Extreme Sex Tea-Party
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Mouse invited Alice to a Tea-Party with her friends Henry and
Howard. “It’ll be great fun!” she said. “They’re both mad you know!”
Their house was fairly ordinary, but when she knocked on the door
there was no answer. The name on the plaque quite clearly read Henry
and Howard, and the door was open so she walked in.

She …

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Chained and trained
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I heard the door open when you came home. Staying where I was in the
bedroom I listened as you put your keys on the kitchen counter, checked the
answer machine and called out to me. I remained silent knowing your routine.
It didn’t take long before your footsteps drew near. I began to tremble as
the doorknob twisted and …

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Slut Wife Pleases Her Wimpy-Dicked Hubby’s Young Boss
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The sexy 37-year-old South Indian porn actress let the
young stud, her husband’s 28-year-old boss
pull off the saree she wore, tied low, an inch or so above
her sweet pussy, to reveal her large milkpots and her
excited, swollen nipples.

Lying face up on the young stud’s office desk, she said,
“Oh! Yes!!! Boss… Please fuck me with your …

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A British school lad bravely accepts his caning
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They had known each other since the beginning of time. They even had the
picture of them together in the hospital nursery. They celebrated their
common birthday together every year. This year was hard for he was in
boarding school. He snuck out and met her in town. As was their tradition
since they were four, they went to the …

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Sex and Taxes
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Some guys would have let Anne slide, but I knew Joe wouldn’t. As I calculated
their household expenses in preparation of their tax return, it became obvious
why Joe hadn’t been able to get his beloved Panhead chopper back on the road.

“Anne, what’s this $327 Visa charge from August?”

She frowned, then examined the reciept I handed to her. …

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Dirty secrets
By: Date: 2024.05.27. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

…tap tap tap.

“I see you’re using my name for this deidre

“Whose would I use?”

“I wasn’t consulted.”

“I see you’ve decided to crawl out of your little
bunny cage now. Where were you the other day when I
had time to do some writing?”

“Sleeping. Why are you calling it `Secrets’?
Isn’t that giving it away? How …

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A torrent of sticky cum exploded into my throat
By: Date: 2024.05.24. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , ,

Friday. All I could manage was a quick goodbye to daddy for fear my
tension would betray me. I drove only a few miles to the local
shopping mall and waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes. I stared
at the digital clock on the dash the whole time. Each change of the
glowing minute digit brought a new …

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Pleasure and desire pulsated throughout her body
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She’d had a good night’s sleep and was now awakening. Drifting, alone with
her dream, slowly reaching consciousness once more. She smiled as her dream
faded and reality started to return.

`I wonder what will happen today. Hopefully I won’t be rushed off my feet at
work,’ she thought to herself as she snuggled into her pillow again.

Her peace …

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Puppy’s Tale (FM, femdom, mast)
By: Date: 2024.05.21. Categories: Just Bondage Stories Tags: , , , , ,

“Why are you following me?”

My voice caught; I was much too nervous to answer. I wanted, needed to
ask her out, but I felt too shy. I first saw her standing on the bus.
Couldn’t miss her actually. I was seated and, the bus being crowded, she
had to stand. She stood with her back to me, her backside …

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Gun Moll chapter 1.
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She looked like a 1930’s gun moll. Sitting alone in the bar like that.
Smoking her cigarette.

Or rather she looked like a 1930’s era actress playing a gun moll.
Tough, sexy, sophisticated. Smarter than all the stiffs she hung
around. That kind of thing.

I had to laugh. She probably never heard of a ‘Gun Moll’. I could just…

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