A young boy is fucked by his friend’s older sister
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I was teen at the time it happened, well built, not
fabulous, but fairly strong and also, not bad looking.
I had a few pimples here and there, but altogether, I
was a good package, along with my six-inch dick.

I was over at my friend Tom’s house. It was getting
late a night, around ten, and the rest of Tom’s family
had gone to bed. This was not unusual because his
family like to wake early. His Mom and Dad were asleep
in their room, and his sister was in hers.

Her name was Rachel, and many times had I filled up a
sock on my dick thinking of her. She had light brown
hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She was a little bit
fat, but it was a sexy type of plumpness.

We were watching some Woody Allen movie on TV when Tom
decided to go get changed into his pajamas. I chose to
stay in the lounge and watch the movie, figuring I
could just sleep in my shorts.

It was half an hour before I realized that Tom had not
come back. So, I decide to go and see him. I opened the
lounge door and my jaw dropped; there was Rachel,
standing there in her tiny pajamas. She had not seen me
as she was facing the other way, pouring herself a
glass of milk.

I took the time to check out her young, sporty plump
body. She had a lacy tank top that showed the sides of
her breasts jutting out from in front. The shorts she
had on were clearly fairly old as they were faded and
tight. They were higher around the bottom of her
perfect arse and I could see an outline of a fat pussy.

She turned around, surprised to see me, and
accidentally spilt some of the milk in her cup on the
front of her top. This almost killed me; I could
clearly see an outline of her nipples. She realized I
was checking her out and looked down at my growing
erection. She smirked at me and gave a big wink,
letting her tongue roll across her mouth.

She walked out of the kitchen and into her room, slowly
shutting the door behind her. I took a minute to
compose my self and fold my dick up into my stomach to
hide my erection, and then I walked through the
kitchen, the hall and into Tom’s room.

I was annoyed to find he had fallen asleep on his bed.
I turned off the light, and shut the door. I knew they
had a futon in the lounge that I could sleep on. As I
tiptoed through the house back to the lounge, I decided
to put my ear on Rachel’s door. All I could hear was
nothing at first, but soon I could hear a soft panting
noise, as it got louder, I realized, she was fingering

I waited until she stopped, with a loud sigh mind you,
and snuck back into the lounge. Smiling like an idiot
because of what I had just heard.

I turned the TV off and slowly unfolded my bed. I
opened the closet opposite the bed to pull out some
pillows and blankets. This was about the seventh time I
had slept over at Tom’s house, so I knew the drill.

I fell asleep about half an hour after I had turned off
the lights and settled into bed, my erection was the
problem, Rachel’s little “Session” had caused me to
become really horny.

I was awakened by footsteps in the kitchen, it was
someone tiptoeing, but it still managed to wake me up.
I was starting to breath very heavy and I tried to
stiffen it, not wanting to draw attention to myself.

I was fully alert when I realized the door was slowly
opening. My heart stopped, it was Rachel!

She was slowly sneaking towards my bed, when she got
there; she waved her hands in front of my face to check
if I was still asleep. I slowly got up as she made to
lie down next to me. Without a word, She pulled off her
top and leant forward to kiss me. I kissed back, blown
away at the taste and smell of this beautiful, sexy,
young girl.

She slowly ran her hand down inside the sheets as we
kissed. Upon finding my hard cock, she wrapped her hand
around it. Running her hand up and down my member, she
slowly got up onto her knees and positioned herself
with my bottom ribs wrapped between her thighs as she
slowly started to jerk me off.

“Rachel, I…” I stuttered. She silenced me with a
finger on her lips then proceeded to lick my chest. I
couldn’t believe she was really doing this with me!

When she reached my head, she looked up and said two
simple words that almost made me cum right there.

“Fuck me.”


I couldn’t believe what was happening.


Wow. Rachel spun around on my chest, wiping her juices
all over my stomach.

“In my pussy, right now!” she leaned forward to give me
a better view of her snatch. I couldn’t see very well
because she hadn’t turned the lights on.

We both got up so I could put my cock in here. She
leaned forward on the futon and stuck her ass in the

“Here I come.” she giggled in anticipation.

I pushed forward, my cock rubbing against the wall of
her wet pussy. I eased in slowly, and when I felt her
clit, I almost came then. She started to contract and
loosen her cunt on my cock, keeping me from reaching
orgasm, but giving her great pleasure.

She started to softly growl as I grinded against her

We eventually started to pick up speed, until I was
plowing in to her so fast, it was almost funny. She
started to squeal, and it pushed me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum in you,” I stammered.

She reached around her ass and pulled my cock out of
her, it was throbbing heavily and this made her smile

She grinned as she turned around and said, “Yes you

With that she leaned forward and took my cock in her
warm mouth. It felt wonderful, I ran my fingers through
her hair and every time she laughed I felt a blast of
warm air on my knob.

She licked the head all over with her tongue whilst
looking up at me with puppy dog eyes.

I sat down on the futon and positioned her on top of me
so I could finger her whilst she sucked me off.

It didn’t take long before I came in her mouth and
stopped to watch in amazement as she swallowed all my

She looked up at me and smiled, “Get back to work you.”

I continued to finger her, rubbing my two fingers all
around her pussy and then teasing her clit. This
brought on a new sensation in her body and before long
I brought her to orgasm.

We laid there licking each other all over before we
settled down to hug on the futon, whilst our hands
explored each others body and we continued to kiss

I eventually fell asleep with her head on my chest and
our arms around each other.

I remember thinking I was the luckiest fifteen-year-old
in the world, having a beautiful, sexy, seventeen-year-
old in my arms.


I woke up to the light snoring that was blowing on my

I looked down to see Rachel asleep, and stuck to me
with dried sweat.

She was naked, so was I. This was what it felt like not
to be a virgin.

I realised that I better wake her up before one of her
family members come in.

I shifted my hand up to her pussy, slowly I crept my
fingers in and rubbed around on the lips. She smiled
and slowly came awake.

“Hi,” she said.


“I love you.”

“I love your body.” I replied.

She brought her tongue up to my mouth and slowly kissed
me whilst I fingered her, slowly pushing down on the
clit and then releasing.

She pulled away.

“I’ve got to go, sorry.”


With that, she got off me and wrapped the blanket
around her body, hiding her nakedness.

“I want to give you a present at the breakfast table,
in front of everyone.” She whispered, before
dissapearing out the door.

My eyes bulged, what could she do without getting

I was soon going to find out.

I realised I was still naked.


I hastily threw my clothes on, and just in time, as Tom
walked through the door.

“Hey” he said, as he turned on the t.v.

“Hey” I replied.

“Breakfast is in half an hour, wanna play some


We sat down and played un-interrupted for about twenty
minutes when Rachel came back in.

I tried my best to act cool and treat it as if nothing.

“Hey Rach.” Tom said, not lifting his eyes off the

“Good morning boys” she said, looking directly at me
and licking the top of her lip.

“Morning Rach.” I said, as she mouthed back at me,the
words “Fuck me.”

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