Dirty Old Men
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Nice kid is Meena. Bloody cheeky mind. The
things she says I’d never take if it weren’t for the
fact she is a cute 19 and very pretty. But nice kid
none the less. I’d luv to fuck her but I’v no illu-
sions that she fancies me. I mean I’m 56 and look it.
Fantasies is a different matter – I dream of shuvving
it up her tube with her begging for more… You get
the idea. She knows damn well what I’d like to do
with her and she doesn’t mind a bit – even encourages
me to tell her so she can tell me what a dirty old man
I am. I guess she sounds like a bit of cock tease.
Dunno, maybe she is but if so I sure as hell don’t
want her to stop.

She works in a newsagents. Asian family. That’s
how I met her ‘cos that’s where I buy my porn mags. She
used to tease me rotten about it – that’s how we got to
know each other.

It was six months ago. I was buying a mag and
instead of the usual teasing she says: “Can I meet you

“Finally succumbed to my masculine magnetism,

“Don’t make me cringe. You’v been decrepit
since before the war – Boar war that is” Educated kid
see. I didn’t even know there had been a Boar war
until she started telling me I was old enough to hav
fought in it. “But” she added “I reckon you’re in for
a pleasant surprise.”

“I won’t hold my breath unless the surprise is
your wet cunt around my cock.”

“Just be patient,” she said givving me this
really funny look. Sort of knowing and dirty and
cheeky all at the same time.

We met in a cafe.

“You’re a real dirty old man,” she began as she
sipped her coffee, “and that’s dirty with a capital D.”

“I do my best.”

“But for all that, you’re OK. It’s funny but I
feel safer with you than a lot of guys who make out
they’re real straight.”

“Always a gentleman, that’s me.”

She stared at me. “Nah… Gentleman? Nah” and
then she laughed.

“Thanks a bunch.”

“Anyway my best friend Anita, she’s a virgin
but she doesn’t want to stay that way. Well she
reckons you can only lose your virginity once so it
might as well be something to remember so she wants to
lose it to a perv that’s so old wrinkled and repulsiv
that no one in their right mind would fancy. So I
thought of you.”

“Now hang on there…”

“Of course,” she said smiling ever so sweetly
“if you don’t think you qualify I could ask someone

“Ah… Er, No, No… That’s OK. You describe
me perfectly.” Hell there are some things more
important than pride.

“Good,” she replied smugly.

“Is this for real.”

“Would I lie to you.”


“No this is for real.”

“In that case how would this friend of yours
feel about losing it to two dirty old men?”


“My mate Fred, he’s even more repulsiv than me.”
Meena looked at me disbelievingly. “Believ me he is.
Real fat.”

“Look I’ll put it to her. But one last thing.
Anita has a real complex about her weight. She doesn’t
diet or anything silly but she thinks she’s fat. She’s
not, she’s only a size 16, but if you even hint to her
she is anything but incredibly sexy I’ll kill you.
Call her a slut if you like but not fat.”

“Sure, what kind of bastard do you think I am.”

“No, I know you’re OK. That’s why I’m asking


So there we were two Sundays later waiting for
this Anita kid to show up. Fred asked if I minded if
he lit up. I told him he didn’t hav to stay – I hate
fag smoke when I’m nervous.

She was due at two. Almost dead on there was a
ring on the door bell of my flat. I opened the door
while Fred waited in the bedroom.

She took my breath away. I’d been ready for
some plump bint with braces and frankly would hav
considered myself lucky (you can’t afford to be choosy
at my age) but she was a real stunner.

Sure she were no Kate Moss but who wants that
(OK sure I’d fuck Kate Moss if I had the chance but
like I said I’m not choosy).

Everything about her, the way those round metal
frame glasses sat on her long straight nose, the hint
of chunkiness in her cheeks the untidy dark brown hair
falling over face, the way she fingered nervously the
strap of her white canvas bag to the look in her eyes
that said she was way out of her depth but wasn’t
scared to go deeper (scrub that, she looked scared as
hell but was getting off on being scared), everything
about her was 100% Phwoaar.

She was the type you see at your local college who
you just know are feminists, lesbians or both but
knowing they’re totally out of reach doesn’t stop you
knowing that you’d risk death to get your cock inside
’em. And get my cock up her virgin fuck tube was
exactly what I was going to do.

“I’m Anita,” she said nervously.

“Then get inside quick before I start doing
things to you that will get me arrested.”

She hesitated and just for a moment I thought
she was going to chicken out, but walked in and shut
the door behind her by leaning back on it.

“God, Fred,” I called out, “we’re in luck. This
has got to be the most unbelievably pokable bit of
skirt I’v ever laid eyes on.”

Poor kid didn’t know what to do. You could see
she was offended but despite herself she was also
clearly, flattered, thrilled even, to be the object of
such blatant lust, even from a perv like me.

Then Fred came out of the bedroom. Anita’s face
was a picture. I mean Fred is a slob at the best of
times but he was really playing it up today with his
belly hanging over the waistband of his jeans and a
days stubble on his chin. You could see what she was
thinking – ‘My God, I’m going to let my self be fucked
by that?!!’

“Get em out then,” he said. Anita just stared.
“Your tits, lets see em.”

And she did. Almost reluctantly she lifted her
T-shirt to reveal a black lacy bra and she closed her
eyes as she slipped her fingers into each bra cup to
pop first one breast and then the other. Fred smiled
and reached out to tweak one of her nipples.

“Oh,” she squeaked now suddenly wide-eyed.

“You’v got such gropable tits it just ain’t
possible to keep my hands off them,” said Fred who
promptly gave them a good squeeze. And then he grabbed
her around the waist and lifted her up so she was face
up and her legs dangling. “Now get those knickers
off,” he told me.

So I pushed up her skirt and grabbed her
knickers (white ones with red strawberries), grabbed
them between her legs so my fingers brushed her quim
and pulled them down while she was going “Oh my god.
Oh my God.” She mainly just let it happen but helped
me slip them over her feet once they were round her

“Ain’t that the most gorgeous quim ever. Bet
you’v been playing with yourself for years to get those
lips so swollen like that you little slut.”

I tell you she blushed. She knew I was talking
bull but I’ll lay money that at 12 she was one of those
girls writing to the problem page of their teen mags
saying they’d ruined their life because their quim had
swollen up from too much wanking. I reached out and
caressed those folds. She didn’t react, just breathed
a little quicker, that’s all.

“The bedroom,” I said and Fred carried her
through and dumped her on the bed. “I get first go,”
I added as I fumbled with my flie as I pushed my knees
up between her legs.

“No!” she squealed. I froze, I could tell from
the tone that this time she meant it and to confirm
she added, “Safeword!” which I’d suggested to Meena
should be a stop word. Damn, damn I cursed to myself,
I should hav realized we were taking her too fast. Fred
was mouthing curses silently and I was glad Anita
couldn’t see that.

“Relax, no problem.”

Anita sat up. Her skirt was still in a bunch
round her waist. “I’m sorry I guess I just panicked.”

“That’s OK,”

“You don’t mind.”

“You’re a really attractiv girl. It would hav
been nice but what you let us do is still enough to
giv us some real nice memories. You don’t need to say
sorry – we should be saying Thank you.” I said not
really believing a word I was saying.

“It should hav been perfect. Everything was
just like my fantasies, I mean both of you are really
gross,” she smiled cheekily.

“We do our best.”

“Pity, I mean what a way to lose my virginity,

“Yep.” There was a pause. No one spoke for a

“Look can I change my mind again?” she said in
a rush.

“You need to ask!” I said, my easy going act
disappearing in an instant.

“I really mean it this time. Forget that safe
word just fuck me what ever I say.”

“No,” I told her firmly “the safeword stays,
I’m going to treat you like a total slut and I don’t
want to be worrying about going too far.”

Without warning I grabbed her ankles and lifted
them up. I told Fred to hold them and he pulled them
back over her head so that Anita’s quim was pushed
upward and exposed. I fumbled to get my cock out.

“Wait, slow down,” she gasped. She knew her
remaining time as a virgin was numbered in seconds.
“Oh,” she squeaked as she felt my cock touch her quim.
I thrust. “Ouch, that hurts.” I buried myself deep
inside her. “Oh god, I’v done it havn’t I.”

“You sure hav,” I told her as I thrust again.

“Ooo, it’s really sore … but don’t stop.”

I didn’t need telling. Theres just nothing that
beats sliding cock inside a warm wet cunt and wet she
sure was.

Fred got in on the action whipping his prick out
and waving it Anita’s face. “Suck it you slut” he said.

Anita just smiled sweetly and said “Guess I must
be if I’m doing it with such a repulsiv slob like you.”

“Cut the cheek, just suck.” and she did.

I was nearly coming, I needed a respite so I
said to Fred, “Swap places?”


I pulled out.

“Look can I hav a rest for a bit, I’m feeling
quite sore” said Anita. We nodded. I thought of
asking her to suck me but it seemed a little unfair
when Fred weren’t being seen to, so we slipped off her
remaining clothes and the three of us sat on the edge
of the bed with Anita in the middle. It was really
quite nice Anita alternativly kissing Fred then me
while we ran our hands over her body groping anything
gropable. Every time she kissed one of us she gave a
little shudder as if she was thinking ‘I can’t be doing
this!’ but she kept coming back for more.

Then Fred began running his hands between her
legs. Then he began groping her real rough, at least
that’s how it must hav seemed to Anita but I knew what
he was really doing – grabbing roughly the outer bits
of her quim that weren’t so sensitiv while lightly
running a finger over her clit. Anita’s eyes were wide
open. You could see she was feeling that she was being
mercilessly raped by Fred’s hand.

“Do it to me now. Do whatever you want. Don’t
listen if I say no again. Just do it.” In a moment
she was on her back and Fred was between her legs. Her
head was between my knees and my cock was in her face.

“Suck!,” I ordered but she kept her lips tightly
closed with a ‘make me’ grin across her face. I grab-
bed the nipples of both her tits. “You’d better start
sucking.” Still that cheeky grin. I squeezed.

Couldn’t hav hurt her much but it sure scared
her. Her mouth shot open in a gasp and in that moment
I plunged my cock in. She sucked enthusiastically even
though with too much teeth but hell it was still
heaven. Fred was grunting away and from the shivers
running through the girl beneath us she was pretty
close to coming but however good it feels sucking is
never enough to make me cum on its own.

Anita shuddered beneath us. She was coming for
certain now. I pushed my cockhead to the back of her

“Swallow. Cum on don’t kid yourself you can’t
do it. Just do it!” And she did. I felt the muscles
of her throat giv and I was down it. Bliss. Almost
at once I felt her throat muscles tighten and I let
them force my cock out. I gave a moments respite and
then my cock was pushing insistently at her throat
again. For a moment it seemed that her throat tensed
even harder against my invasion but then resistance
seemed to collapse again. To hav a cock inside her
throat was too strange a thing for her to keep it in
for a brief moment but she kept letting me back for
more. Three, four, five – god the tightness,
especially the moment before my cock got pushed out
by her gag reflex. Then six and I was coming down
her throat. As I slipped back she milked my cock of
it’s spunk as she ran her tongue round.

That was something. As my cock softened I sat
back letting my cock run across her face as it slipped

“I swallowed it all,” said Anita looking ever
so cute and pleased with herself.

“You did and all, you dirty sweet beautiful
slut,” I said bending down to kiss her briefly on the
lips while my hands reached up to tickle her on her
sides which had her instantly shrieking.

Afterwards we lay for a bit cuddling her in the
middle. When I was younger that would hav got me hard
again but it still felt really good havving her naked
body touching mine. Finally Fred got up to leave.
Then I made her coffee and she left. I knew it was
the last time I’d see her.

I ask about her now and then when I see Meena.
Meena never really answers – just says something about
Anita always says losing her virginity was quite some-

“Hey why don’t you cum round and I’ll giv you
the same treatment,” I always say. Meena just makes
a face but she’s weakening, she’s weakening I tell you.

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