Making a Cuckold
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My name is Becky, and my life is about to change before your eyes.

As often is the case these days, this story starts at the computer on my desk. I’ve grown tired of seeing my boyfriend stay up after me to play on our PC, so after he left for work today I decided to do a search of his history. I know he’s thinks I’m too much of a ditz to know about computer history files, but that’s one of the many things in our lives that he doesn’t give me enough credit for knowing. I knew I would find porn, but it was what form it would take that had me curious. I had imagined a bevy of big-busted airheaded web sites since I was so flat-chested, but that was not what I found.

I made my way through every site my Billy had been to the night before and couldn’t quite understand what theme my darling boyfriend was perusing. I was sort of amazed that many of the sites had small titted girls, but then there were a lot of video sites that didn’t seem to match up to the latter. After an hour of viewing a thousand perverse pictures and even glancing at a few of the videos, I noticed an atypical site. It wasn’t a porn site, but as I wandered the pages I understood is was more of a club of some sort. The name of it was right there in front of me, but I had glossed over it as just one of the many ways to hype different forms of perverted sex fetishes.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m no saint myself. I’m definitely a party girl and love getting freaky with the right guy when the mood strikes, but most of what I had been viewing was over the top kind of stuff. I went back to the home page of the present site trying to understand exactly where I had wandered into and saw that it was a cuckold site where members could exchange information, pictures, and even ideas. I knew I had heard the term cuckold before, but had to think about it for a minute to remember what it meant. That was when bells and whistles went off in my head. My Billy hadn’t been cheating on me with porn sites nearly as much as he had been dreaming about what he might want to involve me with down the road. The little freak was fantasizing about me entertaining other men for his benefit. That turned my wonderment into a mission to learn more about this site.

This particular club was a full service club that went from A to Z. It started with their mission statement, had links on how-to topics, member pictures, and even a regional classified section that captured my eye. When I went to the last link I discovered many males offering their significant others to other men as “loaners” for them to use and even hinted at the ability of them abusing their partners. And then I discovered that there was another entire section that pertained to male cuckolds and was amazed to see there were just as many ads there. I must have spent another hour studying up on this cuckold thing until I finally realized my panties were sopping wet.

I had stopped at a point in the picture section where proud owners of cuckolds had pasted their favorite shots of their “properties”. The picture I had stopped at was of a man on his knees in front of another man. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and the man in front of him was fucking his face so hard that he was obviously losing his balance. That was my weakness – I had always envisioned the torment on a man’s face in that position. I had seen a movie once where three prisoners in a jail had sodomized another male new to the jail. It didn’t really show anything, to my great dismay, but I had so often filled in the blanks myself during private play times alone.

My hand went to my crotch and I knew I was on my way to masturbating over the picture before me. I couldn’t take my eyes off the victim; more specifically, the look of torment on his face. He was performing the duties of a woman, yet there was something about his look that clearly stated his distress over having to do it. I’ve always been amazed at the hypocrisy of males that thought it was totally normal for them to stuff a cock into a girl’s face, yet was horribly repulsed by the thought of a man in that same position. It was a double standard that drove me nuts. That was when things got really weird for me. Just as I was nearing my own orgasm, the man’s face turned into Billy’s and I went nuts on my clitoris until my body heaved unlike ever before in a massive climax that left me gasping for air.

Billy was in trouble! I sat there putting things together in my mind and got furious when I realized that his perfect woman might include me as the “loaner” for him to feel all powerful over. I took a turn from my rage and began thinking how that might not be entirely a bad thing. I had always been very faithful to him, but like any girl, I always fantasized what it would be like in another mans’ arms, or even submitting to his most heinous requests of me. I was no virgin when I first met Billy, but I never ran the streets in heat either. Until my true love came into my life, things had been pretty vanilla with my past trysts. Since we met I had allowed him several excursions from the normal missionary positions. Once I had even allowed him to tie me to the bed face down so he could have his way with me. On another occasion I had even confessed to him that if I knew I wouldn’t be harmed, I had even masturbated over the thought of getting slightly raped; if slightly could ever be an appropriate word here.

I popped back to thinking about my anger over Billy even thinking about passing me onto another guy. Something about it really pissed me off… until I came to the realization that what bothered me was the total helplessness I would feel. Why did he always have to have the power? And that was the turning point that started me down a very dark and disturbing road. I wanted the power for a change and wondered why I couldn’t.

I began thinking about how males looked at me and I knew I was a catch in many ways. No, I didn’t have the huge tits that most men ogle over, but I was petite, cute, and always described as perky for my outgoing ways. In the big scheme of things, I knew I already had a great deal of power. I had seen my ability many times in the past in getting things I wanted from males with just the slightest offering of a little flirting; even with Billy. Once I took stock of that I knew things had to change in my life.

I had started browsing through the website again until I noticed a link that had been visited before and flew into a rage even as I hit the button. It was the “how to train your own cuckold” link and as I read through the beginnings of it, I detested the thought of Billy thinking he had any right to have any thought over training me to do anything… let alone the perverted nature of the expected outcome.

That was when I decided to change our relationship one hundred and eighty degrees to my advantage. That bastard wanted me as his sexual servant, huh? Well, two can play at that game. At that very moment I decided that it was time for me to get what I wanted for a change. Now, I began reading through this “training manual” from a very different perspective. My first thought was that Billy could either play my game, or take a walk. Thinking about what he wanted to do to me was the final straw. He had effectively made himself expendable. He went from being a 9.8 as the perfect mate to about a low 3, and perhaps even lower. My mind was made up and from that moment on – I was either turning the tables on Billy or moving on to my next boyfriend. And that gave me a wonderful idea! Why couldn’t I have my cake and eat it too? I’ve seen the way guys look at me.

Now this training stuff took on a whole new meaning for me. Billy wanted me to fuck around with other guys, okay then, but it’ll be on my terms; not his. And he was the one that was going to face the embarrassment and humiliation of it – not me. I began formulating my plan, as sick as I felt over it, and even began making notes. I did as the manual suggested and first took a look at what I had to work with in my darling boyfriend. I knew if I dropped a few properly placed hints his way that I could challenge his patented certainty that we would grow old together. If I told him it was time for me to move on, that he would be groveling at my feet trying to persuade me to stay with him. And when I tell him why and what I had found out, I was sure he would truly believe every word I might say to him. But then I read something that changed my mind on that point. The manual suggested that at least in the beginning that the cuckold in training would probably be much more controllable if kept in the dark over what was headed their way. Controlled – a point that kept being stressed over and over as I read on. Perhaps pussy whipped would be a better word in this case, but either way, just the thought of pulling the strings gave me a rush, a thrill I never felt before.

I finished my abbreviated notes and even finalized a shortened list of objectives. The rest of the day was spent dreaming about the things I might do and the timing I would need to proceed at to capture my prey in jaws stronger than steel. Then there were the side benefits that kept coming to mind. I thought what it would be like to fuck around with other guys and how I could get away with doing just about anything my little heart desired as long as I kept total control of things. The more I thought about the benefits for me; the more charged I became to put my plans to work immediately.

By the time Billy got home I felt like a truly conniving bitch ready to pounce on him, but I played it cool. He was tired, so I suggested he take a nap on the couch. After he fell asleep, I sat across from him and just watched him sleeping. I really would hate leaving him, but every time I would begin feeling reluctant over what I had been thinking about, what he had planned for me came rushing back and set my resolve even more. Billy was going down and didn’t have a clue what was coming for him. I smiled to myself and the minute I saw him waking up; I hit him square in the face with his first lesson. I began the control issue.

I sighed deeply and nonchalantly stated, “I think it’s time I move on.”

Just as I turned to head into the kitchen, I saw his face go into shock as he began putting together what I had said and the implications it had on his near future. Just as I thought, he came flying up behind me trying to get me to explain my comment. I began playing him like a violin. I kept telling him that I wanted to try new things in life and he kept begging for us to work things out. The more I assaulted his ego, the more resolute he became in begging me to stay with him. I decided to take a parting shot at him before heading out the door just to give him something to think about while I was gone. I had no place to go, but I wanted him to weigh his position thoroughly. My absence would assure that happening.

“Look… I need to have some fun… get a little wild for a change. I can’t do that and stay here with you at the same time. That would be too cruel for you to endure.”

After physically having to pry him off my arm, I headed out the door with my solemn promise to be back in a couple of hours. As I walked down the walk to my car, I couldn’t help but feel smug over what I had done to him. Try to train me as a cuckold, huh? Let’s just see who comes out on tops in this scenario.

By the time I got back, it was just a little before seven o’clock. Billy was waiting to lash out at me and quickly realized that was certainly the wrong approach to come at me with and backed down. While I was out I had made further plans since my first shot played out so well. After squabbling for a while, I told him I was going back out to hit a couple of bars with friends. After seeing that whining about that was only making things worse, he finally “agreed” to allow me to go, but not until I promised to tell him what happened while away. I first told him that I couldn’t do that, but hesitantly agreed just to get out of the house again. Little did he know that telling him was exactly what I had in mind; I just viewed it as rubbing his nose in it. As the manual stated, “Leave them in doubt and the trainee will wallow in their own doubt until they soon begin falling all over themselves trying to win over your meager favors and treats”. I was proving myself to be a natural at this control thing.

When I went back out, I had made sure to take my time in getting spruced up as if I had a hot date just to keep him worrying. I hadn’t really come up with anyplace to go, so I ended up taking in a movie. It gave me time to fantasize about what I really wanted in life and one of the things on the top of my list was – some hot and wild sex. Until this morning, sex had always been more to please Billy. Now it was about getting what I wanted. I began looking at strange men differently and even wondered what it would feel like to seduce a guy. Perhaps seduce is the wrong word because girls usually only have to place themselves in front of a guy to get them falling all over their own feet trying to get into your pants.

I spent a great deal of time planning the next few moves for Billy’s sake. Things were already going so well that I was even taking to the notion of training my poor victim as my new way of having fun. Who would have ever thought that training a sex slave could be so much fun? I even came to the conclusion that the training aspect was a huge part of my desire to keep going forward. The power it instilled in me left me constantly horny. By the time I went home, just a bit before midnight, Billy was a bag of fractured nerves. My plan… still to rub his face in what I was doing to him; literally.

I played coy at first and kept telling him I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the dirty details of my night out with the girls. After hearing him all but beg to know what I had been up to and even hearing some of his accusations that I had been with other guys, I began feeding him a few made up details meant to ease him into bed. I told him I didn’t get laid, nor I was trying to, but that I had been hit on by a guy or two. When I saw his reaction, I cranked it up a notch by telling him that I had been attracted to one guy that left me wanting to fuck, but that that wasn’t in my plans… at least for now. What he heard was that I wanted sex and soon he was all but ravaging me trying to offer his assistance. I gave in eventually, but not the way he wanted.

As soon as we got naked, I laid down on the bed, but when he went to take his position between my legs I gestured for him to get on his back. He was thinking that I was going to give him head, but my real intentions were to seriously turn the tables on him. I straddled his hips and saw a smile eek from his face as I worked my body down onto the stiffest cock I had felt in some time. The sad thing was that for the first time I felt differently about his “hardware”. Yeah, he was hard as a rock and very willing to help out, but remembering back to past boyfriends I realized that he wasn’t all that large. In the past he had overcome his lack of girth and size by how he used his equipment. I fucked him like that for a few minutes, but the tables were only beginning to turn. Billy was always quick to accept a blowjob, but not so much into licking my pussy as often as I would have liked. Tonight was going to be quite different. After getting his engines roaring, I sat up to allow his cock to bob in mid air and sat on his stomach.

“I have to be honest with you, honey. One of the things I really wanted to try tonight was finding a guy that liked eating pussy. I hope you don’t mind, but that’s the one thing that’s going to happen tonight.” With that, I began working my body up his chest until I was working my knees on either side of his head, pinning his shoulders under my legs. His face was driving me nuts because I knew he had some misgivings over doing something like that me after stepping out on him like I had. Billy proved to be a real trooper though and as I nestled my pussy right tight to his face, I felt his tongue getting to work on me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the hell out of my first real ride on my love’s face. I rocked back and forth to make sure I exposed every inch of my cunt for him to enjoy. From somewhere I heard words taunting him into doing a better job and when I realized I was the one talking I looked down and saw his eyes were now closed and accepting my demands. I kicked it up another notch and began a slight verbal assault on his technique until I had him eating me like a fucking pro. I even taught him how to bite at my clit with his lips until I began bucking wildly. I rode his face until I had a massive climax and fell off him. That was when the real play acting began. I feigned exhaustion as he tried to get his rocks off. I finally told him he could go ahead and fuck me if he wanted, but that I might fall asleep on him. He was going to take whatever I offered; no matter how little the offering.

It was hard, but I tried staying as detached from his humping away at me as I could fake. I could tell he was having a hard time getting off after all the mental shit I had heaped on him so far today. And faking being so close to falling asleep wasn’t helping his ego. As the book says, “You’ve got to break the trainee’s ego before they’re really willing to please you”.

When Billy finally shot his load into me, I cooed mockingly, “Feel better now, honey. Now get some sleep.” How belittling could a girl be? I had offered him a body to fuck and he took what he could get with no help from me whatsoever. I could have been a knot hole.

I turned away from him and could feel his cum leaking out of me. I always felt like such a mess after fucking and normally ran to the bathroom to wipe the sperm out of me, but on this occasion all I did was dream about a better way of getting clean in the future.

In the morning I pretended to be unable to wake up. I knew Billy would just want to fight, so I waited for him to leave for work before getting up to take a shower. I was marveling over my new found power and sense of control. I likened myself to a new age dominatrix with a profound mission ahead of me. What had happened the night before proved to me that I had the ability to do whatever I wanted and still hang onto my present way of life with Billy. I ran through the events that had led up to my new logic and knew that I was hungry for more. I got all dolled up and decided to hit the mall for a little sight seeing and perhaps I would garner some new ideas of where I wanted to go from here. I also wanted to call some girlfriends and gloat over what I had done, but decided that keeping Billy’s predicament secret for the time being would be wiser.

At the mall I was seeing everything in such a new light. For a change, I was the one eyeing the opposite sex and I liked not only what I saw, but the fantasies that emanated from looking at the guys from the standpoint of my total availability. As long as Billy thought I would be coming home to him, I didn’t really see much that I couldn’t get away with anymore. And that was just one side of the equation. I still had Billy to train and I’d already seen the wild and erotic side of the possibilities there. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would have the need to rub his face in my new outlook on life, and sadly for him, I was beginning to look at him as sort of a new toy.

As I browsed over clothes from store to store, my greed became overwhelming. Things I had always considered way too expensive suddenly became part of my desire. As a test, I wrote down very explicit details about some clothes I wanted to get; like what stores they were at, my sizes, and color preferences. I was going to see if I could get Billy to buy them for me, but not just to have him buy me pretty things. I wanted to twist his mind into a world of jealousy to see how much control I really had over him. You see, the clothes I had picked out were simply hot and sexy. There was a tight fitting halter top, a pair of very low cut jean short shorts, and a matching set of fire engine red bra and panties that would alter any man’s train of thought. But the real kicker here wouldn’t just be to get Billy to buy them for me; I was going to make sure he understood that they would be worn to attract another man’s attention to me. I couldn’t wait to see if I could make Billy do something so against his own welfare as to actually dress me up for another guy.

I was a sopping mess by the time I was waiting on the couch for Billy to come through our door. I knew he would want to argue with me before anything else, so I had made up my mind put him in his place right from the start. It worked damn well when even before he had a chance to say a word to me, I mentioned leaving him again because of all the arguing I saw coming in the future if I hung around. His obvious response was to promise me that he wouldn’t keep fighting with me and even offered to give me a little space to figure out what I wanted. I already knew the answer to that… I wanted everything.

Poor Billy! I had him so twisted up and in such a short time at that. One minute I was showing him love and affection, and in the matter of seconds I would bring his world crashing down by interjecting the most heart breaking news to him. For instance, I fixed his favorite supper and as I was serving it up to him like a doting wife, I mentioned how I really, really wanted to get some new clothes. I watched him smiling as I told him about how hot and sexy they would look on me, but then informed him that I wanted them for Saturday night when I went to a local bar – by my self. I then fell onto his lap, wrapped my arms around his neck, and pleaded, “Will you buy them for me?”

The look on his face was precious to say the least. Not only had I told him what I expected of him to buy for me, but that they weren’t even for his benefit. He knew I was telling him I was going trolling for men and that as the major bitch I was evolving into, I was even making him help me do it. I jumped off his lap when I realized that I may have overplayed my hand. I kept glancing at his face for any sign of him figuring out what I was doing to him. What if he put it together that I was in the process of training him to be my obedient little cuckold? There could be two big problems with that; first he could realize I had caught onto what he had planned for me and call it quits, and secondly, he might realize where all this was heading for him. If he had read as much as I had about training cuckolds and how to use and abuse them for one’s own gratification, he would certainly not be able to move forward. Knowing how greatly I enjoyed sex, it wouldn’t be a hard leap for him to see where things might go in the future.

I was blown away when after a few grumblings from Billy over how awful I was, I heard a very battered and worn boyfriend say, “Okay, I’ll buy them for you.” I had been turned away from him, but a huge smile washed over my face that I just had to display for him. I turned around, jumped back on his lap, and reached into my rear pocket for my list. I handed it to him and as he came to the understanding that I actually wanted him to go out and physically get the clothes for me, he dropped his head to stare at the floor. I wanted to keep him off balance, so I began kissing his neck very seductively and whispered in his ear, “I love you so much! I’ll make sure it’s worth your effort. You’ll see – everything’s going to work out just fine.”

Fine for me anyway! As for Billy, it would only be fine if he “turned quickly” as the manual had suggested as a possibility. It seemed that many cuckolds take many months to train into accepting their role as a new way of life within what had once been a very comfortable relationship for them. It seems that the manual agrees with my way of thinking in that it’s personally preferable to keep your cuckold uncomfortable for the “owners” greatest reward. And it was cautioned that men more often take the longest to train since you also have to delicately break them down through emasculation first. Guys are so fucking complicated! Oddly enough, emasculating him was almost as good a feeling for me as anything I had ever done. I guess since I knew where all this was headed I didn’t worry about him being destroyed by my efforts. All I wanted was to be able to control every little aspect of his life.

I pestered Billy every day for my clothes and when it got to be Saturday morning, I gave him an option – please me or I wouldn’t be home until Sunday morning. Knowing what that meant, he got off his ass and went shopping. And since it took him so long, I decided to really stick it to him, and his ego, by making quite a production out of getting ready for my night out. And when I was ready to head out, I walked right up to him, gave him a huge passionate kiss, and thanked him for helping me with my clothes. I did a twirl in front of him and asked, “What do you think? You aren’t worried that I’ll get hooked up, are you?”

Well of course he was worried as he agreed, but that only fed my appetite to tease him more. And after taunting him a little bit longer, I felt bad for one moment too long. I kissed him again just before leaving and promised him, “I’ll take it easy on you.”

I did get a small smile over that, but then I again had to wonder if I might have said a little too much. Would he catch on that I was in fact training him and this was just one of the first steps as laid out in the manual I knew he had at least looked at once himself? I guess it didn’t really matter other than I wasn’t ready to reveal his emanate servitude to me yet. I wanted everything on my terms. I had to stay in control.

It was weird going to a bar by myself, but with a dozen sets of eyes on me the second I walked through the door I grew comfortable quickly. Being the only single girl in the place without so much as a girlfriend to accompany me, several men approached me in fast order and even pointed out how obvious I was being. After all, it’s highly unusual for a single girl to go bar hopping alone. And oddly enough it was the one guy with a shit eating grin on that told me that, that I found most appealing. He was single, a serious player, well built and towered over me, and came right out and told me that he wasn’t looking for any baggage like a girlfriend. The way he was checking out my girls under my extremely tight halter told me that he was certainly looking for a quickie. I let him buy me a drink and we talked for a bit.

Somehow, he got it out of me that I was trying to punish a boyfriend for fucking up, and I told him it “was something like that”. He invited me back to his place to help me do just that, however I didn’t want to run right home, so I told him if he was still interested in a couple of hours I would think about going home with him. He didn’t understand my reasoning, but told me he’d make it back my way for sure. I met several more men, and accepted three more drinks over the next couple of hours as I whiled away the time. Being a girl of my word I knew I would be going home with my first offer despite several other offers made during the night. And sure enough, he came back as if he was reading my mind. All he did was offer me his hand, I took it, and he led me out of the bar. I was bubbling over with excitement as this man I knew was about to fuck the shit out of me, walked me away like a willing lamb to slaughter. He talked me into leaving my car in the lot and off we went.

The second he shut the door to his house behind me, I was swept up into his arms and pressed tight against the wall. I melted under his firm grip on my hips as he ground his crotch into mine. The next thing I knew, my halter was being ushered up over my head and I raised my arms to aid his attempt. I felt his extremely strong fingers pushing my bra up to toy with my rock hard pebbles. Billy was more of the gentle lover, so this change was very welcomed. It was really nice being the petite girl in a strong man’s arms.

Nothing this man, Freddie, did to me was done in a gentle way. His mannerisms were harsh and abrupt, his actions very domineering, and something I found most intriguing was his verbal taunts. That was something I knew I would have to use on Billy down the road. This was the only man that had ever referred to me as a bitch that got away with it. Even the way he wanted to fuck me had no input from me. After getting all my clothes off me, he stripped and simply spun me around, bent me over his dresser, and went at me. He lifted my right leg up onto the dresser to spread me wide open and I jerked forward when he took that first deep jaunt into me.

Something I had really missed and hadn’t realized until now was the feel of a large cock plunging in and out of me. It was great feeling my muscles being stretched, something that only two other men had made me deal with in my past before Billy. Unfortunately, I must have felt just as tight against his shaft because in just a few minutes his hips were thrusting me into the air as he pumped himself into a climax. I wanted to feel that warming sensation of his ejaculation, but he was worried about getting me pregnant despite my telling him I was on the pill, and pulled out just in time to shoot his load all over my still gaping pussy.

And then came that walk of shame every girl feels at least once in her life. Freddie was done with me and wanted to dismiss me just as quickly. What’s a girl to do but follow the guy’s lead? It pissed me off, but what could I do about it? I had been hoping to feel his cock in my mouth at least once, but once a guy gets his fill, that’s it. After getting dressed, he wanted to bring me back to my car, but since I was still pretty wasted I asked him to drive me home instead. He didn’t really seemed pleased being put out of his way like that, and right then I knew I would take that feeling of being used and dumped out on Billy. Even as we pulled to a halt in front of our house, the bastard didn’t even offer me a kiss. Instead he settled for a feel of my bare leg and told me I had been a great fuck. Somehow, that compliment seemed to placate my feelings and I responded with, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

I stopped at the door and knew from one of the windows that Billy had been watching me get out of this strangers car. I took a deep breath, tried to decide on how I would respond to his flood of pointed questions, and walked in. Billy was absent and I heard him coming down the stairs. I smiled curtly at him as he asked if I had a good time.

“It was nice! I felt so… so desired. It’s nice when a girl knows that other guys see her as something desirable.”

Billy stammered around his true question until finally he asked, “Did you… you know? I saw that guy dropping you off.”

My needs hadn’t yet been met, so ironically I really needed Billy to pick up where Freddie had left me hanging. Hell, I hadn’t even had time to get off with him, so I was still randy as all hell. I went over to him as if to soothe his fears and whispered in his ear, “I told you I wouldn’t hide anything from you. But if you really want to know though, I suggest we take it to the bedroom.”

That made Billy happy because he obviously thought that since I wanted to get together with him that nothing had really happened with the stranger he had seen. Oh boy, was I about to burst his bubble. We started by making out on the bed until we had squirmed out of our clothes, and I lavished my love with kisses to reassure him how much I still loved him. I sucked his cock a little since I hadn’t gotten that from Freddie, and took stock of just how much smaller his was compared to other guys I had been with before. However, I needed that orgasm I had missed out on. With no further fanfare, I made my way up his body until he saw what I wanted. He fidgeted a little too much, so I asked, “You want me to stop? I thought you liked making me happy?”

Billy assured me that he did want to make me happy, but added his own “but”. I ignored it and continued getting into position to ride his face. This was the moment I had spent the last several days planning. I couldn’t wait to see his face contort as I told him the ugly truth that only I knew was planned to be a repetitive act. Knowing that there was a good chance that he might smell the truth before I told him, I quickly worked my leg over his chest and pinned his shoulders under my legs. I knew my smile had turned wicked as I hovered over his face and slowly nestled my bottom down onto his face. I could plainly see his reluctance, but I could also see his resolve withering away. It was like he knew I was taking glee over debasing his manhood by literally rubbing another man in his face, but what choice did he have? Do it, or lose me!

I moaned loudly as I felt my vulva absorbing the shape of his mouth and I asked, “You ready to know all the gritty little details?” All he did was close his eyes. “I promised I wouldn’t hide them. Stick your tongue in me.” And when he stalled, I snapped, “Now bitch, make me squirm.”

He couldn’t have liked that phrase, but I enjoyed the hell out of saying it. So, whether to just get it over with or because he really wanted to keep me, I felt his tongue slowly pushing its way into me. I sighed to display my gratification to him and began a fucking motion against his tongue. Now I was ready for that look I so craved and I went after his manhood to begin his fall into true servitude.

“You’ve probably figured it out by now, but yeah… I got laid tonight.” I watched his closed eyes tighten over my words and I needed more; much more. “It wasn’t much special, but god it was so… different. The guy was a real prick though and left me high and dry. Can you taste his cock? I guess you’d have to, huh?”

That did it and as his face twisted into a mess of mental discomfort; I had my first wave of impending shudders. He began fighting my bottom smothering his face, but I held my body steadfastly to his mouth and demanded he work his tongue into me harder. I made sure to allow my guttural moans be heard so he understood just how pleased I was that he was obeying me. Then I began rocking back and forth so he could switch to licking my entire vulva. I had to chastise his reluctance, but as soon as he began lapping away at me, I continued with my tormenting assault on his ego.

“So, can you taste him?” I got no reaction and slapped the top of his head. “I asked you a question?”

Slowly he nodded his head and I grinned from ear-to-ear.

“Look at me…” and after another quick slap, “look at me dammit.”

He opened his eyes and saw my gloating smile.

“You see how you can make me smile? No one else can do that. No one else can eat me with the expertise you can, so I hope I never have to leave you.” I saw the tiniest glimmer of hope in his eyes and just as quickly as he felt good for a split second, I rubbed the other man in his face again. “I needed that cock tonight. You’re good sweetie, but damn his cock stretched me in ways you never could. He reamed me out like I’ve never felt before. You’re happy for me, aren’t you? After all, I came home to you. Nobody can eat cunt like you.”

Billy began fidgeting under me again, so as punishment I dug right into his ego. “I bet you never thought you’d be eating me out after having fucked another guy, huh? How’s that taste to you sweetie? You happy mommy brought you home a doggie bag?” Since I knew he could never answer that, I quickly added, “It could be worse… he could have left a real mess for you to clean up. Lucky for you, he pulled out at the last second. I bet you thought you were already eating his cum though, right?” That did it! I saw his manhood sink out of sight as he grimaced over what could have been, and what he now had to see as a real possibility. Little did he know!

My legs were so frigging taut and I knew a massive cum was coming my way. I began bouncing on his face as I demanded to know, “Tell me… I want to hear you say it… you like making me happy, don’t you?” I began slapping the top of his head as I peppered him with taunting questions meant more to please me as I orgasmed than it was meant to torture his ego. “You know I love this too much… you know how badly I need you to do this for me… tell me, you’ll be here for me every time… won’t you?” I slapped his head until he finally nodded that he would and when I saw that, I crushed his face as I had one of the most massive climaxes of my life. I screamed demands to bite my clit and take a last taste of his proxy boyfriend. And as my waves of pleasure finally began to subside, I fell over his head and whispered, “You like… you like his cock as much as I did?”

I didn’t wait for his answer as I rolled off onto my back and unceremoniously spread my legs. I looked over at him and smiled over my exuberance. I had my fun, now it was time he got some little taste of pleasure to reel him back to me. Through glazed eyes, I told him, “Your turn sweetie, hop on. Show me you’re the guy I think you are… show me you still want me to stick around.”

Whether out of fear of losing me or a real desire to fuck me, he worked his way between my legs and slipped into me way too easily. I was so relaxed now I could slide over a cannon barrel. But when he went to kiss me, I turned my head and simply told him, “Not after sucking cock. Just fuck me!”

I had my eyes closed, but I knew that since he was already in me that he couldn’t stop now. Forbidding him to kiss me was just one of my very well rehearsed lines to dominate him. If he knew in its entirety what I had planned for him, he’d kill me after finishing fucking me. But as I laid there as little more than a wet blanket for him to use me to relieve himself, I sensed something very odd. My little Billy was going at me with more intensity than I’d seen in a long time. That stuck in my mind so much that I was still awake after he had passed out for the night. Call it women’s intuition, but I knew I had to get up and check on something.

I crept out of bed, went to the computer, and did a search to see where Billy had been lately. I was astonished to see that the last four pages he had brought up had all been about cuckolding. As I brought up each one, it became apparent to me that Billy might very well have his own secrets. He had worked his way through the very manual I had taken so much of my information from and had gone to the page that other cuckolds had written about their own training trials. But it was the last page he had visited that really stood out to me; it was an article from another guy that had apparently just accepted his training. It was his wife that was cuckolding him and he talked about how he had fought it tooth and nail until one day he woke up and realized that she had taken over his life. He talked about how he wasn’t really happy with his new place in life, but how he was finally satisfied that he could endure because he was sure his wife wasn’t going to leave him. If that meant that he had to tolerate her abuse, be passed around for others to use and abuse, and even accept her bringing men home to get her kicks right in front of him, he stated he was now ready to play that game.

Then there some details in his article that really hit home to me. Evidently his owner, and wife, had done much the same thing to him as I had planned for Billy. I had even done some of those things to him just an hour ago. She was also a face sitter and used that position for most of her most serious training. The cuckold spoke of many instances from his initial training that had become progressively harder for him to endure. She had gone slow with him, perhaps much slower than I was, and used her cunt to deliver her cuckold’s first introduction to other men just as I was doing to Billy. I was amazed to read how the cuckold even used the very phrase I had thought so often to myself; that she was rubbing other men in her husband’s face by way of sitting on his face. I was surprised by how he stated that it was that very method of introducing him to other men that he saw as just barely acceptable enough to him that it had achieved the result his wife had wanted. He described how she had tortured his mind as she forced him to clean her up after engaging other men. And he claimed it was his fear of losing his beautiful wife that had forced him to do as he was ordered.

The last thing he spoke about was her mental abuse. At first the cuckold sounded like he hated her so much for doing that to him, but after several paragraphs he admitted that for him it had become a serious turn on that would render him helpless in her hands whenever she wanted. He even credited her verbal abuse as the very thing that had the most affect in forcing his turning and acceptance of his role. As much as it hurt his psyche, it drove him mad to know he had to take her belittling and throwing other men’s’ virility in his face.

I sat back and first weighed my methods against what had clearly been so effectively used to turn this cuckold. I wanted that… I wanted to wallow in the pride of knowing I had taken my Billy from being a typically controlling man and turn him into an outright sissy that would obey my every command. Perhaps obey isn’t the right word for me. Tolerate would be better. I fed off his emasculation and that would only work as long as he really didn’t want to do the things I heaped on him. I knew I had to keep tight control of how I played things. I needed a proper balance between humiliating him for my enjoyment and going only as far as he would tolerate to ensure his continued value. I saw it as my greatest challenge; getting out of this what I craved without alienating him into leaving me. That meant being able to slap him in the face one minute and then sucking him back into me with well placed loving gestures the next.

Then my thoughts turned to something much different. Why had Billy been perusing this particular site in the first place? After what I had been doing to him over the past week I would think he had no desire to view porn or read about anything like this, but here were his fingerprints. Could he be trying to find some way to turn the tables on me? After all, he had been thinking about doing this to me first. Then I wondered if it had something to do with how I was now controlling all aspects of our sex life and he was missing something he found here at the computer. Alright, so he was coming here to jack off. I knew that has always gone on since I’ve known him and it didn’t bother me at all, but why now? And why this particular site? Was he trying to figure out what I was doing to him or was I doing to him exactly what his little heart desired? If it were the former, that would mean he had caught on to the fact that he was already in training; if the latter, then he was getting just what he wanted. Either way, he was still here waiting for me to come home tonight and even put up with what had been the most denigrating acts of servitude so far. A thought occurred to me and I brought up the history menu again, and there it was; the time stamp showed he had been on the cuckold site from just minutes after I had left for the bar. That meant he either knew what I was doing, or fantasizing about it. I chuckled to myself knowing that I had already achieved my first major goal which was having my cake and eating it too. I felt very pleased and knew I would have to keep a good watch on my darling Billy to figure out if he was excited by what I was doing to him, or just tolerating my training him. And I just had to know… did he even know I was purposely training him yet? That would take half the fun out of it for me. If that was the case, I was just going to have to up the ante to keep the thrill in all this for me so that I got to keep looking at the tormented face I so craved. I guess knowing I was forcing things on him was my own true driving force. Am I raping him? Is this what rapists get out of abusing women? Forcing them to commit unspeakable acts just to watch their humiliation eating away at them?

I thought about how I could make things stay just acceptable enough for Billy to continue on in his training, yet work at his ego enough to please me. It seemed that I might have four or five months at the most until Billy was so broken that he would outlive his usefulness as a cuckold, so I went back to the web and searched other cuckold sites for ideas to prolong his usefulness. In the end, I didn’t really want to leave Billy, but knowing that he had planned to make me his cuckold originally left him as expendable. Just as I was about to give up I happened upon the most outrageous site yet. It was dedicated to female owners of male cuckolds. The thing that jumped off the page at me was the heading titled, “Keeping the excitement alive”. It first spoke to the thrill of training a first cuckold. A first cuckold? That gave me hope in that if Billy did stop pleasing me as my toy that there was always a world full of other weak males to move on to. The article went on to say a number of ways to prolong that special effect we owners craved in our cuckolds and I got many useful ideas.

I read on and each new line I read I slowed up to receive the greatest benefit of its knowledge. I slowed mostly because I was so intrigued by the words and ideas they were giving me, but also because each new idea was becoming more extreme and I wanted to savor the moment. I felt that itch that demanded me to scratch and my hands went to my crotch to play with myself as I read on. But it was the last statements of the article that sent my hands reeling away at my pussy. It read:

“If all else within your cuckold begins to fail to satisfy your lusts for control, there is always the ultimate lasting thrill – castration. No male would ever leave the very female that castrates him; feeling unworthy and even embarrassed to let other females know what had been done to him. As long as you have his physical emasculation to hold over him, he will always be there to do your bidding.”

I came so hard that as it waned I stifled my cries to hear if Billy could have possible heard me masturbating. Assured that he was still fast asleep, I sat there staring and rereading that last paragraph over and over. Castration? I had never thought of that as anything other than what you did to rapists. But it made so much sense to use in our situation as a permanent way of controlling Billy. And what was castration? I thought it meant ending the males’ sex life, but did it? My fingers tapped at the keyboard and when I typed in the search box the words castration and control, I found many new sites. Most were about controlling rapists, but one was on domination. I figured that sounded right since taking on a cuckold was all about dominating them; mind and body. I hit the button and voyaged into an entirely new world for me.

The first thing that really struck me was that castrated males didn’t really go without sex, they just had it in another way. The article spoke about how a castrated male would soon seek out ways to achieve the orgasms they had once known and that would manifest itself in mental ways of satisfaction. As I dwelled on that fact I saw another button for a gallery titled “Castrated Subs” and my hand couldn’t guide the mouse fast enough. I peered at male after male showing off their castrated bodies. There were close ups of the actually affected body areas that drove me nuts. Seeing men’s’ cocks on full display without their balls was surreal. I had never imagined anything like what I was looking at, but it was captivating to me. I imagined what Billy would look like without his balls and just a smooth flat area between his legs. I shuddered over the perverse thoughts I was having at my Billy’s expense. Could I ever do that to him? What would he do if I did? What would he think of me? Would it, as the article stated, keep him by my side as my living plaything forever? That was a benefit I could get behind, but was it just that easy, and what would it take to get Billy to that point where his balls meant nothing to him next to staying with me to face daily humiliation for what could only be my pleasure?

I’d had enough for one sitting and crept back into bed. I stared at the dimly lit figure lying next to me and imagined all sorts of deranged scenarios. I pulled the covers back enough to expose my lovers limp noodle and first smiled over how I could be pleased with such a little cock in the first place. I knew it wasn’t all that tiny, but it was a far cry from the cock that had fucked me earlier tonight. I softly placed my hand on his prick and moved it off to the side and stared at his balls. I imagined them gone and as I pushed them away to one side, I deftly felt the remaining smooth area of skin to the side of them. My body rushed over thinking of what he would look like castrated and looked back at his face. Could I really ever do something that permanent to him? As much as I might like that for my own reasons, I couldn’t possible do that to him. Playing around with his ego as a man was one thing, but physically turning him into… a eunuch was a forever thing I just couldn’t believe was in me. After all, I didn’t hate him; I just wanted to toy with him.

The next day I was a bundle of nerves and went online many times to both aid in relieving my sexual tensions as well as to read more about all the many things I had recently found out. I realized I was having sex with myself and in one way or another, having orgasms at least six or seven times a day. I was clearly turning into a sex addict. Who would have thought that control was such an aphrodisiac? I gathered hints, for the most part, on improving my training techniques and on control issues. I read about so many women taking cuckolds that it almost seemed like the most normal thing in the world to do to a guy. In the end, I kept going back to that castration site until I had read every article and detail within its pages.

By the time Billy got home, I was dressed to go out again, but I wanted to appease his worries first. I had a wonderful meal ready for him and even threw myself at him repeatedly to assure him I would be coming back to him when I finished running the streets like an alley cat. He tried talking me into having sex with him several times and I would simply brush off his advances. But then he backed me into a wall and began getting very insistent that I fuck him. That pissed me off because I was losing control of him, and the situation, so I took an owner’s shot at him.

“No… no, I can’t do that now. You think some other guy would hit on me if they knew I just fucked my boyfriend? You’ll have to wait. I promise you, you can get off on me later tonight when I get back.” If that didn’t make his position menial, I don’t know what could.

It worked and he backed away from me. I had hurt his feelings over being inadequate to the point where he would have to settle for seconds, perhaps even sloppy seconds, but I couldn’t worry about that. It was more important to me that he learn his place. He would have sex when I told him he could and that was that; and he would get it on my terms no matter what.

My night didn’t go very well. I had gone to the mall looking for available males and realized that was pretty dumb. I finally made my way back to the bar by our house and had a little more luck. I didn’t actually get laid, but as close as you could imagine. A guy had talked me into going out to the back of the parking lot with him. I sucked him off a little and got my fill over tasting a strange piece of meat, and then nearly relived the prior night. After getting my panties off me from under my skirt, he had bent me over a car’s hood to take me. I had my hands bracing me on the hood as he got started and reveled in our carnal act in such a public place where we could be caught at any time. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. A couple came out of the bar and was within fifty feet of catching us before I got the guy pushed out of me and looking over to see the couple I had spotted. He got scared and left me like I had some sort of disease.

When I got back to the house, I noticed that Billy was peeking out the bedroom window. He had been waiting for me and now I knew where to look in the future. Just as the night before, I threw myself at him and told him how fucking horny I was for him now. He tried to maintain his stand of pride, but I whittled that away in minutes. And unlike the night before where I had waited until I had him captured beneath my body, this time I told him right out that I had almost gotten laid, but it ended dismally. Oddly, that seemed to kick him into gear and he became more affectionate to me. I guess it boosted his ego to know another guy had failed to satisfy me even remotely. I dug into him with my claws though when after kissing him passionately for several minutes I asked, “You taste him?”

“What do you mean”, he asked?

“I started off by blowing the guy to get him good and hard for me. Did you taste his cock on my lips?”

He withdrew a little until I insisted on knowing and he finally said he hadn’t tasted the guy. “Too bad” I thought; I was going to have to try harder in that area. I wanted him to know what a cock really tasted like… but I had to take it slowly.

In bed I even started out by repeating my efforts to suck cock. Then I kissed him again and asked the previous question, “You taste cock now?” I finally got him to admit that he had and went for my ride on his face. It was easier this time and he took my orders like a trooper. I guess knowing up front that the guy hadn’t finished fucking me meant that he didn’t have to worry about worse things. However, he was about to understand what my driving force was really about when I began telling him every little detail of my night out. He got it blow by blow and each time I said something that made him cringe, I worked my pussy into his face that much harder trying for that special feeling. The thing that really got his expressions enraged was when I told him how this man’s cock had felt in me. I began realizing that he hadn’t thought the guy had even started fucking me and realized he once again had his mouth where a cock had just been working out. I set him straight on that assumption and watched his face skew into obvious distaste. I needled him on that point until I got off quite nicely. And again I rolled off and told him to “take his reward”.

At first his wounded manhood was very evident, but it didn’t take long for him to get into fucking away at me. I was getting good at not reciprocating his movements. I wanted to see him working as a needy little man as he worked to get whatever satisfying feeling from me that he needed to get off. Not helping him or even responding made what he was doing that much wilder for me. Again, it was the control that was feeding my own ego and seeing him struggle to use my body to cum blew it up to no end. He better get use to it, because unless I changed my mind, this was the only relief I was going to allow him for some time; except of course when he jerked off. I didn’t care about him doing that and even smirked to myself knowing that that was all he was getting to do. I almost told him several times that I was allowing him to do that, but I would rather him think that he was cheating on me every time he did it.

When he was done and rolled out from between my legs, I caught a look at his balls hanging low from between his legs. I remembered how I had stolen a feel of them the night before and grabbed at them now. He looked worried because it was such an unnatural thing for me to do. He almost seemed to be afraid of my hand as I rolled them in my fingers. That was a queer thing to do. I turned over and tried to sleep, but that look kept coming back to me. I sort of assumed that he had jerked off while I was out, but then I needed to know… what had he done it to. I waited until he was asleep and made my way back to the PC. I felt Billy’s cum leaking out of me as I sat there waiting for the browser to catch up and smirked. I thought, “Nice boy, you’re coming along nicely.”

I went for the browser history and sat there in total disbelief. At first glance I thought that he hadn’t even been on the computer while I was gone, but then I saw the time stamp and was floored. I now understood his earlier fear as I rolled his testicles between my fingers. He had gone to the same site I had gone to and had obviously seen me researching castration. That fucker! It hadn’t occurred to me that he had been checking the browser history just as I had been, but now I had to wonder just why he would do that. Had I lost my element of torment, or had he actually led me into deciding to train him as my cuckold? I knew his disgust was genuine over the sick things I had made him do for me, so that really only left one thing his searches could have been for; to see what was coming for him. That’s why he cringed as I touched him. That begged the question then, why was he staying with me?

I pondered that question for a while and decided to find out. Was he putting up with me because he loved me just that much, or was he just as sick and twisted as I was becoming? I knew I had to find out for sure. Sadly, I worried that it was his choice to want to be a cuckold and that would depress me so much. That would mean I had lost that sense of control and abuse I had falling in love with over using him as my entertainment.

But if it was the fact that he was staying with me because he loved me so much that he would tolerate my abuse just to be with me, then I still had what I wanted. But how could he know I had researched castration, on a domination site at that, and still leave his balls where for all he knew, I might cut them off in the middle of the night? His reactions told me that he really didn’t want to lose his physical symbols of manhood, so was he just too scared to leave me or just that willing to let me have my fun just to be with me?

Then an idea came to me and I headed for the cuckold site. Since I had to make a screen name to use the sites internal lists, I simply looked for Billy’s profile and emailed him as if I was one of the site’s old-timers. I pretended to be curious as to why he hadn’t checked off if he was either an owner or a cuckold, instead opting for a visitor pass. I asked several questions if he were an owner, and then many more if he were a cuckold. The second set of questions was much more aimed at easing his mind more than to get any info. I wanted to see if he would answer before going full bore at him. Pleased with how I had found a way to get into his most hidden secrets, I shut down the PC and headed back to bed. Ironically, just as I got comfortable, I heard the very email I had sent moments earlier arrive on his phone. All I could do was smile and fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, Billy had left for work. Too bad, because I had a couple of things to torment his mind with during his day. Suddenly I remembered the email and lunged for my phone, but because I hadn’t fully set up the forwarding process I knew I wouldn’t find anything. I headed for the bathroom and then the PC. When I found my way to my online mailbox, I was almost shocked to see that Billy had already answered my email from his phone. I opened the mail and read it:

“Hi, not sure who you are, but it’s nice talking to anyone about this. I guess you would see me as a cuckold. At least that’s the way my GF has been treating me. She don’t even know what a cuckold is, I’m sure. But I found something online that has me really scared. I’m not sure who she is anymore. I just wish I didn’t love her so much. At work, so I gotta run, but stay in touch. I’d love to know more.”

He can bet his balls I’ll stay in touch. I was amazed that my scheme had worked so well, and so easily. I thought about how to best answer his email and hit reply.

“Interesting email! I guess I should first soothe your fears a little. I know many, many cuckolds and they live very happy lives. For the most part, many of them live very normal lives for the most part. Owners just have this… need, to control someone and sort of play with them for their own enjoyment. But be honest, I bet you’ve already seen a huge improvement in your sex life, haven’t you? It might be embarrassing at times, even hard to work through things, but if you really love your girl then I’m sure you’ll be fine. Do you really love her? Has she hurt you? I mean physically – hurting you mentally is part of the seductive game she’ll want to play. Are you sure she doesn’t know what a cuckold is, or even that what she might be doing to you has reached the training level?

What kinds of things has she done that makes you feel like a cuckold? Let me guess, she’s introduced you to men? Slept around just to provoke your jealousy? Made you do things that are contrary to your best interests? Would that be so bad? At least she loves you enough to keep you around. From how I read your email, it would probably kill you if she just went away.

I love talking to nubes, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and I’ll try to help you along. Hang in there and don’t make any rash decisions you’ll regret later on.

BTW, what scared you so much?”

I hit the send button, set up my mail to forward to my phone, and went to get something to eat. And even before I was done my bowl of cereal, I heard the email tone on my phone. I looked at the clock and thought, “That can’t be Billy. He should be on break now and getting a snack.” But there it was – his answer.

“Wow, you hit the nail right on the head. I’m on break so my answers have to be short. My sex life has changed, and frequency a little more often, but not so sure for the better. I’m her second string partner these days. She uses me to finish what her boyfriends start. She has definitely warped my head by the things she has done lately. She hasn’t introduced me to her “friend”, but tells me all about what she’s done with them. It breaks my heart to know she can openly cheat on me.

I’m sure when she started this shit that she didn’t know about cuckolds, but she does now. I know she’s been checking out your web site, but not sure just how many days ago. I definitely feel like I’m being trained though. Not a lot has happened yet, but it’s humiliating to put up with. She even forced me to buy her new clothes to go out on her first date.

I do love her so much. It broke my heart when she told me she was going to leave me which is why I’m stuck putting up with all this crap just to keep her here long enough to change her mind. As far as what scared me is that I found out that she had been checking out something new on another web site – it was about castration. Gotta run, thanks for getting back to me so soon. I’m so worried that things are going to get really crazy.”

Damn, I got him! Talk about control; now I’m in his head and can know for sure when I’m pushing too hard… or can push him even harder. And I got my answer over whether he knew what was going on or not. He does, in a way, but still doesn’t have any real idea how much I know. I guess the most telling thing was about the castration stuff. I knew he was thinking about it, and now I know how to use it to control him even better.

My day seemed to fly by as I could never quite get my head out of the clouds. It was like I was fantasizing about my next moves all day. By the time Billy got home, I was setting my sights on his next lesson. Through my online alter ego, I was going to prepare him for it, but he wouldn’t see it coming until it was too late to do anything about it.

I made sure to give Billy a great meal, showed him a good deal of passion, and even told him how important he was to me, but the latter gave him a hint that made him question my approach to him since he got home. I came clean and told him that I was indeed going out again, but assured him that by the way things had gone so far that I would surely be needing his attention when I got home. Again he had that “second fiddle” look in his eyes, but he was going to have to deal with that on his own – sort of. After getting ready and doing my normal twirl in front of him to let him inspect the bait, I asked him to get my purse from the bedroom. As soon as he went for it, I hopped onto the PC and sent the email draft I had prepared earlier. It was my response to his last communication this morning. It was the only help I would be giving him to cope with what I had in mind for him when I got home.

In perfect timing, as soon as he handed me my purse, his email alert rang on his phone. I knew exactly what it said, but couldn’t help teasing him. I asked him what the email was and after looking at it, he told me it was work related and popped his phone in his pocket. I kissed him goodbye, told him to wish me luck, and ran out. I was running late for my date, a date I had set up earlier when I ran into Freddie again at the food store. He actually asked me to join him for dinner this time and I jumped at the chance. I was bubbling over with excitement as I was looking forward to my first jaunt into a romantic date in quite a while. Little did he know he would be providing dinner for two of us? As soon as I got out the door I’m sure Billy got my email. I was also sure that he was thinking he was getting help to cope with his dilemma from some anonymous person from our favorite web site.

“Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I had to think about what you needed to know about your situation. First, you should relax about the castration thing. It certainly wouldn’t happen this early and even if that was where she was headed, you would have a great deal of warning. That’s not something that she would be able not to use against your self esteem. She would find that very pleasurable and would want to savor it for as long as she could.

I’m guessing that she’s going slow so as to get the greatest reactions from you. Your mental anguish is her entertainment and she’ll feed off that for quite a while. From the mindset of a cuckold, you should learn to enjoy seeing how happy you’re making her. I suggest telling her your reservations about things you find hard to deal with, but that won’t stop the itinerary she probably has in mind for you. It will however understand your problem areas and believe it or not, she will take it into consideration as she moves you forward. This is assuming that you are indeed going to be staying for the ride. I would suggest you go with the flow for at least a while to see just what she has planned for you. Buck up and be a cheerful cuckold. I guarantee that a chance like this for the wildest sex you’ll ever have doesn’t come along twice in one’s life.

You should check out our page on training. It’ll give you a good idea of what the normal and natural progression of a new owner might be, and that way you can prepare your mind for what’s to come. Even if she had no idea about the normal ritual training of a cuckold might be, she’ll almost certainly follow the natural progression process. After all, that’s what natural means.

BTW, by introducing you to men, I actually meant getting you use to being intimate with other males in residual ways; like getting a taste of them first. I think you can guess what I mean by that. I’m sure if she’s enjoying herself that it’ll be a while before she would actually make you confront, and thus perform for a man directly. Have you ever had any experience with guys before? Most of us do something sometime in our lives, usually as kids just to see what the other guys have and sample things that way. It would give you something to draw on.

I have to warn you though – eventually she’ll want you to actually taste one of her flings remnants. Yes, I mean his cum. There are several ways she might do that, but whatever way she chooses will be vulgar to you for sure. I hear it’s not that bad, so just do as you’re told and keep her happy. That kind of thing will win you a lot of favor with her.

Last, may I ask – what’s so wrong with being a cuckold? If you really love her as much as you say, shouldn’t you be happy to know how happy and excited you’re able to make her. I bet her flings don’t come close to doing that for her. Think about it; they may be the one’s getting her engines running, but it’s you that she keeps coming back to and that means she’s as hooked on you as you are on her. Isn’t that security what you really want? Believe it or not, this is probably just as hard for her to admit to herself as it is for you to accept.

Well, let me know if I can be of any other help. Hope I’ve helped you so far.”

At dinner I heard my email beep and after seeing who it was from, I ran to the bathroom to read Billy’s response.

“I’m not sure I can do what she might want as you described it. I just worry so much that if I don’t do it, she’ll just up and leave me. That would kill me.

I did have one of those learning times you described with an older neighbor kid when I was younger, but that was just kid stuff. Odd, I didn’t have much choice then either. I really don’t think I could do anything with a guy now; especially if she’s watching me at the time. I did look at your training page again and it just scares the hell out of me.

The castration thing still bothers me a lot. I know I could never give up my ability to get off even if it means losing her. Besides, if I can’t have sex, then why would I need her anyway?

I’ve already made up my mind to stick it out for a couple of more weeks, but every day she’s walking away with a little more of my manhood. And this training thing… okay, I get it, and I even have to admit that there is some sick part of it that intrigues me, but I’m not gay. I think the only thing that is allowing me to put up with it is that I get to see her asserting herself in a way I’ve never seen before, and something about that look on her face as she’s doing her best to humiliate me is… I don’t know… I guess I do like knowing how much fun she’s having even if it is at my expense.

But thanks for all your help, it really has calmed me down a lot. She’s out on another date right now, and the things running through my head are just so hard to deal with. I just wonder what her next step might be and if I can handle it. Cya!”

All I could do was grin from ear-to-ear. Is he ever going to get a learning experience when I get home? I was so cheerful during the dinner that Freddie thought I was losing a screw. But by the time he dropped me off at my car, I had gained from him exactly what I wanted. When I got home, a quick peek told me that my loving boyfriend was back in the window waiting for me. What a loyal cuckold!

I waited right inside of the doorway for him to show up. My eyes were all it took to tell him how much I needed his expertise, so as I walked by him I grabbed his hand and began leading him to the bedroom. He began protesting a little until I ordered him to stop whining. Billy stood by the bed as I peeled off my clothes and casually sat down on the stuffed chair, and spread my legs just enough so he knew I was inviting him between them. However, he couldn’t possibly be ready for what I had in mind.

“You do really love me, don’t you sweetie? I’ve been wondering if I’m asking too much of you?”

He responded in several ways to assure me of his undying love, but when he tried to interject his doubts over what I was doing to him, I brushed off his comments as if they didn’t really matter.

“You do know you’re the only one in the world I could ever do anything like this with, don’t you?”

I could see his face swelling with pride even as he tried again to lament his concern. Again I brushed away his reluctance to play my games.

“Well honey, it’s time to see just how much you really do love me. I was going to wait on this, but I need to know if you really want me to stick around, so… this is going to be tough for you. I need you to do something for me. You’re not going to like this, but it would make me the happiest girl in the world. Come over here and do for me what no other man could come close to doing.”

I could see I had piqued his interests by building his manhood the slightest bit; at least until I called him over. I spread my legs a little more and rubbed my clit softly as I cooed for his attention down there. But I wasn’t going to let him get started on the chore he knew I needed done until I made it nearly impossible for him to do. I was going for the big one here and wanted two things from him. I wanted to know he was committed to pleasing me, and of course, I needed to see in his face just how hard it was going to be for him.

“I met Freddie again and… you remember him don’t you? He was the guy you got your first taste of? Anyway, I got him to fuck me all the way this time. He left me in such a mess – see?”

I began gesturing with my fingertips over how icky I saw my pussy as, and his response told me he was coming around to understanding what I was asking of him. I dwelled over the look of despair on his face and continued my gentle cooing for his attention that I knew would get him closer to me.

“I need you so bad, Billy! I know you can do this for me. You want me to be happy, don’t you? Come over here and take care of mommy, pleeease!”

Mommy? Could I be any more condescending?

I could see him stuck in total limbo. On the one hand, I could see he did want to do the one thing he knew I really wanted from him to keep us together, but on the other, he was thinking about what was in me. And that was the look I craved like a wanton whore.

When he stood there peering at my cunt just a little too long, I fell into the sadistic bitch I knew it would take to get his compliance. “Now Billy, get over here and prove you want me to stay with you.”

He began to visibly shake and I repeated my command that now even sort of shocked me as it rang in my own ears. “Get the fuck over here, now! I’m not going to wait all fucking day. Get down here or get the hell out and I’ll finish myself off.”

My aggressive tone mixed with my ultimatum shocked him into moving right in front of me. I had to coax him into every tiny step, but eventually I had him on his knees with his face just a foot away from my next torment with his hands resting on my thighs. Now that he was in the right position, I wrapped both of my hands around the back off his head and began to gently pull his face closer to my crotch. Seeing that he was so very close to complying, I kept pulling on his head as his resistance weakened and went back to cooing.

“That’s right, sweetie, prove to me that you’re the only man that really knows how to please me. Take a lick and you’ll see – it’s not that hard to take. Just lick me a little.”

I watched his painfully distorted expression as his tongue jutted out and I pulled him into the mess I had purposely created for him to sample. I shuddered uncontrollably at that first touch against my pubic hair and that seemed to inspire him. The one thing he had to know for sure was just how much I wanted this of him. I could barely keep my eyes opened enough to watch his tongue flick over my labia several times until I pulled his face right into me. I ordered him to go inside of me and then my sadistic side took over complete control of me again as he did it.

“Ohhh, yeah, sweetie. See, you can do it. Now work that tongue and make me cum like never before.” I scooted my bottom forward, mashing myself against his face, and renewed my grip on his head for my verbal assault on his ego. I wanted to really start working at emasculating him to gain future control of him; and to watch his face as it showed its disgust. I had decided that this was like breaking a bronco – get him to taste another man’s cum once and he could never deny me again.

“Ahhh, yeah, that’s it. You taste him this time, don’t you? I knew you loved me enough to do this. You like the taste of his sperm? Get it all now.”

Seeing that he was settling into his fate, I just kept needling his ego. “Yeah, get it all, sweetheart. Get my clit, too now. Make me proud of you.”

I flashed back to his last email and used it to delve into his most secret world without giving away who he had been talking to earlier.

“I bet this isn’t the first time, is it? You’ve tasted cum before, haven’t you? I know, I know, you’re just a little afraid to admit it, but I bet you’ve sucked cock before, haven’t you?”

I saw his already closed eyes tighten as he had to be remembering his youthful experiences. I was feeding off his desperation to hide the truth, and wrapped my legs around his head to keep him from getting away as I kicked it into high gear. My first orgasm was in the wings and I wanted to make this the best time yet.

“You like that cum, don’t you? I knew you would – I knew there was a sissy in there just waiting to get freaky. Clean up that mess and get every drop out of me. Freddie would like that. Would you like to meet Freddie sometime? You could thank him for his deposit. Would you like that?”

Billy began struggling to pull away from me, but between my hands and my legs, he had no choice but to do my bidding. I started rubbing my bottom against his face as hard as I could, and then something wild happened. It’s like that bronco when he finally settles down that first time and gives in to his training. Billy knew I had him and I felt him relax his head as I used it just the way I wanted it. Yet, I still needed more. I needed to hear him admit things to me, even if he didn’t really mean them… yet.

“What an amazing cunt lapper you are. You like his stuff, don’t you?” When I didn’t get a response, I slapped the top of his head once really hard. Not wanting to get more slaps, I heard a muffled, “Yes!”, but as tormented as that first confession might have been for him, he didn’t miss a beat in trying to lick me into heaven. I saw that no matter what was actually going on, he had relinquished his face for my greed-filled benefit. As my verbal onslaught continued and I had him muffle more tortured answers to my ruthless questions, my ass bucked into the air and I saw that now Billy’s hands were working to hold onto my legs as if to keep me from getting away from him now. He even forced my legs wider and all I could do was quiver as his tongue moved for its final assault on my clit. Just as I started the most amazing orgasm, my legs dropped away from their death grip on his head and I saw Billy was just as turned on as I was, to the point where my hands flew to either arm of the chair to control my spasms as he bit my clit hard between his lips as he flicked his tongue over the tip of it until I came so fucking hard I thought I would hurt him. I collapsed into the chair as Billy continued on by dipping his tongue back into me while waiting for me to tell him I had enough.

When I finally pushed his head away from me, telling him I needed a rest, Billy did that instant mental turn that showed he was feeling guilty over allowing this side to present itself. I ruffled his hair and took one last poke at his manhood. “You can eat another guy’s cum out of me any time you want.”

Suddenly, he wanted nothing more to do with me because of his embarrassment, but I insisted that he had done such a good job and had been so compliant, that I wanted him to fuck me as his reward. It took almost as much doing to get him started on me as it had to take his first taste of another man, but as I laid under him as little more than a wet blanket, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about what was to come. I knew it wouldn’t be long now before I would have to confess that I was training him as my loyal cuckold, yet it would be some time before telling him I had only flipped the tables on him for wanting to do the same to me. A half hour after he had reluctantly taken his reward between my legs, I had fallen asleep but was awakened by the bed shaking under me. Billy was sneaking out to do something. Eventually I understood he had gone to the PC and I knew exactly what for; I was about to get my surreptitious response over what I had done to him.

Quite a while later, I heard Billy sneaking back into bed with me. I almost gave myself away when the email alert went off on my phone next to the bed and had to stifle my giggling. All I could do was wait until morning to see how he felt about things. That’s when I read this:

“Hi again! Just as I had thought, this was the worst night yet. And not really for the reasons I would have thought of really. After my girlfriend’s night out, she came back to me as you had said she would. She really does get off on having me finish what other guy’s get started. I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this to anyone, but I guess not knowing you helps. She forced me to go down on her and after she had, you know, fucked that other guy.

I guess it’s no surprise to you, but that first taste of another guy was the purpose of it. It was really hard to do knowing that some other stranger had just been fucking my girl, not to mention what he had left behind as evidence of having her. I did as you suggested and just sucked it up, no pun intended, and did as she demanded. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but there was a crazy reward in it that I can’t get out of my head. That look of satisfaction on her face over what she was forcing me into doing was so freaking wild. I’ve never seen her so… so excited… so elated with our sex life. As degrading at it was to me, by the end I just wanted to make her smile and watched that look of total satisfaction on face.

I read through your website for a while and even some letters from cuckolds and came to the conclusion that maybe I am meant to be her cuckold. I would do just about anything to see that look on her, but as I read about some of the things that cuckolds have to go through, I just don’t know if I can do it. After she had her way, she gave me what she is now referring to as my reward – the right to fuck her. But she doesn’t even reciprocate as I do it. She just lies there and doesn’t kiss me, put her arms around me, and just leaves her legs wherever I put them. This time was different though. Naturally, it takes a lot to get going after that kind of humiliation, but when I did, I couldn’t get my mind to shut down to normal thoughts. I just kept seeing her face as I ate her out. Knowing that she was totally humiliating me does something to her that I just can’t explain, but one thing is for sure; she is definitely training me now. I think she’s even following the guidelines to training on your site.

I think what I’m really trying to confess to you as the stranger you are, that a lot of other thoughts kept creeping into my head as I fucked her. The thought of another guy’s cock being where my mouth was tears me up, but for some reason I got harder than ever every time I thought about it. Is that normal? I’m not gay or anything like that, but why would that get me so hard if it bothers me so much? Even now, my mouth is still tingling from his stuff, yet I’m hard despite feeling like such a wimp. And that’s another thing. She even called me a sissy and I know she thinks of me as far less of a man as the guy that she had used against me. How can I stay with a girl that doesn’t see me as a man?

In short, I guess much of what you’ve said so far is right and I see that I have a lot of decisions to make. I dread where I see this going, but I have to decide how much I can take, and if it’s going to be worth it just to know how happy she is.

My only real question is; do you think I should stick around? Does it sound like I’m the type of guy that would let his girlfriend turn him into a cuckold? Thanks for all your help, I’m just so fucking confused by all this shit.”

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