Hill’s the Boss : She Takes a Licking
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I arrived at the Hotel Z, half a mile from the
Capitol, promptly at 2 p.m. The Secret Service
ushered me discreetly to her door. They knew me by
now, as I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover.

When I arrived, the Senator gave me a big
open-mouthed kiss and grabbed my already-hardening
cock through my pants.

“Same rules as …

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Watching the secretaries and making love to my boss
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You just never know what you’ll see on a sunny and cool spring afternoon
when all the sexy secretaries congregate, dressed in their sexy business
suits, or your prim, proper and very cool boss.

I admit it, I love to watch the legs of the secretaries downtown as they
take their lunch breaks. I love to watch them cross their …

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Love’s a Bitch
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I know.

You’ve never heard me talk about my sex life. I gotta be gay, or
asexual. Or something.

Let me tell you, since you asked.

I’m something.

No, really. Take a good look in her eyes.


For you, yes.


Love’s a bitch–a *real* bitch.

* * *

Hey, I never could make all the right moves …

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X-rated lady cop
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Laurel Blakely was as excited about meeting Dean Kennedy at the Blue Goose bar as she ever had been about anything in her young life. There was something about the way the handsome, youthful vice squad officer looked at her that sent shivers up and down the gorgeous twenty-year-old’s spine.
Parking her beat up Ford in the Goose’s lot, Laurel …

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A woman has an encounter on an airplane while her husband sleeps
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Jay’s work as an installation specialist often took him out of
town, to wherever the customer’s home office was located. I was tired
of being left to my own resources at home, though, so when his company
landed a new client on the other coast I twisted Jay to let me tag

Once in flight, we flipped up the …

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Lunchtime Vignette porno
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Abstract: His Domme demands he meet her at lunchtime; but not to

He hurried to her apartment as soon as he could. The message on
his pager had just said, “Be here soonest for lunch.” When she opened
the door for him, she quietly pointed to the side room where the
computer and her toys were kept. Knowing the …

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That’s my secret!
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Guy’s small house party was going well. It was a small game night
among his close friends. Guy’s new girlfriend, Mindy, was serving cheese
and crackers while Lillian, Shelly, Fuschia, Maria, Srinivas, Eric, Gamila,
Al, Chin, Sue, and Eileen played Trivial Pursuit in the living room. Fran,
Ginny, Eric, and Bhavna played cards in the dining room. And Pierre
entertained …

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I’ve always wanted to have sex with an F.B.I. agent
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Sipping her vanilla milkshake, she sat at the bright white
formica table in Baskin-Robbins in her cheerful pink sweater,
waiting for the pedophile. The song on the radio reminded her of
a tune she had heard once in her father’s antique collection of
phonograph records. As she listened, the melody reminded her of
the ancient playback device, the slow rotation, …

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A TS Cinderella Story
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“Wanna hear something really funny?” I asked Mike, looking at him
over my fourth rum and coke.

“What’s that?” he smiled at me, shuffling a deck of cards just to
keep his hands busy while we talked. He’d been teaching me how to play
cribbage and I’d been losing.

“I never knew Evelyn’s last name,” I said. “Isn’t that weird?”…

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Planetfall: Ask The Rat
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Although the need for it had passed nearly a century ago with the death
of his first chief engineer, David still paused at the door to his own
office and knocked. When he was satisfied that there was nobody inside,
he took his seat behind his desk and turned on the terminal, listening
to the familiar *beep*.

“This is a …

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