Slumber Party by Amy and Larry
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It was just after 10 when the phone rang; too late to be a telemarketer,
so I answered it. It was my next door neighbor.

“Bob, this is Joan Donovan. I’m sorry to bother you, but I need a favor.
Amy’s having a slumber party over here, and I just got a call from the
hospital. My sister’s been in an accident, and I need to get over there
right away. I don’t want to leave the girls over here by themselves, or I
might not have a house left to come home to. I know it’s a lot to ask,
but could you stay over here with them tonight? It’ll probably be
tomorrow afternoon at least before I can make it back, but if it’s any
longer than that I’ll get someone else to take over for you until we can
get the girls back home.”

Not the way I had planned to spend my Friday night, but Joan was a good
friend, and I owed her. Besides, I wouldn’t mind having her a little
obligated to me for a change. I’d had low-key designs on her since she
and her husband split a few years ago, so this might give me a little
opening. Not that I’d really take advantage, not really. “Sure, Joan. I
wouldn’t mind. Give me ten minutes and I’ll be right over. You don’t have
to wait for me. Go ahead to the hospital. Just give me a call when you
get there and let me know how things are going.”

“Thanks, Bob. I really appreciate it. I owe you. I’ll call you as soon as
I get there and find out what’s going on.” Yep, she owed me, all right.
I wondered where I could dig up a chair and a whip.

As I got dressed, I heard Joan’s car pull out of the driveway and hit the
street with a slight squeal of tires. That didn’t mean she was stressed;
she always squealed the tires. I grabbed a shaving kit, just in case,
picked up the book I had been reading and a spare, and walked over to
Joan’s. I was mildly surprised to find the door cracked open, but I stuck
my head in and yelled, “Amy? It’s Mr. Johnson. Anybody home?” A
rhetorical question if ever there was one, because the racket coming down
the hall would have been audible at the end of a busy airport runway.

“Come on in! We’re all back here!”, screamed Amy over the din. I walked
in and closed the door behind me. I was a little disoriented. I felt
obligated to see that everything was all right, but I didn’t want to
venture into a room full of teen-age girls if it could be avoided. I
decided that discretion was the better part of valor and parked myself in
the den. I called back down the hall to say that I would be in the den if
anyone needed anything, and opened my book. I hadn’t even found my place
when I heard bare feet padding down the hall.

Amy walked into the den, saying “Mr. Johnson, could you get us some
Cokes? And maybe some chips? They’re in the kitchen.” Amy was in my
American history class, and in my home room as well, so I probably saw as
much or more of her than her mother did, but this wasn’t the Amy I
remembered from class. This Amy was wearing a thin tee shirt that reached
just below a clearly visible pair of bikini panties. And nothing else.
Her nipples were if anything more visible than her panty line, and she
knew it.

When I got my breath back, which I hoped wasn’t more than a couple of
heartbeats, I assured her that I would find refreshments and bring them
to her. I had the feeling that I may have stammered a bit; her grin
reinforced the feeling. She turned and went back down the hall to her
bedroom. A number of analogies for her swinging hips went through my mind
as she walked away, but they were all trite and hackneyed, and thus
inadequate. My throat was still dry, and I could feel an erection
beginning to press against my pants. I tried to remember how old she was.
Fifteen. No, she must be almost sixteen. Her birthday was sometime this
month . . . That must be it. This must be a kind of birthday party. It
occurred to me that my half-formed lust for Joan might have led me into a
situation that was a bit more complex than I had anticipated. When I got
to the kitchen, I found the goodies with no problem, but realized that I
had no idea how many girls were back there. I filled a glass with ice,
popped the top of a can of Coke and started to pour. My hands were very
obviously shaking. I took a deep breath and shouted down the hall, “How
many drinks, ladies?”

Amy’s voice came back right away. “Five! No, Six!”

“Coming right up,” I shouted back with more confidence than I felt. I
filled six glasses with ice and Coke, and arranged them on a tray around
a bowl that I filled with chips. I tried to remember the first time I had
met Amy. She couldn’t have been more than eight or nine at the time. I
tried telling myself that she was still a kid. It didn’t work. I picked
up the tray, and then set it down again while I adjusted my pants, trying
to make myself a little less obvious. I couldn’t get the image of Amy and
her tee shirt out of mind. And now I was going to pick up this tray and
walk down to that room and she would be there and I would hand her the
tray and I would be looking right at her, and there would be no avoiding
it. I was still shaking as I picked up the tray and started down the hall.

The door to her room was standing half-open. I called “Room service!”,
pushed the door open with my elbow and stepped inside. Standing in the
corner of the room, directly in front of my eyes, was a girl wearing
nothing but a pair of panties. For what seemed an eternity, but couldn’t
have been more than a full second, there wasn’t a sound or a movement in
the room. Then the naked girl screamed and grabbed a shirt from the bed,
covered herself, and dived beneath the side of the bed. The room full of
girls began cackling and roaring and laughing and shrieking. My face was
burning, and my eyes focused on the spot where the girl had been
standing. I couldn’t see anything else in the room. I mumbled “Whoops.
Sorry,” set the tray down on a desk beside the door, turned, and
retreated from the room with waves of mad laughter following me down the

When I got back to the den, I tried to calmly assess what had happened.
The girl hadn’t been Amy, of that much I was sure, but whoever she was
she certainly had a nice body. Beautiful breasts, for sure. In the
confusion, I hadn’t even seen Amy. I hadn’t seen anyone well enough to
tell anything about them except that they were all more-or-less dressed.
It was strange, but my semi-erection had disappeared. I was still
contemplating the mystery when the phone rang. I picked it up, but my
voice cracked as I said “Hello.”

Joan laughed, and said, “Cracking up already, Bob? I thought you could
handle a few girls.”

“Sorry. No problems so far, Joan. How’s your sister?”

“She’s a little busted up, but nothing serious. Broken arm, cracked
ankle, lots of little cuts and bruises. They’re going to keep her here
tonight for observation, but I think they’ll let us take her home
tomorrow. If it’s all right with you, what I’d like to do is spend the
night here, then get her home in the morning to pick up a few things,
then bring her back home to my house to stay until she’s able to get
around for herself.”

“Sure, Joan. That’s no problem at all. If there’s anything else I can do
to help, just let me know.”

“You’re a doll, Bob. Believe me, I will. Amy, get off the line.”

There was a click as the extension hung up, then Joan went on, “Don’t let
those girls get to you, Bob. If you give them an inch, they’ll take
advantage of you like you won’t believe.”

“Don’t worry, Joan. I can handle them.”

“Yeah, sure. OK, I’ll see you tomorrow. If something comes up that you
need me for, you can reach me through the nurses’ station.” She gave me
the number, wished me luck, and hung up.

I was sitting there, thinking about what had happened so far, and what
Joan had said, when Amy led a parade of girls into the den. I felt a pang
of mild disappointment to see that all of them were now clothed; then I
mentally slapped myself for being disappointed. Amy was carrying a glass
of Coke in her hand, and she thrust it at me as she said, “Here, this was
supposed to be for you, but you ran out before we could do the
introductions. Anyway, I want you to meet my friends.” The friends all
grinned and waved. “If you would ever come to our soccer games, you’d
know everybody, cause we’re all on the team.”

“Anyway, Mr. Johnson, this is Jennifer. She’s a junior, but she’s
seventeen, anyway. I know you already met her, but I don’t think you saw
her face.” She grinned broadly.

Jennifer stepped forward and offered her hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr.
Johnson,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

I shook her hand and said, “Jennifer.” I tried to keep my eyes locked on
hers, but I couldn’t keep from glancing down. She was now wearing jeans
and a loose sweatshirt. I heard a soft chorus of giggles from the others.

Amy stepped to the next girl in line and introduced her as Staci, fifteen
and a sophomore. We shook hands and exchanged greetings. At the next
girl, Amy said, “This is Beth. As of today we’re officially the same age:
sixteen.” As I shook hands with Beth, I had the feeling that there was
something surreal about this whole thing. When we reached the last girl,
Amy patted her on the shoulder, “And this is Shelly. She’s the baby of
the bunch.”

Shelly punched Amy on the shoulder and laughed, “I’m no baby!” As I took
Shelly’s hand, I realized what had made these introductions seem so
strange. Amy had made a point of everyone’s age and grade. I wondered
why. I suppose the puzzled look on my face contributed to the grins on
the girls as they all turned and bounced back down the hall in a
cacophony of Seeya-laters.

I gave up on my book; I was totally unable to concentrate. So I turned
the TV on, and turned down the sound so that it was barely audible. I sat
mindlessly channel-surfing for several minutes. It suddenly occurred to
me that I was able to hear the TV. The house was quiet. I wondered if the
girls had gone to sleep. I strained to hear any sounds from Amy’s room.
After a few seconds, I could hear the sound of whispers from down the
hall, although I couldn’t make out any words. Then I clearly heard a soft
“Shit!”, giggles, and a feigned hoarse “Take it off!”. If I were a
bettin’ man, I’d have to say that there was a strip poker game in
progress. I listened for a few more minutes, but heard nothing else that
was intelligible. I stood up and walked quietly to the hall. The hall was
dark, the only light coming from the open door to Amy’s room. I could
hear the blood pounding in my ears. I walked very slowly down the hall
toward the light, staying in the shadows. As I drew closer, I could see
that four of the girls were sitting in a circle on the floor. I didn’t
see Shelly, but all of the others except Beth appeared to be braless. I
could see Jen clearly, and her breasts looked just as good now as they
did before. Amy had her back to me, with Staci on her left between her
and Jen so that I could see her in profile. As I watched, Beth dealt
cards to Amy and Staci, but skipped Jen. I choked as I realized what that
meant. Jen had already lost everything. She was sitting there with
nothing left to bet. I stood there praying silently for her to stand up.

Just then, Shelly said, “Hi, Mr. Johnson!” She was fully clothed,
apparently a non-player, and standing just behind Staci. I nearly
panicked, then stepped forward into the light and said, “Anybody need

The girls looked around at each other, then Jen shook her head and said,
“Not right now, thanks.” No one appeared to have the slightest concern
for the situation.

Without turning around, Amy dismissed me with a friendly “We’ll let you
know if we need anything, Mr. Johnson.” I turned and retreated once more
to the safety of the den.

I have no idea how long I had been sitting there. My mind was reeling,
and thoughts of naked girls were irrepressible. It had to have been at
least fifteen or twenty minutes, I suppose. Then Amy came walking in,
fully clothed. “Mr. Johnson, we’re getting ready to start another game,
and we want you to play, too.”

I looked up, speechless. “Oh, come on! Shelly said she’ll play if you
do. It won’t hurt anything. Nobody’ll know about it. Mom won’t be home
until afternoon. We really need you for the game.”

“I don’t know, Amy. If anybody ever found out, there would be big, big

“Nobody will find out, Mr. Johnson. Come on, let’s go. You know it will
be fun.”

I knew it was insane. Incredibly dangerous. Insane. But then I thought of
all those nice bodies, and thought about being there and part of the
game. The hell with it.

“Okay, Amy. I’ll play.”

She squealed, jumped up and gave me a huge hug, then grabbed my hand and
led me down the hall. We walked in to the room, and she bowed deeply,
sweeping her hand in front of me, and sang, “Tada!” The girls all clapped
and screamed. We all sat cross-legged in a circle on the floor, and Jen
explained the rules. Five-card draw, ante a piece of clothing, then bet
before and after the draw. If you don’t win, you take off what you bet,
and it goes to the winner. If you later win a hand from someone who holds
your clothes, you can trade for your own back. Except that when you lose
your last piece of clothes, you’re out. It sounded more complicated than
it was, and to tell the truth the rules tended to get made up as the game
went on, anyway.

Because of the rules, the game progressed quickly. After all, seven or
eight hands without a winner would leave you pretty breezy. Staci was the
first one out. I reluctantly admit that as the game went on, my
concentration drained away rapidly. Staci was on my left, and even though
that meant I couldn’t get a clear look without staring, it also meant
that her bare leg was against mine. Jennifer was next to go, and she was
sitting directly opposite me (that seemed to be becoming her standard
position) with her feet touching and pulled in close and her knees spread
wide, seemingly oblivious to the view she was giving me. Beth, on my
right was next to succumb, then finally Amy, sitting between Beth and
Jen. Despite all the others, Amy took my breath away. I couldn’t take my
eyes off her, and I suppose it was pretty obvious from the smirks around
the circle.

It was finally down to me and Shelly. I had nothing but my briefs left,
while Shelly had both bra and panties, and she had never lost her bra. I
had lost and regained my tee shirt a couple of times, but on the last
hand I had garbage and lost the tee back as ante. I had Shelly’s blouse
among my winnings, so I thought I might have a chance if I could only win
a hand. Alas, it was not to be. Amy dealt me a pair of Jacks, and my
heart leaped. I had nothing to bet, so I had to check. Shelly could have
bet, but there was no point, so she checked as well. I drew three cards,
and Shelly drew one. I squeezed my cards open, and there smiling back at
me was a third Jack. I spread my hand on the table and casually said,
“Read em and weep.” Shelly turned over five little hearts. Ah, well.
C’est la guerre.

I stood, announced “Ladies, I believe we have a winner,” and slid my
briefs down and kicked them off. All the girls applauded Shelly, and
hugged and congratulated her. She stared at my cock, standing proudly
erect in honor of the room full of naked, absolutely first class
girl-flesh. I was thoroughly enjoying the view, and it was pretty
obvious. When the commotion of the victory celebration began to die down,
all of the girls stood watching me. I said, apropos of nothing in
particular, “Well, what now?”

Staci popped up with “Shelly wants to touch your cock!”

Shelly punched her, turned beet red, and denied it, “I do not!”

The others all started chanting “Do, too! Do, too!” Then Jen suggested,
“I’ll bet he’ll let you touch it if you take the rest of your clothes

Amy joined in, “Will you, Mr. Johnson? If Shelly takes the rest of her
clothes off, will you let her touch your cock?”

I grinned, it was fun teasing Shelly, and I got caught up in it. “Sure,
why not?”

Shelly came back somewhat defensively, “I’ll take my clothes off, just to
be like everybody else, but not just so I can touch his cock. I don’t
even care about his cock!” The girls started cheering again, and Jen
stepped forward to be Master of Ceremonies.

As Shelly began to unhook her bra, the other girls started a vocal drum
roll, then as she slid it off and dropped it to the floor, Jen announced,
“Behold, Sir! These are genuine, 100 percent pure, prime fourteen year
old boobs!”

Shelly countered with, “Fourteen years and two months!” then did a brave
shake from side to side. There was indeed a detectable bounce there. I
bowed in acknowledgement, and the girls cheered again.

Jen coughed lightly, “Ahem. Uh, Shelly, you still have something left to
do.” Shelly blushed again, then slid her panties down and off, picked
them up and handed them to me.

“These are for you, Mr. Johnson,” Shelly said softly and shyly.

“Great idea!” Jen added, and began to gather up the other girls’ panties.
She picked up my pants, stuffed the panties in the pocket, then handed
them to me so that I could add Shelly’s to the collection. Again a cheer
went up from the crowd.

While this was going on, Shelly reached out, placed her finger on the
head of my cock and pressed it down a couple of inches, then removed her
finger and giggled wildly as it bounced up and down. The crowd went wild.

Jen and Beth announced that they were going to the kitchen for drinks,
and the rest of us fell unto an easy conversation. Amy congratulated
Shelly again for her bravery in touching my cock, and Shelly said that
she had always wanted to see what it was like, and wasn’t about to let a
chance go by. By this time, my pre-cum was flowing pretty freely, and
drew comments from the assembled multitudes. We talked about cocks in
general, and mine in particular, and I began to get rather comfortable
with the situation. I now looked over the collection of tits and pussies
with unconcealed interest, and the girls seemed comfortable with this as
well. At this point Staci wondered aloud what had happened to Jen and
Beth, and we all started out down the hall looking for them.

They weren’t in the kitchen, but when we came back to Amy’s room we heard
sounds coming from further down the hall. Amy put her finger in front of
her lips and we walked silently down to the room that had been her
brother’s when he lived at home. The door was open, but the only light
was from a small lamp on a bedside table. Jen was lying on her back on
the bed, and Beth was lying between her legs with her face buried in
Jen’s crotch. Jen was moaning with pleasure. “Cool!” Amy exclaimed.

Shelly stood looking in amazement at what was going on, then Staci took
her by the hand and led her to the bed. “Come on, Shelly,” she said, “do
me. Do just like Beth’s doing. Then I’ll do you.” Staci lay beside Jen on
the bed. Shelly at first looked a little reluctant, then moved between
Staci’s legs and began to lap tentatively at her crotch. Staci’s fingers
looped softly in Shelly’s hair, and Shelly began to get into the spirit
of things, gaining enthusiasm with every passing second.

Amy looked admiringly for a moment, then took me by the hand. “Come on,
Mister. I ain’t gettin’ left out!” She lay back on the floor and spread
her legs. I looked longingly at her lovely bush, and thought about what I
was doing. I was probably already in deep trouble, and if I laid a hand
on one of these girls I was looking at more than disgrace and loss of my
job, I was looking at a prison sentence. On the other hand, I might be
lucky and get hit by a truck crossing the street. I dropped to the floor
and moved between Amy’s legs.

I slid my hands up along her waist and around to her back, letting my
thumbs just trace the curve of her breasts. Her skin was incredibly soft
and smooth, and her flesh was firm. I remembered that she was an athlete.
I kissed her belly, then let my hand slide down to trace the curve of her
hip as my lips moved upward. When I had first touched her, she had pushed
my head down toward her crotch, but now she caressed my shoulders, then
let her fingers move up and through my hair, letting me set the pace. I
let my cheek rest against her right breast, while I gently moved my
fingers over the other one, flitting them lightly across the nipple. It
was hard and erect. I turned my head slightly and took it between my
lips, flicking it gently with my tongue. She moaned very softly. I cupped
both her breasts with my open hands, and began to kiss my way down
between them. I slid my hands down along her hips until my fingers traced
the crease below her buttocks. My lips flicked lightly across her belly,
then down to her inner thigh. I felt her soft pubic hair brush against my
cheek as I moved lower. She spread her legs for me, and I kissed my way
all the down behind her left knee, then moved over to her right leg and
began slowly moving back up. As I got closer, I could feel her wetness
against my face, and feel her muscles beginning to tighten up. She was
beginning to make animal sounds deep in her throat, and her fingers
tightened in my hair. I had wanted to prolong this more, but I was not
going to be able to resist much longer. I turned my face directly into
her, and let my tongue lap up through her slit until it flicked across
her clit. She screamed. I moved my hands to cup her buttocks and press
her into my face. I thrust my tongue into her and lapped upward. She
arched her back, began to move powerfully back and forth, and a prolonged
“Ah!” sound came from her, almost like singing. I settled into a rhythmic
lapping up and across her clit, then taking it between my lips, sucking
it in, and pressing it out with my tongue. Now her hands pressed my face
hard into her, and she began to thrust violently back into me. I wondered
if my teeth were going to break, then decided I didn’t care. She began a
short, harsh panting sound that grew in intensity until it was
near-deafening, then she suddenly gave a single high-pitched scream and
went limp. I lay between her legs with my head resting on her thigh,
licking her slowly and softly.

After a few seconds, perhaps a minute, she sat up, pulled me up and
pointed my head toward the bed. We had attracted an audience. No one said
a word. They all sat there grinning. Then Amy rolled over, rolled me onto
my back and said, “Time for some oral sex for you now, Sir.” As she
wrapped her lips around my dick, the other girls watched for a few
seconds, then went back to their own activities.

I wasn’t at all sure how much of this I could take. I had been to the
brink several times during the evening, and the touch of Amy’s lips was
ecstasy beyond belief. I braced myself as much as I could, and tried to
hold out. Amy must have understood, because she slowed the pace and began
caressing me as she released my cock and began kissing around it. I was
in a state of prolonged excitement that now seemed as though it could go
on forever. Amy raised her head and asked softly, “Is there anything
you’d like to do, Sir?” At first I didn’t catch her meaning, then when I
did my voice caught in my throat.

Finally I managed to get out a strangled, “Yes.”

Amy then asked sweetly, “What is it you want to do, Sir?”

I stammered out, “I want to make love to you, Amy.”

“We’re making love, aren’t we? Is there something special you want to

Now I knew what she wanted from me. I took a deep, painful, breath, and
said, “I want to fuck you, Amy.”

“You want to fuck my young pussy, Sir?”

“Yes, Amy! Yes! I want to fuck your young pussy!”

“I think we can do that,” she said and moved astride me. Just as she
started to lower herself onto my cock, the cry came from the bed.

“No FAIR!” shouted Jen. The lips of Amy’s pussy had already covered the
head of my cock, but now she pulled back and sat beside me on the floor.

“Okay, Jen,” said Amy, “What’s fair? He’s certainly not going to be able
to take care of all of us. Not tonight, anyway.”

I was being discussed like a side of beef, but somehow it didn’t seem to
matter. I listened with great interest. Jen thought for a minute, then
said, “I’ve got an idea. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.” With that,
she got up, turned toward the bed, and leaned over it. “Okay, Beth, you
get here next to me.”

Amy caught on quickly. “Great idea!” she said, and took her position next
to Beth. Staci followed up and moved next to Amy. Shelly started toward
the bed, then decided there wasn’t enough room, said, “It’s okay, I don’t
really want to, anyway; I’ll just watch,” and moved to one side.

I felt a mild pang at Shelly’s decision, but realistically I wasn’t going
to be able to make it through the other four anyway. I told her that it
was all right if she didn’t want to, that I respected her decision, that
she was pretty as she could be, and really turned me on, and that just
having her nearby was enough for me. Shelly turned a chair at the desk
toward the bed and took a seat. “OK, I’ll keep time,” she said. “How are
we going to do it?”

Staci spoke up and said, “How about five minutes with each of us the
first time?”

Jen laughed and said, “How about two minutes, Staci? I don’t think five
minutes would work really well.”

I coughed and confessed, “I’m not sure that I can make two minutes each,
to be honest. I’m already so fired up that I’ll be lucky if I can do a

Again it was Jen who spoke up, “Okay, I can understand that. How about
this? Go around one time just kind of trying us on for size for a few
seconds to get used to everybody, then back again for one minute each,
then we’ll go to two minutes until you can’t do any more.”

And I thought the earlier conversations had been surreal. What else could
I do? I thought for a second, then conceded, “I think I can do that. Is
that okay with everybody?” Four heads nodded, and some giggles sneaked
out. “Okay, ready to go?” Four more nods. I moved behind Jen.

Shelly watched intently as I pushed into Jen. Jen was the oldest of the
bunch, but as tight as she could be. She sighed as I slid all the way in,
and I felt her cunt ripple slightly. That was almost enough to do me in
right there. I gasped, and Jen giggled. My hands were on her back, and I
could feel her laughing. She felt so good I didn’t want to pull out, but
I knew I had to. I stepped back, and moved behind Beth. I pressed the
head of my cock against her, and it slid in smoothly. She was not only
tight, she began to milk me with her cunt. I knew I had to pull out
quickly, or I was lost, but when I started to pull out, she clamped down
on me. The shock itself kept me from losing it, but I knew I was going to
be in trouble with her. I pulled out, and when I did, she said softly,
“Something the matter, Mr. Johnson?” I could feel her laughing, as well.

“Not a thing, Beth. Very nice,” I answered, and moved on to the one I had
really been waiting for: Amy. I couldn’t define what it was about her
that attracted me so much, but there was definitely something. I was
almost afraid to touch her at all for fear that I would lose it on the
spot before I even got into her. Nevertheless I moved into position, and
when I did, she turned her head toward me and smiled. As soon as the head
of my cock penetrated her, she did something that pulled me tightly into
her and began to move her hips slowly. I wanted nothing more than to stay
right where I was, and probably would have, but Shelly spoke up and said
that she thought my few seconds were up. My hands had been resting on
Amy’s waist, and as I pulled out of her, she reached up and grasped my
hand. One more to go, and then we get down to serious business.

When I slid into Staci, she sighed breathily and squeezed me tightly. I
paused a few seconds to get the feel of her, then pulled out and moved
back behind Jen. I turned to Shelly and asked her to tell me when she was
ready to start timing. She said, “One minute, this time, right?” and I
nodded affirmatively. She held up her hand, then began counting down.
“Ten . . . five . . . three, two, one, go!”

I slid into Jen, placed my hands on her hips and began stroking gently.
She started doing her ripple trick, and I began to really get into it. As
I drove harder, the bed began to move, and Jen moved in sync with me.
Time seemed to stand still. The tingle started to spread over my body. I
was getting very close, and I didn’t care. From a very great distance I
heard Shelly’s voice saying “Ten . . . ” An eternity later I heard her
say “Five . . . ” There were a couple of guttural moans that I realized
wonderingly were coming from my throat, then I heard Shelly say “Stop!” I
didn’t know what she was talking about. She said, “Out!” I wondered what
on earth she was trying to say. Then I felt a sharp slap on my rump. That
brought me back to the real world, and I reluctantly pulled out.

Jen scowled to Shelly, “Killjoy . . . ” Shelly reminded her that rules
were rules, and if she didn’t like it to take it up with the rules

I was panting heavily, and said to the world in general that I needed a
couple of minutes to rest. Beth, who had been lying in position, rolled
over, sat up and stretched. I hadn’t been paying as much attention to
Beth as she deserved. She had an exquisite little body, perfectly
proportioned, and her nipples were just right. All of these girls had the
smooth skin of their age, and the taut bodies of the active, but they
were by no means indistinguishable. They were all unique, and all
uniquely attractive. I was standing, just looking admiringly at Beth when
Shelly said that if I meant that couple of minutes literally my two
minutes were up. Beth smiled at me once more, rolled over and said,
“Ready when you are, Mr. Johnson.” The others watched with interest as I
stepped up to Beth and cautiously entered her. This time I was ready for
her when she began milking, and I began to move in rhythm with her. I had
been expecting trouble, and it came quickly. I hadn’t been in her more
than ten seconds when I began to feel the tingling. I had over
three-quarters of a minute still to go, and it was going to be very
tough. I began sliding my hands along her back in a light caress, trying
to concentrate on her to slow down my own reactions. I was pumping hard
now, and completely involuntarily. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to
get control, so I would have to manage some other way. I started thinking
about Joan walking in on us. That helped, but not much. I thought about
Joan walking in on us leading a policeman. That helped. The tingling was
getting stronger. My arms and legs felt as though they had been asleep.
My breath was coming in short gasps. I was praying to hear Shelly’s
voice. Then it came. The countdown started, and I concentrated on it as
though my life depended on it. When she said stop, I pulled out
immediately and sat down on the bed, gasping.

Amy looked at me with a worried expression and asked if I was all right.
Beth was gasping a little herself, but she giggled (didn’t these girls
ever stop giggling) and said that I would be fine in a few minutes —
though it could be more than a couple this time. I saw Jen glare at her.
Beth looked up innocently and said, “That was one minute, right?” Shelly
affirmed it, and then Beth added not so innocently, “Two minutes next
time ought to do it.” I figured she was probably right, and there was
probably not a thing I could do about it.

Beth had been right about it. When Shelly said that two minutes had
passed, I still needed a couple of minutes more. Beth was grinning like
the cat who caught the canary. Amy still looked concerned, but when I
stood up, she rolled over and assumed the position. When I put my hands
on her waist in preparation, she reached back and covered my right hand
with hers, and gave me a little squeeze. Jen remarked to Shelly that she
had better get a whip ready if she planned on getting me out of Amy on
time. I took a deep breath and slid into her.

This time she moved with me, and very gently. I was in heaven. As my hips
rocked against hers, I closed my eyes and began to float. I saw softly
colored shapes moving in front of my eyes like a kaleidoscope. I could
hear soundless music. The tingling rose again, but this time it didn’t
seem threatening at all. It kept rising until it seemed that my whole
body was nothing but a giant tingle. Suddenly I felt a sharp slap on my
rump. I jumped back in reflex. The room was spinning. It took a few
seconds for me to realize where I was. I looked around and Amy was
smiling up at me. The others were all grinning evilly. Jen said, “Told
ya.” Her words seemed to come from a deep well. My eyes still were out of
focus, and my knees were weak. Shelly walked up, took my arm and sat me
down on the bed next to Amy without saying a word. Amy pulled me down,
put my head on her breast and began to stroke my brow.

Staci looked disgusted and asked of no one in particular, “How long this
time, an hour??” I heard the question, and for some reason was able to
grasp it. I sat up, shook my head, and motioned for Staci to get ready.
She grinned, rolled over and motioned me over. I gestured to Shelly, and
as soon as she gave me the go, I drove deeply into the last girl in the
row. Staci was the youngest here, except for Shelly, who was a bystander,
but I had to admit she was good. She matched my mood perfectly, and
seemed to know exactly what I wanted, and didn’t want. I could get lost
in her very easily, and when the minute was up I felt a mild regret. I
pulled out, then bent over her and whispered a heartfelt thank you in her
ear. She smiled and said, “Any time, Mr. Johnson.”

I had made it through the first round. Now the question was whether I
could make it through even one two-minute round. To tell the truth, I
didn’t really care as long as I could make it back to Amy. If I could get
to Amy I would be quite happy to lose it with her. The problem was going
to be getting there. My stamina appeared to be increasing, which was a
good sign. I didn’t feel the need for more than a minute to catch my
breath after Staci, so I asked Jen if she was ready for two minutes. She
responded with a brazen, “You betcha!” and rolled over ready for me.

This time was my third time around, and I was becoming accustomed to Jen.
I was really enjoying it this time. I felt that I was in control of
myself, and Jen was very talented, so I could just let it happen. I
reached beneath her and let my fingers gently fondle her clit. She purred
contentedly. This time when I heard Shelly call out “One minute,” I felt
very good. I looked forward to that second minute. We were moving
together as though we were dancing, and it really seemed a shame to stop.
When Shelly finally called time I gave a final thrust, and then withdrew
slowly. I stood up and said, “Thanks, Jen. That was very, very good.” She
smiled back at me, but said nothing.

I guess I was overconfident. I moved over to Beth and said, “Ready when
you are, Beth.” She just rolled over, and moved her hand forward in a
“Head em up and move em out” gesture. I stepped behind her, put my hands
on her hips and slid into her. This time I thought I was ready for
anything, but I was wrong. I had no more than entered her when she
started, and the tingling was there, and much stronger than before. I
almost panicked and pulled out at once, but I didn’t. I was moving my
hips together with hers, but that seemed almost inconsequential. She had
me good, and she knew it. All I could do was admit it. “Beth, I’m going
to cum, I can’t help it.”

Jen jumped up and shouted, “Hold on, Mr. Johnson! You can do it! Help
him out, girls!” I was trying desperately to hold out, but I knew I
wasn’t going to make it. I felt a shudder start at my shoulders and work
its way down my body. “Ease up on him, Beth!”, Jen pleaded, but to no
avail. Staci and Shelly began cheering me on, but Amy just sat smiling
sadly. I wasn’t going to last, and I knew it.

Shelly called out, “Almost one minute, Mr. Johnson!” Almost one minute! I
wasn’t even halfway through . . . My hips convulsed, and I could feel it

I tried to say something, but I couldn’t. Spasms hit my body in waves,
and I felt cum pump into Beth. “One minute!”, shouted Shelly. For hours I
had been building up for this, and now there was no stopping it. My hips
thrust forward again and again, and a second stream of cum followed the
first. There was a final small spurt, and then my body relaxed so quickly
my knees buckled and I dropped to the floor. The girls rushed to help me

Beth sat up on the side of the bed, a slow trickle of my cum dripping
from her, and said smiling, “Sorry, Mr. Johnson. My fault.”

Jen looked over to Beth and said quietly, “Beth, sometimes you can be a
real bitch, do you know that?” Beth ignored her. Jen sat silently for a
second, then said, “Sorry, Beth. That was out of line.” Beth ignored her.

Amy was sitting on her heels next to me. “Are you okay, Mr. Johnson?” she
asked solicitously. I nodded, as yet unable to speak. “Are you going to
be able to do me, or do you want to take a break for awhile?” I couldn’t
even answer. I knew deep inside that the answer was no to both parts, but
I couldn’t make myself admit it. She turned to Shelly, “Shelly, take him
back to my room and have him lie down on the bed. Cover his eyes. Mr.
Johnson, I want you to relax for a while. We’ll figure out how to make
this up to you and be down as soon as we do. I do want you to keep your
eyes covered until we tell you it’s okay, though.” Again I nodded, and
went with Shelly.

When we got to Amy’s room, I lay down on the bed, and Shelly looked
around for something to cover my eyes. She got a devilish look on her
face, then picked up my pants, selected a couple of pairs of panties, one
of them hers, and covered my face with them. “Might as well enjoy
yourself while you’re waiting, Mr. Johnson.” I thanked her, and she left
the room.

I may actually have dozed off for a while, I’m not sure. I know that I
was very relaxed, and it seemed very peaceful lying there on the bed, my
face covered with softly girl-scented panties. At some point I felt the
presence of others in the room. I heard Jen say, “You can uncover your
eyes now, Mr. Johnson.” Almost reluctantly, I moved the panties away from
my eyes. Jen was standing beside the bed holding a plastic baggie. “We’ve
got a souvenir here for you, Mr. Johnson. There are five little packages
in here; each one has two clippings of hair from one of us. One from our
head, and the other from our pussy. This is yours to keep and cherish
forever, as long as you cooperate with us now. Sound good?” I nodded.
“Okay, then. Take a good look at us.” I pulled up on my elbow to admire
the five glorious young bodies. “You’re about to fuck one of us again,
and this time you can go as long as you like. Sound okay?” I nodded,
hoping that I knew who it would be. “Okay, close your eyes again, and
don’t open them until we tell you.” I did as she said.

I felt young thighs settle down beside my cheeks, and my nose brushed
soft hair. “You can open your eyes, now, Mr. Johnson,” I heard Jen say. I
opened my eyes, and Amy was sitting on my face. I reached up, put my
hands over those magnificent breasts, and began to lick her slowly and
gently. As she started to rock back and forth, I felt a soft hand circle
my cock, and begin to massage my balls, then I felt other hands on my
thighs, caressing them, moving down to my feet and back up. There were at
least three girls working on me whom I couldn’t see. I really wanted to
fuck Amy again, but at the same time it was very, very nice to have her
sitting on my face. I tried to sort out who was doing what, to figure out
who would be the one, but it was very confusing. If it couldn’t be Amy, I
thought that Staci would be my second choice; she was the youngest, other
than Shelly, and she certainly did well by me before. I didn’t think I
could stand an unlimited session with Beth, although it would certainly
be fun to try. Jen certainly would be good, too. I decided that since I
hadn’t much choice, anyway, I would just take whatever came my way.

Just then I felt gentle hands pull my cock straight up, and then legs
touching my waist and soft warmth pressing against the head of my cock.
As the head penetrated, I felt instantly that this one was very tight. Of
course all of the girls had been tight, and coming down on me this way
they would be eventighter than when I entered them from behind on the
bed, but even so . . . this was tight! You could feel the pussy slide
down a couple of inches and stop. There was a soft yelp, and Amy turned
around to see what was going on, then turned back to me and asked, “Feel

I half-nodded and let out a pussy muffled “uh-huh!”. Suddenly the
pressure built up sharply and then relaxed slightly. There was a little
gasp, moist warmth covered my cock completely, and I felt us come
together. I began to rock my hips, and the girl riding me stayed right
with me. Lord, she was tight. I began to have fearsome thoughts, but as
Amy’s juices flowed over my face and the wonderful tingling began to
build, I put them aside. Amy tasted so good, I never wanted this to end.
Despite the earlier draining that Beth had done on me, I could feel the
pressure building again. I was exploring Amy’s wonderful body with my
eyes and my hands, drinking her juices as deeply as I could, and all the
time trying to move my hips together with the girl riding me. She had
begun to increase the pace markedly, and was now taking over. She was
flying, her tight pussy holding my cock in a vise-grip as she ripped back
and forth, driving harder and harder. Then I knew the time had come. I
raised my chin so that my lips cleared Amy’s delicious pussy and said,
“I’m about to cum.”

I could hear the girls start to cheer. Amy looked down at me sweetly and
said, “That’s what we’re here for, Mr. Johnson. Go for it!” I did as
directed. The pussy squeezing my cock was so tight, I knew that there
would be a jet stream of cum, and there was. And then another. And
another. I don’t know where it was all coming from. I would have sworn
that Beth had wiped me out for a week, but this was special.

Amy looked down at me and said, “Okay, Mr. Johnson, you kept up your part
of the bargain, so here’s your surprise. Jen is at your left leg, Staci
is at your right, and Beth is taking care of your balls. Does that give
you any hints?” With that, she lifted her leg and moved away from my face
so that I could see Shelly riding my cock as though there were no

“Hi, Mr. Johnson!” she said. “Are you surprised?”

Well, I wasn’t completely surprised, but I was scared to death. But
scared as I was, she was so tight and so good that I couldn’t stop. Her
tightly clamped pussy was keeping me erect, and I kept pumping for all I
was worth.

Shelly was rocking madly on top of me. “I’ve already had two orgasms, Mr.
Johnson, you have to catch up,” she said between pants, and grinned

“I’m working at it, Shelly, I’m working at it. But I’m in no hurry!” I

The other girls were all watching now, and started cheering us on now
that the secret was out. “Fuck her, Mr. Johnson! Fuck her good!” “Hammer
that tight young virgin pussy, Mr. Johnson!” “She loves it, just watch
her!” “Ride him, Shelly! You can do it!!” “Give it to her, Mr. Johnson!
Let her have it all!” I hardly needed encouragement, but I admit it drove
me on. As I felt the pressure building again, Shelly shuddered violently,
and said “Four!” That was enough to send me over the edge, and I fired
another spurt into her. That must have set her off, because a second
later, she called out “Five!” It was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to
catch her, but as long as she could keep it up, I’d keep trying to help
her. Despite my best intentions, I began to slow down. I felt Shelly’s
pussy contract sharply a couple of times, and that brought my erection
back full, but there was no way I was going to last much longer.

Finally, I heard Jen say, “I think he’s about had it for now, Shelly.”

“Is that right, Mr. Johnson? I can keep going if you want to, but if
you’re tired or something we can quit pretty soon. Just one more orgasm
for me, okay? I’m almost there.” She was moving like a pile-driver
thoughout all this, and her voice was distorted by it.

How could I refuse? This next one took a lot longer than the others,
though, and I could tell it was kind of a mini, anyway. When it finally
arrived, Shelly smiled down at me, rolled off of me, and curled up next
to me. “Whew!,” she said, “Thanks.”

I put my arm around her and kissed her forehead. “Thank you, Shelly. That
was wonderful, and it meant an awful lot to me.” I hugged her tightly.

Amy bent over and placed the baggie with the girls’ hair in my hand.
“You’ve earned these. Keep them to remember us by. This will be our
secret, and maybe, just maybe, it can happen again.”

Beth then spoke up, “Sure, Mr. Johnson. If we could practice a little,
I’ll bet you could go for hours.” Despite all that had happened, those
words caused a definite physical reaction, and under the circumstances
there was no hiding it. There was a few seconds of silence as everyone
watched my slowly growing erection, then Beth continued, “See? You’re
ready to go again already!”

“Oh, don’t tease him, Beth,” Jen said with a slight edge of irritation to
her voice. “Mr. Johnson, we all need to get some sleep. Amy, you’d better
set the alarm for eight o’clock or so, because we’ve got a lot to clean
up before your Mom gets home. ”

With that, we became a jumble of bodies on Amy’s bed. I don’t know how we
all squeezed in there, but after all, we were pretty good friends by
then. Although Shelly was still tucked in next to me on one side, Beth
slid in next to me on the other, saying, “Don’t worry, Mr. Johnson, I’ll
be nice.” And she really was. She was as gentle and thoughtful as Staci
had been when I was. . .When we were. . .When the festivities were going
on. Although as the night went on toward morning the girls swapped
positions several times, Beth stayed next to me in an almost protective
posture. When Amy was next to me, she snuggled close to me and whispered
nice things in my ear, nice things that included the phrase, “next time”
several times. Finally, around five o’clock, Jen decided to break things
up. She shooed me off to Amy’s brother’s room, then told Shelly to go
with me to keep me company, then added that she meant just company, no
funny business. Amy told me not to worry, that they would come get Shelly
before her Mom got home, but they would let me sleep.

Shelly and I trotted down the hall and crawled into bed. She cuddled up
next to me, and I thought she was going to talk the rest of the night
about all the things that had happened, but she suddenly stopped in
mid-sentence and was sound asleep, with her fingers curled lightly around
my cock.

I woke up once, I’m not sure what time it was, but it must have been near
noon, and Shelly was gone. I looked over at my clothes neatly hung over a
chair, and realized that I was wearing my underwear. The girls had done
well. I turned over and went back to sleep.

There was a light tapping at the door, then it cracked open and I heard
Joan say, “You still alive in there?”

I opened my eyes, rolled over, and sat up, holding a blanket in front of
me. “I think I’ll make it,” I said groggily.

She stepped into the room and put a tray with a pot of coffee on the
table beside the bed. “I figured the girls would probably keep you up all
night. I’ll bet you’ll think twice before you let anybody rope you into
doing something like this again.”

“Well, they did a pretty good job of keeping me up, but it wasn’t all
that bad. How’s your sister doing? What time is it, anyway?”

“It’s about two thirty, and she’s doing fine. She’s here, actually. In
the living room. She and Amy were baby-sitting you while I took the girls
back home.” She grinned. I blushed.

“Sorry about that. Sleeping here all day, I mean,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. I really appreciate your help. How on earth did
you get those girls to keep the place so clean? Usually this place is a
disaster area if there’s even one girl sleeping over.”

“Well, I don’t think it was actually so much that they kept it clean, I
think they cleaned it up to make me look good.”

“Hm. In that case, I’ll have to have you do this more often.” I dived
back under the covers. “Well, maybe I’ll at least give you a chance to
recover from this one first.” I peeked back out. She laughed and walked
out of the room.

I got up, sipped a little coffee as I was dressing, picked up my shaving
kit, staggered out of the bedroom, said my goodbyes, and walked out the
door. I was halfway down the walk when Amy came flying out of the house,
yelling “Mr. Johnson!” I stopped and turned toward her. She walked up and
handed me my books. “You almost forgot these,” she said. I noticed a wisp
of hair peeking out between the pages of one of them.

“Thanks, Amy.” I tucked the books under my arm, but didn’t turn to leave.
“Thanks very much. For everything.”

“That’s okay, Bob,” she said very quietly. “Any time.” With that, she
turned and walked back into the house. And I walked back to mine,
thinking strange thoughts.

For the next few weeks I was worried sick. Every day I would see Amy in
the morning, then again in class. As far as I could tell, she acted
exactly the way she had before. I couldn’t detect a trace of familiarity
or any knowing looks. The problem was that every time I looked at her, I
didn’t see her wearing her school clothes, I saw her wearing that damned
tee shirt. Fortunately, I was able to maintain the appropriate decorum
while I was at school, at least. I saw the other girls occasionally in
the hall, but none of them paid the slightest attention to me. I began to
breathe a little easier. About the only noticeable change in my behavior
was that I finally relented to the ragging of some of the other teachers
and started going to the soccer games to support the team. I saw Joan now
and then as she was going between her car and her door, but we just waved
and no words passed between us.

Then one Wednesday, a couple of months after the slumber party, I got a
call from Joan while I was at school, getting ready for final grades.
“Bob, I just thought I’d call and bring you up to date. My sister is
finally back home and taking care of herself, and things have settled
down a little around here. I wonder if you’d like to come over for dinner
Friday evening. Nothing special, just a little pasta or something. Come
over, kick back, and relax for awhile. Amy’s going to be spending the
night with Beth; you remember her, I imagine. Anyway, I do still owe you
for sitting with the girls that night. I’m not trying to pay you off with
a cheap dinner, you understand, but I thought it would be a start.”

Thoughts started flying through my mind. I wondered just how much she had
guessed by now. I wondered what she really had in mind. I wondered a lot
of things, but I’d been trying for a long time to find an excuse to spend
some time with Joan, so I wasn’t going to pass this up. “Thanks, Joan. I
wouldn’t miss it. Can I bring something?”

“Just yourself this time, Bob. See you Friday at eight?”

“Eight it is, Joan. I’ll be looking forward to it.” And I would be, too.

Friday at eight, I was knocking on Joan’s door. She opened it, wearing an
apron and looking more than a little frazzled. She had flour smudges on
her face, and a wisp of hair curled down alongside her nose. She looked
cute as she could be. “Come on in. I got home from work late and I’m a
little behind schedule. Hope you’re not starved. Should have something in
half-an-hour or so. Have a glass of wine and keep me company in the
kitchen.” An offer I couldn’t refuse.

I sat in the kitchen watching with wonder as Joan flew around doing all
sorts of mysterious things, all the while keeping up a continuous
conversation. The wine was good, and it seemed to be keeping her well
fueled. She started thanking me again for being such a good samaritan in
her hour of need, then went on to how Amy was always talking about what a
great teacher I was and all and how she really liked me, and then she
segued into how much she admired someone who could cope with a classroom
full of teenagers when she couldn’t even handle one, and how could anyone
handle kids the way they were today, and how the whole country was going
to hell in a handbasket, and on and on. She kept my glass full as well as
her own as she bounded around the kitchen. I made appropriate noises now
and then, but mainly just listened to her and watched admiringly as she
worked. If Amy grew up to look like her Mom, somebody was going to be a
very lucky man. Finally, Joan pulled off the apron, said “Give me ten
minutes,” and headed down the hall. I glanced at my watch. It had been 32
minutes since I had walked through the door.

To my astonishment, in 9 minutes, Joan was back. A miracle! A woman who
knew what a minute meant! When I looked up, I was even more astonished.
It wasn’t that she was dressed to kill, she was wearing just a simple
dress, but she looked absolutely perfect. I knew women who spent over two
hours to accomplish far less. I suppose the look on my face said more
than any words I would have been able to come up with anyway, because she
just smiled and said, “Let’s eat.”

We moved into the small dining room, and eat we did. The food was
delicious. Conversation was light and fun, and we dawdled for over an
hour at the table. When she had brought dessert and we had polished that
off along with coffee and Bailey’s, she said suddenly, “I know I’m a
terrible hostess, but do you feel like a movie?” I didn’t even ask what

She shoved a tape into the VCR in the living room and joined me on the
sofa. As the opening credits started to roll, she sat very close to me
and said, “Bob. I’m terrible. You’re going to hate me.” I didn’t know
what to say, so I didn’t say anything, just grunted questioningly. “I
really, really did want to have you over, and not just because I owe you,
either. But — God! You’re going to hate me! — I have another favor to

I put my arm around her shoulders, feeling like a kid in the back of a
movie, and said, “Just ask, Joan, just ask.”

“I don’t know how to tell you this, I really don’t. And I really did just
find out today, so I didn’t even know about it when I talked to you on
Wednesday.” I sat silently, waiting for her to go on. “There’s a business
meeting, a seminar thing, next month. In Hawaii. It’s a four-day weekend.
I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I absolutely have to go,
because I don’t, I could get get out of it, but I do really want to go.
It’s important to me, and it could mean a promotion in a couple of
months. And besides, I’ve never been to Hawaii. I know it’s going to be
awfully hot in July, but still. Anyway.” She paused. “The company would
pay for Amy to go with me, but she doesn’t want to go. Can you imagine
that? What she wants to do is have a four-day party while I’m gone!
God! Can you imagine? Do you know what that bunch of girls could get in
to in four days! The thing is. . . Well, the thing is that she says that
she proved before that they could stay out of trouble and keep things in
order when I had to stay with Karen in the hospital that time, and she’s
right, kind of. But she said that as long as you were here to keep an eye
on them they could handle it. Bob, she’s sixteen, and Jen would be here
and she’ll be eighteen in October, and she probably could handle it and I
guess I need to show that I trust her. . .But four days! I just don’t
know. I could ask Karen to stay here the whole time, I suppose, but she’s
as bad as they are. Worse, maybe. And besides Amy doesn’t get along with
her at all, and would probably riot for four days just to prove a point.
I wouldn’t ask you to stay cooped up here for four days, but if you could
just kind of move in for a long weekend and keep the girls in line. I
know that with you here, Amy would be on her best behavior, and I’m sure
everything would be all right. I’d leave the station wagon here, so you
could pack them all in and get out of the house when you couldn’t stand
it anymore. It would be the same group that was here before, so you know
them. Could you stand it? I know they ran you ragged last time, but they
all talked about what a good sport you were. If you don’t want to do it,
just say so. I’ll drag Amy off to Hawaii with me and make her have a good
time in spite of herself. But I promised Amy I would at least ask you. It
would be Friday through Monday the third weekend in July. I know you’ve
probably already got something planned for then, and if you do, that’s
okay. But I did promise Amy I’d ask.”

I waited for her to take a breath, then put my hand under her chin and
tilted her face up so that I could look into her eyes. “Joan, shut up,” I
said. “Of course I’ll do it. It’ll make me appreciate the rest of the
summer. And I’ll have time before then to take out extra life insurance
and get in shape. Maybe a little self-defense training.” I saw her face
brighten, and she started to say something. I pressed two fingers against
her lips. “I said, shut up.” She inhaled. I moved my fingers. She started
to say something. I put my fingers back in place. She inhaled. I moved my
fingers, and started to say again, “Shut up.” As soon as I opened my
mouth, she pulled me down and kissed me on the lips. Then she released
me, and said with a twinkle in her eyes, “Shut up, yourself.”

I never did find out what movie we were watching.

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