Double Trouble
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“Oh yes, fuck me harder Erica” I moaned as I pushed my ass back. I was on
my knees with a double-ended dildo stuck firm up my asspussy pushing back
against my sexy roommate Erica who was on the other end.

It was our daily relaxation session after work, we both would come home
from our stressful jobs, change into some of our sexiest lingerie and fuck
each other on our beloved double-ender.

I was wearing my pink lace victorian corset with garters and pink backseam
stockings, while Erica was wearing the red version of the same outfit. We
were roommates, having met in college at a tranny bar and hit it off

We both were bottoms, but that never stopped us from having fun. Erica had
come home one day with the twelve inch monster that became our third
roommate one day while I was nursing a breakup from my last boyfriend, and
it quickly became our daily ritual.

I pushed further against the dildo until my ass cheeks were flush up
against Erica’s as she moaned into her pillow. I squeezed my butt hard and
pulled forward taking the dildo with me before driving it back into Erica
again. I could feel her clitty dripping precum onto my stockings as I did

Erica started to move forward to do the same for me when the door to my
bedroom burst open and our landlord Jim walked in.

“Well well, what do we have here? I knew you two were queers but this is
something else.”

We both looked in horror as he walked over to the bed with a line of rope
in his hands. Erica started to move off the bed when another man walked
into the bedroom that we both recognized.

“I have been watching you sluts every day for the last month and now it is
time for me to have some fun too.”

It was Paul, our neighbor whose apartment faces ours across the
courtyard. I guess we had not been diligent about closing the curtains
before we played and he had been watching us this whole time.

A chill went down my spine as I thought of him watching us from across the
yard as we fucked each other every day until he could not take it any more.

“Paul here told me what you two were up to and I told him that we should
not let you two sissies have all the fun,” said Jim.

He quickly grabbed my right ankle and tied it to Erica’s left. He did
tossed the rope to Paul, who by this point had manuevered himself to the
other side of the bed, who did the same to our other ankles.

Next the rope was wrapped around my hips while Jim pushed me back into
Erica as far as I could, our asses smashing together before the rope was
wrapped around her hips and we were tied together as one.

Erica and I both tried moving in our newly immobile state but all we could
do was squirm around unable to get free. The dildo connected us and I
thought I could feel Erica’s heart racing in my asspussy as we both watched
our two captors take off their pants and present us with their hardening

Jim stood in front of me and I could smell the musk of his sweaty body
coming off his hard cock. It was about six inches long, not the biggest I
have had by far, but I was no position to judge or refuse.

I felt Erica push back against me which I assume meant Paul forced his dick
in her mouth, and I turned my head to look but Jim smacked me across the
cheek with his hard cock.

“Put your mouth on it, faggot!” he screamed.

I turned back around and put my lips around the head of his cock. Before I
could move he shoved it all the way to the back of my mouth, just touching
the tip to my throat. He was barely long enough to have to deep throat, not
that I would have had any trouble.

My eyes glazed back in my head as I rolled my tongue around his warm
cock. Every time I would focus on the cock in my mouth I would feel a push
and Erica’s ass would be back touching mine. She must have been really
rocking back and forth on Paul’s cock and it felt great.

I decided I should do the same, and I started thrusting my hips in time
with Erica so that when she pulled off the dildo I did the same, and when I
pushed back my ass would slam into hers and the dildo would mash against my
prostate causing my clitty to jump.

Jim got into it as well, as he started thrusting his cock into my mouth in
time with my thrusts against Erica. We started to feel like a well oiled
pleasure machine and I could feel an orgasm building up inside me as we
kept pumping away.

We must have been going for ten minutes before my jaw started to get tired
and I noticed Erica slowing down as well.

Jim’s cock was super hard now and I saw that his balls had gotten really
swollen. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and motioned to Paul to do the
same. Erica and I were left on the bed, asses together squirming on the
dildo trying to get release before Jim walked over and untied the rope
around our hips.

“Now sissy, I am going to fuck your ass and Paul here is going to fuck
hers. Get your ass over here on my dick!” he yelled and I quickly turned
myself around so my ass would hanging off the edge of the bed.

“Spread that ass for me” he said, as I reached both hands around to spread
the cheeks opening up my gaping asspussy for him. With a single thrust he
shoved himself completely into me, his cock just reaching my magic button
causing a bit of precum to shoot out of my clitty onto the bed.

I looked up and saw that Paul was already balls deep into Erica as well and
he was starting to thrust. I looked into Erica’s eyes as she looked into
mine and I felt the strongest connection to her at that moment. As though
we were one person, I watched her push back against Paul as I felt Jim
simultaneously thrust into me.

Once Jim had a good rhythm going, I propped myself up on my hands while
Erica did the same and our mouths met in the middle of the bed for a
sloppy, passionate kiss. I wanted to suck Erica’s tounge right out of her
mouth and I could tell she wanted to the same to me, we both closed our
eyes and made out like teenagers as we got railed by these two men.

It was so emotional that I started to cry as I pushed my ass back against
Jim’s thrusts, and I was surprised to feel Erica licking my tears from my
face. I opened my eyes to see her face right up against mine and we started
kissing again.

Not wanting to be left out, I felt Paul start to thrust even harder,
pushing Erica’s hips as he thrust, rocking the bed and slamming Erica’s
face into mine.

We both started to laugh, me still crying as I did so and I felt Jim start
to push my hips forward as well.

“Quite a mess we got ourselves into this time, huh Allie?” Erica giggled as
she thrust back against Paul.

“Oh yes, we do seem to have gotten what was coming to us this time.”

“We should invite these boys over more often, don’t you think?”

“I do indeed,” I said as we both started giggling like school girls as the
hard pulsing cocks were pushed into our pussies.

“That’s enough chatter you two, need to put a dick in your mouth to shut
you up but this ass is too tight to stop,” said Paul.

“I know what we can do. You, lie down on the bed. NOW!” Jim screamed at
me. I pulled forward off his cock, feeling my asspussy gape wide after such
a good fucking and rolled onto my back.

“And you, get on top of her the other way.” Erica climbed across the bed
until she was straddling me in a 69. I could see her clitty had a long
icicle of precum hanging off the tip and I wanted to lick it off but was
watching Jim to see what he did next.

I felt as he lifted my feet up by my heels off the bed and onto his
shoulders before thrusting his cock right back into me. In this position he
was able to get a little deeper and I felt him rub up against my magic
button nice and hard with each thrust.

My hips were now so far off the bed that Erica took my clitty into her
mouth. I leaned my head up so I could do the same to her as I watched Paul
put his cock back into her pussy. I now had a front-row seat as my roommate
got fucked hard while I was licking her dripping clitty as she did the same
to mine.

Jim was thrusting extra hard now, until I felt him pull out of me
completely as Erica took her mouth off my clit. I was not sure what
happened until I saw Paul pull out of Erica and present me with his cock. I
tried to take as much as I could with the odd angle, mostly getting just
the tip, but I licked up all down both sides before he slid it back home in
Erica. She moaned around Jim’s cock before I felt him thrust back up inside
me as well.

I lost track of time how long we were like this, but after what felt like
an hour (though probably closer to a few minutes) I felt my orgasm
building. Erica’s loving tongue on my clitty and Jim mashing against my
p-spot pushed me to the biggest orgasm I had ever felt.

I slid my mouth off Erica’s clitty as I screamed “Oh god, I’m cumming!” as
I felt my ass start to convulse hard around Jim’s rock hard cock. Cum shot
out of my clitty straight up, into Erica’s waiting mouth and painting her

I nearly passed out as Jim kept fucking me and I watched Erica lick my cum
from around her mouth. Once I regained my senses I went back to work on
Erica’s clitty until soon she too was tensing up.

“oh baby, i hope you are ready!” she screamed as she came what felt like a
gallon into my mouth. I could barely swallow it all fast enough and it
spilled out onto my chin.

As she was cumming I watched as her hips jerked up and down, the force of
which was apparently too much for Paul as he pulled out of her pussy and
started shooting directly on my face.

The sight of this must have pushed Jim over the edge as well as he thrust
deep and came inside my ass.

Paul and Jim were both completely spent and crumpled onto the floor. Erica
and I both got up and faced each other. I was so in love with her at this
moment and was ready to kiss her when she attacked me with her tongue,
licking Paul’s cum right off my face. She used a finger and rubbed some off
my cheek and presented it for me. Once she got it all we started to kiss
and snowballed the cum back and forth while I felt her hands creep down to
my hips and then around to my gaping pussy.

Jim’s cum had started to leak out down my taint and onto my clitty, and I
felt Erica run her finger until she caught a big glob which she brought
back up to her mouth and licked clean off. I bent back over as her tongue
went straight inside my pussy while she licked it clean, her tongue
tickling me inside my gape.

Once she had thoroughly cleaned me out we had another quick kiss before we
laid side by side on the bed.

“So what do you think these two boys are doing tomorrow afternoon?”

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