My Heart Of Steel Is Like Putty In Your Hands

“Hey there! Where you at girl?” Mary asked, bringing Linda back to her senses. She had been looking beyond Mary, out into space — literally. She was looking through the cafe walls, beyond the buildings of Metropolis University, right on out into outer-space. “I was just thinking about home,” Linda said, then she laughed. “Funny […]

Ravished Wife

There is something you have to do or learn for me if you want to please me like the great lover that you are. When you get especially horny next time, you must remove your clothes. I like my women NAKED. And that’s that! Remove them seductively, though. Feel the sensations that you usually don’t […]

What the Doctor Ordered

I had been having serious trouble with premature ejaculation, and my sex life with my wife had come to a complete stand still. Each time we began to make love, an irresistible urge to let go would seize me, and I would spill my essence on her threshold, leaving her wet, sticky and frustrated. We […]

Fuck my ass, Billy !

It was Saturday morning, and I was just getting home from spending the night at a friends. My parents were out of town for the three day holiday, and I was supposed to stay at Tim’s the whole weekend, but I decided against it Tim’s girlfriend showed up and decided she wanted to go out, […]

Our First Penetration

With my younger sister and I being as competetive as we were, romance and seduction were not usually the way one got the other interested in sex. We usually played a “role game”, or made a wager with sex as the payment. I would usually suggest that if she lost a bet she had to […]