Discovering Grandma
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I had not king turned 21 when I was out driving to the surf beach. On the side of the road I spotted a group of people holding a roadside protest of miss deeds of the Government. I decided to stop and look at their signs and banners, to my surprise the woman in charge was my very own Grandma.

I had not seen her for over 7 years. I approached her and at first she had not recognized me right away but very soon we were both pleasantly reunited. The last time I had seen her I was about 14 and reliant on my parents to drive there to see Grandma. Grandma was obviously older than I last saw and a little chubbier and her hair was grey as well, but she had a rather smooth skin still and she dressed younger than her 75 years. She wore slacks and a floral blouse and prescription sunglasses. I asked if I could take some photos, she said are you sure the camera can stand it? I think it will be ok I replied, she quipped with I don t think I will make much of a model though, I think you look pretty good from where I am standing. Grandma had a little flattered chuckle and went a little flushed in the face as she said thank you. I looked at her open blouse, showing her ample cleavage. I thought her breasts were even bigger than I remembered from when I was in my teens coming into my puberty years.

I took some nice photos of her and the roadside protest as well.

We chatted for a while and she invited me back to her unit which was on a parallel avenue in Miami. We entered and I noticed her apartment was tastefully appointed in such a way it suggested she was reasonably financially comfortable. Grandma had been on her own for over 15 years. we had afternoon tea, during which she asked me how I had grown up into such a strong and healthy man and what had I done i my life and was I married, no I said to her surprise, what about a girl friend? no.

She lay on the couch length ways in a refined and provocative way. I could not help myself taking quick glimpses at those ample breasts as they hung a little forward when she leaned to take a sip of tea. I thought this woman is really youthful for 75, she looks more like 50, my Mothers age. She was quite interested in the fact I was not with someone, I assured her I was a normal heterosexual male and I was looking but as yet I was not happy with how picky and choosy girls were these days. She laughed and said you need a mature woman, they don t play games, they are glad for any attention. She said she had not had a boyfriend since Grandpa died. I looked at her more admiringly but tried to cover the fact I was wondering what she might have been like.

anyway we talked for another hour or so and I had to go home. during our talk we touched on the subject of loneliness and she asked how I coped with being alone and I said grandma I don t know how to answer that, I get by ok, you know. She laughed and said well I was wondering, just wondering, do yo look at magazines or what? After I got over the shock I said I had watched a couple of movies, Movies? what hind? I said well you know. No I don t she said, I have heard of them of course but I have never seen one. I said well I am amazed, some of them were shown in cinemas in the 70 s and were protested too, like the first ever shown in main stream cinemas was called Deep Throat. She said I have heard of the title but never seen it. I was getting hard at this stage and I think a little confused, I had to remind myself she was my Grandma.

I should not be looking and thinking about her like I was, then I reasoned with myself that she was well past conceiving age and two generations removed anyway and really incest was something forbidden between sister and brother or cousin or mother, but this was Grandmother? I nervously tested the waters by suggesting would you like to see the movie Deep Throat? She changed her mood and suggested it might be better If I went home it was getting near dinner time. I said thank you for the coffee and cakes and left. Three days later, I was thinking about our reunion and thought perhaps I blew it with her but I had good thoughts of her cleavage and our brief discussion of each others love life or the lack of it.

I have to admit it made me horny and I had jerked off thinking of the possibilities. the next day I got a phone call, it was Grandma and she said would I like to pay a visit on the weekend? I said yes without hesitation, she said oh and just out of interest and for education sake, would I bring down the move we discussed? I said are you sure? She said yes I should be open minded to try new things and besides we are both mature adults. I could hardly wait. Saturday arrived and I drove to Miami in the fastest legal time I could. I arrived and Grandma welcomed me into her unit and to a coffee table set with the tea and coffee. She spread out on the couch as she had done before and said well put it on. I did and sat back in my chair opposite her and the TV was able to be viewed by both of us from across the the room. As the movie got deeper in and Linda performed her world renowned deep throat act, I was watching her body language, she was wearing a cotton house dress and stockings. She was moving about a bit and started to look a little uncomfortable and then she said turn it off please I have seen enough.

Not wishing to offend her I switched it off. She said Harris is this what you like? I said well Grandma I have to admit I do, but I wont mention it again. Oh dear she said, I was wondering how women could do that? I have never, I wonder how they can do that without choking? I acted very calmly and carefully and clinically explained about muscle control. She said well answered. I have noticed you looking at me from time to time, and I am going to go out on a limb here and ask, do you watch this movie and play with yourself? Masturbate? I thought well now is the time to be honest, I said yes I do. She said well it is not the same for women. I have not been with a man since pop died.

Do you know what I do on the odd times I feel like a man? I said no. She said I am going to go further out on the limb, I masturbate. I nervously said oh do you. She then shocked me by reaching down to her dress bottom and raised her skirt up on each side and revealed a pair of pale blue cotton panties and she asked are you interested in this?

She rubbed her hand over her panties.

I was speechless at this stage and simply gave her a gentle nod of approval. She then pulled the top of her dress under her ample bra, exposing her complete bra, and she said or would you like these instead?

She said mmmmmmm maybe you would like to see my puppies?

She hauled out one of her double D s out of the bra, she said or perhaps both puppies?

She hauled out the other and there they were. She let me admire them briefly, then asked is this to sir s liking?

I know what you want, you want a titty fuck, I know you want a titty fuck.

Then she put her hand to the leg of her panties, peeling the panties to one side, she said no you prefer a real fuck, yes a real fuck.

She pushed her breasts together and then said come over here dear and have a close look.

I walked to the couch and she said have a close look and she pushed my head in between her breasts, heaven I thought as I started to lick and one nipple then the other, I could not believe how fast things were going. You want the prize don t you, the real prize. She stood up and quickly lifted her cotton dress over her head and then quickly took her bra and panties off, then spread out on the couch again, just as before this time fully naked, she said sit back in your chair.

I did and she then said, I will show you what I do when I think about a man. She pulled a 10 inch pink vibrator out from behind the large cushion she had her head on and began to lick the shaft of it, then she said is this what you like? I like to get the prize ready, moving the vibrator to her almost bald but for some thin grey haired pussy and she started to work it in and out of her now moistening vagina. She said is this what you watch on those movies, do you jerk of to them?

I was hard as a rock and my balls were aching. She said show me how you jerk off boy? Don t worry about anything, anything happens here, stays here sweety. I took my cock out which is about 7 inches which is about average, but it s presentation made her happy, she said that s what I want, bring it over to Grandma, let me see close up how you have grown.

I went over to her again, and she said, well you have grown, she started stroking my shaft, like a pro, I was feeling my cum building up rapidly. She said now I am going to try a new thing here, how does this girl do this again?

She said now don t worry let Grandma take care of everything!

She engulfed my cock and started to move her head up and down on the shaft, then she gagged and said Ok lets try that again, I said you have to relax your throat muscles and let the shaft slide into your throat, so they say, never having done it before of course. She started again and after a couple of gag s, she got it, and was thrusting her head away and getting faster, I got so excited I said Fuck you I am going to show you something new, It s called skull fucking, her eyes nearly popped out of her head when I said those words.

She gave a little I m ready head nod. So I gently positioned my hands on either side of her head and took control of the thrusting and like changing the speeds on a record player, I thrust into her throat without mercy. I thrust so hard and fast, I could hear my balls slapping on her face with complete abandon, then I shot my load down her throat, gripping the back of her head until I was empty and she came up for air and gasped like someone who had almost drowned, she gasped out OH MY GOD, darling you had a good volume.

My GOD I can t wait for what you are going to do to my pussy, I want you to thrust inside me and I want all your cum. We made love three more times that day and she still had appetite for more. Her awakening was spectacular.

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