Colleen Gets Sex-Educated
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Before Dr. Mike realized what was happening, she felt Colleen’s
fingers squeezing her breast, through her clothing, while still
hugging her firmly.

“Col… Colleen!” She exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

“It’s all right Ma,” Colleen looked into her eyes. “It’ll feel good,

“B… but it’s wrong Colleen.” Michaela tried to tell her daughter.

“But, if it feels good, how can it be wrong, Ma?” Colleen looked at
Dr. Mike questioningly.

Dr. Mike was at a lost for words to answer that question. For she
starting to feel excited herself from the nurturing that her young
daughter was applying to her breast. Her breathing was starting to
come in short gasping breaths that she could not control by herself.

The eroticism of what was happening was a new feeling for
Michaela Quinn. Before her marriage to Scully she was still a
virgin despite being in her late thirties. So this new experience for

her inexperienced sexual life. She began wondering how Colleen
had gained such expertise.

Before she could realize what was happening, Colleen had begun to
unfasten the buttons of her dress. The top of her dress came off
with little resistance. She only reacted when Colleen began to
touch her now exposed cleavage.

“Colleen, you musn’t!” She exclaimed.

“Don’t fret Ma. I know what I’m doing.” Colleen told her mother.
“You’ll see, you’ll enjoy it.”

Colleen returned to touching Michaela’s breast. First only touching
it then she began kissing them with her lips, pulling down her
mother’s camisole to expose the breast fully. Dr. Mike was now
breathing heavily to her daughter’s knowing ministrations.

By this time, when her breast and nipples were fully exposed to the
cool air, Dr. Mike no longer cared how taboo this might seem. She
wanted to know more.

Colleen bent down and took one of her mother’s nipples into her
lips and suckled on it like her baby sister. Since Dr. Mike was still

lactating from the recent birth of Kathy, some milk was actually
seeping into Colleen’s sucking mouth. This was new even to

She hadn’t experienced something like this when Theresa
introduced it to her the previous evening. She found the milk sweet
and warm and continued to suckle her mother’s breast.

Dr. Mike pulled her daughter’s face further into her cleavage so as
not to lose contact of her sensitive touch. After a few more
minutes of this, Colleen lifted her head up and kissed Michaela full
on the lips. By now Dr. Mike was interested in pursuing this
further by her own volition.

She returned her daughter’s kiss, pressing her tongue against her
lips and forcing them open. They then proceeded to swirl their
tongues together and swallowing each others saliva.

Colleen reached down to Michaela’s dress and began untying the
ribbon holding it up. After a few minutes, it slid to the floor,
leaving Dr. Mike standing in her bloomers. Colleen then reached
behind her own dress and stripped it down as well. Never breaking
from the deep kiss that they had started.

Only when Colleen pushed her to the bed did Michaela come to the
realization that she was now in her undergarments. She
instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands. Colleen gently
moved them aside and resumed to caress her mother’s slim body.

Dr. Mike relaxed once more and allowed her daughter to continue.
She watched mesmerized as Colleen helped her out of the
remainder of her cumbersome clothing. Within five minutes they
both lay naked on Colleen’s bed at the Clinic.

Colleen peered down at her now naked mother and couldn’t help
how beautiful she was. At her age she could still put to shame girls
her own age. The slim figure next to her was smooth and silky soft.
The breast were so firm and enticing that she was envious of her
mother’s figure.

Michaela looked at her naked daughter and was envious of the
young woman’s slim figure as well. The pert tits, though smaller
than her own were firm with no sign of sagging. She was pleased
with the job that she had in raising Colleen and the boys. She
recalled how uncertain she was when she first took them in after
their mother died those many years ago.

She shook herself out of her reverie and snapped back to reality.

Colleen was down near her neither region.
‘This is not right. Not natural.’ She thought to herself.
Colleen without any hesitation kissed her mother’s pussy lips and
then proceeded to lick them.

Michaela gasped in surprise at the contact of Colleen’s tongue
against her genitalia. She had never experienced such a sensation,
even with Sully. Next, Colleen was sucking on her clit and
straddled her body over Dr. Mike’s.

Looking up Michaela was looking directly at Colleen’s exposed
pussy. Enjoying what her daughter was doing to her own pussy,
she decided to return the favor. Leaning upward she tentatively
licked at her daughter’s vagina. Not finding the taste to disturbing
she became bolder and inserted her tongue inside the folds of
Colleen’s pussy lips.

This lovemaking continued for nearly an hour before they finally
decided to stop. They both dressed and returned to the town
square to rejoin the rest of the family.

Nobody seemed bothered at their prolonged absence. Everyone
assumed that it was because of Colleen’s recent trauma, and left it
at that.

That night back at the homestead, Michaela announced Colleen’s
engagement to the Negro Jethro. An argument ensued but was
settled quietly once Matthew and Sully came to the realization that
Colleen was probably carrying a black half-breed within her.

It wasn’t that they objected to Jethro. For he was the one who had
saved her from her rapist. How little they knew.

Colleen assured them that she had gotten to know him quite well
before they had found them together. So as to not cause further
complications, she omitted to mention to them that she and Jethro
had also been lovers in that brief time and that the child may well be


Jethro was dismissed from the Cavalry with honors for his actions
in saving the captive Colleen Cooper. The wedding took place two
weeks later. Hank of course refused to show. Robert E. acted as
best man for Jethro. Michaela was Maid of Honor. Jake and
Theresa Slicker also gave their blessing to the newlywed.

Unfortunately, not everybody accepted this mixed union. They
decided that they would stay in Colorado Springs during Colleen’s
pregnancy. But then they would have to relocate somewhere else.

Michaela and Sully discussed it with them both and all agreed that
Canada would be best for them. That country was much more
tolerant towards mixed marriages.

In the months that followed, Colleen’s pregnancy went without
incident. However, unbeknownst to Sully or Dr. Mike, Colleen
would sneak into the barn to treat herself to some horse jism. And
whenever the occasion presented itself she even allowed Wolf,
Sully’s faithful wolfdog, to fuck her.

But once into her second trimester she made the decision to abstain
for the baby’s sake. Eight months later, Colleen gave birth to a
healthy light brown baby boy. They named him Edward Sully

They waited another three months before packing their belongings
and leaving for their new life in a new country. Colleen and Jethro
discussed how they would live, and Colleen decided to finish her
medical training while he would start a farm.

Colleen insisted on living on a farm, and Jethro couldn’t argue with
her on that point, and he knew why she wanted it too. He knew
full well that she wanted to accumulate a menagerie of lovers. He
didn’t mind that so long as he got his turn with his new bride.

Colleen assured him that he was the only man for her, and that her
treasure would always be open to him. But she also conceded that
he had guessed correctly to her other wants. Her experiences with
other species had spoiled her soul to its virility. After almost a
now of abstaining, she couldn’t wait until the first animals would be
accessible to her desires.

Michaela couldn’t help but shed some tears as she waved farewell to
her daughter and grandson. But she also realized that they would
be happy together in their new life. She hoped that her daughter
would find happiness. She felt that Jethro, though black, was a
good man. And that in his hands she would be safe and content,

Maybe someday they could visit them.

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