What’s New, Pussycat?
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This year, like the last five, he and his wife were going
next door to spend the evening. The kids had gone out
with friends to a great party and were not due back until
late. He and Lori always made their house all dark and
went next door to help hand out candy and spend the
evening with Sue and Dave.

They cooked on the grill, sitting on the patio and having
a few drinks before going in to ready the candy bowl for
the onslaught. As soon as it became dark, the doorbell
began ringing. They took turns answering and handing out
the goodies. Daren thought he noticed the same car out
front each time he had door-duty, but shrugged it off.

They continued sipping drinks and laughing together as
the kids made a steady path to the door. As he returned
from the door for the millionth time, Lori asked him to
go to their house to pick up a package she had for Sue.
Everyone was feeling a little tipsy and happy. Lori was
being exceptionally friendly and intimate. Daren hated to
leave that. But he also wanted a little break from all
the short ghosts and witches, so he agreed to go. He
slipped out the back and went to his kitchen door,
unlocking and opening it a little clumsily.

As he entered the kitchen, he heard a soft voice behind
him. He had just switched on the light when a woman
stepped into the room after him. He noted her form-
fitting black cat costume, a pretty furry tail swaying
behind her. Her hair was short and silver-streaked, a
jeweled mask covering her upper face, but highlighting
her sparkling eyes. She told him not to worry, he was
perfectly safe with her, and then she turned off the

They stood still in the kitchen for a minute, their eyes
adjusting to the darkness. She pulled the door closed and
locked it, smiling at Daren and talking softly. She said
she had been watching him and waiting for her chance to
be alone with him. As she spoke, she walked straight up
to Daren, until she was totally invading his private
space, and filling his head with her vanilla scent. He
could feel her soft breath on his chin, her warmth
against his shirt. Her fingernails were sliding slowly up
and down his arms, and he could feel their sharpness
through the fabric. He shivered slightly. She looked up
at him and began licking him, making long strokes up to
his mouth, licking his lips and chin.

She sighed as she tasted him, her nipples hardening
against his chest. He put his hands on her tight ass,
pulling her closer to him. She was talking softly again,
explaining that she only had a few minutes until her
group was meeting her. She and her friends were expected
at a party a few blocks away, but she had seen him framed
in the doorway, giving out candy, and she knew she had to
have him. She had parked out front and waited for his
turns to give candy so she could study him. As she spoke
to him, her hands were moving restlessly over his body,
down his ass, up his thighs.

“What I want,” she whispered, “is a fast, deep, hard
fuck. A Halloween quickie.”

She could tell from his breathing that he approved of the
idea. Her hands quickly moved to his buckle and undid it,
and opened his pants, pushing them down to the floor. Her
hand slid into his shorts, grasping his hard cock and
massaging it, allowing the pre-come to lubricate her palm
as she held him. She guided his other hand between her
legs, his fingers to finding the snaps there. He pulled
them open and felt the opening in her fishnet stockings,
allowing his finger access to her hot pussy. He slid his
fingers into her, feeling her pink warmth and wetness,
moving them in and out, hearing her moan.

Abruptly, she pulled away. She told him they didn’t have
time for that, she needed fucking. He lifted her onto the
kitchen counter, HIS kitchen counter, in his house! His
wife was only steps away, laughing and giving out candy.
The reality of the entire situation was making him more
excited than he could ever remember. As she sat on the
counter, she spread her legs and moved closer to him. She
asked him to lick her, touch her clit with his tongue,
please. He lowered her head to her warm center, his mouth
hungrily sucking on her wet slit, his tongue trying to
reach deep into her. He pulled on the crotch of her
stockings, allowing him more access to her sweetness.

She was so incredibly wet and swollen. His tongue circled
her clit and then slid back to her cunt. He drove his
tongue into her, over and over, as she moaned and rocked
against him. Her fingers, in his hair, pulled him closer
to her curlies. He inhaled her musky vanilla scent, his
cock straining for release. Suddenly, her fingers were
pushing him away. She lightly jumped down from the
counter and took his hand, leading him to a chair.

He sat down, his cock hard and throbbing. She straddled
his lap and lowered herself down on him, guiding him into
her with her soft, little hand. His thick cock head
popped into her, making her smile. She continued to raise
and lower herself, smiling with each POP of his cock
entering her. Finally, she just wanted him too much to
play anymore. She impaled herself on him, lowering the
heat and pinkness of her cunt completely over him.

She held his face in her hands and kissed his mouth,
tasting herself on him, moving her needy body up and down
with rapid strokes. He slipped one finger between them,
touching her clit, circling it. He felt her tensing and
listened as her breathing became ragged. She stopped
moving and then cried out, her muscles tightening around
his cock and then throbbing furiously as her orgasm shook
her. She called out to him, begging him to come inside
her. She wanted to party with his come deep inside,
oozing out throughout the evening.

The combination of her words and her pulsing muscles was
too much, and he came hard, feeling his come spurting
inside her warmth. They clung together as they regained
composure. As he started to soften and slip from her
pink, she dropped to her knees and daintily cleaned his
exhausted cock. She licked it clean with soft, gentle
strokes. As he stood, she helped him dress. She took his
hand and slid it into her pussy, all soft and wet now. He
smiled at her and helped her snap her costume. One gentle
kiss and she was gone, as quickly as she had arrived. He
stood in the kitchen, totally unable to remember why he
was there, but smiling happily.

Halloween was always Daren’s favorite holiday. It was fun
and surprising and had an air of possibility about it.
Anything could happen! The chance was there…


The next night, Daren was still relishing the memory. His
wife had gone to a club meeting, the kids were involved
in activities at school, and he was all alone. This was
one of his favorite times. He liked to lower the lights
and strip down and lie on the bed. Sometimes he read
magazines, other times, he watched movies. Tonight, he
ran his Halloween adventure through his mind, over and
over. Each time, he thought of something else that
excited him. The idea of having this incredible episode
in his own house, his own kitchen, was unbelievably

Then he thought of her vanilla scent and felt his cock
harden even more.

The secrecy, the surprise, the speed of it…all made him
more excited. He could feel the soft, smoothness of her
skin and the heat of her pussy, as if she were there with
him. As he lay there on the bed, rubbing his aching cock,
he wondered if perhaps he had dreamed the entire episode,
a result of too much to drink and an overactive
imagination. That possibility had been gnawing at him all
night and all day. Was it possible a woman had appeared
in the night and just wanted to fuck HIM and then
disappear? As his hand massaged his throbbing cock, he
wondered if he could have been so lucky as to be the one
“Kit” had chosen last night.

The phone rang and Daren debated answering. He could let
the machine pick it up, it probably was a call for one of
the kids. He was enjoying his memories and the feel of
his erect dick being massaged, and hated to be
interrupted. Then, of course, the thought ran through his
mind that his family might be calling, needing help, and
he reached for it.

His cock recognized the caller before it registered in
his mind. The soft voice that had requested a quick fuck
last night was in his ear again, saying hello and his
name. She quickly explained that she knew he was alone
and would never have called otherwise.

Daren asked her name, anxiously asked how she knew so
much about him, including his phone number. She told him
they had friends in common, kids in school together.
Someday she would explain all, if he would be patient.
For now, he could call her “Kit”, if he liked, and they
would continue their little game.

So many thoughts raced through Daren’s mind. He knew he
should stop this now, this adventure that was obsessing
him. He knew all the reasons he should hang up the phone,
but he couldn’t. This woman was what he had always
wanted, erotic loving with no strings. Her voice was
causing all sorts of reactions in his body, including
making his already hard cock throb uncontrollably.

He told her yes, he could be patient, he could continue
their game, he would actually love to continue. This was
what she wanted to hear and she murmured her happiness.
She asked him what he was wearing, where he was at that
exact moment. Daren blushed as he considered telling her
the truth, that he was naked and hard for her, that he
was imagining her in his own bed with him.

Even as intimate as last night had been, it still caused
him embarrassment to admit his lust for her. As she
waited for his reply, Kit started whispering to him. She
was home alone also, wearing the kitten outfit from last
night, thinking of him. She lowered the phone so he could
hear the snaps come undone.

As he listened, she must have slipped a finger into her
hot warmth and moved it over her clit, as he could hear
the unmistakable sound of a wet pussy. She brought the
phone back to her mouth, asking him if he liked imagining
what she was doing? She then sucked her wet fingers for
him, and he could hear her murmuring her enjoyment of the
taste as her fingers slid in and out of her mouth. My
god, he was getting so excited.

After a few minutes of this, Kit asked him again what he
was wearing. Daren took a deep breath and said he was
naked, lying on the bed. She began breathing faster,
asking him if he was touching himself, saying she
remembered so well how lovely his hard cock was. She said
she envied him his hard dick, his freedom to touch it at
any time, and asked him to touch it now for her. As if
she needed to ask! His hand slid over the swollen head,
gathering precome and sliding it down the taut shaft. Kit
was whispering in his ear, telling him it was her hand
touching him, her fingers massaging the swollen veins
that ran the length of his manhood.

Then, she continued, he could touch her. Did he feel how
wet she was, how incredibly swollen? She described how
his fingers were initially sliding slowly up and down her
slit, moving gently the length of her, parting her
curlies with his fingertips, slipping just a little
deeper with each pass. His fingertips barely grazed her
clit and moved on, down her slit, until they reached her
sweet pinkness. Ah, please, stay here for a while. But
his fingers were too restless, had too much to do, to
touch. They continued their massage of her inner warmth,
skimming lightly over her most sensitive skin, making her
ache with desire. Kit described all of this in an
increasingly breathless voice, making it visual for him.

Daren closed his eyes and he could see it. He could see
his hand loving her, while he was sure she was the one so
wonderfully caressing his cock. It was odd, this feeling.
He had discussed phone sex with his pals and had been the
one so sure it was ridiculous, a waste of time. He had
made the point many time that it was just masturbating
with company. Yet now he could swear that Kit was beside
him and touching him and making him ache with desire.

Kit was saying how well she remembered him, the feel of
his massive cockhead entering her tight little cunt, the
feel as it popped into her and filled her with heat. She
described how it felt to be fucked, to be so full of cock
that you almost can’t think anymore, just feel, just BE.
She said she hated to leave him last night, that she
could have fucked him forever, feeling him thrusting deep
into her pink and making her want more and more.

Then she described his tongue, his mouth, his lips on her
soft pussy. She said he had a talent that she had never
enjoyed before. His mouth had opened on her, his tongue
french-kissing her deeply and sensuously. She had decided
she wanted him when she first saw him at the doorway,
giving out candy, and she certainly did not regret her

As she talked, Daren was rubbing his aching shaft. His
hand was moving up and down, varying the speed and
pressure, his other hand massaging his balls, which were
tight and hard against his body. His breathing was short,
listening to Kit as she talked and moaned, describing
what his hands were doing to her. She called out his
name, asking him to help her, saying, “please, please”
over and over as her moans became increasingly closer
together. Finally, it seemed she had stopped breathing
and Daren called her name.

Suddenly, he heard her growl, deep in her throat and then
cry out. She sounded so good, so incredibly excited. He
listened to her breathing, ragged and shallow. His hand
was moving on his cock, which was swelling in his fist.
As he heard her cries, Daren felt himself coming,
spraying his wetness all over his hand and tummy. His
cock throbbed in his fist, the come pouring from him as
he called out. He could hear Kit saying sweet, loving
things, encouraging him, murmuring her approval.

He held the phone to his ear, his lifeline to Kit and all
she represented. It was his first experience with phone
sex and he couldn’t believe how incredibly real it was.
He knew he wanted to continue being with this woman. He
listened to her breathing slow down, her words sweet with
praise for him.

She told him she would reveal herself to him when the
time was right. Right now, they would play their game of
sharing conversations by phone or email, even chat when
possible. She promised never to call if she had the
slightest doubt he was alone. She also promised him the
adventure of a lifetime. Daren was nodding and agreeing
with all she said. She told him she would contact him
soon and said goodbye.

His life was full of glorious possibilities. He smiled.


Thus began his best days. Kit would call him and his
heart would race.

She was true to her word and never called when someone
else was there. Sometimes he wondered how she got the
timing so right, how she just KNEW he was alone, but
suddenly Daren didn’t care, he just wanted her to
continue to know. Her voice made his heart skip beats. He
even looked down at his chest to see if a little heart-
shaped beat could be seen, like in the cartoons. He found
himself so happy to have her in his life. She was wildly
sexual, all he had ever dreamed of having. As the days
passed, he found she was also intelligent and funny and

They shared more than just the sex, they began sharing
thoughts and hopes and memories. He looked forward to his
time with her. If something happened in his life, good or
bad, he wanted her to know. She seemed to feel the same
way. She told him events and occurrences without ever
giving away actual names or places, keeping him puzzled,
yet intrigued.

Daren looked for her everywhere. He knew her body shape,
her height, her smile. He smelled vanilla all the time
now. He would quickly look around, but no one like his
Kit was ever nearby.

One night at the movies, Lori left to go to the restroom.
As soon as she disappeared up the aisle, the scent of
vanilla filled his head. A hand reached over his shoulder
and caressed his cheek. He felt warm breath on his skin,
a light kiss on his neck. He heard her voice, so dear to
him, whispering that she was happy to be on a date with
him. He sat so still, afraid it was a dream, afraid she
would leave, afraid she wouldn’t leave. As his wife made
her way down the row to him, he dared to look around, but
the seats behind him were empty.

Another time, at a crowded PTA meeting, he and Lori were
chatting with friends at the cookie table. Before he
could even note the vanilla swirling through the air, he
felt a hand sliding into his pocket, little fingers
wrapping around his rapidly expanding cock. He heard her
soft voice greeting some friends nearby. This time, he
didn’t dare look. All he could do was stare straight
ahead and hope nobody noticed. His stupid dick, though,
had other ideas. Like a playful puppy when the master
comes home, his cock was rapidly gaining length and
growing hard, all ready to play. Eager to play. As
suddenly as she appeared, she was gone, leaving his
pocket feeling empty, his cock lonely.

The weather was becoming cold. The leaves were turning
and falling, the air was crisp and so enjoyable. One
afternoon, Lori and the kids left to visit her parents in
another town. As they drove away, the phone rang. Daren
reached for it, his heart pounding. Once again, his cock
responded before his mind, sure it was his own Kit. It

She suggested a meeting, knowing he was all alone. She
told him she had a room rented at a hotel out of town. He
knew this was crazy, but he wanted her so much. Daren
heard himself agreeing to a rendezvous, encouraging her
to hurry.

Kit was already prepared. She had the room number and had
already put the key in his mailbox. All he had to do was
drive to the hotel, go to the room and wait for her call.

When Daren arrived, the room was warm and inviting. She
had placed candles, vanilla candles, around the room and
the scent was delicious. There was a CD player set up on
the desk, fully loaded with romantic music. The bed was
turned down, the curtains drawn. He sat on the bed,
looking around the lovely room and imagined spending his
evening with Kit here. The phone rang. He heard her soft
voice telling him what he should do. She told him to
undress, light the candles, and turn off the lights. When
he was settled in bed, she wanted him to open the
nightstand drawer and take out the item he would find
there. She promised to call back in 5 minutes.

Daren did as instructed. He removed his clothing,
carefully folding it over a chair. He moved about the
room, lighting the candles and then starting the CD
player. Then he went to the bed and opened the drawer. He
found a black satin mask, a really good one, with extra
folds to totally block out all light, all vision.

He held the satin mask, rubbing it softly on his cock,
which was responding quickly to the smooth coolness. When
the phone rang, he reached for it languidly. Her voice in
his ear seemed to affect every inch of his body, and he
just melted into it. He could hear her smile as she told
him to please put on the mask, no peeking, and she would
be there soon. He carefully placed the mask over his
face, tempted for just a moment to leave a space, but
realizing the mystery was half of the excitement. He
lowered it in place and was immediately aware how
different things were in a black world. The music was
sensuous, the candles so delicious. Even the air blowing
on his body was seductive. Smiling to himself, he waited
for his Kit to arrive.


As he waited, Daren contemplated how he came to this. He
knew he was captivated by the lovely Kit and would do
anything to please her. He also knew she pleased him
incredibly. On the phone, she had taken him to levels he
had never achieved before. She was the most exciting
woman he had ever known or hoped to know. Now he was
lying in a hotel bed, naked, a mask in place to blind
him, waiting for his mystery lover, his Kit.

He heard the key in the lock, the latch being released,
her steps into the room. Suddenly, he could smell her
scent, the same, yet different, from the candles burning
around him. He could sense her moving closer, almost feel
her body heat assailing him. He knew what she wanted, and
he gave it to her. She wanted to play this game out
completely, be totally in charge. So he stayed still,
waiting for her to make the first move.

He heard the rustle of clothing being removed and could
almost feel her relaxing as the clothes came off. Daren
felt her weight on the bed as she moved close to him. Her
sweet mouth met his, gently moving her lips over his, a
magic kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, outlining
his lips, playing with his own tongue, exploring. It was
the only point of contact. She held her body away from
his, only their lips meeting and feeling. He felt her
moving away and then return. This time her tongue slipped
into his mouth and chilled him. It was icy cold, warming
as it moved deeper into his heat. He sucked it gently,
allowing her to pull his back into her mouth, sighing
deeply as he probed her succulent mouth.

Her fingers began moving over his chest, just her
fingertips. Lightly passing over his skin, he was aware
of every movement, as if she were leaving a warm pattern
on his body. He could feel his cock was erect, swaying
above his body, asking for her attention. But her plan
was to seduce him. He was in total darkness, his eyes
completely covered with the silk mask, and his senses
were at their peak. He felt every contact, smelled every
scent, heard the tiniest sound. Daren had never felt so
absolutely aware of everything.

Kit’s mouth moved over his chin, down his throat, making
its way to his right nipple. As her soft lips closed over
his tiny tit, Daren felt a jolt of electricity throughout
his body. She sucked the entire nipple deep into her
mouth, nursing it and laving it with her tongue. Daren
heard himself moaning and felt himself arching up to meet
her mouth. She placed her hands on his shoulders and
pushed him back to the bed, whispering as she mouthed his
nipple, suckled him.

His cock was throbbing now. He knew there was pre-come
pouring down the length of him. He also knew she wasn’t
ready to touch him yet. It was frustrating, yet
exhilarating. He was totally at her mercy, her desires.
He tried to make himself slow down, to enjoy her pace.
Her fingers were lightly scratching his right nipple as
her mouth made love to his left. He allowed himself to
reach for her, to slide his fingers into her hair. She
did not stop him. He massaged her scalp as she pleasured
him, the sensations heightened by the total darkness. Her
mouth started moving again. He could feel her tongue,
licking broadly down his tummy, moving to his aching
manhood. She played with him, circling his belly button,
poking and nipping at it.

Finally, she reached his curlies. He felt her bury her
face there, heard her inhaling his scent and murmuring
approval. As his cock bobbed, he felt it bump into her
hair, but she moved away. Her mouth began a voyage around
his curlies, licking and nipping, across his tummy, down
his groin and back again. Now she was astride his knee,
bent over him, licking his tender inner thighs. Her
hungry mouth constantly moved, licking and nibbling at
his skin as if a banquet prepared just for her. Her hands
began to slide up and down his chest, his sides, marking
her territory. Her mouth found his balls and engulfed

Suddenly, he was totally surrounded by the softest,
pinkest, hottest mouth. She sucked gently, allowing them
to pop out of her mouth and then recapturing them, first
one, then the other. Her tongue moved up and down the
wrinkled flesh, teasing him and thrilling him. He knew
his cock was massive now, needily crying to her with
sweet precome that poured from him.

He could feel her velvety thighs on either side of his
leg, feel her smoothness on his knee. She was moving
herself on his knee, lightly grinding herself on his
hairy skin, and sighing softly as she played with him.
Just when he thought he could take no more, Kit moved
from him. She stood beside the bed, and he knew she was
looking at him. He felt her hands touching him,
rearranging him until he was lying totally exposed, legs
spread open, hands tucked under his hips. She was
murmuring to herself as she worked, giggling
occasionally. Finally, she was satisfied.

Ah, she was at the bottom of the bed, moving slowly up to
him. Her mouth made love to his legs, his knees and his
inner thighs. Daren felt on fire. In his sight-deprived
mind, his cock had grown to an absurd length and
thickness, something no women could ever ride. He had
never known desire like this. Kit’s lips were still
moving, sliding along his legs, moving slowly toward his
aching cock. “Please, hurry!” screamed through his mind.
But she moved leisurely, enjoying the game and delaying
the ultimate pleasure.

He felt her body between his legs, he felt her breath on
his tight balls. Just as he despaired of ever feeling her
talented lips on him, her tongue reached out to him and
lightly swept over the tip of his cock. She moaned
slightly as she tasted his precome, saw his cock bob
happily toward her. Using just the tip of her tongue, she
began swirling over the head of his cock. Like eating ice
cream, she circled him and licked and smoothed.

He felt her fit the tip of her tongue into that tiny
slit, and the sensation was exquisite. He forced himself
to lie still as she made love to his cockhead. Her mouth
fastened over just the head, her lips tightly closed just
below the rim. She began sucking his head, just the head,
into her ravenous mouth. Her tongue continued its
swirling activity and the combination of swirling and
sucking was overwhelming.

Just as Daren was afraid he wouldn’t be able to take
anymore, Kit released the suction and slid her lips all
the way down his hard shaft. He felt the head hit the
back of her mouth as she enclosed him in her sweetness.
Now she slid her lips up and down his shaft, at first
slowly, then with more speed. There was an element of
suction in her movements and Daren was in heaven. She
made love to his cock like it was the only thing in the

She would let his cock pop out of her mouth and run her
tongue up and down the underside, dwelling on his hard,
tight balls and the tender skin right below. He could
hear her as she licked him, sucked him. She made tiny
moans of pleasure as she played, he felt she was a woman
who truly enjoyed sucking cocks. Daren was not used to a
woman who enjoyed doing this. Lori felt it was a last
resort activity, something she did if she needed his
approval or forgiveness, and then she did it clumsily.

Now he had Kit between his legs, totally engrossed in
giving him pleasure. He was not sure how much longer he
could last. The urge to come was overwhelming him. In his
dark world, he could imagine letting his load of creamy
come fill her mouth as she hungrily swallowed it. They
had still not said a word to each other, all this was
done in near silence, total darkness. Daren knew that Kit
wanted to be in control. He wanted to let her. He
couldn’t help wondering if she knew how close he was, how
desperately he needed to come.

In the darkness, he ached to be released. His hips were
rising to meet Kit’s mouth, his cock was deeply in her
hot mouth, and he could hear himself moaning as she
fucked his cock with her northern pussy. He felt her
mouth release him, felt one last lick of her tongue, one
last kiss on his engorged cockhead. Then he heard the
most delicious words…..”Yes, now!” Kit fitted her mouth
over him and drank all his erupting come, sighing


Daren felt the blessed relief of coming, his balls
emptying and his cock pulsing as he filled her mouth. He
could hear her swallowing and gulping, while she murmured
her appreciation of his bounty. As his cock finally
emptied and the throbbing slowed, Kit took his softening
dick into her mouth, cleansing it with tiny strokes of
her tongue. Daren was so relaxed, so happy, he began to
drift off to sleep, drugged with satisfaction.

He went to that gauzy place, where he was nearly watching
the love play, where he could look down and see Kit’s
small body entwined with his, her head busily bobbing
between his legs. When she had cleaned him to her
satisfaction, Kit moved up his body and fitted herself
against him, her head fitting that curve of his shoulder
that seemed made for her.

Daren lifted his hand, heavy with spent passion, to her
head, sliding his fingers into her downy hair, combing it
back from her face. His fingers continued their
exploration, tracing her features, learning her. She held
him close and whispered softly to him, listening to his
breathing become deeper and more regular.

When he woke, Daren was alone in the bed, naked and
unmasked. The room was dark, the candles had all burned
low or been extinguished. He heard Kit’s singular voice,
coming from the armchair near the windows. “Do you want
the truth now, or would you like to continue our game?”
she asked.

Daren stared into the darkness, his mind whirling with
the possibilities. The excitement that Kit had created in
him was overwhelming. He loved the fact that she might
pop up anywhere or anytime. He was surprised each time
because he didn’t know her face, just her scent and feel
and taste. He found himself wanting to continue. “Please,
Madam, may I put on my mask?”

He could hear the smile in her voice as she told him to
cover his eyes and he heard her moving around the room,
relighting the candles. Daren slipped the black satin
mask over his eyes, checking for any possible light. He
was satisfied that he was in total darkness. Even now,
the sounds in the room seemed clearer, brighter. He was
aware of her footsteps and the lighting of the match, the
hiss of the wick as it ignited. He could smell the
vanilla scent as it whirled from the wax. He knew she was
walking toward him. He felt her stop and stand beside him
and could feel the warmth of her gaze on his naked body.

Her mouth covered his, her tongue delving deep into his
warmth. She licked his tongue and teeth, traced his lips,
tempted his own tongue to join the play. Her nipples
brushed against his chest, hard and knotty. Her moans
rose from her throat, the most beautiful music. Her
fingers touched him carefully, avoiding the sweetest
spots and discovering new ones. His cock throbbed toward
her hand, but she continued to run her fingers along his
groin, into his curlies, up his thighs.

He felt her nails lightly scratching his balls, and they
tightened in response. Her fingers delved deeper, looking
for his tight bud, tracing around the puckered opening,
trying to gain entrance. His legs fell open, allowing her
access to whatever she chose to touch. Her mouth left his
and she moved away. He felt bereft. He waited. Then he
felt her weight on the bottom of the bed He heard her
knees as she crawled up the big bed between his legs. Her
mouth was near his cock, he could feel her hot breath on
his taut skin.

He stopped breathing, waiting to feel her sweet lips wrap
around his erection. But she didn’t do that. Instead, he
felt her hair on his sensitive inner thighs, tickling
him. Then her breath, hot and rapid, against his balls.
Just her breath, no touch of her fingers or mouth. Her
hands closed on his ankles, pushing them up against his

He heard her voice, soft, yet commanding, instructing
him. “Place your feet on my back, lift them up and then
relax your legs.” When he did this, his ass lifted off
the bed a few inches, and he wondered about her plan.

Then he felt it. Her hot mouth closing on his bud,
kissing him there, french-kissing as much as possible.
Her tiny tongue was thrusting against the puckered
opening, trying to gain entrance. He stiffened. She tried
to thrust again, but he was too tight. He felt her look
up, and then he heard her soft voice. “Please, I want to
love you there, I want to feel my tongue inside you, I
want to taste you. For me, Daren, relax and trust me.”

Her mouth returned to his ass, her tongue circling his
bud, slowly, tantalizing him with her skill. She
flattened her tongue and started taking long strokes of
his flesh, licking him as an ice cream cone. He could
feel himself relaxing, enjoying the sensations. Her curls
brushed against his balls, exciting him even more. He
could hear the slurping noises she was making, the sounds
of satisfaction that she emitted. Again, she paused and
looked up at Daren.

“I want to enter you, be inside your hot smoothness,
please, Daren!” When her mouth returned there, she found
him opening for her. Her tongue slipped inside the hot
hole, not far, but enough. She pointed her tongue and
thrust it in and out, fucking his ass, loving his ass.
Daren couldn’t believe her. This was something he had
wanted to feel, but never dared ask. And now, his lovely
Kit was happily probing his darkest place. Daren’s cock
was throbbing madly now. The precome was dripping down
his hard shaft, wetting his balls. He was helpless to
stop his response. He knew he was going to come and knew
it would be soon.

“Kit, I can’t wait, I can’t stop….!” Neither could Kit.
Her face was buried between his legs, her mouth happily
fucking his ass, and she didn’t want to stop. Her hands
circled his hips and touched his hot dick. That was all
it took, he felt his orgasm pouring through his body. The
come exploded, spilling on his tummy and into Kit’s hair.
And she continued. Her tongue was playing games with him,
moving deeply into his ass and then retreating, nearly
exiting, only to probe deeply again.

Daren had never felt this excitement and found himself
coming, throbbing, long after his semen was spent. The
sensations were exquisite. Her mouth slowed, merely
resting against him. She kissed him occasionally, her
tongue gently stroking against that secret place. She
listened to his breathing return to normal and still she
remained there, her mouth covering him. Finally, she
stood and moved into the bathroom. He could hear the
water running and smell the mint of toothpaste and then
heard her feet treading softly toward him.

She kissed him deeply and then he felt her weight on the
bed. She stood over him, her feet planted on either side
of his head. He could sense her warmth as she squatted
down, her pussy poised over his face. Her curlies were
soft and wet against his nose and cheeks. He opened his
mouth, his hands reaching up and cupping her ass, pulling
her down onto him. She was opened and swollen, wet and
ready. His tongue sought out her clit, licking it and
flicking it back and forth. She called his name, she
pushed against him, grinding her needy pinkness onto him.
He slipped a finger into her, amazed at the roominess of
her usually tight pussy. A second finger entered her and
she still felt empty.

When he pushed a third finger into her pinkness, she
stretched to accommodate him. Then she began to ride his
hand, thrusting her hips back and forth, up and down,
while his tongue frantically tried to stay in contact
with her clit. She stopped moving for a long second.

Then she began to call out, his name, words, desires, all
of it cloaked in passion. His fingers were grasped
tightly by her muscles and milked with abandon. He
continued thrusting, but felt as if he had lost control.
Kit was in command now, taking what she needed, using him
for her satisfaction. She continued to ride him, wetting
his hand with her copious fluids, sighing with happiness.
As she lifted herself up, he could hear the lovely wet
sound of a satisfied pussy.

She slid down beside him, kissing his shoulder, already
breathing deeply, ready for sleep.

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