HAK lets her husband watch her masturbate
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I’m sitting with my back against my husband on the
little couch I keep in my bedroom for lounging on.
We’re watching a movie on the TV. I’m not really paying
attention to the show, instead just enjoying the
closeness to my husband. I like the way he feels
against me. I can feel his muscles and I love feeling
him breathe, each breath moving me slightly. He’s
intent on the show and I can feel his breath blowing my
hair about a bit. I pull the blanket up to my neck and
snuggle back against him further.

Apparently something felt good when I shifted because I
feel him reach between himself and me to adjust himself
and a little while later I feel his cock getting hard,
throbbing against my back. I imagine that I can feel it
perfectly, even through his shorts and my sweat shirt.
I completely ignore the movie at this point. He’s my
world. I close my eyes and lean my head back against
him, taking in his scent, wishing I could stay this
close to him forever.

I feel his hand come around me and rest on my breast,
just gently holding it. I sigh. I scoot up a bit and
then turn over so I’m on my stomach on top of him,
looking at his face. I smile and he kisses me, soft and
slow. He tastes like bubble gum. I can see the stubble
on his face, the scar where his brother hit him next to
his eye, all the little details that make him. “I love
you, sweets,” I say softly. He grins and says, “I love
you too,” and then he tickles me a bit on my side. I
laugh and squirm a bit and then I decide to give him a

I start nuzzling at his neck, licking it, sucking it,
biting it. I like the saltiness. My hand works its way
behind him for stability while my other I slide down
into my pants. I’m not overly ready yet, but I know he
can feel what I’m doing because my hand is trapped
between himself and my body. I can feel his breathing
quicken and I can feel his cock throbbing hard against
me. “Oh, hon…” is what comes out of his mouth as I
start to make myself wet, working my fingers around my
pussy slowly.

It doesn’t take long. soon I’m doing my favorite
technique, the one where I trap my clit between my
first two fingers and make a walking motion with them.
My breathing is coming quick and hard, blowing right in
my husband’s ear. At first he just lays there, probably
unsure of what to do. Finally, he takes his arms and
puts them around me, giving me a hug and I feel his
rough hands going under my shirt and rubbing my back
from the top of my pants to the strap of my bra.

I feel it building and my fingers move faster and they
start to hurt and cramp but I grit my teeth and keep at
it. My husband slides his hands down and under my
pants, gripping my ass, kneading it. I start humping my
hand, feeling it drag across my clit. It gets almost
painfully intense and yet I continue. I feel like my
orgasm is right there and yet I can’t quite reach it. I
bite my husband’s shoulder. I don’t know why. I hear
him grunt but he doesn’t make me stop.

And then it’s there. All my breath leaves me. I feel
like I want to take a deep breath but I feel paralyzed.
It feels like my whole world is drawing up into my
tummy. There’s nothing but this growing tenseness, and
then it breaks. I feel my body relax and then tense
again and again, my hand simply cups my pussy as I feel
it tightening. I hear my husband grunt and he tense
under me and he makes this strangled noise in his
throat but before I can look to see if anything’s wrong
he’s already calm again and he’s back to stroking my

I pull off of him to change my clothes, as I got all
sweaty and moist, and I look down at my husband’s
crotch. There’s a big wet spot. I’d made him cum in his

I still think about this often and it’s one of my
favorite memories to masturbate to. I hope you enjoyed

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