Maledom & His Married Submissive Ladies
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Maxine & Sonia were both sexslaves to 20 year old Arthur . Neighbours , Maxine was a 49 year old buxom married redhead , 5ft 6 inches tall , beside her was Sonia 5ft 9 stacked , English , , with short brunette hair , also married . Both ladies had been brainwashed a couple of weeks earlier by geeky , skinny but well-endowed Arthur , Both were nude , collared , leashed & wearing spiked heels as Arthur alternated back & forth between the two old cumsluts , as both Maxine & Sonia got facefucked. In the dungeon , which was actually the basement Arthur shared with his mom Sharon & stepfather Philip (more about them later ). Once Arthur was rock hard , he positioned both sluts in the doggstyle postion , & rammed his wang up their cunts , alternating back & forth. Maxine & Sonia enjoyed the rough & hard fucking their master gave them . It was nothing like the soft lovemaking their husbands gave them . As he screwed the married mothers Arthur spanked their buttcheeks , until Maxine & Sonia had rosey red asses.

Arthur was about to explode so he turned the wenches over on their backs , & jizzed all over their faces .Covered in his cum , Arthur took a pic of Sonia & Maxine’s face covered in his jism & sent a text to Sonia & Maxine( cuckold husbands ) to show what sluts their wives had become . Arthur knew Charles (Sonia’s husband ) & Fred (Maxine’s husband ) would add them to their humiliating collection of pics .

Chapter 1- The Next Day

Philip was filming the scene for his stepson’s xxx collection , on her knees , wearing her latest & newest leopard skin bikini & 3 inch heels , Sharon was sucking on her son/master,s 10.5 inch cock. Deepthroating Arthur was a daily occurence for mom Sharon , after all Arthur was the man of the house , 3 mths as the house sex slave ,Sharon now had no gag reflex . Her mouth was full of Arthur’s giant penis , Arthur was moaning & smiling as he roughly fucked his old ladies face , 53 year old Sharon enjoyed giving head & when Arthur was busy with his other slaves , she’d give Philip head & he’d cum in two minutes & afterwards she’d laugh or take him to the washroom & urinate all over his face . After all Arthur had made her the Mistress to Philip . Back to the present , Sharon swallowed her son’s jism as Philip captured the humiliation on film & added it to the collection that would be used in the dungeon . The big-screen tv would always play in the background when the submissive women were being taken advantage by their maledom.

Chapter 2 -In The Dungeon

Playing in the background , was the mom blowjob . In the dungeon , currently , Sharon was getting assfucked by her son/master Arthur as she licked Maxine’s fat ass , introduced earlier in the day to her Master’s mom , , she was currently enjoying getting her asshole & pussy licked , Currently on the tv screen in a very taboo nasty scene , the mom blowjob had turned into an obscene pissfacial humiliation , A few weeks earlier Sharon was being disobedient , so Arthur had pissed on her face( it was the first time , but he had done it many times since ), he had filmed the scene on a tripod & had even allowed his stepdad Philp to watch , while mum blew him , he came in about a minute he smirked. Back to the present, as Sharon screamed up a storm from the brutal assfucking she was getting , Arthur shoved his mom/slave’s mouth into Maxine’s big ass , so now it was just a muffled scream. . As Arthur unloaded a massive hunk of jism up his mom’s ass , he motioned for Maxine to eat the anal creampie. As Maxine ate the rest of the cum out of mom’s ass . ,he had both Sharon & Maxine turn around & he urinated all over their tits , face & hair , he told Maxine & Sharon to grab a mop & clean up the piss on the floor. He was going to take a bath cuz he had a date later on in the evening

Chapter 3

Sonia Rogers was on her knees in her living room giving Master Arthur head , he was taking her daughter Cindy to the movies this evening They were dating. Cindy who was also under Arthur’s mind control , knew her mom was Arthur’s sexslave as was she . Cindy was 19years old a slim blonde with long legs . She loved Arthur & would often go to dinner , movies & functions where Arthur needed to hang out with a woman near his age. Last time he came over though, Athur had fucked Cindy & her mom Sonia together for the first time. Both ladies had sucked him off, & then Arthur had fucked her mom up the ass before he switched to fucking her pussy . After he had positioned them face to face before cumming all over their faces. Cindy & Sonia french-kissed for the first time , while sharing Athur’s jism. Then Master Arthur wacked off while watching her & mom 69 . At the end he told her Mom Sonia to open her mouth & Cindy could’nt believe what he did next . He pissed down her throat, Sonia(mom) swallowed it all like it was champagne. “that’s what you get you dyke bitch for licking your own daughter’s pussy you are a real nasty piss slut Sonia ” Arthur said smirking. I guess i am “responded Sonia in her sexy adorable english accent .

Currently Sonia had just finished eating Arthur’s sperm & had washed her mouth out with mouthwash , as her daughter came down the stairs dressed like any normal young lady & accompanied her boyfriend/master out the door & to their movie date.

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