The Mystery of Lakeview Mall
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“The old mall is haunted!”

Even by Hazelwood High’s rumor mill standards, this one was dumb. A lot of students liked to talk about it, but very few actually believed it. Still, when your high school is located in a sleepy suburban-at-best town where so little happens that a broken taillight could make the newspaper’s front page, you’re all-too-happy to share local news, even if it’s news from the next town over.

“What, the Lakeview mall?” Zoe asked in between bites of her lunch.

Tyler enthusiastically nodded. “Sightings, feelings of dread, the whole ‘people go crazy when they’re there too long’ thing – it’s perfect!”

“Perfectly dumb,” Zoe shot back, giving Tyler a look of derision. “You can’t actually think that kind of shit is real.”

“Of course I don’t! But it means adventure. I wanna go. Who’s in?”

The trio sat at their lunch table, eyeing one another. They were together through thick and thin, and they were always searching for the next adventure – and even if no one but Tyler was going to say it out loud, this ‘haunted mall’ was the perfect excuse in too long to go on a proper adventure.

But enthusiasm was for the nerds of the table, so Zoe Heracleous wasn’t going to say anything until someone else did. Despite her last name, she looked visibly Korean; her dad’s last name was deceptive enough to hide the majority of her family’s history. She inherited more than just a name, of course – a strong, beautiful yet determined face, beautifully wavy long hair, and a figure that screamed, ‘I bet this girl looks amazing with no clothes on but she’d beat the crap out of me with her muscles before I ever found out.’ It didn’t help that, even though she was reasonably fit, the most intimidating thing about her was her assertive attitude.

Nami Smith wasn’t the opposite of Zoe, per se, but she was enough to be her foil. Nami was white as a ghost and quiet, but not timid – despite her assertive attitude, Zoe would never make friends with someone timid, they’d be seen by her as too ‘boring’ – and thoughtful. If she said something, she had enough of a track record with the others that she’d be listened to, which was nice for her. Her short red hair had, much to her annoyance, gotten her the label of a ‘dyke’ among the school boys, and hanging out with a confident young woman like Zoe didn’t help those rumors subside. This was, of course, absolutely awful for the boy-crazy Nami.

Luckily, she’d made fast friends with the one guy at Hazelwood goofy enough to make her reconsider creating complications in their friendship. Tyler Massamba could have been bullied a lot less when he was younger if he’d just shut up. It wasn’t that he had a highly expressive face, or the fact that he was one of maybe six black kids in all of Hazelwood, or even that he was a little bit fatter than he would have liked, but it was mainly his wild wacky spirit and tendency to talk out in class, and say whatever he wanted, no matter whose ire it drove. Bless Tyler, he never learned, and he lived for his own excitement, which made him happy as a clam that he managed to find friends in two girls that couldn’t pass up an opportunity for adventure.

“Go to the mall?” Nami asked. “Would we have to break into it?”

Tyler grinned a toothy grin. “I already scouted the place out and found an in. Ground floor, no danger, easy as pie. Because I love you both so much, I didn’t even go in myself yet. I saved it for the moment where all three of us can enjoy it.”

“You’re too kind,” Zoe replied dismissively. “Well, it’s got to have been abandoned for, what, a few months? If there was any kind of security, they’d probably have sealed that up.”

“It could have been made the day Tyler found it,” Nami pointed out. “How about we go on the weekend? That way, if it’s still there, we know we won’t get busted. If it’s sealed, we know it’s a bad idea.”

Zoe gave an approving face towards Nami and turned towards Tyler. “I think that’s our way of saying we’re in.”

Tyler hooted and hollered. “This is gonna be awesome!”


Because the lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic only lasted about half a year, thanks to some government assistance not too many businesses went under. Lakeview was perhaps the only mall in the area to be entirely shut down by the half-year pandemic. With construction projects already overwhelming its workers in the city, the mall was just left there, not rotted at all and yet eerie; potentially fully functional and yet visibly dead.

“There it is,” Tyler triumphantly stated as he pointed to some kind of service entrance. “Check it out.” He walked over to the door and tried it out. Sure enough, it opened, revealing some kind of maintenance room that led to the rest of the mall.

“Woah, what an oversight,” Zoe mumbled as she approached the entrance. “We’d still need to make sure if those doors on the inside work though. If not, we’re fucked.”

“That door’s ajar though,” Tyler pointed out, motioning towards a door inside the room. Zoe shrugged, walked carefully inside, and got her flashlight out of her pocket. She turned it on and opened the door, peering through the doorway with the help of her flashlight illuminating her path.

“Yup, that’s the mall alright,” Zoe confirmed. “Looks like we have our in.”

“Um, excuse me, Zoe, could you come back out for a sec?” Nami asked. Wordlessly, Zoe obeyed, giving Nami a slightly impatient look. “I just thought that… if we’re doing another abandoned building, it might be smart if we use these.” She held out a couple of facemasks.

Tyler winced. “Eugh! Fuck no. Those things just remind me of last year. I lost a whole summer due to these things.”

“We didn’t lose more time exactly because we wore them,” Zoe countered.

“It was more because of the cure getting made,” Nami couldn’t help but chime in. “I mean, they clearly helped, but…”

“Still, whenever I see it, I just think of, what, five months of not being allowed to leave the house. Isn’t this trip about getting to forget that crap?” Tyler protested.

“I’m just worried about anything in the air in the mall,” Nami commented. “I don’t know how long it would take, but if there’s asbestos or anything toxic or something like that…”

“Can’t believe I’m coming down on Tyler’s side about something…” Zoe mumbled, turning to Nami. “I don’t think that a mall would be built so that within a year, or, less than, of it shutting down, it would be unsafe or inhabitable or something.”

“Yeah, there’s probably some hobo bum living in there. Maybe that’s why the door is unlocked,” Tyler added.

“Yeah, really making us feel safe about going inside,” Zoe replied. “Also, ‘hobo bum?’ Jesus, dude.”

“What? I mean I get it. If I was homeless I’d probably live here too. Beats the hell out of living under a highway bridge,” Tyler argued.

Nami accepted her friends’ points, but wasn’t convinced. “Okay, I’ll just wear mine,” she told them. “If you ever want to wear one though, let me know.”

With one of them masked, the three cautiously walked into the mall, turned on their flashlights, and began to wander into the dark abyss known formerly as the…

“Food court,” Zoe observed. “Check it out. This was the last time I ate Subway.”

The three looked over the gutted Subway, the gutted KFC and the gutted obligatory Chinese food place. None of the stores had anything left except dusty counters and disheveled equipment that was too heavy to carry out quickly.

“Do you think this stuff still works?” Tyler asked.

“What, do you want to see if you can make me a sandwich?” Zoe joked with one eyebrow down.

Tyler shone his flashlight in his friend’s face in response. “No, I’m just saying, this stuff has gotta be worth a fortune.”

“It would be impossible for someone like us to sell,” Nami pointed out. “Plus, where would we even sell it?”

“Kijiji?” Tyler offered.

“I didn’t come to explore this mall so we could lug off seven-hundred-pound deep fryers and sell them on Kijiji,” Zoe butted in annoyedly. “We don’t even know if they still work. If you want to play packrat, bring a bag or something.”

“What’s this look like?” Tyler demanded, turning around and showing off his backpack.

“Ooh, nice,” Zoe dryly commented. “How many deep fryers do you think could fit in that bad boy?”

While the other two were arguing, Nami was having her own little problem. It was odd – last year she could go for hours without having a mask on, it really was no bother to her, and yet… in this mall, every passing second she kept the mask on, it felt like she was getting less and less air. Stranger still, when she lowered the mask, she felt normal again, so it wasn’t like the air was just thinner in the mall somehow or something. Mulling over what Zoe said earlier, Nami decided to discard her normally cautious nature and join her friends with a naked face.

Neither of the other two noticed as the group pressed on, exploring store after store.

“This gives me Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes,” Tyler murmured as he looked over a clothing store’s inner walls.

“Yeah, try not to think about how all of our flashlights have limited batteries,” Zoe laughed.

“I brought a spare!” Nami cut in helpfully.

“Namiiii,” Zoe sang angrily, “Don’t tell Tyler that! I wanted to see him get all scared like at the Carlevale house.”

“I was not scared at the Carlevale house!”

The other two began to laugh. “You yelped like a baby, Tyler,” Nami laughed.

“This is treason,” Tyler complained.

“Even if you were our leader, no it’s not,” Zoe laughed.

Tyler would have said something in response but a loud echoing clang from down the mall cut him off. Instinctively the trio looked at each other, then all ran to the counter of the store they were currently in, ducking down behind it and giggling with fright.

“Holy shit,” Zoe chuckled.

“Wait, quiet,” Tyler ordered. The three listened for a little while longer but no sound came. “Do you think that was a natural sound, or someone else?”

“If it’s someone else, that means they either are already in here, or that clang was them arriving,” Nami thought to herself.

“Which means if they used our entrance, they’re between it and us,” Zoe finished the thought. “We can’t just run for it.”

“But if they’re already here, they could be anywhere!” Tyler countered.

“That echo sounds like it was from pretty far away,” said Nami.

“Yeah, but if it’s that echoey but that loud, it had to be big,” Tyler pointed out. “We’re not talking like a mouse or something. Either this place is more unstable than we thought, or there’s someone else in here.”

“Wow, both options suck. Thanks, Tyler,” Zoe sarcastically grumbled.

“You suck,” Tyler shot back.

Normally, the trio were never quite this humorous when a situation like this unfolded. This type of situation only happened once before, when a security guard was looking over the field they were wandering on. The three hid and shivered with fright. Oddly, this time there was no shivering. In fact, the trio kind of found it… exciting, in a weird way.

“I actually kinda like this,” Zoe said out loud to no one in particular. “Is this what being an adrenaline junkie is like?”

“A-ha! Junkie! And you came down on me for saying hobo bum,” Tyler replied.

“If it has the word ‘adrenaline’ in front of it, it clearly means something else, idiot,” she told him. “You were actually describing a homeless person.”

“Speaking of, I don’t hear any footsteps. Or any other noises,” Tyler replied, choosing to ignore her comment. “Whatever it was, it’s not wandering around. It either was not man-made or the man… lives here.”

“You did say if you were homeless you’d live here,” Nami replied.

“Hell, if their house is an abandoned mall then as far as I’m concerned, they live on public property,” Tyler continued, standing up.

“Yeah, this is still private property, and you’re still an idiot,” Zoe countered, standing up with him.

“Should we get out of here?” Nami asked. “We should at least make a plan.” She stood up with them.

“Okay, yeah,” Tyler agreed. “Okay, shine your flashlights backwards. On us. That way the trail of light isn’t visible, but we can still see. I’ll go first, in case the worst happens. I took three years of kung fu so I can do self-defence basics.”

“Backwards, on us?” Zoe repeated.

“Yeah, got a problem with that?”

“Aside from it being the dumbest shit I ever heard, no problem at all,” Zoe raised her voice at him. “If we point it backwards, and there’s a guy at the end of a long hallway, we’re literally pointing a light at ourselves. We’ll be able to see him but he can’t see us. But if we point it forwards, if we’re thinking about self-defence, we’ll be able to see him and more importantly, blind him.”

“But if he’s in a store or at an angle or something, he’ll be able to see where we are by following the light…” Tyler weakly protested.

“There are three of us and one of him,” Nami added thoughtfully.

“Unless there’s, like, a commune of ‘em,” Tyler replied.

“Homeless of the world unite?” Zoe joked.

The three snickered and decided to venture off into the darkness after a few seconds of non-movement. “So are we going back or going forward?” Nami asked.

“I actually kinda want to go forward, if I’m being honest,” Tyler admitted. “Think about it. No footsteps. Big clang. Maybe something cool happened and there’s no one else here and we get to be the first to see it.”

“You are the dumbest person I have ever met,” Zoe told him. “I’m in.”

Nami didn’t reply. She felt her breathing getting deeper. Maybe it was the fear, or just her trying to make sure fear wouldn’t set in. Plus, she couldn’t smell anything other than must and age in the air, which was a good sign, though every once in a while, she thought she could pick up a whiff of something else. She didn’t know how to describe it.

The trio continued into the dark, never knowing what they’d come across. All they knew was that they were walking in the general direction of where the sound was coming from.

“Keep an eye out for anything that looks like it crashed,” Tyler piped up in a loud whisper.

“Looks like it crashed?” Zoe asked him.

“Yeah! Like, if something’s in a pile on the floor or there’s some hole in the ceiling. If we can pin down the noise, we’ll know we’re safe,” Tyler reasoned.

Even though he couldn’t see it, Zoe shrugged in agreement. Nami followed the other two, breathing in more deeply than she usually did. All three of them were.

Before long, the three had resorted to looking at different stores again, seemingly temporarily forgetting their goal of looking for the sound;s origin. It was fun playing “guess which store this used to be” without the benefit of seeing the products on display. Over time they’d learn the telltale signs of what store was what – tech stores had the remains of extra security measures, clothing stores had more shelving setups, etc.

Tyler and Nami turned away from their latest store to go look at another, but Tyler stopped in his tracks. Zoe was very good at keeping up her own pace with the others – she never fell behind. If she wasn’t with them, it was because she was blazing her own trail. Slowly, Tyler turned back to see the back of Zoe’s head, seemingly fixated on a wall.

“D’you want to stay in this store a bit longer or something?” Tyler asked her.

“Sorry,” Zoe mumbled, not even making an effort to turn back around. “I’m just feeling light-headed. Give me a sec.”

“Are you okay?” Nami asked. Immediately after, she realized maybe Zoe was feeling the same way she was. “What are you feeling?”

“I’ll be fine, guys,” Zoe half-chuckled. “Don’t fall over yourselves. Just need to clear my head a bit.” She turned around, a light sheen apparent on her face. She gave a small, polite smile, which was reserved for Zoe’s normal meaningful-smile-or-no-smile-at-all face. “All good.”

It was hard for Nami to see Tyler’s reaction to Zoe’s out-of-character break, since she was ahead of them both. Nami turned around at the same time as Tyler did, and the three resumed their trek throughout the rest of the mall.

“We’re just about near the end,” Zoe observed in a slightly higher-pitched voice than usual. “This mall only had one floor, right?”

“Yeah, one floor. Three ends though,” Tyler replied. “We came in through the west end and travelled south. There’s also a north end, if we wanted to go full balls-to-the-wall with it. This end used to be a bunch of clothes stores.”

Nami shivered. She remembered coming here before. There was an Old Navy or Hollister or something like that around here. Her old crush Jeremy would hang out here a lot, and she went to the mall a silly amount of times pretending she wanted to buy something but secretly hoping he would be here. He liked to browse, and maybe buy a few things on a whim – he seemed like the privileged rich kid type, but she liked that cocky arrogance he had in that way.

Most importantly, he bought his cologne around here. If she closed her eyes, Nami could swear she could smell his old cologne from memory. Either that or there was somehow some remnant of it in the mall. Maybe Tyler was wearing it…? No, Tyler was the ‘natural musk’ type. She was just imagining it… or imagining Jeremy. Fantasizing about him. He was the very embodiment of sexy. He was what every teenage girl wanted. What they craved.

Nami didn’t come back to reality with a start or a gasp or anything clicheed. Over time she realized she couldn’t afford to let her ‘daydreams’ get the best of her – and not in a place like this. Tyler and Zoe teased her enough for being boy-crazy as it was, and she didn’t want a reputation for being too hormonal or anything like that. She did note that she let her thoughts get the better of her – she rubbed her thighs together and realized with a deep blush that, given her ‘fluids issue,’ she may have needed a change when she got home.

One thing struck her as odd – she was daydreaming for a decently long time. She would have thought that the others would have snapped her out of her daydream, but they were actually not too far away themselves, looking at the entrance of some clothes store. She cleared her throat and joined them.

“So what are we doing? North end?” she asked.

Tyler looked around and shrugged. “I guess so. Maybe the sound did come from the north end. Maybe I was-”

He paused and instinctively held a finger up. The two girls stood there, motionless, looking at him. With the same finger, he motioned for the three to gather in the clothes store, then tiptoed in there, hiding behind the doorway’s wall. The other two tiptoed in behind them.

“Flashlights off,” he ordered.

Zoe was unmoved. “Are you s-”

“Flashlights off,” he repeated emphatically.

Zoe sighed and turned hers off, with Nami following suit. The three stood in the darkness for a few seconds, the sounds of their breathing the only things to keep themselves company, for a long while. Nami could hear Zoe breathing in to pipe up about what made Tyler do this when her answer came prematurely.

At first, the sounds weren’t pronounced. It sounded like shifting. It was unclear where the sounds were coming from, but it was definitely coming from somewhere down the hallway. Nowhere close, and yet, not too far away, especially comparing to the clang they first heard.

For the longest time, it was unclear what the sounds were coming from, with the sounds evolving from some sort of shifting movement – cloth rustling? Couldn’t have been anything that quiet – to something else. Some sound that was vaguely familiar to the three, but definitely out of their range of believability.

All three denied what the sound sounded like until it became painfully obvious with an echoey, guttural moan. A female moan. A needy, throaty, female moan.

“No fucking way,” Zoe whispered in disbelief. The three started laughing in that quiet way you laugh when you don’t want to get caught. Tyler turned his light on again but covered it with his hand, so the three could face each other.

“She’s masturbating?” he mouthed to his friends in disbelief.

Zoe nodded, still laughing. “I guess whoever’s living here thought she could get a little privacy,” she chuckled.

Nami couldn’t help but laugh too. “This is crazy,” she giggled. “She’s being, like, so loud too.”

“I almost feel bad,” Tyler laughed. “Okay, so the hobo who lives here is-”

The sound of Zoe elbowing Tyler in his hefty gut cut him off. “Homeless person, bozo.”

“Ow… the homeless person who lives here is just flicking the bean and…” He waited for the latest in a series of sexual moans to fill the air. “…howling like a banshee?”

“I guess so,” Zoe concluded. “So, I for one want to get out of here. I feel weird listening to it, I’m sure she doesn’t want an audience, and if she’s… doing this, she’s not exactly in a position to chase us down and kill us.”

“Maybe we should have just you use your flashlight, Tyler,” Nami suggested quietly, thanking the heavens that it was too dark for the other two to see how deeply she was blushing. “Keep covering it with your hand too. I think it’ll give us just enough light to see where to go, but not enough to…”

“I got it, thanks,” Tyler replied impatiently. “Follow me. Don’t speak unless you have to.”

The three walked cautiously through the mall back to their starting point, the moans of pleasure getting farther and farther away as they walked. Eventually, they found their way back into the maintenance room, and eventually, back out of the mall.

“Thank Jesus,” Tyler mumbled as he closed the door and breathed in the outside air. “Can you imagine if some cop came by and sealed up this door while we were in there?”

“That was our craziest adventure yet,” breathed Zoe. She sighed a couple of times before locking eyes with Nami, then she started laughing again.

“What??” Nami protested.

“You’re blushing pretty hard, Nami,” Zoe laughed. At this announcement, Tyler faced her and started laughing too.

Zoe pouted and looked away, knowing that the announcement just made her pout harder. “It… it was weird!” she protested.

“Super weird,” Zoe agreed. “I get people have urges, but wow, she just did not care about holding back. Does it even make you feel better to just yell like that while doing it?” She stared at Tyler.

“Don’t look at me like I know!” Tyler protested. He took off his backpack and started rifling through it. “Anyway, check out some of the stuff I looted.”

“Oh my God, Tyler, you did not,” Zoe protested.

“Oh my God Tyler I did,” Tyler replied defiantly. “This was worth the, uh, Close Encounter of the Bird Kind.”

“Bird kind?” Nami asked.

“Isn’t there a bird word for cooch?” Tyler asked boldly, earning a chuckle from Zoe.

“No, Tyler,” Zoe said between laughs. “There is no bird word for vagina.”

Nami was laughing too, but also wondering if the woman masturbating in there maybe had the same urges as she did. Maybe that homeless woman was the one spraying the cologne, and she had her own Jeremy she was nostalgic towards, or something. Maybe that’s why Nami could smell it. Either way, she had to take care of herself and not let her hormones get the best of her like that – at least, not when she was with friends.

Still, if her hormones were acting up, at least they had the good grace to act up when she was under the cover of darkness.


“And… that’s time. Pencils down please,” Mr. Sigorsky called. The only class Tyler, Zoe and Nami had together all semester was math class, and Mr. Sigorsky was their balding teacher, tasked with what may as well have been a teacher’s nightmare – a class with those three at the back of the class.

They weren’t exactly a nightmare trio – Sigorsky saw promise in Zoe, and thought Nami was a ‘good kid’ – but Tyler sure knew how to bring out the beast in them. Even the quiet Nami could be a loud and disruptive influence under Tyler’s little regime, and separating them did more bad than good. This was why, when he went around and collected his kids’ tests, what he said to Tyler shocked the whole class.

“You’re pretty quiet today, Tyler.”

Mr. Sigorsky half-smiled at Tyler, mostly as a joke, but also to show he meant no harm. The trio had agreed that Sigorsky was a pretty harmless teacher, all things considered – there were some real a-hole teachers at Hazelwood, and Sigorsky clearly wasn’t one of them. He was pretty understanding that kids were kids, but he still liked to have some kind of order and authority in his class, so giving an inch to Tyler like that must have meant that Tyler’s quietness was visible.

Out of instinct, Zoe turned towards Tyler and realized that while he wasn’t sad or anything, he was being a lot less disruptive than usual. She joked with him a lot, but she actually liked how bold and frankly obnoxious he could be. He wasn’t so muted today that she picked up on it herself, but after Sigorsky made a note of it, she couldn’t help but think about what was on her mind. She stared at him, trying to figure him out for only a brief second, her teeth nibbling on her pen in thought. Nami was, as usual, staring out the window, probably thinking about boys or something.

After class, while everyone else filed out, Zoe put her hand on Tyler’s shoulder to stop him from walking out, a smug grin on her face. Nami quickly joined them.

“You were halfway decent today, Tyler,” Zoe joked. “Even Sigorsky was surprised.”

Tyler, never shy to being the butt of a small joke, smiled. “Yeah, I’m losing my edge.”

“Are you okay?” Nami asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine,” Tyler waved it off. “I got a lot on my mind. This week was rough. I’ve got this dumb To Kill a Mockingbird paper coming up. Anderson wants it in by Thursday.”

“Well, at least you had three weeks to do it,” Nami commented.

Tyler gave her a face. “Three weeks? It was assigned on Friday.”

“Really?” Nami asked. “That’s weird. Wagner assigned ours on Friday too, but she gave us three weeks.”

“So wait, you had less than a week to do this, and you still went tomb-raiding with us on Saturday?” Zoe asked with a grin.

“Of course I did! You’re only young once,” Tyler protested. “I wanna live! I wanna live!”

“Any chance you could ‘live’ outside my classroom for now, Tyler?” Mr. Sigorsky asked humorously. “You have your own class to get to.”

Tyler, used to being chirped by teachers, shrugged exaggeratedly towards Sigorsky. “I almost made it through a whole school day without being called out by you today.”

Mr. Sigorsky gave a small laugh. “You made it through a whole period, I think we can call this a half-victory for you.” He motioned towards the doorway, from which a few students were already filing in.

The three met at Nami’s locker (the other two barely used theirs, for their own reasons) as they always did before their next class. Tyler leaned his head back against the neighboring locker and sighed.

“You sure look like you have more than schoolwork on your mind, dude,” Zoe remarked.

“Yeah, and it’s not like schoolwork is on the top of your to-do list anyway,” Nami joked.

“I think I’m just – hey, Nami, ease up – I think I’m just antsy or something,” Tyler answered. “I just wanna go out and, just, do stuff. Are you two free this weekend?”

The two didn’t say anything for a bit. Zoe’s eyebrows slowly rose. “Two weekends in a row? You’re going to burn yourself out.”

“Did you find something else we could do?” Nami asked.

“Could we, like… go back to the mall this weekend? I mean, we didn’t even get to go to the north end. Maybe there’s something really cool there. Plus, that was like our biggest adventure! Can we?”

“We never go back to the same place twice,” Zoe pointed out. “Wasn’t that your rule?”

“Yeah, well, I don’t exactly have abandoned malls and shit lying around waiting for me. And who knows how long that entrance is going to be there? I can’t explain it, I just want to go back. Can we?”

Neither Zoe nor Nami could explain it, but even though they had their own hesitations, a weird part of both of them wanted to go back themselves, so naturally, it didn’t take too much convincing for the two of them to eventually cave and agree.

It was decided. The adventurous trio were going to go back to the mall that Saturday.


The three of them held their breath as Tyler tried the door. In one swift motion, as if worried himself, he turned the doorknob and swung the door open. All three of the friends lightly cheered.

“Okay, here we go,” Tyler announced as Nami handed out the flashlights. “To the north this time. Still past the food court.” With that, he walked in, finding his way past the maintenance room to the court. Looking at each other for a brief second beforehand, Zoe and Nami followed him.

Nami didn’t bother with the mask this time. After all, she seemed fine last time, and even if she wasn’t… the damage was already done? Was that how that worked? She didn’t know. But what she did know, though she wasn’t sure why, was that she was glad to be back in the mall. Tyler was right, it was the perfect place to have an adventure.

And weirdly… in some weird way, she was glad to be breathing in that air again. It was probably the nostalgia, or maybe even the residual smells of the stores or something. After all, she did have a lot of memories of Jeremy in here.


No, none of that. Not now. She had to behave.

In an effort to clear her mind, Nami started marching forward at a noticeable pace, earning a “Hey! Wait up!” from Tyler. Eventually, all three were matching her pace until they came to a break in the hallway.

“I take it this is the… uh… break in the hallway?” Zoe asked, her voice a little unsteady. Tyler flashed his light in her direction to reveal that her face didn’t show fear or anything.

That was good. Tyler didn’t want to admit it, but if Zoe was afraid, the whole team would be scared shitless inside of one minute. The security guard incident proved that handily. “Yup, this is where the north end begins.”

“Why is it called the north end, anyway? Kind of seems silly to break the mall up like that,” Nami piped in.

“Oh, I have no clue what they called it. I just call it that. I just remember the mall has three ends,” Tyler answered honestly. He shrugged. “Seems like it works.”

“Hey, if it works, it works,” Zoe replied, followed by a slight laugh.

Nami jokingly pushed Zoe’s shoulder. “You’re being easy on him today,” she joked.

Zoe scoffed. “No I’m not.”

“I don’t have the jokes, you do,” Nami continued. “Just remember that I’m relying on you to keep Tyler in his place.”

“I’m standing right here,” Tyler complained, then the three pressed on.

Nami cursed at herself under her breath. She really was too boy-crazy. Here the three friends were, back at the only adventure that was so grand, they actually went back twice, and instead of enjoying the moment, she was, of course, thinking about Jeremy. As hard as she tried, she could not get him off of her mind. She should not have made that association with him the first time they came to check the place out – Nami was sure she was now fully going to associate the mall with him.

She shrugged to herself as she walked. At least the mall would be one of many adventures, and at least she’d get over Jeremy at some point and inevitably latch onto someone else – like almost all of her other crushes, Jeremy barely even knew she existed. Still, she was clearly letting him get to her a bit too easily – it couldn’t have been more than ten minutes since they arrived, and she could already feel herself getting wet, and her breathing was audible.

Luckily for her, that seemed to be the case across the board. When she listened in the dark, she didn’t just hear her own heavy breathing, but three sets of heavy breaths. The air in the north end must have been thinner or something. Probably the lack of windows or proper filtration, even if the windows at the other end were boarded up.

“Be careful,” she said aloud just for insurance. “See how there are less windows here? I think the air is thinner on this side of the mall.”

“Is it dangerous?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so,” Nami replied in a small voice.

“We can handle dangerous. We’ve survived two encounters with people. One of them was in this mall!” Zoe pointed out.

“Speaking of her, do you think she’s still here?” Tyler asked.

“Tyler, could you show respect for other human beings for once in your life?” Zoe asked him. “If she is, I’m sure she wants to be left alone. Plus she was at the other end of the mall.”

“Look who’s being Captain Presumptuous!” Tyler shot back.

“That’s ‘captainness’ to you, Private.”

“I was just asking if she was here. I wasn’t planning no field trip to see her! She can hang out in her home all she wants, but today, I ain’t going with her. There’s no one I’d rather explore this mall with than you two.”

Zoe laughed sympathetically. “And there’s no one we’d rather be here with than you, Tyler,” she responded in a faux-rehearsed sing-song voice.

Smiling, Nami turned away, looking up and down the walls of the stores on the north end. She also wanted to look away because, try as she might, she thought she was still blushing from earlier. She was a heck of a blusher.

Out of nowhere, a sharp “Oh!” from Zoe made Nami compose herself quickly then swiftly turn around. Zoe was standing herself up from something. Upon seeing Nami’s concerned face, Zoe waved it off and smiled. “Just tripped over some debris. All good.”

“You need to be careful!” Nami told her. As fun as it was to hang out with these two and go on adventures, there were no serious injuries… yet… and Nami would do her best to keep it that way. She looked on the ground and, sure enough, this part of the mall was less well-kept than the other parts. She made a mental note to watch her step.

It seemed the trip also took a small toll on Zoe. Tyler and Nami could tell that from that moment on, Zoe’s normally cocky, almost smug face was clouded with some kind of distress. Nami guessed that Zoe was upset at her own carelessness or something – despite making almost none of the plans initially, Zoe was essentially the de facto leader of the group during adventures, much to Tyler’s own dismay. She needed to remain strong.

The trio walked on for a little bit longer, peering into old book stores and shoe stores, their only company the haunting hallways, the seemingly eternal darkness and the heavier breathing of the three. In Nami’s case, her thoughts were really fighting to keep her company too, but she made her best effort to shoo them away.

“Hey Tyler, check your messages,” the dry voice of Zoe pierced the darkness after a weirdly long period of silence. The two of them looked up from their investigation to look at Zoe.

“You’re right here. What for?” Tyler asked.

Zoe shrugged. “I sent you a meme. Thought you’d like it.”


Zoe shrugged again. “Or don’t, check it later if you want, I don’t care dude,” she replied coolly. “Just thought you’d want to see it.”

Nami felt left out. “Do I not get to see?”

“It’s kind of… crude, I can send it to you too but I specifically thought you wouldn’t like it,” Zoe answered.

“Oh,” Nami simply replied. It was true, she was the least interested in the spicier riskier memes of the group. She smiled at Zoe’s thoughtfulness and went right back to investigating a bolted-down broken cash register, with Tyler beside her, clearly taking Zoe up on the advice to look at her meme.

“I’m amazed we even get service in here,” Zoe continued. “Isn’t this place all concrete?”

“It looks all concrete, but a lot of malls are other stuff I think,” Nami answered. “Otherwise people wouldn’t be able to get signals in here when it still worked, and a lot of people use cell phones in malls.”

“Good point,” Zoe replied, and Nami looked back at Tyler to see his reaction to what she was saying. He was still nose-deep in his phone. Clearly he moved on from the meme and was just checking his Instagram or something.

“Tyler!” Nami all but barked. She hated when people were on their phones in situations like this.

“Just a sec,” Tyler replied distantly in a cool, even voice. He checked a few more things and promptly turned his screen off, subsequently turning his flashlight on, pointing it near Zoe.

“What did you think?” Zoe asked with a small grin.

“It was crazy! Totally crazy,” Tyler chuckled back.

“Ha, yeah, it was,” Zoe replied, keeping up her grin.

Tyler, clearly not wanting to leave Nami out, turned to her. “I got a few I’ve been holding back, by the way,” he told her. “Remind me tonight in the group chat.”

Nami laughed back innocently. “Okay, Tyler.”

With that, the group pressed on, their flashlights now aimed closer to the floor to prevent another tripping accident. They passed by a couple more stores and nearly got to the end when Tyler abruptly stopped and held up a hand again.

He paused for a bit longer, then turned to the other two. “Flashlights off,” he whisper-barked at the two.

Zoe promptly turned her flashlight off. Nami, remembering last time, paused.

“Flashlights off!” he repeated.

“Shouldn’t we do what we did last time? With one of us holding the fl-”

“Nami, turn it off, now!” Zoe whispered with urgency. It was the most serious Nami had ever seen her. Understanding the other two clearly knew something she didn’t, Nami turned her flashlight off and let the darkness take her.

“Give me a sec to hear,” Tyler said slowly. None of the three could see a thing. Nami tried concentrating on what she heard, but it was no use – Tyler had the good ears of the group. In fact, Nami’s hearing wasn’t that great at all. She allowed the silence to have its turn, not daring to speak first in case Tyler was onto something. He did look like a man on a mission, after all, and he had her best interests at heart.

Unfortunately, being alone in the dark meant being alone with her thoughts, and as Nami breathed in the mall air, she couldn’t help but think of Jeremy again. That time she saw him with his friends sharing a joke as they passed her in the main hallway, with him cracking a joke and all of his friends laughing at him… it was stupid, but the way she smiled his arrogant smile when he knew he landed a joke to his dumb friends made Nami’s poor pussy throb.

Throb. It was throbbing. Nami realized right then and there. It had been screaming so loud that she hadn’t heard it all this time. She was wetter than before, much wetter. It was begging for attention since she first thought of Jeremy. She did a good job ignoring it when she could focus on her friends, but now, under the convenient cover of darkness no less…

She normally would have paused for longer, or thought more about this. But especially with the silence, she couldn’t help herself. Stealthily turning around without making a sound, she slowly snaked her hand into her pants. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She knew she had a lot of hormones, but never in her wildest dreams could she guess that she was actually masturbating in front of her friends.

Nami was so horny that she only barely succeeded in not making a sound when her hand first came into contact with her clit. Praying that she wasn’t wet enough to make an audible sound, she started moving her hand in a circle underneath her underwear, blushing a deep crimson and practically feeling faint with how good playing with herself felt at this moment.

Almost immediately she realized that it was making a very quiet squishing sound; she was that turned on. Still, she stopped and cursed herself; she had terrible hearing. If she could hear it, the others could, and the last thing she wanted was to make them feel uncomfortable. She paused and waited for any kind of reaction from the other two, and couldn’t hear anything apart from the occasional click of Zoe’s tongue in thought.

Realizing she was in the clear, and yet also realizing that this cautious period of silence wouldn’t last forever, Nami tried feeling around to see if there was any way she could touch her clit without making a squishing sound.

Every touch of hers sent her own body reeling. Obviously Nami masturbated, although weirdly little for her hormone levels, but this time it felt about a hundred times better than it normally did. She wasn’t sure if anything could make her stop, even with her two best friends standing only meters away from her.

Despite her new method being quiet, Nami was acutely aware that her fingers were now slippery with her juices and that she wouldn’t be able to last much longer. She lasted an embarrassingly short time and thanked her lucky stars that she wasn’t a squirter, given the explosive orgasm that was about to rock her entire body (and given the fact that she was still wearing pants).

Soon, Nami felt an almost alien force of pleasure wreck through her, through wave after wave. She had to clench her jaw and mash her lips together to hold back on making any sounds, but as she felt a tidal wave of naughty bliss blast through her from her cunt outwards, she couldn’t help but emit a sharp, “Aah!”

At once, she quickly removed her hand and moved down to her knee. She felt a flashlight’s beam envelop her, seeing the beam hitting the floor around her. “Are you okay?” came the panicked whisper of Tyler.

“I’m fine, I just stubbed my toe,” she responded, trying (and failing) to make her voice not quiver. She was still feeling mild waves of orgasmic bliss flowing through her, even at that point. “I’m sorry if I worried you.”

“I shouldn’t have kept the lights off for so long, I’m the one who should be sorry,” Tyler replied. He evidently mistook her quivering voice for pain, and his own voice was quivering too, reflecting some kind of worry for her. Nami smiled to herself at how sweet that was, before feeling guilty for what she had done.

She turned around to look at the two. Zoe was now beside him, clearly indicating that they should all go on. “What about the sound?” Nami asked breathlessly.

“It went quiet a bit ago, I was just being cautious,” Tyler replied. “Stay on your toes though, they could have been footsteps. If I say lights out again, lights out.”

“Should we maybe get out of here?” Zoe asked, her voice also reflecting unease.

“Nah, c’mon. We said we were going to check out the north end! Unless you two wanted to make three trips out here.” Tyler grinned at the two girls and pressed on, leaving Zoe and Nami to shrug at each other and follow him.

Once Nami’s orgasm calmed down fully (which frankly took around two whole minutes), she felt deep shame at what she had done. Not only did she ignore danger and risk her friends’ well-being by assuming there was no harm and playing with herself until she audibly came, but she also… masturbated in front of her friends. Sure, they didn’t know, but that was still really weird, and kind of uncalled for. Should she apologize?

Of course not. That would have required her explaining what she was apologizing for, and knowing Tyler, she’d never live it down. She appreciated that she could trust Tyler, and knew that he would never be a creep about it – in years of friendship he never made a pass at either of them that wasn’t a clear joke, so he knew how to have female friends without being a dick – but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be crude in other ways, and she wasn’t ready to get teased for years about this.

Not to mention, Nami was sure that in most circumstances, she wouldn’t have done what she did. She seriously had to keep herself in check from this point forward.


Nami and Zoe rarely hung out together without Tyler, so Zoe’s request came across to Nami as a bit surprising. Nothing too crazy, but usually, it was during those times when Zoe was actually pissed at Tyler but still wanted to charge her social batteries or something.

As soon as Tyler ran off to catch his bus, Nami couldn’t help but ask Zoe. “Are you mad at him?” she asked, barely above a whisper.

Zoe stared at her. “No more than usual, why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering,” replied Nami. “Normally if you’re excluding Tyler, it’s because he did something to cheese you off or something.”

“Nah,” Zoe waved her off. “I just thought, you know, it’s been way too long since it’s been you and me! Plus, I got some fucking amazing mozza sticks I wanna try.”

Nami smiled. Both Zoe and Nami loved baked mozzarella sticks, but the lactose-intolerant Tyler complained loudly whenever they ate them while hanging out. Without much more convincing, the two set off for Zoe’s house, and before long, they were in her room, listening to IU and chowing down on mozzarella sticks.

“You’re right,” Nami said between bites. “These are so good!”

Zoe gently tore one apart with her two hands in front of them. “Ooh, look at the steam coming off of that one!” she remarked, before stuffing it in her mouth. The two smiled and ate, enjoying the food and each other’s company.

It was nice to have this time away from her thoughts. Nami was masturbating way too much lately, which she quickly attributed to being alone too often during a very hormonal time. It was clear the inciting incident was smelling Jeremy’s stupid cologne in the mall, which set off a whole new wave of lust for him. Even now, as she was having fun with her friend, she was squeezing her thighs together, thinking of him every so often. Having so many hormones wasn’t fun, especially when you were a boy-crazy quiet girl.

She envied Zoe, who was able to be cool and calculated, both in a crisis and when faced with her desires. She had one boyfriend throughout high school that Nami could remember, and she had to let them know he was her boyfriend since there was no PDA or kissing or anything that happened outside of closed doors. They didn’t last long, and according to Zoe, it was because she discovered he was “too boring” for her.

“I wish I was like you,” Nami remarked out loud, out of nowhere.

Zoe looked at her curiously. “In what way?”

“Just, like… every way,” Nami admitted. “Okay, so you know Jeremy?”


“No, the other one.”

Zoe thought for a bit. “I don’t know his last name, but… popular guy? Shaggy hair? Dumbass grin?”

“Yeah, that’s him,” Nami quietly admitted.

“You had a thing for him, right?” Zoe asked.

“Have. Still have it,” Nami half-laughed. “I just can’t get him out of my head.”

Zoe laughed. “Nami, you need to let him go. You can’t go out with a guy if he doesn’t even know you exist. Or did you fall for a guy that knows your name this time?”

Nami blushed. “That’s what I’m saying! You’re so calm and… able to be your own person. I feel like I’m always obsessing over some boy that wouldn’t even notice if I died or something. I just wish I didn’t… feel like this all the time. And the feelings are getting stronger.”

Zoe raised an eyebrow at that last point, but said nothing.

Nevertheless, Nami went on. “You’re just so cool and collected, and I admire you so much, and… I’m grateful you’re my friend. I know who to look up to now. I’m really glad you and Tyler are my friends, so I can learn to follow your example and have friends without feeling, like, weird and like I need something more or something.”

Zoe was looking away at this point. “Wow,” she simply said with a bit of a dry voice.

Instantly, Nami recoiled. “I’m sorry, was I being rude?”

“No, no, you’re fine, you just… I’m… I’m amazed how difficult you just made this,” Zoe said plainly.

Nami looked at her friend, confused. “What do you mean?”

Zoe chuckled. “Yeah, what do I mean?” she repeated, as if she was sharing a joke with herself. “Of course you don’t get it. So, uh, Nami, don’t get me wrong, I also wanted to hang out with you, but there’s, uh, something you should probably know, and I’m letting you know this because I’m your friend and friends are honest with each other and I want to make sure I communicate everything with you.”

“Okay…” Nami replied slowly and quietly.

“So, uh… oh my God, this is hard…” Zoe stumbled over her words, starting to blush. “D-do you remember, last time we were in the mall, and we turned off the flashlights?”

Nami blushed, remembering what she was doing when the lights were off. “Yeah,” she replied uneasily.

“There was a long pause there, right?” Zoe continued.

“Mhm,” Nami replied, feeling her pussy twitch, thinking of her masturabting right there in front of them. ‘Not now,’ she scolded herself. As much as her horniness was trying to distract her even now, she was deathly afraid of Zoe admitting she knew what Nami did or something.

Zoe breathed deeply a couple times, and shut her eyes slowly. “Tyler and I were making out,” she blurted out.

“What?!” Nami asked in disbelief.

“Tyler and I were making out,” she repeated, with the same urgency and tone as the first time she said it. Her eyes were still closed.

“Are you two…” Nami trailed off.

Zoe’s eyes shot open. “No, that’s the crazy thing! All this week we’ve been trying to figure out what we are. And Tyler’s a fucking nightmare if you want to communicate openly with someone. He ‘mms,’ and he ‘hums,’ and he doesn’t give clear direct answers to anything. I think for now we just agreed that this was a one time thing.”

“So you don’t want to do it again?” Nami asked.

Zoe blushed and looked away, not answering for a while. “I hate not knowing the answer to that,” she mumbled, mostly to herself. “But… maybe? I think I do? Gahh, it’s really confusing.”

“But you did it once, clearly something led up to that, right?” Nami pressed on.

Zoe chuckled in discomfort. “I feel…” She squeezed her legs together. Nami noticed. “…I feel slutty saying this, but I’m gonna level with you – it took me embarrassingly little time to decide I wanted it. So, in the mall, remember when I yelped? I tripped over some debris or something.”

“Right…” Nami nodded along.

“Wrong. I didn’t trip. Tyler accidentally hit my ass with his hand when turning around or something, and I lost my footing. Thank fuck I did, because I don’t think I would have been able to make up a story for any other… y’know. So then, I… it just felt good, and I kept thinking about it, so I… texted him telling him I wanted to make out with him, and that we would either do it in the mall before we left, or we wouldn’t do it at all. I told him that the word for ‘yes’ was ‘crazy’ and the word for ‘no’ was ‘unbelievable,’ and that we could talk about it after if he needed to.”

Nami laughed in disbelief. “Wow, even when you’re… um, when you’re horny… you’re always such a planner.”

Zoe blushed and gave a small sheepish smile. “Yeah, well, y’know. Anyway, he thought to turn off the lights – I thought we were just going to stay in the mall long enough that you’d go home or something – and we… yeah. In front of you. I’m really sorry.” She breathed a couple of times. “I just figured you should know in case we become a couple or something.”

“You think it’ll go that far?” Nami asked.

“Nami, I have no fucking idea. It’s weird. It was just so… sudden. Two days ago, I wouldn’t have done it for a million bucks. Then suddenly I wanted to so badly. I don’t know if I suddenly felt something for him, or if I… yeah, I shouldn’t be talking about this with you.” Zoe laughed out of sheer nervousness.

“Please, go on,” Nami said, her voice just above a whisper. “I want you to. It’s nice not being the only one with this feeling.”

Zoe’s laughter turned into a smile of nervousness. “Or… if I just wanted it,” she finished quietly. “If I just wanted to feel that release.” She cleared her throat. “Plus, I wanted to tell you because you’re my friend, and we should communicate these things. And I feel bad doing that when it was basically in front of you.”

“Don’t feel bad. I was… I wasn’t an angel myself,” Nami confessed.

Zoe laughed. “Yeah, I know, but it’s not like you did anything with those boys, let alone in front of me, so this one’s my bad.”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Nami replied honestly. The two had evolved into a tense couple of girls, sitting across from each other on the floor, tense and serious. The mozzarella sticks were growing cold.

“…And what’s that supposed to mean?” Zoe inquired.

“I, uh… did stuff too. While the lights were out,” Nami quietly confessed.

Zoe gave Nami a puzzled look. “With who, the homeless orgasm lady?”

Nami quietly laughed. “No, I, um… played with myself.”

A silence passed between them, and Nami felt the need to correct a possible misconception. “I didn’t hear you two. It was just… I was thinking about Jeremy. My mind wandered, and I lost myself, and… yeah.”

“We both lost ourselves, huh?” Zoe asked with a dry quiver to her voice. “And I made out with Tyler while you masturbated. And neither of us knew the other was doing it.”


“That’s… yeah, that’s hot.”

“I think so,” Nami quietly admitted.

Zoe was nearly visibly shaking with teenage tension, and her eyes went everywhere, until she spotted the plate of mozza sticks on the floor. “C’mon,” she finally said. “Eat.” She laughed. “We need to stop talking about this, or I’m going to need the washroom soon.”

Nami laughed delicately and agreed, reaching for a stick. Still, she knew that as soon as she got home, she’d definitely be masturbating. This whole situation was crazy. She hoped that Tyler wouldn’t make it too weird.

Though, wasn’t masturbating in the dark with your two platonic friends making out next to you weird enough?


Credit to Tyler, and to Zoe; if Zoe hadn’t told her what was going on, Nami wouldn’t have noticed. The two had pegged Tyler as the type of guy that wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut about anything, but sure enough, there he was, not only not bragging to Nami, but acting as if nothing had changed.

It was comforting to know that the makeout session hadn’t led to some sort of awkward conversation or even a tension in the group; it was pretty clear no one wanted the group to split up after all of their little adventures.

At lunchtime, the trio met and went about their usual joking around, albeit with the occasional glance between Nami and Zoe. If anything, they were being less subtle about what they knew than Tyler was. More than once, Nami wondered about the possibility of Tyler straight-up forgetting what happened – she didn’t think he was that dumb, but… she hadn’t ruled it out.

That said, Tyler was being strange and out-of-character about something else. “I want to go to the mall again,” he said out of nowhere with no pretense. “Who’s in?”

“I am,” Zoe replied immediately, then blushed when Nami raised her eyebrows at her. Even Tyler’s poker face broke a bit when he saw her.

Thankfully, he recovered quickly, and grinned. “I thought you liked it,” he replied, and turned to Nami. “What do you say? We have no clue how long we have until someone discovers that door. What do you say?”

Something compelled Nami to say yes. She had no idea what. The mall was just… so exciting to her. She wanted to go back there, as soon as possible. “I’ll do it,” she agreed.

Tyler grinned again. “Can’t wait!”


Zoe, Tyler, and Nami all breathed deeply once they arrived in the food court. They were all flooded with that sense of excitement, adventure, and… any other feelings they may or may not have had at that moment.

“So which way are we heading this time?” Zoe inquired. “We’ve already been down both of the other ends of the mall.”

Tyler thought to himself for a second, shining his flashlight around. “There’s still a bunch of stores we missed down both ends,” he commented.

“But the homeless person was at the, um, south end,” Nami replied. “Maybe it would be polite to not go into her territory.”

“We don’t even know if they did live here,” Tyler countered. “For all we know, someone came in here like us, looking for a cool place to explore. Then she masturbated for whatever reason and left.” He chuckled at the absurdity.

Nami blushed deeply, and felt bad at that moment. Zoe must have understood why, because she quickly cleared her throat and added, “Okay, let’s go down south again. If we hear anything, anything, we leave and go to the north end instead. To be respectful.”

The other two agreed and began their trek down to the south, stopping by any stores they missed the first time along the way.

“This place is like a maze,” Nami commented.

“It’s probably because it’s so dark,” Zoe replied. “I bet it would be easier to navigate if it was lit.”

“Well, duh,” Tyler replied dryly. Nami looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Zoe blush and smile at Tyler, thinking Nami wasn’t looking at them. Tyler smiled back.

Nami was so jealous. Her two best friends, no less. They were secretly lusting for each other and trying to keep it secret from her. It was… hot. Sexy. So sexy. Nami wished so badly that she could have what they had, and get opportunities to make out with her secret boyfriend while her friend was there or something. Especially if it was Jeremy, smug confident Jeremy, laughing along with her friends but secretly grabbing her ass when they couldn’t see or something. She would melt for him. She could melt for him right now.

“Nami, you coming?” Zoe’s voice rang from down the mall.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” Nami mumbled with a flushed face as she ran to catch up to the pair. They were looking over some shoe store, with Tyler fixated on the desk.

“This also gives us a cool challenge,” he remarked out loud. “If there is someone living here, maybe things will be arranged differently or something. They’re probably using the stores for stuff.”

“We last went down the south end like two weeks ago, and you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast this morning,” Zoe countered, rolling her eyes.

“Hey! I actually remember these visits really well. If it’s memorable, I actually have a good memory.” Tyler’s smile got wide. “I remember last time we came here particularly well.”

While that comment was clearly made for Zoe, Nami could barely stop herself from giving a subconscious sex moan at that comment. Their situation was so taboo, and she was loving it. She was so horny that she wouldn’t have minded if the two just made out in front of her, but she was already seen as a hormonal freak to them as it was, so she really didn’t want to make that situation worse by giving them permission or something. Plus, the repercussions… nope. It shouldn’t even have been a possibility in her mind.

Zoe wasn’t letting up either. “Well, I guess we should make this time memorable too, shouldn’t we?” she asked in a playful way. A week ago, Nami would have thought she was toying with him, but she was totally hitting on him. She wanted him again. This was going to happen again, and fuck it all, she wasn’t going to get to see it.


The trio searched for a bit longer in the store and decided to press on, when Nami hatched a plan. Over the course of about a minute, she started artificially breathing heavier and heavier, in a pained manner, until Tyler piped up.

“You okay, Nami? You’re breathing pretty hard there.”

“I don- I don’t know,” Nami replied, acting as convincingly as she could. “I think the stale air is getting to me. Can I just run out for a few minutes? You guys can stay here, I can find my own way back.”

“Are you sure, Nami? I don’t mind coming with you if he doesn’t,” Zoe immediately replied. Internally, Nami cringed.

“Now hang on, Zoe,” Tyler asserted, his eyes gleaming. “I don’t want Nami to feel like she can’t do things on her own. If she wants to catch her breath on her own, without us breathing down her neck, I don’t mind if you don’t.”

Nami had to suppress her grin. Tyler thought he was being so clever. Tyler turned to Zoe to check her reaction and as he did, Nami looked at Zoe too, raising her eyebrows and giving her a knowing smile.

Zoe tried her best not to let the fact she saw Nami’s expression alert Tyler, and pretended to mull it over. “Okay. You have your phone on you, right?”

“Yup, I do,” Nami replied, only remembering just then to keep up the breathing act (which she dropped for about a solid half-minute, not that Tyler seemed to care). “I’ll be back as soon as I feel better. You’ll hear me before you see me, right?”

Tyler shrugged in confirmation. “That’s good enough for me. Hope you feel better soon, Nami. We’ll stay in this store here until you arrive; I don’t think we checked it out yet.” He pointed to some abandoned jewelry store.

Nami nodded, and began to run off, running just out of sight before pivoting. This was where she made her move. Swiftly but quietly, she tiptoed back, not back the way she came, but slightly down the hall, as the two no doubt headed into the jewelry store. She tiptoed up to the edge of the store, where the two wouldn’t see her, as long as they didn’t poke their heads out the store. She leaned her back against the wall right next to the doorway and started to shimmy closer, focusing only on what she could hear.

As soon as Nami got closer to the store, she hit the auditory jackpot. Now thinking their friend had gone off to get some air, the two were, for now, less careful about the noises they made. While they weren’t being overly loud, Nami could clearly hear the sounds of passion as the two no doubt embraced – the sounds of lips and tongues meeting, and of Zoe’s pretty, surprisingly feminine moans.

She couldn’t look in out of fear that one of them left a flashlight on, so all Nami could do was lean against the wall and throw her head back, snaking a hand into her pants, fingering herself to what she was hearing. This time she knew that any sounds her needy wet pussy made would be drowned out by the passionate duo, her two best friends, the two best friends that never would have even hugged two weeks ago, kissing like reunited lovers. This whole situation was so insane, and Nami’s horny brain loved it.

After a few minutes of making out, the sounds stopped, even though Nami hadn’t reached an orgasm yet. She was almost frustrated, looking at the store in desperation. Realizing she couldn’t see any light, she gambled on the idea that their flashlights were on, and dared to get closer, listening clearly for where Tyler was. As long as she could get behind Tyler as opposed to in front of him, she was safe. If Zoe caught her, that would be weird. If Tyler caught her, that could be devastating.

As she got closer, she heard them whispering, and moved strategically, crawling along the floor and eventually leaning against some kind of counter as the two spoke.

“This is so crazy,” Zoe breathed, pure passion evident in her voice.

“Yup it is,” Tyler replied. Nami smirked to herself – she could picture Tyler’s shit-eating grin. His smugness was practically dripping off of his words. It was clear he was more pleased with himself than ever before. She wondered if Zoe found that hot, but then again, in that moment, so much seemed hot, to the point she wondered if it happened sooner between them and Zoe only decided to tell her now.

“We need to do this more often,” Zoe told him, sincerity biting into her husky voice. “We can’t just leave this off at twice,” she added, confirming her story to Nami.

“Well, as long as we’re here, I had an idea…” Tyler replied, confidence brimming from his voice.

“And what would that be?” Zoe asked.

Nami couldn’t believe what she heard next. The unmistakable sound of a zipper. Tyler’s fly was going down. Nami’s hand flew to her lips in disbelief. Tyler was fishing his cock out? Here? Now?! That was so bold! That was so…

“Holy shit…” Zoe breathed. “…Tyler, Nami could come back any second…”

“Nah, c’mon,” Tyler replied coolly. “We’ll hear her before we see her. We’ll even see her flashlight’s light way before she can see us. The second you can see anything, we stop. But until then…”

There was no sound for a bit, until Zoe let out a submissive moan. “Fuck, you’re packing…” she moaned.

“And what do you want to do to it?” Tyler asked. Nami was back to playing with her pussy at this point, praying that the bare minimum answer was ‘suck it.’ Though, if they just wanted to fuck right here and now, she would have stopped holding back on her moans, consequences be damned.

“I want to suck it, Tyler,” Zoe moaned. “Oh my God, I’ve never wanted anything more. Please, pleeease let me suck your cock.”

Tyler let out a low laugh. “I really didn’t expect you to be quite so submissive. Get on your knees.”

Nami had to imagine the visual of what was happening, but as soon as the sounds began to happen, her imagination had little trouble. The sounds of Tyler and Zoe making out were nothing compared to the sounds of Zoe moaning and gagging on Tyler’s dick. His, no doubt, thick, long, huge cock. Nami’s pussy was throbbing and pulsing. Her hips were humping her hands desperately. The sounds came straight from the heavens, and Nami needed to hear them more clearly.

The sounds of Zoe’s witty and pithy mouth being put to work on Tyler’s meatstick were too muffled for Nami’s liking. She risked everything, and scooted along the floor, trying to make as little noise as possible, until she was, unbeknownst to the two, right next to them, trying to take up as little space on the floor but still enough to rub and finger-fuck her needy pussy, listening to one of her best friends getting throatfucked by her other best friend. The two best friends that would never do this with each other, not even knowing she was watching. It was too much. It was too hot.

Nami couldn’t hold back. As she rubbed her sensitive little clit, she began her first orgasm, then rode it out into her second. Each second brought more pleasure, and reinforced how right all this felt. She wanted to be like this forever. Losing control over her own functions as much as her reality, she let out a single, quiet grunt.

She froze, despite her orgasm. As fun as this was, her actually blowing her cover was another thing entirely. To make matters worse, the sucking sounds abruptly stopped. Nami sat where she was, too terrified to move, until she heard any kind of sound. It sounded like a lesser version of what was happening before – wet, squishy, and coming from the same area, like Zoe was just giving him a handjob or something.

Suddenly, Nami felt something, and squeezed her eyes shut in terror. A finger, then a hand, on her one kneecap. Zoe caught her, and was identifying who, and where, she was. Nami was busted, especially when Zoe’s hand travelled down her leg somewhat and could likely figure out that the other leg was sprawled in the other direction. Zoe was a smart girl; she remembered the conversation from yesterday and could piece it all together. And now she knew.

“What’s up, Zoe? Something wrong?” Tyler asked. Nami held her breath, feeling complete dread knowing the answer.

Zoe didn’t answer for a few seconds, her hand still on Zoe’s knee. Finally, she spoke. “Nothing, Tyler,” she replied, shocking Nami so much she remained frozen in place. Zoe’s free hand travelled up the general area until she found Nami’s arm. Her touch travelled down to Nami’s fingers, finding it, embarrassingly, coated with her juices. She grabbed Nami’s hand and guided it back down between her legs. “Nothing in the slightest. Let me finish you off before Nami comes back.”

“Fuck yeah,” Tyler groaned as Zoe took him back in her mouth. Zoe’s free hand let go of Nami’s hand and went back to stroking her leg; up and down, over and over.

Nami was over being shocked, and could feel the panic dissipating within her body. Zoe knew what she was doing, and as far as she knew, Zoe wanted her to continue. Zoe caught her and wanted her to keep masturbating to her blowing Tyler. This was so perverse. Nami didn’t want to disrespect her friend, and would not have been able to hold back anyway, and threw her head back, masturbating furiously while enjoying Zoe’s hand stroking her leg. She wasn’t even bi (and as far as she knew, neither was Zoe) but just the touch of endorsement filled her with such a thrill that she could barely have spoken even if she wanted to at that moment. Any trace of rational thought was gone. Nami just needed to cum, badly. Her hand moved at mach speed, performing every trick in the book to please her pleading pussy, as her friend facefucked her other friend a few feet away, not knowing anything about his auditory audience.


“Aaaah,” Tyler moaned in sheer delight as the three of them exited the mall and felt the cool evening air on their faces. “That feels good. I didn’t realize how hot it can get in that stuffy old mall.”

“It’s definitely feeling a lot like October,” Nami observed, trying to use the night sky as an excuse to avoid looking at either of them.

“It’s like a week to Spooky Day,” Tyler replied, no doubt with a grin. Nami turned to look at him and, sure enough, there one was. “Got any idea what to go as yet?”

Nami shrugged, and Tyler turned to Zoe, who was spacing out and didn’t respond. “Earth to Zoe!”

“Huh? Oh, sorry…” Zoe mumbled. “Uh, Halloween? No idea. Maybe just like a cat or something.”

“Seems plain for you,” Tyler laughed.

At the light jab, Zoe snapped back to full attention. “Well at least I put effort into my costumes. You going as a lump of cardboard again this year?”

“It was a robot! I just ran out of silver spray paint,” Tyler complained.

“Speaking of shiny stuff, what did you steal this time?” Zoe asked him.

Tyler turned around, revealing nothing but the shirt on his back. “Nada,” he flatly answered.

“Wow, character development! You didn’t steal anything this time. Or did you just forget your backpack at home?” Zoe quipped.

Tyler looked her dead in the eyes. “Actually, I did want to take something. But maybe I can take it next time we come here,” he said plainly, yet challengingly. Zoe blushed. It was pretty clear what he meant.

Still, she recovered quickly. “A fourth time?! Tyler, we have to move on at some point.”

“Hey, I’m having fun if you are,” Tyler rebutted.

As much fun as the dramatic irony was to witness, Nami was starting to feel left out. She shivered in the late October wind. “Hey, if you two don’t mind, I think I’m going to start to bike home,” Nami started, trying not to let her tone reflect how she felt.

“No sweat!” Tyler replied.

Zoe was less enthusiastic. Her eyes darted around once or twice before she blurted, “Wait!”

Nami was already getting her bike, but hesitated at her friend’s words. “What is it?”

“You left something at my house when you last visited. Did you want to bike to my house and get it back real quick?”

“I did?” Nami asked with a scrunched-up face. “What did I leave?”

“A, uh, thing on your backpack. Like a clip or something? I guess it doesn’t matter that much, but I keep forgetting to bring it to school. It would mean a lot to me if you could come get it.”

Internally, Nami groaned. She hated when people guilt-tripped her into things, especially social situations, mostly because it worked every time on her. “Sure,” she replied.

“Great!” Zoe said enthusiastically, and turned to Tyler. “We’ll see you Monday?”

“You know it,” Tyler replied. “I gotta get some work done on Sunday anyway. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve fallen crazy behind.”

Zoe gave a sympathetic laugh. “Yeah,” she murmured quietly. “Well…” she stood there awkwardly, as if she was mulling over giving him a hug or something. “…yeah, anyway, see you Monday!” As the last words fell out of her mouth, the two girls got on their bikes and started the journey towards Zoe’s house, which at the very least was like the midway point between Nami’s house and the mall.

Nami had the entire bike ride to think over all of the events of the day. As soon as the pair arrived at Zoe’s house, she spoke. “I didn’t really leave anything at your place, did I?”

Zoe looked at Nami with what Nami thought might have been guilt, or even fear. “Um, yeah, no,” she mumbled. “Just thought… you’d want to… yeah, talk.”

Nami sighed. She kind of wanted to get home after a day like that, but seeing Zoe’s doe-eyed expression was really out-of-character for her. “Yeah, we should, shouldn’t we?” Nami conceded, walking into the house and accepting her fate.

The two wordlessly made their way into Zoe’s room. Zoe took initiative and lay down on the bed, while her friend opted for her desk chair.

“So…” Zoe began. When no reply came from Nami, she chuckled. “Yeah, that was really something, huh?”

“Yeah,” Nami murmured. For some reason, she wanted to both sit closer to Zoe and keep her distance. If she concentrated, she could still feel Zoe’s hand on her leg. And it didn’t feel bad or anything, but some inner voice told her that she shouldn’t keep thinking of that. Was it connected to the same inner voice that made her do what she did in the first place? She didn’t know.

“Do you feel guilty for it? Do you have that, like, post-orgasm clarity?” Zoe sat up so she could look her friend in the eye. “You did orgasm, right?”

“Yeah,” Nami quietly admitted. “At least three times.”

“Lucky,” Zoe joked. “As if I should expect anything else from Tyler, he made me suck his dick but after you ran back out, he wouldn’t return the favor. Next time we meet up I’m definitely making him do that for me.”

“So you’re going to see him again?” Nami pointed out.

“I – wow. Huh. Well spotted,” Zoe slowly said. “I wasn’t even thinking about that. I guess it just kind of… came out.”

“I don’t know if I feel guilty,” Nami admitted, squeezing her legs together again. She was turning into such a hornball. She felt the heat building up within her again. “I feel… not myself though.”

“Yeah, same,” Zoe admitted. “Maybe there’s some kind of hormone transference thing. We hang out with you, you get really horny thinking about Johnny-”

“Jeremy. Johnny’s the guy panting after Mina.”

“Right, Jeremy – and then we get horny by… proxy? It can’t work like that.”

“I think it’s the mall.”

A beat of silence flowed between the two girls before Zoe gave a single chuckle of confusion. “You think… the mall makes people horny? I mean, the place did have a Soma…”

“I’m serious. Think about it,” Nami said seriously. “We heard that one woman masturbating and wailing her lungs out. Then both of us get really horny and do things we normally wouldn’t do. You told me yourself you never would have thought of making out with Tyler. And today, you sucked his dick!”

Zoe’s eyes glazed over with a slight smile at the thought.

“And I masturbated in front of you! I mean, I was right next to you when it happened!” Nami continued. “That’s… that’s got to mean something.”

Zoe returned to the world of the living and focused on Nami. “Nami, do you know how ridiculous you sound?” she asked, posing sideways on the bed as she talked. “You’re saying a mall, where hundreds of people used to gather and be normal, made us so horny we did things we never would? That’s taking the ‘corrupting the youth’ argument to the extreme. There’s no way the mall’s like that. Someone would have noticed while it was still open.”

“I just think it’s the only new thing introduced to our lives. Maybe something happened after it closed or something,” Nami carried on.

“I get why you think it, but it’s got to be something else. Honestly, I think it’s just teenage hormones and we all got caught up in the heat of the moment or something,” Zoe dismissed her.

And Nami hated being dismissed. She wanted to avoid this subject entirely for fear for what it could reveal, but she decided here and now that the clear signs from this question would be worth the risk. “You’re straight, right?”

Zoe was caught off guard. “What…?”

“You’ve told me and Tyler a bunch of times that you’re straight,” Nami continued.

“Well then I guess you have your answer…” Zoe replied, weirded out by the topic change.

“But you stroked my leg while you were blowing Tyler,” Nami continued, swallowing nervously after she spoke. She could feel herself beginning to leak again, getting wet from the mere memory. “You knew I was there and you didn’t just continue, you involved me.”

“Oh, hey, look, if it’s about that, if you were uncomfortable, you could have s-” Zoe stopped herself and gave a low giggle. “No, I guess you couldn’t have said anything, could you?” She looked back at Nami. “But I didn’t go too far or anything, did I?”

“Well, we all did…” Nami uneasily continued.

“No, like, with you. Like, doing something you’re not comfortable with.”

Nami swallowed again. “No. I liked it. But-”

“There, see? And it’s not like I was coming onto you or anything. It’s like a friendly buttslap or something if you see a friend’s ass.” To prove her point, she flipped around and playfully moved her butt at Nami. “I know you wouldn’t, but some friend groups would see something like this and just give it a smack. And it doesn’t mean anything, it’s like a silly game. Sure, it’s sexual in nature, but, it’s just harmless fun. It wouldn’t mean anything.”

Nami didn’t reply. She could feel herself beginning to sweat. Nami was sure she wasn’t into girls herself, until today. She found herself battling with a bunch of feelings today, and in the moment, she was battling the urge to play along with Zoe and slap her butt or something. Unfortunately, her inner conflict and her lack of response meant Zoe sat there for a while, looking back at Nami, presenting herself to her.

Zoe laughed nervously. “Or do I have you all wrong? You’ve been staring at my butt for a bit long, y’know…” she trailed off. Zoe had, especially by high school standards, an amazing ass. The fact that she was decently muscular all over meant that she was practically one of the only girls she knew with a visibly toned ass. A lot of girls had toned legs but few had an ass quite like Zoe’s, a point she sometimes liked to hold over the “boring” guys drooling over her.

Zoe gave a mischievous smirk. “I know, it is nice. I mean, tell you what, if I do have you wrong and you want to be adventurous, give it a smack.”

Nami felt a lump in her throat. The feeling that this was wrong arose once again in her mind, but all she could do was sit there in fear. Emboldened by her friend’s offer, she wordlessly stood up and walked over to Zoe. “Euh-” She tried to say something, but the lump in her throat made her stumble. She cleared her throat and swallowed. “You want me to?”

“Sure, why not?” Zoe played it cool. “Just to show you what I mean.”

Unsure of herself, Nami slowly raised her hand above Zoe’s waiting ass. Her butt stretched the jeans it was filling, muscular and clearly more than a handful. Zoe wiggled it impatiently. “Come onnn,” she egged Nami on.

Nami threw her hand down and smacked Zoe across the ass, making Zoe slightly move forward. Her eyes went shut, then fluttered back open. “There, see?” she asked. “And then we’d giggle and do other stuff.” She bit her lower lip. “Or, if you really wanted to commit to the bit, you could do it again.”

Nami stared at her friend, who offered no more words, but instead gave a single wink. Without needing to be told twice, Nami raised her hand, and immediately threw it down onto the same cheek, admiring how firm yet nice to touch Zoe’s ass was.

“Ouch!” Zoe said in a mock voice, a teasing way, like she would give to a boyfriend or something. The two stared at each other for a second or two before Nami rose her hand again and gave Zoe’s butt a smack, harder than the first two.

Then again, then again. Eventually, after each smack, Nami’s hand would remain on her friend’s ass, then she became bolder, feeling around her ass with both hands between smacks. Zoe was no longer making any comments about it not meaning anything. As a matter of fact, her smile was gone, replaced by a look of sad eyebrows.

Except they both knew she wasn’t sad. It looked more like she was begging.

Even through her jeans, it was clear that Zoe was becoming a little damp between her legs. Nami didn’t even need to check beneath her own skirt – she could begin to feel a trickle going down her leg. Neither girl would have been able to say how long they spent with Nami smacking Zoe’s ass, but it was Zoe who eventually bolted up from her bed, wrapped her arms around Nami, and embraced her as her tongue entered Nami’s mouth. Nami didn’t resist at all and moaned into Zoe’s mouth, her own arms wrapping around Zoe.

When Zoe retreated the kiss, the look on Nami’s face wasn’t one she even recognized. While Nami was passionate about her beliefs, she was often characterized by a certain meekness, but not now. Now she seemed almost angry in her passion, her desire for Zoe, and it was clear through her eyes alone that she was going to get her way today. It helped that Zoe wanted her to. There was nothing she wanted more in this moment.

Nami was, Zoe guessed, a virgin, but the phrase ‘her enthusiasm made up for her lack of experience’ that she’s heard in clichee porn stories seemed to ring true. While still looking her in the eyes, as if she were a woman possessed, Nami started rubbing Zoe’s slit over her pants. Despite wearing jeans, Zoe moaned and pushed her hips forwards. Even though she was sucking Tyler’s cock just an hour or so before – and what a cock it was – Zoe couldn’t remember the last time she was this turned on.

Zoe never considered herself a lesbian. While she was growing up, she didn’t even question her sexuality once. Frankly, even when it came to guys she found so few people in her range that she almost considered herself ace. Along with new physical sensations, Zoe was walking the dangerous territory of new feelings – which was particularly dangerous to her, since she always liked to know exactly what her feelings meant and what she was getting into. Here, she didn’t have a clue about either.

The pair didn’t say another word to each other – they didn’t need to. Zoe ditched her pants, feeling a new sensation – bashfulness. She felt spurts of it with Tyler, but now she was getting naked with her best friend – the one person she was less likely to do anything sexual with than Tyler. She took off her jeans, then her shirt, standing in front of Nami in just her bra and panties, figuring that shyness was for losers and standing up straight, letting Nami get a good look of her.

Nami drank in the sight before her. Zoe realized that they talked about her hormones once or twice before, but Zoe never really got to see Nami horny until they started going to the mall, and Nami was right, her hormones absolutely took control of her. “You look yummy,” Nami growled.

“Yummy?” Zoe asked with a laugh. “Dam-”

“Shut up and kiss me,” Nami moaned, moving in to kiss her best friend with as much force, passion, and tongue as she could, mashing her crotch against Zoe’s in the process. Zoe moaned and started mindlessly humping against her, causing enough friction to start a fire.

The two kissed, exploring and sharing each other for as long as they could muster until they broke away and realized what was going to happen next. Nami took the initiative, taking off her skirt (earning a laugh from Zoe when she saw how wet her friend was) and shirt. Zoe had to admit, even though Nami wasn’t petit and it’s not like her chest was large or anything, her breasts were deceptively big for her frame and the shirts she picked. Zoe almost felt self-conscious with her athletic body and, despite their height difference, smaller breasts. Nevertheless, she unhooked her bra and let it slowly drop to the floor, revealing her perky breasts to Nami, her nipples explaining in perfect detail just how aroused Zoe was.

Before she could do anything else, Nami found herself latching onto her friend’s breasts and discovering for herself how to please a woman with her tongue. Zoe would have laughed at her friend’s eagerness if she wasn’t so busy moaning and cradling her friend’s head, her own head swimming with all the new sensations she’d felt over the past twenty-four hours. Hell, even the last two.

As Nami eagerly licked, bit and sucked away, listening for Zoe’s moans to figure out how to please her better, Zoe was busy trying to work off Nami’s bra and, subsequently, her panties. Despite the immense pleasure and the internal screams for more, as soon as Nami was fully naked, Zoe pushed Nami off of her and looked her up and down, biting her bottom lip and tenderly removing her own panties.

“I want to eat you,” Zoe admitted quietly. “I’ve never done it before.”

“I want to eat you too,” Nami groaned, her voice thick with passion.

Zoe chuckled. “How about I go first eating you? I think we should learn to crawl before we walk.” Seeing her friend’s confused stare, she clarified. “Eat one pussy at a time before we sixty-nine.”

The mere idea of doing such a dirty thing made Nami moan and almost collapse on the spot, but Zoe was perfectly happy with that. Within seconds, Nami was on the bed with her legs spread, her friend’s face inches away from her little slit, smelling her womanhood for the first time.

Zoe inhaled. “Fucking intoxicating, holy shit…” she whispered, almost fully to herself. She gave a single experimental lick on the outside of Nami’s folds, and the reaction was felt almost throughout her entire body. This felt so right. Zoe was almost fully confident she became addicted to eating pussy on the spot. Something about it felt too right to even put into words. She could have been in this position eternally and not batted an eye. She wanted to eat and please Nami forever.

Zoe was a fast learner, and Nami was a horny bitch in heat, and the magical combination meant that Nami’s first orgasm came in just over a minute, though she would prove to last longer for the three orgasms that hit her after. Zoe was jealous – she’d heard of girls that orgasm this quickly, but wasn’t aware that her own best friend was one of these magical creatures. Maybe they should have done this sooner.

Nami moaned out her orgasms at such a volume that Zoe prayed her room was soundproof enough to contain these moans. There was no way in hell she was going to either stop or tell Nami to tone it down, because she wanted neither. She dove her face into Nami’s pussy, eagerly lapping at her slit, licking at her folds, and teasing her cute little clit. It was almost hard to tell what pleased Nami the most, since she moaned uncontrollably with nearly any and all contact. After four orgasms, the duo decided to switch and instead it was Zoe that lay on the bed, feeling vulnerable, a feeling she wasn’t used to. So vulnerable and able to be used. So submissive. It felt so right for her.

Zoe knew through her masturbation habits that Nami was the lucky one of the two, and it was going to be very hard for Nami to actually bring her to an orgasm. Credit to Nami, that did not stop her in the slightest. She ate Zoe’s pussy like it was giving her herself pleasure, and happily played with her own pussy at the same time. Smiling at the sexiness of the scene, Zoe played with her firm tits, enjoying the show and realizing that twisting her nipples and adding to her feeling of vulnerability and pain was turning her on further.

Despite no orgasm, Nami spent more time with her face buried in Zoe’s cunt than Zoe did in hers, although Nami was likely grateful to spend such quality time doing one of her new favorite things. Zoe was happy to take over, albeit with perhaps some guidance along the way.

“You can suck on my nipples again, and stick a finger in me if you want,” she told Nami, finding her commanding voice again as she started to play with her clit, hoping to tease an orgasm out of her. “Or two. Actually, two. I think I want more than one in me. Fuck one. Do two.”

It was Nami’s turn to chuckle as Zoe’s normally-confident stare melted into that submissive, begging face Nami saw moments before. Nami was happy to comply, warming Zoe up with one finger while Zoe focused on her clit, looking up at the ceiling and starting to pant. Nami latched her mouth onto Zoe’s boob and started her oral performance, licking and nibbling. Zoe moaned in a cute, high-pitched way.

“Oh fuck, that’s so nice, Nami,” she moaned. “I’m so fucking happy we’re doing this. I want to do this with you all the time.”

In that moment, it was true. Zoe would never admit it, especially out of sex, but she would have emptied her bank account for Nami at that moment, especially the moment after, when Nami quickly transitioned from one finger to two, then two fingers to three.

Having three fingers inside of her felt so right to Zoe. She loved being filled. She loved sex. She loved fucking Nami, and she couldn’t get enough of it. With her own efforts, combined with Nami’s efforts and their past episode of mutual cunnilingus, Zoe came faster than she expected, and harder than she ever did in all of her life. Her parents definitely knew what was happening at this point, but she didn’t care. Stars streaked by her vision, her pussy convulsed and danced for her, and she nearly passed out.

“Oh my fuck… fuck… holy shit…” Zoe breathed. “Jesus christ, that was fucking fantastic. I’m so glad we did this.”

“Me too,” Nami purred, still playing with herself, never satisfied. She would reach two more orgasms just by fingering herself before Zoe fully caught her breath.


“A third time?” Mr. Sigorsky incredulously asked. “You’ve gone to the washroom twice this period, Nami. It’s ten minutes to the end of the period. You can wait.”

Zoe watched Nami squirm in her seat. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why Nami had gone to the washroom so much this period. Zoe was, frankly, worried for Nami. What they did on Saturday was amazing – fucking amazing, her pussy twitched even just remembering it – but there was more to life. And she hated to admit it, but Nami was onto something.

Something had definitely affected the three of them. Nami, already dangerous with her hormone levels, was one class jokester innuendo away from taking the cutest freshman boy in the class and humping him to death in the middle of the class, it was obvious by looking at her. Zoe frowned and turned to Tyler; he was slouched in his chair, head back, daydreaming. What about? Looking at his pants gave a clear indication of what. His sweatpants were clearly tented with his large cock. His huge, thick, veiny –

Zoe shook her head, an audible “aaargh” of frustration leaving her lips. Sigorsky looked at her, but didn’t say anything. No doubt he noticed the two were slumping, though she prayed he couldn’t tell the root cause. As Zoe reflected, she realized that Sigorsky was probably concerned about her too, and for a good reason. Zoe found it really hard to concentrate, especially knowing that she was sandwiched between the two people she wanted more than anything else on the planet at that moment.

The idea that the mall itself made them horny was, of course, ridiculous. But was Nami right? Was it something inside the mall? A gas or an uncontrolled substance or even a weird hypnosis video playing on a screen she didn’t remember seeing… it all sounded so sci-fi. So unreal. This had to be some kind of pheromone thing. Possibly not out of the ordinary – late effects of puberty hit one of them super hard, and it caused a domino effect in the group. Yeah.

Zoe glanced once more at Tyler, not realizing she licked her lips when her eyes remained on his package. She shook her head in derision at the idiot. She was so glad Nami and she both agreed that they could never tell Tyler what happened. It was the worst idea ever for so many reasons, the biggest one being that Tyler couldn’t even properly articulate what he and Zoe were… the last thing Zoe needed was to complicate the matter tenfold and admit she slept with Nami, her best friend – their very straight best friend – too. Plus Zoe was straight. Or she wasn’t. Or fuck everything.

After the bell rang, Nami and Zoe got up and collected their bags. Tyler snapped out of his daydream yet remained at his desk, pretending to go over some notes but likely just trying to wish his boner away.

Nami and Zoe approached Tyler’s desk, and Zoe figured the best strategy at this point was to be blunt. “We’re not going back to the mall,” she asserted.

She figured Tyler would be the first one to protest, so she was surprised when the timid Nami blurted, “Why?”

Zoe had to search for reasons. A part of her, a very big hard-to-control part of her, wanted to go back to the mall. In fact, it wanted to go back so badly that she had to fight herself to say ‘we’re not going back’ instead of ‘do you want to go to the mall after school today?’

“Last time I was there, I got a cut. It looks bad. Possibly infected,” Zoe lied coolly. “Thank fuck I’m up to date on my tetanus shots.”

“A cut? Where?” Tyler asked, more out of disbelief than concern.

Zoe felt a surge of anger within her for Tyler not believing her lie. “A private part of me, if you must know. Anyway I said we’re not going so we’re not going. Let’s just find a new place. That’s what we always do anyway.”

Tyler was unmoved. “I just feel like there’s so much we haven’t-”

“Why are you still arguing this? I already decided it,” Zoe finished, walking away. If nothing else, the conversation made Tyler flaccid, and he was able to get up from his desk and walk with the other two to Nami’s locker. Zoe didn’t know why, but she felt like continuing once the three got there.

“Plus, the mall gives me weird vibes. Don’t pretend like you both don’t know what I’m talking about,” she added coldly. She looked at the both of them, but neither one of them said anything. “It’s just for the best that we move on. Maybe someplace less illegal too.”

“Less ille- who are you and what have you done with Zoe?” Tyler joked. Zoe didn’t like how accidentally correct Tyler was with that assertion. “Your favorite part is how we’re sticking it to the man!”

“Yeah, well, at the very least let’s stick it to a different man,” Zoe replied disinterestedly, looking out the hallway window. “Just respect what I’m saying. I don’t want to go back there again.”

“Alright, I’ll keep my ear open for other stuff,” Tyler mumbled, defeated.

“I should get to class,” Nami said quietly, shutting her locker and disappearing without another word. As Zoe went to get to her own class, Tyler clamped a hand on her shoulder.

A strong, masculine hand. God, Zoe found herself pathetic. She bit her lip, not that Tyler could see, and composed herself before turning around. “What?”

“I’ve been thinking… we probably should have a proper talk about what we are. I want to listen to what you’ve been saying,” an uncharacteristically sincere Tyler replied. “Can we meet at my place after school today?”

Zoe gave a smile, albeit a small one, most of her face still cold and untrusting. She didn’t like this situation, but at least one thing was looking good. “Yes, I think that’s a really good idea. Right after school works for me.”

“Alright, sweet,” Tyler replied, breaking into a grin. “Looking forward to it.”


Zoe moaned with pleasure around the dick that was throatfucking her. It was quite the experience getting to feel Tyler’s cock before she even got to see it, but it truly was a marvel in every way – the way it looked, the way it felt, even the way it smelled. She wanted to remain on topic so badly, and one would assume that shortly after they got to Tyler’s house, he just seduced her, but…

Zoe’s cheeks burned at the memory. He actually tried to talk to her. He wasn’t even being a scumbag. It was Zoe that turned the topic to sucking his dick. She just wanted it ever since Saturday. It was all she could think about that day, apart from Nami’s pussy.

That said, he agreed really quickly. Odds are, within a few minutes, he would have seduced her anyway. That’s what Zoe kept telling herself. Besides, his cock was meant to be worshipped, and she was meant to submit and be degraded by him, so what did it matter?

Jesus Christ. At least Nami was always horny. Zoe had to deal with this whole new side of her, and when she wasn’t overcome by sheer lust, she was not thrilled with it. Still, she could at least take her mind off of it by letting her mind go blank and enjoying how complete she felt with Tyler’s huge dick in her mouth.

“Fuck, babe, that’s real nice…” Tyler moaned. “You keep that up, you’re gettin’ a face full of cream.”

Ugh. ‘Babe.’ Tyler was every bit the cheesy porn star that Zoe would have guessed he’d be. Still, something about he way he talked, the sureness, the ownership… it kept her going. It was hot. And hell, he was hot. He kept eye contact right when she wanted it, he had a big dick, he had that stupid grin… what more could a submissive dumb slut want?

Zoe cursed herself in her inner monologue and kept sucking, earning more moans from Tyler. She loved his moans, which was fitting, because he loved her mouth. “Mmm, fuck… it’s coming soon… keep sucking if you want it down your throat, babe…”

Zoe blushed but kept sucking. Something about him shooting his load right down her throat appealed to her. She wanted to drink his cum. She wanted him to mark her with his seed, even if it was all going straight to her stomach.

“Fuck… I-!” Tyler moaned and groaned as the shots began firing. Out of instinct, Zoe moaned as she felt the first load fill her mouth. She was glad to see that it wasn’t just Tyler’s cock that was bigger than average – the excess of Tyler’s load started to come out of her mouth as she struggled to get it down. In the end, her determination won, and she swallowed the whole load he gave her. It tasted… well, like cum. She wasn’t swallowing it for the flavor. She was swallowing it because she was Tyler’s little whore.

God dammit.

Tyler sat back on his bed, panting and admiring Zoe’s naked body. She started to get up, but he held up a hand to stop her. “No no, stay like that,” he ordered. “Your body is hot. I want to just look at it.”

“Yes sir,” Zoe moaned. Tyler looked incredulously at her, which caused her to bite her lip and look down, blushing profusely.

And yet she let him look. She put her arms behind her back and pushed her breasts forward, hoping he was enjoying her extra efforts, which, judging by the way he was stroking his cock, he was.

Zoe knew that teens could go for multiple rounds in a row without deflating or getting tired, but she figured that was an exaggeration or something. Either that or she happened to be friends with two sex gods or something. Either or. Tyler looked smugly at his cock, then back at her, her eyes transfixed on it. “I’ve got one more load in me tonight,” he announced, “but I think I’ve used your mouth enough.”

Reality dawned on Zoe. “Inside me? That thing? Inside me?”

He chuckled. “You up for the challenge?”

“Do you have a condom?”

Tyler hesitated, then stopped. “Oh, right,” he eventually mumbled. “You’re, uh, not on birth control, are you?”

“I actually am, but that’s still a hard rule with me,” Zoe asserted. Even blinded by lust, she wasn’t going to be stupid. There were too many risks, and even if she likely disappointed her parents on Saturday, she was going to do them proud in this one very specific way.

“Hmm. Yeah, okay, fair enough,” Tyler conceded, thinking that the sex was over. He reached for his pants before Zoe opened up her mouth and talked.

“I don’t just have two holes, you know.”

Tyler stopped in place, then looked at Zoe as if she was out of her mind. He then looked at his cock, he himself knowing it was larger than average, then back at her. “You serious?”

Zoe was still blushing profusely, but continued. “If you open me up back there… warm me up first… I’ve experimented before. I may not be able to take all of you, but… yeah.”

Tyler didn’t say anything for the longest time. “God damn, Zoe,” he finally said.

“It’s a surefire form of birth control!” Zoe protested. “If you don’t want to, just tell me that you don’t want to fuck me up the ass. Go on.”

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” Tyler asked in disbelief.

“Fuck yes. I want it in me, and this is the only way. So yes, I want it in my ass, Tyler. Are you happy?”

The slow smile that spread across Tyler’s face communicated that he was more than happy. One prep talk of the do’s and don’t’s from Zoe later, and Tyler was easing a first finger, then a second, into Zoe’s ass. Zoe was moaning embarassingly quickly – and while it was true that she had some experience with anal, it wasn’t as much as she would have liked and none of it came from anyone other than herself.

This was a completely new experience for Tyler. The sight of his finger slowly sinking inside Zoe’s ass was so sexy, his dick was pulsating and bobbing up and down. He had always wanted to take a girl’s anal virginity, and he guessed that some other lucky guy got to claim that given how confident Zoe was being about anal, but at least he would get to fuck a girl’s ass, and not just any any ass, Zoe’s ass. Zoe had the sexiest butt of anyone he knew.

Zoe’s ass was firm yet round, toned yet not hard or unattractive. Just beautiful, and irresistible. And soon he’d be inside it. Feeling playful, with two fingers still inside her, Tyler leaned forward and lightly bit Zoe’s ass.

“Ow!” Zoe yelped, twitching. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Tyler chuckled lowly, slowly pulling his fingers out. “Playing with my food?” he asked smugly. He couldn’t help but wonder if Zoe had planned for this or something – butts weren’t exactly primarily for fucking, and he was always worried about the Brown Visitor, but for some reason, that hadn’t become an issue with them. Emboldened by this, he took a cheek into both hands and, for the first time, extended his tongue and began to rim his best friend, taking them both to a place they had never been before.

“Tyle-! Oh my fuuuuucking goddddd~” Zoe felt such new sensations that she went cross-eyed in submissive pleasure. Being rimmed felt so weird, but it made her crave a dick in her ass like she’d never craved anything before in her life. She couldn’t help but mash her beautiful ass into his face, which Tyler accepted readily, discovering that he was quite enjoying rimming himself.

There was a certain power in giving a rimjob – a feeling of claiming that eating pussy just didn’t satisfy. Here he was, holding, as far as he was concerned, the best ass in all of Hazelwood High in his hands, going to town on what lay between the cheeks. And besides, even if the action itself wasn’t pleasurable, everything it was doing to Zoe sure was.

Zoe was in hysterics, thrashing her upper body about, occasionally slapping the bed with a free hand, unable to keep herself still. Her voice had betrayed her in a fit of pure pleasure, and she couldn’t filter her thoughts any longer.

“Oh my god Tyler, I want your big thick meaty cock destroying my ass. Please give it to me, give it to me deep! I’m just a dumb slut that deserves nothing more than to be split in half by your huge perfect cock. Please Tyler, just fuck me. Fuck me now, rape me! Fuck this dumb slut and keep her as your personal fuck doll, that’s all I am, that’s all I deserve to be!! Just rape me as if I’m nothing more than your personal property, your slave, your personal stupid whore!”

Tyler, as well as Zoe, was making a mental note of the potential issues Zoe had, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He, to his own displeasure, stopped rimming her to prep her with his fingers again, lining up his cock and laughing in a low, almost evil voice.

“So you want me to destroy you?” he asked her, his voice full of power.

Zoe whimpered.

“You want me to r-word you?” he continued.

Zoe gave a small chuckle. “It kind of ruins the moment when you say ‘r-word’ like that.”

“I’m not saying the actual word.”

“Then let’s move on. Pretend I never said it.”

“Got it.” Tyler recovered quickly. “Are you ready for me to fill your ass like you’ve never been filled before?”

“Fuck yes,” Zoe said in a voice just above a whisper. “Give it to me, Tyler.”

Tyler generously applied the lube Zoe laid out beforehand on his cock, then pressed the head of his thick cock against her asshole. “You asked for it,” he warned her as he began to slowly press in.

Zoe’s low moan started from the second she began to feel him pressing into her and lasted until the full head of his dick disappeared inside her. Even just the head felt like the largest object in the world was inside her. She could feel her insides stretching and molding around him, accommodating his huge size. A part of her worried if something was going to tear or bleed or something. A larger part of her cautioned herself about thinking such things. She was here to be a dumb, submissive bitch. She was here to take his cock and be a good little fleshlight for him.

Zoe practically forgot the full thing wasn’t inside her by the time Tyler figured she was okay to take more. Slowly, over the process of minutes, he eased and back-and-forthed his way into her awaiting ass, Making her moan and sweat and bury her face into the pillow and occasionally frantically call for him to stop as she got accommodated. Zoe thought she could never take the full thing, so she was surprised the first time she felt the underside of Tyler’s belly hit her ass. He was pressing up against her.

“I can’t… believe it…” she moaned.

“Ready for it?” Tyler challenged.

“In… a few seconds… but go slow… to start…” Zoe moaned. She loved this. Even as she breathed those words, her free hand went back to play with her pussy. Sure enough, she moaned uncontrollably at first touch. Zoe was unsure if she’d ever be able to masturbate without having something in her ass after that. She’d seen the light, and she was looking forward to Tyler driving the point home. She could never tell him how easily he could make her his obedient little puppy or something after this; he’d never let her live it down. Maybe she could settle for asking him to get her a collar or something.

Tyler began to pump in and out of Zoe’s backdoor, with the normally proud and confident Zoe moaning cutely and submissively, helpless at the hands of Tyler. Those hands were now gripping her ass with such a dominant force that made her feel so receptive, so submissive, so right. She wished he could do this every day. She wished he wouldn’t ask her consent and just use her. She wished she could live out all of these sick twisted fantasies she now knew she had with him. Never had a boy make her go so crazy, but then again, no boy had a cock or a horny spirit quite like Tyler.

It took surprisingly little time, especially for anal, for the two to get into a good groove, with Tyler ramming into her like tomorrow didn’t exist and Zoe moaning and crying and loving every second of it.

Frustratingly, noticing her tears, Tyler stopped momentarily, concern washing over him. “Are you crying?? Are you okay, should we stop?”

Zoe, tears in her eyes, whipped her head around to face Tyler with a face so full of anger and fury that she looked less like a human being and more like a slasher movie villain. “Keep going,” she replied, her tear-filled eyes blasting pure rage at the nerve of him to stop. “Now!!”

No longer sure who was dominating whom, Tyler resumed his assault, luckily not growing soft in his concern. His still-hard cock, ready to withstand any amount of fucking, pressed on, invading and plundering Zoe’s insides and rearranging her guts to such a depth she felt like it was going to come out of her mouth at some point. She moaned and groaned and pushed her hips back into his, wanting more, wanting to be his anal bitch forever. She was so glad she was so cautious about pregnancy. This was the best feeling in the world.

Sadly, all good feelings have to come to an end, and Tyler could feel himself not being able to last much longer. He could barely warn Zoe about his impending climax, though with seconds to spare, his sudden shift in tempo told Zoe everything she needed to know. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!” Zoe moaned as she began to feel a warm load deposit inside her. Tyler’s seed. He was marking her as his own. Tyler was cumming inside Zoe’s ass, and she loved it. She could feel his spunk spreading its warmth like a liquid aphrodisiac throughout her body, reprogramming her, hotwiring her to make her addicted and submissive to his cock forever. She moaned as he grunted, her body and mind completely receptive to Tyler’s invasion.

Tyler huffed a few times after his orgasm subsided, taking the next few minutes to slowly retrieve himself from inside her. Zoe was very specific – going in had to be slow, but going back out had to be just as slow, to avoid pain, blood, or a result neither of them would have wanted. Inevitably, Zoe had bled a little, but that was to be expected, especially given his size. Still in a trance from feeling his cum inside her, Zoe calmly told him to wash his dick and reassured him that she was fine, and that it may have hurt a bit but that’s what she wanted.

After Tyler returned with a fully washed cock, he admired his handiwork, strewn across the bed. “God damn, Zoe, you a real freak, you know that?” he asked with a toothy grin.

Zoe grinned back. “You bring it out of me, what can I say?” she asked seductively. “Now get over here.”


“Because I want to suck your cock again, you dork,” she laughed in answer. That was good enough for Tyler and soon Zoe was humming and moaning happily on his dick, making him shiver in anticipation.

“Where’d you get that cut, anyway? Now that you’re naked. I don’t see it?”

Zoe took her mouth off of Tyler’s phallus just long enough to answer. “What?”

“You said you got cut today. I don’t see the cut. Is it serious?”

Oh, right. That. Zoe thought quickly. “I can tell you about it…” she purred. “Or I can keep sucking your dick.”

Tyler laughed. “You’d suck my dick any time. Let’s see it.”

“Tyler, with all due respect, it seems like you don’t even trust me on this,” Zoe argued, trying to keep a strong tone but finding herself so in lust with him that her words even now came out like she was trying to seduce him. “I don’t really want to talk about my medical records with you. Some things are still private to me. Besides, you know what I said about the mall creeping us all out. There are other reasons too.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Would seeing my cut change your mind on something?” Zoe asked him.

“Well, no, but-”

“Then there we go,” Zoe said simply, happily taking Tyler’s cock back into her mouth and attempting to take it down her throat.

Tyler groaned and closed his eyes. “Alright, fine, fine, whatever,” he said in a half-huff, half-moan. “Shit, baby, this had better become a daily thing with us.”

Zoe fucked his cock with her throat for another minute then came up for air. “Ugh, ‘baby,’ she groaned. “That’s not me. Pick something else. And speaking of, weren’t we going to talk about that?”

“Oh, yeah,” Tyler mumbled. “So, like, do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend or something?”

Zoe took her mouth off of him again, clearly for the last time in a while, and sighed. “You know we’ve already talked about this,” she replied, playing with her pussy absentmindedly, as if she herself didn’t know.

“Yeah, but like, just straightforward, no context needed, yes or no. I’m tryna see something here,” Tyler protested.

“Give me the question again.”

“Do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Zoe thought about it for a bit. “Operating purely off of the definition of ‘want,’ no. I don’t expressly feel a desire towards it.”

“Cool, okay. Then I’m totally happy being friends with benefits.”

Zoe chuckled. “So if I said yes we would have instantly been boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Well…” Tyler blushed. “It just means we would have needed to talk about it a bit more. And talked about some other things. Where we stand on X, Y, and Z.”

Zoe smiled, feeling his cum still in her. “Look at you being mature. Do you need to borrow money or something?” she joked.

“Hey, you asked, I listened. You’re always fucking surprised when I do that,” Tyler said seriously, but laughed afterwards regardless. “I just don’t want nothing… complicating us.”

“Yeah, me neither,” Zoe huffed.



Just sounds like you know something,” Tyler prodded her.

“No, but I am thinking about how all this is sudden,” Zoe replied. She considered telling him about Nami’s theory, the mall, and the real reason she feared it.

As soon as she opened her mouth, Tyler spoke. “Ahh, I getcha. Girl stuff. Feelings and shit. No worries! Take all the time you need. I’m here for you, and we both know we’re gonna be doing this a lot more often.”

Zoe gave a frown-smile to Tyler. He took it as her not willing to concede, but to her it was obvious: nope. Don’t tell him. Tyler clearly wasn’t ready for this conversation.


Zoe was weak. She couldn’t resist. As much as she led the charge against the mall, she couldn’t help herself, and at her earliest opportunity, she biked back to the mall personally. She told herself that it was for investigative purposes, even though she wasn’t yet willing to admit she bought Nami’s theory in the slightest. Still, at the end of the day, she was there, at the mall, with no clear reason to cite.

As soon as she was inside, she breathed deeply and felt relaxed. She felt so good to be there. She didn’t even feel the need to explore, but rather to just… be there. She knew it wasn’t a drug or anything either, because it wasn’t like she always felt like she needed more of the mall’s air or something, she just wanted to visit for a small time. What’s more, at a certain point, she knew she’d feel compelled to actually go away and get home. If it were a drug, it wouldn’t have been like that.

Some rational part of her was bothered by the fact that she was back. A part of her mind knew she shouldn’t have been back there at all. But she also knew that… it was a mall. It was a place. Granted, she was trespassing, but that was the biggest argument against her being there, and she hadn’t let that stop her in the past. But also… she wasn’t even doing anything there. Her lie that she was ‘investigating’ was paper-thin even to her. She was just standing there, being there… as if her body just wanted to be there for whatever reason, and then out of nowhere, it was content to leave. Zoe also got the sinking feeling that she’d experience this craving out of nowhere again, sometime down the road, and that she’d listen to that voice.

Speaking of listening to the voice, as Zoe biked home, she realized that she was starting to get wet. Perhaps her position was weird and the friction was stimulating her. Perhaps she was thinking of Tyler again. Or Nami. Or how badly she wanted to fuck them both.

She had no idea that both of them had also visited the mall on their own, several times that week, with the same confusion. None of the three of them knew why they were visiting at all. None of them did anything but stand there. And none of them didn’t think about masturbating that night as they made their way home, without fail, every time.


Nami screamed in pleasure. Zoe, bewildered yet turned on to hell by the sight before her, pushed her fourth finger into Nami’s awaiting, hungry pussy. The two were excited to hear that Zoe’s parents were going to be away that night, and decided to celebrate by capitalizing on their success, ignoring homework entirely and just focusing on each other.

Zoe thought Nami was loud normally, but when she didn’t have to worry about parents barging in, she really let loose. She ground her hips against her friend’s hand as she got fingered, constantly screaming for more, desiring more and more the feeling of getting stretched out and full. Nami wanted so badly to feel full.

The two girls made out passionately, caring less and less about technique with each passing seconds, just wanting so badly to be closer and closer, to feel that ultimate pleasure with each other. Nami broke the kiss and moaned, “Keep going, keep going.”

Despite shoving four fingers into her friend at mach speed, Zoe couldn’t help but chuckle. “I don’t recall stopping at any point.”

“No, I mean… more. More of your hand. All five. Please, Zoe, please,” Nami moaned.

Zoe was shocked, even now. “You want me to fist you?”

“You know what I want, Zoe! For fuck’s sake, please!” Nami practically exploded at her friend. “Hurry up!”

Nami was like a woman possessed. Zoe bit her bottom lip, realizing that she wasn’t going to stop now, and she was really about to fist her childhood friend. Her straight childhood friend was begging for her hand in her pussy. Why was this turning Zoe on so much? She didn’t know, but she wasn’t about to question it. With only slight hesitation, she curled in her thumb and slipped it in, angling her hand back and forth, using Nami’s copious juices to help slide her in.

It was surprisingly easy. Zoe was going to do it. She didn’t exactly have the biggest hands in the world, but never in a million years did she think it was going to disappear into anyone’s pussy, let alone Nami Smith’s.

“Oh my God, that’s so hot,” Nami moaned, watching the hand slide in. “This is so good, Zoe. This is so perfect.”

“Yeah, it is,” Zoe mumbled, not looking away from Nami’s pussy, mesmerized by the scene. Once her full hand was inside, Zoe angled it a bit more as she struggled to make a fist without feeling like she might hurt Nami. Luckily, she found a good angle, and before long the fist was made.

Zoe looked up into Nami’s eyes, which were glossed over in pleasure. She was looking off towards the wall, her head rocking back and forth, practically drooling. She was an utter slave to her pleasures. For a brief second, Zoe almost regained herself and thought to stop.

But luckily for Nami, the voice wasn’t loud enough. Zoe began to move her fist back and forth, repeating “oh my god” as she felt her fist travelling into Nami’s love tunnel, feeling every inch of her insides. She was stretching out Nami with her hand. She was fisting her.

Emboldened by the fact she was actually doing this, Zoe did what she thought she wouldn’t do in a million years: she took her other hand and placed it on Nami’s throat, making sure not to push her too hard but still pinning her neck up to the wall. Nami looked at Zoe in panic but Zoe merely winked as she held her friend there by the throat and began to pump in farther, moving her hand around and making Nami moan for her.

“Oh my fucking God…. this is so good… Zoe… we need to do this every fucking day…” moaned Nami. “You’re so good at this…”

Sweat dripped down Zoe’s forehead. She was panting. She loved seeing her friend like this. Doing this to Nami felt so right, so good. So natural. She was going to eat her after this, and make Nami eat her too. She hoped that when she ate Nami, Nami would hold her down, mashing her face into her cunt and calling her a dumb bitch. Maybe if Tyler was too soft a dom for her, Nami would properly rape her. She certainly did have the crazy high sex drive. Weren’t those people supposed to be the rape-freaks? God, Zoe hoped so.

Zoe moaned along with Nami, pumping her hand in and out of her, trying to go farther with each thrust of her arm. Fitting her whole hand up petit Nami was so taboo, so perverted. They were a couple of horny little freaks, sluts, and she wanted nothing more than to learn to be even sluttier. Zoe began humping the air, fucking her best friend. She wanted to be slutty forever with her. Fuck school, fuck her education, fuck her future. Her future was being some man’s dumb fuck-meat, and getting to fuck Nami too whenever she wanted. She just wanted to be owned, to be consumed. It was driving her crazy. Her pussy was leaking onto her floor, while Nami’s was practically gushing, with droplets flying out every time Zoe’s hand retracted from her horny little pussy.

Nami grabbed her little tits and played with her nipples, screaming so loud Zoe was worried the neighbors would submit a complaint. She came with the force of a ton of TNT, with Zoe able to feel the contractions and shudders around her hand. Her little pussy gushed what it could with Zoe’s hand in the way, screaming and grunting in a voice that didn’t sound like an Earthly being. Zoe was absolutely transfixed.

As Nami’s climax subsided, Nami took the first opportunity and kissed Nami tenderly, enjoying the feeling of their soft feminine lips together. Zoe definitely liked girls. She loved eating Nami’s pussy – she already did it twice that day, and was definitely going to do it a third time – and she bet she’d love other pussies too. Zoe was missing out having sex with only two people. What wondrous sex was she missing out on? Banging cute little scrawny guys, beautiful huge woman, handsome Korean men, strangers… group sex, public sex, recorded sex… teachers? Zoe bit her lip in thought as she pulled back from the kiss. It was wrong, but… she wasn’t ruling it out. At least, not as a fantasy.

“That was so good,” Nami breathed, rubbing her sore pussy after Zoe retracted her hand. “We need to do that more.”

“That was amazing,” Zoe agreed breathlessly. “Let me catch my breath before the next round.”

“Me too,” Nami agreed, collapsing onto the floor. “God, Wagner is going to kill me. She already gave me an extension.”

“You could work on your essay instead of eating me,” Zoe told her with a grin, as if it was the funniest, most absurd joke in the world. The two shared a laugh.

“I fucking love my life,” Nami purred, still on the ground, still rubbing her pussy. She kept rubbing, starting to moan, until it was clear she was giving herself an orgasm, what seemed like the twentieth of the day. Zoe just watched, jealous and awestruck.

And she was right. Their lives were pretty awesome. They were also fucking crazy – from no sex, a dumb existence of meaningless, to suddenly having sex daily! With both guys and girls in Zoe’s case. With Tyler, she’d sometimes meet up early at school and have a quickie in the washroom, or go to his place after Nami went home and give her ass a good workout. It worked well – as kinky as Nami was, she, understandably, went nowhere near butts, so when the brainless whore needed her butt fucked, Zoe would just show up at Tyler’s and get railed against the nearest piece of furniture they could find.

And to think, none of it existed just a short time ago. It was crazy to think that if she hadn’t spontaneously decided to blow Tyler at the mall…

Hm. The mall.

“I think you’re a hundred percent right,” Zoe breathed, looking at Zoe.


“About the mall. I think it changed us. I have no clue how,” Zoe began. “It’s pretty clear I didn’t think any of these things before I went there. And the fact I blew Tyler, and you masturbated next to us – both absurd things we’d never do – on the same day at the same time… that’s got to mean something, right?”

“Yeah, I think it does,” Nami admitted quietly.

“And… I don’t know why, but I’ve been sneaking visits there. Like, once a week. I don’t know why I do it, I just… something inside me feels as though I have to or something weird.”

Nami didn’t speak for a long time. “Once every two days for me,” she confessed.

“And what are the odds Tyler isn’t doing the exact same thing?”

“Remote,” admitted Nami.

“Are you scared?”

“Sometimes. Every so often, I have a moment of vulnerability… like now I guess… and I look in the mirror, and I stare back, and it’s like, it’s…”

Nami began to sniffle. Zoe got up off the floor and shuffled on her knees to her friend. “Hey, hey, hey, don’t worry. Don’t even think about it. You don’t have to finish that thought if you just want. We can just… fool around. No thoughts, head empty… pussy full?” she joked.

Nami gave a small smile in response. “Yeah, that sounds nice.”

“And Tyler doesn’t have to know.”

“No,” Nami replied firmly. “That’s not fair. Tyler should know. He’s probably being affected as much as us, though you should know more than I do.”

Zoe shuddered and felt a tingle in her vulva from thinking about Tyler. “How is it I want a threesome more than you? You had insane hormones before this happened.”

Nami shrugged and smiled, guiding her hand to Zoe’s pussy without thinking. “I want sex, but I just… don’t want Tyler. Simple as that.”

“I envy you, he’s a dork,” Zoe stated.

“Maybe you’re just a size queen?” Nami offered.

Zoe moaned submissively. “Shut up,” she groaned. “I shouldn’t have told you anything. Well, if you change your mind, he’d love to fuck you.”

“I don’t want to fuck him.”

“I respect that. Hell, I respect you more than I respect myself, just for that,” Zoe joked again, spreading her legs as Nami added two more fingers. “Do you really think we should tell him?”

“He deserves to know. He might be feeling as vulnerable as us. Besides, he’s being changed by it. Maybe he’d want to stop that. I wouldn’t though. I’m enjoying the changes.” She inserted a fourth finger. “Tell me you’re enjoying the changes too.”

“I am,” Zoe moaned. “I’m turning into a submissive dumb bimbo slut, and I’m loving every fucking second.”

A slow smile crept across Nami’s face. “A dumb bimbo slut?” she repeated.

Zoe simply bit her bottom lip and nodded.

It was Zoe’s turn to feel her friend’s hand on her throat. “And let me guess, dumb bimbo sluts love to get fucked, to be treated like the dumb whores they are… and to get raped by the friends they trusted most? Am I right?”

Pleasure rippled through Zoe’s body as she took in the words. Maybe Zoe would be the first person she slept with to actually make her cum all by theirself.


Don’t react to this.

It’s obvious you’re having trouble focusing, because a certain subject matter is on your mind. We both know I experience it too. Nami does as well. It’s been haunting us for way too long. Don’t try to deny it, because that would get us nowhere and you’ll only make the conversation harder.

It’s the mall. I don’t know what it is, but the mall makes anyone feel this way, just by being in it. We were doomed from the first time we went in there. It’s too late for us. The reason I come over to your house every day to have those conversations, the reason none of us can focus in class, the reason we heard the person we encountered the first day we went there, the reason we can’t do homework or even talk to people normally… it’s all this mall.

I don’t know what the solution is. Nami and I are going there nearly every day at this point, out of some weird need. We need to figure out a solution. We can’t let this rule over our lives anymore. Prepare to talk about this after class.

It was an immature cliché to pass notes in class, but Zoe tried to have this conversation with Tyler three times in private, and each time it ended with her cock buried to the hilt either in her ass or down her throat, without her being able to even get out one sentence of the truth. Lately she’d been fantasizing about getting off the pill and letting Tyler cum inside her willing fertile pussy, and from the moment she had her first rational thought thereafter, she realized enough was enough. She couldn’t deal with letting herself go completely, and she was not willing to bring a mini-Tyler into the world, so passing notes would have to do.

Tyler took a long time to read the notes. Zoe was frankly impressed he didn’t move his lips while he read it. She wrote it just in case Sigorsky snatched it; even if he read it, she could have some level of plausible deniability as to what it meant. But Tyler would know. And, she hoped, Tyler would readily agree. The trouble was… even at that point, then what?

She was worried he would roll his eyes or call the note “needlessly dramatic” or something, so Zoe took it as a good sign when Tyler finished reading it and turned to face her, giving her a nod with a very serious face. She was relieved, and turned to the other side of class to look at Nami. Nami appeared to be looking intently at the blackboard, but, as Zoe could see, was trying to stealthily finger herself under her desk. Zoe sighed. They were fucked.

Luckily, there was an upper limit beyond what teachers could do about this. Sigorsky knew there was something going on with the three of them; the three troublemakers getting more quiet yet being more distracted was usually a sign of something really bad. He even kept Zoe after class at one point and asked, as tenderly if could, if someone close to the three of them passed on or something. Zoe squirmed in her chair as he talked to her, imagining someone with his age and authority bending her over his desk. But not Sigorsky himself. That’d be weird.

When the bell went, the three of them met near Nami’s locker with haste. When they got there, no one said anything for the longest time. Finally, Tyler spoke.

“So, the mall changes people, huh?”

“Without a doubt,” Zoe immediately confirmed, nodding, the three of them huddled together as Nami gathered her stuff.

“Shit. Yeah, I’ve been going there nearly every day. I explore around for a bit then come home.”

“And then you jack off,” Zoe replied coldly. She couldn’t stop herself from continuing. “You stroke your huge cock and shoot a load halfway across the room.” She blushed profusely and squeezed her legs together. “This is getting ridiculous.”

“What do we do?” Nami asked quietly, shutting her locker. “Even if we make a pact to not go to the mall again, one or more of us is just going to break it. We need to formulate a plan keeping in mind we’re human beings.”

“So the plan can’t hinge on our continued actions. We need to remove ourselves from the situation,” Zoe thought out loud.

“Exactly,” Nami confirmed.

“Hey girls – maybe I’m lost here – why do we need to formalate a plan exactly?” Tyler butted in hesitantly.

“For-mu-late,” Zoe dismissively spat at him. “Because it’s controlling us. I want my life back.”

“You seem to want something else every time you come over,” Tyler challenged.

Zoe melted, biting her lower lip, grabbing his shirt, and kissing him right there in the hallway. It was not a hesitant nor a quick kiss – it was a kiss full of passion, one that at least dozens of their classmates saw. Zoe was thankful she had the brains left to pull away before she started humping him right there in the hallway.

“If we… continue like this… we’re going to… lose control of ourselves more… like that,” she panted, her eyes full of lust, yet her tone coming across like she was just trying to prove some point. “As it is, good luck… explaining that we’re not a couple… to our friends.”

“You’re always trying to make it out like I’m the dumbass,” Tyler responded bitterly. “I’m fine explaining shit. I’m fine with these new feelings. Maybe, just maybe, between the two of us, you’re the dumb slut here.”

Luckily, Nami fucked her friend enough to know that if the last thing set her off and made her kiss him, this definitely would, so thinking quick, she grabbed Zoe’s arm and, not knowing what else to do, bit into it, hard.

“Ow! What the actual fuck was that?!” Zoe complained, retracting her hand.

“I don’t want you two getting expelled for doing stuff in the hallway!” Nami raised her voice, taking control. “Why do I have to be the adult here? Both of you, get a grip! This isn’t the time for flirting. God, maybe you two should be boyfriend and girlfriend already.”

“Gross,” Zoe retched, earning a side-eye from Tyler.

“Neither of you gets to go to the mall today. That’s the plan,” Nami asserted.

“That’s, uh, a shit plan,” Zoe said plainly. “What about tomorrow?”

“We’ll worry about that tomorrow,” Nami replied as if it were obvious. “Today, at least to acknowledge there’s a problem, none of us go to the mall. Deal?”

“And how do we prove this?” Tyler asked.

“Is the code of honor not good enough?” Nami challenged.

“He has a point,” Zoe admitted begrudgingly. “The first point we brought up was that our plan had to rely on something other than us. We’re human,” she reminded Nami, not realizing that she had begun to trace Tyler’s cock through his pants.

Nami coughed loudly and gestured to Zoe’s hand. Zoe retracted her hand immediately. “Fine. After we get home, we all get on a Zoom call and do our homework together.”

“Ugh. Zoom,” Tyler complained, no doubt remembering the horrors of the half-year pandemic and all of the terrible Zoom calls they had to endure not too long ago.

“Got any better ideas?” Zoe replied, rubbing her fingers together, savoring the essence of Tyler on them. “I like Nami’s idea. Let’s do it.”


“Her whole fist,” Nami confirmed, blushing.

Zoe blushed too. This was not her idea of what they should talk about on their Zoom call that night, but at least none of them went to the mall. At least Nami didn’t know what happened before her arrival; when she got home, her Internet was out, so Zoe and Tyler began the call together while Nami troublesooted – troubleshot? – her Internet. That quickly turned into Zoe and Tyler masturbating for each other on camera, knowing full well Nami could come back anytime. By the grace of God, Nami appeared minutes after Tyler happened to tuck his cock away, at Zoe’s request. After apologizing profusely for missing the first hour of the hangout she requested, the group got to work on homework.

Unfortunately, by then, Nami had gotten quite worked up herself, and then, “out of curiosity,” started asking questions about Zoe and Tyler, and their sex life. This led to Tyler describing it in vivid detail, and Nami, lost in the moment, accidentally giving an enthusiastic “we did that too!” to one of his de***********ions. Tyler may have been an idiot but he wasn’t an idiot – after that, the genie was out of the bottle, and Nami and Zoe had to confess they had been fucking too.

Tyler took it really well (which Zoe was glad to see; there was no redder a red flag than a guy that didn’t want to be your boyfriend but still got jealous when you fucked other people) but was unrelenting with his questions. Nami was practically forced to recount the whole fisting story, with Tyler eagerly and dominantly asking questions, which Zoe hated to admit to herself, got her insanely wet.

“Wow, that’s hot,” Tyler observed. “I never knew you two were such kinky bitches.”

“You knew Zoe was,” Nami replied with a laugh. “And you knew that I’m kind of… boy-crazy sometimes.”

“I can’t imagine how bad you’re suffering through this,” Tyler thought out loud.

“If that’s an offer…” Nami began uneasily.

“Don’t worry, I’m cool,” Tyler replied evenly. “I get it. I don’t think we’d be a good match either.”

Relief splashed across Nami’s face. “Thanks, Tyler.”

“But… if you don’t mind talking about this online, I mean…” Tyler trailed off, and Zoe caught on.

“Are you masturbating? In front of her?! That’s so rude!” Zoe protested.

“It’s not like she can see it!” Tyler shot back. “That story was hot and all of us are sitting on twelves on the one-to-ten horny scale! What do you want me to do?”

“It’s fine, Zoe,” Nami replied with a hint of something to her voice. “I do get it. The story was hot, and all of us are really pent up.”

Zoe digested what Nami said. “So what, you’re okay that your friend is jacking off to you?”

“Yeah,” Nami said plainly. “I kinda want to do it too.”

“Heh, tryna play it cool,” Tyler chuckled to himself. “Shit, why not? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Zoe, don’t act like you’re the only prude here. You in the same boat we are.”

“This is insane,” Zoe complained. She looked intently at the screen to see a shy blushing Zoe scoot her chair back a few paces and lift up her skirt, revealing no panties and a sopping wet pussy underneath.

“Good enough for you?” she asked, trying to keep her tone as even as possible. She began rubbing up and down her slit.

“Try not to faint,” Tyler countered, angling the camera and lifting his shirt that he was masturbating under. His bick dick sprung into view, perfectly framed and ready for action.

“Oh fuck,” Nami murmured. “You weren’t kidding, Zoe. That’s huge.”

“Ha, scary, isn’t it?” Tyler taunted. “Yet another reason we’d be a bad match. You’re barely five foot.”

“I dunno, I could probably take that,” Nami began to murmur, as if she was under a spell.

This was horrifying to Zoe. She knew that under all circumstances, Nami and Tyler were a bad pairing and that them having sex would only result in complications and possible fracturing of their friend group. This was so bad. This was so wrong. She was so wet. She couldn’t help exposing her own pussy on camera and joining them.

She wanted Nami to keep far away from Tyler’s cock. “It tastes so good, Nami,” she moaned. “You should try it yourself.”

“I’m obviously not going to, but… haha, yeah, I wanna,” Nami chuckled nervously.

“Shit, girls, I’d gladly give it to either of you,” Tyler growled in his lowest voice, stroking it slowly. “Your mouths or your pussies.”

“I want him inside of my pussy, Zoe,” Nami croaked.

“Me too,” Zoe moaned, playing with her clit. “I’ve been thinking of stopping taking my birth control and just letting him have me.”

“Real shit?” Tyler asked, stopping for a second. “Wow, that’s hot…”

“Yeah, that’s really hot,” Nami echoed. “I think you should do that. And I… want to be there for that.”

“You like watching?” Tyler laughed seductively.

“I like watching, and I like taking part,” Nami replied, inserting four fingers into herself. “Maybe if you have a second load in you… but no, you just said, we’d be a bad matchup…”

“Hey hey, I was just saying that out of consideration for you, Nami!” Tyler protested. “I don’t want you to think I’m holding back on you or nothing.”

Nami tried to fist herself, finding the angle unfortunately awkward. “I… I mean, I wouldn’t want to impose on you, if you thought that… I… I want your cock, Tyler…”

Zoe swallowed hard. This was bad. She was so turned on listening to her two friends’ banter. She looked across the room at her bedside table and saw her birth control, being overcome by a wave of desire to flush it down the toilet. The only thing stopping her was knowing that if she got up to do it, she’d have to stop masturbating. She looked back and forth a few times, before deciding she was thinking too much. She threw her head back and moaned, trying to keep her head empty like a dumb slut would.

“But first, you should breed Zoe,” Nami continued. “And I… I want to watch. She’s such a submissive dumb bitch for me, and I want to watch her submit to you.”

“Damn, both of you are into that stuff, huh?” Tyler replied in shock, stroking himself faster. “I can’t believe I’m the vanilla one here.”

Nami was emboldened by his words, and chuckled a few times in nervousness before continuing, her eyes closing, on the verge of an orgasm. “What, you’re not turned on that she keeps begging to be raped? How can that make you not want to take her and use her like the dumb sex toy she is? If I had a huge, delicious cock like yours I’d – ah! Ah! Ah! – I’d… Ahhhh!” She came right there on the spot, watching Tyler’s cock with interest.

Tyler came almost immediately after, shooting spurt after spurt into the air, onto his stomach, and the last little bit oozing out of his cock. “Holy shit,” he moaned, playing with his cum.

It took Zoe about ten more minutes to climax, but the other two were happy to acquiesce and egg her on. Zoe thought that in “post-nut clarity” the two would backpeddle and clarify to each other that they didn’t actually want to fuck, but no, they played up their fantasies with one another, half to urge Zoe to cum, and half because… dear god, it was clear now that they were through the looking glass. They wanted to fuck. Nami Smith and Tyler Massamba wanted to fuck. The world had gone mad.


Zoe had to admit, she was impressed. She went back to the mall less than twenty-four hours after that Zoom call, being weak, and she found the entrance was welded shut.

It turned out Nami had no such internet troubles. She lied. She just used what resources she had (what with her dad being a plumber) and used the call as a way to know for sure her friends wouldn’t be inside when she did it. Zoe, of course, felt a pang of disappointment and withdrawal at the realization she couldn’t get into the mall, but quickly after, felt the joy of freedom through restriction. She was robbed of the chance to even go inside the mall. This fixed everything. Realizing she couldn’t change her fate any more than she could before going into the mall, Zoe practically happily skipped back to her bike, miserable yet elated.

Tyler, less sure that anything needed to be fixed, was less elated, and another, much less fun Zoom call ensued. There was yelling, blame, anger, and a hilariously teenage ultimatum from Tyler that he would never fuck Nami.

Outside of their specific situation, that ultimatum would seem laughable, but with their hormones, the result of the threat was instantaneous. Nami was crying and begging, and Zoe was furiously telling Tyler how unfair that was of him. After Tyler hung up, Zoe promised to bike immediately to Nami’s house. She tried to satisfy Nami in her own way, and it definitely worked to some extent, even though there were tears involved, and sadly to Zoe, they weren’t her tears in some elaborate rape-scene or something.

Apart from seeing him in math class, the two didn’t see Tyler for a few weeks. Zoe figured he needed to let out some steam, especially after being deprived of the mall, and let him have his space. The two hung out by themselves, enjoying their own lesbian passion, although Zoe desperately missed Tyler’s huge cock filling her ass. More than once she begged for Nami to do something with her ass, earning a firm “no” every time, which was fair enough. They also considered buying a strap-on, before realizing that money and “how would we buy it without getting ‘carded’” were both hurdles.

Eventually, as the weeks passed, the oddest thing started to happen – Tyler was getting weirdly popular. At first, Zoe noticed it once or twice – more people were talking to Tyler than usual, and he was getting more and more appreciation from his peers. She wanted to ask him about it, but from the way they’d occasionally exchange glances in class, it was clear he was still pissed at her, even if she never welded the mall door shut herself.

As much as she hated school gossip, she realized that there was no way she was going to figure out what had happened unless she asked around. She wasn’t normally curious about this kind of thing, but up until recently, Tyler spent all his time with just her and Nami, without ever needing anything for them – it actually kind of really hurt that he was not only able to effortlessly replace them but that as a result of doing so, he had worked his way up the high school food chain, also effortlessly. So, dreading the realization, Zoe texted one of her better-connected exes and asked him to ask around, citing Tyler and her having a fight about her exes and thus it being his fault.

It was clearly a lie, but her ex was boring and too eager to please, which just meant easily manipulated. Hook, line, and sinker. Within a few days her ex came back to her with a full report about Tyler – it turned out he had made fast friends with a few of the popular kids, and introduced them to a secret hideout.

A pit formed in Zoe’s stomach when she read ‘secret hideout.’ For Tyler’s sake, if that ‘secret hideout’ was what she thought it was… Even long after their last visit, Nami and Zoe’s hormone levels never returned to normal. Tyler wouldn’t be so incredibly stupid as to find another way in and introduce others, right?

Zoe made a beeline for Nami’s class once she read the text and texted for her to come out, asking her to lie about needing the washroom.

She was lucky to see Nami come out. What with her ‘washroom’ habits in other classes, she wasn’t sure if the teacher would let her out for the fifth time or whatever.

“What’s wrong, Zoe? You look scared,” Nami mumbled.

“We’re going to the mall. After school. Be ready.”


“No, no, no, no, no…” Zoe groaned in morbid desperation. The door had been forced open. Perhaps even blown open. Whatever Tyler had done, it had worked, and it was clear he had definitely made good use of the mall ever since.

“Maybe he was weak and didn’t tell us for our own good, so that we wouldn’t go to the mall…” Nami said, trying to be helpful, in a weak voice. “Maybe he’s still in there now. If we go in, we could probably confront him or-”

“Don’t you dare,” Zoe barked, feeling her own resolve weakening. Her pussy practically wept at the realization she could go back in the mall. She saw the look in Nami’s eyes and walked up to the doorway, blocking it with her body, as she called up her ex. “I’m putting this on speakerphone. Don’t you dare talk.”

“Putting who on speakerphone?” Nami asked, but Zoe just put a finger to her lips. The phone rang twice, and Angelo, Zoe’s boring old ex, answered. “H-hey, Zoe?”

“Angelo,” Zoe acknowledged coldly. “I need you to tell me again what you found out for me.”

“Again? What do you mean?” Angelo’s voice beamed from the phone.

“I just can’t contact Tyler, so I want to know whatever’s going on.”

“Oh,” he simply said. “Well, it’s probably nothing you need to, like, worry about. He’s not in trouble or anything. He happened to start talking to a few of the popular kids, and he apparently introduced a whole clique of them to this new hideout.”

“Which clique?” Zoe barked.

A chuckle. “I didn’t exactly go down a checklist,” Angelo quipped. “I dunno. The popular ones? More girls than guys. I always thought Tyler was kind of awkward, but he was clearly a hundred percent charm with these w- wait. Were you two… you know…?”

Zoe sighed. “No, we were not a couple, no, I won’t get jealous, so just say everything.”

“Okay. Well, it seemed like the popular girls really liked him. Some, like, really warmed up to him. Allowing him to grab their waists and all that. I don’t think he has, like, one girlfriend, because he was doing that to more than one girl. Guys too. He was being really flirty.”

Zoe and Nami exchanged looks. “And all this since he started hanging out with them? You know, their newest hideout?”

“I guess. It all happened really fast. They don’t usually go in groups. He seems to like to hang out with them one at a time, but that’s just my guess. Zoe, this is starting to feel intrusive. Do I really need to-”

“Keep going!” Zoe ordered.

“That’s all I know! Tyler is hanging out with popular kids. That’s it. That’s all. Is this just because he stopped hanging out with your friend group?”

“This isn’t about that, Angelo.”

“I just feel like you’re calling me to sort out your current boy trouble. And you keep ordering me around. If I have permission to speak freely-”

“Well, you don’t, idiot, this means more than you think.”

“Well, I’m going to speak freely anyway, it seems like I dodged a bullet when you broke up with me.”

The next thing the two girls heard was the dialtone. Zoe attempted to cut in with, “No, Angelo, stop-” She held the phone against her forehead in frustration when she heard the tone. She sighed and looked at Nami in resignation. “He’s bringing other people here.”

“Yeah,” Nami mumbled, her cheeks burning.

“He’s bringing his new friends here. And then they just become like us, they can’t resist him, and – yeah. What’s that thing they say about absolute power?”

“What do we do now?” Nami asked.

“I have no fucking idea. Keep our ears to the ground. Do our best to think the mall is inaccessible.” She looked at Nami, who was looking away, and laughed a sad laugh. “As soon as you can, you’re going in there, aren’t you?”

Nami shamelessly replied, “Yes.” She was already snaking her hand down her leg.

Zoe sighed. “Whatever. I’m biking home. Do what you want, Nami. Do what you want. Text me as soon as you have any kind of plan.”

Zoe didn’t bother looking behind her as she got her bike. Her horniness was a curse. This whole situation was like a pleasure-filled nightmare. And now, she felt more alone than ever.


The worst-case scenario Zoe had feared was happening all around her. Ever since that call, she made a point to be personally involved in the gossip of Hazelwood high. It was like being in the Secret Service or something – to had to parse through a lot of white noise, small stuff and bullshit, but when she found stuff, she hit big, and soon, she was able to deduce a pattern.

The teachers were chalking it up to some huge case of end-of-semester senioritis. Students, especially popular students, were starting to slack in their classes, big-time, with notably more fidgeting and ADHD symptoms or something. Gossip-hungry students were being fed more than ever, with it being more and more clear that certain students were sleeping around.

Almost as if they couldn’t help it.

And sure enough, a lot of these stories traced back to Tyler, worming his way into the popular group. According to one admittedly unreliable source, he got in by convincing some sporty prep boy to come to the mall with him after offering him a trip through an old abandoned building. Of course other students would be adrenaline junkies.

This was where there was a gap in the story. Zoe guessed that he blew the boy after a few visits or something, because it was clear the guy was sold afterwards, and let Tyler into the friend group. Sure enough, after he was in, armed with his new friend’s enthusiastic story about how cool exploring the old mall was, the other students fell like dominoes.

Absurd stories began popping up. “I heard that Steve had a threesome with Jen and Tyler,” “Lena has been slutting it up to anyone that will ask lately,” “Bree handed out blowjobs like they were candy at the last party,” it just went on and on. The rumors got bad, to such an extent Zoe hoped the rumor mill was exaggerating. There was a particularly vile and notably illegal-if-true rumor going around about Mina Harper. Gossip was disgusting, but truth was becoming fouler still.

Zoe needed to know if Nami had some kind of plan. Even though she was under this spell too, if Zoe trusted anyone, she trusted Nami. After school, she texted Nami that she was coming over to her house, and started to bike over, cursing the wetness that accumulated along the way.

As far as Zoe knew, this was irreversible. She was stuck like this. A whole group of Hazelwood’s students, to some extent, had been struck with The Horny Disease and had to worry about it until… menopause? Their whole lives? When did it end? She didn’t know. All she knew was, she seemed to have the resolve to, despite her horniness, do something about it.

Even so, as she knocked on the front door, she thought about quickly eating out Nami to ease her into the conversation. To make the pill easier to swallow, to make them both comfortable. Whatever she had to tell herself.

Realizing Nami’s parents weren’t home yet, she opened the door, calling out quickly, before marching up the stairs and making her way up to Nami’s room.

And then immediately pivoting as soon as she heard the moans. Nami was clearly getting busy in there with some… person. Some boy, if the moans were any indication.

Zoe thought about the threesome she was so close to having with Tyler and Nami, and her hand traced lines around her pussy, beneath her jeans. She moaned as her fingers brushed past her clit, then realized the trap she was getting herself into. With great restraint, she pulled her hand out of her pants and cleared her throat. She couldn’t. Not like this.

Walking down the stairs and out the door, she whipped out her phone and texted Nami again.

I knocked but no one was there. This is an emergency, DEFCON One. Please come to the park as soon as you can.

There was a park right by Nami’s house, and it was a good place to meet her if it was too awkward and… tempting to stay at her house. Zoe simply, and nervously, stayed in the park, not only knowing it was close to Nami but also knowing she wouldn’t dare lose herself masturbating on a park bench or anything. Annoyingly, an hour passed before Nami even responded.

ok, on my way

Zoe nervously hummed until Nami approached. Zoe couldn’t help but laugh – Nami didn’t even make an attempt to cover up what she’d been doing. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were a little disheveled and… Zoe could swear there was the hint of something on her face. Classy.

“Hey Zoe,” Nami warmly greeted her. “I haven’t seen you in a few days!” She sat right next to Zoe, the warmth of her thigh spreading to Zoe’s.

“Nami, we need to make a plan, today,” she began.

Nami looked confused. “To see each other? But we’re seeing each other now!” She gave a small smile. “Give me a kiss. I missed you.”

Zoe’s breath was sucked from her body. “Nami, I can-” She was cut off from the presence of Nami’s lips on hers. Zoe didn’t resist, though if she knew Nami would keep going anyway she would have resisted. It was true, the pair hadn’t seen each other for a few days and Zoe missed her. She also missed everything they did together. As they kissed, Zoe felt a bit of the fluids from Nami’s cheek travel to hers.

Zoe pulled away first, keeping the kiss rather tame (for them). Even though there were important matters at hand, the situation (along with her pulsing throbbing pussy) made her chuckle and ask, “So who do I have on my cheek right now?” This should have been disgusting, but Zoe kind of found it hot. She wiped the fluids off her cheek and licked her finger as Nami explained.

“So, you’re not going to believe this, but… Jeremy!” She beamed.

Zoe blinked twice and widened her eyes in friendly shock. “Jeremy? You fucked Jeremy?! Oh my God!” The two shared a ditzy hug. It turned Zoe on to think of herself as ditzy. The emergency could wait, this must have been momentous for Nami. “That’s crazy! You finally got your wish! How did it happen, are you two dating now?”

Nami thought for a second. “To be honest, I’m not quite sure. It’s complicated.”

The two shared a laugh. “When is it not for us?” she quipped. “So what, it’s up in the air? ‘Not a couple until he says it too?’”

Nami enthusiastically nodded. “I didn’t think it would happen, but, uh, I was a little naughty.” She giggled and grinned.

Zoe grinned too. “What did you do, did you set him up with someone else and reveal it was you or something?”

“No, it was so easy! I just took him to the mall!”

Zoe’s grin quickly faded. “The mall? You t-took him to the mall?”

“Yeah! Tyler is a genius. I just told Jeremy that I saw an old poster with him on it in the mall – he used to work as an amateur model, you know, H.O.T. – and he came with me. Once we were in deep enough I just said someone else must have took it, but offered my number in case I “found it” somewhere else in the mall when I next went to explore it. Oh my God, Zoe, he complimented me! He told me he didn’t expect me to be into cool shit like that. Cool shit!”

Zoe’s smile was entirely gone. She didn’t think anything could temporarily cure her from her horniness, but this was it.

“So I texted him the next day asking if he wanted to go exploring together, and he said yes! The second time we went, I let him know how I felt, and he… he fucking let me blow him, Zoe! I was in heaven.” Nami reached below her skirt and began to rub herself, completely oblivious to the fact they were in a public park.

“I don’t want to hear any more of this,” Zoe asserted.

“Then after we went the third time, he-”

“He didn’t consent.”

Nami stopped rubbing herself for maybe a second and gave Zoe a look of confusion, continuing her masturbation after. “What are you talking about? You saw he came on my face. That must have been the tenth time he did it! But he loves fucking my pussy mor-”

“Jeremy didn’t want that. Not the Jeremy you know. That’s just the mind control of the mall. It’s not really him anymore.”

“That’s dumb,” Nami replied, clearly getting defensive. “If that’s true, you’re not the Zoe I know either, so I don’t have to listen to you.”

“Would Jeremy have done those things with you if he never went to the mall?” Zoe asked.

“That’s not really here nor there,” Nami answered in her defensive tone, flipping up her skirt as she rubbed her clit harder. It was on full display if anyone glanced at the two. “It’s what Jeremy and I did, so… yeah, he wanted it. It’s like growing up. I’m sure ten-year-old me wouldn’t want it either, but, I grew up.”

“You can’t compare those two things,” Zoe replied, flipping the top of the skirt back down. “You tricked him, now you’ve forcibly changed him without his knowledge, and you’re living in a fantasy.”

“Zoe, it’s reality, I don’t know what to tell you,” Nami replied. “You can’t tell me this isn’t real.”

“I can tell you it shouldn’t be. And I can tell you that it’s fucked up that you knowingly overrode who Jeremy is just for pleasure.”

“He’s happier now!” Nami protested.

“Oh, did you get to revert him and ask the old Jeremy that?” Zoe retorted, fire in her eyes. “Mind control anyone to be dumb and happy, and of course they’re going to say they’re happier!”

“You’re the one who’s stupid here, you stupid whore!” Nami growled.

Zoe lost her composure, wincing as if she’d been hurt, a ripple of pleasure making its way throughout her body. She felt a hand on her crotch, stroking the front of her jeans, up and down.

“And you know what this stupid whore should do? She should be a good girl and come back with me to my place,” Nami purred. “We have days’ worth of sex to catch up on. Jeremy’s cum is still inside me if you wanted to eat me out.”

It was the sexiest offer Zoe had ever gotten in her life. She wanted to do that so bad. It was so humiliating, so tasty. She felt like puking. It felt like the very last of her humanity, the very last of her resolve, was spent when she stood up. “No,” she replied in the weakest voice she ever had.

Her feet were made of lead. She had to drag them across the ground, walking away from the thing she wanted the most in that moment. All of this could go away if she just accepted it, embraced it, gave in to the pleasure. Everything would be better. She would be happier. She could seduce anyone she wanted. She could have Nami back. She could have Tyler back. Her asshole twitched at the thought of feeling full and stretched again like she craved every day since the last day he fucked her ass.

Even still, feeling like a metal shell of her former self, she didn’t even look back, getting on her bicycle and leaving Nami in the park.


Despite having a reputation (until recently) of being studious, Zoe never pulled an all-nighter until that night. The first few hours were spent in agony, trying to think of a foolproof plan to make this all go away, with of course the need to pause thrice per hour to masturbate.

She was crying and moaning in her bedroom half the night; for the first few hours crying because she had no clue what to do… the hour after, crying because she did know what she had to do.

She took a trip, and even went into her neighbors’ garages as needed, grabbing everything she needed along the way. She’d be in trouble if she was caught, and major trouble if she was caught later, but this was for the good of everyone. And if anyone that needed her help knew what she did, whether she’d succeed or not, they’d hate her for the rest of her life. But that wasn’t going to stop her.

It was difficult biking with the supplies she’d taken, but she figured a way out. It made the bike ride twice as long but she made it, as did the supplied. She inspected the bike rack near the door to make sure none of her stupid classmates were inside, then made her way in herself.

The relief she felt from getting to be back inside the mall was nauseating. She was now irreversibly ten percent hornier, for the rest of her life. She was getting more damaged, possible for every extra second she spent there. She didn’t know how it worked, and didn’t plan to find out.

But first, priorities. She couldn’t live with herself if her plan worked while someone was inside the mall, so steeling herself, she drew in a breath and screamed.

“Help me! Help me, please! Helllp!”

She waited. She knew that her entire plan would be ruined if anyone heard her, but she just couldn’t risk it. She needed to yell something that would cause anyone that heard it to run to her. No person deserved what was coming. The mall deserved it tenfold.

She waited, holding her breath. At one point she thought she heard footsteps, and, as silly as it was, feared for her life. Frustratingly, that made her wet. She’d have her whole life to come to terms with her dangerous fetishes, but for now, she had a responsibility to stop the problem from getting worse.

Satisfied that no one was coming, she took the first can of gasoline into a store with visibly torn cladding near the top. She shoved the can in her hands towards the wall, decorating it with streaks of liquid. She thought about Tyler. Her pussy twitched.

She emptied the rest of the can making a line of gasoline towards the food court, noting how much of what was still left in there was flammable. Strategically, she emptied can after can, until everything was in place.

Taking out the matches, Zoe sighed. She wasn’t an arsonist. Not only did she have no idea if this would work or not, she also knew that if this somehow came back to her, the rest of her life would be affected.

But then, it already was. She was already imprisoned in one way, especially if these effects would never lessen. She was damaged goods forever (and she wished she didn’t find that so damn hot), and she could never live the life of a normal person again. The least she could do was make sure the others who were on that same path were spared such a fate.

She stared at the fire in her hands, the match lit. Just drop it. It was so simple. She had a shot at making her problems go away, and it was as easy as dropping a lit match. Afterwards, she could do whatever she wanted – she could fuck whoever, knowing that the cause and continuation was out of her hands. She could enjoy her new freedom, sexual and otherwise, knowing she did everything within her power to live as normal a life as possible.

She slowly tilted her hands and moved her muscles, allowing her fingers to open. The flame danced, then fell from her hands. At first, she remained still, watching the flame drop, but realized in the nick of time that she needed to steer clear. Time moved at a slower pace. It almost felt wrong how much she moved before anything happened. It felt like a whole minute of running to Zoe before she looked back. And as soon as she did, the gasoline ignited.

In the movies, that’s slowed down too, but the gasoline was instantaneous, and a lot more explosive than Zoe expected. She was knocked off her feet, and held her eyes, yelling and crying for a few seconds. She blinked rapidly, her vision blurred, a mixture of darkness and yellow. She couldn’t see, but she knew where the fire was and knew the exit was in the opposite direction of that, so she ran.

About a minute of movement and a few blinks later and Zoe could barely see again, making her way outside the mall. Not wasting a second, she hopped on her bike, nervously looking from side to side. Her job was done now. She pedalled away in a hurry, praying that the universe would take it from there.


“The old mall caught on fire!”

Thanks to Zoe’s recent interest in Hazelwood’s gossip train, it wasn’t hard to keep up with everyone’s news on the matter. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a universal law of high school gossip – the more important the event was, the more bullshit and speculation that had to surround it.

“A person was trapped inside!”

“Fifteen people were trapped inside!”

“I heard a serial arsonist escaped from jail and did it!”

“The government did it for the tax benefits!”

“Tax benefits? The government?? Johnny, you’re out of your element.”

Zoe was an even worse student than usual. Sure enough, her terminal horniness didn’t go away, and now she was hyper-aware of the fact that by this point, around an eighth of her class was various levels of terminally horny too. Even without looking at Nami or Tyler (and never again, as far as she was concerned) she could see several kids squirming in their seats and daydreaming whenever she looked. The question was, was that a sign of something, or had Zoe just grown paranoid…?

Zoe’s poor class performance wasn’t helped by her all-nighter, nor her knowledge that everyone around school was talking about something she did. She was already paranoid about how horny her classmates secretly were (which, without context, was weird as fuck of her, she knew that), but the fact that, at any moment, any of her classmates could tell her “I heard you did it!” and she’d burst into tears really made that paranoia complete.

She did her duty, and even if it didn’t cost her her two best friends, she didn’t think she’d ever speak to either of them again. Let them live their lives. Let them have their stupid little horny adventures. Stupid… little…

Another bad combination of terminally horny and sleepy, aside from paranoia, was lack of awareness. Zoe had to keep catching herself in class; she was playing with herself. More than once, in history class, she’d space out, lean back and be way too overt about it, to the point where the second time, a guy clearly noticed, some popular-looking guy. When she noticed him, she pulled her hand back like it was on fire, blushed, and looked down. She looked back up to see him passing her a note of some kind… a number. A phone number.

The old Zoe would give him a face and rip up that number right in front of him. The current Zoe bit her lip and maintained eye contact, wondering if he was enough of a man to hold her down and violate her as she protested. The thought made her wetter, and, weak as she was, she resigned to subtly playing with herself for the rest of class, making sure this boy had the best angle possible while her blissfully unaware teacher (she was, in hindsight, so lucky to get Mr. Anton) and fellow classmates continued with the lesson. Hey, he was probably already affected if he was reacting like this, and she clearly was so affected that she would need a guy that could keep up with him… what was the harm?

The pit in her stomach resumed at the school’s last bell when she realized she didn’t even know what she did. She didn’t know what the mall was now. Did it burn to the ground? Did it remain, but cause enough of a fuss that every entrance was barred? Did the firefighter team rush in and get affected? A whole… team of firefighters? A bunch of jacked, assertive men… not afraid to hold a girl down and take her no matter what she said… taking turns using her tender pussy as if she was their personal property, to have, to use… to breed…

Zoe felt like crying. She didn’t want to go back to the mall, but she knew she had to know the truth. She had to know if this was over… or just beginning. Mustering up a will of steel, and the last strength she had due to the lack of sleep, she began peddling, making her way up to the Lakeview Mall.

Tyler, Nami, her friends, Zoe herself… any future victims… Everyone would be affected by this. She biked down the roads, the wetness going through her clothing, the urge to masturbate conflicting with her anger and fear. This was it. The final moment. She made her way up to the site, the place where she knew the Lakeview Mall at least once was, hopefully to be gone now. She kept her head down as she approached, knowing she wasn’t ready for anything she could see. She wanted everything to be better, Magically repaired. That was a fantasy, which was why she did what she did.

She breathed, thinking of the possibility of any future, with her current friends, or her new friends, or no one else at all. She opened her eyes to look at what was ahead.

She gasped at what she saw.


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