Sex In The Elevator
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“That’s funny,” Derek, said as he repeatedly pressed
the button for the lobby in the elevator, but the
elevator didn’t move. The car stopped just moments
earlier and the two occupants figured the doors would
open to let on new passengers. Kendra was standing on
the other side of the sliding doors, her eyes widened
and shifting rapidly as she clutched her leather purse
tightly with both hands. Derek looked at her and
noticed her fright. “A little claustrophobic, huh?” he
asked. She nodded quickly, her eyes growing glassy.

Derek opened the emergency telephone door and grabbed
the phone and seconds later the scratchy voice of a
security guard erupted from the receiver asking, “Can I
help you?”

“Yeah, the elevator stopped and we’re stuck between the
sixteenth and seventeenth floors,” Derek explained.

“How many in the elevator car?”

“Just two.”

“Well, you’ll have to sit tight. Power’s out in the
building and we’re running on backups. We have three
other elevators to evacuate below you, so it’ll take
some time before we get you out.”

Kendra took in a sharp breath, grabbing Derek’s
attention. Their eyes locked and Derek spoke into the
receiver, “About how long do you think it’ll take?”

“Two hours, three tops. Just flip the emergency stop
switch and be patient, we’ll be there in no time.” The
receiver went to static and Derek hung it up.

Kendra was noticeably shaking and breathing in quick
little bursts. A tear had trickled down her cheek.
Derek saw the drop hang from her chin and fall between
her cleavage pressed tightly together by a maroon tube

“It’ll be all right, try to calm down,” Derek said
softly trying to sooth her nerves. “Trust me this’ll be
over before you know it.”

Suddenly the lights flickered and changed to a soft red
glow, the elevator dropped a few feet drawing a shriek
from Kendra and making Derek grab the railing. The
squeal of metal on metal preceded the stopping of the
car. Derek saw Kendra sway and her eyes roll to the
back of her head, he caught her before she collapsed.
Her soft warm body fell heavily into his arms, her face
was pressed against his chest and her breasts were
mashed into his stomach. He gently laid her limp body
to the carpeted floor.

Grabbing the emergency phone he screamed into the
receiver, “What the fuck happened?”

Seconds later the same scratchy voice asked, “Are you
all right up there?”

“I’m a little freaked out, we almost fucking fell!”

“The backups failed and we had to switch to the
secondaries, didn’t you flip the emergency stop switch
like I asked?”

“I was just about to,” Derek lied.

“Well, you just felt them kick in when the primary
brakes lost power, just flip the switch and be

“The other person up here just fainted,” Derek informed
the man.

“Just make sure they’re breathing steadily and we’ll be
there in no time.” The receiver switched to static.

Derek went over to Kendra and leaned his ear over her
mouth. She was breathing deeply and steadily. He
straightened out her body. Her knees were spread and
her flimsy black skirt was bunched up, exposing her
smooth tanned thighs. When straightening them his hands
grazed her silky skin and Derek felt the hairs on his
neck stand on end. He flushed the arousal out of his
mind and finished moving her body into a more
comfortable position.

She had dropped her purse when she fainted and the
contents were sprawled throughout the elevator. Derek
decided to clean it up and pack it back into her tiny
purse. The mess was mainly comprised of makeup but he
found her birth control pill container and a strip of
six condoms. He crammed them all into her purse.

Kendra was dressed like she was going to a club. She
had no bra on under her tube top, made apparent by her
protruding nipples. Her skirt was a bit conservative,
but her black strappy high heels made her legs look
twice as long. Her blonde hair was a bit of a mess but
still looked sexy (Derek didn’t know if it was like
that intentionally or due to her fall). Her makeup was
tasteful and she smelled like ambrosia.

Derek sat across from her trying to distract himself.
But after playing with his keys for fifteen minutes he
felt compelled to check on Kendra. He brushed her long
blonde hair with his hand and said her name. They had
met several times in the lobby and Derek always figured
she was out of his league. He reached down and gently
shook her shoulder and said her name a little louder.
Not a budge, not a moan, she was in another dimension.

His heart rate was quickening and he decided to take
his actions to the next level. He knelt beside her and
slipped his hand under her tube top and cupped her soft
breast. He let his fingers strum over her erect nipple
and rest between his thumb and index. His cock was
raging. Lifting his hand he slowly stretched the tube
top to rest under her tits. He let go and the material
pushed her breasts up.

Derek looked at her peaceful expression and had to kiss
her tits. He brought his mouth to her breast and took
in her stiff nipple. Swirling his tongue around it, he
caressed the other, rolling her nipple between his
fingers. He licked around it to pick up any slobber,
just in case. He looked at her and saw no change in her

He shimmied over to her waist and spread her legs wide.
Getting between them he gently laid his hands on either
thigh right below the hem of her flimsy skirt. Bending
down he slowly dragged his hands over her thighs
towards her waist, bringing with them her skirt. He
looked up at her, seeing her angelic face between the
two nipple topped peaks, raised high by the tube top.

He brought his attention back to her crotch and inhaled
deeply. The musky odor mixed with her perfume to make
an intoxicating brew. Bunching the skirt passed her
waist he saw her platinum colored g-string. The front
was pulled upward and the string was lodged between her

Derek was hesitant to touch her. He knew he crossed the
line when he groped her breast but this was something
else. But the reflection of the soft red emergency
light off the moistened corners of her labia pulled him
forward. On autopilot he leaned forward and with an
extended tongue he followed the length of her slit,
feeling the submerged g-string between those glistening
warm lips.

Bringing his hand to move the string aside he gained
access to her inner folds. He lapped her silky petals
and stuck his tongue past her ring. He lifted her knees
to get a better position to tongue fuck her. Her nectar
made him drunk and he didn’t even hesitate when the
impulse to fuck her conquered his libido.

The only contribution from his conscience was the
conviction to wear a condom. He had already taken his
pants and boxers to his knees and was about to shove
his cock into this helpless passed out neighbor when
that small amount or reasoning held him back. He pulled
her purse over and took one of the six condoms. He
unwrapped it and rolled it down the length of his

Looking down at the unconscious girl below him Derek
marveled at the soft red glow bathing her body with an
alluring light. Everything was monochrome and only
contrast distinguished nipple from breast, pussy from
pubes and her perfect skin from her disheveled

He took his cock by the base and resting his weight on
the other hand, he leaned forward. He slid his swollen
helmet along the length of her slit, spreading her
panic spawned juices. He swirled his member around her
hole making it slick. Resting his mushroomed head at
the entrance of her sex, Derek looked up at her face.
He could almost detect a faint smile on her lips. He
dismissed it as a trick of the light.

He pressed down, slowly pivoting his weight from side
to side the ridge of his cap slipped inside of her. Her
warm folds welcomed him in as he moaned in pleasure.
His senses were heightened by how wrong it was and the
risk of being caught. He slid further in until his
balls rested against her perineum.

Beginning to pull out, the skin of his balls seemed to
peel from her own flesh. The sensation made his
immediately thrust back in causing his sack to slap
against her. He pistoned into her more liberally,
allowing himself the privilege of stroking her smooth
thighs and massaging her tits.

He looked over at the reflective metallic door of the
elevator and saw himself impaling this girl, her eyes
closed, her skirt hiked up and her legs spread. He saw
his pale ass bathed in red rhythmically peeking out
from behind the cover of her legs. He looked himself in
the face; the red glow and the polished metal made him
appear more like a machine than a man. But he was all
flesh and sensation. Her slippery pussy lips, the
massaging folds and her warm welcoming cunt that
cheered his every thrust. Nothing existed anymore
except his pleasure, and it was doubling every minute.

His balls began to tighten and the growing ember below
his navel was a ball of fire making him clench his abs
and his teeth. The pressure in his cock intensified the
feeling. He seemed to detect every bit of flesh, every
distinction in her vagina was magnified ten fold. The
ball of flame rolled down and seemed to hide somewhere
in his groin.

For a moment he thought the ecstasy would continue for
hours, but then like a juggernaut it overtook his
entire being. Every muscle tensed, every nerve ending
cried out in euphoria, his mind fused with his cock and
he was dumping load after load into the tight confines
of the latex condom. He thrust even harder into her,
rocking her back and forth. The idea of waking her no
longer restrained him and he bucked violently as the
last few ropes of cum mixed with those that preceded

Miraculously she didn’t stir. After he came he felt
tremendously guilty. He wiped the frothy juices from
her abused gash. He was about to wipe her cum on his
jeans but then noticed it’s pungent odor of sex. Not
wanting to draw any attention in that direction, be
brought his fingers to his mouth and swallowed every

After pulling on his own clothing, he took her perfume
from her purse and sprayed a pump on the inside of her
dress. Tying the end of the condom, he stuffed the
spunk filled latex into the wrapper and shoved it into
his back pocket. Then he straightened her clothing and
her body and sat on the opposite end of the car.

He looked at his watch; only an hour had passed since
the elevator first stopped. The next hour he spent torn
between guilt and self-gratitude. There were times when
he assured himself that he’d admit all he’d done to her
when she awoke. Then there were times that he’d admit
that given the chance he’d do it all over again.

He stared at her, laying peacefully, no evidence that
he had just fucked her helpless body. He smelled his
finger, his mind awash in the memory of her sweet
nectar. “Just one more quick taste,” he thought and
decided to slip his finger into her before their
privacy was gone.

He got up, knelt next to her, and just before he was
about to pull her skirt to her waist, a loud thump
sounded from above. He quickly scurried away from
Kendra, back to his corner of the red-lit car. The
hatch in the ceiling opened up and Derek had to shelter
his eyes from the intense glow of the flashlight
pouring down.

“Y’all right down there,” came the scratchy voice from
above. “She’s still out cold huh?”

“Yeah, good to finally see you,” Derek tried to mask
his disappointment. The man hopped down and waved
smelling salt in front of Kendra’s nose. She awoke with
a shake and was rather disoriented. A man above told
the other men to hoist Kendra up and out of the car.

Derek, while lifting Kendra up, Derek looked up and saw
inside her skirt. The g-string was lodged into her
swollen lips and he detected the scent of his spunk
masked over with perfume. His still deflating cock
stirred in response.

They all climbed out to the seventeenth floor. The
guards told them they had one more elevator to evacuate
and left for the stairs. Kendra and Derek were left

“The guard told me that if you weren’t there, I
could’ve really hurt myself during the fall,” Kendra
said to Derek, clutching her purse with both hands at
her chest.

“Really, it was nothing… but I should tell you…”
his mind raced, millions of scenarios flashed before
his mind’s eye, his conscience was booming for him to
tell her. He looked her in her trusting eyes, her
thankful expression and said, “If you weren’t there, I
don’t know what I’d have done.”

“You’re too sweet,” she said and stood on her tiptoes
to his him on the cheek. “I’ll have to make it up to
you sometime.” And she turned for the stairs.

Derek just stood there and watched her walk away. Maybe
someday he’ll confess to her. Maybe someday, he’d allow
his conscience a voice, but not today.

Kendra was walking up the stairs toward her apartment.
She was looking through her purse for her keys. She
moved the condoms to the side and paused. She
remembered having six.

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