Two house wives find love while sunbathing
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I awoke this morning to the sound of birds, and sunlight
streaming through my windows. The first thought to enter my head
was “what do I have to do today?” My mind was blank … could it
be true? I had nothing to do today? It’s Tuesday, so I don’t
work today, the kids all slept over at friends houses last night
so I don’t even have to get up and supervise breakfast, and they
wouldn’t be home until late this afternoon so I don’t even need
to play chauffeur. I laid back on my pillow and thought “wow,
what will I do with this day?”

The next thing that entered my head was that I should
grocery shop, do bills, wash laundry, and vacuum the downstairs
floors. But I quickly swept those thoughts from my head and
decided that the only thing I HAD to do today was to take care of
me for a change!! I lay in my bed listening to the sounds of the
birds singing and in the background I could hear the river that
runs at the edge of my yard roaring from all the heavy rain we’d
had the past few days, how wonderful to finally see the sun! The
sound of the river became louder in my mind and it sounded so
soothing. As I listened to it I decided what I would do with my
day. I was going to work on a tan! Afterall here it was the
middle of July and I was still as white as I was in the middle
of winter, today was the day I was going to change all of that!

I jumped from my bed and ran for the shower. In the back
of my mind were still all those other things I felt that I should
be doing so to clear my conscience, I would run through them
quickly so that I could enjoy my day guilt free! When I got out
of the shower, I threw some laundry in the washing machine, I ran
the vacuum cleaner over the rugs, I subtracted the check book but
decided the bills could wait another day and although I didn’t
grocery shop I did do a quick inventory of the cupboards and came
up with a shopping list. Satisfied that I had done enough of the
mundane things that needed to be done, I put on my bathing suit,
grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and a chair and headed for the
back yard as near to the river as I could get!

It was nearly 11:00 and the sun was making a run for the
highest point in the sky. I set up my chair, laid down and closed
my eyes, and began to worship the summer god that would kiss my
skin with warmth and turn it that golden color that we all strive

The sun was hot this day, and it was only moments before
I could feel my skin begin to bake and little droplets of sweat
begin to form. Occasionally there was a gentle breeze that would
tickle my skin as it blew. I could feel the air and the heat of
the sun all over my body and wished that I could be totally naked
and then I thought why not? I was down by the river surrounded
by trees, the kids were gone for the day, and the only person who
was home in my neighborhood during the day was probably busy
watching her daytime TV. I was alone and no one would bother me.

I took off my bathing suit!

Once I was settled back into my lawn chair, the sun and
the air completely drenching my entire body, my mind began to
drift back to the days when my husband and I were first married
and we had no children. I think we spent more time being naked
then than we do now. We used to joke about finding nude beaches
and joining nudist’s colonies, but over the years we spent more
time trying to be proper parents and proper parents didn’t run
around naked!

As I lay there my entire body became so sensitive to the
breeze that I realized my nipples were standing on end and I
found myself wishing that my husband was home to join me in this
Luscious moment!

I began to lose myself in the memories of the past ten
years that I had spent with my husband and although we had some
tough times, I was still very glad that I had married him and
realized that even after 10 years just thinking of him was enough
to arouse me. I was so intent on my own mind wanderings that I
didn’t hear anything else until a voice said “hi Julie”. I grab-
bed for the towel I know I had laid on the ground next to me and
before I opened my eyes to see who had invaded my space, I quick-
ly covered myself.

When I looked up to see who it was I almost died, it
was my neighbor whom I never dreamed would leave her daytime TV
to visit me. Her name is Tracy and we had been neighbor’s for
7 years or more, although I considered her my friend, I certainly
felt very uncomfortable with her finding me the way she did.

As I pulled my towel up around my breasts tighter, she
said laughingly, “hey, it’s only me, don’t cover yourself on my

I wanted to die, but she quickly went on to explain that
she often spent time in her back yard sunbathing in the nude and
that I shouldn’t be ashamed that I got caught. She then asked
if I would mind if she joined me and before I could answer her
she was off to her house to get a chair and a towel. While she
was gone I quickly put my bathing suit back on!

When Tracy returned she was carrying a lawn chair equip-
ped with a strap so that she could carry it on her shoulder, a
bottle of suntan lotion in one hand and what appeared to be a
pitcher of margaritas in the other hand. I laughed as she plop-
ped her stuff on the ground and she asked if I wanted a drink,
she said “we can pretend we’re in the tropics or something”. I
agreed that this sounded good to me and it wasn’t long before I
could feel the effects of my first margarita in years!

Tracy stood from her chair for a moment and before I
could wonder what she was doing, she had dropped her bathing suit
to the ground and laid back down with her back to me. I was
grateful that she wasn’t watching me because the look on my face
would have shown the shock I was feeling!

She asked politely if I would mind putting some lotion on
her back she said something about how nice it was to have someone
to ask. I must admit at this point I was just a little uncomfor-
table. But then I thought ‘come on Julie, we’re adults right?!’
so I grabbed the bottle of lotion and began to squirt it on her
back. She yelled “that’s cold” and asked me to squirt it into my
hands to warm it up first. I complied.

I began at the small of her back very gently rubbing this
wonderfully smelling oil into her skin. And my mind began to
wander to all the times I’ve given my husband baby oil rub downs.
But this was different, her skin was so soft and her body seemed
so delicate.

The feeling of her skin under my hands was so erotic I
thought I’d better stop, I just couldn’t believe the thoughts I
was having, I tried to hurry up the job when she complained that
I was going to fast and rubbing to hard. When I finished her
back she asked if I would do the back of her legs as well and she
said to pay special attention to the back of her thighs because
she usually burned there. So I proceeded to put more of this
Sensuous oil on my hands and began to rub it into her skin .

As I began to reach the upper thigh, she spread her legs
ever so slightly and I found myself thinking of all the times my
husband had done this to me and how when ever he reached this
point his fingers would gently enter into my most sensitive
areas. God I was tempted!

What was this that was happening to me, how could I find
myself being so attracted to this WOMAN? This whole scene was
something I had never imagined, my heart was racing, my head was
spinning, and my body was throbbing! All I could do was imagine
all the things I could do to her, the things I had always loved
my husband doing to me!

I think she must have read my mind because at the moment
I was going to reach for her clit, she rolled over and stated
that it was her turn to pour oil on me! I then thought that this
whole idea was crazy and that she had no idea what I was thinking
and so innocently I agreed that I needed some oil too!

When I began to lay down in my chair she stopped me and
said “aren’t you forgetting something?” I couldn’t imagine what
she was talking about but before I could question her she demand-
ed that I take my bathing suit off! Something in her tone of
voice assured me that this was the right thing to do and although
I was uncomfortable at first, the thought of the sun on my naked
body again was enough to convince me!

I laid down in my chair, just as she had done with my
back to the sky and she began…. first she poured the lotion on
her hands just as I had done to warm it up then she placed her
hands on my shoulders and gently glided them down the outer edges
of my back almost touching the sides of my breasts. My husband
had done this to me quite often years ago and the memories invok-
ed a small moan. She continued with her hands up and down all
over my back and each time getting closer and closer to my
breasts, her touch was so gentle and her hands so intimate I
could feel my nipples getting harder against the chair.

It wasn’t long before she moved down to my thighs and as
she rubbed the oil into my skin her fingers were doing the same
as mine had done on her…they were reaching…getting closer and
closer to that point. My heart began to race again and this time
there was no question that she was reading my mind because as the
realization of what was happening hit me she slid her fingers
deep inside me!

I groaned…. and she pushed deeper…. I could feel her
fingers inside me while her other hand was massaging my cheeks,
I could feel the sun burning my skin… and my clit was aching in
a way that it had never ached before.

My eyes were closed yet I had a perfect image of her
shining body behind me teaching me pleasures I had never felt be-
fore. She knew what she was doing and she was skilled, her
fingers slid beautifully inside, out and around all the right

It wasn’t long before she demanded that I roll over so
she could lick me, and by now the margaritas had gone straight to
my head so I obeyed!

Now as I lay on my back she brought her mouth first to my
nipples, she chuckled to herself at how hard they were, I think
she was feeling very pleased with herself. While she sucked on
my tits, I reached to try to ease some of the ache that my clit
was feeling but she quickly pushed my hand away and told me to be
patient she’d get there too! My head was spinning my body was
sensitive all over, the breeze helped to drive me wild as it blew
over every part of my body where her mouth had been, first my
nipples then around them then slowly down my stomach getting
closer and closer to my throbbing clit.

If she didn’t get there soon, I think I’d scream! Then
finally, her tongue so gently flicked my clit, I thought I would
die if she didn’t suck it, her fingers quickly darting in and out
of my cunt, and her other hand pinching my nipples between her
fingers, I was moaning and she was loving the torture she was
putting me through.

I begged her to suck my clit, to nibble it, and she kept
telling me patience my dear, patience, then she climbed on top
of me. I could feel her thighs rubbing against my clit, and her
breasts against mine, my eyes where closed but I could feel her
breath close to my face, I could smell my pussy on her lips then
her mouth reached mine and she kissed me so deep and so passion-
ately but yet more gently than I had ever been kissed by a man.

I was panting, and my body was one big ache, every part
of me wanting to be touched by her, every inch just screaming to
meet hers, the oils between us making our bodies slide together
our legs entwined our lips connected and our hands all over each
other, so much sensation it made me dizzy and I realized that she
was enjoying this as much as I was! I had the urge to have some-
thing in my mouth, I realized that I wanted to eat her, I wanted
to lick her as she had me, I had never before wanted to suck on
anything as badly as I wanted to suck on her!

As hard as it was I managed to push her off me and lay
her on her back. I took her tits in my mouth and this time it
was she who moaned! I couldn’t get over the sensation of having
another woman’s nipple in my mouth, I teased it the way I would
have wanted mine teased first a lick and then a little sucking,
she was going crazy, I couldn’t wait to get to her clit!

As I worked my way down her body, I could smell her
juices and when my fingers found her clit, she arched her back
and reached for my head, she gently guided me down to where my
tongue would meet her most intimate point, and like her, I teased
her. First just a gentle flick and when she tried to get her
fingers in there I pushed them away and laughingly said “be
patient” but it was I who could not be patient, I put my full
mouth around her clit and began to suck it while at the same time
my fingers reached deeper and deeper inside of her. She was
beginning to moan so loudly that I though it was a good thing no
one else in the neighborhood was home.

I never would have believed that I could get so much
pleasure out of giving pleasure to another woman. She was get-
ting ready to orgasm, I could feel her insides growing tighter
around my fingers her clit was throbbing and within seconds her
body was raked with orgasm…….

As she lay there obviously spent from our afternoon of
sun worshipping, I laid between her legs soaking up the scent of
her pussy and gently licking the juices from her lips, I couldn’t
believe what had just happened, but lord knows I wasn’t going to

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