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Nora Webster was writting some math problems onthe chalk broad , she heard the door open she looked at the young man walking in .

She took the piece of paper he gave her :have a seat Mr.Rodgers, and remove your hat she said .
Mark Rodgers was a star on the basketball team he had gotten into trouble instead of suspending him he had gotten a week of detentin.

Mark stood there, holding the front of his pants actting like he was holding his cock for a guy his age he did have a big cock a few teacher would test to that.

Nora looked at him , :you have something wrong?
she said in her english accent she told him to sit down copy the work, he told her he diddn`t have anything to write with .

Nora stood up walked over to him Mark watched as she came towards him her could see her breast jiggle, he couldn`t see bra straps thru her dress, it made his cock twicht.
She gave him a pencil and paper, she walked back to her desk Mark watched her ass a woman looking forty she was fine.

Mark was once again rubbing his cock when he asked her a question ,Nora looked up she a grim look on her face she took her glasses off sat onthe front of her desk.

Young man she said :do you have a problem? you see to be fascinated with your cock , Mark was sursprised when she said cock . Nora said :i heard of you , big man,Mark smiled telling her he was doing his best.

Nora told him to show her his cock , Mark looked at her, come on she said , she sat there
Mark stood un buckeld his belt, his baggy pant fell to the floor, he wore black boxers.

He pulled down the boxers, Nora face didn`t seem to change , when she seen his black cock , Mark held it inhis hand , Nora walked towards him she knelt on one knee.

Mark could feel her breath on it, it made it harder Nora stood up telling him she seen bigger , Mark eyes bugged she walked back to her desk, he stood there cock in hand.

She looked at him: What? put your clothes on she told him Mark said :give a brother a hand
Nora took her glasses off walked to him she held his cock with in a few strokes she had him cucmming.

Mark was mad he wanted her to suck him any other teacher would have been on her knees taking his cock down her throat Nora was wipping her hand, she looked at him you will have to clean that up .

The hour was up she walked passed him ,telling him she will be here tomorrow Mark was on the court the guys asked did you get any yet? Bitch said she seen bigger cock than mine he told them he ran a slamed dunk the ball .

I`ll have that bitch before the week is over
Mark arrived at detention Nora sat at her desk in a grey suit, he asked whwere?
Nora said where what? he said you said yesterday you seen bigger cocks than mine.
Just wondering where? Nora told him when she was in Africa, Mark asked if she would tell him about it .

Nora told him she worked for a Aid relief she and her husband he was retired CSM inthe Royal Dragons she to him she had to endure a lot wasn`t no privavcy Mark was once again holding his cock , he walked up to the desk
he could look down her jacket see her deep clevage put his paper down.

With a quick grab he had her head frocing it towards his cock which he had out, he held hehead took his cock rubbed it against her face
telling her: you will suck it Bitch with that Nora jerked away some of her hair was still in Mark1s fingers, she held her hands up ready to fight.

Mark laughed walked towards her, he got closean
his head snapped back from the jab she threw
Bring it she said , Mark shook his head cale dher a Bitch again,then he felt a stinging left, she screamed at him am not your Bitch Hoe Whoreshe gave him a kick to the knees.

Mark went down in pain, nora took hold of his cock which was limp she squeezed it Mark yelled
she walked out of the room .

Nora sat inthe lounge thinking back to when the cheif took her, raped her infront of her husband, she had to suck their long thick cock s she was fucked over three days by every male they kept them captive she even gave birth
gave the cheif a son .

They was let go , Nora was a total wreck her hsband killed himself , she then took teaching jobs and once again men would force them selves on her, she was raped in her own class room while her studets watched a guy force his cock down her throat. Then took up a self defense
Moved to the States, Nora had called Mr.Jones and the police Mark was led out,limping.

Days went by the school was a buzz, Nora was inher class room when in walked four young guys
the taller one said you hurt him , My boy can`t walk right he cant even play ball and he can`t even fuck .

Nora stood saying you want to Bang Me?
One guy told her were going to hurt you , Nora knew they had nothing on what that tribe did to her ,she was laid ted to a bed her pusy lips had small holes poked inthem and thisn ropes tied to her knees holding he lips open.
a small bone was placed in her clit.

The boys tried to circle around her, but she was too fast for them , once again she kicked a boys knee she watched it break .
Nora laughed :only three now she gave a leg sweep to another and stomped on his balls .
th other two soon gave up taking their fallen guys with them.

Nora seen Mark before se left the school for another job, he seemed to be a different person, she patted his cock keep it safe she smiled .

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