John’s Wife
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Seeing my old mate John again was great, we hadn’t seen
each other in years and had just spent the night drinking
and shooting the breeze. His wife Jane had gone for a
drink with her mates and we had arranged to pick her up
at a club in town. When we pulled up outside John said
he’d wait in the car, as it was impossible to park while
I ran in to get her.

Inside the club there where people everywhere, it was
packed and I had trouble finding her but managed to find
one of her friends at the bar chatting to two guys. When
I asked where Jane was she laughed and said she was
somewhere at the back of the club.

I went in search of her pushing through the crowd until I
reached the back of the club where I found a corridor
leading to the toilets. I went down it again pushing past
guys coming out when I heard one of them say as he zipped
up his pants, “Man what a slut, can you believe that
bitch,” to his mate. Both men laughed and I pushed on.

At the end of the corridor there was a crowd of guys in a
circle with their backs to me cheering and shouting.
Pushing through I was shocked to see that the reason they
where there was that there was a gangbang going on and
they all stood around watching the show. The guys I had
meet must have had their go at the slut been gang banged.

I looked on as interested as the next guy and saw that
the woman was bent over a small table surrounded by guys
with their cocks out. One guy was fucking her from behind
while two other guys took turns ramming their cocks into
her open mouth. The woman was fat with big meaty hips
that where shaking all over as she got fucked. Her tits
looked massive as they bounced about and she knew how to
suck cock because one of the guys was coming already into
her willing mouth.

He was replaced quickly with another but not before I saw
her face. It was Jane, John’s wife. Her make up was
smeared all over her face which was covered in spunk from
I don’t know how many cocks. She didn’t see me, as she
was too busy sucking the new cock that had been pushed
into her mouth.

The guy fucking her cried out and pulled his cock out
spraying spunk all over her ass. When he stepped back
another guy moved up and took his place ramming his meat
into her well used cunt and proceeded to pound her hard
.All around her the guys where jacking off and calling
her names like, “Fuck the slut man, give it her hard!”

To be honest I was hard too by now, my cock straining in
my pants. I could not believe Jane was doing this and I
felt bad standing there watching not stopping it but
there must have been 10 guys there.

When the next guy pulled out coming on her ass again
there was a gap in the action. Jane stopped sucking just
long enough to say, “Come on give me more cock you limp-
dicked bastards,” that got a laugh from everyone. A guy
pushed me from behind hard enough so that I found myself
standing behind Jane’s big round ass. I looked down at
her, she was covered in spunk both ass checks where slick
and wet from guys coming on her.

“Go on man, you’ll be number 10,” said a guy standing not
far away.

Jane wriggled her ass at me not even looking around to
see who her next cock was going to be. What the hell I
thought and pulled out my cock. I rammed it in to her
hard and started fucking her cunt with long hard strokes.
Her pussy was stretched open wide from all the cocks but
I was excited as hell.

“Oh yes! Fuck my cunt with your big cock,” she called out
sending me over the top. I pulled out and fired my spunk
over her spunk-covered ass. I didn’t have time to catch
my breath when I was pulled out of the way by a large
black man sporting a huge hard on.

I slipped away and returned to the car where John was
waiting. I told him that one of her friends said she had
left already and suggested we went for a last drink
somewhere. We ended up getting home at 6 in the morning
and Jane was safe in bed.

John and I both travel a lot and he had to leave at 12:00
that day but my flight was not until 22:00 that night so
John suggested I stay at his place with Jane. I saw her
at 10:30 when we finally rolled out of bed in the kitchen
looking surprisingly fresh and prime and proper. She wore
a knee length skirt that clung to her big frame and a big
louse top that was designed to hide her real size. I
could never understand why fat girls had to hide what
they had, there are a lot of guys like me who love it.

Anyway the morning moved on and John finally left by cab
leaving Jane and I alone. I tried to stay calm but I just
kept thinking about all the spunk she must have taken and
how much was left still inside her. Also I was sure she
was wearing stockings and suspenders under her tight
skirt which only made me worse.

There was no other way to handle this so I decided to go
head on so when I found her in the kitchen I casually
said to her that I had called by the club last night. “Oh
really, what time did you call by?” she asked looking a
bit worried.

“I think it must have been around the time of your 9th
cock,” I replied, and watched as she dropped a cup in the
sink. She stayed that way with her back to me for a
moment before replying, “Sorry but I don’t know what your
talking about.” She still didn’t look around at me.

“Oh but you must, I know for sure because I was number
10,” I said enjoying myself now.

Now she turned around to face me looking sheepish and
dropping her eyes to the floor, “I don’t understand,” she
said in a tiny voice.

So I told her how it happened and how I had been kind of
forced into fucking her and how I left afterward to get
John away.

“What are you going to do about it?” she asked still not
looking at me.

“Well, that depends on you really, I can stay quite but
it will cost you,” I said with a big grin on my face. My
cock was rock hard in my pans at this stage.

“What do you have in mind?”

I wasn’t quite sure what I had in mind I just wanted to
fuck her again but the thought of the kind of power I
could wield of her was making me very excited. “If you do
exactly what I say John doesn’t have to know.”

She looked up at me with a pissed off look on her pretty
face suddenly angry, “You want to blackmail me. Is that
your game?” she asked in an angry voice.

“Like I said its up to you, you decide.”

“You’re a sick pervert to do this,” she shot back at me.

I laughed and said, “Really? And what do you call a woman
who fucks every guy in the club?”

She didn’t reply to that.

“Take off all your clothes except your stockings and
shoes, now!” I ordered and stood waiting.

After a full minute she finally began to unbutton her top
with fast angry movements. She pulled it up over her head
then and without looking at me reached around to unfasten
her bra. I held my breath as her massive breasts flopped
into view. Two huge round white tits stood before me with
large pink nipples pointing downwards.

She reached behind her and unzipped her skirt before
pulling it down over her generous hips bending forward to
do so and giving me a wonderful view of her hanging
breasts. When she stood up she now had only her tiny
panties and black stockings with her high heel shoes. Her
panties where half hidden under her large belly that hung
down above the waist of her panties. Her breasts hung
down to her bellybutton they where so big and I could see
some of her pubic hair poking out of the side of her

“Take your panties off or I’ll rip them off,” I barked.

She hooked her fingers into the waist of the panties and
pulled them down giving me another great view of her
hanging tits.

I took off me pants then and released my aching cock from
my boxers. “Get over her and suck my cock!” I ordered.

She stomped over to me still very much pissed off. Every
part of her wobbled as she walked and when she kneeled
before me she was at the perfect height. I just stood
there watching and waiting as my cock bobbed in front of
her. She reached up and took my cock in her hand pulling
the foreskin back over my knob like a pro and proceeded
to suck it deep into her mouth. I watched in awe as she
bobbed her head up and down my shaft.

I took her by the hair taking control and started really
ramming my cock into her mouth. “That’s it slut suck me
good take it all,” I panted fucking her mouth like a

She was gagging a little from the force but other wise
she managed well enough. It was amazing to look down and
see her massive breasts sway back and forth as she sucked
but I had to fuck her. The night before was too fast for
my liking this time I wanted to take my time. Pulling out
of her mouth I said, “Ok, that’s enough, get over onto
the kitchen table and spread your legs wide for me.”

She was furious now as she stood up she looked at me,
“How can you call yourself a friend of John’s when you’re
forcing his wife to have sex with you?”

That just made me laugh again, “How can you call yourself
his wife when you let yourself be used as the bar whore?”
was my reply after which I pushed her towards the table.

She sat up onto it and did as I asked opening her legs
and showing me her fat pussy. It was open and still wet
from the night before, her pubic hair was matted together
with what must have been spunk. I ran my hands up her
stocking clad legs right up to the stocking tops where
her chunky leg spread out.

She gave no reaction when I roughly pushed two fingers
into her hot pussy just stared me in the eye. She was
leaning back with her arms slightly behind her, which
made her breasts stick out even more. I leaned over
sucking one of her nipples into my mouth rolling my
tongue over it making it hard in seconds despite her lack
of interest.

“Lie down on the table bitch I want to see your tits fly
about as I fuck you,” I said rubbing my cock up and down
her meaty pussy lips getting it wet and slimy. She moved
back onto her back making her tits separate to hang on
each side onto her arms. I pushed her legs up high and
open wide still rubbing my cock across her cunt.

“How many cocks did you have last night?” I asked
pressing my knob against her big clit.

“Fuck off asshole, I don’t remember yours because its so
small,” she sneered up at me.

“That might be true, I saw the size of the black guy who
fucked you after me,” I inserted my cock into her pussy,
it was so hot it felt like my cock was burning. “You look
like the type of slut that likes black cock,” I said
before ramming my cock up to the hilt. I started pumping
my cock in and out of her sagging wet pussy still holding
her legs high. Her tits where rolling about flopping up
and down every time I banged my meat into her.

“Come on and come needle dick get it over with,” she
grunted through gritted teeth. She may have started to
enjoy it but it wasn’t clear.

Gripping her legs hard I gave it to her hard and fast
banging my cock in and out rocking the table with the
pace. She closed her eyes and turned her head now and I
knew she was enjoying this. I carried on for another two
or three minutes before stopping. When I pulled out she
looked down at my cock expecting to see spunk shouting
out but I just repeated sliding my cock up and down her
fat swollen pussy lips.

“Get your fat fucking ass around here I want to fuck you
like the whore you are,” I pulled her up roughly from the
table and spun her around. She was definitely a bit shaky
on the legs as she flopped down onto the tabletop. I
stepped up behind her with my cock in hand and without
warning I quickly jammed it hard up her tight asshole
right up to my balls.

She let out a loud scream taking the wind out of her and
before she could respond I grabbed her by the hair
pulling her head back towards me and proceeded to pound
her hole with short fast strokes.

“My cock too big now slut,” I mocked jabbing into her
with real force. Her ass was tight but had no problem
accommodating my cock and was now lubricated enough to
let me slide in and out with ease.

“Oh you bastard stop please,” she cried out.

I pulled her back more so she was almost standing her
massive breasts flopped back and forth. She was very
vocal now moaning and grunting clearly from pleasure,
when I started to rotate my hips at the same time as I
fucked her she responded by pushing back onto me.

“Your ass is so nice you filthy whore,” I panted slowing
a little now so I could enjoy the feel of her ass. I
pulled my cock almost all the way out before pushing it
back in, in and out in and out. I let her hair go but she
stayed in the same position letting me reach around to
maul her tits as I continued my slow fucking my cock into
her. I lifted one of her legs up onto the table so she
had one leg standing and the other knee perched on the
edge of the table. I could now ram more of my cock into
her and did so giving it to her hard and fast again.

Within moments she was coming, I could feel her ass
contracting around my shaft in spasms as it pounded in
and out. “That’s it slut come on me you love having your
ass fucked don’t you?” I panted digging my fingers into
her hip flesh. “Don’t you?” I repeated.

“Oh yes! Fuck my ass you bastard fuck it hard,” she
answered gripping the tabletop and ramming her big ass
back at me.

“You’re going to swallow my spunk now aren’t you bitch,”
I said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, I want your cock in my mouth please give it to me,”
she cried out coming continuously.

I whipped my cock out and stood back waiting for her to
turn around. She moved fast for such a big girl turning
around and kneeling in front of me. She grabbed my hard
cock and engulfed it into her mouth taking the whole
length. Man she sucked me like she hadn’t had cock in
months slurping and bobbing her head up and down.

I came in seconds firing wad after wad of hot spunk into
her slut mouth. The fact that my cock had just been up
her ass made it even better for me and the filthy bitch
didn’t care at all. She sucked me hard using her hand at
the base of my cock to pump it harder sending my spunk

Before I finished I pulled it out to fire the last wad
onto her upturned face and hair. She knew what I wanted
and smeared it all over her face letting more spunk spill
out of her mouth and smearing that too all over her face.

“You understand now slut that you’re mine when ever I
want, I’ll come by here and have you when I feel like it,
or else John finds out…”

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