Exposing All by Angela Dean
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When I left the University I had a degree in
photography, and I looked forward to becoming a full-
time professional.

What I hadn’t counted on was that for each job, there
were at least twenty qualified applicants. And my sex
was definitely a hindrance, too, as they seemed to
favor male photographers. I became disheartened and
desperate, until I met Tish…

She was an upcoming model and we became fast friends.
It was she who suggested I should take some glamour
shots of her and try to sell them to men’s magazines.
She reckoned that being a woman was an asset in glamour

I hired a studio and while Tish got changed I set up
the changing room dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, but
it was a very different Tish who came out. Talk about
sexy, black fishnet stockings, black lacy panties, a
frilly lacy suspender belt and high heeled shoes, a
long string of pearls around her neck, dangling over
her breasts.

“Like it?” she purred, pursing her lips as she crossed
the room. “Do you think they’re sexy enough?”

I whistled in appreciation. She really was a beautiful
woman with soft breasts, and a smell of sweetness. If I
were a man, I would gave jumped on her right there and
then. God!

She climbed onto the bed and posed, crouched on all
fours. I focused the camera and began taking pictures.

She smiled, pushed out the tip of her tongue and held
it between her teeth. I felt a strange thrill shooting
through my body as I imagined her tongue flicking
lightly over my clit.

It was such a strange thought for me to entertain that
I felt myself blushing. Thankfully, Tish didn’t notice.
I shot three rolls of film before she said: “I’ll take
my panties off, and you can shoot me while I am taking
them off.”

She stood up and hooked her thumb inside her panties,
her face a mask of teasing invitation. She inched the
wispy black lace down slowly, revealing her thick curly
pubes. I could see her sweet lips through her hair,
soft lips. Then, turning around, she bared her peachy
little ass before lying down on the bed, what a shot
that was, and she began to lie down and drawing up her
knees. Languidly, she pulled her panties down her
stockinged-thighs to her ankles before deftly hooking
them over her high-heeled shoes.

Kneeling on the bed, she licked her fingers and
caressed her nipples until they were hard and
thrusting. They must have been almost an inch long, and
the sight of them began to make my pussy juicy with a
tingly sensation.

Then, cupping her hands under her breasts, she squeezed
the firm flesh, blatantly offering them to me.

I pressed the shutter, my eyes were drinking in the
sight, and my cunt was getting wetter and wetter. I
have never taken photos of a nude woman, no less, watch
one erotically in front of me.

I was feeling turned on. I’d never envisaged fancying
another woman and I felt embarrassed and hoped she
wouldn’t notice me, but by now she must have noticed my
jeans, wet, God am I hot.

Then I told her: “Turn around and we’ll do a few ass
shots.” Hopefully this would take my mind off of her
tits and cunt, and hopefully she would not notice my
wet crotch.

She crouched on all fours facing the other way, and
wiggled her bottom invitingly. I moved around her,
watching the muscles rippling under the soft flesh of
her thighs.

“Look back over your shoulder,” I ordered. “Now, look
vulnerable, startled. As if someone’s just crept up
behind you and slapped your ass… like this!” As I
slapped her ass across both cheeks, and she bit her
lips, looking at me with a strange expression in her
eyes. I clicked the camera again and she began really

Lying face down, she spread her legs wide apart and
writhed around on the bed. I looked down at her
squirming body and suddenly realized that my crotch was
no longer the only thing wet, but so was my pants leg.

I resisted the temptation to spank her inviting ass
again and took some more shots. Standing over her on
the bed, she turned around and knelt at my feet, her
pouting lips parted. Slowly her tongue came out and
flicked at an imaginary cock, backwards and forwards,
with slavish devotion.

My cunt was shielded from her mouth only by the thin
satin of my own panties and I wondered what would
happen if I took off my jeans, with that tantalizing
tongue only a mere two inches away! She must have
noticed my cunt dripped through my jeans! The
atmosphere was electric… and the film was finished!

I stepped onto the floor and she kept right on posing
for me. She lay back on the bed, gripping her thighs in
her hands, arching her body and jerking her hips. Her
ass rose and fell against the bed, her face a picture
of sensual lust.

Then her fingers wandered down to her clit and began to
circle it. She began to squirm with excitement as the
fingers of her other hand pushed into her juicy cunt.
Suddenly she realized what she was doing, and her
breasts heaved as she fought to control herself,
blushing with embarrassment.

“Oh, I was getting so horny!” she grinned. “Sorry, I
got carried away. Come on, it’s your turn now. Give me
the camera. I’ll re-load it and then you can give me a

“What do you mean? I’m the photographer.” I said.

“Oh, don’t be a spoilsport.” she replied.

“Don’t fall into that trap of thinking that all models
are hare-brained. I’ve always intended going round to
the other side of the camera once my modeling career
starts to slip.”

I didn’t want to be ungrateful as she had so
unselfishly agreed to pose for nothing, so I stripped
off down to my boot and panties. God, my crotch was so

Although I felt a flicker of apprehension, I put on a
brave face, giving her little flashes of my pussy hair
before I finally pulled my panties right down to the
floor. Then I found I wanted to tease her, to see if I
could do to her what she did to me.

I began to wriggle my ass, tracing over my skin with my
long nails. I glanced over my shoulder to the camera
lens, feeling her eyes exploring every inch of my body.
I reveled in it, tingling from head to foot.

I watched her as she took the pictures, wondering what
it would be like to run my hands over her tits, to feel
the soft golden curls of her cunt. Did her cunt feel
the same inside as mine?

Then I crouched on all fours like a bitch, quivering my
hips as if I was being savagely fucked by a huge cock.
I knew just how she felt now. You start pretending, but
after awhile your pants and whimpers become real. My
cunt seemed to be on fire, my whole body possessed of a
strange life of its own, shaking as if cum was spurting
deep into my slit.

I squatted astride an imaginary cock and swiveled my
hips, circling round and round like a slow belly

I moved faster and faster, furiously rocking my hips
from side to side as if scorching the skin of some
cock. But the juice which was oozing out of my cunt
wasn’t imaginary!

“Oooh, that’s fabulous!” squealed Tish snapping away.

I lay back and stretched out my legs, holding them high
in the air, knowing that her yeses would be glued to my
wet cunt.

My hands wandered down to my thighs, closer, closer to
my pussy. I juts couldn’t hold myself to do it, to
finger-fuck myself right there in front of her, to
bring myself to an orgasm while she photographed me.

I pushed my fingers up inside my ass and began to pump
them in and out. My breasts were burning and my face
felt flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and
pleasure. She’s stopped taking pictures. What was she

Then, with my body surging towards climax, every muscle
quivering with anticipation of that longed for release,
I felt her pressing her naked flash against mine.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth and she began
squeezing my tits with one hand, her other hand cupped
my crotch. My fingers found her clit as hers dipped
into my cunt.

I was boiling over with excitement, the sensation of
kissing and fondling another woman was driving me wild
with passion.

Then she sprawled over me, her legs on each side of my
head and her lips kissing at my hard clit. I gave her
juicy cunt a loving lick as she gripped my face tightly
between her warm thighs.

We wriggled with pleasure and sucked at each other’s
cunt, squealing with delight as we drank one another’s
juice. Then, pulling back my cunt lips, she pushed her
tongue deep into my hole, quickly bringing me to a
deliriously exciting orgasm.

I seized her juicy clit between my teeth and flicked it
with my tongue, forcing cries of pleasure from her
throat until her pussy was over-flowing, her oily juice
trickling all over my face. Noisily, Tish nibbled my
clit and my body was soon tingling to the thrill of
another creaming.

Her sobs of pleasure mixed with my own, our flesh
writhing and shaking in exquisite spasms as we twisted
and rolled about on the bed. When we’d licked and
sucked each other till our bodies were too weak to
continue, we lay still for a long time.

I felt dazed, confused, embarrassed and ecstatic all at
once. But all I could do was purr with pleasure. We
couldn’t look at each other first, but then I took the
initiative and tenderly kissed her.

“I just had to,” she told me. “Do you have any

“None at all,” I replied, gently cupping her breasts in
my hands.

I felt very relaxed, but she obviously wanted more. She
held my face gently in her two hands and guided my lips
to hers. They were soft, moist and warm and her tongue
forced my mouth open to rape it and delve deep into the
cavern of my throat. I felt myself melting and relaxing
my nakedness against her, slumping low on the bed with
my legs widely straddled.

We broke apart, gasping for breath, out lips moist with
mingled salvia, smiling at each other. I could feel my
pussy twitching and aching; tingling and oozing its
juices as she put one arm around my shoulders and let
her other hand drift over my glowing body. I didn’t
feel uncomfortable or embarrassed anymore; in fact I
felt far more relaxed that I had ever done when my
boyfriends were making love to me.

Her fingers caressed the thick, dark curls of my pussy,
making it twitch more than ever. By that time deep-
throated groans were coming from my throat and I was
tensing my thighs as I pushed them wider apart.

She snaked her middle finger up and down my burning
slit, “Shall I fuck you with my tongue? Words can’t
express how much I want to eat your pussy, suck your
juices and lick you until you come.”

That first time had been hurried, but this time it felt
as if we were making love in slow motion.

I gasped and snatched for breath, trying to relax,
throwing my arms high behind my head, I thrust my pussy
forward as she began to snake her tongue down through
the thick forest of my cunt. Her fingers gently opened
me up, spreading the lips and exposing the cherry red
flesh underneath. I could feel her massaging the whole
slimy area with the heel of one palm as she teased the
inner folds with her tongue. When it was fully
lubricated she sucked my erect clitty gently between
her lips, and sucked it in and out of her mouth while
she drove her forefinger deep into my hole.

“You’re so beautifully tight, dear,” she murmured, her
voice muffled by my pussy flesh, “but try to relax so
that I can get two fingers in and you’ll enjoy it all
the more.”

I made a conscious effort to relax and felt the tip of
another finger at my entrance. She licked harder on my
clit, really lashing it with her tongue, catching its
sensitive tip with every lash. I could feel lovely
sensations washing over me and I wanted her to make me

I began to push hard on her fingers as I became more
excited, ramming against her tongue and lips. The
climax finally burst over me and she knew exactly the
right moment to dig the other finger deep into my
clutching, flooding cunt. She was still licking at the
copious, creamy juices which oozed from my widening
hole long after the wonderful orgasm had died away.

She put my hand on her breasts. It thrilled me to take
her breasts, naked and full and firm, in the palms of
my hands. I lowered my head to take each pert, erect,
inflamed nipple into my mouth in turn. They felt very
hot and tight as I squeezed them with my lips and
sucked them deep, taking some of the soft milk flesh as

Once more she pulled my mouth onto hers and I could
taste my own juices as we kissed, long and deep. I let
my hand slid down over her belly until it could stroke
and dabble, in her juicy slit. She stretched her legs
out to their fullest extent. I had never dreamt that I
would fine one so attractive. It was all wet and
gaping; even the sparse curls which covered her flesh
cunt lips were shinning with droplets of her sweet

Lowering my head over her body I used my thumbs to open
her cunt further, to gaze at its oiliness with the
tight little red bud jutting out of the pink bed of
flesh. The heady scent of clean femaleness wafted up to
my nostrils as I bent lower and lower.

“Do it!” she groaned, pressing slightly on my head.
“Please do it!” I flashed out my tongue, tasting her.

It made me feel sexier than ever – and bolder. Running
my tongue round my lips to moisten them I softly
clamped my mouth on the most sensitive part of her
pussy. She groaned, thrusting her sopping wet cunt
flesh into my mouth so that it felt full and her juices
slopped from the corners of my lips.

I felt her squirming around under me so that she was
lying with her head directly under my own fanny and her
tongue was stretched out to pierce my cunt!

Sucking harder on her clit, I pushed my own down hard
on her mouth and we began to eat each other,
ravenously, with complete abandon, like two rutting
bitches in fuckin’ heat!

She stretched me wide open and licked back and forth
along my slit, tickling my thighs with her soft dark
hair. My own legs ached with the tension and I bobbed
harder, lashing at her firm clitty. God was it

I felt my stomach trembling as lights flashed before my
eyes; sounds roared through my head and a whirlpool of
gusty, beautiful spasms swept me along to the peak of
climax. I hope she was cumming too, so that we could
experience the togetherness at the same time.

I pushed two and then three fingers into her slippery
hole and felt it clutching on them tightly, I knew then
that she was cumming too. She went wild as she reached
her peak; writhing and clawing and mumbling.

Grabbing at my ass cheeks, she pushed me down her body
until my convulsing pussy was directly over her own.
She bounced me up and down as though she was trying to
make me fuck her, clawing madly at my tits at the same
time, pulling at my nipples.

“Ride me, baby!” she groaned. “Ride me!”

At last she calmed down and we knelt together, holding
each other close, and kissing, tasting each other’s
juices, tenderly holding each other’s bodies as though
we were each a piece of fragile china.

She flopped back on the bed, spreading her thighs
again, and opening up her lovely cunt. “I want you to
bring me off with your lovely tits,” she said quietly.
“I’ll hold my pussy open and you nestle your nipples in
the slit. Rub your nipple hard against my clitty. I
know it will be beautiful for us both.”

Snaking a hand under my body, she pressed one of my
tits and I felt a quiver of excitement inside the heavy
globe of flesh as she pushed my nipple hard against her
clit! She rocked back and forth under me, and I took up
the rhythm, pressing my tit into her wet valley. It
felt smooth with excitement. I could see bubbles of her
juices gathering on the slopes of my tits as we both
became more and more excited.

She began to breathe very heavily and writhed madly
under me so that I had to gasp her thighs viciously to
keep in contact with her cunt. She was lost in the wild
throes of orgasm and I could feel her cunt flesh
clutching at my tits. The steady pulsing was like a
vast mouth sucking at my tits, bringing me off as never
before through my tits!

The photos were terrific and I had no trouble selling
them to a men’s magazine. Well, that’s how I became a
glamour photographer – and a lover of female flesh at
the same time!

Until next time… try eating some pussy, even if it’s
your female friend…

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