My Gorgeous Jennifer
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I reached walmart tonight to run errands. Basically, I needed some food, toilet paper, and some car stuff for my older brother.

The weather was horrible. Thunder was clapping into the sky. Inside Walmart, the lightning seemed as if it was shooting the store up.

Anyway, I was getting my groceries quickly because the loudspeaker announced that the store will shut down in a few minutes for the whole weekend due to the weather.

Right as I grabbed my last grocery, the loudspeaker blared: “Thanks for shopping at Walmart. We hope to see you back again on Monday.”

“Shit” I said to myself. In a matter of seconds, the lights all went off. I heard the sound of metal stomping the ground, which I presumed to be walmart closing its entrances with metal.

My panic was surreal. My hand went directly to my pocket, grabbing my phone and turning on its flashlight.

The phone’s flashlight beamed, showing up as a torch in the dark.

The distant scream of a girl could be heard: “HELLO!!! IS ANYBODY THERE??”. The voice cut off and from thereon, I only heard crying.

I replied screaming back, the latter being my only option, “HEY. WHO ARE YOU??” I asked. Her voice comforted me in the fact that at least I’m not the only one stuck here.

“HELP ME!!! I’M STUCK HERE” Her voice screamed. From thereon, I could only track where from her voice came. Basically, I had to use my flashlight, and follow the sound.

She sounded very worried, so I tried comforting her, “I’m coming, just wait. Tell me where you are” I screamed back

“I’m At the Chips Aisle, please come quick. I have a phobia of these things. I’m getting dizzy.” She screamed back

Oh shit. Thankfully, I know where the chips Aisle is, so I hurry fast towards there.

My anxiety caused me to speed up immensly. As I reached the aisle, I slowly peeked in from outside the to see a girl on the ground, her face buried in her hands, crying. She was really pretty. She medium-length black hair. She wore a spaghetti strap crop top, tight jeans, and tennis shoes.

“Hello” I whisper as I approach her. She removes her face from her hands and looks me. My sight apparently made her grin immensely, so she jumped up and hugged me, screaming: “THANK GOD.. I WAS SO SCARED I’LL BE ALONE”

“Now now, no need to be worried” I say patting her back as she hugged me.

“Sorry if that was weird. I was just really scared.” She could barely breathe out from all her tears.

She buried her head into my shoulders, crying effortlessly. I felt sorry for her. I couldn’t get her out of here though, so why is she so happy? I kept that last thing to myself for now, because she’s really pretty and I’m enjoying that damn hug.

She pulls away. She looks into my eyes. Her face beams with redness. Her hands hold both my arms. Unable to do anything else, she buries her head onto my chest and cries for another round.

I couldn’t do anything but try to comfort her. My hand slided the top of her back, up to back of her neck, rubbing it from over her hair.

Eventually, she pulls away. “I’m really sorry. That was very weird” She apologises, before continuing: “I have a phobia of being alone, especially in the dark. Can you stay with me ? Please?”

“Sure, don’t worry about it” I reply. “Let me get you something to eat, how about that?” I offer her

“Ok, but let me come with you. Please” She asks me, her hand rubbing on my arm.

I led the way to the fruits aisle. Her eyes instantly went to a banana, which she grabbed and held tightly to her bosom. She closed her arms around it, and mumbled, “Let’s go back now” while snuggling onto my arm

On our way back, she squeezed my arm and told me: “I wanna sit somewhere” Of course, I agreed and we looked for somewhere to sit. As we were walking, she saw a table in the distance. She pointed it towards it: “There”. We sat down, and I put my phone up on the table to light the place up. She proceeded to peel her banana and chomp on it like a wolf.

As we sat on the table she started asking me about how I got here and crap. We chatted about random stuff. I asked her if she’s feeling better now. She replied that she’s comfortable. We exchanged names. I told her I’m Andrew. She told me her name is Jennifer.

“It’s starting to get a bit late.” She said yawning.. “True.” I replied, continuing: “But I don’t know where we can sleep.”. Jennifer looked at me for a bit, humming as if she’s thinking to herself, then mumbled: “Hmm… There should be some rooms around here. Idk, like storage rooms that we could empty out and place a bed in?”

“If we can find some, sure” I told her. “Ok, let’s go look, shall we?” She asked me “Yeah” I replied as we went off. While we were walking, she was snuggled to my arm all the time. At one point, she looked at me, smilling, “You know you’re adorable for doing all this for me.” My heart broke for her. How will I avoid falling in love with her throughout this? “Aww, I just want you to feel safe. Thanks” I said while rubbing her back.

We finally found a room, a huge one. Right as we saw it, Jennifer screamed: “This one is mine. Please!”. “Sure, you can have it” I told her as we walked in and looked around. It was empty and you could hear your echo if you spoke from inside. “So it kinda needs to be furnished.. Could you help me out with that?” She asked, her hands resting on her hips. This’ll take a long time, but I’m willing to help. “Sure, Let’s go get you some stuff. Come on” I said as we walked out of the room.

As we reached the furniture section, she picked out a pink bed, carpet, lamp, closet, and even sofa. We also got a TV. Anyways, we had to move all of this stuff back to her crib. After we were done, she looked at her room as a whole and loved it. She turned around and gazed into my eyes: “Thank you so much for this!” Jennifer said hugging me and burying her head into my chest. “Since we did all this hard work, wanna go in and watch a movie on my bed?” She offered

I really wanted to spend some time with her, but I had to do some other stuff “I really wanted to spend some time with you, but unfortunately, I also have to prep a room for myself as well. So no, I can’t”. She got disappointed “Awww, well I can at least help you out?” She asked me. Of course I’d agree. I wanted to spend more time with her. “Great, that’d be awesome.” She said as we left and headed

I got everything for my room. My picks were vintage posters, a cool bed, a TV, and a gaming console, with two controllers if she ever wanted to play with me. After we finished making my room, she asked me: “Hey Andrew, could I have your number in case I needed your help / wanted to talk to you about something? ”

“Sure” I replied. I then filled in my number on her phone. She thanked me and left to sleep.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her when I got to bed. I wanted to make the next day special for her, try to make her feel better. So that’s what I did


The next day, I woke up really early. I prepped breakfast for both of us, and I headed to her room. I knocked on the door very quietly, and she shouted: “Yes? Come in”. I entered her room holding a huge tray containing two breakfast plates. Her first reaction was to blush and then say: “AWWWW, omg that is so cuteeeeeee.

She sat up on bed and patted the area next to her: “Come on have a seat”. I did sit down next to her and she thanked me: “I really appreciate this Andrew, thank you so much”

“Anything for you Jenny. I just wanted to surprise you with something nice” I replied. She smiled, then mumbled: “Well it’s only fair for me to surprise you with something equally as nice” and kissed me on my cheeck. “That’s for being an awesome guy” She said

I couldn’t help but blush to be honest. I’m not very exeperienced with girls, so I got kinda shy. We then continued having breakfast while sitting close next to each other, which meant that our thighs were touching the entire time. She talked really sweetly all throughout the meal, much better than her tiredness yesterday.

After we finished eating, I got up and left to my room to play some video games. A few hours in, during the afternoon, Jennifer knocks at my door and comes in. She was still in her PJs. “Hey” She said. “Yo, what’s up” I answered her, when she came up and sat down next to me on bed. “Whatcha wanna do?”

“IDK, whatever” I replied. “Are we going to stay in PJs all the time?” She asked “Well, not necessarily. You can wear the clothes you have. The ones you wore yesterday, I mean” I replied. “No way, I don’t wanna wear the same thing every day. Plus, they get dirty” Jennifer told me. I replied: “Ok, so what do you want to do?”

Jennifer smiled, took my hand and pulled me out with her. “What’s going on?” I asked. “We can get clothes from walmart silly. Together” She replied.. “Oh, true” I said.

She led the way to the women’s clothing section. She knew the place by heart, somehow. I sat down on the side as she picked out her clothes. After picking a set, she would go try it on and ask me for my opinion. Her first pick was a pretty sexy red strapless side split dress. She came out of the dressing room, twirled around, and asked: “What do you think?” while standing sideways. She shifted closer to me, “You can touch if you want” as my hands touched her hips. “Perfect” I muttered. “I think you look perfect”. She grinned widely. I hadn’t noticed but my cock was tenting in my PJs. “I Suppose I’m responsible for that, she said while looking down at my boner”. I looked down and almost lost it there. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to look at you that way, but I couldn’t control it, frankly. I won’t make it happen again” I apologised to her. “No, no Andrew. It’s fine. I don’t mind” She mumbled as she put her hand on my cheeck and slid it downwards.

“Now, let’s go get you some clothes as well” She said as we got up. She still had her dress on. We walked over to the men’s section and I picked out a light blue dress shirt with linen pants. I came out of the dressing room, showed Jenny what I got and she freaking loved it. She stood up and started inspecting me all over: “Andrew you look so handsome” She said as her hand held onto my shoulder as she turned around me, checking me out. “Thanks, I guess we both look nice like this”. She smiled “We look perfect with each other”. That could have a double meaning, I thought. “Let’s take a selfie” I said as we joined in and snapped a pic.

After we were done, we both went our separate ways. I went to my room, had lunch, gelled my hair slightly, fixed up, put on some deoderant, and all that crap. When I finished I went back to my gaming console, until I received a text from Jennifer saying: “Come over Andy”. Wonder what that could be. I left my room and knocked on her door. “Come in” She shouted. I went in, saw her, and my jaw dropped from how beautiful she looked. She had full make up on, high heels, and had her hair done. “Holy cow” I said as she smirked looking at me. “You look f-ing volcanic, you know that?”. She laughed “Thank you so much.” I told her: “I won’t be able to continue or speak before I do this” as I gently held her and kissed her cheeck rougly. “Now now now Mr love machine, how about you entertain me for the night?” She asked. “Let me get you dinner, how about that?” I told her. “That would be lovely” She said as she held out her hand for me to hold.

I took hold of her hand and accompanied outside, walking gently with her, careful as to not let her trip or anything. As we were walking past the wine cellar, I stopped in my track. I looked back, “We’re going to be needing one of these” I said as I grabbed a wine bottle. She laughed, “You hit the perfect spot Andy”. I smiled: “I’m glad I did” I told her

We eventually got to the sushi bar. There were a lot of boxes of sushi that were still full, so we took a few. We then got some snacks, and sat down on a table with everything. I poured wine for us as we started gently and slowly eating together. Jennifer was telling me a story about her friend when I couldn’t help but stare at her cleavage. She smiled: “Andy”. I was startled and shaken out of my seat, “Uh yeah?”. I asked her. “My face is up here” She said, pointing to her face. “Oh sorry, I was just—-” I couldn’t continue as she interrupted me: “No it’s okay I’m glad you’re enjoying the dress and what it has to offer” She smiled.

We continued our dinner like this, sometimes starting at each others eyes uninterrupted for minutes. It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever experienced. When we finished, we got up, and I escorted her to her room. In front of the door, as we were saying goodbye, ours eyes gazed at each other. I didn’t want to leave. “So, good night, I guess” she said as she hugged me tight. “Yeah, but not before I do this though” I said as I gently grabbed her hips and kissed her on the lips. Our kiss lasted for 15 seconds. After our kiss I said, “So I guess it was a date?”. She smiled “It was our first date, I suppose so”. I hugged her again this time just because I couldn’t handle not doing so. “All right, have a good night” She told me as if she didn’t want me to leave. “Good night” I told her as I hesitantly pulled away from our hug. “Cya tommorow” She said, and i replied: “Cya”

I got to my room, and I couldn’t help but notice how hard my cock has become. I switched to my PJs, and as I lied down to try sleeping, I received a message. “Hey” It said, from Jennifer. “Hey” I replied back. “Come over, let’s watch a movie together. Stick with PJs” She texted me. “Sure, I’m coming” I texted back. I headed towards her room and knocked on the door. “Come in” She shouted. I entered. This time she had a different PJ on. She wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt. They looked really sweet and comfy. “Hey” I said. “Hello, Have a seat” She said as she patted the spot next to her. I went and lied down next to her. “So I put this movie on, it seems nice. Hope you like it” She said and then let her head rest on my shoulder.

As we watched the movie, we switched positions. We lay on our stomachs with our hands supporting our jaws, and watched together like that. She moved over her feet to mine, and started playing with them. Jennifer then moved her foot up my leg, letting her toes dance on my calf. We looked at each other, smiled. The tension between us was so high at this point, she screamed: “OMG ANDY THIS IS SO CUTE!!!” as she rolled over to me and hugged me. I laughed and my hands were all over her in seconds. Our lips were touching and we were kissing passionately, my bottom lip touching her upper lip. As my hands continued to caress her hips, she wrapped her legs around me. Our kissing evolved. Our tongues started dancing with each other. I took my hands off her hips and wrapped them around the side of her thighs. She grinned when I did that.

We stayed like that for more than 10 minutes, making soft love passionately. However, after that, we were almost out of breath and we had to pull out. We lied down next to each other on bed, tired, breathing heavily. I put my hand on her chest: “Can I just call you my girlfriend?”. She grinned: “Yes, babe. And I’ll be calling you my boyfriend. By the way, you’re sleeping here tonight” We hugged at that moment and fell asleep in each others’ arms.


The next day, I woke up to her hand up the hem of my shirt, pulling it up. Her lips were kissing all over my chest, up till my nipples. She also kissed me a few times on my neck. “Hey there baby” I told her as I pushed the back of her neck down with my hand to support her. “Your kisses feel amazing” I told her. She smiled and continued for a few minutes before pulling out. She looked at me, sitting cross legged, and pulled her shirt up: “Can you show me what it feels like”. I smiled: “Lie down” I told her. She lied down, holding her shirt up above her bra. So basically, her bra was visible. It was red lace, and it looked amazing. I crawled towards her and started kissing her chest gently. My lips were kissing around her belly button, but my eyes were somewhere else. Her bra had completely captivated me. She kinda got angry at that and lightly laughed: “How many times do I have to tell you this. My chest is down here, not on my tits!!!” She said. “Sorry”. She didn’t reply but was completely frozen in the moment as I kissed her chest. Her back arched and she tilted her head backwards. After I had exhausted my kissing, I pulled out and she let her shirt down again.

We chatted for a bit then, and then I went back to my room to play some video games. A few hours later, she sent me a pic of her un-manicured toenails, accompanied with a text: “I didn’t paint them :(“. I replied back: “Aww, that’s sad”. She texted back: “Come over. We’ll buy some make up and you can help”. This was like the best message ever for me. I love feet, especially hers. “Coming” I texted back.

I got to her door and knocked. “Come in” She shouted as she was laying on her back, her toenails spread out. “So babe, I need to go buy some manicure. Come with me” She said as she got up and pulled me out of her room by my hand. We got the stuff she needed and we went back to her room. First, we also had to do her fingernails. We sat cross legged in front of each other on her bed, and I gently started with her fingernails.

As I was painting her fingernails red, our feet were playing with each other. She asked me: “Do you think I’m hot?”. I looked at her for a few seconds. “You’re as hot you always were” I told her. She smiled: “Ok, Hot enough to have sex with?”

“You’re the most fuckeable girl I know” I confided to her. She blushed: “Aww, Andy I just love you so much”. She said. “You make me so horny. Can we have sex one day, if you don’t mind?” She asked me. Hell yeah, boi. Of course we can. “I’d have a hard time if I couldn’t have sex with you” I told her. She smiled. “Well, if I asked you to slide your cock into my pussy, would you do it?” She asked me. I smiled: “Jennifer, you know I wouldn’t even hesitate.” She laughed and gave me a small hug as I finished with her fingers.

She then sat up farther away from me and lay her feet on my lap. They were really close to my crotch. It became very difficult not to get hard. I took her nail polish and started painting her toenails. “So babe, are you dom or sub?” I asked her. She smiled and said: “Well I usually do both.”. Fuck yeah, the perfect match. “That’s so awesome, I’m just like that too”. I told her. She smiled, “Well that’s perfect news for us” She said. I tried my best not to get hard, but eventually right as I finished her toenails my cock just came rising up onto the heel of her foot. She screamed: “NO WAY ANDY!! WHAT’S THAT I SEE THERE???” She grinned so heavily and I kinda got embarassed to be frank. “Sorry”. I told her. “Don’t be sorry!” She said. She then continued: “You think my feet are pretty” as she swayed her feet upward in front of my face.

Her feet then got to my face and started rubbing around. They felt like Euphoria. I felt like I was in paradise. “Come on Andy. Have a lick. I want you to do that” She said. I happily obliged. I started to kiss the bottom of her foot, as she moaned lightly. “I’ve been barefoot all day. Clean my feet. My foot slave, Andy” She said. “Yes Mistress” I replied, licking her foot and then putting her small toes in my mouth sucking them. Her body began to shudder as I continued onto her big toe. Afterwards, I joined her two feet together and tried to put all her toes, albeit unsucessfuly, into my mouth.

“Oh baby” She said as she pulled her feet anyway. “Enough for today” She continued. “Ok Mistress. Thank you for letting me kiss your feet.” She looked at me, and mumbled: “No problem”

We got up and then lay down on her bed. She rolled over and hugged me, straddling my chest. “Come here you sexy woman” I said pulling her face close to mine and kissing her. I drowned in her lips. My hand melted in her hair. My other hand slid up her shirt and rubbed her tits over her bra. She moaned. We were breathing heavily. “You make me so fucking horny Andy” She whispered into my lips danced and sucked on her neck. “Babe, me too. Look at my cock.” I told her. She looked under her and gasped at how it was tenting through my pants. She touched it through my soft PJ pants just to feel how hard it is and she was not disappointed. “It’s only fair that you see how wet I am too” She said as she took my hand and placed it on her shorts on her crotch specifically. When I touched her crotch, I could feel the wetness seeping into my hand. I smiled at her. She then pushed my hand away and we continued kissing each other She was in my arms. I was holding her gently. I made sur she felt like the most important and most valued girl in the world. She was mine. And that’s all I really cared about in that moment.

After some heavy action, she pulled away and told me: “Babe, I got something to do. I’ll contact you when I’m done, is that all right?” I replied: “Sure, no problem. I’ll be ready whenever you are”. She replied back: “Thank you” and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

I left the room and headed back to mine. Shit was good. I lay down and I couldn’t think of anything else. I tried to distract my self by playing video games, but all my attention went back to Jennifer immediately. Anyway, an hour or two later, it was around 8 PM, she knocked on my door. “Come in” I shouted. She opened the door and entered. H O L Y S H I T. She had her hair done. Her make up done. She wore black fishnets, a red leather skirt, and a white shirt tucked underneath her skirt. She also had red pump up heels as shoes. She looked freaking amazing. “Baby, you look f-ing volcanic.” She smiled and slided her hand through her hair. “Thank you honey”. I got up and told her: “I need to get ready”. She sat down: “Ok, I’ll wait for you”. I got out and looked for some nice clothes real quick, put on deoderant and gelled my hair slightly.

I went back into my room. “You don’t visit my room often” I told her. “Well yeah, but these going to be remembered as our most special meetings” She said getting up and walking by next to me. “Let’s go” She said as my arm wrapped around her lower back embracing her hips.

As we were walking out, I asked her: “So Jenny, what do you want to do?” She smiled, looked at me: “First, you dine me. Then, you–” She paused, as I looked at her smirking. “Fuck me” she continued. Damnn this was going to be the best. “Can I dine you rather quickly?” I asked her. “That was my plan” She responded laughing. We went and looked around the store, looking for food. The best we could find was a frozen lobster, which we managed to heat in the store’s kitchen

While we were eating, she took off one of her heels without me noticing, and laid her foot on my lap, from under the table, directly over my crotch. She was playing footsie with my cock the entire time, except it was clothed. After we finished eating, she crawled under the table and kneeled down in front of my crotch. “Let me have a share of you babe” She mumbled at me smirking as she was unzipping my jeans. She slowly pulled my jeans off and then started playing with my dick over my boxers. We were staring at each other romantically. She then slid her fingers under the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down. My cock springed and slapped her in her face. We both laughed

“I can’t believe this is going into my pussy later” She joked, as she gripped my cock with her hand. She started to lightly tap my balls, testing around. “Is this your first time?” I asked her. “Yes” She blushed. She continued moving her hand up my cock, stroking it gently, while her other hand rested on my thigh. Her elbows were both on my knees when she put her lips around my cock for the first time. “I can’t believe you’ve finally had my cock on these lips of yours” I told her as she smiled with my dick tickling her lips. “Lick it wet before you put it in your mouth by the way” I told her. She pulled out and started licking my cock like icecream. Her saliva covered my dick, and it even dripped down my thighs.

“Now suck it” I told her as she parted her lips and engulfed my cock. “Baby, you’re amazing” I Told her as she smiled at me. She was sucking it like a freaking lollipop. I felt my cock pulse on her tongue. She was making muffled noises, as my cock slid down her throat. My hand behind her head pushed her down on my cock. She continued her rythmic motion for a few minutes. Afterwards I told her: “Baby, I’m going to cum”. She immediately pulled out. “Don’t want that to happen. I want that thing inside me tonight” She said as she tapped the head of my cock with her finger.

My head leaned backwards breathing heavily for a few seconds. I then looked at her, kneeling down, having just sucked my cock, her saliva dripping down her mouth. She looked so innocent. “You are an amazing f-ing girlfriend, you know that?” I asked her as I pulled her over and kissed her with all my might. My lips literally sucked on hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked up at me. We stayed like that for a few minutes before we got up.

“Now you’re coming with me” She said as she pulled me away. My jeans and boxers were still on the ground below us so I was naked from the waist down. Her heels had been left underneath the table, so only her fishnets remained under her feet. We got to my room, and she pushed me on my bed. She ferociously pulled off my shirt and started kissing me all over the place. “Babe, I don’t want to dom you. Nor do I want you to dom me. Tonight, I just want us to make love” She said as her lips struggled to stay in one place. I nodded. I rolled her over and pushed her down on my bed. My hands quickly went to her shirt, pushing it off and throwing it aside. Her red lace bra was no more after a few seconds. My lips were on her nipples in no time, sucking, licking, and biting them. I then kissed between her cleavage, down her chest. She was moaning uncontrollably as I covered her with my kissing.

I then unzipped her skirt and pulled it away, leaving her in just her red lace panties and her fishnets. I let my hand slip down her panties, just to test the consistency. When I pulled it out, it was wet as fuck. I looked up at her, and she was smiling. “This is how wet you are right now” I said putting my fingers in front of her eyes. She laughed. “This is what you do to me Andy”. Her mouth then engulfed my engulfed, swallowing her own pussy juice.

I then continued to pull down her panties, leaving her with just her fishnets on. “Do I take them off?” I asked her. “Yes, Please” She told me. I then took her fishnets off and lead my fingers over to her pussy. She was very wet, tight, and beautiful. “Babe, you are so fucking tight you won’t believe it. Your pussy is so pink and cute.” She smiled. “Glad you enjoy it. Now eat me out please” She commanded me. My fingers started to dance around her exterior. Her first moans were light, barely noticeable. But then my fingers plunged in, exploring the tunnels of her sweet pussy. She was starting to moan really loudly, and her pussy juice was overflowing, making large wet spots on the bed.

Then my tongue probed in and flicked her clit, making her moan:


She was screaming and moaning, and she was fucking my face before she told me: “Ok, please, I’m going to cum. Stop”.

I nodded and pulled out. “I’m ready now” She said. She was biting her lips and looking at me lustfully. Her fingers were still mingling around her pussy. “Slide your cock into me and take my virginity, Andy” She screamed.

I kneeled down between her knees. She spread her legs and grabbed my cock. She guided my manhood to the tip of her pussy, and let me lead the way from there. I started rubbing it on her exterior, making her moan. “Stop teasing me Andy, Please” She begged me. “Sorry” I told her as I pushed a finger in her to loosen her up. She took a deep breath and held it as I pushed into her.

She was clearly in pain, squirming and wincing. I went slow and gentle on her. I would pull out slightly and push it back slightly in. I didn’t go far. But at one point I went too far and she told me to wait: “Stay there. Don’t move” She mumbled. “Ok” I stayed there for a few minutes, my cock inside her pussy but not moving. “Continue” She said

I started working my cock inside her more, and I started fucking her more vigourously. I was pumping into her and we were both breathing hard and moaning. “How does it feel inside my hot pussy, babe?” She asked as she smiled at me. “It feels fucking amazing. Your pussy is so wet and tight” I groaned at her.

I can tell she had multiple orgasms by how drenched my cock became. “Baby I can’t stand this anymore, my pussy is fucking aching for you” She said. “FUCK ME HARDER PLEASEEE, FASTER” She continued. My cock went in faster, as she started to sweat and cry as my assault on her pussy continued.

“I’m going to cum babe” I tell her

“Fill me up babe” She repsonds

I smile at her and shoot hot squirts of cum into the warm velvety tunnels of her pussy. She screams louder than anything I’ve heard in my life. We stay like this for around 40 seconds.

We lie down next to each other on bed. She keeps pulling me in to kiss me from time to time. I look at my watch, and scream: “BABE, Shouldn’t we be out of here tommorow?”

Her eyes pop out. “Omg, what are we going to do?” She asks me

“Let me get us out of here.” I told her

Do you want me to do a part two? Or should I stop.

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