Oops, I might be pregnant
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Barbara and Tom had been swinging for almost 6 months
now. Barb had been with 8 different guys, all white
and all using condoms. After her first child Barbara
could not go on the pill any more due to a medical
condition so Tom got himself fixed. They Both loved
swinging and Tom really got off on watching Barbara
with other men. Lately he had been asking her to try a
black guy. Barbara had read and heard about black guys
and how good they were in bed.

Tom told her that he had not only a fantasy of her
doing a black guy, but letting him cum in her. Barbara
was worried about STD’s but Tom told her of a friend he
met at the gym who was married and black and would be
safe. Barbara didn’t really like condoms and her best
orgasms were when Tom came in her bareback.

She had agreed, but now birth control was an issue.
For the first year after their child was born, Barbara
had used a diaphragm until Tom had his surgery. That
seemed the best way to go.

They agreed to meet Jerry at the Hilton lounge for
drinks to get aquatinted. When Tom approached Jerry,
he seamed unsure. But Tom told him that they had been
doing this for a while and showed him a picture of his

Barbara was 32 years old, 5’9″, 135lb, 34D-24-33 and
long red hair. Jerry had slept with several white
girls, but never a real redhead. He agreed.

Barbara packed her usual bag for the night, a change of
clothes for for the morning, sexy nighty and her

Tom picked her up and they checked into the hotel.
Barb freshened up her make up and checked her outfit.
She was wearing a short miniskirt, knee high boots,
black stockings, v-neck top (to show off her nice
boobs). She and Tom met Jerry and things went well.
After several drinks and some dancing, Barb announced
that they should go up stairs.

Once in the room, Tom took a seat in the far corner of
the room and turned off the light there so as not to be
so noticeable. Jerry started things off by kissing on
Barbara. Barb responded and they got on the bed and
began to make out.

Jerry’s hand began to wander under her top and soon
found her hard nipples.

Barb loved this and responded by working her hand along
Jerry’s crotch. Jerry slid his hand under her skirt
and began to work on her crotch through the panties and

This was getting Barbara very hot and horny.

Tom planned these adventures during her ovulation
time… which increased her pleasure and inturn
improved his.

By now Barb wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
She unzipped his pants and began to undo his belt.
Jerry got off the bed and took off his pants. Barbara
slid off the bed and saw his erection bulging through
his shorts. She carefully took his underwear down and
out sprang an almost purple-black cock. A little bit
thicher and longer that Tom’s, but uncircumcised.

She carefully put her mouth and tongue on it. It
almost pulsated as she began to nibble at it. Finally
she took it into her mouth. It felt weird, never
having a uncut cock in her mouth. It tasted salty and
different. Barbara remembered that she need to put
something in.

She got up and walked into the bathroom, Jerry got into
the bed. Barbara’s knees were week and her panties
were soaked. She pulled off her panty hose and dropped
her panties down and grabbed for her make up kit. She
found the spermaside and her diaphragm holder. She
opened the holder and saw there was nothing inside.
Oh, Shit,,,,she had taken it out and washed it out and
let it air dry on the counter next to the toilet. She
must have left it there. Damn, what was she going to

She checked the case, no condoms…..damn! Well, it
was the 7th and she just had her period on the first.
She usually ovulated in the middle of the month, so she
had a week to spare. She would douche out tomorrow
morning when she went home. Besides this was not the
first time she did it unprotected.

Tom did not know that one of her early conquest (before
she let Tom watch), that the condom broke and she had
told him to go ahead and finish anyway. The truth be
know, that was her most powerful orgasm to date.

She walked out of the bathroom and turned off the
light. She smiled at Jerry who was patting the bed.
Barbara walked over to the bed and unzipped her skirt
and slid out of it. The light by the bed showed Jerry
that she was indeed a REAL red head.

She pulled off her top and next undid her bra, letting
her very well shaped 34D’s fall free. They were not a
firm as they used to be, but they were fun to play
with, as many men commented. She slid into the sheets
and into his arms.

Jerry rolled her on her back and moved between her

Barbara nestled into place and parted her legs to allow
him access to her prime asset. Soon she felt his
swollen cock beginning to press into her very wet lips.
Her heart was racing as he slid his cock into her. She
felt him bottom out against her.

“Oh, my this is nice, I hope you can stay for a while
after, maybe for seconds?” she said, wrapping her legs
around his back.

“I wish I could, but tomorrow is the 15th and I have to
go in and get the orders out at work.” Jerry responded.

‘Oh shit,’ she thought. It was the 14th, not the
7th… she was in the middle of her cycle and she
usually started to ovulate by now.

Jerry began to slide his cock in and out of her now
very fertile womb. Her mind was racing a million miles
a second. What could she do now? Ask him to stop…
ask him to pull out, offer to suck him off?

Jerry’s slow strokes began to pick up.

Barbara began to respond to his hard cock driving into
her wetness. It was beginning to feel too good to ask
him to stop. What if she got pregnant? Then it
occured to her that the thrill of the risk was getting
her really turned on. “UUUUUUUUUHNNN!” She came just
thinking about it. Getting pregnant by a strange black
man — was so totally taboo.

Jerry slowed down and moved her ankles up to his
shoulders. He began to go really deep. Barb could
feel his cock bottoming out deep inside. His cock
almost felt like it was growing longer. Her really
began to slam away in her. Her fingernails found his
arms and dug in. She could see his black cock
pistioning in and out of her red haired bush.

“Oh, god . . I’mmmmm cuuuuuummmmming!” Jerry mumbled

This was it, decision time. Should she let him cum in
her or pull out…

“Jerry, maybe you shoul…” Barbara started

Too late, Jerry began pouring his cum out into her,
Barbara was sure that it had to be 10 million sperm –
right into her egg filled womb. Jerry plunged deep in
to her and pulled her tight against him.

Barbara found herself cumming again.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Jerry rolled off of
her and she slid under the sheets. She could almost
feel the sperm beginning to swim towards her waiting
eggs. Jerry kissed he and got out of bed. He found
his clothes and said good by.

Tom walked over to the bed and pulled back the sheets.
Barbara spread her legs and let him see. He looked at
her pussy, flushed with blood, her carefully trimmed
pubic hair-matted and sweat stained. Her tight pink
lips, open and leaking a translucent liquid. A glob of
it trickled down to her ass hole.

“He must of shot in 5 quarts into you, I’m glad you had
your diaphragm in.” commented Tom.

‘Yea,’ Barbara thought, ‘good thing I did.’

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