Morning & Waking Dream
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This one is titled “This Morning,” and says
plenty I think even in just a short time. I wrote this
in 1996.

….I woke this morning, with my hands on my
cunt, and a longing to feel your hands covering mine.
Urging me on to the climax that was building inside me
almost out of my control.

I was thrust into a state of need in my dreams
by my desire of you. Keeping my eyes closed, I could
feel you there, and hear you whispering in my ear

“This is not your orgasm Lara, this is mine,
all mine. For me, by you, and for me alone. Yes, Lara,
your every cum, will be with my name on your lips.”

Hands moving faster, breathing raggedly, and
heart thundering, my orgasm slashes through me.

“Lara ….yes it is mine, mine, mine, mine….”

My cunt spasming, and my hands gripping my
mound, nails digging in cruelly. I bite my lip so hard
I draw blood, trying not to scream out in triumph at
the rush of cum that drenches me.

“Ah….Lara ”

I realize in that moment that the claim you hold
over me, is growing, and seizing me, even in my sub-

Becoming aware again of where I lay, and the
distance that separates us, I start to shake, and
tremble. Will I survive a face to face meeting with
you with anything left of the woman I thought I was?
Hearing you laugh in my ear, and your saying….

“Why Lara, surrendering even in your dreams….
how sweet my angel.”

“Yes Sir, it would seem that I am.”

“Well dear, it isn’t as if you had a choice, you
and I both know that.”

Rising, I stretch feeling my muscles, and
tendons protesting. I walk into the bathroom, looking
into the mirror, I see something. I lean closer peering
at my eyes….

Reflected there….



This is titled “Waking dream” and was or will
be written in a series. I wrote this sometime in 1997.

….I still trembled even after the wink from
you, but took a deep breath, (or at least as deep as I
could being laced in so tight) and took your hand. The
light, and lust in your eyes bolstered my confidence,
and I felt that I could do whatever you wished me too.

Getting into the car, you looked at me and
said. “Lara, close your eyes.”

I did so.

“DO not open them again, until I say you may.”

“Yes Michael,” was my reply, and I heard your
deep chuckle. I found myself unable even to will my
eyes open after that. My curiosity deepened, but the
fear I left behind, knowing that you were there, and
I was in your care.

Leaving your house, you proceeded to talk to me,
and in graphic detail tell me of many of the things you
wanted of me, and what desires you had concerning the
evening. I would be put on display, as your newest, and
most novice sub. That before the assembled group, you
would take and make me yours in many ways.

Having already spent the previous three days
with you, I had prior knowledge of what some of that
was. I had no doubt, but that you would lead me into
the heart of the submission I craved, and that you
longed to draw from me.

Tonight, would be the precipice, that would
bring me totally to my knees before you in every way.
I knew that you would wring from me all self, and
replace it with your will. My heart began to echo and
resonate in my chest in anticipation.

We had traveled for some time, when I felt you
bring the car to a stop and turn of the ignition. In
the quiet I sat eyes closed, waiting….

“Lara”? you said.

“Yes, Michael.”

“Open your eyes.”

When I opened my eyes, we were parked in front
of a home, and I saw perhaps a dozen cars parked around
us. I looked at you, and you placed your finger tips
against my lips.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. I see all the questions in your
eyes Lara. Do not ask them now, let the evening unfold
for you. I am sure they will all be answered before we
finish here tonight.”

Trying to stop the trembling in my lips. I
merely pressed them together and nodded.

Helping me from the car, we walked up to the
door, my knees even with my resolve starting to shake.

Before ringing the bell, you looked at me and

“Lara, you can do this, and you need this. I am
here, and will take all that and treasure your sur-
render here before this group. They will all see what
you and I already know Lara….that you…. are….
mine…. and you…. will…. always…. be…. mine.

These were both written when I was exploring and
training as a submissive. I am no longer exploring as I
have found that my true nature is far from that. How-
ever I thought these expressed what was inside of
myself at the moment …. Lara

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