Aunty Fuck
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It was a wonderful sight as my eyes peered through he peephole. I wished I had drilled more as she swayed around the bathroom as I yanked out my erect dick. I started lowly wanking myself as she disappeared from the bathroom as swiftly as she came. I was disappointed yet I knew more was to come as I jerked violently on my swollen penis.

Soon enough she came back into the bathroom and lifted her nightie over her head exposing her bushy armpits. I checked to see if my room was locked as my flaccid dick jumped to attention straightening out in front of me. I slowly peeled the foreskin and moved my hands up and down my raging dick. She looked at her immense armpit hair and ran her hands through the mass of hair in her unshaven pits. I was shocked was she contemplating shaving off her armpit locks. I nearly cried out in anguish, as she pulled at the long silky growth in her unshaven underarms. It seemed to be at least six inches long as she tugged at he center of her armpit hair. She looked around, I thought looking for some scissors to trim some of he long armpit hair but to my relief she was only looking for some shampoo as she opened the shower.

There was a hands free nozzle too which she directly aimed at her pubic bush as her hands moved feely into her crisp hair at the juncture of her thighs. She was moaning softly as I vigorously wanked my prick. Suddenly she directed he nozzle at her bushy armpits. The matted hair in her unshaven armpits looked very sexy as torrents of hot water lashed into her armpit thatches. I was swooning with pleasure as she gathered some soap and started lathering her right armpit bush. I was ready to explode as she languidly ran her hands in the hairy bushes of her armpit forest. The fluffy hair in her armpit fleece as white as the long silky hair spilled out of her untrimmed armpits.

I started to spurt gobs of cum all over myself as I couldn’t hold back gazing at this sexy woman lovingly playing with the wet tresses in her unshaven pits. I had to see more but she soon finished her bath and left.

I decided that I would drill a hole from her side of he bathroom and see her in the guest room hoping that I could watch her being fucked by Uncle Rob. My mom sent me up early to bed while they sat down for drinks and once again I spent my time wanking thinking of how I would enter the bathroom once they got into bed. I was keeping my ears open to hear of any sounds. It was past midnight when they entered the room they were talking loudly and sounding drink. She was saying “I want your dick inside me” while Rob was saying “Darling I want to cum in you hairy armpits. I am glad you didn’t remove your armpit forest after the fight last night” Now I knew why Aunt Harriet had been contemplating shaving her armpit locks in the bathroom in the morning. I thanked god that she had not shorn her armpit hair.

I slowly opened the bathroom door and moved stealthily across and sat down near the opening I had made. I hoped that they would not come to the bathroom though I kept the cupboard meant for towels open to jump in there in case they came in for a leak.

Soon Uncle Rob had his hands on Aunt Harriet’s big ass. My crotch was getting uncomfortable against my jeans. With one hand I unzipped them and freed my cock. She soon had her shirt off, and I could tell she had a white bra on in sharp contrast to the jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. He put his hands into her hairy underarms as she unzipped him and out sprang from the cage his swollen dick. “Uncle Rob had the biggest dick I have ever seen.” It was about 10 and a half inches long fully erect and it began to rise upward as his big horse like dick sprang free “Come on, Rob, I want to see your huge cock in my bushy armpits” She knelt down as he rubbed his engorged dick into her unshaven underarms. I couldn’t control myself at this erotic sight as I yanked hard on my dick. Her pretty face was now only inches from his humungous penis.

The veins stood out along the mighty shaft and the hairy ball sack below made it look even bigger. She took the massive dickhead into her eager mouth as his hands rummaged through her armpit garden. I began stroking my swollen prick fast as it slid in and out of my forefingers wet with all the precum oozing out. I knew I would cum but I eased off as she devoured his huge penis head trying to stuff more of his schlong into her stretched mouth. She looked up at him, one lock of her hair now hanging over her face as she grabbed the bottom of his dick with both her hands and began stroking his cock while she sucked the other half of his monster dick in her mouth. He spurted out his cum and his face contorted in pleasure but she hadn’t had her orgasm and therefore she wasn’t finished. She grabbed his limp dick and rubbed it into her armpit forest trying to get some life into his big dick.

Soon Uncle Rob started kissing her body. I could tell that she was moaning as he was furiously lapping up her bushy cunt. He was erect and he started pushing his penis into her hairy cunt and started thrusting, hard but slow. “Fuck me harder my darling!” she said to Uncle Rob. She thrust her hips to meet his penetrating thick penis, feeling her pelvic bone against the massive hair jutting out of his groin. Her arms were behind her head as I glimpsed at the shag of jet-black hair in her armpit forests. The luxuriant hair in her bushy armpits was glistening with sweat as the aroma floated through into the bathrooms. I jerked purposefully on watching her being fucked while keeping my eyes plastered on the matted hair in her bushy underarms. His body stiffened so she grabbed his monster dick and stuffed it against her open mouth pushing her tongue out as she licked the end and pulled his foreskin right back exposing his angry purple helmet.

As the first spurts came shooting out she opened wide and caught them on her tongue She sucked slow and hard drinking the copious amount of liquid that came from Uncle Rob’s member. I too spluttered my cum all over the bathroom. But Aunt Harriet was not finished she once again rubbed his now flaccid dick into her heavy pelt under her arms and soon enough he sprang to life. Like me he too seemed to be an armpit hair lover as his limp dick started expanding. Aunt Harriet asked him to fuck her hairy armpits. He pummeled away as his cock disappeared into her armpit forest. My cock rose once again and I started wanking my aching dick. I couldn’t remember having cum so many times as he pounded away at the coarse matted hair in her bushy pits. He rocked up and down as his dick entered the folds of her bushy armpits. “Keep your huge dick in my bushy armpits I am cuummmmmiiiiinnnnggggggggg,” she screamed as his dick moved to and fro in her bushy underarms. “I want you to cum in my hairy armpits” she moaned as Uncle Rob’s massive dick swept into her majestic lawns of her unshaven pits. “Darling I want to cum I can’t hold on any longer,” he screamed as Aunt Harriet started convulsing into multiple orgasms.

I was pumping hard at my swollen prick as I started to spurt wishing I could have deposited some of my cum in her other hairy armpit as Uncle Rob shot loads of cum right into Aunt Harriet’s extremely hairy underarms. The next morning Uncle Rob had gone to meet some of his buddies and my parents had left for work. Aunt Harriet was having breakfast when I went down. I must have cum a thousand times seeing Aunt Harriet suck Uncle Rob’s member and especially when he shoved his cock into her bushy underarms. I could still remember the jet-black bushy hair in her underarms and I immediately felt my cock stiffen. I looked down at my pajamas hoping that it hadn’t jutted out like a tent but Aunt Harriet was busy reading the newspaper. Seeing me she put the paper down. She stretched her arms and put it behind her head. Alas she was in a housecoat, which stopped me from eyeing the thicket in her armpit jungle much to my dismay. I knew that underneath that housecoat a huge garden of luxuriant armpit hair grew and I was starting to hurt in my groin. Her nonchalant air with her arms locked behind her head hiding the hairy treasures was beginning to irritate me. I wanted to run my fingers in the thick jet-black fleece in her unshaven underarms. I wanted to fuck his fecund hairy woman in the hairy bush in her unshaven underarms and cum all over her buttery bushy armpits.

I grabbed a toast and headed back for my room. I needed to jerk off and I stripped and went into the shower. I thought of the armpit forests and came instantly and feeling relieved I changed and came down. Aunt Harriet was still there but she had removed her housecoat and believe it for not she was in her white nightgown washing up. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I feasted on the thick bushy armpits from behind. With her arms bent over the kitchen sink the thick armpit hair was visible as she bent her arms to do the dishes. Though I had just jerked off I could feel my cock rising again. Thick jet-black hair kept peeping out of her armpit opening as she continued to do the dishes. I moved closer and called out to her “aunt Harriet can I help in drying the dishes”. She looked back at me and I swear I was ready to cum again.

She moved a hand to her forehead to brush away some hair on her head and I almost swooned as before me the thick bushy hair in her unshaven armpits just spilled out. She must have seen the strange lusty look on my face as she turned away. I was just inches from her unshaven pits. The natural sweaty aroma filled my nostrils as I took in the pungent smell. I was sure that she could see my throbbing erection straining in my pants. She said that her friend Lynn was coming in for lunch and I needed to get some food from the nearby deli. I nodded hardly able to breathe as my eyes were fixed at her hairy underarms. “Is there something wrong dear,” she said.

I mumbled a “no” but she could now clearly see I was uncomfortable and staring at her bushy armpits. She looked at me and then at her bushy underarms as she raised it and put her hand in the fluffy hair. “Why are you staring at my bushy armpits haven’t you seen one before” I looked away embarrassed. She caught hold of me and made me look at her “is the hair in my armpits turning you on. Do you like bushy armpits”? Ashen faced I nodded. She took me in her arms and said “Poor boy” and tousled my hair. I was now an inch away from the bushy hair in her armpit forest.

Pre cum was flowing out of my aching cock as I plunged and put my head into the thick hair in her unshaven pits. I was awestruck by the coarse matted hair as my face touched the long strands of jet-black hair in her unshaven underarms. She took off my pants and I stood there in my briefs, shaking. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband with no intention of pulling them down and looked at Aunt Harriet for her reaction. She walked over to me and before I could do anything she had the briefs down. I was stunned and she was laughing. “My God, It’s even bigger than ‘your Uncle Rod’ and prettier.”

Aunt Harriet was on her knees before I could think and took me in her mouth. Aunt Harriet took about half of me and sucked and licked noisily. She was working on the big spongy head when it started oozing pre-cum. She licked it out and said, “I didn’t know you love my bushy underarms so much wait till you see Lynn she has even more hair in her underarms than me” My aunt then wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and jerked me as she sucked. She knew when I was about to come and jerked faster. She flinched as the first shot of cum hit but kept sucking.

“Oh…oh…oh…I want to put my cock in the hairiest armpits in the world ” was what I kept repeating as I finished unloading into her mouth. I went down on my knees and put my hands on the bushy triangle at the juncture of her thighs. Thick crisp hair grew on her mons and I licked the soft folds that appeared through the thick hair of my aunt’s beautiful cunt. It started to drip and I tasted the sweetness. I laid my tongue on the hood of her clit and slowly massaged it. I was stiff and throbbing again as I straddled her and brought my cock up to her face.

he took me again in her hand and started kissing up and down the long shaft. Her body was writhing. She stretched her lips over the head and began sucking powerfully and I was soon very hard again. I had to fuck her. I pushed in through the opening and slid into her slick channel. I put her legs on my shoulders and took both of her tits in my hands with the nipples I loved between my fingers and put my face into the thick matted hair in her unshaven underarms. The coarse masses of fur in her untrimmed armpits were tasting heavenly as I plunged deeper into her “ahhhhhhhhhh” I screamed uncontrollably and I shot stream after stream of hot cum into my aunt.

I was now limp down but not out. Both her hands went between my legs and massaged my balls and dick until it was painfully hard. As she got on her knees she put my flaccid dick into her mouth. As it swelled again she had so much of my cock in her mouth and throat she took as much of the soft meat as she could fit into her mouth again. I didn’t think it was possible to get so hard so quickly after coming. She sucked so hard and fast while massaging my balls. I was writhing in ecstasy when the bell rang. She took my cock out of her mouth as I zipped myself and she put on her housecoat. Her face was flushed and when she returned I was faced with Lynn.

She was in her forties but she was a stunner. Her voluptuous body looked sensational and Aunt Harriet winked at me as she introduced me to Lynn. She aid “this is my nephew who has the most beautiful cock her look at it” Before I could move she had unzipped me and taken out my erection as she stroked it lovingly in her hands.

Lynn looked at my exposed cock with great interest “he’s certainly large Harriet much bigger than Dan where have you been hiding him darling” She put her hand on my hot dick and here were two beautiful women massaging my bursting cock and balls. I was not in the conversation as they jerked my dick up and down “Lynn darling you know what he loves bushy underarms” She looked at me again “Don’t you find Harriet very hairy” I could hardly nod as I felt I was about to cum. Aunt Harriet said “dear wait till you see Lynn’s unshaven armpits you know she has never shaved her underarms and she has so much hair in her underarms that all you can see are masses of hair in her underarms” I was dying to see them could there be such bushy armpits. I didn’t have to wait too long. Aunt pulled off Lynn’s top and lovingly grazed her hands through the masses of hair in Lynn’s busy armpits. Tons of jet-black hair came cascading down her undulating armpits. It was a thicket a real forest of hair.

Lynn was now completely nude she had a thicket of hair on her pubes as I put the swollen head of my cock against the opening of her pussy; she was as primed as she had ever been. I ran my slick hand down the length of my steel hard shaft and then ran the length of it deep into her waiting channel. Each of my hard thrusts into her was welcomed with shock and pleasure. I took her breasts in my hands and pushed my tongue into the masses of jet-black hair in her luxuriant armpits. Finally she made a long high-pitched sound and by her clenching I knew she had come. I pulled out of her throbbing pussy. I stuck my cock in her mouth and let her suck me for a while. My big meat was swelling as she sucked it. She took one hard breath as she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate my thick cock as she stroked the shaft with her lips and tongue.

Aunt Harriet was standing before me and I put my hands into her armpit forest she was happy that I fucking the hirsute body of Lynn and she watched with amusement as Lynn gobbled my erect prick as I tugged at her bushy armpit locks. I wanted fuck Lynn’s ass. I turned her around and put my fingers into her hairy asshole.

She was very hairy down there too. I parted the hair in her asshole and placed the engorged knob in her hairy asshole and evenly pressed the thick end past her ring. Aunt Harriet was encouragingly saying, “fuck her hairy asshole” as she played with the long hairs on her pubic mound. I went deeper into her ass and she cried out. I put some saliva on the exposed part of my shaft and pushed in again, gently working the length of my cock until it was fully up her ass. I reached around and tugged at her armpit locks as Aunt Harriet started to moan she had spread her legs and Lynn had her mouth and was sucking her throbbing clit as I thrust away at her asshole. Both the women were groaning. She raised her ass higher as I felt my cock bursting as torrents of cum flooded her bushy asshole.

I was exhausted but before I could say anything Aunt Harriet was on her knees and stroking my cum filled flaccid dick. She bent down and took it into her mouth. She got more of my cock into her mouth than she usually could because he didn’t have time to harden fully. It felt strangely good to be sucked that way. As I stiffened Aunt Harriet sucked manically. Usually she was slow in her ministrations. I wanted to spray my cum in their hairy armpits. I asked Lynn to kneel down too and raise her arms. Masses of jet-black hair showed in the lush forest of their unshaven armpits. I put my erect dong into the heavy fur of Lynn’s hairy armpits.

The coarse hair stung my exposed glans as I rubbed my dick into her furry armpit. I then turned to the raised arms of Aunt Harriet and put my phallus in her bushy armpits. It was a dream come true as I pushed my swollen member into her armpit forest. Her armpit jungle was matted with sweat and slick as I drove in and out of her unshaven armpits. “Ahhhhhhhhgggggg” I groaned as I sprayed my cum in their bushy armpits. Loads of white jism spewed from my cock first into Lynn’s hairy armpits before I trained my machine into the armpit forest of Aunt Harriet. I had deposited my seed into Aunt Harriet’s bushy armpits as I slumped down in exhaustion. I was enjoying the holiday spent with Aunt Harriet. I couldn’t get enough of her hairy body and I spent many a long afternoon in her bedroom with my head in her bushy armpits licking and loving her lush luxuriant hairy armpits. I wanted my holidays never to end and my parents were definitely finding it strange that I was following Aunt Harriet around like her faithful puppy.

Aunt Harriet told me that I must keep away from her since her children Brian who was 20 and Beth who was 21 were coming for the weekend. Brian was to share my room while Beth would move in with her mother. I, of course had made a hole from my room which allowed me to view the bathing area of the bathroom which separated our bedrooms. I had seen the long bushy nest in Aunt Harriet’s hairy underarms through the hole in the bathroom door which culminated in our sexual activities.

I hadn’t met Beth and Brian for any years and I was really looking forward to meeting Beth. I remembered her in pigtails but now that she was 21 she surely would be a beauty much like her sexy mother Aunt Harriet. Would she be as hairy did she shave her armpits like all modern teenagers or would she be as hairy as her mother. The moment I saw her I knew that she as made for me. She like her mother was a brunette and she had long hair on her head tidily knotted. She kissed me on my cheek and I felt heavenly, as I smelled her natural freshness. I even thought I saw a bit of black hair peeping from under her armpits, which was covered in a low cut blouse. I obviously was hoping that her armpits were unshaven.

Brian gave me a warm handshake as we lugged the luggage up to our rooms. I made a sideways glance at Beth. Her face looked very fresh and blemish less. Her eyebrows were thick and jet-black like a precursor to the thickness of the hair of her groin and I daresay the long bushy hair in her hairy pits. Could it be a signal that her armpits were unshaven? Rarely did you get to see a girl who did not pluck or at least trim her eyebrows. Did it mean that she had bushy armpits too like her mother? I tried to take all these thoughts out of my mind but having fucked the hairy Harriet my mind was on getting my cock into Beth.

I took Brian to my room and as he unpacked we talked a bit about sports but my mind was in his sister. He told me he had to go for an hour or so to check his mail on the Internet and I was glad I was to be left alone. I went to the other room to look for Beth. She was talking to Aunt Harriet. I asked her that maybe she needs to freshen up or have a bath and then I would show her the neighborhood. Aunt Harriet did not know that I had seen her having a bath too through he hole in the door from my room and she told Beth to have a bath. I excused myself and dashed off to my room.

Soon enough I had stripped to my underwear and took out my cock as I anxiously awaited Beth as I sat next to the hole in the door. I was stroking my cock slowly when I heard some noise and as I peered through the hole Beth had entered the bath. I wanked my raging member harder and I was hoping that Brian wouldn’t come back from his trip to the Internet café. Beth was taking her time. She looked around the bathroom and in a flash slipped out of her dress. Her underarms were hidden from me but I was peering at her crotch. It was a mass of jet-black hair. Her pubic triangle was like her mother and I rejoiced at seeing its hirsuteness. I stroked my eager dick as I looked at the verdant garden of her hairy pussy.

She moved under the shower and her armpits came alive. Was I dreaming or was it for real. I jerked my hot tool as I gazed at her armpits JET-BLACK BUSHY HAIR grew in a huge quantity in her unshaven armpits I moaned deliriously as I caught sight of the untrimmed jungle in her bushy armpits. Having tasted the hairy armpits of Aunt Harriet, Beth’s bushy armpits rivaled hat of her hirsute mother. I had to kiss and lick the sexy bushy armpit jungle of Beth. I continued to jerk my massive dong when to my surprise the bathroom door opened and to my utter shock and amazement Brian entered the bathroom. What was he doing there the rascal. I should have been there my mind raced as I wanked my prick. He stripped down quickly and I saw that his phallus was pretty big. It hung down limp and I wondered where Aunt Harriet was but Beth didn’t seem bothered at seeing Brian nude in the bath. He moved towards as I looked in amazement that my hard tool had slipped out of my hand. What was Brian going to do with Beth? His tool had not hardened at seeing the nude hairy Beth but he moved into the shower with her.

I heard her ay. “Brian darling just rub the soap on my back” Brian grabbed he soap and rubbed her back and then his hand moved into her bushy armpits. He lathered her bushy armpits as the lush armpit jungle turned white as he soaped he long soft tendrils of hair n her unshaven pits. I was about to faint as I saw brother Brian lovingly tug and soap at the bushy armpits of sister Beth. It was a very erotic sight as he washed the jet-black armpit hair of his sister Beth. His cock was no longer limp but was semi hard. Even though it was semi erect he had a massive cock. Though she was all soaped and her armpits matted with soap she got to her knees and took hold of her brother’s member. She slowly stroked and his manhood became hard. It was very large as she put her mouth to the tip of his large cock head and then slowly took it in her mouth. She took it out and licked the entire length of his huge cock and then started to suck his massive tool. She took it deep into her wet mouth as he started fucking her mouth. He drove his cock in and out of her mouth as I started jerking my erect dick once again.

It was obvious that she’d had a lot of experience giving head and he started working his hips a little, feeding it back in. He was moaning in excitement “Oh, Beth baby, you can really suck cock! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh take more of my prick into your mouth.” “I’m getting ready to cum, Beth will you swallow it?” he asked. She just moaned again. All this talk was exciting me and I wanted to cum along with them. Her arms were outstretched and I could see the long soft hair in her furry armpits as she continued to accept his hard dick in her mouth. Her armpit hair was matted with water and sweat and I swear I could see it streaming down as he fucked her mouth with his massive dong. His hips now started to piston his dick in and out her mouth, and she just held still taking it in. I couldn’t wait any longer as I started spurting my cum all over the floor. Torrents of my seed flew out my cock as I ejaculated all over the floor my eyes peeled to the wanton Beth arms aloft showing her bushy armpits giving a sexy blowjob to her brother Brian.

He still held on as the shower spit out water on them. I was amazed at he fact that Brian still was hard and erect and had not cum even though his cock was being sucked by this brazen hairy sister. How did he manage to stop from ejaculating as he plunged his large prick in and out of his sister’s willing and eager mouth?

“AAAAAggggggggghhhhhh” he groaned “Beth I m going to cum in your mouth” he screamed as he stuffed his white jism into her mouth. She took every drop, swallowing quickly to make sure she got it all. It was such an erotic sight seeing the siblings in the bath that I was soon erect again. I quickly cleaned up the mess and I had to think of a scheme to get to fuck the erotic Beth and deposit my seed to in her untrimmed jungle in both her armpits and pubes. I went down to the living room where I soon joined my parents and Aunt Harriet who were watching a basketball match on the television. Within a few minutes both Brian and Beth joined us and who would have known that Beth and Brian had just finished a most erotic hour together in the bathroom. I caught hold of Brian and asked him if he wanted to go out with me as I had a girlfriend who was a nympho who wanted two men together. He looked at me and he looked excited but he told me that he could arrange something exciting for the afternoon itself. Innocently I asked him with whom but he did not reply. I knew whom he had in mind. My cock was immediately hardening. The thought of fucking the immensely hirsute Beth was very appetizing. I could not to get between the legs of Beth and feel the crisp jungle at the juncture of her thighs. I had already seen her bushy mons and her unsheared underarms and I was looking forward to licking and kissing her unshorn armpits.

After a quick lunch I went up to my room and awaited my fortune. Soon enough Brian and Beth entered the room. I nudged at Brian as if asking her to get Beth out of he ay so that our fun would begin. He winked at me but I purposely did not understand. Beth turned to Brian and said “Brian isn’t he handsome. I am sure he must be big where it matters” I pretended to be offended and looked shy but the obvious strain against my trousers was visible as my bulging cock pushed out like a tent. I put my hands on crotch at cover my erection. “My my” said Beth “I am sure his prick is so large that I would not be able to suck his large cock” I knew she was trying to turn me on and she called me to come and sit next to her. I sat down next to her, and she slid her hand over on my lap and felt my bulging pecker over my trousers. “Brian I am sure he is bigger than you”. Brian immediately unzipped himself and walked towards Beth showing his impressive phallus. I held her and caressing her nyloned legs and thighs I still had not touched her hairy parts though I felt like creaming my pants thinking of her untrimmed underarms and pussy. “Beth why are your eyebrows so bushy” I said.

She looked at me and said, “I am hairy all over. Not only are my eyebrows bushy but my pussy hair is like a jungle and my armpits are filled with masses of jet black hair, darling”. Hearing saying these words was even more erotic. Not only was she hairy but also she was proud of her hirsuteness. I felt my cock oozing of precum as she stroked it from atop of my trousers. Brian had moved so close that his bulging prick was right next to her face. She had not still removed her clothes and I was dying to see the untrimmed bushes in her hairy armpits.

Slowly she got up and removed her sheer top and within seconds she was totally naked. Her body was a feast for my starved eyes. Her huge bosom did not hide the thicket in her underarms. I reached out and caressed the long hair in her outstretched underarms. It was long and soft and silky as I put my tongue right in the middle of her armpit forest. It tasted sweaty and salty as my mouth pressed at the thick hair in her bushy underarms. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhggggggghhhh” I groaned as I took in the aroma of her pungent armpits. Only yesterday I had nuzzled my tongue in her mother, Aunt Harriet’s extremely bushy armpits now my tongue was ensconced in her daughters bushy armpits too. I wanted to lick furiously at the jet-black hair in her armpits as she busily opened my zip. My cock sprung out like an angry lion.

Brian too wanted some of the action. He had his cock in his hands and he was stroking it and he bent down and entered her. Her head rested on his shoulder as the head of his cock disappeared into her. He stopped and let her adjust to his girth. He wasn’t much longer than me, but he was thicker. He pulled her lower and lower. I watched inch by inch as her body encased it. When all I could see was his balls and her ass, I knew he was all the way inside her. My hands were rummaging the thick bushy hair in her unshaven armpits. I pulled and tugged at the locks in her gleaming armpits as I tried to stuff more and more of her luxuriant hair in her underarms into my mouth. It tasted so good that my cock, which she had in her hands, was wanting to cum. But I had to hold back. I could hear small moans coming from her body as he lifted her up and then slid her back down. He would lift her until just the head was in her and then thrust his hips up into her again and again As she slid down I marveled at how her lips took him in and then tried to hold on as he slid back out. Her ass rotated from side to side as she rode his cock. His hands were now free to roam her body as she fucked him harder and faster, grinding herself against his pubic bone. Her breathing became more rapid and I could sense she was getting closer and closer. His hands roamed her back, one in the small of her back, the other cupping her magnificent hairy ass. She now took me into her mouth. I almost came as her tongue touched the glans of my distended penis. Slowly she took the head in. “Wow you are so big, I love to suck big cocks right Brian,” she moaned. Brian wasn’t listening as he tore into his sister. Her head arched back as she sat up straight, her hair hanging down, her face scrunched up and then she threw her head forward, her mouth open as she began to come, twitching and gasping. Her face contorted in that wonderful expression that only lovers share. Her ass grinding harder and harder against him as she worked to get every bit of release she could. My own cock was as big as it had ever been and was ready to explode as I shoved it till the back of her head as I fucked her mouth. My hands were not still, as I pulled at the untamed fleece in her bushy pits.

Her face was flushed with pain as her brother continued to penetrate even though she had tasted the bliss of a gut wrenching orgasm. I was waiting to explode but I contorted my body and bent down to lick her armpit forests. I pulled my cock out and put it into her furry left underarms. “Aaahhhhhhhhhh” I screamed “Let me fuck your unshaven armpits Beth” Brian too was about to cum but he continued to press on. His knees pushed her thighs apart, his balls flopping down as he slid into her from above. He held himself above her, his arms extended, the muscles in his shoulders very pronounced. Her hands moving up to grab his face and pull him down to kiss her as they fucked. His cock disappeared again and again into her bushy pussy. He started to groan and I knew that he was close. His back tensed up and arched, then his ass drove into her hard one last time and he kissed her as he came in her. Brian had come inside his loving sister Beth. She must have felt it as he came as she whimpered as each spurt filled her, setting off another spasm deep inside her, her head thrashing from side to side her underarms still imprisoned by my swollen prick.

“Aaahhhhhh come in my bushy armpits,” she said between kisses, their mouths locked together, her hips once again grinding under him, his balls resting in the crack of her ass. I was now furiously fucking her wet and matted underarms. Her profusely sweaty armpits were slick as I pounded her underarms as I drove my dick in and out of her bushy pits. The soft long silky hair felt lovely on my uncircumcised cock and much different from the more coarse fur of her mother’s bushy armpits.

“I want to cum in your bushy armpits like I came in your mother’s hairy armpits” I screamed. The words had slipped it before I knew it and there was a strange and stunned look in both Brian’s and Beth’s faced as I revealed that I had fucked their mother and had also cum in her hairy underarms.

For a moment I was scared whether they would beat me up but though Beth had a strange look on her face she made no effort to dislodge my cock from her bushy armpits. I took that as a good sign and I carried on “Beth you have much more hair in your underarms than your mom”. Though that was not strictly correct Aunt Harriet had much more hair in her underarms than Beth it was no disrespect as Beth too had a sizeable quantity of jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. I then spurted my cum all over her buttery armpits. The white drops of my cum flew into her hairy armpits as I kept spurting. She too had a spasm as she had another orgasm.

Now it was time to have a family get together. Since Brian and Beth now knew that I had fucked their mother they said they wanted to see me fuck their mother. I told them that their mother had forbidden me from coming any were near them but they were not taking no for an answer. They told their mother that they were going out for a walk and signaled to me that it was time for me to fuck their mother.

I went into Aunt Harriet’s room. She was reading a magazine. She was in a sleeveless dress and her arms were locked behind her head. The moment I saw her my cock stood erect. Her hairy armpits always had a mesmerizing effect. She knew it and clamped down her furry armpits.

“What are you doing her you rogue” she said “I told you not to come here when your cousins are here”. I walked over and sat next her and put my head as she put her arms around me. I felt the hard coarse hair of her underarms on my shoulders. It sent an electric shock as I felt the long bushy hair of my underarms and I suggested that she let me sit with her till they came back. “At least suck me off Aunt Harriet” I could see that I was having some effect on her. “What time will they be back?” she said. “I know they won’t be back for more than a hour,” I said. Her hands moved into my groin and fished out my swollen and used dong. With all the action it had seen the effect Aunt Harriet’s hairy underarms had on me made sure it made me proud, as it stood out erect like a baseball bat. “My my dearie you are such a stud I love your thick cock” she said as she licked the top of my cockhead. “Aunt Harriet why are sooooo hairy” I screamed, “Your bushy armpits hypnotize me all the time and I dream about your thick bushy armpits”

She bent down and took my semi limp dick and pulled it to her mouth, as she tasted the precum that was dripping from my cock. She took it in her mouth and savored it as she sucked and cleaned it dry. I thought I heard some noise from below so I turned her away from the door and sure enough the door slightly opened and both Brian and Beth quietly slipped in and stood behind the curtains, which were in front of the bathroom. They could see her legs were open and her hairy crotch was wide open, as I lay there sprawled out on the couch. Beth and Brian could not keep quiet and an embarrassed mother saw her children watch her sucking her nephew. Aunt Harriet as always bold and she soon got over her embarrassment.

. “Come on over Brian, I would love to suck that cock of yours while your cousin is fucking me.”

Brian moved to the bed, and she took his half hard dick into my mouth. What a sight it was the hirsute Aunt Harriet was now sucking her son’s penis watched by her hairy daughter. Beth standing near her looked a younger version of Aunt Harriet and there was really not much to choose when you looked at their bushy armpits. Obviously Aunt Harriet had much more hair in her unshaven pits which was much longer and thicker but it felt much more coarse and stringy than the long soft ad silky hair of her hirsute daughter.

Brian obviously was in frenzy as his Mom sucked his large dick. “Slow down Brian honey, we got all night, take your time do it a little slower and when you come I’ll suck you hard again so you can fuck me again ok?” He moved his mouth to her breast and then licked at the long coarse air in her untrimmed hedges under her arms. He slowed down and I entered Aunt Harriet. The crisp jet-black hair, which covered her mons, tried to stop me from entering her pussy but I pushed past it and started to fuck her. My hands were first in Beth’s unshorn underarms before traveling to her mother’s equally exciting armpits, which contained much, more hair. With my left hand I pulled out Beth’s underarm air which I thought sprung out at least 4 inches and with my right hand I pulled Aunt Harriet’s underarm hair which amazingly stuck out a full 6 inches. Though it was different in texture being much more coarse. I was hard as a rock and she raised her legs as we began to fuck; I mean we began to really fuck hard, real hard as she kept sucking her son. His cock was filling her mouth as he stuffed more and more of huge prick into her hot and willing mouth. I could see the big cock of his going in and out of her while I was fucking her with wild and strong strokes.

She just moaned and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure moved through her body. Brian said, “Take it Bitch, take his cock, fuck him you cunt, and give him that hairy pussy of yours.” She worked his cock with her mouth and kept gently sucking and then Brian grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face tight against him. When he did his cock went down her throat as he came in torrents in his mother’s waiting mouth. I was getting tired but I had to keep going as I drove my crazy dick into his mother’s bushy pussy my hands still in Beth’s hairy underarms. Beth was also holding her brother’s balls as his seed was being deposited in his mother’s mouth. She managed to get a gulp of air just as he pulled her head forward causing her lips to run down the length of his shaft, down to his crotch hair and kept working her mouth and throat getting every last drop

Brian said, “God this is the best cock sucker I ever had suck my dick, and I’ve had many blowjobs, she’s almost better than some of the women I let suck me. Even you Beth darling”. Aunt Harriet looked up and knew that Beth her darling daughter too had sucked the insatiable baseball bat like prick of Brian her son. She wrapped her legs and arms around me as I climaxed, I remember screaming out that I was Cumming as I came inside her with my mouth plastered against the matted hair in Beth’s untrammeled armpit forest.

Brian was hard again and he put the head of his dick at Beth’s hairy asshole. Jet-black crinkly hair adorned her anus and he pushed in, he did it too fast, and she cried out. He had a big cock; it was bigger than mine and longer too. Soon Brian was shooting his sperm in her ass, and she could feel his big cock, swelling and contracting as it shot forth his cum. He pulled his dick out of her ass while his mother stroked my flaccid penis and

She gazed up at me as I placed her hands on penis my hands were feeling the sweaty hair in her matted underarms. I was amazed that both and she had such hairy armpits and even the hair in their armpits looked so much alike. They stayed motionless on the front of my pants for several moments, maybe even a full minute. My cock now stood proudly out, pointing at her face. She put both hands around it, carefully stroking it, and I reached out and put my hand on the back of her head. There was no resistance at all. Opening her mouth, she moved forward and took the head in, locking her lips around Actually, it was more like I was fucking her mouth, and she held it perfectly for me, with just enough pressure from her lips. She let it slide in until she had the head and about two inches of the shaft in her mouth, and then she pulled back, letting her hands work on the shaft.

Brian and Beth were kissing and fondling each other as she called Brian towards her. Both of us put our cocks against her face while Beth moved around and sucked our balls. As Beth kneaded my swollen balls Aunt Harriet alternatively sucked our members. I asked Beth to kneel next to her mother and asked them both to raise their arms. “AAAAAHHHHHHHH” I screamed as I looked at the gleaming jet-black hair that adorned their luxuriant armpits. I started stuffing my cock into Beth’s mouth while Brian shoved his cock deep into his mother’s mouth. In unison we fucked heir mouths while they had their arms aloft showing the jet-black bushy hair in their armpits.

Neither Brian nor me could hold back as we took our cocks out and sprayed our sperm into their bushy armpits.

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