Laura’s pantyhose
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When I was 18 I had to go to school m in the city and after school I would go to my parent’s friend’s house to wait for them to pick me up. Bob and Laura were nice enough people and since they weren’t always home, they let me let myself into their house.
One afternoon, I got there and since no one answered, I let myself in. I had jsut settled down on the couch when I heard the door open and Laura came In.
“God, what a day!” she exclaimed, “my feet are killing me!”
She was wearing white high heels and white pantyhose, a dark blue skirt of about knee lenghth and a white turtleneck. Not what you’d call sexy exactly, but attractive. In fact, that was pretty much the way to describe Laura. Not exacly sexy, but attractive.
She sat down on the other end of the couch and slipped off her shoes and began to rub her feet.
“Here, let me do that,” I offered.
“No, no, it’s all right. . . ”
“Well we’ve been learning about how the human foot is made and all the muscles and bones in phys. ed. class,” I said, ” I thought maybe I could practice what I’ve been learning.”
She looked doubtful, but she agreed, so she lay back on the couch and put her feet in my lap. I started to massage her feet, paying attention to each toe and especially the ball of the foot and the heel. After five minutes or so she relaxed and sighed and said, “that feels wonderfuL” All the time I had been talking about how this muscle was connected to that and how the weight fell on this part and so forth. Now I started on her ankles.
“This i where the most stress falls when you’re wearing heels,” i said, continuing to rub her ankle and sliding my hands ever so slowly up onto her calves.
She had her head back and a dreamy half-smile on her face. “Mmmmmmmm, keep going,” she she said. By now I had a huge hard on, but now was not the time to let her know that.
Soon I was massaging her knees and to my delight, she spread ehr legs a bit so I could get both hands on one knee and rub both the front and the back of it. I could see quite a ways up her skirt, and as she had her eyes closed, I stared at what was my ultimate goal. I continued rubbing, letting my hands slide up above her knees a bit and accidientally pushing her legs apart a bit more.
Suddenlmy she spread her legs all the way , grabbed my hands and put them on her pelvic area. “This is where Ineed it!” she said ina strangled voice. I didn’t waste any time , sliding my fingers over the crotch of her sheer pantyhose which to my amazement was slick with pussy juice. I could feel the heat and see the dark triangle of hair of her cunt and irubbed her puffy lips for all I was worth as she thrust her snatch up against my hand. Soon I had my face buried between her legs as she arched her back and nearly broke my nose aas my tongue flicked over her steaming slit. With my face covered in honey juice, I withdrew and used my fingers again , sticking them deep into her cunt, right through her pantyhose. I ‘m sorry to say I wasn’t the first to come, but I wasn’t the last one either.
Later that week I bought a pair of white pantyhose , then i carefully cut out the crotch with sewing scissors. I put them back in the plastic egg, and when we were alone again, I gave them to Laura, who wouldn’t even look me in the eye. However, about two weeks later, when it was just Laura and I at her house again, she came downstairs wearing nothing but white and now crotchless pantyhose. I can tell you, we didn’t waste any time on a foot massage. Ant this time we came together with my cock deep inside her warm and welcoming middle aged cunt.

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