Two women and the sex machine
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Barbara is tall, about 5′ 7″, slender and light-boned, so that her 127 pounds
are not skinny. She wears her deep brown hair short and curly, and dresses for
business in tailored pantsuits, with just a touch of color in her accessories.
Although she appears to be in her early thirties, she will celebrate her
forty-second birthday this coming November.

Her body is soft and curvy. Her waist is small, accenting the firm roundness
of her hips, the small mound of her belly. She has been known to freeze
uncooperative subordinates with her grey-green eyes.

She normally separates her business and private life very strictly, but then
she discovered —

Michele. At 26, Michele had worked her way “up the corporate ladder” to a
minor management position, entirely on her own ability. Barbara discovered her
record, and promoted her to Assistant to the CEO.

She is an untiring worker, a top business analyst. She produces the most
thorough reports of anyone Barbara has worked with.

Michele is of average height, but with outstanding looks. Her long blonde
straight hair frames her thin pixie face, a contrast to her large deep blue
eyes. She dresses less severely than Barbara, going in for earth-colored
skirts with pastel blouses. She loves sexy shoes, and wears them well on her
small, well-formed feet.

She has large, well-proportioned breasts, which carry well on her larger-boned
frame. Though she is self-conscious about it, they jiggle delightfully when
she walks. Her legs are firm and solid, but not at all heavy, and men at the
office enjoy a peek at her nylon-clad “stems” as she climbs the stairs. Her
hips and ass blossom forth from her waist in an eye-pleasing way, and she has
an unconscious wiggle, accented by her high heels, that has drawn whistles in
the parking lot.

Her quick, bright smile is matched by an equally quick frown, and her young
face already shows signs of “worry lines.” She is subject to stomach cramps
and, somehow, this awakens a protective urge in Barbara, who finds herself
unaccountably attracted to the younger woman.

For her own part, Michele thinks the world of Barbara. She wonders at how
Barbara always seems to know the right thing to say, the right moves to make
in business, and secretly wishes that she were the older sister that she never

Two months ago, Barbara invited Michele to a restaurant for dinner after work.
The two women had a few drinks, and began to lose the edge of their
employer-employee relationship, began to become friends. They have been out to
dinner together several times since.

After their last dinner and a few drinks, Barbara suggested they go to her
apartment, where the drinks would be as good, and they could be more

Michele agreed, and a short cab ride later, they arrived, and were greeted by
the doorman.

“Hullo, Ma’am, Fine ev’nin.” he said, as he pressed the elevator button.

“Hello, Matt.”

The two women entered the elevator, and shortly were in Barbara’s large, but
not ostentatious, apartment. Michele looked around at the comfortable, modern
furniture, and said, “I love your place.”

“Thank you. Give me your jacket. Like to look around?”


Michele was relieved of her suit jacket, revealing a sheer pink blouse that
only slightly veiled her well-filled bra.

“Well, go ahead,” Barbara invited her as she put away Michele’s jacket and her
own. “Make yourself at home. What will you drink?”

“Um, seven and seven.”

Barbara crossed the room to a small bar, tuned the stereo to soft music, and
began making drinks while Michele looked around. The older woman brought up
two glasses as the blonde peeked through the open bedroom door.

“Here y’are. Cheers.”

“Um. Good. Oh, what a big, beautiful bed. Your apartment is wonderful,

“Thanks. I like it. Come sit on the couch with me and relax. You seem nervous.
Can’t you forget I’m the boss? We’re friends.”

“Sure, Barbara.” Michele was not willing to tell Barbara that her nearness was
the real reason for her nervousness.

“Tell me some more about yourself, Michele. Do you have brothers or sisters?”

“No. My parents died in a car crash when I was 12, and my aunt and uncle
raised me. They had two boys younger than I.”

“That must have been difficult.”

“Actually, no. They treated me like their own. There was never any “me against
them,” or anything. They even saved my parents’ modest holdings and sent me to
business college. You know, though, I always wanted to have a sister. How
about you, Barbara? Do you have a sister?”

“I have three brothers, one older. I always thought a sister would be fun,
too. Someone to talk girl-talk to.

“We were a strict religious family, and there wasn’t much talk about the
things I wanted to know – mainly about boys, then. My brothers weren’t much
help, they wanted to ‘protect’ me.”

The younger woman drained her glass.


“Uh, yes, thanks.”

The brunette got up and walked to the bar.



“Let’s be sisters.”

“What a wonderful idea! We could ‘adopt’ each other.”

“And we could share secrets, and all the things we wanted to talk about as

“We should celebrate. Say, I’ll open some champagne!”

They giggled over pulling the cork, Barbara holding the bottle between her
legs, and Michele stroking the neck of the bottle.

“What a big one you have, and what an odd color!” Michele laughed. Secretly,
she was fighting an urge to touch Barbara, finding the brunette unaccountably
attractive. “What’s going on with me?” she thought.

Eventually, the bottle was opened and the bubbly was poured.

They clinked glasses, smiled at each other, and toasted their new

“But no favors at work,” Michele said after a moment. “I wanna make it on my
own.” The drinks had loosened her tongue a bit.

“Why, of course not. Not even for a real sister. You should know me better.”

They drank in silence for a while.

To herself Michele thought, “I was never attracted to another woman before.
Should I tell her?”

“I wish I were as beautiful as you,” the blonde whispered, as the brunette
refilled the glasses.

“What? Silly, you’re a very beautiful woman. The men at the office think so,
too. I’ve watched them look at you. Erik likes to watch you getting things
from the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.”

“He watches your bottom, too,” Michele giggled.

“He’s good looking, isn’t he?”

“Umm. When he walks by and gives me that smile I kinda melt. He’s got great
buns, doesn’t he?” Michele was loosening up, the champagne and the sudden
close friendship making her feel very comfortable.

“Oh, yes. I almost forget what I’m doing sometimes, watching his tight little

They sipped some more. A warm, cozy feeling was creeping up Michele’s insides.
Her secret attraction to Barbara, and the talk about Erik, to whom she was
also attracted, was taking a toll.

“You ever wonder what he’d be like? I mean, er, in bed,” she blurted.

“Yes, but not enough to do anything about it… yet.” They laughed.

They sipped a while in silence.

“Do you have a man in your life now, Michele?”

She has had several men, but has found them generally too rash and
insensitive, and hadn’t formed any lasting attachments. Besides, though she
would like a warm, nurturing relationship and fulfilling sex, she would rather
not give up her career, as she feels she must if she were to marry. She is
convinced that living with someone would present the same problems as

“No, not right now. You?”

“Nobody special. The last guy I went with, I thought he was special. He was
one of the few who didn’t mind my being ‘Ms. President’ and who – well, he was
exciting, but… no good.”

Barbara is very selective about those she allows to participate in her private
“rites”, and is fiercely loyal to her men – until they prove themselves
“unworthy” of her, when she drops them, often on their heads. She is willing
to try anything once to see if she likes it–and she often does.

“Barbara? Is it wrong for a woman to be, er, ah, attracted to another woman?”

“Wrong? No, of course not.”

“Would that make her a lesbian?”

“No, not unless she preferred women to men all the time.” Barbara replied,

“Oh, er, nothing. Excuse me. All this champagne, I need the bathroom.” She got
up, went down the hallway and closed the door. The inner warmth was very
strong, and after relieving her bladder, the touch of the paper sent a thrill
up her belly.

“No,” she thought, “not here.” But the demanding warmth called her, and she
wet a fingertip in her mouth and touched her love button.

Meanwhile, Barbara sipped more champagne and wondered about Michele’s question
– and wondered at her own attraction to the voluptuous blonde. She got up,
walked to the bar, and found some pretzels. She poured them out into a bowl,
carried them back to the sofa, and nibbled at them.

Michele’s touchings had only increased the heat, her juices flowing, her
now-swollen nether lips hungry for contact. She spread her thighs a little
wider, her love bud growing in its pink nest. Her fingers played in the patch
of gently curled hair which barely covered her full woman’s lips. She pressed
her thumbs together above her sparsely covered mound and pushed downward. Her
bud stood out straighter, her delicate inner lips opening. She moved her
thumbs up and down, and her hot little nubbin moved up and down in its
caressing nest.

Desire filled her, like a hollow in her loins. She rocked her hips forward,
sliding to the front edge of the seat. She kicked the silky pantyhose and
soft, white cotton panties off her legs and spread her knees yet further. Her
thigh muscles tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed. Her flexing fingers
milked at her hot delta of flesh, drawing waves of heat from her insides. She
inserted a finger, then two, and worked them in and out, trying to satisfy her
agonizing need. Then she began to walk the fingers around inside herself. She
began to mew softly. Her other hand joined the first, rubbing at the frilly
inner lips, teasing the bud which sent such intense chills and warm pulses
through her belly.

“She’s been gone a long while,” Barbara mused, finishing her glass. “I wonder
if she’s all right.” She chuckled aloud. “She’s had a lot to drink, I hope she
didn’t pass out in there.”

Michele’s hands were working a dance on her soft wet flesh, her moans becoming
audible. She flung her knees wide, pressing a third finger into play. She
pulled at her inner softness, her other hand gripping the top of her pussy,
twisting and sliding against her erect button. Shocking heat speared through
her. Her ass bounced on the toilet rim.

“I better see if she’s okay.” Barbara got up and walked to the closed bathroom
door, and listened a moment. She heard a soft moan from within.


No answer.

Michele’s mouth was open in a grimace, her head tossing from side to side, her
three fingers buried to the second knuckle, her left hand massaging a breast.

Now Barbara really was worried. She hesitated a moment, then opened the door.

“Oh! Excuse… Oh.” Embarrased at having barged in, but fascinated by the
scene she was witnessing, Barbara stood a moment in the doorway. Her face
flushing crimson, Michele returned to sensibility, and began to cover herself.

“Oh, sweet little sister, please, please, don’t stop. Wouldn’t you like to
finish what you started.”

Michele’s hands didn’t want to leave their work, and after a moment resumed
their rubbing. Barbara watched entranced, her own fires warming. She softly
entered the room, and sat on the edge of the tub next to Michele.

“Oh yes. Oh, is that good? Mmm.” Her hand went to Michele’s face, pushing back
a strand of hair.

Michele had both hands back on her mound, one working the puffy lips back and
forth, the other once more plunged in, wriggling at the hot flesh of the front
wall of her canal.

The older woman leaned forward a bit, until her lips just brushed those of her
newly-adopted sister. Her tongue darted out, teasing Michele’s soft, red, also
darting tongue.

Barbara found the buttons up the back of Michele’s sheer blouse, and undid
them while they kissed, then pulled the blouse gently from the blonde’s
shoulders as she broke away. Her hands went to the front clasp of Michele’s
sheer bra and undid it quickly. The older woman’s fingers gently drew the
straps from the blonde’s shoulders and pulled the bra from the treasures it
had held. Michele’s full breasts were capped with pink silver-dollar-sized
areolas, surrounding little berries that had puckered up hard with her
excitement. Barbara’s hands went to the twin globes and stroked them, rolling
the nipples gently between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Look how your nipples pucker. I can’t resist tasting them.” She bent and
darted her tongue over them.

Michele’s hips began to buck, her moaning grew louder.

The brunette leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the hard tip of
Michele’s nipple, while her right hand joined Michele’s own. At first
exploring, then massaging Michele’s erect love bud. She pressed and pulled at
the swollen clitoris, intently watching the emotions on Michele’s face.

“Unn!… Ohh!… OOOOH!”

“Come, little sister. Oh, yes, come for me. You look so lovely!”

Michele reached the heights. She tottered a moment, delightfully pausing at
the brink of the precipice, then plunged headlong. Lightnings went off in her
body, her muscles jerked and spasmed, her round ass bumped on the seat. Her
head was thrown back, her mouth open. The tight muscles forced her and
Barbara’s fingers half out of her body.


Skillfully playing the rhythm of Michele’s spasms, Barbara carefully massaged
the clit, extending the awesome throes of Michele’s pleasure.

Slowly, Michele’s aftershocks eased, and she eased into a warm, fuzzy glow.
Barbara was enthralled, watching the younger woman. Her own love channel had
heated, her ice-blue panties were drenched.

“Kiss me again,” Michele murmered.

Eagerly, Barbara did, and found a warm, wet, tongue licking the corners of her
mouth. The blonde’s hands went out to Barbara’s body.

Suddenly, she broke away. “Barbara, I’m scared and I’m embarassed. I… I’ve
never… er, …”

The brunette replied, “Neither have I, sweet little sister. I’ve never even
considered it before. Relax. We’re sisters, remember?”

This was not true, since Barbara had pleasured and been pleasured by a number
of her close female friends over the years. She said it to reassure Michele
that what they were doing was special between them.

“You always seem to know things,” Michele remarked, nodding.

“Come on, let’s not stay in here.”

They wandered back out into the hallway, Michele clad only in her skirt and
half-slip, clutching her discarded blouse and undies. They returned to the
living room, and sat back down on the sofa. Michele’s bounteous breasts were
still exposed, her rumpled skirt askew on her hips.

Michele took a big gulp of champagne.

Barbara smiled at her. “I’m hot, too, now,” she said softly. She picked up her
champagne glass in one hand, sipping, and slid the other hand to the crotch of
her pants, her eyes welling deeply as the looked at the full-chested blonde.

Michele watched wide-eyed as the brunette began to rub herself gently through
the cloth. She drank some more champagne, and watched in silence. Her
curiosity was aroused, as well as her inner fires, which were rekindled at the

Suddenly, she leaned forward and began to undo Barbara’s blouse. “I’ll bet
your breasts are beautiful.”

“They’re kinda small, not like yours.”

The blonde stopped unbuttoning at her words. “Maybe she doesn’t want me to,”
she thought.

“Go ahead. Please. I do want you to touch me,” the brunette whispered.

Michele gently finished with the buttons, then slowly pulled the tails from
under Barbara’s belt, drawing the blouse open, unveiling the treasures
beneath. Barbara was wearing a shimmering light blue, lightly padded bra.
Michele reached behind Barbara, unhooked the bra, and gently pulled it forward
and down. Though not large, Barbara’s breasts were well shaped and full, firm,
high, and crowned with quarter-sized areolas which stood firmly, almost like a
breast on a breast.

“Oh! They ARE beautiful.”

On sudden impulse, Michele leaned forward and kissed the hardening brown tips.
Barbara’s nipples were highly sensitive and erectile. She sometimes “got off”
just from playing with her breasts, or allowing others to do so. The sensation
of Michele’s kiss sent chills down her spine, and caused contractions in her

Barbara removed her blouse and bra, and sat back to enjoy the attention,
humming softly in her throat. Michele broke off to kiss her again on the
mouth, parting her lips, hungrily pushing her tongue between the brunette’s

Michele’s fingers explored the other woman’s firm breasts, cupping and
squeezing them, pulling the nipples, which grew puffy and full. She kissed her
way down Barbara’s neck and fastened her mouth around the nipple and areola,
swirling the flat of her tongue over the ripening plums.

Barbara’s moaning grew.

“Come, little sister.” She said, breathlessly. Getting up, she took Michele’s
hand, and led her to the bedroom. She dimmed the lights to a rosy glow, and
began to remove the rest of her clothing. Under the severe business suit, she
had worn a shiny, smooth garter belt, real silk stockings and silky Vanity
Fair panties in an ice blue color, a color that accented her hair and
milk-white skin.

In fact, sometimes Barbara would go without underwear, except for a garter
belt and stockings, delighting in the delicate sensuous feeling, and in the
secret “naughtiness” of it.

When Barbara had unfastened her stockings, pulled of her garter belt and
removed her clinging, damp panties, Michele saw that her “bush” was full, a
tangle slightly more red than the hair on her head- -it made a lovely picture:
the pale flesh, the auburn public hair and the full, sensuous navel.

Barbara’s legs were thin but well shaped, and terminated in a pair of globes
that were a delight to behold. As she bent to remove her stockings, the blonde
briefly glimpsed the sanctuary whose altar lies behind nature’s pink and
frilly veil.

Michele giggled slightly and removed her skirt and half slip. In a moment,
there were two very different, very beautiful and very naked women standing by
the bed.

Barbara laughed. “We forget to bring the wine!”

“I’ll get it,” Michele laughed.

Barbara watched her go. She really did have a nice derriere.

“Don’t forget the glasses,” she called out.

Barbara turned down the cover on the big bed, and when Michele returned, she
smiled and bounced onto the bed, sliding over and patting the space next to
her. Michele giggled again, put the bottle and glasses on the night-table, and
sat next to and facing her. She put her arms around the older woman’s neck,
her ample breasts just brushing the tips of the brunette’s smaller ones.

Barbara began to stroke Michele’s back, running her hands up and down the
other woman’s spine, the unfamiliar touch of her feminine finger tips
beckoning the blonde back down into the dizzying rush of excitement. She
reached lower and lower, finally stroking and squeezing the younger woman’s
rounded buttocks.

Michele flicked Barbara’s jutting nipples with her tongue, lightly brushing
them, teasing, then covered one with her mouth, sucking it in and out between
her lips.

Barbara began to groan again, lying down, her legs writhing on the covers.
Michele flicked the tip of her tongue over the now full nipples, and the
brunette began to shiver.

Barbara cupped her hands over Michele’s breasts as they hung down over her,
and began to knead them, squeezing the warm flesh, rolling her nipples in her

“That feels so good, Barbara,” Michele murmered. Her hand strayed down
Barbara’s belly. “You’re so pretty. I love your pubic hair. See how it curls.”

She ran her fingers through the shock of curls adorning Barbara’s belly. She
pulled gently at the auburn curls, stroking her way closer and closer to the
mound they covered. Then, slowly and gently, she parted the fleshy folds and
ran a finger in the valley between.

The brunette put her arms around the blonde and pulled her onto her body,
wrapping her thin legs around the younger woman’s fuller ones. She pressed her
hot wet flesh hard against Michele’s thigh and rotated her hips slowly.

Michele squirmed around, then sat up, working one of her legs under, the other
over, Barbara’s. Then she pressed forward, until her warm woman’s lips were
kissing the brunettes.

She stroked the other woman’s belly with her fingers, running them up over her
breasts, down over her hips.

She manoeuvered herself until her again-erect bud was pressing hotly against
Barbara’s. She ground her hips forward, the heat rising once more. She pushed
her index finger down so that it simultaneously touched both their clits, then
pumped it up and down.

Barbara lunged her hips forward and up, increasing the pressure, pressing her
own lengthening bud against the blonde’s. The two women writhed and squirmed,
finding the right angle, pressing, moving. Their wet warmths bumped and ground
together, kissing and sucking against each other like two hungry mouths, their
hands squeezing each other’s breasts, pulling each others nipples. The auburn
and blonde curls mingled wetly as their bodies sought release, their two erect
love-buds straining against each others’.

Michele dimly thought to herself, as she started the trip to the pinnacle, “Am
I doing this? Or am I dreaming?”

Barbara was beyond thought, her quicker responses having already brought her
near the edge of orgasm. She began to quiver, her nipples rock-hard, her voice
only capable of sighs and moans.

“Mmmm… oo, oo, mmmMMMM.”

Barbara had begun to cum. Her stomach muscles knotted, little beads of sweat
grew from her skin, her brown areolas and nipples looked ready to burst.


In the next moment, Michele, too, went over, plunging into the lightnings once
more. Her vagina clamped and released as her sphincters spasmed, rubbing ever
more fiercely against her slender partner’s neither lips.


Michele collapsed over the brunette’s body. They twined their arms and legs
about each other, squirming in their aftershocks.

“Ohh. Nice,” Barbara breathed.

She rolled over, refilled the glasses, handed one to Michele, and sipped.

Then she got up, walked across the room, opened a drawer, moved aside some
lingerie, and withdrew a vibrator.

“Do you have any ‘toys’ at home, Michele?”

Michele was embarrased at the sight of Barbara’s “toy.” When she felt the urge
at home, she had learned to “help herself” with fingers or a pillow–but never
with something so blatenty sexual.

Michele blushed, and murmered,”no.”

Barbara walked back to the bed, carrying the instrument. She bent down beside
the bed to plug the vibrator in the wall. She drank more champagne, then lay
back on the pillows. She held the vibrator between her legs, prodding at her
still-moist lips, then stopped.

“Here, won’t you do me?” she asked, handing the instrument to Michele.

Michele hefted the thing, stared wide-eyed at Barbara’s open, vulnerable body,
her legs spread wide, her pink portals open.

She gulped down the rest of the contents of her glass, then crawled over until
she was sitting between the brunette’s knees.

She lay the vibrator lengthwise in the the older woman’s valley and rubbed it
slowly up and down. Barbara reached down and pulled her lips apart with her
fingers, moaning softly. Michele prodded at the entrance to the tunnel of love
with the bulbous head of the instrument, twisting and turning slowly. She
found the control knob on its end, and turned it a little.

A low-pitched hum began, the device waking in her fingers. She prodded and
twisted some more, wetting the end in Barbara’s ample juices. Barbara moaned,
her fingers dancing on her lips and mound. Michele watched fascinated as the
device began to slip into the warm pink opening, framed so beautifully by the
red curls. She pushed, then pulled it almost out, then pushed again, recalling
how she did herself with her own fingers.

With each entry Barbara’s moans grew deeper. When half the length of the
vibrator had disappeared, Michele turned the control up a bit more. The hum
rose, the instrument pulsing in her hand.

“Ohh… Good… Mmm… More… Ohh…”

Michele pulled it slowly out, then pushed it back in. It slid more easily as
Barbara’s moisture wet the shaft. Michele was warming to her task, and began
to pump the instrument in and out, twisting the control up and down.

Although she was unconscious of it, Michele’s free hand wrapped itself around
her left breast, squeezing it, pulling at the nipples, stretching them, then
pressing them.

Barbara was grasping her own breasts. She spread her fingers, and rotating her
wrists, rolled her erect nipples.

Her knees spread wide on each in-stroke, then drew together on the out stroke.
Her head rocked back and forth.

“Ahhg! Yes! Ohh! Innn! Ohh. Harder!”

Michele pumped. She pressed in as far as she dared, feeling the soft
resistance of Barbara’s insides. She watched enthralled as the brunette began
to buck, her hips and her delicious ass thrusting up off the bed, her knees

Michele’s hand found her own wet tunnel, and probed.

She watched the brunette’s pink flesh as it drew back and forth with the
instrument, how her erect nubbin clawed at it as she pressed it in.

“Ohh. Give it to me! Ohhhhhh!”

Barbara bucked up, her body contacting the bed only with her feet and
shoulders. Her skin flushed, her nipples expanding.

Michele turned the control up all the way. The instrument buzzed, it seemed
almost to draw into Barbara’s body of itself. Barbara pressed her hips forward
and down, impaling herself even more deeply than Michele had dared.


Michele rotated the end of the vibrator, twisting it in the brunette’s body,
stirring the flesh. She stirred her own flesh with her fingers.


Again the rising moaning cry burst from Barbara’s throat. Her body flopped
back to the bed, she rolled onto her side, the vibrator still deep in her
body. She drew her knees up to her chest and shook.

Michele had released her hold on the vibrator when Barbara dropped, but now
reached out and took it once more. The butt end was slippery with the overflow
of Barbara’s hot honey. Her round ass-cheeks glistened with it.

Michele pumped the shaft, jerking it with very short quick strokes.

Barbara’s whole body shook with each stroke. Her arms clasped her knees, her
head jerked back, her face a grimace.

“Nn… NNg… Gggk…”

Inarticulate throat noises escaped her lips.

Finally, the spasms began to ease. She rolled onto her back, her legs

Michele turned the control off and began to withdraw the vibrator.

“Ahh! Wait! Slowly.”

More gently, she eased the monster from its soft casing.

“Gee, I never come like that,” she thought.

Barbara lay back, exhausted, her eyes closed.

Michele looked at the instument, slick with the other woman’s honey. She lay
down next to Barbara, spread her legs and pressed it to her tunnel.

How big it felt! Wet as it was, and ready as she was, it entered easily. She
pressed it in another inch, then reached up and turned it on. Oh, how it
moved! Her finger play had readied her, watching the other woman’s pleasure
had dazzled her, and now the vibrator was completing the work.

She raised her knees higher, spread them as wide as she could, and took the
device in both hands and pushed.

“Ohh. Yes, it’s good. Ohh.”

Barbara awoke from her drowse at the sounds.

“Oh, little sister, let me.”

Barbara took both the big fluffy pillows and mounded them together.

“Here. Lie over these,” she instructed.

Michele rolled over onto the pillows, her voluptuous round cheeks in the air,
her knees far apart.

“Now relax, little sister.”

Barbara parted Michele’s lips with one hand and guided the instrument into her
love channel with the other. She snaked it around in Michele’s body. When a
good part of its length had disappeared, she switched it on.

“Mmmm” Michele mumbled into the sheets as the device hummed within her.

Barbara worked more and more of the device into Michele, twisting and turning
it as she did. With her free hand she began to stroke and pinch gently at the
elevated cheeks of Michele’s wiggling derriere.

“Ohh. Umm.”

Barbara advanced the control another notch.

“Oooh… Ung..”

The brunette pumped the vibrating device in and out of Michele’s hot tunnel,
pressing it this way and that, stimulating every nerve. She watched how
Michele’s flesh clung to the huge shaft as she withdrew it, how it pressed her
flesh inward as she forced it back into the depths. She watched as the little
ring of her rearmost opening pooched in and out.

Sensing the blonde was at the edge, Barbara turned the machine on full and
pressed it in, working it around. She massaged the soft purple pucker of
Michele’s other opening with a wet fingertip.

“Arrrg… Ohhh.. NNNNNG!”

Michele’s cheeks waved back and forth, the muscles rippling, as the waves of
intense pleasure mounted to climax. Michele came. And came. Her insides
churned as never before, her muscles tightening, flashes of heat coursing her

She clamped hard on the vibrator, as it hummed within her. She thought she
would pass out, but still Barbara insistantly stirred the machine in her body,
while stroking her anus.

At last Michelle slumped with exhaustion, and the device turned off. Slowly it
withdrew from her body, she felt both relief and loss at its going.

“Oh, Barbara. That was… beautiful! But, oh, I’m so sleepy!”

“Me too, little sister. Stay with me tonight, we’ll sleep well.”

“Good. Thanks. Hold me?”

They kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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