I left my dick inside her soaking in the heat and juices
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Rock City was not a really good idea, but I guess all
in all it worked out okay. It was a joint idea that
David and I had, to run a disco in an outlying small
town on the weekends. It worked okay, but we never any
money at it. The perks were good, though.

She was there the very first night we opened. Over
the next few weeks, she came in earlier and earlier
and stayed later and later. Always alone, and always
taking every opportunity to talk to me, sometimes to
the point of staying behind the console with me all
evening. After the second time she did that, I told
her that I would leave her a pass at the door to get
in free. After all, if all she was going to do was
help me, she shouldn’t have to pay for the dance. She
was thrilled. The next week she was there when I got
there and helped me set up. It was odd that she did
that, because I always got there about four hours
early to get things set up, then I left to go eat and
came back in time to open. I guess she had figured out
how long it took me to get there from the City.

In any event, she helped me unload the car and set
things up, and it went quickly since I had help. I
opened up the storeroom in the back of the hall to
start getting the lights out. It was full of stuff
from the bowling alley, and there were old chairs and
couches in there from the lounge. I left the door open
and went to the game room out front to get us both a
coke. When I came back, she was looking for me. I
handed her a coke and went into the storeroom. “Break
time”, I said, and sat down on an old couch. She sat
down next to me, very close. The door to the storeroom
was open, but the outer door was closed. The game room
would not open for three hours at least, so we were

We drank our cokes and made small talk for a while.
She was squirming a lot and moving ever so much
closer. I sat my coke down and put my arm around her
shoulder. She looked at me silently, so I leaned over
and kissed her. Things heated up quickly from there.
My hands roamed freely over her body, massaging her
tits and eventually dropping down to the hem of her
skirt. My fingers traced a path up her leg toward her
pussy. Her legs were together, but they opened
slightly as I got higher, giving me just enough room
to feel her moist panties with a couple of fingers. I
kissed her hard and kept one hand busy on her breast.
She gradually opened her legs wider, giving me access,
and soon I was able to move her panties aside and
finger her pussy ever so slightly.

Her breathing was becoming harder and raspy, and I
could detect her muscles tightening and relaxing
throughout her body. I massaged her clit for a while,
then moved my hand a bit lower and slipped a finger
inside her pussy lips. She was soaking wet, and my
finger slid into her easily, held back only by the
awkward position we were in. Since I could not fully
finger fuck her, I moved my fingers back to her clit
and concentrated my efforts there. There was no
question about when she climaxed. She tensed, then
shook gently, holding her breath all the while. I
could tell that her orgasm was a powerful one.

Taking advantage of the moment, I laid her back on
the couch, raising her skirt in one fluid movement. I
immediately moved my hand back to her pussy, and
continued to hold the crotch aside and massage her
clit. I changed my position and continued to massage
her clit, while at the same time moving closer to kiss
her. While she was distracted, I used my free hand to
open my pants and take my dick and balls out. My dick
was so hard it actually hurt. I kept up everything I
was doing to her, and moved into position without
really attracting her notice. I moved the head of my
dick to within an inch of her pussy, then moved my
hand from her clit to her hole and began to finger
fuck her pussy. She was extremely wet, and I made sure
to spread her juices around on her pussy lips.

I moved back to her clit, and, still kissing her,
guided my dick to her hole with my free hand. When my
dick touched her pussy lips, she really didn’t notice,
but as I moved it around a bit to get the alignment I
needed, she stiffened and began to struggle a little,
trying to talk while I was kissing her. I felt the
head of my dick slip inside her pussy lips, and a
lowered my weight against her, forcing it inside. I
felt a slight pause at one point, but it was not
enough to stop my dick. In a couple of strokes, I was
buried inside her up to the balls, with the head of my
dick against her cervix. I paused for a moment to gain
my composure, then withdrew and began to fuck her
slowly and deeply. She was extremely tight, and I was
on the verge of coming by the fourth stroke. I held
back, continuing to fuck her, gaining in both speed
and intensity.

She was struggling some, but not enough to be a
definitive “No”, so I continued. I still had not
broken our kiss. As I fucked her harder and harder, I
could detect the signs of her approaching orgasm, so I
increased my speed and force. She began to come,
almost going into convulsions, and that was all it
took to make it impossible for me to hold back any
longer. I buried my dick inside her up to the hilt as
the first shot of my come went into her. I paused for
a split second, then started fucking in and out of her
again, sending another shot of come inside her each
time my balls flopped against her ass. It was a very
intense come for me, and I shot an amazing amount of
come in her, flooding her insides. I was still coming
in her, and could already feel it leaking out of her
pussy. She just could not hold the quantity of come I
was sending inside her. Shot followed shot into her
until I had no more in me to give her. Only then did I
break the kiss, but I left my dick inside her soaking
in the heat and juices that we had created. Amazingly,
I was still semi hard.
“I shouldn’t have let you do that,” she said, “but I
wanted you to.”

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