Month: June 2023

White Sissy Used by bbc Black Masters
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I’m booked into a London hotel and, after you text me to say you’ve arrived, I text you back the room number. It seems like ages before I hear someone attempting to open the door, followed by a firm knock and I jump up, excited but nervous about what’s about to happen. I walk over and unlock the door, careful …

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Lyla and Shelby find out that Adam has been sleeping around
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“You’ve been screwing both of us?!” Lyla spoke first. My eyes widened in terror, and my mouth opened as if I had a response that didn’t exist yet. “Well?” My eyes shifted between the two of them, Lyla was clearly mad, but Shelby looked hurt.

“Yes.” Was all I could utter. They both stared at me, expecting me to elaborate.…

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The neighbors daughter comes home from college and seeks a relationship
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Richard and Clarice had a wild couple of sensual interactions leaving Richard physically and emotionally worn out, Clarice satisfied beyond her dreams and the neighborhood changed forever. After the weekend adventure things began returning to normal; Richard was quiet at home with few interruptions, Clarice found a job and was figuring out her duties. Richard missed Clarice during the week …

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A shy teen first time with a woman
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1980 was a long time ago. A lot of history has happened since then, but there are parts of that year I remember like it was yesterday. I remember being a shy, eighteen-year-old , in my second-last year of high school, and I remember that I was not exactly Mister Popularity, either. I remember that feeling of not always fitting …

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My Uncle’s New Wife
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On hearing Ashley’s voice we both began to scramble. My pants were lying on the floor next to me so I quickly grabbed them and slipped them on covering my half hard cock. Aunt Laura motioned for me to intercept my cousin before she could reach the kitchen. Stepping into my slippers I hurried out of the kitchen and almost …

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The Second Week of spanking party
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As Taylor’s hunting skills become more adept he has more time to explore his

I followed the stream into the jungle upward toward the
crests of the large hills hazily seen in the distance. Within an hour I had
surmounted the heights and surveyed my domain. My assumptions where verified
that we where stranded on an island.
I had …

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The HJO Company 1:The Office Visit
By: Date: 2023.06.07. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

“I agree with what Clinton said,” Joey said smugly. “It’s not sex when it
doesn’t penetrate.”

“He penetrated her mouth,” I pointed out. “Several times, I understand.”

“No,” Joey corrected. “She sucked him. That’s different.”

“Still unfaithful.”

“So, when you jerk off, you’re unfaithful to your old lady?”

“Of course not.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Another person!” I said, exasperated. “There’s …

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Preparing for Master
By: Date: 2023.06.05. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , ,

My Dearest,

You must follow my instructions to the letter if you want to continue
our sexual exploration.

Firstly you are to have a shower and wash yourself thoroughly. Next you
will shave off all hair below your neckline. There is a razor and some
shaving cream in the bathroom. That includes your pussy. I want you
completely smooth for …

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My stepdaughter Lisa’s Wake Up Call
By: Date: 2023.06.01. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

It was about five in the morning when I slipped the
handcuffs around my eight-teen-year-old stepdaughter Lisa’s
wrists and cuffed her to her headboard. It wasn’t
necessary, but since just last night she had seen me
cuff her mother in the same way, I couldn’t let the
poor dear feel I didn’t love her just as much, now
could I?…

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Office Sex and Nudity Awards
By: Date: 2023.06.01. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

As 2001 begins, it’s time to announce our annual Office Nudity Awards,
along with our first ever Office Sex Awards.

As you know, for many years our firm has encouraged both male and female
staffers to take off their clothes either to entertain their fellow
employees or simply for their own comfort. While nude workers are
excused from their duties …

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