The Encounter
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As much as I enjoy the delightful treat before me ( this sweet, moist
pussy spread out under my probing tongue — I feel compelled to pull myself
away for a moment. I look up at her from my marvelous vantage point between
her legs and smile. As I gaze along the creamy flesh of her body, over the
swell of her full breasts, to her wildly cascading curls, our eyes meet. We
don’t verbalize the phrase that will be on our lips several times that
afternoon, but I know it is on our minds.
“Who would have thought this was possible?”
As I go back to work — if one can call such delectable activity work
— I briefly flash over the events that led us to this memorable day. The
first, chance encounter in an on-line chat room… The e-mails… The
increasingly erotic phone calls… We laughed more than once about our
decadent behavior, but neither of us wanted to stop this fantasy life. Each
of us satisfies a need that the other has — a need to live out the passion
that is found all too rarely within the confines of our marriages.
After months of wishful thinking, the pieces magically fell into
place. A business trip. A visit to friends. The thousands of miles
separating us would melt, giving us perhaps a few hours together in a city
that neither one of us calls home. Weeks turned into days, then to hours,
then to minutes. Finally… there she is.
She looks lovelier than the single photo I’ve seen. I smile broadly
at the sight of her walking toward me. At last I have the chance to look at
her — the bright eyes, the flowing hair, the lovely figure that I had only
imagined before. We shook hands and, I think, shared a quick hug. Nothing
too passionate for a hotel lobby. Besides, we both brought more than our
share of butterflies to this encounter.
The room wouldn’t be ready for a about an hour, so we walked. A
romantic couple on a sunny afternoon, most would think. Casual observers
would have no way of knowing how much I thrilled to each hug, squeeze, and
chance to hold her hand.
As we returned to the hotel and learned that the room was available,
my heart began to beat much faster than before. I could barely keep my
fingers from trembling as I tipped the bellman. We strolled to the elevator
— our nonchalance disguising the excitement that threatened to boil over from
As we rode up to the floor where my room lay waiting, we shared a
quick embrace and a kiss. Mmmmmm. Sweet. Fresh. Warm. A delicious taste
of things to come.
I fumbled with the key — one of those electronic passcard things that
always seem to confound me. Then… the door opens. I put down my bags. We
take off our coats and have a quick look around. Finally, we turn to each
other and move closer… closer…
Let the games begin!
We had played out this scenario a few nights earlier on-line — what
I’d do, what she’d do. I had joked about having to check my notes to get it
right! Needless to say, that wouldn’t be necessary.
She had dressed, I think, with undressing in mind. A jumper with a
short skirt… a turtleneck sweater… leggings… I was thrilled. But before
we got to that stage of the encounter, we embraced. I pulled her close to me
and began to run my fingers over her face. I pushed them into her flowing
curls, brushed her cheeks, traced her earlobes. I followed my fingers with my
tongue, licking across her soft skin from her lips to her ear to the nape of
her neck. We kissed briefly, then she apologized for straying from the
“script.” I assured her that no apologies were necessary.
I began to work my hands down her sides, over her shoulders, across
her back. I reached down and cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling her body
even closer to mine. Then, slowly, I brought my hands around to the front and
began to move them upward… toward her breasts. The material of her dress
was soft against my fingers. I wanted to take my time… to increase the
intensity of the moment… but I could wait no longer. My hands moved over
the wonderful swell of her breasts… at last feeling the soft mounds I had
only imagined before. We began to kiss in earnest, our tongues tangling
together as the heat between us grew. After a few moments of this fantastic
embrace, we made our move… to the couch.
It was there that the trail of clothing began to litter the room. My
sweater. Her jumper — after I had slowly undone the long row of buttons down
the back. Our kissing intensified, interspersed with licks around each
other’s faces and quick darts into ears and over chins. We were definitely on
the same wavelength, and the frequency of the peaks of those waves was
increasing rapidly.
We knew it was time to move on but, given the creativity both of us
brought to the table, we decided to “tour” the suite. The next stop, oddly
enough, was the bathroom — with its wide, waist-high marble counter. I
wonder if the interior designers knew how well they had positioned it.
We stood against the counter for a moment, before she jumped up a bit
and sat back on its marble surface. She moved her legs apart and I stepped
between them, embracing her once more and recapturing her lips with mine. I
continued to caress her breasts as we kissed, then began to work her
turtleneck top up and off her body. Leaning over, I kissed her flesh as I
exposed it, licking and nibbling each square inch. As I pushed her top up
further, I discovered to my delight that she was wearing a lacy black bra that
made her breasts into one of the sexiest sights I’d ever witnessed. As I
pushed the top over her head, I dove down and began to move my tongue over the
lacy cups. She had chosen well! My cock grew harder by another notch.
She unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders, expressing
delight at the dark curly hair that covers my chest. I responded by reaching
behind her to unfasten her bra — unable to wait a moment longer to taste her
hardening nipples and the soft flesh that surrounded them. As I licked all
around her breasts, she sighed. I knew I had done the right thing! I
continued to lavish my attentions on her mounds, licking from the tips of her
nipples to the undersides of her breasts. She was delightfully warm and
smooth. I could have continued like that for a very long time.
The next stop on our tour beckoned however — the king-sized bed that
lay just steps away. It was clearly time to move on to the next round. I’m
not sure now whether we walked, ran, or flew… but moments later we were on
the bedspread together.
I had decided that I would pleasure her first, since she had been
willing to arrange to meet me after I learned I’d be making this trip. I had
eaten her sweet pussy so many times in my imagination that I was practically
frothing at the mouth to do it for real. It didn’t take long for me to reach
my goal.
Off came her black leggings, revealing a pair of alluring black
panties that matched the bra I had enjoyed earlier. I launched an oral
assault on her lower body that increased her temperature by several more
degrees — licking down her thighs, nibbling under her knees, moving down to
her ankles and feet, then back up again. As I closed in on the heat between
her legs, I traced the edges of her panties with my finger, then my tongue.
Pressing my palm against her mound for a moment, I hooked my fingers under the
waistband of her panties and pulled them off. At last, I stared at my
long-desired prize — her wet, pink pussy with its soft covering of
light-colored hair. I savored the sight for a moment, then lowered my face
between her legs. Inhaling deeply, I extended my tongue and licked it over
her lips. Her aroma was sweet and musky… her lips warm and moist. I liked
what I saw, felt, and tasted. This was going to be a treat!
I don’t know how long I ate her, but I could have continued forever.
Darting my tongue in and out between her lips, licking up and down, pressing
the flat part of my tongue against her, then sliding the tip inside her as far
as I could go. She particularly enjoyed it when I wiggled my face back and
forth, then moved up to capture her clit between my lips as I pressed my chin
against her cunt. Her hips thrust back and forth as I continued my assault.
Periodically, I stopped to look up at her. I had to see how she was
reacting — the look of pleasure on her face was a sight I’ll long recall. I
knew she was getting closer as she moaned and called out in delight. I
intensified my efforts, licking and sucking her lips between mine… pulling
on them with my lips… practically chewing on her clit. She bucked her hips
some more and, I think, grabbed my head as I bore down on her. As she came, I
heard her cry out between her quickening breaths. I kept my tongue and lips
pressed against her pussy, wanting to be as close to her as possible at this
wonderful moment. I had heard her cum many times on the phone, but of course
that could never compare to experiencing her orgasm with her — and better
yet, being the direct cause of it!
She flopped back on the bed, her eyes a bit glassy. I became aware at
that point that I hadn’t even taken off my pants. Ahhh, the anticipation of
things to come! My cock was practically ready to burst through the material.
Fortunately, she took matters into her own hand.
It was my turn to sigh as she ran her hand down over my chest to my
waist. My belt was quickly unbuckled… my zipper undone. Her hand slipped
inside to finger the soft material of my briefs. She seemed pleased by what
she found there. My excitement was profoundly evident as she pulled off my
slacks and then those pesky underpants. I sighed again as my cock sprang
free. If it hadn’t been for her soft body pressing down on the bed next to
me, I would have thought I was dreaming.
We kissed again as she took hold of my intensely hard erection and
began to finger it. She tasted her own juices on my lips and tongue — an
incredibly erotic moment for both of us. Then, slowly, she turned her body
around and moved toward me.
As I had done, however, she took her time in pursuit of her goal. She
licked my nipples — a newly discovered erogenous zone for me. I shivered as
she pointed the tip of her tongue at one and then the other… delighting as
they rose to hard peaks. After lavishing her attention there, she moved on
and slid her soft tongue across my stomach and into my navel. I shuddered
Then, sensing my mounting anticipation, she brought her lips my
rock-hard shaft. I think I tensed at first, eager for the touch for which I
had waited so long. And then, I fell back as her mouth closed over my cock.
I was entranced as she went to work. Licking the head… sliding her
tongue up and down the shaft… then opening her mouth and taking me inside.
Heavenly is an understated description of the feeling I experienced. I had
expected her to be good, based on the descriptions she had whispered into my
ear when we talked long-distance. But I was unprepared for the depth of her
skill. I moaned in pleasure as she picked up the pace, sucking and licking me
as if she were enjoying her first meal in a very long time.
Up one side her tongue slid… down the other… I bucked my hips as
she took my entire cock deep into her mouth. The feeling was intensely
As much as I enjoyed the stimulation I was receiving, I wanted her to
remain at a fever pitch. I reached for her breasts as she sucked me,
fingering her nipples and caressing her soft mounds of flesh. I reached again
for her moist cunt, sliding one and then two fingers inside, then bringing a
handful of her juices to my cock so she could lick them off along with my
The thought of her juices made me hungry again. I nudged her, gently,
until she got the message. She eagerly backed around and straddled my face,
never losing contact with my throbbing cock. We slid naturally into that
wonderful 69 configuration, with my lips and tongue going back to work on her
wet, slippery pussy. We had reached another level in our climb to ecstasy.
I licked and sucked her sweet pussy for all I was worth. I probed
into every little fold between and around her lips… slid my tongue as deeply
into her as I could… rubbed my chin up and down — my slight five o’clock
shadow adding another sensation to her stimulation. I could tell she liked it
by the intensity of her licking and sucking of my rock-hard cock. I was
enveloped by her sexiness… the incredible talents of her mouth and the sweet
flow of moisture from her cunt. “Lord,” I thought. “It can’t get much better
than this!”
I increased my pace… really wanting to make her cum this way. The
sensation of her tongue on my cock was exquisite… I felt myself building
toward the boiling point again, but somehow I wanted more — and I was fairly
certain that she did, too.
Catching her attention — even though I knew it would cause her to
stop licking my turgid cock — I sputtered out the words she had been waiting
to hear….
“I want to fuck you. Now.”
Not particularly romantic, to be sure, but we weren’t looking for
romance. We were deep into pure, animal passion. She rolled over onto her
back and spread those gorgeous legs. I had to lick her pussy again first —
it was too enticing to resist — so I bent down and passed my tongue over it a
few times to make sure she was good and wet. I needn’t have worried.
Rising up on my knees then, I scooted between her legs and looked down
at her face. As our eyes met, hers glistened with desire. The time had come
for us to realize the longing we both had harbored for so long. I pushed the
head of my cock against her wet cunt.
Slowly… bit by bit… I slid my rod into her. Her warmth enveloped
me as I moved closer… farther inside… I was tempted to shove it into her
hard, but that would have taken away from the anticipation that had built for
so long. I continued my slow movement forward, thrilled to find that the
feeling was as magnificent as I had thought it would be.
Leaning forward and propping myself up on my hands, I began to kiss
her again… sucking on her sweet lips, running my tongue over her face. So
many tastes mingled by now, like a savory sexual stew. Our tongues danced as
our bodies drew closer. Another push, and I was fully inside her. At last!
Our eyes met again and we smiled.
It was clear that we were equally committed to bringing each other
pleasure and fulfilling each other’s fantasies. I fucked her in the
missionary position for a time, grinding my cock into her hard, shuddering as
I pulled back to prepare for the next stroke. I licked and sucked her
nipples… massaged her wonderful breasts… kissed her hard on the lips as my
hips bucked back and forth.
When I slowed for a moment to adjust my stance, she looked up at me
and offered a suggestion that nearly made me cum on the spot.
“Take me in the bathroom… Fuck me bent over the counter,” she said
breathlessly. I think we flew again… off the bed and back into the site of
my earlier unveiling of her breasts.
She leaned over the counter… her nipples pressing against the cold
marble… as I moved behind her. It took us a moment to get the angle right,
but I soon pushed my rock-solid cock back inside her slit. The feeling was
exquisite again as I began to rock back and forth, thrusting upward with
greater and greater speed.
I pressed my palms under her breasts… shielding them from the cold
counter for a moment or two. I kissed the back of her neck… ran my tongue
around her ear. It was a memorable fuck — one of the most exciting of my
life. She was more and more turned on, too. I could tell by her moans and
the pace of her breathing. The intensity of my thrusts increased.
As we both moved closer to the inevitable explosion, I felt the need
to return to the softness of the king-sized bed. This time, I lay on my back
as she brought her sopping wet gash down to meet my pole. As she lowered
herself onto it, I thought I would burst on the spot. She picked up the pace
now, raising up and driving back down. Harder and harder, faster and faster
she drove. I could tell she was on the brink.
I sucked and licked her nipples again, as my fingers roamed all over
her soft flesh. She bounced up and down on me like a cowgirl riding a bucking
bronco, her curls flying… her eyes glazed. As she moved faster and faster,
I knew she was about to go over the top. Hearing her low, throaty moan
building deep inside, I thrust my hips back at her to intensify the force of
our coupling. It took only a few more strokes before she threw her head back
and began to give voice to that wonderful melody… the tune of a woman whose
body is melting in an intense orgasm. I smiled as she came… delighted to be
one of the instruments in this symphony of passion.
She slowed her pace as she came down from the heights… I kissed her
again and held her close to me, pushing my still-hard cock into her depths.
She realized that I had not yet cum — a situation soon to be remedied.
I lay back on the bed once more as she licked her way back toward my hard,
pulsing cock — which by now was aching for release. I wrapped my fingers in
her hair and watched intently… mesmerized as her lips drew closer and closer
to the shiny head. She licked it, and I sighed once more. She treated it as
if it were the rarest morsel… the sweetest treat ever. Licks, nibbles…
her tongue darting to and fro. She ran her tongue up one side and down the
other, then around and around. My hips began an involuntary up-and-down
motion as my passion built to a fever pitch.
She moved lower now, licking across my balls and down between my
legs. I was practically writhing in ecstasy, moaning my pleasure as she
continued her loving ways. Part of me wanted to prolong this fantastic
experience forever, but I knew that I must have some release — just as I knew
how desperately she wanted my explosion to occur.
She took me completely into her mouth then… her lips enveloping my
cock. The suction was intense… the heat like an inferno. I was astounded
by the amount of pleasure she delivered. Her head bobbed up and down, her
goal drawing nearer and nearer. I looked into her eyes and smiled at the
pleasure on her face. Then I began to feel the familiar twinges from deep
inside me, telling me that the fantasy we’ve harbored for so long was about to
be completely realized.
My hips bucked, my cock throbbed. I think I stopped breathing as the
orgasmic feeling neared the point of eruption. Then, it happened… My cum
spurted out in a powerful stream… first deep into her mouth, then pouring
over the sides of my cock in what seemed like torrents. She squealed with
pleasure as she watched it flow, then dipped her fingers into the fluid. As
the sticky liquid coated them, she gently grabbed hold of my cock again and
milked the remaining pearly drops from its head. She licked me again,
tonguing it all up.
I looked around, fully expecting to see the gods welcoming me to the
life beyond. But my gaze was filled with her angelic figure. I knew I had
found heaven on earth. The rest of the afternoon just confirmed that
The long-awaited encounter had fulfilled ( and wildly exceeded ( our
expectations. If only she didn’t live so far away.
Somehow I think that another business trip is in the cards… as soon
as possible!

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