Prim Wife Submits Fully

My name is Michelle, I’m 35, and my husband would consider me prim and prudish and so would nearly everyone who knows me. I consider myself very conservative and a bit of a goody two shoes, when it comes to the opposite sex, very reserved and shy, but until recently, fairly innocent. Mike, my husband, […]

One Kiss Too Many

Chapter One: I Love A Rainy Night It all began the night I was driving home from Victoria. I had just purchased a brand new Dodge Ram pickup truck, black, with dual rear wheels. It was a Laramie Longhorn, fully loaded with etched leather bucket seats. I had spent most of the evening showing off […]

Wife places husband in a compromising situation to get his attention

Ramona was sick to death of anal, every night, anal, anal, anal. When she married Ralph, she knew he was a good salesman and proud of his persistence. But even he knew that you can’t sell every customer. She must have told him a thousand different ways by now that no matter what he said […]