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Ever since the group had decided last month that it
would help Allen Spencer give his wife Helen a birthday
present that she would never forget he had been looking
forward to the party. When the original arrangements
were made, Vicki Holman’s presence wasn’t anticipated
and no one knew that the party would go on all night.

A few weeks ago when Allen asked if he wanted to
contribute an additional two hundred dollars so that
they could bid on Vicki as well as Helen he eagerly
agreed. He had never seen the redhead but based on
Allen’s description she sounded delicious.

The two times that he got to fuck Vicki confirmed that
it was certainly money well spent but it did leave him
with a dilemma as to how to explain things to Joan. The
rest of the men in the poker group were either members
of the Glen Creek Club or had been at the auctions with
their wives so they had no problem explaining their

Joan and Hal knew about the club and had even been
asked to join but they both felt that this lifestyle
wasn’t for them. Such blatant infidelity was beyond the
bounds of their values. Hal did find his mind wandering
quite a bit lately when an attractive woman caught his
eye but he had so far been able to resist any
temptation to play around. That all changed a month ago
when Allen suggested to the group that they chip in so
Herb Wagner could purchase Helen at the next club
auction. Then they would all gang bang her at the next
poker night.

Hal’s commitment to fidelity was pushed past it’s
limit. Helen Spencer was one of the sexiest women that
he had ever met and Hal couldn’t pass up the chance to
fuck her. He originally looked at the anticipated tryst
as something sneaky and not very honorable but what
Joan didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. When fucking Vicki
Holman was added to the equation Hal’s conscience
didn’t take much note because he was already
anticipating having sex with one other woman.

As the party last night reached it’s peak with the guys
taking turns filling Helen and Vicki’s various openings
Hal knew that he didn’t want to leave at the usual time
and go home. He mentioned his problem to Allen who
offered to call Joan and tell her that Hal had too much
to drink and shouldn’t drive in his condition.

In his aroused state Hal agreed with that plan. When
Joan offered to come and get Hal, Allen said that he
thought Hal would be better off staying with them for
the night. They would see that he got home first thing
in the morning. Joan seemed somewhat unconvinced but
did agree to let Hal spend the night at the Spencer’s.

Now it was first thing in the morning and Hal had to
face the music. However, as he drove toward home his
mind kept wandering back to the two times that he had
fucked both of the women. He was amazed that he had
been able to get it up that many times in such a short
time but these were very unusual circumstances.

He had never experienced such sexual excitement. Hal
used to think that his and Joan’s sex life was pretty
good. They had tried a lot of things together. Joan had
learned to be an expert at cocksucking and she even
tolerated an occasional invasion of her asshole.

Lately though he felt that their lovemaking was tending
toward the routine and even getting pretty boring. He
had never discussed this development with Joan and he
had no idea that Joan might be feeling the same way.

As Hal turned into their driveway his thoughts suddenly
refocused on his wife. She would be pissed, no doubt
about it. Hal was not someone who ever drank to excess
so he doubted that she believed Allen’s story. Dozens
of other possible explanations bounced around in his
head. He quickly discarded each of them as being
implausible. As he entered the front door he realized
that his only way out may be to tell the truth and hope
that Joan would be somewhat understanding of his
transgression. He wasn’t very optimistic however.

“Hi honey, is that you?” Joan called from the kitchen.

“Yes, it’s me,” Hal answered.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Joan asked as she
came to meet him in the hall. “You must have a terrible

“Well, fortunately it’s not nearly as bad as I
expected,” Hal replied. “I guess I deserve far worse.
Is that fresh coffee I smell?”

“Yes. I made a pot when I found out you’d be home
soon,” Joan replied.

“How’d you find that out?” Hal asked feeling somewhat
suspicious about how much his wife seemed to know.

“I called the Spencer’s a bit ago. Allen said that you
had just left.”

“Oh. Did he say anything else?” Hal asked. He was
afraid that Allen might have made up more tidbits about
last night that could end up trapping him if he wasn’t

“No, he just said that he hoped that you didn’t feel
too badly today. But why do you ask? Is there something
more that I should know. I don’t buy his story you
know. You don’t ever drink too much and you really
don’t seem very hung over now. I’d like to hear from
you what really happened last night.”

“Let me get a cup of coffee and then we’ll talk about
it, OK?” Hal replied. His heart was suddenly in his
throat as he realized that his worst fears about Joan’s
attitude were correct. She knew him too well.

Hal got his cup of coffee and then he and Joan sat down
at the kitchen table. Hal was relieved to notice that
Joan seemed more curious than angry. He hoped that
attitude wouldn’t change.

“OK, Hal, out with it. What happened?” Joan prodded

“Well, I did have more to drink last night than I can
remember having in a long, long time,” Hal began, “but
you’re right. That isn’t the real reason I didn’t come
home. You see yesterday was Helen’s birthday. We did a
little celebrating last night.”

“Ah,” Joan replied, “so she had a sleep-over. Is that
it? Look Hal, I used to have sleep-overs on my birthday
too, but I quit that when I was ten or eleven, and
besides my sleep-overs were all girls. So tell me how
did you celebrate anyhow?”

Hal knew that he now had no way out. At least Joan
hadn’t flown off the handle yet and perhaps she already
suspected what had happened. It was some comfort to Hal
that Joan and Helen had known each other for several
years. They weren’t particularly close friends but they
did seem to get along well with each other and Hal had
never heard Joan express any animosity toward Helen for
any reason.

“Well, that’s sort of how it turned out,” Hal
continued. “You see, Helen has had this fantasy for a
long time and Allen decided to make it happen for her

“Fantasy, what sort of fantasy?” Joan asked in a
somewhat suspicious tone. “Are the Spencer’s members of
that club?” she continued.

“Why, ye, ye, yes, I think they are,” Hal answered very
hesitantly. “But why, what has that got to do with

“I just wondered if they were into those wild sex sort
of things that the club does,” Joan answered. “So what
kind of fantasy was this, a gang bang?”

“Yes,” Hal whispered. “It was a gang bang.”

The look of disgust on Joan’s face told Hal that she
was not amused by his answer. “So tell me, who all was
in on this? Was it all of your poker buddies? Did you
all spend the night pounding the mattress with Helen?
And where was Allen? Surely he wasn’t around when this
was taking place?”

“Yes it was all of the poker gang, and yes Allen was
right there with us. He had set it up and he seemed to
enjoy it as much as she did. In fact that really
surprises me now that I think about it.”

“Holy shit,” Joan exclaimed. “I can’t believe it. My
devoted husband and his friends all fucked the wife of
another friend while he watched. Is that it? Does she
have no shame? How could a woman do such a thing? How
could you do it Hal?”

“Look, I know I shouldn’t have done it,” was all that
Hal could think of to say. “I know it’s a terrible
thing to be unfaithful. I guess I just succumbed to a
moment of weakness. I’m sorry.”

“Well, I want you to know that I find that sort of
behavior shameful and disgusting,” was Joan’s parting
comment as she got up and left the room.

Hal was amazed that there had been no big blowup. He
was also surprised that Joan instinctively seemed to
know what had happened. He had no idea that his
conservative wife had any idea about such things as
gang bangs. It was certainly a term and a concept that
the two of them had never discussed before. Hal was
also grateful that the fact that there were two women
involved hadn’t come up and probably wouldn’t. He was
in enough trouble over having fucked just one.

The discussion about Hal’s infidelity continued off and
on for the rest of the day. Throughout the conversation
Joan remained very calm although she did speak about
the incident in very stern judgmental tones. If Hal
hadn’t had such a good time fucking Helen and Vicki he
might have felt more contrite. Perhaps the lack of
sincerity in Hal’s repeated apologies irritated Joan
more than the realization as to what he had done.
Finally late in the day the first real progress was
made in their dialogue.

“Is there something lacking in our relationship?” Joan

“Well, I guess I should ask you the same thing,” Hal
replied. “Don’t you think that things have gotten
pretty routine lately. Sex isn’t nearly as exciting as
it used to be. How do you feel?”

“I agree, but is that an excuse to fuck someone else? I
mean I haven’t done anything like that.”

“No, I didn’t say it was an excuse,” Hal responded
defensively. “Look, I’ve already said several times
that I’m sorry. Maybe it’s just natural to think about
things like that if you’re kind of bored. Don’t you
ever think about it?”

“Heavens no!” Joan retorted. “At least not in any
specific way I don’t.”

“Haven’t you ever thought about making it with any guys
that you meet or see? Don’t you ever wonder what some
guy might be like in bed?”

“No, I haven’t. I don’t think much about anything to do
with sex anymore. I just figure it’s something that
I’ve outgrown, so to

“That’s terrible. You mean that you don’t like sex any

“Oh, no. I still like it, I guess, but I’ve gotten used
to the idea that the electricity goes away. It’s just
not like it used to be when we first got married, and I
accept that as natural.”

Hal was both surprised and disappointed at Joan’s
response. Having just had a great sexual awakening he
felt his hopes of a regenerated sex life dashed by a
sex partner who was losing interest in sex. He didn’t
know what exactly he wanted sexually from Joan at the
moment, but he knew that whatever it was couldn’t
happen with someone who wasn’t excited about sex.

Then another big step forward was made as Joan said
“Look, I’m almost afraid to ask but is there something
wrong with me? The way I look or the way I dress? I
know that Helen is a very attractive woman. She always
looks so good and dresses so well. Most women would
give anything to look as good as her.”

Suddenly Hal felt a real sense of guilt for the first
time. He had not meant to make Joan feel jealous, but
he had.

“No darling. There is nothing wrong with you. You look
as wonderful and pretty as you did the day I married

This was no lie. Joan had diligently worked to maintain
her trim figure and she had been blessed with a very
pretty face which looks as youthful as on their wedding
day nearly twenty years ago. She weighs the same as
then although time has redistributed the weight
slightly. Since she is 5′ 6″ tall she carries that
weight well and she has no sags or bulges. She now
measures a healthy 35-24-36.

Over the years one inch had slipped from her breasts to
her hips but she still looked fantastic. About ten
years ago on a lark she bleached her medium brown hair
a golden blonde and once Hal got used to the change he
insisted that she keep it that way.

“In anyone’s book you are easily as pretty as Helen or
any other woman that I know,” Hal continued. “I’m sure
any man would agree with that.”

If there was anything about Joan that Hal would like to
change it was the way she dressed. When she married Hal
she was one of the most stylish women he had ever
known. As Joan passed the thirty mark she began to wear
more conservative styles, styles that were also more
the trend at the time. As she neared forty she began to
wear clothes that Hal thought were more appropriate for
his mother than his wife. Her skirts, when she wore
them, had grown longer and longer so that the norm now
is several inches below her knee.

Most of the time these days Joan wore slacks. Even her
best evening wear was pants suits. Her selection of
blouses was much less sexy with few frills or lace.
None of them were sheer enough to reveal the bra she
had on under it, which was just as well because her
bras and the rest of her lingerie were now designed for
utility, not for looks. Although Joan’s breasts were
still firm enough to need no support she wouldn’t think
of going out without a bra.

Those times when they had gone out on special occasions
with Joan wearing a sheer blouse and no bra were only
distant memories now. Hal no longer enjoyed watching
her dress or undress just so that he could get a look
at her sexy undies. The final insult for Hal was that
she wore only pantyhose. Joan no longer even owned a
garter belt or stockings or even thigh-highs.

Hal wanted to find a way to discuss Joan’s wardrobe
with her but he never could work up the courage to do
it. He tried buying her the kinds of sexier styles that
he liked but his gifts were greeted with such firm
rebuke that he gave that up as a lost cause. Perhaps,
Hal thought as he pondered Joan’s question, this is the
opportunity that I’ve been hoping for.

“There is one thing though that maybe we can talk about
now that you’ve brought it up,” Hal went on somewhat

“What’s that?” Joan asked. “What’s the problem?”

“Well, it’s not a problem really, it’s just that you
used to wear such sexy clothes. I wish you still did,”
Hal confessed.

“I’ve gotten older Hal. Women in their forties don’t
dress like women in their twenties. Some of them try
and they look pretty silly doing it.”

“I agree that many of them shouldn’t. In fact I don’t
mean you have to wear the outrageous fashions that
college girls wear today. But that doesn’t mean you
have to dress like a dowdy old maid either.”

“Dowdy? Did you say dowdy? Is that how you think I
dress?” Joan asked with a tone of pain in her voice.

“Do other women your age dress like you do?” Hal asked
trying to avoid a direct answer to her question. “I
don’t think they do. I know some that are pretty sharp

“Such as?” Joan said. She started to ask Hal to name
them and then thinking about how well dressed Helen
always seemed to be she thought better of it. However,
her curiosity got the better of her and she continued
“By the way what was Helen wearing last night, that is
when she was dressed?, if she was dressed?”

“She had on a white cocktail dress. It was kind of

“Well, a slut would dress that way,” Joan answered
sarcastically. “Surely you don’t think I should dress
like a slut, do you?”

“No, of course not, but I don’t think that Helen looked
slutty at all. In fact her dress would be quite
appropriate at a nice cocktail party. It was the sort
of dress that you used to wear not too long ago, and
that I think you’d look fantastic in now. In fact I
think you’d look even better in it than Helen looked.”

It dawned on Hal that Joan equated looking sexy with
looking slutty. “Do you think that a woman who looks
sexy is a slut?” he asked. “Is that it?”

“It depends on how old they are,” Joan replied. “Older
women shouldn’t look that way. At least that’s the way
I’ve been taught.”

“Whoa! Wherever did you learn that? I think women
should want to look and feel sexy until the day they
die, and I hope for you that’s not for a long, long

“So tell me,” Joan went on, “what was Helen’s dress
like? Was it super-short and so tight she had to be
peeled out of it? Is that what you liked about it?” She
remembered that she used to have a few dresses like
that many years ago and Hal really seemed to like them.

“No, it was almost knee length and it did fit her quite
snugly but it wasn’t like she looked poured into it or
anything. It wasn’t anything extreme at all.”

“And you’d like for me to dress that way? Is that it?”
Joan asked hesitantly. She was beginning to see the
light. Maybe she was going overboard with this
“dressing my age” bit.

“And you don’t think I’d look ridiculous if I did?” she
went on.

“Not at all,” Hal assured her. “You said earlier that
you thought Helen looked good and dressed well. Well I
meant it when I said I think you’d look even better.
But dressing differently is not all there is to it. I
wish you thought of yourself as a sexy woman, that you
were still interested in sex.”

“You mean you think I’d look good enough that a bunch
of men would want to spend the night using my body,
and that I’d want them to do it?” Joan said with a
rather mischievous grin.

“I can’t believe you said that and I don’t think that’s
what I had in mind but I’m sure that a lot of men would
jump at the chance,” Hal replied. He hadn’t thought
about that possibility but he was sure that he didn’t
want his wife doing anything like that.

“If you feel like that why haven’t you ever said
anything about it before. I mean why did you have to go
off and screw some other woman instead?” Joan asked
again with a tone of jealousy and hurt.

“I’ve sure wanted too,” Hal declared. “I’ve tried to
think of ways to get you to dress like you used for a
long time. I didn’t want to make you angry or hurt your
feelings so I guess I just kept my mouth shut. But I
did buy you the kind of things I wished you’d wear. You
always returned them or just put them away and never
wore them. Do you remember that?”

“Yes, I remember. I didn’t think you were serious. I
thought this was some sort of practical joke or
something. Some of those things were pretty outrageous,
you know.”

“Some of them were,” Hal admitted as he remembered the
crotchless panties and the half-bra that he bought her
as a Valentine Day gift one year. He also bought a
micro-length skirt and a blouse that was so sheer that
it hid nothing. He hadn’t really meant for Joan to wear
them in public but he did fantasize about it.

“Most of them were pretty normal though,” he continued.
“I don’t think knee length skirts or frilly white
blouses are anything that couldn’t be worn in public.
In fact you used to wear a lot shorter skirts and much
more sheer blouses. And you also used to wear garter
belts and sexy panties and bras like the ones I bought
you last year.”

“I guess,” Joan said skeptically. “Maybe I’ve gone a
bit overboard but I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be
if I changed that much. I’ll have to think about it.”

“I sure wish you would,” Hal concluded. “I sure wish
you would.”

The subject was dropped at that point. Hal was
delighted that the episode hadn’t gotten more ugly than
it did. In fact it seemed to him that there might be a
very positive outcome if Joan was willing to act on
their discussion. He wasn’t sure what to do next but
wisely decided to let Joan make the next move or
reintroduce the issue when she was ready.

The next Monday night Hal was sitting in their study
watching the football game when Joan came in and
announced “I went shopping today on my lunch hour.
Would you like to see what I got?”

At first Hal was annoyed at the interruption but the
possible significance of her announcement suddenly hit
him. “Sure, I’d love to,” he replied. “I hope this
means what I think it means,” he thought to himself.

“OK, just a minute,” she said as she turned and went
back to their bedroom.

Hal returned to watching the game. His back was to the
door so he didn’t see Joan’s return.

“Well, what do you think?” she said.

Hal turned and couldn’t believe his eyes. Here was his
still sexy wife in the sort of outfit that she used to
wear. She had on a pleated plaid skirt that ended just
above the knee. Her white blouse was so sheer that he
could see the sexy lace bra under it.

“WOW! It’s fantastic!” he exclaimed. “You look like a

“That’s not all,” Joan said. “Want to see the rest?”

“Sure,” Hal replied.

Joan lifted her skirt to reveal stocking tops. Then she
pulled it higher until Hal could see that she was
wearing a garter belt and panties that matched the bra.
The lace on the panties was sheer enough that he could
see the shadow of her brown beaver within.

“Do you like it?” Joan asked.

“Like it? I LOVE it! Sweetheart, you are the sexiest
woman alive. I hope you’re ready for the consequences
of how much I like it,” he said as he got up and swept
her up in his arms.

“Hal, what are you doing?” she asked with a giggle.

“You’d better get out of those things if you don’t want
them messed up,” he advised as he laid her down on
their bed. “You’re about to get the best fucking you’ve
had in a long time.”

Hal never did watch any more of the football game. He
and Joan fucked and sucked each other more that night
than they had in the last two months. The next morning
Joan was awakened to find Hal about to slip his hard
cock back into her cunt for the third fuck in the last
few hours.

“Whatever has gotten into you?” she asked. “Does that
mean that you like my new clothes?”

“Do I ever,” Hal replied. “Thank you sweetheart for
getting them.”

“Well, I certainly do like the result and I must admit
I’m surprised at how it’s made me feel. I feel like a
new woman. There is one problem though.”

“What’s that?”

“That stuff was expensive,” she replied. “I mean the
lingerie cost a fortune. I don’t think I can afford to
buy much of it.”

“If that’s what’s holding you back from always dressing
like that it’s no problem. I’ll buy you all of the new
stuff that you want. In fact I’d be delighted to do it.
Just shopping for it should be a lot of fun.”

The next weekend Joan and Hal went shopping. Joan’s new
wardrobe cost Hal nearly $3,000 but he was delighted
with the result. Joan modelled each outfit for him and
every one of them was stunning. He was married to a new
person. Joan’s appearance wasn’t the only thing that
changed. She acted like a different person. She began
to flirt with him and tease him sexually. She acted
like the woman he remembered from a few years ago.

Everything between them went wonderfully for about a
month. Their sex life had taken on new life and this
made them both a lot happier and more vibrant.

Then suddenly one Friday night things changed
dramatically. Late in the afternoon Joan called Hal at
his office and said she would be coming home late.
Something had come up at her office and her boss wanted
her to stay late to help take care of it. She
apologized and said she’d be home as soon as she could.

Hal immediately became suspicious. In all of her five
years at this job Joan had never worked late on a
Friday and whenever she worked late on other nights she
knew about it a day or two ahead of time. “What is
going on?” he wondered anxiously. He had no choice but
to wait and see.

Hal waited nervously at home for Joan to arrive. She
hadn’t said how long she’d be working so he had no idea
when to expect her but when 9:00 pm came and went he
started to get really worried. “I wish she’d call to
say she’s alright,” he said to himself. “Maybe I should
call her.” He tried calling her office but there was no
answer. This made him even more concerned.

Finally just before 11:00 pm he heard Joan’s car in the
driveway. He met her at the door. What he saw was a
real shock. She looked like she had been through a
street fight. Her clothes were disheveled and her
makeup was smeared. Her hair looked like she hadn’t
brushed it in days.

“Are you alright?” he asked fearfully. “I was getting
terribly worried.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Joan replied calmly. “In fact I’m
terrific. I didn’t mean to worry you, but I just got
laid. Now we’re almost even.”

Hal couldn’t believe his ears. “You what?”

“I just got fucked, and fucked really good. Don’t I
look it?” she went on.

“Yes, you sure do,” Hal agreed. His heart sank as his
wife announced her infidelity. “But why did you do it?”
he asked.

“You did it first, remember?” she answered. “I just
wanted to try it to see what it’s like, and to get even
I guess.”

“OK. OK, so I guess I deserved it, but who with? Who is
the guy?” Hal suddenly felt a great sense of curiosity
about what Joan had just done. He also sensed that he
was getting aroused as he looked at her and realized
what she had just done.

“It was Phil,” she replied.

“Holy shit! You mean you just fucked your boss? That’s

“Yep, I just fucked my boss, and it was a lot of fun
too. A lot more fun than I ever would have imagined.
Thank you for giving me the idea,” Joan answered with a

“What do you mean ‘giving you the idea’?” Hal inquired.
“I’ve never suggested anything of the kind.”

“No, of course you didn’t, but you did open up the
subject of having sex with other people and the more I
thought about it the more I thought I should try it
myself. You know that up until tonight you were the
only person I’d ever done it with. Now I know why you
really didn’t act so sorry about having fucked Helen,
and Vicki.”

“WHAT? What do you mean?” Hal was shocked to hear Joan
mention Vicki. He had been very careful about not
mentioning her. “How did you find out about that?” he

“Helen told me,” Joan replied. “I called her up last
week because I was curious about how she could have
done something like that. She was surprised at first
that I knew about it but then she assumed that I knew
everything. Obviously I didn’t, but I do now.”

“Oh no!” Hal moaned. He figured that now he was in
really deep shit and just when things were starting to
go so well with him and Joan. “Look, I’m sorry. I guess
I felt that telling you about Vicki would just make a
mess even more complicated. I mean once I crossed the
line and fucked another woman the second woman didn’t
seem to make a lot of difference.”

“Well, I hope you feel the same way about me because as
I said, I’m ALMOST even. So far I’ve fucked one other
guy. I still have one more coming, pardon the pun.”

“Ya, I guess,” Hal said numbly. He was overwhelmed. His
feelings were so confused he didn’t know what else to
say. He was relieved that again he had dodged a bullet
because Joan hadn’t been really angry even when she
found out about Vicki. He was also hurt that his wife
had just let another man have her and that she talked
about doing it at least one more time. He also felt
strangely turned on by all of this. That is the part
that confused him the most.

“I’m going to go to bed,” he replied. “I’ve got to get
some sleep and then we can talk some more about this.

“Sure sweetheart,” Joan replied. Then she really
surprised him by giving him a kiss and saying “I love
you Hal.”

Although Joan fell asleep quickly Hal found himself
tossing and turning as his mind churned over the
revelation of Joan’s adultery. His restlessness woke
Joan who asked what the problem was. When Hal told her
that he couldn’t seem to relax and go to sleep she
offered a solution.

“I’ll bet a nice blowjob will help you relax.” With
that she moved down and gave him one of the best
blowjobs he could ever remember getting. When he came
Joan eagerly swallowed every drop and then licked him
clean as was her custom.

“There darling. I hope you’re better now. You know I
had almost forgotten how much I love the taste of cum.
I didn’t know until tonight that not all cum tastes
alike. I wonder if every man tastes different,” she
concluded as she turned over to go to sleep.

The next morning both Hal and Joan seemed reluctant to
start a conversation. They were both thinking about
what Joan had done the night before and neither of them
were very clear yet as to how they felt about it.
Joan’s feelings vacillated between guilt and delight.
Hal’s feelings varied from anger and hurt to arousal.
The fact that he found himself getting turned on at the
same time he was feeling upset really puzzled Hal. His
mixed feelings ultimately converged in a need to know
more about what happened.

“So tell me what happened last night,” he finally
began. “I mean where did you two go?”

“Well, we went to Phil’s house,” Joan answered. “His
wife is out of town for the weekend.”

“Jeez, don’t you think that was kind of risky. I mean
what if a friend of theirs had stopped by, or his wife
had come home unexpectedly.”

“Maybe it was,” Joan replied. “However at the time I
didn’t think of any of that. I had gotten so turned on
by the time we left the office that I wasn’t thinking
about anything but fucking. I know that sounds
shameful, but it’s true.”

“How did this all come about anyhow?” Hal pressed. “I
mean after all of this time how did the subject of sex
between you two come up?”

“Phil immediately noticed my new wardrobe. I guess you
were right about my having been dowdy before. Phil said
exactly the same thing, but he commented repeatedly
about how great I looked in my new clothes. You know
how women are. His compliments started to get to me.
Then his remarks started to include my lingerie. He
could see several of my new bras beneath my new

“A few days ago he began to wonder out loud if the rest
of my lingerie matched my bras. At first I responded by
telling him he’d never know for sure. Then on Wednesday
when I was wearing the new sheer light blue set that
you bought, he asked if I wore pantyhose or stockings.
I don’t know what possessed me but I stood up in front
of his desk and pulled up my skirt. I had only intended
to let him see my stocking tops but I guess I went too

“What happened?” Hal asked impatiently. As he listened
to his wife tell of her exploits showing her boss her
undies, Hal suddenly realized that he was getting very
hard. He couldn’t wait to hear more.

“Well, he said that he loved my panties and that he
finally confirmed that I was not a natural blonde. I
was so embarrassed that I thought I’d die. I had no
intention of letting him see that much of me. My face
must have turned a thousand shades of red. He quickly
said he was sorry for having said that, but that he
certainly wasn’t sorry for what he had seen.”

“Then what?” Hal again prompted. “Did he try to do

“Not right away,” Joan continued. “I must have stood
there in a daze for a few seconds because I remember
suddenly realizing that I still had my skirt pulled up.
I quickly dropped it and turned to leave his office. As
I did so I noticed that my pussy was soaking wet. Just
as I was about to open the door Phil came up behind me
and put his arms around me. I was so shocked I didn’t
know what to do. I just stood there as he began to
caress my breasts. I was about to object and dash out
the door when my remaining resolve vanished. I let him
feel me and then he ran one of his hands down and
reached under my skirt to rub my pussy through my

“Oh my gawd,” Hal exclaimed. “That’s unbelievable. What
happened then? Did he fuck you?”

“No. He did work his fingers inside of my panties and
ran them up and down my slit before he got one of them
up inside me. Meanwhile I could feel his hard cock
pressing against my ass. I knew that we were both
ready, and I was thinking about pulling up my skirt and
just bending over so that he could take me from behind
when one of the office clerks knocked on his door.”

“Darn,” Hal exclaimed. “Bad timing!”

“Yes it was,” Joan replied, “but why do you say that?
Did you want him to fuck me?”

“I guess I did? I mean I don’t know what I wanted. Look
I don’t understand this but what you’re telling me has
me so excited right now that you’re about to get
fucked.” With that Hal turned Joan so that she was
facing away from him and toward the kitchen table. He
pressed her forward until she was face down on the
table. Then he threw her skirt up over her back and
quickly slipped down her panties. He now had easy
access to his wife’s hot wet cunt and he wasted no time
in filling it with his hard cock.

“Is this what you wanted him to do to you before
someone came to the door?” he asked as he pushed all
the way into her.

“Yes, that’s it,” Joan murmured breathlessly. “Fuck me
Hal darling. Fuck me.”

Hal knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum. He hoped
that he could make Joan cum too so he reached down and
started to rub her clit with his finger. He could feel
his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. His efforts
were successful and Joan came moments before he dumped
a hot load of cum deep in her belly. He stood
motionless for several seconds and then slowly
withdrew. As his cockhead popped out of her opening he
saw a stream of his cum following it. He must have cum
a gallon.

“Oh Hal, that was a wonderful surprise,” Joan cooed. “I
love you darling.”

“I love you too sweetheart,” Hal replied.

“Does that mean that you’re not mad at me about last
night?” Joan continued. “I know I really shouldn’t have
done that, but I guess this time it was me that sort of
got carried away.”

“No, strangely I don’t feel mad at all. In fact I find
the whole thing very exciting. Did you say that you
planned on doing it again?”

“Well, I said I had one more time coming to make us
even,” Joan replied. “I certainly don’t have anything
specific planned. Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m thinking I might sort of like it if you
did. I mean I wouldn’t want you sneaking around on the
side but I really got excited when you told me about
Phil. Do you understand?”

“I sure don’t. I don’t understand it at all, but I sure
did enjoy the result just now. And I have to admit that
I enjoyed fucking Phil. Having a strange cock was a lot
more fun than I ever would have guessed. If you really
mean that you want me to fuck Phil again or to fuck
some other guy, I guess I’d be willing to oblige. Maybe
Helen isn’t as crazy or perverted as I thought.”

Hal and Joan didn’t discuss the matter again that
weekend but they did have some terrific sex on both
Saturday and Sunday nights. Hal made a passing comment
on Monday morning that Joan should be sure to wear her
sexiest underwear to work to keep her boss happy but
Joan didn’t take much notice.

“I doubt that Phil will say anything more to me about
it,” she said. “He’s had me and now he’s satisfied. He
just wanted a conquest, another notch on his pistol so
to speak. The women at the office have said for a long
time that Phil has a goal of fucking every woman at the
company. Now he can add me to his list and he’ll go on
to the next one. I’m sure there are several there who
he hasn’t nailed yet.”

“Maybe, but I’ll bet you’re wrong. I think you are so
much better in bed than any of the others that he’ll
want to make fucking you a regular habit.”

“It’s a bet,” Joan replied as she walked out the door.

She was soon to find out how wrong she was. She had
just sat down at her desk when Phil called her into his

“Panty check,” she approached his desk.

“What?” Joan asked in disbelief. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I want to see what sort of panties you have on
today? I really loved the ones you had on last
Wednesday and Friday. They were really sexy. So let me
see what the ones are like that you have on today?”

“Phil! I’m shocked! What sort of woman do you think I
am? Just because I got carried away and let you have
your way with me last week doesn’t mean that I’ll let
it happen again.”

“Oh, come on Joan. Cut the righteous indignation. You
enjoyed every minute of our fun last week. You can’t
deny that, and besides you were the one who stood in
front of me and lifted up your skirt to show me your
goodies. I didn’t ask you to do that. You just did it
and doing it made your pussy so wet that a guy could
have drowned in it.”

“Well, ah, ahh, ahh, it’s not wet now,” Joan said as
she tried to regain her composure. “In fact not only am
I not turned on but I’m really pretty angry about

“Joan, you sexy slut, I’ll make you a bet,” Phil said
as he reached for his wallet. “I’ll bet you $100 that
your cunt is dripping right now. If it’s not, you can
keep the money. If it is I get to fuck you right here
right now.”

Joan didn’t know what had come over her. She was sure
that her pussy was very wet right now. She didn’t want
to admit it to Phil, or perhaps even to herself, but
this conversation had gotten her very excited. “You’re
on,” she said. “I’ll go to the bathroom and check. Then
I’ll come back and collect.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Phil objected. “I’ll be the judge.
Come on over here so I can check for myself. In fact
why don’t you take off your panties. You won’t want
them on when I’m fucking you anyhow.”

As if she were having an out-of-body experience Joan
saw herself bend down and slip off her panties. Then
she walked around the desk and stood beside Phil’s

Phil slowly ran his hand up her leg. Joan felt chills
running up her spine as he got close to her pussy. When
he touched her lips she jumped. Then she felt his
finger slip into her slit. She knew she was dripping
wet. Phil was going to fuck her again.

“Just as I thought Joan. Your cunt is ready.”

Then he slid his finger down her slit and slowly
inserted it into her opening. He gently began to finger
fuck her while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Then
he removed his hand and put his finger in his mouth and
licked her juices from it.

“Joan, you are delicious. I am going to eat your hot
pussy before I fill it. Sit up here on the desk,” Phil

Again Joan silently obeyed. She suddenly found herself
sitting on her boss’s desk with her feet resting on the
arms of his chair. Her knees were spread and bent. Her
cunt was open and ready for his enjoyment. She quickly
learned that her boss was an expert at cunnilingus. He
ran his tongue gently around all of the sensitive parts
of her pussy taking special effort when he found her
clit. In just a few minutes she felt she was about to
cum as he fucked her with his fingers and nibbled on
her clit.

“Ooooh, Phil. Ohhhh! You are so good. That feels so
nice.” Then Joan’s body shook as she came for the first
time that morning. Before he let her leave his office
he had eaten her to a second climax and then brought
her to a third with his cock. He dumped an enormous
load of cum into her cunt and then made her put on her
panties. He said that she couldn’t clean her pussy up
until she got home. Joan wondered if he suspected that
Hal knew about them or if he was trying to humiliate
Hal by sending his wife home with a load of cum in her.

As soon as Joan got back to her desk she called Hal at
his office.

“Oh, hi sweetheart,” he said when he realized who it
was. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes dear. Everything’s fine,” she replied. “I just
wanted to let you know that you were right.”

“Oh, is Phil interested in getting into your pants
again?” Hal asked.

“He already has,” she replied. “I wasn’t here 15
minutes before he was eating me on his desk. Then he
fucked me. He wants to talk to me again before I leave
tonight, and in the meantime he won’t let me clean up
my messy pussy until I get home.”

“That sounds fantastic,” Hal said as he felt his cock
begin to throb. “I can’t wait to hear all about it. But
tell me, did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, it was fun but I don’t want Phil to know exactly
how much fun. I’m afraid things could get complicated
here if this becomes a regular thing. I mean I’m sure I
must have a ‘freshly fucked’ look about me.”

“I’d like to see that,” Hal responded. “Wow, my horny
wife just got laid again, and I love it. I can’t wait
to see you at home but I have to run now. I’m late for
a meeting.”

“Bye dear.”

That night Hal couldn’t wait to find out the juicy
details from Joan. He met her at the door and as they
kissed ‘hello’ he reached down to feel her pussy. Her
panties were a gooey wet mess just as she had said.

“Wow, is this all still there from this morning?” Hal

“No. He did me again tonight just before I left,” Joan
answered. “I’ve got so much cum in me that I was afraid
I’d have a spot on my skirt that could be seen for
blocks. Fortunately I wore a light color today and
maybe it doesn’t show that much.”

“Ahh,” Hal gasped. He couldn’t believe how things had
progressed. Here stood his formerly reserved wife who
had apparently lost interest in sex. Her boss had
fucked her twice today and her cunt was full of his cum
and she was telling her husband all about it.

“I want to hear every detail,” he prompted. “What
happened? What did he say?

Joan recounted the day blow by blow. Hal nearly came
when she described being fucked and eaten on her boss’s
desk. Then Joan told him the most amazing news of all.

“This afternoon Phil and I worked out a deal, that is
if it’s OK with you.”

“What sort of deal?”

“He offered me an instant raise of $500 per month. He
would get the right to inspect my panties every day
when I arrive for work. At least once a week he will
bring me some new panties which I am to put on and
model for him. Then he would have the right to get into
them as many times that day as he likes.”

“Holy shit! That sounds incredible. The money is great
but how do you feel about the sex?” Hal asked.

“Well, this would only be for three months and then
we’d talk about it again but the raise would be
permanent. I think I’d like it
though. Phil is a good lover and I found out today that
he really knows how to eat pussy.”

“Wow, I don’t believe it. Did you accept?” Hal asked.

“I told him I’d have to think about it and talk it over
with you.”

“You said what?” Hal asked in disbelief.

“I said I’d have to talk to you about it. Oh, I told
Phil right up front that you knew all about last Friday
and that I’d even called you after he fucked me this
morning. At first he seemed kind of pissed off about
that, but when he realized that you liked the idea he
calmed down. In fact as I left he said to tell you
thank you for being so generous with me. He thinks
you’re a ‘hell of a good

“A good sport? Is that what I am? Well maybe so but I
am having one hell of a good time at it. I do have one
request though. Why don’t you bring Phil home sometime
and fuck him here so I can watch. I could just hide in
the closet so he wouldn’t even have to know about it.
What do you think?”

“Sweetheart, if that’s what you’d like I’ll do it, or
at least try. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be
knowing you’re watching but I guess I can live with
that. There is one more thing I need to tell you about,

“What’s that?” Hal asked.

“Well, Phil says that one of his old college buddies is
coming into town tomorrow and he wondered if I’d be
willing to show the guy around town tomorrow night.”

“Holy shit!” Hal exclaimed. “I assume that means going
to his room and screwing him, right?”

“Yes,” Joan said as she blushed. “I know it sounds
disgusting, but remember I still have one more coming.”

“Yes, I guess you do,” Hal agreed as he felt his cock
getting hard again. “If you’re going to start behaving
like that, maybe we should join that club,” he
continued thinking of the fun he could have with some
of the other wives.

“Funny you should say that,” Joan replied, “when I
talked to Helen Spencer the other day she asked if we
might be interested in joining the club. I told her
that we’d been asked before and weren’t interested but
that maybe things were different now. I said I’d talk
to you about it. What do you think?”

“Well things sure are different now. I think it would
be a lot of fun, for both of us. I’d love to see you
get sold to some other guys, maybe you could even have
a gang bang, and I’d love to buy a wife or two myself.
Let’s do it.”

“Great. I’ll call her tonight,” Joan replied. She felt
her pussy getting hot again at the mention of a gang

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