Betty fills herself
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Seven P. M. on a Thursday evening, a weary Betty sat on the bus heading back to her new flat. She didn’t hate it, but when she thought were she had come from it left her quite depressed. Betty was almost 62 and after a late marriage at 49, she’d been left divorced almost penniless and pretty broken four months earlier. She had been very lucky to get a job as a check out girl at a famous supermarket.

George had been a gambler, a secret gambler, spending all their money, re – mortgaging her house and even defrauding his bosses. Luckily for Betty she had a private account and a large pension from her old civil service position, the problem there was it didn’t kick in until she was sixty four. And one other saving grace was that because she had been on the mortgage and a sitting tenant, she received half the sale price of the house which enabled her to buy the apartment.

The complex was quite good (for the price) and she had a apartment that the previous tenants had worked hard on, new bathroom and kitchen, and although small was quite adequate for her. The place also had a lounge area were she could sit and read and relax.

The only thing missing was George, he had tried to keep in touch after the divorce but she was adamant that was not happening. Even so she missed the male company, she had never had a man before George and they had travelled a very open road together. Oh she new about sex but never realised how fulfilling it could be, yes it started quite tame and vanilla but George was always pushing for more.

After a couple of years everything was on the menu, oral sex was superb and could last half the evening with some mutual anal rimming included, and once she began to get more relaxed, the first time with the help of a few brandies, he’d started to fuck her up the arse with ease and real mutual pleasure, on a regular basis sometimes with a dildo up her pussy or ass. They introduced sex toys and fancy outfits for both of them, he loved her in stockings and she had plenty of pairs to choose from quite often he would borrow them to wear with his own suspenders and heels. It was round about her 59 birthday that she realised something else about herself, it was a Friday afternoon and George had come home early from work feeling randy.

This in itself wasn’t unusual but what happened that day was, he was on his knee’s on the kitchen floor lapping at her pussy when she sort of bent her knee’s and was half on her haunches this was opening her really wide. Seconds later her hands were on his shoulders to steady herself and he was pumping her cunt while she grunted like a pig and begged him for more…. he had four fingers deep into her and was adding his thumb, he was fisting her hard and fast and Betty was in sex heaven. that’s when they both realised, oh yes she really liked length up her cunt, but what she really needed was girth she wanted to be wide and stretched to new limits. Now only he new her little secret and that was one of the only reason’s Betty was missing George.

Her mind was so full of all these thoughts that she almost missed her stop, griping her bag tightly she hopped from the bus and headed for home, a knowing smile crossed her lips, the end of day food sale had offered up a sexy idea. Right on the edge of the cold counter were the salad goods, and what caught Betty’s eye was a massive cucumber she had never seen one so fat it looked much bigger than her wrist. She was sure everyone would be watching her knowing what she was buying and why. She added tomatoes and lettuce to cover her embarrassment, but no one had even given her a glance.

She was just passing the local pub called the Swan when she saw Malcolm approaching, he was a man from the apartment block who she had chatted to once or twice in the complex lounge, a really nice bloke in his late forties she’d guessed. From the first time they’d met she’d noticed his interest in her by his admiring looks, she new she still looked quite attractive and had always been careful how she dressed. Even in her shop uniform she could turn heads. Malcolm smiled broadly as he approached her, have you tried the local ales yet Betty, god she thought gripping her bag even tighter, how could she get out of this. He noticed her reluctance and smiling even more broadly, I’m buying and I won’t take no for an answer. Ten minutes later they were sat at a pub table, Malcolm with a pint while Betty sipped on a cider. They chatted together quite easily, and she loved the atmosphere and noise in the pub. When they were having their second drink his mobile rang, the conversation changed after Malcolm took a phone call, he looked pretty forlorn when it was finished and Betty asked what the problem was. He started telling her about the camera club he helped organise, they met on Friday nights in the community centre and how Jenny who was intended to model for them tomorrow was going to let them down, yet again. Alot of people are going to be very disappointed with me. He laughed as he looked at Betty, don’t suppose you know anyone who wanted to earn ?50 for an hour in her swim wear.

He sat and watched her as she let this information sink in. He knew her money was tight, but what he didn’t know that when he was telling her about the club, her pussy had started to twitch. The more he told her the more it twitched. They had a membership of about fourteen, although never more than ten turned up each week. More importantly the membership was all male. Do you think they’d like an old granny like me she laughed, Betty couldn’t believe the words coming from her lips. Would you do it Betty Malcolm exclaimed you’ll look great and it’s only an hour, we have a changing room for the model and we pay in cash, and you’ll be a life saver for me. Thirty minutes later after two more drinks, they were heading for home both with their own faults. Betty had committed to her first ever modelling job, and Malcolm had captured a model he thought would be appreciated. Betty would supply her own outfits two as a minimum and three the maximum due to the time they had in the studio.

Betty fell back heavily against her apartment door as she closed it behind her, she new she had a lasagne for dinner that she had prepared the night before, but it was definitely going to have to wait. She quickly carried her shopping into the kitchen, unpacking the bag she placed the lettuce and tomato’s in the fridge then took out the cucumber holding it between her fingers moving them along the rough firm surface. Then she opened the fridge again, she had noticed the pile of carrots laying there and one of them in particular was quite thick. She ran both items under hot water leaving the carrot submerged in the hot water to thaw.

She was flushed with excitement and started to undress were she stood, she threw her uniform and the rest of her clothes onto the kitchen counter, luckily because she had worked last Sunday, today was her Friday and the next three days were hers. Has she hoisted the cucumber between her fists she was feeling the girth, and admiring the length a full thirteen inches. She carried herself to the bedroom breathing heavily, nipples hardening pussy dribbling onto her inner thigh.

First her fingers two from each hand caressed her pussy wet, swollen and puffy, clitoris hard as a button. She couldn’t wait any longer, she grabbed the cucumber, spreading her legs slightly she placed the head against her lips she new she could take it all, they opened easily the first few inches sliding into her eager cunt. She moved the cucumber in and out a little, sliding it further and further in each time. Her juices were coating and lubricating the monster allowing more than half the cucumber to enter her, stretching her vaginal walls. The pressure inside her was sending waves of ecstasy through her body, she raised her knees and spread her legs further apart and shoved the cucumber deep inside her feeling the pleasure of that fat cunt stretching monster. Her hand grabbed he cucumber tightly pumping it in and out of her fuck hole, fucking herself hard, both her and the bed were soaking, Betty had always squirted when she was really full.

Her eyes closed her mind was on Malcolm and her photo session, her cunt beginning to respond more to the heavy hard lump between her legs, she lifted her knee’s even higher towards her firm tits pushing it further into her soppy hole. In and out, side to side filling every part of her, then it was happening growing, growing then coursing through her body a spine chilling orgasm. She pumped faster and faster through her multi shooting and very long orgasm, but Betty still wanted more.

Her hand reached for the carrot and slid it along side the cucumber, the carrot felt so cold in her hot cunt, as she push it in she pulled the cucumber out with a loud plop. She fucked herself really deep with her carrot warming it up, getting it really wet and sticky.

Then she pulled it out and started sliding it slowly towards her waiting anus, at first her pink anal hole wouldn’t open, but by applying just a little more pressure it gave way slightly and the carrot began to enter her arsehole. After allowing herself to get used to the girth she pushed it further in enjoying the feeling of having it up her ass. Then she reached for her cucumber once again and refilled her cunt, oh it slid in easily. With both holes full like never before, she started to fuck herself with that giant cucumber, feeling it rolling over the ridges of the carrot embedded up her arse.

She had never in her live felt so excited, one hand moved back to the carrot and she started to fuck both holes, creating pressure along the walls of both anal and pussy passages. Faster then slower, bringing her to new highs then releasing herself not wanting it to end. Eventually she felt it rise beyond her control, her orgasm was immense encompassing all her body and sapping her strength. When she came back down she lay in a bed of sweat and sex, both cucumber and carrot lay beneath her their heat still radiating. Betty dragged her exhausted body to the shower soaking away her weariness, and then headed for the kitchen she felt ravenous from her sexual exploits she devoured thick cheddar cheese melted on toast farmhouse bread washed down with hot coffee. Then she quickly sorted out the bed, before falling between the sheet. Betty’s was a fitfully and contented sleep, her mind swimming with cucumbers, carrots and photo sessions imagining herself stuffed with hard cocks, her body was yearning for much more.

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