Month: March 2023

Two house wives find love while sunbathing
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I awoke this morning to the sound of birds, and sunlight
streaming through my windows. The first thought to enter my head
was “what do I have to do today?” My mind was blank … could it
be true? I had nothing to do today? It’s Tuesday, so I don’t
work today, the kids all slept over at friends houses …

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Breakfast with Asian Kim
By: Date: 2023.03.31. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , ,

Joe knocked on the front door with an eager
anticipation. He hadn’t seen Bill in two years, and was
dying to renew their friendship. That’s the trouble
with switching jobs and relocating: you miss out on
your dearest friend’s lives. And what friends they
were. From junior high through college, they were
nearly inseparable.

The door opened, but instead of …

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I Impregnated the General’s Wife and Sister
By: Date: 2023.03.28. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

During the 1960s-70s those of us in the Air Force had
to suffer through some crazy times. We were unlike the
other services most of the time in that “very important
pricks” were always visiting our bases because Air
Force One is really, technically, an Air Force airplane
and is flown by active duty Air Force pilots, who are
assigned …

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Wife is a public prey 4.
By: Date: 2023.03.26. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Ever since the group had decided last month that it
would help Allen Spencer give his wife Helen a birthday
present that she would never forget he had been looking
forward to the party. When the original arrangements
were made, Vicki Holman’s presence wasn’t anticipated
and no one knew that the party would go on all night.

A few weeks …

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Okay, I’m a cock whore
By: Date: 2023.03.26. Categories: Just Interracial Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

No, really its okay. I’ve learned to come to grips with
what I used to think was just kind of a weird fixation
and what I now realize is something more fundamental to
my sexuality. I guess I first began thinking about it
when I was a teenager and I first started noticing boys.
I was always kind of flirty …

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Blooming Passion
By: Date: 2023.03.25. Categories: Just Asian Fantasies Tags: , , , ,

“Aaaargh!” forgetting she’s in class, Risuka growls loudly. “Care to share your whimsical thoughts with the rest of the class Takahashi-san?” says the teacher looking straight at her with an angry expression on his face. Hearing that the rest of the class, firstly stumped, starts laughing uncontrolably completely ruining the ,,harmony,, of the class.

“My god not another fucking detention!” …

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I knew that John would really get into a teenage blowjob fantasy
By: Date: 2023.03.23. Categories: Just Swinger Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

I am going to masturbate while I tell this story. Just
think of me sitting on a large futon, naked and with
my legs spread to show John my pussy. John loves to
watch me please myself. He gets so turned on when I
talk dirty while I touch my hot pussy. I haven’t even
started the story yet and …

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My wild sexual enounter with a barfly whore
By: Date: 2023.03.22. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

My name is Barney and I’m 28-years-old. This story is
about a wild experience I had at the Driftwood Bar in my
hometown about three months ago. And yes the pictures are
real, a guy who just about lives in the bar happens
to have a digital camera and is so used to what happens
there that he’s always prepared.…

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Exposing All by Angela Dean
By: Date: 2023.03.19. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

When I left the University I had a degree in
photography, and I looked forward to becoming a full-
time professional.

What I hadn’t counted on was that for each job, there
were at least twenty qualified applicants. And my sex
was definitely a hindrance, too, as they seemed to
favor male photographers. I became disheartened and
desperate, until I …

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Shower Fright
By: Date: 2023.03.17. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , ,

Sara was enjoying the hot shower as she prepared her
body for her wedding. Her intended was invested as a
youth minister only two weeks ago. His first charge
was a small church in Las Vegas, and because of that,
the two of them decided to be married in Vegas.

Neither of them had the blessing of their families, as…

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A young man is tied-up and used by his girlfriend, only to discover, too late, her secret
By: Date: 2023.03.16. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , ,

He laid there in bed, the covers tossed aside, and that
sheet the only thing protecting him from view. As he
drew that thin white sheet up over him, he turned over,
yet again, trying to get comfortable and return to
slumber. His arm pulled up under a splay of raven
strands long enough to reach mid back. Many people…

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