Have a Birthday Bash on Me – Mistress Scopilo
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The rain was pounding outside when Raul picked me up at noon and
brought me to a very luxurious restaurant. The tables were rather
large and round with gorgeous hunter green and dark blue table clothes
that draped low to the ground. The room was dark enough enjoy the nice
candle light from candle settings in the middle of the table. Within
a few moments he knocked his fork off of the table then fell to the
floor, looking for the fork. Soon he was under the table, still
looking for his fork.
“Honey.” I whispered. “The waiter can just bring you another one.”
Instead of finding my darling Raul crawling out from under the table,
I felt his tongue lick me from my ankle to my knee. I stopped sipping
my red wine and looked around the room. There were a few people
already seated for brunch but it wasn’t crowded yet. To my dismay,
the waiter seated a business meeting of about five handsome young men
in suits and ties at the next table. Now Raul would never be able to
leave the table with dignity. And I thought this was a bad thing?
Raul’s long fingers pulled at my hips, urging me to sit closer to the
edge of the chair. I really had no choice to obey unless I wanted the
world to know he was under there. He pulled my lace panties down
around my ankles then over and off my shoes. My cheeks were suddenly
flushed red hot as I felt his hot breath on my inner thighs, his
tongue flickering on any bare flesh her could lick. I looked around to
each side of me and stared at all the people being seated at the
tables around us. His tongue danced around me, probing me and sending
sweet sensations every where. “Oh God.” I managed while taking another
sip of my wine, my hand shaking like crazy. One of the business men
smiled at me from across the other table. I couldn’t imagine what was
going on in his mind until I realized I was holding on to Raul’s head.
For all he knew my hands were dancing around my own pussy under the
table and making me look so crazy. I smiled back, making him wonder if
I were rubbing myself.
I slid my hips further down as I started to cum, feeling the room
spinning around me as the stared at me. The other men at the table
looked over at me, some very interested in my peaked nipples aching
inside of my soaked white chiffon blouse. Raul sunk two fingers
inside me and played with my clit with his thumb, sweeping it back and
forth with his hot tongue and sending me through unknown proportions
of pleasure. My body shook without control. I wanted to scream out
but knew I couldn’t.
One of the men excused himself from the meeting and walked over to
me. He looked down at me, and immediately flushed when he looked down
the top of Raul’s head bobbing in my lap. I spread my legs a little
wider so he could dive in deeper and hide better under the tablecloth.
To my surprise the man kissed me hard and then asked if I minded. I
did until Raul mumbled “Let him.” from between my thighs. The stranger
kissed me again and unzipped his pants. His cock bounced out of it’s
confinement, bobbing at my face. “Suck him.” Raul demanded from under
the table.
I took the man’s cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his head
and stroking the length with my hand. Suddenly the waiter closed all
the shades in the place and it was just the business men, Raul and
myself. I looked at the hungry faces of the business men who suddenly
wanted me then smiled. I was about to have the fucking time of my
life! “Come get it boys!” I yelled and laughed.
I pulled myself away from Raul’s pursed lips then found the lazy
hammock that hung in the corner of the room. With each step I took off
a piece of clothing until I was completely naked. The men followed,
each one throwing their clothes off one by one. I laid on the hammock
so my head hung backwards off the side and my legs were open to the
world, leaving my shaven pussy out of exploration. Raul took the bait
first. His fully engorged cock pumped deep inside me. The other man
came up from behind my head and slowly put his throbbing member in my
mouth. Two others took a tit, each one sucking hard. The man with his
cock in my mouth leaned over and began to stroke my clit with his
tongue while Raul pumped his cock inside of me. The waves came back as
I came again with four mouths one me and twenty hands caressing,
pinching, probing and prodding me. It was so incredibly wonderful!
They all backed off and one by one slid their throbbing cocks inside
my pussy, each one a little bit different in size. It was like having
my own personal set of vibrators at my disposal. I came each time a
new man entered me, pinching and sucking my aching nipples. None of
them came inside of me but all shared the pleasure of my own cum
wrapped around their dicks. The last one to enjoy me was my love,
Raul. He pumped hard inside my pussy while the others slid their
cocks inside my mouth, one by one, allowing me to taste my own sex on
their cocks. Raul grabbed my breasts and squeezed as he started to
cum. I lost it too, cumming while he burst inside me, squeezing my
tits and pinching my nipples. The other men joined in, cumming all
over my stomach, face and hair as they stroked themselves into
neverland. I came again, and again, screaming as their sperm hit me
and Raul pumped inside me.
“Happy Birthday, Jenna.” He smiled and kissed me. “Did you like your

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