Stepsister Seduction
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Kelly was still slowly stroking Tim’s dick, looking at the alarm clock and saw it was almost 11:30. Her eyes widened realizing she couldn’t do anything else tonight She quickly turned to look at the kids. “I need to get to bed so I can get up for work,” she exclaimed, letting go of Tim’s, semi-hard, dick, and rolled off of the bed.

Jenna quickly sat up, looking at her stepbrother’s fat member hanging there. “That means this is all mine now?” She exclaimed, wrapping her tiny hand around Tim’s shaft.

Kelly turned to look at her daughter. “Well don’t stay up too late tonight, and try to keep the noise down please,” she said with a chuckle. She retrieved her panties and headed for the door. She turned to look at the kids one more time. “Now don’t have too much fun tonight,” she said, smiling.

Tim looked at his stepmom with a smile, surprised at how much his stepmom had changed over the last week. Here a few days ago she was petrified when she walked in on the scene of him having sex with her daughter, and now she was telling them not to have to much fun tonight. “Don’t worry we won’t try to mom,” he said with a shit-eating grin.

He guessed his stepmom must have realized that it didn’t do any good to tell them not to do it, because they would do it anyways. Kelly returned the smile and left the room.

Tim turned his attention back to the two young girls on the bed, ” so what are we gonna do now.”

Jenna squeezed his dick lightly, moaning, “mmm, get this all hard so it can go in our pussies.”

Anna moved up next to her friend, not wanting to be left out. She focused her eyes on the fat head of Tim’s dick, feeling her pussy beginning to itch for it again. While her pussy was still sore from the earlier fucking and the play with the toy, she still wanted to feel his hard dick sliding inside of her again.

Jenna looked over at her friend, “do you want to get him back inside of you again?”
Anna quickly nodded. “Mmm hmm,” she moaned, licking her lips.

Jenna held his dick up. “Let’s see you put it in your mouth first. Get him all nice and hard for us,” she moaned, looking at Anna.

Anna looked at Jenna confused, “wha… what do you mean?”

Jenna giggled, “you mean you’ve never sucked a dick before?”
Anna shook her head. Jenna giggled again, looking up at Tim, “you didn’t let her suck your dick earlier?”

Tim shook his head, “no she only touched it.”

Jenna look back at Anna with a devilish grin. “Well do you wanna learn how to suck a dick then?” She asked playfully.

Anna uneasily shrugged her shoulders. “I… I guess so,” she answered.

Jenna’s smile grew wider, “okay I will show you first then you will do it.” Anna nodded her head in acknowledgement.

Jenna turned back to Tim’s dick holding it up in the air. She opened her mouth wide and slowly moved it closer to the head of his dick

Tim looked down at his stepsister feeling her hot breath hit the head of his dick, her mouth slowly engulfing the head of his dick. He threw his head back in pleasure, letting out a long groan.

Jenna closed her mouth over the head of this dick, moaning as she sucked on it lightly, feeling it beginning to grow in her hand and mouth. She cupped his ball sack with her other hand, lightly fondling it as she moved her mouth down the shaft of his dick. She moved her mouth down until the head of his dick pushed against the back of her throat, still only able to take about half of it into her mouth.

Anna moved up on her hands and knees, next to Jenna, wanting to get a better view of the action. Her eyes widened seeing her friend’s lips stretched around the shaft of Tim’s dick. She continued to watch as Jenna slowly started moving her head back, seeing the shaft of Tim’s dick glistening with saliva. She found it hard to believe that his dick could fit in Jenna’s mouth, watching Jenna pull back until the head was just inside of her mouth.

Jenna moaned more as his dick throbbed in her mouth, and then slowly started moving her mouth back down his dick, moving her tongue along the bottom side of his shaft. She looked up at Tim, his dick pushing into the back of her throat again. She squeezed his ball sack harder, causing Tim to groan louder and try to pull away.

Anna looked up at Tim seeing him wince a little. She looked back down at Jenna, watching Jenna start to move her head back and forward in a steady rhythm, sucking on his dick. Her pussy tingled even more, watching Tim’s dick throb in Jenna’s mouth, listening to Jenna and Tim groan and moan together.

Jenna finally pulled completely of Tim’s dick, with a light audible pop coming from her mouth when his dick exited her mouth. She grabbed the shaft of Tim’s dick again and released his ball sack, looking over at Anna. “Are you ready to try now?” She asked, a wide grin on her face.

Anna looked at Tim’s fully hard dick, swallowing hard. “I… I guess I’m ready,” she answered nervously.

Jenna giggled, “it’s not that hard, you just put your mouth on it and suck on it like it’s a lollipop.”

Anna looked at her friend. “I know, but it’s just so big and my mouth is so small,” she said.

Jenna giggled even more. “It can’t be much smaller than mine. Open your mouth as wide as you can,” she said.

Anna did as Jenna instructed, opening her mouth as far as it could go. She held it open, almost laughing when Jenna studied her open mouth.

Jenna looked at her friend’s wide open mouth. “See it’s not that small I think you’ll be able to get his dick in there,” she said, looking back at Tim’s erection.

Anna closed her mouth, shrugging her shoulders slowly, “okay I guess I’ll give it a shot.”

Jenna held Tim’s erection at the base. “Go ahead Anna it won’t hurt you,” she said excitedly.

Anna swallowed hard again as she moved towards Tim’s hard dick, thinking it was getting bigger the closer she got to it. She opened her mouth wide open, getting near the head of his dick, noticing the tip of it glistening a little. She felt a hand push against the back of her head, as if trying to push her towards his dick faster.

“Yeah that’s it Anna take his huge dick into your little mouth,” Jenna moaned , urging her friend on. She pushed harder on the back of Anna’s head, watching the head of Tim’s dick slowly enter Anna’s mouth, causing her own pussy to tingle more.

Anna tried to take more of his dick into her mouth, slowly moving her head forward, feeling his thick cock throb as it slid into her mouth. She kept moving onto it, until her mouth was stretched as far as it could go, only able to get a few inches into her mouth. She closed her lips around the shaft, moaning as it throbbed hard again.

Tim let out a long groan of pleasure, “ohh my god.” He laid a hand on top of her head, enjoying the feeling of his dick in her tiny mouth.

Jenna’s eyes were wide, looking at the scene in front of her. “Ohh my god, that looks so hot Anna, yes suck his hard dick,” she moaned, lightly rubbing her own pussy.

Anna moaned again, listening to Jenna talking to her. She slowly started to move her head back, sucking hard on his dick as it exited her mouth. She pulled back until just the tip of his dick was between her lips, then opened her mouth wide again and flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick a few times.

Tim groaned louder, his body shivering as Anna flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick. He threw his head back in pleasure, his body trembling.

Jenna reached back with her other hand, laying it on Anna’s ass, moving it down towards her friends slit. She cooed, her finger sliding between Anna’s wet pussy lips, running over her swollen clit.

Anna slowly began to engulf Tim’s dick again, slowly moving her mouth over his dick. She moaned onto his dick, feeling her pussy being rubbed, and pushed her hips back into Jenna’s hand. She started moving her head back and forward in a steady rhythm, sucking on Tim’s dick hard.

“Mmm does someone like that? Does someone like their pussy being rubbed, while sucking on a hard dick?” Jenna asked with a moan.

Anna nodded, picking up the pace on Tim’s dick, moving her head faster each time. Anna started fondling his ball sack, like she had seen Jenna do earlier, lightly squeezing it and tugging on it.

Tim’s groans grew louder, feeling his cum beginning to boil in his balls. He moved his hips in time with Anna’s head. He looked at Jenna, groaning, “fuck I’m gonna cum.”

Jenna nodded at him, smiling, “do it Tim, cum in her mouth, let her taste your hot cum.”

Tim moved his hand to back of her head, holding her in place, and throwing his head, letting out a loud growl, “ahhh fuck!” Listening to Jenna talk like that only heightened his excitement, and sent him over the edge.

Anna felt his dick grow in her mouth, and his ball sack tighten in her hand, knowing he was about to cum, but not knowing what expect. She looking up at Tim with a pleading look, finding it hard to breath with the head of his dick in the back of her throat.

Tim’s cum rushed up his dick, shooting out explosively, and into the back of Anna’s throat. His body jerked violently, being rocked by an intense orgasm.

When the first shot of Tim’s cum hit the back of her throat, Anna started choking, coughing, forcing his cum back out around his dick. She tried to pull away, but Tim held her in place, his dick is throbbing again as more cum shot into her throat.

Jenna sat there in awe, watching her brother’s dick throb and his cum leak out of her friend’s mouth. She had never seen a dick throb up close, and had to admit that it was an amazing sight, watching it flex and jerk, as it emptied its load.

Anna continued to choke and cough, as Tim’s dick continued to shoot it’s contents into her throat, feeling his cum running down her chin. She moved her hand from his ball sack, trying to catch the dripping cum, feeling it splash into her hand.

Finally his orgasm began to wane, after shooting four times into Anna’s throat. He continued to twitch his dick, making sure all of his cum was out of it, moving his hand away from the back of her head.

Anna pulled her head back, a look of shock on her face, and his cum running down her chin, looking up at Tim, still coughing. She then looked over at Jenna, not knowing what to say. It had really scared her when his dick came in her mouth, as well as not being able to breathe.

Jenna smiled at her. “So how was it?” she asked, noticing the look of shock on Anna’s face.

Jenna looked at Tim, “you know that was a little wrong, holding her down on your dick like that.”

Tim slowly nodded, “I know, I’m sorry Anna, but I couldn’t help myself, I was so turned on.”

Jenna scoffed, “that is no excuse, you know it was her first time and you have an oversized dick.”

Tim nodded again, “I know, I’m very sorry Anna.”

Anna looked up at Tim, nodding. “It really scared of me,” she said, “I couldn’t breathe.”

“Other than that how was it Anna?” Jenna asked.

Anna look at Jenna, “it was okay but my throat hurts a little bit.”

“I can understand why, I don’t know why he was so mean to you. He wasn’t that mean to me the first time we had sex,” Jenna said, glaring at Tim.

Tim looked down, a little ashamed of himself. He didn’t know why he had done that, he had just done in the heat of the moment.

His dick was completely limp now, looking at both of the girls sincerely. “I guess we’re done for the night then?” He asked.

Jenna looked at him, then at Anna, “have you had enough for tonight?”

Anna shook her head, “no I want to get his dick back inside of my pussy again.”

Jenna chuckled, “even after what he just did to you, you still want to have sex with him?”

Anna nodded her head vigorously. “He didn’t treat me that bad, it just scared me a little,” she said, looking at Tim with a smile.

Tim returned the smile, “but there is a problem.”

Both of the girls looked at him questionably. “What do you mean?” Jenna asked.

“I’ve already came 3 times today, twice within the last hour. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get him back up right now,” Tim said, holding his limp member in his hand.

Jenna giggled, “Oh, that is a problem.” She looked over at Anna, “why don’t you and I have fun together again, and maybe that will wake Tim’s dick up?”

Tim vigorously nodded his head. “Yeah that may do the trick,” he said with a laugh.

Chapter 10

It was 12:30 a.m. when John drove into his driveway. It had been a long day at work for him, and he was happy it was over, plus he had tomorrow off.

He got out of his car and made his way to the front door, noticing Jenna’s bedroom light was still on. ‘That’s odd I thought they would all be asleep already,’ he thought to himself, opening the door. He walked into the house, seeing the light from Jenna’s room in the hallway.

He quietly made his way down the hallway, ready to yell at her and tell her to go to bed. When he walked up to her doorway, he could hear voices coming from the bedroom. Without walking into her room, he peered around the corner, getting a sight he would soon never forget.

His son was standing at the foot of the bed, his soft cock in his hand, looking at Jenna and another young girl on the bed. Both of the girls were completely naked, kissing each other deeply, and rubbing their hands all over each other. John let out a soft groan, watching his stepdaughter rubbing the other girl’s pussy. He noticed the toys and lube laying on the side of the bed, realizing they were Kelly’s. ‘How did they get them?’ He wondered, turning his attention back to the girls.

Jenna had started by licking the dried cum off of Anna’s chin. After Anna’s chin was clean, Jenna started kissing her friend deeply. She forced her tongue into Anna’s mouth, their tongues wrestling with each other. Jenna started rubbing Anna’s pussy, hoping Anna would do the same to hers.

Tim was standing there watching them swap his cum with each other, slowly tugging at his dick trying to wake it back up. He heard a noise behind him, turning to see what it was. He didn’t see anything, but was sure he had heard something from the hallway.

‘Shit,’ John thought to himself,trying to remain unseen. He stepped back into the hallway, hoping Tim didn’t see him, his dick already starting to harden in his pants.

Tim started walking towards the doorway, curious about the noise now. He walked into the doorway looking to his left, and seeing his dad standing there. “How long have you been standing here?” He asked, whispering, thinking his dad had seen everything.

John looked at his son in anger. “Long enough to know you’re in big trouble,” he replied with a scowl.

Tim looked at his dad in shock. “What do you mean I’m in trouble?” He asked.

“What you are doing in there is wrong,” John said with a scowl.

“And what happened a few nights ago wasn’t?” Tim asked in anger.

“I know that was wrong, but I didn’t think you would keep doing it,” John replied, at a loss for words now.

He knew what he has done with Jenna was wrong, as well as allowing Tim to have sex with Jenna. He knew he couldn’t allow it to keep going on.

Tim glanced down at his dad’s crotch, noticing the slight bulge from his hardening dick, realizing his dad must have liked what he had seen. He looked back up at his dad with a smile. “I know I shouldn’t be doing, but Jenna is the one that came onto me first. What would you do in my situation?” Tim asked, trying to figure out a way to get out of this now.

John opened his mouth to respond, when Jenna moaned loudly, “mmm yes, that feels good.”

Tim turned around, looking at the girls on the bed. His eyes widened at the scene on the bed, letting out a soft groaned.

John peered into the room as well, wanting to see what was going on. ‘Oh my god, he mouthed, staring at the scene in front of him.

Jenna was laying down on the bed, her legs up in the air, spread open,knees bent, and feet flat on the bed. Anna was on her knees, her ass high in the air, and her young, swollen, pussy lips in full view. Her head was between Jenna’s open legs, moaning, licking Jenna’s pussy.

John groaned at the sight of Anna’s swollen pussy, his dick throbbing in his pants. He was frozen in place, mesmerized by the lesbian scene in front of him.

Tim looked at his dad, when he groaned. He knew his dad was enjoying the scene, as much as he was. “You know you can go join them,” he whispered, hoping his dad’s sexual urges would take over and he would forget about everything.

Jenna pulled on Anna’s hair, lifting her hips off of the bed, grinding her pussy against Anna’s face. “Oh yes, don’t stop, lick my pussy, make me cummmm,” Jenna moaned, her body starting to tremble with her growing orgasm.

Anna held her head in place, letting Jenna grind her pussy against her face like she wanted. Her nose was smashed against Jenna’s clit, feeling it rubbing up and down her nose. She had her tongue buried in Jenna’s pussy, sucking at the escaping nectar.

Tim and John continued to watch them, mesmerized. Tim’s dick was beginning to twitch again, licking his lips, staring at Anna’s slit.

Tim started walking towards the bed, forgetting about his dad standing there. He walked up to the foot of the bed, not taking his eyes off of Anna’s glistening slit. He slowly moved onto the bed behind Anna, moving his head towards her pussy.

John continued to stand there for a moment, transfixed on the two young girls. He watched Tim walk up to the bed, almost forgetting about being mad at him now. He took a few steps into the room when Tim blocked his view, his ears being inundated with the girl’s moans and groans, and his dick begging for freedom, now.

Tim stuck his tongue out, pushing the tip of it into Anna’s pussy, tasting her wetness. He groaned at the sweet taste, his dick beginning to harden now. He pushed his tongue into her entrance, pushing it in as far as he could.

“Mmm,” Anna moaned into Jenna’s pussy, feeling her pussy being penetrated from behind. She pushed her hips back into Tim, wanting him to keep going.

Tim quickly moved his tongue in and out of her pussy, noticing it getting wetter. He reached up with his hand, using his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. He pulled his tongue out of her pussy and started flicking it across to her swollen clit.

Anna’s body started to jump, Tim’s tongue flicking against her sensitive clit was driving her insane. She took her tongue out of Jenna’s pussy, and sucked her clit into her mouth, nibbling at it lightly.

John move to the side of the bed, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He pushed them and his boxers down, freeing his erection. He slowly started stroking it, watching the scene in front of him, listening to the girl’s moans getting even louder.

Jenna turned her head, opening her eyes, and looking right at her stepdad. Her eyes immediately went wide, looking at him in shock. Her hands relaxed on Anna’s head, and dropped her hips back to bed, not sure what say to John.

Anna looked up at Jenna, wondering what was going on. She noticed Jenna staring towards the side of the bed, her mouth agape. Anna looked towards the side of the bed, almost jumping at the sight of John standing there, stroking his dick.

John smiled at Jenna, not saying anything. He looked down her body, staring at her naked tits. He took a step towards the bed, reaching out with his other hand, and running it across her tit.

Jenna arched her back, pushing her chest into his hand. “Mmm,” she moaned aloud, enjoying the attention.

Anna looked down at John’s hand, stroking his dick, noticing it wasn’t nowhere near as big as Tim’s. She licked her lips, staring at it, still liking the sight of it.

Tim didn’t pay any attention to his dad standing there. He pulled his tongue out Anna’s pussy, moving his mouth down a little, and sucked her clit into his mouth.

Anna’s attention was brought to what was happening to her pussy, when Tim sucked her clit into his mouth. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. “Yes, make me cum again,” she moaned, feeling her orgasm nearing.

Jenna continued to look up at John in lust,reaching out with her hand towards his dick. She smiled at him, pushing his hand away from his dick, wrapping her hand around his shaft. “Someone else wants to join us?” She asked, moaning.

John looked back up at his stepdaughter, slowly nodding. He had nothing else on his mind, but getting his dick into a wet pussy right now. He covered Jenna’s tit with his hand, squeezing is lightly, his dick throbbing in her hand.

Jenna cooed, moving her head towards the edge of the bed. She looked up at her stepdad, opening her mouth and slowly taking the head of his dick into her mouth, feeling it throb again as she wrapped her lips around his dick.

John threw his head back in pleasure. “Ahh yes,” he groaned loudly, his body shivering when her tongue rubbed against his sensitive head.

Jenna started to move her mouth down onto his dick, sucking on it hard. She kept looking up at her stepdad, looking for his reaction. She move down until the head of his dick pushed into her throat, taking his dick taking his dick fully into her mouth, his pubic hair tickling her nose and lips. She rubbed her tongue against the bottom side of his shaft, sucking hard on his dick.

John looked down at his stepdaughter with lust. “Oh god baby, that’s it suck my dick, “he groaned. He was in complete euphoria, feeling Jenna’s hot mouth sucking on his dick. He laid his other hand on top of her head, making his dick throb harder in her mouth.

Anna opened her eyes again, looking at Jenna, watching her friend taking John’s dick fully into her mouth. She was trying to comprehend what was happening, she knew that Jenna had sex with Tim, and now her stepdad was in here and she was sucking his dick.’What kind of family is this,’ she thought to herself.

Tim started to nibble and flick his tongue against Anna’s clit, not paying any attention to what was going on in front of them. He knew his dad was there, and figured he would eventually get involved.

Anna closed her eyes once again, feeling her orgasm nearing. Her body was trembling and shaking, grinding her pussy against Tim’s face. “Oh god, oh god, I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cummmm,” she moaned aloud, pushing her pussy back into Tim, her orgasm beginning to course through her.

Tim kept sucking on her clit while she came, trying to keep his mouth on it while her hips bucked . A rush of her juices was flowing out of her pussy, running down his cheeks and chin as she came.

Anna’s body trembled and bucked on the bed, her orgasm completely consuming her now. Her arms grew weak, her upper falling onto the bed, and her body still jerking around.

Jenna took her mouth off of her stepdad’s dick, watching Anna experience her orgasm. “Mmm yeah, cum all over his face Anna,” she moaned, urging her friend on.

John was also watching the young girl cum. Watching her body tremble and shake, his son continuing to suck on her clit.

Anna’s legs slid back, and she laid flat on the bed. Her body continued to convulse with aftershocks on the bed, her orgasm fading.

Tim knelt there, smiling at his dad and stepsister. His cheeks and chin glistening with Anna’s juices, and his hard dick standing proud now.

“Oh look Tim, you’re hard again,” Jenna exclaimed excitedly.

Tim smiled wider, nodding. “Yeah, I know,” he said, slowly moving over Anna’s back.

John looked at his son, realizing he was about to penetrate Anna. He opened his mouth to stop him, but didn’t say anything, knowing he had no room to talk right now.

Tim slowly lowered his body onto Anna’s, his dick sliding between her ass cheeks. He let out a soft groan, making his dick throb against her.

Anna let out a soft moan as well, rubbing her ass against him, feeling his thick member rub against her asshole. She shivered, moaning more, the friction against her asshole sending new sensations through her. She lifted her head, looking up at Tim. “Please put your dick in me, I want to feel it in my pussy again,” she moaned, almost pleading.

Tim groaned, enjoying the feeling of his dick rubbing between her ass cheeks. He was in a world of his own. “You want my hard dick in your pussy?” He whispered, raspily

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned, rubbing her ass against him harder.

Both John and Jenna were staring at them, watching them rubbing against each other. John looked back at Jenna, who had her eyes transfixed on her friend and stepbrother. He reached down and grabbed her leg, spinning her so her pussy was right in front of him.

Jenna looked up her stepdad, after he spun her, knowing he was ready to fuck her now. “Mmm, are you going to put your dick in me daddy?” She moaned playfully.

John nodded, looking down at her glistening pussy. He grabbed his dick, stooping down and guiding it to her slit, not taking his eyes off of his target. He watched her pussy lips open around the head of his dick, steadily pushing it into her. “Ohh yes,” he groaned in pleasure, putting his hands on the bed, and sinking his dick fully into his stepdaughter.

John slowly moved his hips back, looking down at his glistening dick as it exited her. With just the head of his dick still in her, he looked back up at his stepdaughter, swiftly moving his hips forward, slamming into her.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Jenna moaned, lifting her hips up into him.

Tim looked up at his dad and stepsister, watching his dad sink his dick into Jenna. He moved himself back, lifting his hips up slightly, and grabbing his dick, ready to penetrate Anna. “So are you ready Anna?” He groaned, slowly guiding his dick down to her pussy.

“Mmm hmm, yes put your hard dick in me,” Anna moaned, lifting her hips up a little, ready to be filled again.

Tim slowly moved his hips forward, the head of his dick pushing against her slit. He rubbed it up and down her slit, getting it slick with her wetness.

Anna spread her legs open a little, moving her hips up and down with him, enjoying the feeling of his fat head sliding against her pussy. “Put it in me please,” she moaned, not wanting to wait any longer.

Tim stopped moving his dick, holding it at her entrance. He steadily pushed his pushed his hips forward, groaning when his dick began to sink into her.

Anna held her hips up, feeling Tim’s dick begin to enter her. “Oh fuck,” she groaned, feeling her pussy being stretched open again.

Tim kept pushing his dick into her until the head of his dick pushed against her cervix. “Oh my god, you’re so tight,” he growled into her ear, laying across her again.

Tim and Anna laid there, completely still and quiet. They listened to John grunting and groaning, and Jenna moaning out encouragement, the bed shaking from their movements.

John fucked Jenna as hard and fast as he could, holding her legs up and open, enjoying the feeling of being in her tight, young, pussy again. Sweat was running down his face, his ball sack making smacking sounds against Jenna’s ass each time he slammed into her.

Jenna looked up at her stepdad, feeling an orgasm building inside of her. “Ohh daddy, you’re gonna make cum, mmm. Don’t stop daddy, make me cum,” she moaned, moving her hand over swollen clit, rubbing it vigorously.

Anna looked up at her friend getting fucked, moaning softly and pushing her ass into Tim, wanting him to fuck her, now. “Fuck me Tim, make me cum too,” she moaned, grinding against him.

Tim pushed himself up when heard Anna speak. He slowly moved his hips back, withdrawing his dick a few inches, and then he jammed his hips forward, the head of his dick slamming into her cervix. “You wanna get fucked hard huh?” He growled, moving his back again, and slamming back into her hard.

“Uh huh, fuck me Tim, yesss,” Anna groaned, jumping when the head of his dick slammed into her cervix.

Tim started a rhythm, slowly pulling back, and then forcefully slamming his dick back into her. He looked up at his dad and Jenna again, watching them fuck, moving in and out of Anna faster with each stroke.

Anna was grunting underneath of him, feeling him slam into her cervix with each stroke. Her inflamed clit was rubbing against the bed as he fucked her, sending jolts through her body, helping her orgasm to slowly build.

Jenna had her eyes closed, rubbing her clit hard, right on the verge of cumming. “Oh I’m gonna cum, your dick is gonna make me cum daddy,” she moaned loudly.

John’s grunts were getting louder,feeling his ball sack tightening, and his balls tingling, signaling his imminent release. “Me too baby, me too,” he groaned, not even thinking straight now.

“Do it daddy, cum in me, let me feel your hot cum in my pussy, cum with me daddy,” Jenna moaned loudly.

John slammed into his stepdaughter hard, throwing his head up. “Ahh, here it comes baby, I’m cumming,” he growled, his dick throbbing and spraying his seed into her sucking pussy.

Jenna felt her stepdad’s dick throb and shoot into her, setting off her orgasm as well. “Ohh daddy, yesss, you’re making me cummmm too,” she moaned, her body shaking under him. Her pussy contracted around his spasming dick, milking it for everything it had.

John slowly moved his dick in and out of her squeezing pussy, his dick continuing to throb and fill her with his cum. “Ohhhh fuck,” he groaned, his orgasm waning.

Jenna continued to cum under him, her pussy beginning to force his cum back out around his dick, mixed with her own juices, running down her ass. She put her hands over her eyes, her orgasm waning as well. “Mmmm,” she moaned, breathing raggedly.

Tim and Anna had watched them orgasm together. Watching their bodies shake and tremble in their orgasmic bliss.

Tim made dick continue throb in his lover’s pussy, hoping it wouldn’t take him too long to cum. “Are you ready to cum now?” He whispered, watching his dad collapse on top of Jenna.

“Mmm hmm,” Anna responded, pushing her ass into him.

John was completely exhausted now. After the long day at work, and this intense fucking session, he couldn’t move. He started drifting off to sleep, his soft member still inside of his stepdaughter’s pussy.

Jenna groaned underneath of him, completely exhausted as well. She pushed against her stepdad, pushing him off of her, feeling his soft dick slip out of leaking pussy. She felt his cum running out of her, but was to tired to care, drifting off to sleep as well.

Tim put his arm under Anna’s stomach, and lifted her up with him to her knees. He put his hands on her hips, and slowly began to move his hips back, looking down at his glistening dick. Without pausing, he pulled back on her hips, while shoving his hips forward, burying his dick back in her.

Anna threw her head up, her mouth wide open, as if to scream, but nothing coming out. She let Tim do what he wanted, letting him push her hips forward, and then pull them back as he slammed into her. She finally got the idea of what he wanted, and started moving her hips with him, slamming her hips back into him when he drove his dick into her.

Tim started grunting loudly, moving a hand over her stomach, and down to her clit. “Cum for me baby, I want that pussy to cum all over my dick and suck my cum out,” he growled, rubbing her clit hard.

Anna moaned at his words, her body starting to tingle, her orgasm building up inside of her. “Mmm yes make me cum Tim, make me cum on your monster,” she moaned, forcefully pushing her hips back into him.

Tim groaned, rubbing her clit harder, feeling her pussy beginning to get even tighter around his dick. “Yes, cum for me, come on, cum,” he growled, almost yelling.

Anna’s body began to jump and tremble under him, her orgasm nearing. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cummmm,” she announced, her orgasm shooting through her.

“Yeah that’s it, cum for me,” Tim groaned, feeling her pussy squeeze his dick hard, and her juices spray out around it.

Anna thrashed around under him, her body being rocked with the most intense orgasm yet. Her body bucked, her pussy squeezing and releasing his dick, milking it for it’s cream filling.

Tim continued to slowly move his dick in and out of her, feeling his impending ejaculation coming. He moved his hand away from her clit, kneeling up, wanting to cum now. He threw his head back, his dick throbbing, cum rushing up it and spilling into Anna. “Ohh yes, your making me cum too,” he groaned, his dick emptying what little cum he had into her.

Anna’s upper body had fallen to the bed, continuing to slowly rock her hips into him, feeling his dick throb and twitch in her pussy. “Oh my god that was the best one yet,” she moaned, out of breath. She had finally had enough, falling flat on the bed, Tim’s dick slipping out of her dripping pussy, completely exhausted as well.

Tim lightly laughed, not sure what she meant by that comment. He laid down next to her, completely spent, feeling her juices covering his thighs. He put his arm across her back, and moved close to her, drifting off to sleep.

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