My first experience with sex and the reality of my naivety
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This guy I saw off and on, was at a small *gathering*
at his sister’s house. Her boyfriend and best friend
were in the kitchen drinking and smoking, and my guy,
Matt, offered me some drink he’d concocted with rum.

I had always been wary of being out of control. So
drinking was usually a hang up to me. But this time, I
figured it was about time I joined the party. I was 22.
I had long, blond soft hair and was thin from years of
being *good* aka exercise queen.

That night I had on a lacy tank top with some ripped up
jeans. They hung loosely on my hips and the edge of my
silk string bikini panties were slightly visible. I
knew this only because Matt kept wrapping his arms
around me from the back as we stood in the kitchen,
resting his hands right at the waistline, where he
played with the thin strap. I had not intended for
anything to happen that night.

He had actually shown some interest in this new girl he
had met and I thought we were just going to hang out.
But as I sipped the drink, and the warmth of it slid
down my throat, I realized something would be different
tonight. His hands were restless on my hips and he kept
pulling me into his body. Every now and again in
conversation, he would push my hair off my neck and
graze his lips in its curve. His sister kept looking at
me and smirking.

I was a little embarrassed by his actions, so I moved
away, but in doing so, I pushed off his crotch with my
ass, and felt how hard he had become. The drink had
started taking an effect over my steadiness. I was such
a light weight. His sister’s boyfriend, made some
comment about the room being chilly, and I could feel
my face turn red when I realized my nipples were hard
and pressing through the lace material.

Matt smiled and turned me toward him, then took me
outside, defending me mildly to the comment, saying we
needed air. When we got out there, he lead me to this
little camper his sister had in the backyard. He
followed behind me to the door, and just as I went to
open the door, he slipped his hand between my cheeks
and squeezed a little, saying ‘I bet you are sweet as
peaches.’ It scared me a little, because I wasn’t sure
what he meant by that and it made me feel some wetness
in my panty. I was a little naive to say the least.

Once inside the door, he pushed me against the flimsy
table and started kissing me hard, shoving his tongue
in my mouth, feeling my teeth, caressing my tongue. It
was hungry, and it made my stomach ache. His hands
gripped my hips so hard it hurt and he moaned my name.

He found the button and zipper on my jeans and started
to push them down, but my hand blocked his efforts and
that seemed to make him more crazy to feel my skin. By
now he had moved my body towards the small bed in the
back, once again, holding my body from behind, except
now he pushed at my tits, kneading them and pinching my
nipples until I cried out in a whimper.

When he turned me around, he slid my top off and sucked
and bit my nipples, which made me want to feel in his
pants and see how hard I had made him just by being
there. It made my clit pulse and I wasn’t sure I would
be able to stop him once he got to the bed.

As he pushed me onto the bed, he began fumbling with
his own jeans, and pulling his shirt off over his head.
His chest and stomach muscles were tight with just a
hint of a trail of dark curly hair leading down to the
hard piece of him I was about to learn more about. Then
he told me to take off the rest of my clothes, and lay
on my stomach.

I told him I was scared, but he didn’t seem to hear me,
he just gently lifted my ass in the air so I was on my
knees and kneaded my cheeks with his hands until they
were finally right near my cunt. He pushed my legs
apart further and I could see him from the side,
stroking his cock, then venturing into my privates
again. He put his fingers around my clit, rubbing and
pinching and circling my cunt.

My body shook and the tingling I felt was making me
dizzy. All of a sudden he tried to push his cock in my
cunt and a wave of pain shot through the center of my
legs. I tried to reach down and push it away, holding
where he had ripped into me, but he slapped my hand
away, and rolled me over. ‘You just have to relax.. it
will feel good, I promise!’

Then he had me sit up and pushed my head to his cock.
‘Suck it,’ he said.

I surrounded it with my mouth, pushing my tongue on his
shaft and sucking as I pulled back then grazed my teeth
gently back as he moaned. I got off on the sound and
started to suck harder, and taking him in deeper. I
used my silk panties to wrap around his balls and push
on the space between his anus and his sack.

He was as rock hard as they came by that time and he
wanted to fuck me then and there! He pushed me back
down, held my hands above my head, and used his knees
to spread my legs as far as he could, then he freed one
of my arms, to raise up my ass force his dick into me.
The pain was intense at first, but then it stated to
just feel warm with friction.

He slammed into me trying to go deeper, and as he
fucked me, his pubic bone pushed against my clit,
rocking it into a frenzy. I started to scratch is back,
grabbing his ass, arching my back. I slid my hand down
between our wet skin, and opened my lips wider, and
held my legs open wider. Then he slammed into me one
last time and it made me feel like he was splitting me
in two.

He fell onto me, pulsing the last of his cum into my
body, until I couldn’t feel the walls of my cunt tingle
anymore. When he pulled out, he pushed my lips open and
stared at my parts with a smile on his face, just
lightly tracing their lines. He slipped a finger in me
just to see me jump, then, got up to go clean off.

I was sore there for 2 days. But it turned on a switch
I don’t neglect anymore.

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