Black office girl
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For a while we just served small talk back and forth. Do you
like your work I asked? It’s okay. I did the same thing at the
last place I worked so I’m use to it.
All during her responses I just watched her. Her almond shaped
dark brown eyes. Her slender straight nose. She had high cheek
bones attached to a slim oblong shaped face. For such a small
face her lips were prominent but not too big. They were that
puffy soft kind, you know, the spongy marshmellowie variety that
are oh so inviting and that reveals the true lustfulness hidden
in her soul, brought about only during a long passionate kissing
session or while being gently sucked during close face to face
intimate conversation. Her long jet black hair cascade down her
back all the way to her ass. It was pulled back in a tight pony
tail, fully exposing her facial features.She was not as beautiful
as some of the other Filipinas I had met but she did hold her
Why did you decide to come here to work…? As she was answering
I noticed that for the third time she was touching her face with
her left hand. I did not see a wedding ring or a tell-tale sign
that one had been there. Is she trying to tell me something I
thought to myself? Naw, that’s just your imagination I reasoned.
The small talk continued. Are you originally from this area? No
I was born in the Philippines in Cebu but spent most of my life
here. Do you still have family there, I quizzed? What was it
like there? Have you been back to visit?
As she answered again I saw the left hand hovering around her
face and the neck. During our conversation she would laugh at
things I’d say and extend her long slender chocolate brown hand
left hand to touch me lightly. She also would step back a ways
and turn so that I got a full view of her twiggy frame. Her
breast were size A. Her ass was small but not quite flat. A
little rump cheek protruded. There was something there you could
hold on to. Her legs were covered with long blue jeans but the
hint of well shaped strong calfs and thighs showed through. She
was about 5’2″ tall and could not have weighed more than 100
My mind drifted into sexual land as I watched her maneuver. She’s
the perfect size to pick up and hold while your fucking I
thought. I visualize her petite brown frame in my arms as my
hands held her firm ass to give her support and the freedom she
needs to move at her command. Her shapely legs wrapped around my
waist with her feet resting just above my naked butt. From this
position I could witness her taunt stomach muscles, her A-size
tits and the big, prominent, protruding, hard black nipples that
were attached. I could watch her face as it contorted with
pleasure and ecstasy with each thrust as I probed her pussy in
search of her magic spot with my dick. I could watch as our
pubic’s married and separated again and again and again. Each
time exposing the glistening coat of pussy cum that glaze my love
pole as her snatch swallowed it whole over and over.
My mouth, eager to be a part of the festivities suckle her breast
as my tongue licked her nipples causing the bumps around her
areola to expose themselves. Passionately we kissed, exchanging
tongues, sucking tongues, sucking lips, kissing face and eyes and
neck and cheek. Kissing, sucking, fucking, moaning.
I could hear her saying things to me….OOOOOOOOH Keaola you feel
sooooo gooooood!!!! Fuck me baby. Fuck me!!!! You are soooo
big! Fuck me harder! Harder, HARDER she demanded. This only
encouraged me to but more into it. Beads of sweat formed and
rolled down our torsos as the intensity of our fuckfest
blossomed. Suddenly she just stopped and leaned as far backward
as she could. This force her pelvis to push even harder against
mine, almost to the point of discomfort. I looked to see if
anything was wrong. Her head went back and her mouth opened to
let out a scream but nothing came out. Her mouth opened wider as
she trembled with great intensity, but still no noise.
Her pussy became extremely hot and wet as it vised my dick. It
was one of the most incredible sensations I had ever experienced.
I dropped my head and leaned backwards, forcing myself into her
with all of my might, as if I was trying to push my whole body
inside her velvety, wet, climaxing cavern. I felt myself
approach the point of no return. My dick swelled, my balls
became taunt and I could feel my orgasm building. We both locked
in our positions and just grind and mashed and pushed hard
against one another, searching to find the others pleasure spot.
And then it happened……there was sound.
Are you listening to me she asked? Oh my goodness, I can’t
believe that I’m standing here fantasizing about fucking this
lady while I’m talking to her. Huh…ahh, ahh, why sure I said
with a Chesire cat grin on my face as I searched to re-connect
back with the real world. Yeah right, sure your were she
retorted. I know what you were thinking about. What, I
questioned positively in an effort to confirm she had had my sole
attention? I was listening to every word you spoke I said,
feeling defenseless, hoping she would’nt ask me any questions
about the past few minutes of her monologue. Okay, if you say so
she said as her slender finger lightly grazed the top of my love
pole which had converted the front of my pants into a circus big
top tent. I looked down. I could have dropped dead right then.
I audible chuckled and maintained my smile but said nothing.
Okay you guys, breaks over, get back to work our supervisor
I looked up, preparing to explain my condition. My eyes met her
face. Smiling she lean in close to me and whispered, I hope it
was thoughts about me that caused that condition. Next she
planted a light kiss on my left cheek, said good bye and walked
away. I stood there in shock. She was about 10 feet away when
she stopped and turned around. She lifted her hand and gave me a
graceful little finger wave. See you at lunch time or do you
want to wait until after work she asked? Then she continued

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