A woman has an encounter on an airplane while her husband sleeps
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Jay’s work as an installation specialist often took him out of
town, to wherever the customer’s home office was located. I was tired
of being left to my own resources at home, though, so when his company
landed a new client on the other coast I twisted Jay to let me tag

Once in flight, we flipped up the armrest between us and I lay
against Jay, who lay against the wall. It was nice like that and I
spread Jay’s coat over us like a blanket. We had hours of night-time
flying in front of us. I leaned against Jay and he wrapped his left
arm around me, holding me close. He kissed my ear and I felt him slip
his fingers under the waistband of my pants. He slowly fingered me,
and I closed my eyes as I felt that warm feeling growing inside me.

I opened my eyes as the stewardess walked by. It was so strange
to have Jay fingering me right there in front of someone. My cheeks
were flushed. Eventually Jay withdrew his fingers. I could tell he
was sleepy. Soon I could feel him sleeping, his shoulder moving
slightly with each quiet breath. I slipped my own fingers where his
had been. I wanted that feeling again. I moved my fingers so slowly,
focusing on the glide of skin on skin.

The stewardess came back and stopped at our seats. I held my hand
still and sat there frozen. She looked right at my flushed face, then
down at the coat over my lap, and asked if I needed anything. I
blushed more (if that was possible) and said no. After she left, I
turned my head away from the aisle and dozed off with my hand still
between my legs.

I awoke disoriented. Most of the passenger lights were out, and
the stewardess was squatting in the aisle next to me, asking if I was
all right. She said I looked feverish. Then she said, “No, you look
hot,” and slid her hand under the coat to rest her fingers on my upper
leg. Her fingers were cold against my skin, and she pressed her hand
upwards under the leg band of my panties until it covered my hand. I
shuddered as she pressed my fingers between my labia knowingly,
stirring me up again. She released my hand and I felt her finger enter
me, long, probing upward. She found my center and I closed my eyes and
bit my lip to stifle any sound. I was coming, wanting to wrap my hips
around her hand but restrained by the nearness of my sleeping husband.
She withdrew her finger slowly, teasingly. When she slid her hand out
from beneath the coat, she pressed her finger to my lips. I opened my
mouth without thinking and tasted myself, laving her finger thoroughly.

The stewardess retrieved her finger, stood up and strode briskly
down the aisle. I pulled my hand out of my lap and rearranged myself
in my seat, wondering what had just happened. Jay moved in his sleep,
mumbled, and settled down to regular breathing again.

About fifteen minutes later, I got up to go to the bathroom. When
I got back, the stewardess was in my seat, under Jay’s coat as I had
been. His eyes were closed; hers were open. I started to ask a
question but she put her finger to her lips. She pointed to the floor
in front of Jay. “Down here,” she whispered sharply. I kneeled on the
floor in front of Jay, and she lifted the edge of the coat, pressing my
head beneath it.

It was dark under the coat, and it smelled of musk. Her hand
pressed me forward until my nose bumped into something soft. I knew
what it had to be — Jay’s cock. It was standing tall, and my
breathing sounded loud under the coat. I opened my mouth and his cock
bent down and entered. She was holding it, then stroking my cheek as I
sucked. I held onto Jay’s knees as I bobbed my head up and down,
working my mouth and tongue more and more urgently until he came,
filling my mouth while I swallowed and the stewardess stroked my cheek
and forehead.

I felt her hand leave my face, and then she slid from under the
coat. I tucked Jay’s softened cock back into his pants and stood up to
get back into my seat. I looked around, but the plane was dark and the
stewardess was nowhere in sight. Eventually the plane landed, and as we
got our bags from the overhead I noticed Jay was walking oddly. He
said he must have slept in a bad position.

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