Elizabeth and Kevin
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Let me begin by saying that I am 17 years old and a junior in high
school. I have really short brown hair (my friends call it the “Dyke”
cut) and dark green eyes. I’m around 5 foot 5 inches and 105lbs. O.K.
it’s really 110lbs but I’m dieting. I’ll also just go ahead and say the
I have fairly small breasts for my age, and no I’m not happy about it.
The rest of my body is fairly nice (or so I’ve been told). One guy told
me I had the nicest ass and best legs he had ever seen, but I really had
to wonder how many girls that guy had actually seen. I lost my
virginity when I was 15 with my boyfriend at the time who left me
shortly after for a girl with bigger breasts. Men can be such shit.
Anyway I’ve had a fair number of sexual encounters since then. To get
to the point, these encounters I just mentioned do not include my
younger brother Kevin, with whom I’ve had countless numbers sexual
For those of you who might be shocked, yes I have had incest with
my brother. Think what you will but it’s more than just cheap sex.
Sometimes it’s more “making love” than anything, but I will admit that
some of it is just outright fucking.
Well, I can tell that your all just dying to know about how and
what happened so I won’t hold you in anymore suspense. My brother and I
have always been pretty close seeing as how he is only a year younger
than me. We grew up close and our parents say that we got along great.
We’ve always been able to talk to each other about almost anything and
usually do. Our rooms (a lot like some hotel rooms) are connected by
two doors. One in his side and one on my side. Both can be locked from
the inside if we didn’t want to be bothered. We almost always left
these doors unlocked and usually open. If we ever wanted to go into the
other room we would try the door and if it was locked we wouldn’t knock
because the other might be sleeping or something. Anyway, we usually
spent thirty-minutes to an hour each night talking to each other. It
was that way for as long back as I could remember until two years ago.
When I was 15 (he was 14) Kevin got caught up in a lot of drugs. I
tried to talk to him about it but he wouldn’t. To make a long story
short, after about two months of his drug activity he was shot over a
dispute of some drug money. The guy that shot him was high on something
and was sent to jail (he was over 18). I was at home asleep when my dad
rushed in and told me that Kevin had been shot. A million things ran
through my head, and I rushed to get dressed. We arrived at the
hospital and sprinted to the emergency waiting room. The nurse told us
that he would be fine and that the bullet luckily missed and major
organs. The bullet actually hit him the left shoulder (the guy that
shot him was so gone that he couldn’t aim). After a few hours we were
let into his room. He was asleep (or out on pain killers) and had gauze
wrapped around his shoulder. We left and I was able to hold in tears
until we got home and I cried alone in my room all night. After a day
or two of hell he finally came home. I was extremely happy to see him
(I hadn’t gone to the hospital because I didn’t want to see him like
that), and I hugged him so hard I hurt his arm.
That night I cried while he tried to explain to me what had
happened. I told him I was afraid that he was going to die which was
really stupid of me because he only got shot in the shoulder. He said
that he was only afraid that he would die a virgin. I laughed at that
and told him that it wasn’t all that great ( I had only had sex once but
felt I was an expert on the subject). He got a strange look on his face
and asked me how I knew. I explained to him that me and my boyfriend
had had sex before he dumped me. Let me go ahead and say that sex was a
common topic in our nightly discussions, but neither of us had really
had much to say on the topic until now. He was very interested and
drilled my brain on the subject. We talked for a while that night on
the topic, but finally I went to sleep.
After that night I found that a little more often his door between
our rooms was locked. Like I said I never knocked but I was a little
curious to the reason of the locked door. After a few weeks of this I
finally found the door unlocked and delighted by this I entered his
room. What I found embarrassed the hell out of me. My younger brother
was masturbating on his bed. When I walked in a look of horror passed
over his face and he quickly tried to cover up his actions. I was about
to leave when he told me to wait. I was very confused but I did. He
explained to me that ever since that night we had our talk he couldn’t
stop think about me and my boyfriend having sex. He said that he could
imagine me undressing and walking over to my ex-boyfriend. But he said
that in this “vision” of his that instead of my boyfriend it was him.
This caught me off guard and I sat down on the floor. “Sat” may be the
wrong word. I actually fell to the floor. He started to get up and
walk over to me to help me up.
Several things passed through my mind in the next few seconds, and
still amazes me how quickly my mind worked. First of all I thought
about how close me and my brother were, and how it’s was kind of sweet
him dreaming of me. I also thought that I would much rather be his
first sexual encounter than some bitch that would break his heart. The
feeling I felt when I thought he was dead passed quickly over me, and I
remembered how bad that felt. Not only that stuff but my brother is on
the very cute side. He is not bad looking at all. All these things
clicked in my head in very few seconds leading me to one final decision:
I was about to sleep with my brother. Actually the fact that he was my
brother didn’t even cross my mind. It was more like: I’m about to sleep
with this guy.


He was standing a few feet away from me, and I quickly stood and
pushed him back onto the bed. He fell onto the bed and apparently on
his arm. A wince crossed is face and I walked over to the bed and said
I was sorry. He looked at me puzzled and I stared into his light green
eyes. Not taking my eyes from his, I pulled my shirt off over my head
and removed my bra. My nipples had already hardened, and a shocked look
lay on my brothers face. I unbuttoned my short and unzipped them. They
fell down over my thighs and to the floor. A small wet spot had formed
on my white cotton panties. “You don’t have to dream anymore,” I said.
He broke the stare and scanned my body. I told him take off my panties.
He reached up and pushed my panties down my legs. I could fell his warm
breath against my cunt, which was now beginning to swell. I stepped out
of my panties and shorts, and stood before him naked. “You’re turn,” I
said reaching out grabbing his T-shirt. I pulled it over his head and
went for his boxer. I could see him swell under his boxers and I
smiled. I felt his cock lightly through his boxers and then removed his
boxers, leaving him naked. His penis was a little small but I thought
it was great looking. I sat beside him on the bed and told him to sit
in my lap. He did. He actually sat between my legs which I wrapped
around his waist. I kissed and licked his back and neck. I asked him
what he had been doing alone in here these past few weeks and he told me
that he was masturbating and dreaming of me. I tightened my legs around
him and felt his skin press against mine. I reached my hands around and
ran them down his chest to his penis. I took his balls in one hand and
I felt them tighten. I massaged them lightly while I stroked his penis
with my finger nails. His cock throbbed and precum seeped out. I could
feel my pussy swell up and I was hotter than I had ever been in my life.
I wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly masturbated him. He
groaned and I quickened my strokes. I asked him how that felt and h
said great. I said, “Then you’ll love this.” I released his cock and
my legs and told him to turn around. I pulled myself up on the bed and
told him to get over me. When he did I wrapped my legs around his waist
again. “Now get in me. Nice and slow,” I said. His head pushed my
lips apart and had an orgasm. I screamed with pleasure (my parents had
gone out or else they would have heard that). I had never had an orgasm
before (I didn’t have one with my ex-boyfriend) and apparently I was a
screamer. He thought he had hurt me and tried to pull out and I gasped
out “no” and pulled his thighs toward me. His penis didn’t penetrate
deep but it felt wonderful. He groaned and moaned until he was all the
way in. “Now fuck me,” I said gasping for air. He looked at me
confused and asked how. I smiled and said, “Move in and out nice and
slow.” He did and it felt great and I came again and was forced to gasp
for air. He mumbled things and groaned loudly until I felt him cumming.
I thought at that moment about a condom but another orgasm wiped my mind
clean. As he came he cried my name and then collapsed on me.
I knew this was I could get out of him but I was still extremely horny.
I rolled him off of me and climbed onto his chest. I started to
masturbate inches from his face. Each time I came I screamed louder and
louder. I had three more orgasms in the next ten minutes. In those ten
minutes he sat and watched. Then I took his hands with my wet sticky
hands and placed them on my inner thighs. He moved them straight for my
cunt and tried to push in several fingers. It hurt and I quickly pulled
his hands back. I took two of his fingers and placed them on my pussy
lips. I laid back on my hands and thrust my waist onto his fingers. He
quickly started searching every inch of me with his fingers. I came
another two times before I finally rolled off him, covered in sweat. We
laid still for a few minutes and I got up and locked the door. I turned
off the light and climbed into bed with him. I kissed him deeply for
several minutes and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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