It must be the dream of many young guys to turn a married wife’s husband into a cuckold
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I’m sure it is very common for teenagers and guys in their 20s to fantasise about older women they know or see around. Some may be put off by the presence of a husband, but many will not. The first young guy to chat up my wife when we first started exploring this lifestyle was only 23, a regular customer at the shop she worked in as assistant manageress. He wasn’t bothered that she was nearly 35 or that she was married with 4 kids. I only ever knew his name, not what he looked like, but apparently he’d seen me outside the shop waiting to take my wife home after work. I’m tall, but skinny and I can only assume he didn’t see this older man – I was 41 -balding and wearing glasses as any kind of threat, so he had no qualms about asking my wife out for a dr1nk.

His name had been cropping up quite a lot in conversation, so I knew my wife was not only flattered by the attention of such a young guy, but attracted to him too. She’d admitted some time before that she had a thing about much younger guys, ideally early-mid 20s so it seemed a case of right place, right time. She actually turned down his first approach, wanting to make sure with me first that I would be okay with her going on a date with him. Suitably satisfied by my approval, the next time he asked her she said yes. He arranged to meet her from work one evening and he smiled when she said she’d tell her husband that they were stock-taking so she didn’t know what time she’d be home.

It turned out that he’d picked a night when his sister, who he shared a place with, would be out, so after a few dr1nks in the nearby pub he suggested they go back to his for coffee. My wife readily agreed and no sooner were they through his front door, they were kissing passionately and he led her to his bedroom. Her dark green uniform polo shirt was soon on the floor, followed by her white bra. Once he had my wife’s tits in his mouth, she was putty in his hands and off came her black work trousers and panties. He produced a tatty box of condoms, but my wife had a new packet with her that I’d bought for her that morning. He used all three on her that evening, only getting up to make her that coffee after he’d fucked her that first time.

After refreshments and a cigarette they did it again, this time with Debbie on top, and after another breather Chris fucked my wife a 3rd time before walking her to the station to catch her train home. He was quite the gentleman as he caught the train with her before catching his last train back once he knew I was there waiting for her.

It was to be over 9 years later before my wife had sex with any other much younger guys. At 44, 45 she went with a 25 year old paratrooper several times and a 28 year old security guard twice. She told me the older one wasn’t very good – wham bam, thank you ma-am – but confessed that the young soldier – half my age, fit, strong and confident – was much better in bed than me.

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