Wendy’s blacked
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My name is Wendy and I was born and raised in a medium-
sized town in southern West Virginia and still live
there today. I’m 38 years old and have a 13 year-old
daughter. I’ve never been married. I work in the EMS
field and due partly to that I’m fairly active and in
pretty good shape. I’m tall, 5′ 11″ with natural light
blonde hair that falls just below my shoulders with
light blue eyes. I’m a little on the heavy side at 180
but at my height I carry it really well and I’m
constantly getting hit on by men young and old.

Last month something happened to me that changed my
life. I had just finished a really stressful day and
after twelve hours I was reading to get home and climb
into a hot bath and soak. About halfway through town I
cam upon a traffic jam of some sort and I was in no
mood to wait so I took an alternate rout through town,
through the black section. I avoid this area because I
just don’t like being around blacks.

I was raised by a white coal miner and he taught me
that the races always should be separate so I go out of
my way to keep away from them when I’m not working.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as professional with
blacks as with whites when I’m working, I just chose
not to socialize or date them. I was always hit on in
high school by the blacks in class and you could
imagine what that would have done to my lily-white
southern family.

So I’m cruising through the black section and all of a
sudden my car just shuts down. I’m sitting thee trying
to get it started and it just won’t turn over. I know I
put gas in it, I’m not your typical dumb blonde. I’m
sitting there blocking traffic and I see a face at my

“Need some help?”

Oh, it was Jefferson, the black orderly at the hospital
I go to with patients all the time.

“Thanks Jefferson, you’re a life saver!” I said as he
deftly pushed my car out of traffic into a parking
space like it was a toy. I should tell you this now,
Jefferson is a huge man, well over 6′ 8″ and 260 pounds
of all muscle. He’s one of the few men I’ve known in my
life I actually have to look up to. I was trying to get
a signal with my cell phone but of course I couldn’t.
Jefferson offered to let me use his phone to call the
wrecker. I was in the black part of town, but since
I’ve known Jefferson for several years and he’s always
been nice and respectful of me I accepted his offer.

I knew he must have been attracted to me because I
caught him looking at me sideways a few times in the
past but I still wasn’t getting any warning signs. He
led me into his tiny but neatly kept house and offered
me a seat on the couch. The first thing that struck me
was the overpowering aroma of marijuana. There was a
little cloud hanging over the room and there was a big
water pipe sitting on the coffee table with the weed
still burning in it.

He looked around the room for the phone but said he
couldn’t find it. He excused himself to go hunt it down
and left me in the living room. I’m not sure how long
he was gone, but it seemed like a while as I was
starting to get a contact buzz from the smoke hanging
in the air and when he finally returned I had a fairly
good buzz going. I hadn’t felt like this since high
school when I dabbled a time or two with pot.

He handed me the cordless handset and I looked down to
try and focus on the numbers but they were getting
blurry. I miss-dialed several times when I became away
of how close he was standing to me. I was still looking
down in frustration at the phone when I heard the
definite sound of a zipper.

I looked up slowly, and the sight before me was a
shock. He had hauled the biggest, blackest cock I had
ever seen out and it was hanging inches from my
upturned face. He was smiling looking down on me, and I
was in total shock. I couldn’t move or speak.

“You know Miss Wendy, I’ve always wanted you, now you
see what I’ve got for you I know you want it too!”

It was huge, it had to have been eight inches long and
really fat, and it wasn’t even hard. I was trembling
just sitting there staring at that monster not knowing
what he had in mind for me. I was to find out soon
enough. He reached for my hand, grabbed in gently and
slowly raised it to his cock.

It felt like a thousand little electric shocks pulsing
through my fingers and down my arm. Without even
thinking about it I tried to grab it with my had but it
was so thick my fingers wouldn’t reach around it’s
girth. Those little shocks continued down my body until
they found my sweet spot.

Oh my god! I was getting wet holding this nigger’s
cock! His Huge, massive cock… So HOT in my hand… So
THICK! I’ve never seen a cock so absolutely HUGE!

I was getting VERY wet. I hadn’t been this wet is a
while. It was actually beginning to soak through my
work pants and I could smell myself.

“No,” I feebly mumbled as my hand, like it had a mind
of it’s own, squeezed the shaft slightly and began to
slowly jerk the massive tool. It was rapidly getting
harder and longer…

I felt his huge dark and strong hands in my light
blonde hair, pulling out the hair clip I used to keep
it up in the back, letting in fall onto my shoulders.
He firmly but gently pulled my face closer to his
rapidly expanding organ until the huge plumb like head
was touching my lips. It was like a fist in my face. I
could feel its heat through my hand and on my lips.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I opened my mouth
and tried to get in past my lips. It was all I could do
to just get the tip in my mouth and suck on it was that
big. I nursed the head and tasted his sickly-sweet pre-
cum on my tongue. I don’t know what was coming over me;
it was like I was possessed.

I began to pump the giant shaft with my right hand ever
fast, trying to get more of the cock in my mouth and I
reached up with my left to feel the huge distended
scrotum and gently squeeze the two avocado-sized balls
inside… I don’t know why I thought of it, but I
imagined the millions of potent little sperm there and
wanted them all to myself!

I was disgusted with myself, but couldn’t control
myself. It was like Jefferson had me in a trance. He
reached down and pulled my sweatshirt and sports bra
off over my head in one semi-rough yank, pulling my
hands away from that massive tool for a brief second
and I was disappointed. But the moment was fleeting as
I rapidly replaced my hands of that impressive tool and
resumed my sucking. Pre-cum was flowing out of the
piss-hole in a constant steam now and I was greedily
swallowing it all.

Jefferson began to knead my tits roughly, just the way
I like them to be squeezed. I was going ape; I wanted
that cock down my throat and could get but just the
head past my lips! I was kissing all over the ebony
shaft, still jerking it up and down, using two hands

Suddenly, Jefferson stepped back, pulling his manhood
away from my sucking with a loud pop. I laughed and
looked at him. Never in a million years would I have
though I could be this slutty. It had to be the pot or
whatever else he had been smoking. All I know is I
wanted more of that cock!

He grabbed one of my arms and deftly picked me up like
my 5′ 11″, 180 pounds were nothing and carried me into
his bedroom where he tossed me on the bed.

“Get those drawers off!”

I pulled my boots and workpants off in a flash and he
pushed me back on the bed.

“Nice! Real nice Miss Wendy! I always wondered if the
carpets matched the drapes!” He whispered as he put his
face near my dripping wet pussy. “I’m glad you don’t
shave either, it’s going to look so nice, my big black
cock sinking into your tight, blonde pussy!”

“No, you can’t do this!” I protested, but even as I
said the words I felt my legs part even more for him.
Subconsciously I wanted to be impaled on the black

He pulled me to him so my ass was on he edge of the
mattress and I was lying on my back looking between my
legs at his throbbing manhood. He grabbed my knees,
spreading my legs wider as he walked forward…

“You ready to get blacked Miss Wendy?”
“Yes! But be gentle! I’ve never had one that big

He rubbed the huge head on my clit and the throws of
what was to be several orgasms over took me. He slowly
began to enter me and it hurt just a little. It had to
be at least twelve inches long and nine inches around.
It was like a horse cock splitting me!

“Oh my god! It’s Sooooooooo fucking biggggggg!”

I looked down and saw my light blonde hair on my pussy
swallowing that huge black python, coal black and
glistening from my juices. The contrast alone sent me
off into another orgasm! He was pushing it in ever so
slowly, then puling out, going just a little bit deeper
that the last thrust. I began to thrust my hips back up
to him, trying to get more and more of him into my
tight wet hole. I don’t know how many times I came just
in this time, but it was almost like I was in constant

Finally I felt him bottom out on my cervix. I looked
down and saw he wasn’t even half way in me. Half of
that thick shaft was still outside of me and he began
to thrust in and out in ever faster pumps… I’d never
been that filled before! God it was wonderful! My pussy
was beginning to stretch deeper and wider to allow more
of him in, and I was juicing like I’ve never been wet
before. With each of his powerful thrusts he was
getting deeper and deeper in my until finally I was
stretched to the maximum and his huge cum filled balls
were slapping home.

H lay down on top of me and planted a long soul kiss on
my lips. I had lever kissed a black man before and his
tongue was wonderful! I wrapped my long legs around his
waist and pulled him closer to me. He started to talk
really dirty to me, asking me if I loved his nigger
dick… Did I want his thick, potent seed in my womb?
Again, I didn’t believe what was coming out on my

“Oh god yes! Give me all of your nigger cum! Fill me up
with it!”

“Miss Wendy! You want Jefferson to plant his seed?”

For a moment I began to think rationally. Neither of us
was using protection and I was almost certain I was at
my most fertile time. When I told him this it was like
he had gone mad… He began to pump me even harder and
I could almost feel that huge, hard fat head pearcing
my cervix, going all the way into my uterus. It was
just enough to send me off the edge of reality…

“Oh god Jefferson! Give it to me! Give me all that
black cum in me knock me up! Give me a black baby!”

He gave one final loud grunt and thrust his weapon deep
and I felt that huge horse-cock head swell to bursting.
Flood after flood of hot thick cum filled me and I
could almost feel it drowning the egg that I was sure
was there in all of those millions of baby-makers! I
passed out at this point and don’t remember anything
more until I felt him sitting on the bed next to me
looking through my purse. He was looking at a
photograph of my 13-year-old daughter…

“Miss Wendy, you sure do have one fine looking
daughter… You gonna bring her over too for the next

I’d have done anything for him from that moment on…
He said he fixed my car while I slept but told me to
come over the same time tomorrow…

I drove home that day feeling his cum inside my pussy.
It felt wonderful and I wanted it to stay there
forever. All thoughts of a bath were forgotten. I’ve
been stopping by his place after work every day for a
month now, and I’m late two weeks on my period.

The thought of a black baby growing in my lily-white,
blonde southern girl womb gets me absolutely soaking

But not as wet as seeing that huge superior black cock
planting it’s potent seed in my daughter!

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