Bride to Be (MF, cheat, oral)
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Alicia and Kim made their way from the crowded dance floor to the bar of the
local nightclub, they ordered two of the biggest cocktails on the menu and
laughed together as they sipped the creamy mixture. It was Alicia’s last
night as a single girl, tomorrow was the big wedding she and her fiancé had
been planning for the last eight months and but tonight she was still single
and loving it.

Kim rose her glass to her best friend “to your life as a married woman and
your last night of freedom!” she shouted over the music thumping all around
them. Alicia laughed and clinked her glass against Kim’s and cast her eye
around the crowded room as she took another sip, there were a couple of old
boyfriends that frequented this club and she intended to at least have one
dance with each of them.

Nick caught her glance and smiled broadly, they had always been friends
first and now he approached motioning to the dance floor. She nodded and
left Kim chatting to the guy next to her at the bar, taking Nick’s hand they
filed through the crowd until they found a space on the dance floor and
started dancing. Their conversation was broken up by the loud music, but she
managed to tell him she was getting married the next day.

Nick congratulated her and taking her in his arms he kissed her well on her
full lips, claiming this last kiss as a token of their past relationship and
she responded in kind. They danced a couple more songs before Kim found them
and dragged Alicia away from him, she towed her over to the bar where they
had been standing “Do you know who I just saw?”

Alicia knew exactly whom her friend was talking about even before Peter slid
up next to her at the bar; he leaned in close as he spoke to her, his breath
fanning the skin on her neck. “You’re looking especially lovely tonight,” he
whispered then kissed her softly on the sensitive skin below her ear. He had
always known how to get her attention and the chemistry had always been
electrifying, but somehow Peter had always been involved with someone else
when their paths had crossed.

His cool blue-eyed gaze immediately drew in Alicia, she looked up at him
seductively “well I guess as it’s my last night as a single woman I would
want to look my best.” She watched his expression change to disbelief and
laughed as her comment had the desired effect.

“You’re getting married tomorrow?” he asked incredulously, then he shook his
head “Well I guess that’s my loss then, he must be a lucky fellow to pin you
down” he teased, letting his hand rest on the small of her back as he spoke
to her.

Alicia’s body responded to Peter’s slightest touch, her body shivered
beneath his touch and she knew he felt it because his fingers began to move
in small circles caressing her skin through the soft fabric of her blouse.
She was beginning to feel the intoxicating effect of his presence in the
most sexual way, her body becoming steadily more aroused the more he touched
and spoke to her. As with most of their conversations it eventually became a
double meaning teasing competition, Kim and the rest of the club faded into
the background as Alicia became totally absorbed in her conversation with

Eventually finding herself outside the club, the fresh air smacking her in
the face after the hazy smoke filled club atmosphere. Peter leaned back
against one of the pillars of a building next to the club, his handsome
tanned face smiling knowingly at her. “So you’re going to be married. I
guess this is goodbye then so I’ll wish you good luck.” He said in a low
voice as he pulled Alicia up against him, his mouth closing over hers in a
long slow seductive kiss.

Alicia felt herself teetering close to the edge of uncontrolled passionate
response, her heart pounding in her chest and her mind racing. She knew from
past experience that Peter would never love her like her fiancé did, yet he
aroused her sexually like no one ever could and the sex, well the sex had
always been incomparable, lust driven and out of control. As her body molded
to his she felt his hands move over her hips to grasp her buttocks, crushing
her pelvis against the rock hard erection in his pants.

She groaned into the kiss her body giving over totally as Peter’s hands made
their way beneath her clothes, caressing her skin and pulling her clothing
away from her breasts and buttocks. Although in the dark shadows beneath the
overhang of the building, there was still a chance of discovery as they
stood against the pillar, it only served to excite them both more. Alicia
unbuttoning Peter’s shirt and running a line of soft wet kisses downwards
until she was at the zipper of his pants, looking up she gave Peter a
seductive look before unzipping him and releasing his hardened shaft.

Peter gasped as her warm mouth surrounded the his protruding phallus,
clasping her head with his hands he tried to keep his knees from buckling as
she took him deep into her throat. He had not expected her to suck his cock,
but at this stage was not in the mood to argue, he leaned back against the
hard cold pillar and let her work her magic.

Alicia knew exactly what Peter liked, he had always been putty in her hands
once her mouth was around his cock, she toyed with his balls, teasing them
with her long nails as she sucked him in and out of her mouth. His moans
almost making her smile when she strummed the end of his knob with her
tongue, the sudden hardening and bulging of his cock warning her of his
immanent discharge.

Peter held her head against his thrusting cock as he climaxed, his cock
filling Alicia’s sweet mouth with salty gushes of creamy cum. “Oh god you do
that so well” he whispered hoarsely as he watched Alicia swallow all of his
cum, licking any stray droplets away with an eager tongue until he was
completely clean. He raised her to her feet, kissing her salty mouth deeply,
tasting himself upon her sweet lips.

Leaning Alicia up against the pillar this time, Peter released her breasts,
squeezing both of them together as he licked and nibbled at her protruding
nipples. He drew her black lace panties down and off over her ankles
stuffing them in his pocket and slid his hands between her legs, seeking out
her clitoris in the warm damp folds of her sex.

Peter rubbed Alicia firmly between her legs as he kissed and sucked her
breasts, bringing her almost to the peak then pausing, before resuming his
ministrations until she became frustrated to the point of impatience. He
loved to tease her and in doing so her reactions aroused him further, his
cock pulsing and throbbing to be inside her tight wet sexual recess.

Alicia groaned and whispered franticly “stop teasing and fuck me Peter, god
I’m so horny, please fuck me now, I want to feel you inside me!” Her hands
clasped at him, trying to find his cock in the darkness, but he brushed away
her hands, holding them to her sides as he kissed her again on her mouth.

Their breath becoming one as he lunged forward, bringing his hips hard up
between her legs. The head of his cock met with the slippery slit of her
pussy, sliding along with a firm thrust until it’s bulbous tip found the
entry point to her love channel and plunged within. They clasped each other
tightly, Peter holding one of Alicia’s legs up by his hip as he fucked her
deeply, enveloping himself in the hot wet tightness of her pussy.

Their gasps and sighs echoing around the shadowed pillars surrounding them,
neither one of them caring if they should be caught half naked fucking in
the alcove of a dark building right next to a popular nightclub. Alicia felt
herself slide into the spiraling grip of an orgasm, her body shuddering as
it clamped internally around the hard thick shaft penetrating it’s deepest
regions. She felt the swelling pleasure build within her, her pussy feeling
like it would burst with the sweet intoxicating pleasure that Peter’s cock
was drilling into her.

“Oh god Peter, I’m going to. OHHH!” Alicia didn’t have time to finish before
her orgasm blew her away. She almost sagged to the ground with the
intensity, but Peter held her fast, pinning her against the pillar and
riding her until the shuddering waves of her climax subsided. The most
wonderful thing about Peter was that once he had made Alicia orgasm, the
peak of pleasure continued, so the fucking she received after her orgasm
felt as if it were a continuation of her orgasmic peak. She couldn’t explain
why, perhaps it was the shape of his cock, or the frenzied rhythm they
managed to maintain, but she loved it and her body bucked hard against his
in response.

Peter moaned, as his cock grew hard within her, steadying his breathing so
he could contain his immanent release, his whole body tensed, muscles
bulging as he drove deeper into the rippling depths of Alicia’s sweet pussy.
She was heaven on earth and he was sorry that this would be the last time
they would be like this together, perhaps deep down sorry he hadn’t asked
her himself, but he didn’t let his mind wander into that territory. At this
point in time he just wanted to fuck her until she was ready to collapse on
the ground in a trembling heap, he had the power to do that to her and he
knew it.

Alicia clawed at his back as he fucked her, he grabbed her arms and pinned
them above her head by the wrists with one hand, his other hand returning to
hold her leg up around his hip. He drove his aching erection into her again
and again, harder and faster until she was making a continuous moaning sound
with each shaky breath, he knew she would explode around his cock again soon
and held off his own climax until he had her shuddering and writhing against
the pillar.

He kissed her neck and breasts and then took her mouth once again, fucking
it with his tongue as his cock brought her trembling body to another intense
climax that almost made her scream with ecstasy. Feeling her clamp around
his cock and her orgasmic juices flowing down his balls from between her
legs, Peter finally allowed himself to experience the same. His cock
throbbed and expanded inside her as he shot a load of cum deep inside her
heavenly pussy, he kissed her deeply then held her tightly against him as
their bodies connected in mutual orgasm.

They remained locked together until their trembling bodies ceased quivering,
gently covering each other’s faces and throats with soft gentle kisses.
Alicia felt Peter withdraw, his cock popping out of her with a gush of love
juice that ran down the insides of her thighs, they moved apart to dress,
Alicia’s knees shaking so much she didn’t know if she would be able to keep
her balance, so she leaned against the pillar as she dressed herself.

Peter watched her searching the darkness around their feet, he smiled
broadly then began to chuckle as he watched her “looking for these?” he
teased as he produced her slightly damp black lacy panties from his pocket
and swung them in little circles around his fore finger, swiping them out of
her reach as she made a grasp for them.

“Peter! My panties please!” she demanded with a giggle, standing with one
hand on her hip she held out the other, giving him a mock serious look as
she pressed her lips together.

“Sorry, I’m keeping these as a memento of our last passionate embrace, but
most likely I’ll just sniff them whenever I’m by myself having a wank over
you” he teased back as he stuffed them back into the pocket of his trousers.

Alicia just stared at him for a moment, almost thinking he would hand them
over at any minute, but at the same time knowing he was serious. She laughed
and shrugged shaking her head as she found her purse and slung it over her
shoulder, “suit yourself, its kinda kinky but very sexy to think of you off
by yourself masturbating over my black lacy panties, still each to his own”
she giggled as she kissed him fully on the lips then sauntered off back to
the club to clean herself up and find Kim.

Peter watched her go still standing in the shadows; his hand clasped her
panties in his pocket and he though hard about what had just happened. “Who
ever is marrying you has found himself a great catch Alicia. all the best my
love, I hope you find happiness” he whispered into the darkness.

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