”

Jessie stood up and Mandy couldn’t help but look at the cock hanging down from this women. The question came to mind, why had this happen? Oh well she for one was happy it did. She reached over and held the pecker and balls in one hand for just a second or two, looked up into the deep brown eyes of her new found friend and said;

“I’ll see you at seven.”

“Yes”, was all the women said in return.

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