My husband will love to find out what it feels like in your rear
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“You heard about Nancy Jenson, didn’t you?” I was out raking our front
yard and our neighbor Diane was talking to me. I hadn’t known she was
acquainted with Nancy Jenson and briefly wondered whether she was
talking about the one that I knew.

“You know Nancy?” I finally asked.

“Yes. You heard that she and her husband are separating, didn’t you?”
returned Diane.

“Laura told me.” Laura’s my wife.

“What do you think of Nancy?” That was a leading question. Nancy was
damn attractive. I had the impression that she was a few years older
than Laura and me–we were in our early forties–but she certainly
didn’t look it! If you’d told me she was thirty, I would have believed
you if I hadn’t known how old her kids were and heard a couple of other
things about how long she’d been in her present job. “Do you think
she’s attractive?” Diane continued, apparently tired of waiting for me
to answer.

“Sure, she’s very attractive.”

“Would you enjoy it with her?”

“Enjoy what?”

“Don’t play dumb with me!” Diane smiled and I started wondering what
she was up to. “*Doing* it.”

I guess I didn’t talk to Diane *that* much, but I’d never gotten the
idea she would ever be so forward. “I *said* she’s attractive.”

“So you would? Like to do it with her?”

“Gee Diane, I’ve never seen this side of you. Since I’m married, the
point is moot.”

“That’s what Laura said.”

“You asked Laura?”


“If I’d like to have sex with Nancy Jenson?” I continued weakly.

“No! I asked her if *she’d* like to.”

I stared. Diane asking Laura that! I found it intriguing, but also
futile: Laura wasn’t into *that*.

“And she was just like you: no, because she’s married.”

I doubted that was the only reason.


But it kept preying on my mind. I guess she’d read me right: yes I
could be tempted into sex with Nancy Jenson if I hadn’t had Laura.
Well, I was a man, so that was an easy conclusion. But had Diane read
Laura right? Did Laura really express any interest in sex with Nancy

“What’s eating you?” Laura knew me.

“Diane told me something that got me thinking.”

“About what?”

“She was talking to me about Nancy Jenson.” Laura giggled a second. A
nervous laugh? She sounded a little nervous to me. “She wanted to know
if I wanted to have sex with Nancy.” Laura stood there staring at me
with her mouth open. “I told her *no* of course,” I added because I
thought I might have frightened her or something.

“You did?” she responded, weakly. She looked much more nervous than

“Then she told me she’d already asked you.” That got me a little laugh
that was definitely nervous. “She seemed to think you might have said
yes if you weren’t married.”

“That’s silly!”

“She didn’t think so. *Are* you attracted to Nancy?”

“Honey, this is stupid. I don’t know what’s gotten into Diane. Let’s
just drop it.”

I thought for a minute. She was evading me. I smiled, but I tried to
make it a smile she could trust. “You’re avoiding giving me an answer.”
She just sat there silently. Avoiding my eyes. I took her by the
shoulders and kissed her. “I’m glad you told Diane that it’s me you
love,” I said to her quietly.

“You don’t think I’m awful? You probably *get off* on the idea anyway.”
She smiled but it looked forced.

“What’s gotten into Diane anyway?” I said, trying to turn the spotlight
off Laura, who was obviously uncomfortable.

“She told me Nancy was frustrated–she and Jeff hadn’t been, you know,
for a long time.”

“Why is Diane asking *us*?”

“I don’t know.”

That same evening, Diane was over to drop something off. *She* was the
one who brought it up again. “Have plenty of time to discuss my
propositions?” she asked, grinning.

“Are you trying to embarrass us?” I responded.

“Just trying to do Nancy a favor.”

“Why Laura? Is Nancy interested in women?” I’d said it.

“She seemed to be interested in *me*.” Laura hadn’t said a thing and
just stared.

“But why us? Is she interested in us too?”

“No. Well, I don’t really know, but I think I could get her to do it.”

It was my turn to stare, at least for a second. I thought about that
answer. Why would Diane be interested in getting Nancy to do that? And
why would Nancy let Diane direct her like that?

“Are *you* interested in Nancy? In that way?”

“No, not really. That’s why I asked you two.”

“Well, what makes you think you could get her to do that. With us.”

“She just seems to, well, take my lead. I was kissing her once–no, it
was just an innocent hello kiss–and something made me pause a second
as I was drawing away as if I might kiss her again. She stopped drawing
away herself and her lips pursed–she would have kissed me again if I’d

“You were testing her?” I asked.

“Well, I guess I was,” she smiled. “I just had a feeling. And once, we
were going to see a movie and had to find our way in the dark since the
feature was starting when we got there. The way she held my arm and let
me lead her made me think.”

“And you aren’t interested in her that way?”

“Not really.”

“Why us?”

“Well, I knew you know her.”

“So you want us to have sex with her?”

“Sure! Well, only if you’re willing.”

“Together? The three of us?”

“Well, I could bring her. I’d… watch.”

“You’d stay and watch us?” I glanced at Laura. She still looked like
she was in shock. She hadn’t said a word, but was drinking this all in
and something made me wonder if she were angry. Diane didn’t answer
either but stood there looking embarrassed. But it intrigued me: as you
might imagine, we seldom had Diane on the defensive, and I just
couldn’t restrain myself from going on. “Are you sure you’re not
interested in Nancy?”

“Well, not really…”

“Are you interested in *us*?” She didn’t answer. “Why did you want to

“I’d better go,” she said in a weak voice and started heading for the
front door. I actually headed her off, standing in her way.

“Diane!” It was Laura, speaking up at last. “Are you interested in my
husband?” I looked at Laura. There was something in her face…

Diane definitely looked nervous. “I didn’t *say that*.”

“Bring her,” said Laura–to Diane. It was my turn to stare openmouthed.
And Diane’s: she stood there staring. “Bring her: take her to a bar and
drink a few drinks with her, then bring her here.”

“OK,” came Diane’s voice, barely above a whisper.

“You do like my husband, don’t you?” she asked again.

Diane didn’t answer, then after we’d stared at her for a minute she
mumbled something.

“You’re going to kneel in front of him, with his cock pushed to your
throat. Naked. You’ll love that, won’t you?”

“Um, I guess.”

“Nancy and I’ll watch. Kneel now!”

Diane who had been standing in front of me, got on her knees, her head
level with my cock.

“Look at it,” Laura went on.

Diane just looked at my zipper.

“My husband will *love* to find out what it feels like in your rear.
And bring a leather belt.”

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