Sue’s Wild Family 2.
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An all-girl sixty-nine.” Linda didn’t have to speak to give her answer. She was drooling with
lesbian lust. Sue bobbed up on all fours and crawled to her naked mother. But before
they curled into sucking position, they couldn’t resist kissing. It was
no ordinary mother-daughter kiss. Their tongues lanced down one
another’s throats while their tits pressed together. Then, when their mouths parted, Sue licked down her mother’s body. Her
tongue made moist circles around the erect points of Linda’s tits, and
left a slimy trail down her Mom’s flat belly on her mouth’s way to all
that hairy pussy. When her face was poised at the crux of Linda’s open thighs, Sue
shifted around one-hundred-and-eighty degrees on top of the action. Now
her own hairy cunt was just above her mother’s hungry mouth. Pussies and mouths collided in slurping contact. Female tongues
wriggled into spasming gashes. The air filled with the sucking sounds
of the cunts of mother and daughter being devoured. Orgasm quickly lurked in the loins of both. But they held back on
climaxing, each hoping she could come at exactly the same time as the
other. Then the pressure grew too intense. Erotic release had to surface. In
Sue’s case, right now! She let go and came. But, fortunately, her mother was on exactly the
same sensual wavelength. Their pussies climaxed at the same instant and
with equally juicy intensity. It was the first female cum either had ever really tasted, except for
finger-tipped dabs of their own, and they couldn’t get enough of it.
The more their tongues lapped the nectar from one another’s oozing
cunt, the more mother and daughter kept climaxing. Finally, it was Sue who broke for air. “Had to stop. Was afraid I’d eat
right through you, Mom.” “Would’ve been all right with me,” Linda rasped. Sue chuckled, rising to her knees beside her mother. “If you really
want to get your cunt filled to the busting point, I’ve got an idea.” After what she’d witnessed the night before, Linda had more than a
suspicion of what this might be. “You mean, fist-fuck me?” she said. “Gee Mom, how’d you know?” Sue blurted, then she bit her tongue,
realizing full well how her mother knew. “We’ve gone too far already to play games, sweetheart,” Linda replied.
“I watched you and your father last night.” “I-I’d figured as much. Thanks for bringing it out in the open. But now
that you have–” “The fist-fuck?” Sue nodded. “Daddy told me all about how you did that to yourself to
stretch your cunt before he took your cherry. God, I’d love trying it
on you now.” Linda purposely neglected to tell Sue that the fist-fuck had been a
product of Walt’s overactive imagination. In fact, she’d never had one.
But if her little girl was involved, she was willing to die trying. “Well, Mom, can I do it to you?” Sue anxiously asked. “Fist-fuck your
pussy?” “Get me hot enough and you can do anything to me you want,” Linda
cooed. “Then hang on for the ride, Mom. It’s gonna be a helluva trip!” She took her mother in her arms and kissed her, giving Linda her tongue
to suck on.

While they embraced, their tits came in contact with
rubbing insistence from the erect nipples. Down below, their bellies
pressed together, just above the yearning warmth of their hairy
pussies. “Getting hotter, Mom?” Sue whispered. “So far, so good, baby,” Linda murmured. “Now, more, more.” “I’m gonna play with your titties a little bit, Mom,” Sue said, placing
her hand on Linda’s large breasts. “Gonna pinch your nipples and roll
them between my thumb and finger. Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Linda moaned with pleasure. “Now help me, Mom,” Sue urged. “Play with my titties, too. I bet we
could make each other come now just doing this! But, no, not yet.
There’s so much more to do.” “Oh, then do it to me, baby,” Linda begged. “Then let’s turn you around now, Mom,” Sue suggested. “And bend over,
that’s right. You know what I’m gonna do to you now, don’t you?” “Mmmmmm, I’m ready. Always ready,” Linda said enthusiastically as she
knelt with her shoulders on the bed, her plump ass the highest point of
her naked body. Sue leaned down toward the moon-shaped target, leading with her mouth
and tongue. She kissed, licked and nibbled around the globes of her
mother’s ass until Linda panted with excitement. “Now I’m gonna spread those pretty asscheeks yours, Mom,” Sue said.
“Like this. Oh, and there it is, your little asshole. It looks like
it’s puckered up for a kiss!” Sue wedged her face into the split of her mother’s ass, sealing her
lips around Linda’s tightest opening with slurping pressure. “Oh, Mom, I can feel you tremble when I kiss your asshole. Now let me
lick it for you.” Sue’s tongue lapped the swelling rim of her mother’s ass-chute. She
used plenty of warm spit, so much that it trickled down into the bush
of Linda’s quivering cunt.

“I’m gonna put my tongue into your ass now, Mom. I hope you didn’t wipe
too much at the last potty-stop you made, Mom, ’cause I wanna taste
just a little bit of your shit!” She nudged the tip of her stiffened tongue into the dent of her
mother’s dusky tunnel. The spit made her oral tool slide right in.
Then, after penetrating as deeply as possible, she began using her
tongue like a cock, working it back and forth in Linda’s spasming
asshole. “Oh, baby, you can’t know how horny you make me when you do that to my
ass,” a thrilled Linda cried. “But don’t forget about my cunt. Put your
hand on my pussy while you’re eating my ass.” Sue’s fingers were immediately exploring between her mother’s thighs.
Even she was surprised by how wet Linda’s cunt was and how bloated with
passion her pussy-lips were. But best of all to Sue was her Mom’s clit.
It was so rigid that she could actually get a grip on it with her thumb
and forefinger. “Yes, that’s it, sweetheart,” Linda swooned. “Jack off my clit. Stroke
it like a baby cock while your tongue’s still pumping up my asshole.” Sue delicately jerked at her mother’s erect clit at the same time she
gave Linda’s asshole a rim-job. Obviously, Linda couldn’t take much
more of this two-pronged assault without coming but neither she nor Sue
expected her climax to take quite this form. “Can’t hold it in anymore, darling,” Linda told her daughter
breathlessly. “I’m com–com–commmmming!” It wasn’t merely an explosion of her senses, though. Linda’s insides
were raging and she uncontrollably farted and pissed along with her
devastating orgasm. But there was no need for her to apologize. For her daughter hungrily
sucked up the fumes from her windy asshole, and used the lubrication
from her gushing cunt to slide her fingers into it. As Linda’s piss flowed, Sue inserted more and more of her hand into her
mother’s pussy. Finally only the thumb remained outside. “Oh, yes, baby!” Linda moaned over her shoulder. “Squeeze your thumb
into my cunt! Give me your whole hand!” Sue struggled with her thumb, afraid it wouldn’t fit. Then she found a
tiny gap at the corner of her mother’s stuffed cunt. There was just
enough room. “Make a fist, baby!” Linda wildly urged her daughter. “It’s time for
you to fist-fuck my pussy!” With breathless concentration, Sue curled one finger at a time within
the juicy space of her mother’s cunt. It seemed to take so long, but at
last it was done. But so awed was Sue by how far she’d gone that she
was afraid to move a muscle once she’d made the fist. Fortunately, her mother took over. Linda began rocking to and fro on
her knees, forcing Sue’s fist to move in her jam-packed pussy. Sue’s
tongue still carried out its rim-job. “Your fist fucking my cunt … your tongue poking up my ass … God,
it’s heaven on earth!” Linda squealed. “Just watch me come, come,
come!” She exploded from within. Once again she was farting in her daughter’s
mouth and pissing down Sue’s arm. Linda gasped. “I’ve never came soooo hard! Thank you, baby, thanks for
turning me inside out.” Her mother’s flattery was the sweetest thing Sue had ever heard. Even
her father hadn’t made her feel this good about herself. But there was
something that could make it even better. To get it, though, Sue had to wait until her mother calmed down. It
took a long time, because Linda was determined to wring every possible
vibration out of her multiple orgasms. But, finally, even the tongue in
her ass and fist in her cunt couldn’t keep her coming any longer. Sue pulled out of both fuck-holes then and waited. Her mother collapsed
on the bed, her asshole and pussy red and yawning from the rim-job and
fist-fuck. “How do you feel, Mom?” Sue eventually asked. “Like I’ll die if I come one more time,” Linda happily reported. “I’m
warning you, girl, you’d better keep your hands and mouth to yourself
or you’ll have to call an ambulance for me.” “That isn’t exactly what I, uh, had in mind,” Sue slyly answered.
“Actually, I was thinking about getting a little wrecked myself–if you
know what I mean.” Linda’s eyes instantly lit up, as she bobbed up with renewed alertness.
Then she was licking her lips with her long tongue and stroking her
right fist with her left hand. “You bet your sweet, little ass and pussy I know what you mean,
princess. Just kneel down and spread those darling asscheeks and don’t
worry.” And within minutes, Linda had her tongue squirming several inches up
her daughter’s delicious asshole and a cluster of knuckles pounding
inside that teenaged cunt. And, on the receiving end, Sue was already
farting, pissing and coming, as responsive as any girl could ever be. Chapter 5
Now, their lesbian encounter having run its course, mother and daughter
had cleaned up, dressed, and were talking in the living room. The
difference that sex had made in their previously strained relationship
was a welcome change, as bitterness was absent for the first time since
the onset of Sue’s teenage years. “You know, Mom,” Sue babbled, “Now that we’ve been lovers, I feel like
I could ask you just about anything.” Sensing her daughter had something specific on her mind, Linda smiled.
“Try me.” “Well, it’s about you and daddy.” Linda had figured as much. And if Sue asked her the right questions
she’d be willing to provide the facts about her sexual history, as
opposed to the lies Walt had told to their daughter. Linda wasn’t so
sure, however, about her other erotic secrets. “When you saw daddy fucking me, Mom,” Sue said, “weren’t you just a
tittle bit jealous?” The question caught Linda off guard. “I, uh, had a lot of things on my
mind last night,” she haltingly replied. She took a deep breath, on the brink of telling Sue everything. But
then, taking Linda’s breath away, Sue said something which tested her
perhaps even more than revealing the skeletons in her closet might
have. “I know this is far-out, Mom,” Sue whispered, “but here’s what I mean
by being jealous. If daddy can get away with fucking me, taking my
cherry, why shouldn’t you want to prove you’re just as sexy as he is?” “But, darling, isn’t that what I did with you today?” Linda murmured. “But my cherry’s already been taken,” Sue said. “There’s only one other
virgin left in the family–Bud.” Linda turned pale at the mention of her son. A lot of water had passed
under her erotic bridge through the years, but one thing she’d never
allowed herself to consider was her little boy as a sexual being. “Bud’s not just a kid anymore, you know,” Sue went on. “Have you taken
a look at his cock lately? He’s hung! I checked it out when he was
leaving the shower last week.” Linda choked, realizing that subconsciously she’d done the same thing
recently. And now, thinking back on her glimpse of her son’s young
cock, her pussy involuntarily moistened and spasmed with incestuous
desire. “I’ll bet my life Bud’s never fucked anybody, probably never even had a
blow-job,” Sue enthusiastically continued. “You could be the first,
Mom, just like daddy was for me. Then you and Daddy’d be even when it
came to taking your kids’ cherries.” “Th-then you’d fuck Bud if you were me?” Linda stammered. “Let’s put it this way,” Sue chuckled. “If you don’t fuck Bud yourself,
I will.” Just then the front door rattled, as someone was preparing to enter the
house. There was a little doubt about who it was, as mother and
daughter anxiously sprang to their feet. “Well, Mom, this is it, Bud’s home,” Sue stated, forcing the issue. “Is
it gonna be me or you who takes first crack at that nice, young, cherry
cock? “If I say yes, where’ll you be?” Linda hurriedly asked, as the front
door started squeaking on its hinges. “Watching everything,” Sue called over her shoulder, already leaving
the room to find a hiding place. “I’d wish you good luck, Mom, but with
your mouth, titties and pussy you don’t need it.” Sue had disappeared just as Linda Jordan’s other child walked into the
house. “Anybody home?” Bud called. Then he whispered under his breath,
“I hope not.” Having overheard this last part, Linda slipped undetected behind the
drapes. “Yep, all by myself,” the boy told himself. “That means jack-off time!” Linda’s pussy was soaking through her fresh pair of panties as she
watched him go straight to one of his father’s hiding places and find a
magazine. Then Bud sat down on the sofa, stared at the centerfold, and
unzipped his jeans. “Jesus!” Linda gasped when his young cock popped into view. Hard as a rock, his cock was bigger than she’d expected. Even bigger
than her nephew’s cock, although Tim was a couple of years older than
Bud. Automatically Linda pulled her panties away from her crotch and down
her thighs until they fell to the floor. Then she unfastened her skirt
and let it drop. Next, fumbling with her sweater, she hurried to strip
so she could confront her hung son before he shot his wad. In the meantime, Bud stroked his hard-on faster and faster. During the
hand-job he licked the glossy paper cunt of the model in the centerfold
of his dad’s magazine. “Gonna come for you, baby,” he slurped at the picture. “Come a ton for
your bitchin’ cunt.” Now Linda spoke out loud. “Wouldn’t you rather get a look at the real
thing?” Bud’s head jerked around. His mother had just emerged from hiding,
temporarily wrapping the floor-length drapery around her naked body.
Bud dropped the magazine. “If it’s pussy you want, Son, all you have to do is ask,” Linda boldly
stated. “A-a-ask?” Bud gulped, stammering and stuttering. “Just say, ‘Mom, I’ve been wondering. Could I see your pussy?'” “P-p-pussy?” “Now that you mention it, I just happen to have one handy,” Linda
teased. She let the drapery fall away. She was stark naked underneath it and
now her hands fell to her crotch, framing the bushy triangle of her
exposed cunt. “Like it?” she purred. Her fingers caught her meaty pussy-lips, tugging them open. A glob of
female honey escaped from her pink cunt-gash, falling with a silent
splash to the shag carpet. Bud was speechless. But his cock dramatically revealed what was going
through his mind. Untouched, it stabbed the air, the swollen head
flexing, and a creamy plume of teenaged jizz spurted all the way beyond
the coffee table. “Now that’s a positive sign,” Linda said. “But I’m sure we can do even
better.” She walked seductively toward her mind-bent son, swinging her hips and
tits. By the time she reached Bud, his dripping prick was still stiff. “You’re not gonna lose that, are you?” Linda crooned, pointedly eyeing
her son’s teenaged cock. “C-couldn’t lose it if my life depended on it,” Bud confessed. “God,
Mom, you’re beautiful! Your pussy–it’s so … so–” “Hairy?” Bud choked and nodded. “I’ll take that as a compliment. Want to eat me?” Bud was speechless again. But he licked his lips hungrily. “Oh, you want it, don’t you, Son? Stick your tongue out, nice ‘n long
and I’ll slide it right into my pussy so you can taste how sweet I am.” Bud’s tongue shot out like an oral cock. Holding her cunt open, Linda
approached his mouth. With her crotch so close to him now, her son’s
nostrils flared from the sharp aroma. “Now close your eyes, Son.” Her knees bent to achieve the proper angle, Linda closed the short
distance between her hairy cunt and her son’s face. Bud’s extended
tongue passed between her slippery pussy-lips and into the damp warmth
of her cunt-gash. “You’re in me now, kiddo,” Linda called down. “Taste me? Taste Mommy’s
sweet cunt?” Bud slurped and opened his eyes. He saw nothing but hair, a forest of
it curling all over his mother’s crotch. “Now Mommy’s gonna fuck your nice, long tongue with her pussy. Then
you’ll really taste how sweet Mommy’s cunt can be for you.” Linda tightened the walls of her cunt around every inch of Bud’s tongue
and rolled her hips, tugging and twisting his tongue with rubbing
friction. Then she dropped a hand to the top of her cunt, parting the
fold there and fingering the bulging bullet of flesh. “Hope you don’t mind if I cheat a little bit to make myself come even
faster for you,” she chuckled, playing with her clit while the boy’s
trapped tongue squirmed in her pussy. Never having seen a female clit before, Bud watched his mother tease
hers with awed fascination. “Oooooh, I’m feeling so good,” Linda moaned. “Good enough to come. Are
you ready for me to come, Buddy? Ready for Mommy to come in your mouth
as hard and wet as she can? Will you drink all of Mommy’s cum, Buddy?” Bud eagerly nodded, his erect tongue jogging in Linda’s cunt as he let
her know how thirsty he was for her female cum. In turn, his mother
stroked her fat clit more rapidly. “Oh, here I go!” Linda squealed. “Gonna … have to … come, come,
come!” Her crotch bucked powerfully and the force snapped Bud’s head back. All
at once his mother was virtually sitting on his face, with him pinned
on the sofa beneath her straddling loins. And she was climaxing so
wetly that Bud had trouble swallowing her juice. “Mmmmmm, swallow, swallow me, you darling boy,” Linda urged. “Use your
tongue like a spoon in my cunt and feed yourself all of my cum!” Now Bud’s tongue began passing back and forth between his mother’s
oozing cunt and his greedy mouth. Her pussy-juice reminded him of
syrup, thick, sticky, and sweet. He couldn’t get enough of the
wonderful stuff. Then, finally, Linda had climaxed to the point of temporary exhaustion.
Her sloppy cunt slid off of her son’s tongue and then her naked body
crumpled down and away toward the floor. She wound up sprawled at Bud’s
feet, her lolling legs exposing her thoroughly eaten pussy. “Jeez, Mom, you’re even more beautiful after you come!” “You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t think so,” Linda answered in a
dreamy voice. “And, you wouldn’t be normal if you weren’t ready to do
something with that hard-on.” Bud gulped, “Y–you mean–” “Nothing else but, Sonny Boy. But I want to hear you say it.” “F-fuck you?” “Thatta boy. Fuck my cunt as hard as you can with your strong, young
cock. Fuck Mommy until she begs you to stop–but don’t you dare! Just
fuck me more, more, Buddy, until you come, too!” Linda’s dirty talk had brought Bud to his feet. The shadow of his
jutting prick fell between his mother’s tits. It was clear from the
determined expression on his face that he felt like he could conquer
the world. “Yes, do it to me, stud!” Linda called up to him. “Fuck me, fuck me,
please fuck me!” Bud was so aroused that, despite his virginity, he was ready to take
charge. Linda sensed this and raised her legs so he could grab them at
the ankles. Then he lifted her lower body all the way off the floor,
stepping between her thighs so her hairy cunt was poised before his
throbbing cock. “Yes, fuck me your way, stud,” Linda cried. “Be the boss!” “Then wrap your legs around me, bitch,” Bud commanded, seizing the
macho role for all he was worth. “Hold yourself up so I can ram my cock
in your cunt.” Linda’s legs scissored his waist. He had his hand around his cock now,
clutching the many inches of rigid cockmeat like he was aiming a
dagger. Then he plunged it into its target. “Ooooooh, drive it in!” Linda cried, “Fuck my cunt as deep as your
cock’ll reach inside me!” Bud sank his prick in her pussy to his balls as his mother answered his
thrust by pushing back in midair. Their crotches ground together. “Mmmm, that’s it, put your hands on my ass and move me,” Linda panted.
“Fuck me perfect.” Bud started guiding the rhythm of his mother’s rolling hips. At the
same time his cock made her wet pussy squish with its repeated surges. “God, do I love this!” Linda cried. “There’s nothing like young cock–
‘specially when it’s all in the family. I’ll never have to go looking
for it again now that I know what a hung stud I’ve got right here at
home.” “Who else’ve you been fucking, Mom?” an instantly curious Bud asked. “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Linda answered, trying to
tease her way out of it now that she realized she’d unintentionally
revealed too much. But Bud wouldn’t leave it alone. “You some kinda whore, Mom?” he
snapped. “What difference does it make?” Linda replied. “I’m all yours now.” Bud was enjoying his power over her too much, though, to let her off
the hook. “I’ll pull my damned cock right out of your cunt unless you
tell me who else you’ve been fucking.” “No, you wouldn’t–” “Oh, yeah?” Bud began pushing his mother’s loins away from his, his cock inching
out of her pussy. “Don’t do this to me, Son. Not when I’m so close to coming,” Linda
whimpered. “I’ll double your allowance if you keep fucking me. Let you
use the car whenever you want to. Anything to keep your beautiful cock
in my cunt where it belongs!” “Anything, Mom?” Bud shot back, his cock retreating enough from Linda’s
pussy. “Anything!” Linda desperately agreed. “Then tell me, Mom. Who else have you been fucking?” Linda tried to think of a name, planning to lie. “The truth, Mom!” Bud demanded. “If I find out you’ve lied to me, I’ll
never fuck you again.” It was a chance Linda wasn’t willing to take, so the truth it’d have to
be. She swallowed deep breaths that felt like broken glass going down. “Tim … Tim! That’s who I’ve been fucking. Your cousin Tim,” she said
wildly. “Well, sonuvabitch!” Bud replied. “Looks like you’ve got a real thing
about family-cock, don’t you?” More, Linda thought, than he knew. She just hoped that Bud would be
satisfied with finding out about Tim and not press her any farther
about her incestuous past. Her life of incest had started a long time
before Tim. “Well,” he impatiently snapped, “which one of us fucks you best, Mom?” “Oh, Buddy, it’s you–you all the way,” Linda told her son. “Tim never
fucked me as good as you can. Your cock feels so much better in my cunt
than his ever did. I’ll never fuck him again now that you’re not cherry
anymore. It’s your cock for my cunt from now on.” “Yeah, guess I do have the knack, don’t I?” Bud boasted. “So, what the
hell, might as well get back to doing what I do best.” With his hands back on her ass, he pulled his mother’s crotch back
toward his. His prick re-entered her pussy and their loins ground
together. “Oh, now–now I’m gonna come,” Linda joyously moaned. With Bud telling her to let it all hang out, Linda put her hands on her
tits to give herself an extra orgasmic push. She pinched the nipples,
yanking and twisting them around double. “That’s it. That’s the ticket,” she groaned. “I … I’m … coming!” The sudden impact of her climax had her writhing. Her cunt spasmed and
jerked at Bud’s prick with such force that the boy winced. “Jesus, Mom,” he happily complained, “feels like your pussy’s trying to
chew my cock to pieces.” “Honey child, the only thing my pussy’s gonna do to your cock is make
it explode with so much jizz that my poor pussy can’t hold it all
inside.” “Then that’s just what you’re gonna get Mom.” “When, baby, when? Mommy’s cunt’s soo thirsty!” “How about right … about … now!” Bud rasped, his voice rising to a
shout as he buried his cock in his mother’s cunt one last time. A torrent of teenaged cum swamped Linda’s cunt and kept right on
gushing. Rather than shooting off in individual spurts, her horny son
climaxed like he was pissing into her. “So much jizz,” Linda moaned. “It’s already leaking out of my cunt, and
your cock hasn’t even finished creaming for me. God what a stud my
little boy is!” Bud couldn’t have agreed more with his mother’s opinion of his fucking
ability. His cum kept pouring into her overflowing pussy long after a
normal boy would have been finished. Then, after what seemed like
forever, he had no more jizz to spill. Letting go of his mother’s ass,
he let her fall to the floor below him, his dripping cock leaving her
fucked cunt. “Just wanna look at you now, Mom,” he said. “Mmmm, be my guest,” Linda murmured. She fingered her swollen pussy-
lips as far part as they’d go. Bud’s cum poured from her stretched
cunt-gash into the hairy crack of her ass. Then she let her pussy-lips
close and she used both hands to smear the boy-jizz all over her naked
body. “What a woman!” Bud exclaimed, his cock already back at full strength.
“And she’s my Mom so I can fuck her whenever I want!” “Then how about right now–all over again,” Linda countered, her torso
glistening with fresh cum. Bud grinned, thoroughly enjoying his new role as a stud-service for his
cock-hungry mother. “Hell, Mom, why’d you wait so long to ask?” Chapter 6
And then there was Sue … Lurking in the hallway, she’d watched the entire encounter between her
mother and brother. And, she’d have had to be blind to deny it was such
beautiful fucking. But that wasn’t what had her reeling. For Sue wasn’t
deaf, either, and it was what she’d overheard which still scrambled her
senses, even after she’d gone to her room. “Tim,” she’d heard her mother confess. “That’s who I’ve been fucking.
Your cousin Tim.” It shook Sue to the core. So, she concluded, that’s why her virginity
had been such a turnoff to Tim. He was probably afraid of what his Aunt
Linda might do if she ever found out he’d popped her little girl’s
cherry. Naturally she wondered who else her mother had fucked. After all, Sue
reasoned, if her Mom was willing to put out for her nephew and her own
daughter and son, she was capable of almost anything. Sue reflected on her mother’s personality. What characteristics were
there that she could take advantage of to get at the truth? One trait
stood out. Sue recalled that when her mother blew her cool everything
came out. She might say anything. “Well, that’s definitely it,” Sue concluded. “Just have to get Mom so
damned frustrated that she loses her head and starts babbling. But it
has to be over the right thing.” Sex, of course, was the logical arena. And, Sue decided, when sex was
involved there was a sure-fire way to get anybody’s goat–jealousy! “Yes, I’m just gonna have to steal Bud away from Mom,” Sue laughed.
“Ought to twist the old girl up in knots.” After settling on her strategy, Sue emerged from the think-tank of her
room, ready to put her plan in motion. It would start by letting her
mother believe that Bud was her private property. Then the shock of
losing him would be even greater. This was easily accomplished. When mother and daughter got together to
discuss Bud’s seduction, she told Linda that she hadn’t eavesdropped on
the action after all. “I started thinking about it,” Sue lied, “and just decided to leave you
two alone. He’s all yours, Mom. I’m satisfied with just fucking daddy.” Linda was clearly pleased. “I know we didn’t plan it this way, but I’m
glad that’s how it’s working out. Bud and I–well, he’s really
something special. I don’t want to lose him.” “Don’t worry, Mom,” Sue cut in. “I won’t touch him. You fuck Bud, I’ll
fuck Daddy, and everybody’ll have what they want.” “Thanks, baby,” Linda gratefully sighed. “I really appreciate this.” So, it had worked like a charm. Now Sue plotted phase two. She had to get her brother alone. But the solution was simple, when Sue
sharpened her insight into the character flaws of the members of her
family. Bud? Her brother was a sucker for the easy way out of
responsibility. And right now, final exams were coming up at school and
she knew he probably hadn’t studied for them a lick. “Want to put in some time at the library, kiddo?” she casually
suggested to her brother. “Or would you rather go into those exams next
week with your head as empty as usual?” “Don’t do me any favors, Sis,” Bud hissed. “What’s in it for you?” “Peace and quiet,” Sue told him. “Just don’t want the shit to hit the
fan when you come home with another rotten report card.” Bud thought about a minute, then agreed, “Okay, Sis, let me get my
coat. And let’s just slip out of the house without telling the folks.
Mom’s been on my case like crazy about, uh, some stuff she wants me to
do.” It was all Sue could do to keep from laughing. * * * An excellent student, Sue spent enough time at the library to know the
building well. Downstairs in the basement were reference stacks,
virtually deserted at this time of night. You could slide behind a
table in a dim corner without being bothered by anybody. “Here, Bud, have a seat,” Sue said, guiding her brother to such a
place. “We’ll start on your geometry. Still your worst subject, isn’t
it?” He nodded, sitting down across from his sister. Balancing her purse on
her lap, Sue bumped her knees against the bottom of the table while
fishing for a pen and spilled her things onto the floor. “Give me a hand, will you?” Sue asked her brother. Bud slipped from his chair, dipping beneath the table to pick up the
dropped articles. This was just what Sue was waiting for. Once her
brother was rummaging around down there, she parted her knees, feeling
her skirt slide up her thighs. Underneath, as Bud would soon discover,
she wore no panties. “Find my pen yet?” Sue called down. “I think it’s right there between
my feet.” Bud groped for it. In the process he couldn’t help but glimpse between
his sister’s thighs. Suddenly his movement ceased, with Sue able to
feel the warm breeze generated by his quickened breathing. “What’re you doing down there, anyway?” she asked, pretending not to
know. “Just l-looking, Sis,” Bud stammered. “At what?” Sue snapped, making no attempt to close her legs. “Just looking for your pen, that’s all, Sis,” Bud maintained. Actually, the pen was still in Sue’s purse. And now she took it out and
placed it where her brother couldn’t help but find it–in her lap,
balanced on the rumpled hem of her skirt, just above her crotch. “Maybe it didn’t fall all the way to the floor, after all,” she hinted. “Yeah,” Bud croaked from below, obviously noticing the pen’s delicate
location. “Well, what’re you waiting for? Pick it up.” Bud took a deep breath and reached for it. That’s when Sue caught his trembling hand with her thighs, squeezing it
so her brother’s fingers were just shy of her pantyless cunt. The abruptly forgotten pen fell, rolling unnoticed across the floor.
Sue shifted in her chair, her wet pussy squashing loudly. “What’s going on?” Bud gasped, practically strangling on his own words
while his hand remained trapped between Sue’s legs. “Just think of it as a geometry lesson,” Sue said playfully. “You know
that business about the shortest distance between two points.” “Yeah?” Bud panted from under the table. “Go for it,” Sue said in her most seductive voice. She parted her thighs just enough to give Bud freedom to reach or
withdraw. After an instant of quivering hesitation, his hand plunged
forward, cupping Sue’s waiting cunt. “Mmmm, you learn fast,” Sue moaned with approval. “Wh-what do you want me to do now?” Bud stuttered. “Whatever you’d like,” Sue steamily answered. “I’m not going anyplace.” Now she felt one of her brother’s fingers inch between her pussy-lips,
warily beginning to explore her moist cunt-gash. When he was inside her
to his middle knuckle, she gave his hand a tug with her strong cunt. “Put your fingers in deeper than that,” she urged. “And then move them
… in and out, back and forth …” “You mean, finger-fuck your p-pussy, Sis?” Bud croaked. “Until I’m ready to come,” Sue quickly answered. Bud’s fingers began to move in her pussy. When they wriggled forward,
Sue pushed back from her chair. Somewhere in the midst of the action,
he coaxed a third finger into her cunt so that all of them together had
about the same bulk of a good-sized cock. “Faster, faster … deeper, deeper,” she said, spurring her brother on.
“Finger-fuck my cunt faster and deeper, Bud! Make me come!” Acting on his own for the first time, Bud added his thumb at the fleshy
summit of his sister’s pussy, finding her clit. It popped out to meet
his probe and he pressed it to the bone, generating shooting pangs of
pleasure through Sue’s loins. “Oh, I’m getting there even sooner than I expected,” Sue sighed. “Gonna
come!” Bud tested the squishy depths of her cunt while his thumb kept the
pressure on her clit. “Take your hand away now!” Sue abruptly gasped. Sue knocked away his arm. Then her own hands instantly found his head
under the table. She pulled his face between her spread thighs,
planting his mouth flush against her flexing pussy. “Don’t you get it, silly?” she orgasmically panted. “I had you finger-
fuck me so I could come right away in your mouth.” His sister’s climaxing cunt was pouring female cum down his throat. And
he was no stranger to its exquisite flavor–his mother’s pussy had
tasted exactly the same way. “Mmmm, drink, drink all of my hot cunt-juice,” Sue groaned. “Drink my
pussy dry, Buddy.” By now his tongue was a spoon in her oozing cunt, ladling out mouthful
after mouthful of female honey to himself. “Okay, tiger, that’s enough of sucking my pussy,” Sue said finally.
“Now it’s my turn to return the favor, if you know what I mean.” Bud definitely did know what his sister meant. And, thinking about it,
he bumped his head on the bottom of the table in his rush to get out
from under it so they could trade places. “Are you really gonna do it, Sis? Really suck my …” “Shhhh,” Sue teased, on her way to dipping out of sight while her
brother lifted himself into a chair. Then she was kneeling under the table at her seated brother’s feet.
Immediately at his bulging fly, she unzipped his jeans. His tightly
packed jockey shorts poked from the opening. Sue tugged them up and
over from the side so Bud’s balls spilled out first, quickly followed
by several inches of springing cock. “Am I … well … big enough for you, Sis?” Bud anxiously asked. Sue answered with a gulp. Her mouth had just closed around her
brother’s swollen cockhead and now she was slurping down the thick
shaft of his rigid prick. “Mmm, that’s good,” Bud sighed. “Feels so good, Sis.” Sue kept gulping until she’d swallowed his whole prick. Then she placed
his balls between her hands and rolled them with her palms like lumps
of fresh dough. “Yeah, suck it, Sis, suck my cock,” Bud moaned. “Make my cock come in
your mouth!” Sue’s lips began sliding back and forth along the barrel of his hard-
on, while her squirming tongue caressed his cockhead. Then, using just
one hand on his balls, she pushed the fingers of the other into the
crack of her brother’s ass and tickled his pouting asshole. Bud’s hips started to roll, causing the knob of his prick to
rhythmically thrust down Sue’s throat. In a moment his hands were on
her head, controlling her suction for maximum friction. She wasn’t
simply blowing him anymore–Bud was fucking her mouth. Indeed, her brother’s cock was moving so forcefully down her tight
throat that Sue felt something near her windpipe she almost couldn’t
believe. It sent ripples of joy straight to her womb, exactly the way
her clit did when it was being stimulated. In other words, like a
second clit, this was a magic oral button. “Oooooh, what a trip,” Sue gurgled, managing to be heard in spite of a
mouthful of cock. “Coming from a blow-job–mmmmm!” “You aren’t the only one who’s gonna come from this blow-job,” Bud
croaked, “It’s my turn now.” He yanked Sue’s face against the surging crux of his loins, flattening
her features against his crotch. His cock was buried to the root, the
pulsating head lodged down her throat. Flush with her chin, his balls
churned. Inside her mouth, Sue insistently rubbed his hilted cockmeat with her
squirming tongue, feeling her tastebuds vibrate in anticipation of
Bud’s cum. And, all the while, she kept orally climaxing herself. “Now, Sis … now!” Bud blurted. His cock recoiled like a high-powered rifle and liquid bullets fired
from its meaty barrel. His sister was swallowing as fast as they
arrived, feasting on his jizz. “Jesus!” Bud shouted. “My damned cock’s like a machine gun in your
mouth, Sis!” Sue couldn’t have agreed more. And if her brother’s spurting cock was a
machine gun, then her throat was a suction pump. Not a drop of Bud’s
jizz would be left unswallowed. Bud kept coming and Sue kept sucking. And, when his prick finally
slowed to a dribble, his sister held onto the cockhead and nursed on it
as if she were a starving baby. She milked the dregs from Bud’s balls,
eventually making him wince from the pressure of her greedy mouth. Finally, after he begged her, Sue released his drained cock. Still, she
knew his cock was still hard and the next phase of the action promised
to be an improvement over even this. Bud panted as she emerged from under the table. “Where, Sis? Where’ll
we do it?” he asked. “Right up here!” Sue answered, patting the tabletop. Then she was
hoisting herself up there, bunching her skirt around her waist in the
process. Naked from the waist down, she lifted her knees and spread her
thighs for her brother. Her hands were busily unbuttoning her blouse to
reveal her braless tits. “Fuck me!” she cried. Bud gripped his hard-on, drawing a bead on the yawning slice of her
hairy cunt. Standing at the edge of the table, he brought his cockhead
within a fraction of an inch of its juicy target. “Fuck me!” Sue repeated. Bud’s loins bucked as if his hips were on hinges. Guided by his hand,
his cock surged into his sister’s cunt. Sue pushed back at him, her ass
temporarily leaving the tabletop. By the time her ass sank back down
onto the surface, Bud was locked between her clutching thighs, his cock
hilted in her pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Sue chanted. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me
…” Closing his eyes while he fucked her, Bud couldn’t help but compare his
sister’s cunt to his mother’s. After all, since he’d just lost his
cherry to the latter a matter of hours before, Linda’s pussy was still
fresh in his mind. And he was damned if he could tell any difference
between his mother’s pussy then and his sister’s cunt now. Due to her own erotic experience with their mother, Sue was well aware
of the uncanny similarities of their cunts. If she intended to steal
Bud from their Mom, she’d clearly have to offer him something extra. A cockthrust away from an orgasm, Sue wrapped her legs around her
brother and pulled his eight-plus inches of prickmeat into her cunt so
deeply that they felt more like ten or twelve. Her senses exploded and
she came, her climaxing cunt spasming wildly around Bud’s hilted prick. “Gonna come, too!” he gasped. When he buried his face between Sue’s tits, his cock erupted at the
squeezing depths of her pussy. And once the creamy tide was unleashed,
he was virtually pissing a steady stream of jism. Sue’s pussy would never be able to hold it all. Even as her brother’s
prick continued unloading, she’d began to leak, just as her mother’d
done when Bud fucked her. “Smear it around,” Bud impatiently suggested, drawing his cock from her
calming cunt. Sue did so, still impersonating Linda. Bud intently inspected the
glistening result, jerking at his dripping prick to keep it stiff for
another fuck. And here was where Sue departed from the pattern previously established
by her Mom. When her brother returned his cock to her cunt, she shook
her head–not to stop him but to lead him in a new direction. “My pussy’s been fucked enough,” she told her brother. “Do it in my
ass!” Bud gulped, “You mean it, Sis?” Sue pulled her asscheeks apart and her asshole invitingly widened. But then they both realized it would have to wait, for, suddenly, the
lights momentarily dimmed, signaling that the library was about to
close. “Later tonight,” Sue quickly assured her disappointed brother. “When
Mom and dad are asleep. I’ll sneak into your room and you can fuck my
ass until dawn.” Chapter 7
There were some adjustments to make. For instance, Sue realized
something had to be done to get her father temporarily out of the
picture so he wouldn’t blunder into the set-up she was carefully
arranging. Walt proved to be a sitting duck. “Where’d you go with your brother?”
he asked Sue when she and Bud returned from the library. “I need to
talk to you.” “Sure talking is all you have on your mind, Daddy?” Sue teased,
glancing pointedly down at the telltale bulge at his crotch. “Okay, so I’m damned horny for your pussy,” Walt admitted as they
huddled in the hallway away from the others. “When, baby, when? When
can I fuck you again?” “After midnight,” Sue invitingly suggested. “Here, take these, Daddy.
They’ll guarantee you’re wide awake then.” She handed him a couple of capsules. “Shit, you know I’ll be raring to go,” Walt said. “What are these,
anyway?” “Just some caffeine,” Sue told him. “Why leave anything to chance? I
wanna suck and fuck till the sun comes up. Take them for me, huh?” Shrugging, Walt admitted, “You always could wrap me around your little
finger, princess. All right, down the hatch.” He swallowed the capsules, chasing them down with the beer he’d been
drinking. After all, it was no worse than strong coffee. “See you later then, Daddy,” Sue purred, leaving him now. She had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing as she walked away.
For the so-called “caffeine pills” she’d fed to her father were in
reality just the opposite–sleeping pills. He’d be out like a light all
night, no matter how much hell broke loose in the house. Next, Sue indulged in a little forgery. After practicing on a couple of
sheets of scratch paper, she’d mastered her brother’s boyish scrawl. “Got to fuck you again tonight, Mom. Be waiting for you in my room with
a hard-on after midnight when everyone else is asleep,” she wrote to
their mother, signing it, “Bud.” Linda found the note quickly. She smiled triumphantly and tucked the
note into her bra for safekeeping. As Sue eavesdropped, she again had
to restrain her laughter. Thanks to her web of deception, her horny
parents were sure they were going to get the kid-stuff they wanted
tonight. “Now,” Sue said, “all I have to do is wait.” She found a good book to read to pass the time. It was an appropriate
selection, a spy novel full of the same brand of trickery she’d been
practicing in real life. Meanwhile, as the sleeping pills took effect
on him, Walt started yawning uncontrollably. By the time he staggered
off to bed in a drugged funk, fucking was undoubtedly the last thing on
his foggy mind. Then there were Sue’s mother and brother. The former had no reason to
pester Bud in private about fucking her later because she already had
the note she believed was from him in her possession. Turning in early,
Linda winked at her son on her way out of the living room. Bud squirmed uncomfortably from the look Linda had given him, since of
course he was all set on fucking his sister’s ass later on. What if his
Mom paid a surprise visit to his room while he had his cock up Sue’s
asshole? “Mom acts kinda funny when she takes those sleeping pills, doesn’t
she?” Sue remarked to her uneasy brother casually. “I didn’t know Mom took those,” Bud said with surprise. “Just once in awhile. I saw her wolfing them down in the bathroom when
I walked by,” Sue convincingly lied. “She’ll be dead to the world all
night.” “Say, how about that? Now that’s a lucky break,” Bud sighed. Sue nodded, silently congratulating herself on her grand design. Yes,
everything was falling perfectly into place. “Think I’ll take a nice, long bath, then turn in,” she then told her
brother. “Bye, bye-for now.” Crossing the room, Sue glanced at the clock. Half-past ten. * * * Sue tiptoed down the hall toward her brother’s room. On her way she
briefly stopped in the bathroom, getting a jar of cold cream. Nothing
like something nice and greasy to make her tight asshole really
slippery. Indeed, as she anticipated her first ass-fuck, Sue felt almost cherry
again. Even with the cold cream greasing the way, she wondered how much
cock she’d actually be able to take. Well, one thing was for sure–
looking forward to it had her asshole tingling. Reaching Bud’s room, she eased his door ajar and peeked inside. The
late-night moon spilled through a window across his bed, where he lay
flat on his back with a sheet over him. Halfway down his naked body,
the sheet resembled a miniature tent. “My, my, just what do we have here?” she said as she edged toward the
bed. She pulled the sheet aside. Her brother’s aroused cock throbbed in the
moonlight, appearing even larger and stiffer than Sue had expected. She leaned forward and kissed Bud’s smooth, young balls, then licked up
the long shaft of his prick until her mouth arrived at the swollen
prickhead. Swirling her tongue around the chunky knob of flesh, she
waited for her brother’s horny reaction. But there was none, except for the continuing hardness of his prick.
Her brother was fast asleep. She hadn’t expected this but was perfectly
willing to adjust. So she put the cold cream to work. Plunging her hand into the wide-
mouth jar, she got her fingers messy. Then, straddling her brother’s
crotch, she felt inside the crack of her ass to began preparing her
asshole for Bud’s hung cock. One finger, two, then three slipped into her rear chute with remarkable
ease. And when Sue curled her knuckles so their cluster assumed the
shape and size of a large cockhead, she had every reason to hope that
she could take as much as she wanted up her ass. She pushed the knuckles farther inside, feeling the tunnel of her ass
stretch. Then, another shove, and she heard her bowels gurgle. “Mmmm, a girl could have an accident this way,” Sue giggled under her
breath. Pushing a little bit more, she tested herself within. A small amount of
watery shit seeped down her knuckles, but basically Sue held together,
assured now that she could take a whole cock in her ass. So now, good as it had felt, Sue removed her fingers from her widened
asshole. Then, before her asshole could start shrinking back to its
normal shape, she moved to fill it again. Lifting her presumably
sleeping brother’s hard-on straight up, Sue nudged his cockhead against
her enlarged ass-dent. As one last precaution, she dipped into the jar
of cold cream with her free hand and smeared Bud’s standing prick from
tip to root. A deep breath later and Sue dipped her hips, forcing her brother’s
cockhead inside her greasy asshole. Despite the lubrication it was a
tight fit, but not so tight that she wasn’t eager to take more without
delay. “Going down,” Sue panted. “Down … down … oooooh, down.” Her asshole slid gradually along the slippery pole of her brother’s
cock. She could feel the cockhead moving up inside her, as though it
were expanding with every inch of penetration. “Big as a fist,” she whimpered. “Don’t know how much more of it my poor
asshole can take … but I’m sure gonna try and find out!” “Don’t sweat it, Sis,” Bud said suddenly. “B-Bud,” Sue gulped with surprise, staring into her brother’s wide-open
eyes. “When did you wake up?” “Never went to sleep,” he answered with a grin. “Been waiting for you
with a hard-on all night.” “Then you tricked me!” “Guilty as charged, Sis,” Bud chuckled. “And you didn’t disappoint me.
That cold cream was a neat idea. God, you’re a horny, little bitch.” “Not so horny that my poor ass could’ve taken any more of your cock if
you’d been hung an inch bigger,” Sue admitted. She attempted to roll her hips. At first they were stiff, but then Bud
came to the rescue. He reached up and stroked Sue’s tits, the shooting
pangs of pleasure he generated thawing her joints. “Oooh,” she moaned with approval, “more of that.” “How about I suck you, Sis?” Sue immediately leaned forward, popping a tit into her brother’s open
mouth. He caught the nipple between his tongue and his teeth, giving it
a tug. The sensual electricity this caused went straight to Sue’s
loins. Picking up on the automatic rotation of her hips, Sue sighed, “Oh,
yeah, that’s the ticket all right.” “Now add some up-and-down to the side-to-side, Sis,” Bud soon
suggested. “You mean like this?” “Ahhh, right on, Sis! Pump it, pump it. Pump my big cock with your
tight ass.” With her brother’s encouragement, Sue quickly established a pattern
that involved her hips twisting to the right when she lifted her ass on
Bud’s cock, then to the left when she sank back down on his meaty
cockspike. She was cork-screwing her ass with his prick, taking both
his–and her–breath away. “You keep this up, Sis, and sure as hell I’m gonna come!” Bud rasped. “Not before I do,” Sue puffed. “Those nerves in my ass lead straight to
my clit.” “Then, shit, Sis, what’re you waiting for?” Bud urged. “Can’t wait to
feel my cock inside a coming asshole.” “All right. But let’s do it absolutely right. You suck my titties some
more and I’ll finger my clit while your cock keeps fucking my ass. All
three together ought to kill me!” Bud was only too glad to cooperate. He squeezed both of his sister’s
tits together, making it possible for him to feast on her two nipples
at the same time. Down below, his crotch repeatedly rose and fell,
pistoning his prick in Sue’s ass. Finally, Sue dropped her hand between her legs. Her thumb and
forefinger separated the fold at the top of her cunt so her rigid clit
popped out. She pinched it with her nails, trapping the blood inside
the swollen bud. “Oh, shit! Fucking shit!” she swooned. “That’s it! Really it!” She came harder than she’d thought possible. But rather than
devastating her, it turned her into a wild woman. Leaving Bud to suck just one of her tits, Sue raised the other one to
her mouth with her free hand and bit down, actually chewing the nipple.
Her other hand added the rest of her cunt to her grasp, as she finger-
fucked deep into her pussy while thumbing her clit. “Can’t stop,” she slurped with a mouthful of her own tit. “Can’t stop
coming!” “And I can’t wait to catch up with you!” Bud declared. “Make me come,
Sis! Make me come just as hard for you as you’re coming for me!” She started sliding straight up and down on her brother’s cock, tugging
the skin all the way around the prickhead. Her clutching asshole rose
and fell halfway down the shaft. “Right on, Sis, make my prick explode up your ass!” Sue’s asscheeks blurred as she bounced with rapid thrusts on the entire
length of her brother’s hard-on. So caught up was she in making him
come that by now she’d forgotten about her tits and cunt. Instead she
squeezed Bud’s balls, increasing the pressure every time her jumping
asshole jerked his prick. “Come, come! Come, you bastard!” she hissed
in the midst of her frenzy. “Fill my ass with cum!” “Oooooh, Sis, you got it,” Bud groaned. Sue sat all the way down on his flexing cock and kept her ass there,
milking her inner muscles from the tip of Bud’s hilted tool to the
root. Just below this, her hand crunched his balls. But nothing could keep Bud pinned down once the dam between his legs
broke. As he came, his bucking crotch ripped his balls out of Sue’s
hand and lifted her high in the air above him. Arched off the bed from
his feet to his shoulders, his bowed body supported his sister’s weight
for as long as his climaxing cock unloaded up her ass. Then, as the last of his jizz begin to dribble from his prick, he
weakened and his spine gave way. The bed moaned from the impact of
their falling bodies. And then stillness followed, interrupted only by
shallow breathing by the winded ass-fuckers as Bud’s shrinking cock
slipped out of Sue’s cum-soaked asshole. “Man, I’m all fucked-out,” Bud finally said. “Feel like I could just
roll over and sleep for a week.” Despite her own fatigue, Sue tensed up when she heard this. For if she
and Bud called it quits now, Sue’s carefully arranged trap would be a
failure. “One more thing before we’re through,” she told her brother, deciding
to stretch things out as long as she could in the hope that their
mother might appear at the last minute. “You’ll be wasting your time, Sis,” Bud croaked. “I’m fucking numb.” “Bet you a week’s allowance I can make you feel something,” Sue
offered. Maybe more fucking held no immediate interest for Bud, but extra money
appealed to him. “It’ll be like stealing as far as I’m concerned,” he warned. “But, what
the hell? It’s your dough.” “Then let’s make it really interesting,” Sue suggested. “I’ll give you
two weeks’ allowance if I can’t give you another hard-on. But if I win
you don’t have to pay me a cent.” “Then what’s the catch, Sis?” Bud suspiciously replied. “Simple! I get it back up for you and you’ve gotta fuck me in the ass
all over again.” “You’re outta your mind. Why don’t you just hand over the money now?” “Is it a deal?” Sue clucked. “More like robbery. I’m not lifting a finger to help you out.” “Fine with me.” “Don’t blame me if I fall asleep.” “We’ll see,” Sue said. And then she knelt alongside her sprawled brother, leaning over his
crotch. Not just limp and shrunken, his cock was also filthy from
fucking her ass, smeared with a combination of its own cum and some of
Sue’s slimy shit. “This ought to get his attention,” Sue vowed under her breath to
herself. She went down on him, sucking his raunchy prick with deep slurps. She
was able to get the whole thing in her mouth because it had been butt-
fucked so limp. “Jesus, Sis, you doing what I think you’re doing?” Bud asked, despite
himself. Sue pointedly increased her suction. “Damn, my cock’s been up your shitty asshole as far as it’d go!” Bud
exclaimed. “Must be disgusting as hell.” “Different strokes for different folks,” Sue slurped with a mouthful of
his cock. “Tastes soooo gooood.” “Aw, c’mon, Sis, what’re you trying to prove? Give it up …” Sue’s tongue squirmed all over his sucked cock. In spite of his earlier
prediction, Bud moaned, his cock stirring back to life. He had to accept the fact that his sister’s bizarre blow-job was
turning him on all over again. Letting his rigid cockmeat slide from
her mouth, Sue propped his hard-on straight up from Bud’s crotch with
her tongue. “Guess I lost the bet,” Bud admitted. “Ready to pay off, then?” Sue asked with a grin. “You earned it, Sis. Yeah, spread you ass for me and I’ll fuck it for
you.” This time Sue assumed the position of a bitch in heat, on all fours
with her rear flanks spread wide open. Her asshole pouted in readiness
for her brother’s jutting prick. “What about the cold cream, Sis?” “Forget it this time,” Sue recklessly replied. “This time I wanna get
rammed!” “It’s gonna hurt, Sis,” Bud warned. “And it’s my ass. Make me suffer, stud.” “Okay, Sis, you asked for it,” Bud hissed, his teeth gritted for the
punishment he was about to deliver. He gripped his long cock, poising it like a weapon at the entrance of
his sister’s waiting asshole. Then, hesitating, he gave Sue one last
moment to back out. She didn’t. “Rip me! Rip me now!” she cried. Bud’s crotch lurched. His cock knifed into Sue’s ass, causing her to
tremble. “Deeper! Deeper!” she cried. Bud gave it to her, hilting his cock with savage fury. And getting what she wanted, Sue screamed, “Yeeeeoooowww! Hurts sooooo
gooood!” However, as effectively as it raised the hair on the back of his neck,
her deafening yowl was less for Bud’s benefit than it was for someone
not even in the same room. Her mother had to have heard that, Sue thought. And just in case she
didn’t … “Yeeeoowwww! Fuck … fuck … fuck me to death!” Chapter 8
As she waited in bed for the time to be right for her to sneak into her
son’s room for another incestuous session, Linda dreamt that it was
already taking place. Oh, the magic that boy aroused in her with his beautiful, young cock.
Linda guessed she could take his cock just about anywhere and love it–
in her mouth and cunt, of course, and rubbing between her tits. And,
yes, in the tightest spot of all … “Fuck me up the ass!” Linda begged to Bud in her wet dream. “Fuck me
where it hurts the most and the best!” “Get down on your knees and spread those cheeks, bitch!” the dream
vision of Bud answered. His rough words were music to Linda, made even more so because they
were a familiar refrain from a special part of her past. For someone
had said very much the same thing to her long ago when he was about to
fuck her ass for the first time. He’d been her first incestuous lover,
hooking her on family fucking from then on. Indeed, since her original family affair, Linda could never fully
commit herself to normal sex. The memory of that first experience
haunted her while she tried to be a respectable wife and mother. Then
it had spurred her on when she had finally stopped resisting her
incestuous desires–like now. Her first male lover had been a boy at the time, about the same age
that Bud was now. But it had ended between them, with both of them
going on to marry other people. For years Linda tried to shake the
belief that she was born to fuck her own flesh and blood, and the
younger the better, but she had failed. Young cock made Linda feel like the teenaged girl she’d been when she’d
first started down incest’s forbidden road. Both boys took her back to
the first time, reminding her so much of how it had all begun. “Do you like my asshole?” Linda anxiously asked Bud in her dream. “Does
it make your cock harder than ever while you think about fucking me
there?” The boy coolly told her he’d let her decide how hard she’d made his
cock once he started ripping where she shit. Then he guided his
cockhead to her asshole and Linda held her breath as her son shoved. “Oooooh,” she then moaned, feeling the surge of his rigid, young meat
within her narrow tunnel. “Tear me to pieces.” Bud shoved again. His cock was like a red-hot poker up Linda’s ass. “Yeeeoooowwww!” But, of course, it was all just a dream. And the deafening yowl
awakened Linda with the jarring force of its volume. This was when she
discovered that rather than Bud’s young cock up her ass, she’d been
finger-fucking herself in her sleep. However, this disappointment turned out to be fleeting after the shock
of what happened next. For once again an ear-splitting cry pierced the
night. “Yeeeeoooww! Fuck … fuck … fuck me to death!” Reacting with alarm, Linda automatically looked toward her sleeping
husband for help. But even when she shook him, Walt remained out cold.
Then she was grateful he hadn’t stirred. For, as the screaming
continued, no doubt was left in Linda’s mind that their daughter was
the source. Steeling her will, Linda got out of bed, then breathlessly traveled
down the corridor. Bud’s door was ajar and, praying that she was wrong,
Linda imagined what she’d probably find inside. “My God!” Linda exclaimed, so devastated that no sound came out. As if it were a spotlight, the moon shone directly on the bed and
Linda’s naked children. There, rocking on her hands and knees, Sue took
Bud’s cock as deeply up her ass as her brother could fuck her. Never had Linda felt so betrayed. But, she had to admit to herself that
she couldn’t blame the kids of being attracted to one another. It was
only natural when they were this age. After all, in her youth hadn’t
Linda herself given in to incest’s lure? All of a sudden, she had the reckless urge to bust in on her children
and blurt out everything to them. But then, like an inner brake,
something stopped her. For, as envious as she was of her children’s
teenaged passion, Linda recognized poetry in motion when she saw it.
When life became art, nobody had the right to wreck the magic for
selfish reasons. “Damn, those kids are beautiful together,” Linda sighed. “I ought to be
glad they turned out so well.” Now Linda was again recalling her first incestuous experience. It made
her pussy and asshole hot and caused her tits to tingle from a thousand
tiny needles. And, watching Bud butt-fuck Sue, she had the sensation
she was looking at a mirror of her own past. A prisoner of her emotions, Linda entered the room, edging toward the
kids. Sue spotted her right away. There was her mother in nothing but a see-through nightie, behaving as
if she were in a trance. It wasn’t at all what Sue had expected when
her Mom finally showed up, but she’d have been a fool not to appreciate
the possibilities. “You know what I wish?” Sue said, supposedly to her brother. “I wish I
had a pussy to eat while I was getting fucked in the ass.” “Shit, Sis, are you gay along with everything else?” Bud answered, not
especially surprised by now at anything that might happen when he was
with Sue. “Not gay, just double horny,” Sue sighed. “Yeah, someone’s sweet, hairy
cunt’d really hit the spot right now.” “Wouldn’t mind seeing that myself,” Bud drawled. When her brother had said this, Sue looked directly at her advancing
mother. Linda froze, then melted from within when she saw Sue hungrily
lick her lips, and make a come-hither motion with her wriggling tongue. Just then the moon went behind a cloud, sending the room into total
darkness. Still unnoticed by her son, Linda circled around the bed and
went to the end opposite from where Bud was ass-fucking Sue. She eased her ass onto a pillow, spreading her thighs. Her little
girl’s mouth immediately found and sealed her hairy cunt. Then Sue was
sucking Linda’s fat clit and tongue-fucking her cunt-gash. Linda moaned
like all the air was being let out of her, underscoring her pussy-
eating daughter’s rhythmic slurping. “Jeez, Sis, damned if it doesn’t sound like you really are going down
on somebody’s pussy. What’re you doing, anyway, sucking your own
titties or something?” Sue was too busy feasting to answer. Linda, though, was anything but
silent. Moaning continuously, she was already on the brink of a climax. Bud, of course, thought it was his sister he heard. By now he’d fucked
enough to predict a female orgasm in advance. So, believing that it was
Sue who was primed to come, he gave a helpful twist to his big cock in
her tight asshole for some extra friction. “Mmmmm, that’s got it,” he heard an appreciative female rasp. “Let it all hang out then, Sis,” Bud called out. “Come, bitch, come!” After an orgasmic squeal, the bed started to shake. Bud couldn’t figure
it out, though. Despite the clear-cut evidence of a climax in every
other respect, his supposedly coming sister didn’t seem to be moving at
all. How could that be? Bud wondered. Just then, a sliver of moon emerged from behind the cloud as if it were
peeking down at the earth. Then it got bolder. In waxy majesty the
entire globe returned to its rightful place in the evening sky. And,
down below, Bud Jordan’s bedroom was abruptly aglow. “Jesus fucking Christ!” the startled boy blurted. “Sis is eating pussy!
Mom’s pussy!” “And making me come so wonderfully,” Linda murmured. “It’s heaven.” “Holy shit! Never thought anything like this’d happen. Mom and Sis
together with me in the same bed–” He cut himself off with a crucial pause, thinking it over. His decision made, Bud was ready to finish fucking his sister’s ass as
soon as possible so he could move on to being the male centerpiece in
the three-way action. So he pistoned his prick with jackhammer
efficiency, and to make Sue’s asshole even tighter, he stuffed his
fingers into her cunt and pushed up through the thin wall between holes
against his thrusting cockmeat. It was like fucking ass and jacking off at the same time. He came and
as his jizz spurted into his sister’s bowels, her shit flowed in the
opposite direction to coat his prick. Bud welcomed it. He pulled his cock out of Sue’s fucked ass, having no doubt it would
still be hard. The fact that his sister didn’t even seem to notice he’d
creamed up her asshole while she continued going down on their mother’s
cunt didn’t annoy Bud at all. He saw it as an unbeatable opportunity to
flex his macho muscles and show these two bitches he was boss. Taking a fistful of Sue’s hair, he yanked her head from between Linda’s
thighs. Then, for good measure, he slapped her face. “You just wait until I tell you what to do next, Sis,” he hissed. Sue rubbed her face, but didn’t protest, secretly welcoming her
brother’s aggression. Then Bud wheeled around to straddle their mother,
casting the long shadow of his jutting hard-on across her moon-drenched
face. “Know what you’re gonna do, Mom?” he called down. Linda looked up at his cock with wide eyes. It was, of course, filthy
from fucking Sue’s ass. “That’s right, Mom,” Bud said. “You’re gonna suck my shitty prick right
after it’s been up Sis’s dirty asshole. Open up, bitch!” He snapped his fingers to emphasize his command and Linda’s jaw
obediently unhinged. Bud’s crotch fell toward her face, his cock in hand. The eight-plus
inches plunged within their oral target. His mother suddenly gagged on
his hilted prick, but he wouldn’t let up. “Hell, I’ve changed my mind,” Bud rasped. “Just getting my shitty prick
sucked off’s not enough. I’m gonna flat-out fuck your mouth with it,
Mom.” He reached down to grip Linda’s head, grinding her features in the crux
of his surging loins. Using her throat like a cunt, he seemed
determined to rub its walls raw with the nonstop friction from his
thick cock. But despite the brutal rape of her mouth, Linda had not only stopped
gagging, she was answering his fuck-strokes with hungry suction. “Ah, I know what’ll taste best of all to you, Mom,” Bud said. “My cum.
That’s what you’re really after.” Now Bud glanced over his shoulder, speaking to Sue. “Hear that, Sis? Mom’s got the thirst for jizz. But you know what? I’ve
already come a helluva lot tonight. I mean, shit, I’m not a goddamned
machine. If I’m gonna come again, I’m gonna need some help.” Sue blankly waited to be told what to do, willing for now to let Bud
call the shots. “Get down there and suck my balls, Sis,” Bud ordered. “Suck ’em until
the cum’s nowhere to go but out of my cock and straight down Mom’s
throat.” Just as obedient as her mother had been, Sue got into position and
wedged her face between her brother’s thighs. His balls had a sweet and
sour flavor when she closed her mouth around them, the result of excess
cum that had dribbled on them from his previous climaxes and rank
sweat. “Yeah, that’s it, Sis,” Bud panted. “Suck my nuts like you’re trying to
suck ’em right out of the sac. Make me come in Mom’s mouth like I was
trying to fucking drown the old bitch with my jizz.” Then he turned his attention back his deep-throating mother. “Won’t be long now, Mom,” Bud told Linda. “Hope you’re thirsty, ’cause
the way Sis is gobbling my balls I’m gonna … gonna … commmmmmme!” The sudden eruption of his cock was signaled by the equally abrupt
swelling of his mother’s face from the gushing flow. There was so much
jizz arriving so quickly that Linda was obviously having trouble
swallowing it as fast as Bud’s climaxing prick delivered it. “Drink it, Mom, drink all of my jizz!” the boy barked. “Drink it all
and then I’ll fuck you up the ass!” Linda could not have had any greater incentive. At once her mouth was a
suction pump, the pressure so intense that Bud’s nuts jerked out of
Sue’s oral grasp. Indeed, making sure she devoured every available drop of her son’s cum,
Linda kept greedily sucking after Bud had shot his wad and there were
only the dregs to consume. Now instead of her throat being rubbed raw,
his prick was the victim of excess friction. Finally, Bud had to give ground. “Shit, Mom, what’re you trying to do
to me?” “Call your bluff,” Sue said on behalf of their mother. “What’s the
matter, stud? Eyes bigger than your cock?” “I’ll show you how big my cock is!” Bud snapped. He tugged his prick from Linda’s mouth, even though it meant getting
past her teeth. The column of prickmeat had been sucked to a bright
red, rigid and almost glowing in the moonlight. “Ah, but how long will it last?” Sue teased, pushing her brother to the
limit. “Remember the two weeks’ allowance I bet you before? Well, it’s
on the line again, if you can fuck Mom’s ass until you come again.” “You’re on, Sis. Just get Mom ready and watch me deliver.” “You heard him, Mom,” Sue said to Linda. “Just don’t be too
disappointed if he can’t reach the finish line. But if his cock gives
out in your ass, I’ll take you the rest of the way.” “Yeah, you’d like that, you closet dyke!” Bud hissed. “But you won’t
get the chance as long as I’m around.” “We’ll see,” Sue clucked. “C’mon, Mom, let’s put him to the test.” Silent in the presence of her bickering children, Linda allowed Sue to
roll her over and prop her up on her knees. Then Linda’s asscheeks were
spread wide open by her daughter, exposing her hairy shit-pit. Bud started to make his move with his cock in hand, but Sue knocked his
arm away playfully. She brought her brother’s cockhead to the pucker of
their mother’s asshole. Then, Sue leaned down and kissed both at the
same time, lubricating the prick and its target with plenty of warm
spit. “Now to stick it in,” she cooed, jerking her hand around Bud’s prick.
“What’s the matter, Brother dear, having trouble?” “Just get out of the way, Sis, and let me do my thing!” Bud grunted,
angrily driving his prick in to the root so their mother whimpered from
the welcome pain. But Sue wasn’t about to leave. “Oh, no, I’m gonna help, Baby Brother.
Don’t wanna leave you any excuses for not coming across.” She started licking the union of cock and ass. Never had her tongue
moved so expertly. In spite of himself, Bud picked up on Sue’s rhythm
and ass-fucked their mother to the same tempo. Then, once she had him in the groove, Sue lapped down to their mother’s
cunt. Even with all that hair, Linda’s pussy-lips were visible with
arousal, opening and closing because of the pumping cock up her ass. Sue slipped her tongue between her mother’s pussy-lips and began
fucking Linda’s cunt. Making sure her oral thrusts were angled upward,
she continuously bumped her brother’s ass-fucking cock through the thin
wall between their Mom’s cunt and asshole. Bud responded to the extra stimulation by fucking her ass faster and
faster, catching some tongue with every cock-thrust. Already he felt a
rising tide in his loins. Damn! he wondered, what was his sister up to
anyway? If Sue didn’t think he could come again, she sure as hell was
doing everything she could to prove herself wrong. Then it occurred to Bud that it was a set-up. Sue had used reverse
psychology to get him to fuck their mother’s ass, even spending two
weeks’ allowance to get him in the mood. Knowing his sister, Bud
guessed there had to be something in it for her. Now Bud was driven by curiosity as well as by lust and greed. He fucked
Linda’s ass as if his life depended on it, repeatedly driving his
cockhead into his mother’s bowels and feeling his sister’s pussy-
filling tongue every time he surged. “This is it,” he soon declared. “Gonna come!” His cock spewed its scalding cream at the depths of his mother’s ass.
He might as well have been pissing in her. Pissing a quart of liquid
fire. Then his sister was suddenly sucking his balls, just when he’d thought
his wad was finally shot. Thanks to Sue, the pressure to come even more
was there. After this extra blast of jizz though, Bud had gone as far as he could
go. Not only did his nuts feel as if they’d been turned inside out, his
drained cock turned to flab. As he fell away from the action,
exhausted, his sister immediately took his place, pulling their
mother’s ass down on her face. While Bud watched through bleary eyes, Sue sucked his cum from the ass
he’d just fucked. She must have had her tongue up there, giving Linda a
rim-job, because the boy watched as their Mom twisted and moaned as she
continued to climax. Then, eventually, Linda was exhausted too, keeling forward off of Sue’s
face. As she sprawled with her legs apart, her asshole drooled out
female spit. “Oooooh, it was sooooo wonderful. Too wonderful,” Linda gasped. “I’m
afraid I’ll wake up and it’ll all have been just a dream.” “No dream, Mom,” Sue sharply answered, her voice crisp with the
authority of reality. “But if you want it to happen again, there can’t
be any secrets between the three of us.” Bud sensed a pay-off far bigger than the two weeks’ allowance Sue owed
him. “Yeah, Mom, if you got any secrets, you’d better tell us now.” Raising her weary head, Linda Jordan looked over her shoulder at her
children. They were impatiently waiting. She opened her mouth and the
past came tumbling out. Chapter 9
It had started, Linda explained, when she was growing up. With her
young body developing faster than other girls’, she’d seemed to
frighten the schoolboys she normally dated. “It was so frustrating,” Linda said. “More than anything. I wanted to
lose my cherry.” She told the kids how she’d finger-fuck her bushy cunt
until the curls were limp with sweat and pussy-juice. But even multiple
orgasms couldn’t calm her down for long. “I was desperate,” Linda continued. “Then one night …” She’d thought she was alone in the house. But somebody, Linda didn’t
say who yet, had walked in on her while she was digging into her cunt.
A boy! Her embarrassment had been quickly forgotten when she noticed
the telltale bulge she’d aroused in his tight jeans. “That’s the hairiest pussy I ever saw,” he’d said to her. Linda had asked him how many other pussies he had seen. He admitted
he’d fooled around some, but hadn’t got around to losing his cherry. He
sheepishly guessed that maybe this had to do with how he was hung–his
cock was so big that it scared the girls. Realizing how much they had in common, Linda had confessed her own
virginity to the intruder. Maybe, she’d recklessly suggested, they
could help each other out. At this point in the story, Sue and Bud hung on their mother’s every
word. Linda drew out the suspense. “So–” Her children leaned forward. “We fucked. I finally got myself fucked. And that cock was every bit as
big as it’d been advertised. Popped my cherry just like that. It was so
perfect I was actually glad I’d had to wait. Came and came and came.” “God, Mom, tell us!” one of the kids blurted. “Who was he?” “Who fucked you?” the other chimed in. “Well, who else would’ve been in the house when my folks were gone?”
Linda teasingly asked. Sue and Bud looked at one another, their eyes lighting up. Now they
turned back toward their mother, staring at her with awe. “Uncle Roy!” they cried in unison. “You fucked your own brother, didn’t you, Mom?” Sue gasped. “Every chance I could get after he’d popped my cherry,” Linda
confirmed. “Right up until Roy went away to college.” “Then what happened, Mom?” Bud asked. Linda wistfully shrugged. “Oh, you know, he met somebody else. Your
aunt Elsie, in fact. Wrote me a letter that they were engaged and I
should find somebody else too. Right after that I met your father and
he pestered me until I married him.” By this point, of course, Sue had figured out that all the things her
dad had told her about popping her Mom’s cherry were lies. “It hasn’t been easy for your dad living with me,” Linda went on. “He
gets more out of those girlie magazines he reads than he ever has from
me. All I give him is a quickie fuck every now and then, the bare
minimum. But with the right girl he’d … well, Sue, you know.” But Bud didn’t know. And there were supposed to be no secrets. “I fucked Daddy the other night,” Sue blurted out. “Mom saw us, and
then–” “Wait, honey, you’re getting ahead of the story,” Linda interrupted. Bud’s head jerking between her and Sue like he was watching a tennis
match. “Let’s take it step by step, the way it actually happened,” Linda said. Sue agreed and while Bud’s mouth hung open, their mother continued. “Well,” she said, “I never fucked Roy again. But in a way he was
responsible for what finally developed.” Linda then went on to explain her incestuous relationship with her
nephew–Roy’s only son, Tim. At last summer’s family picnic she’d been
attracted to him as if he were his father’s young age all over again.
When they were alone, one thing led to another and she’d seduced Tim. “It went on between Tim and me,” Linda concluded, “until you kids came
into the picture. Now for the first time I can fuck and suck without my
damned brother haunting me and still keep it in the family, thanks to
you two!” Now she held her arms out to her children lovingly. Naked, the three of
them embraced. But, unbeknownst to the others, Sue’s mind was partially
elsewhere, as she wondered about her uncle Roy and what the years had
done to him. When she was alone, Sue summed it up for herself. “I’ll bet anything
that Uncle Roy still feels the same way about Mom as she did about him.
And if Mom fucked her nephew because Tim reminded her so much of his
father at that age, what would Uncle Roy do if he had the same chance
to fuck his own niece? Even if she had to go back on her word about keeping secrets from her
Mom and Bud, she was determined to find out where her uncle stood. And
the sooner the better, if the fresh itch in her pussy meant anything.
Today was perfect, since she recalled that Roy worked Saturdays. He’d be in his office all day. Alone … * * * “Hi, Uncle Roy,” Sue greeted her mother’s handsome brother that
afternoon. “Working hard?” Overcoming his surprise at her unexpected appearance, Roy told Sue what
she already knew. “Usually come to the office on weekends to bring
things up to date. Seem to get more done when the place is empty. Guess
you could say I’m married to this business.” “Must get lonely, though,” Sue said. “How about some company?” Before Roy could answer, Sue sat down. Her cut-off jeans were cropped
extremely short, the fringe practically hugging the triangle of her
crotch. Without any panties underneath, her generous supply of pussy
hair was there to be noticed. “Well, uh, yeah–sure, Susie,” Roy gulped, made nervous by the way his
niece sat and what she showed. “Anything especially on your, uh, mind?” Sue answered that as a matter of fact there was. “Me and my Mom,” she
said. “And since you’re her brother, I thought you were the one to ask,
Uncle Roy. Do I remind you of Mom when she was my age?” She’d parted her thighs a little bit more when she asked the question.
Now the narrow crotch of her cut-offs had snagged in the slice of her
cunt. Around the edges, her pussy hair curled up. Roy was staring at the tempting hint of her teenaged cunt. “It–it’s
like seeing your mother as a girl all over again. Funny, it never
really hit me before how much alike you two are.” “Maybe you weren’t looking at the right places before,” Sue said
playfully, her thighs spreading so far apart that the strain on the
tight cut-offs caused them to pop open at the waist. “Where it really
counts, Mom and I are like twins.” She paused, while her uncle held his breath. During the tense lull she
fiddled with her zipper, making Roy’s eyes all but stand out on stems. “Wanna better look?” she said. Roy nodded as if he were under a spell. Sue nudged the zipper down, parting the cut-offs down the center. Her
bush spilled out in a hairy explosion.
“All of me?” she cooed. Roy’s head bobbed up and down some more, like a puppet’s. Sue wriggled her hips and peeled the cut-offs away. Then she stood.
Already her top was being raised over her head and her bare tits
spilled free, as she suddenly posed stark naked before her astonished
uncle. “Is it like the first time you saw Mom stripped, Uncle Roy? Is your
cock so hard that it’s ready to bust out of your pants?” Now Roy self-consciously glanced at his crotch. It bulged from his
swollen prick. “Might as well go ahead and take it out, Uncle Roy,” Sue coaxed. “You
won’t be sorry.” “I–I must be crazy to do this,” Roy muttered, unzipping his fly. “But,
damn!” At this point it was Sue’s turn to be astonished. She’d been expecting
her uncle to be hung, but not like this. “Mmmmm, your cock’s a foot! No wonder Mom couldn’t leave it alone when
you were kids.” “You … you know about that?” “That’s why I’m here, silly. What’s good enough for Mom’s good enough
for me,” Sue purred. “But I’ll bet even she had trouble getting that
whole monster in her mouth when she gave you a blow-job.” “At first,” a dry-throated Roy admitted. “But, then, if I’d eat her
pussy too … well, she’d just keep sucking me until she had it all.” “Sounds right to me!” Roy had been working at a large desk. Sue pushed the papers aside and
hoisted herself on top of it, propping herself on her elbows. Spreading
her legs in his face, she invited her uncle to climb on top of her to
suck and be sucked. Staring at his niece’s wide-open cunt, Roy stood up. His knees wobbled
as he dropped his pants and shorts. Indeed, his whole body trembled
like jelly–except, that is, for his massive cock. “Take off your shirt, tie–everything, Uncle Roy,” Sue urged. “Want you
as naked for me as I am for you so I can feel your hot body on top of
mine when I suck your prick and you eat my pussy.” Roy shed the rest of his clothes as if his niece’s eyes were peeling
them off for him. To go along with his jutting hard-on he had the
muscular build of someone half his age. Sue couldn’t imagine a more
gorgeous man. “Oooooh, what’re we waiting for?” she squealed. “Let’s get it on!” Roy climbed aboard as Sue beckoned. From there she took over, guiding
him into position above her. And the more she saw of him, the more he
turned her on. With his supple thighs astride her head, she couldn’t
resist spreading his asscheeks and licking down the crack of his ass to
his balls. “Now you lick me,” she called. Roy’s tongue quivered from anxiety, but kept its course and it traveled
from Sue’s asshole to her clit. It felt so good Sue almost came on the
spot. “Now how about a kiss?” she suggested. She drew her uncle’s fat cockhead to her mouth, puckering as she made
contact. At the same time, Roy planted his mouth on her pussy-lips. The slurping kisses which followed lasted a full minute. In the process
Sue’s mouth slid partially over the knob of her uncle’s hard-on, while
some of his tongue wriggled its way into the gash of her cunt. This time Sue’s orgasmic reaction exploded. She came and with her
climax the kiss was over not because she and Roy broke for air, but
because it was time to go further. Roy’s tongue shot to the hilt in her
orgasmic pussy and started pumping. Sue responded by gobbling inch
after inch of his prick until there was no more to swallow. Despite its
enormous size, she’d deep-throated her uncle’s prick on her very first
try, surprising even herself with her cock-sucking ability. Now, with the sixty-nine in full gear, uncle and niece sucked pussy and
cock respectively as if their lives depended on it. Once she’d started
coming Sue didn’t stop, her cunt spasming with multiple climaxes. Roy
lapped the honey from her cunt-gash to his mouth, making his tongue
move like a second prick in her pussy. In turn, Sue used her mouth like
a cunt on his real hard-on. And, as much as Sue enjoyed coming herself, she really wasn’t going to
be satisfied until Roy came too. She wanted his jizz to explode in her
throat like a liquid grenade, forcing her to drink every drop. She squeezed his balls and snaked a finger up his crack and tickled his
asshole. She sucked that big cock even harder, rubbing her throat raw
with its knobby head. She could tell he was trying to unload for her from the way his body
strained. But something was definitely wrong. Even after she finger-
fucked his ass, his prick wouldn’t shoot. Then he even stopped eating
her pussy at the other end of the action. “No use,” Roy muttered, beginning to dislodge himself from the sixty-
nine. “I can’t go any further. Can’t come. Feel too guilty.” “But your cock’s so hard,” Sue murmured. “A hard-on like that and the
cum must be boiling to get out.” “My balls are so sore they’re killing me,” Roy admitted. “But I can’t
pull the trigger. If you were anybody else, I’d drown you with cum–
anybody but my own sister’s only daughter. You’re so much like Linda
it’s like I’m returning to the scene of the crime. Spent my whole life
trying to put that behind me … now it’s closing in on me all over
again.” Sue decided to fight fire with fire. “Look at me,” she demanded. “Yes,
I am the same as Mom. I’m her all over again. Look at me!” Roy warily turned her way. “Call me by her name. Call me Linda!” Roy did even more than that. “Linda!” he blurted out. “I’ve always
loved you! I always will!” “Then prove it! Come for me now! Come all over me! In my face! All over
my tits! Come … Come … come!” Roy’s cock erupted on cue. The jizz splattered Sue’s features in a
continuous stream. From there the creamy flow dipped below Sue’s neck,
taking aim on her tits. She held them up, getting them drenched, the
cum dripping in syrupy globs from her erect nipples. Then Roy’s prick slowed to a dribble. It had started to sag, when Sue
began smearing the jizz all over her naked body. Once again her uncle’s
cock responded on cue, this time jerking back up at the sharpest
possible angle to full hardness. “Fuck me now!” Sue insisted. “Fuck me the way you fucked my mother.
Fuck my hairy pussy with your big cock. Fuck my cunt until I come so
much I can’t stand it and another load of your jizz is running down my
legs.” She then drew her knees back so they were clutched against her tits,
rocking in a ball on her shoulders so her cunt dominated her body
between her raised, spread thighs. “I’m all pussy!” Sue cried to her hung uncle. “All pussy for your
beautiful, big cock! Fuck me like you wanted to rip me in half!” “Nobody every talked to me like that except your mother,” Roy choked. “Exactly. And when you fuck me, it’ll be the same as fucking her. Close
your eyes and you won’t be able to tell the difference.” Roy did close his eyes, after lining up his cock with his niece’s
waiting pussy. Then he took the plunge. As it was penetrated, the loud
squish from Sue’s juicy cunt filled the room. Roy’s prick sank in deeper and deeper. Because of the way Sue was jack-
knifed, the angle at which he fucked her pussy was severe. “Oooooh, drive it on down!” Sue shrieked. “Drive your huge prick
straight down into my cunt! Rip me, rip me!” After a lurching thrust, Roy’s cockhead touched bottom in his niece’s
deep cunt. He was in her to the hilt with all twelve inches of his
long, thick prick. Now Sue let loose of her legs. They reached out to scissor her uncle’s
waist, locking at the ankles. Then she rocked Roy in the cradle of her
thighs, guiding the movement of his cock in her cunt so the rubbing
friction was exactly to her liking. “Mmmm, this is fucking … really fucking,” she moaned with pleasure.
“I keep getting fucked so good I’ve got to be the luckiest girl in the
world!” “Who else has there been?” he asked while Sue’s pussy yanked on his
cock. Despite her erotic frenzy Sue was still alert enough to read his mind,
and teased, “Take a guess.” “I’m not the first one in the family, am I?” Roy ventured. “I’m my mother’s daughter, aren’t I?” Sue teased. “Then you’ve fucked your own brother, too, haven’t you?” Roy gulped.
“Is he the one who took your cherry?” “Nope, that was my daddy,” Sue bubbled. “And in between him and Bud, I
got it on with Mom. Before that, though, she’d been keeping busy too.
Know who with?” “You wouldn’t be asking me unless it was more of the same,” Roy
correctly replied. “Yeah, I’d say Tim fits into that category. Just took what you started
all those years ago with Mom, Uncle Roy. And now the rest of us have
caught up with you–but can you keep up with us?” “What do you mean?” “Don’t you see it, Uncle Roy? This family is an orgy just waiting to
happen. If everybody’s fucking everybody else, why not do it all
together?” “H–have you talked about this with anybody else?” Roy gulped. “No. Know why? ‘Cause you’re the key, Uncle Roy. It all started with
you. Now you’re the one who can make it come full circle.” “God, it’s so insane that it almost makes some kind of weird sense,”
Roy mumbled. “Think of it, Uncle Roy. All of us naked, together. Sucking, fucking.
Cocks in pussies, mouths and assholes. Jizz and pussy juice flowing
like wine. One, big, happy family!” “And if I say no?” Roy asked. “Then one way or another it’ll probably happen anyway,” Sue answered.
“But it won’t be quite the same if you’re not there– For us, and sure
as hell not for you.” Sue squeezed her cunt around her uncle’s cock for emphasis. Then she
wiggled her hips, whip-sawing his cockmeat inside her. “Enjoy it while you can,” she taunted. And Roy caved in. He was only
human. “Okay, I’ll do it,” he agreed. “Set it up and I’ll be there.” “Thatta boy!” Sue crowed triumphantly. “Now let’s celebrate!” She reached down and flicked her clit, climaxing at once. This made her
loins buck wildly and since her uncle was clamped between her legs, she
swept him up in the frenzy of her bumps and grinds. “Oh, pump it, Uncle Roy, pump that big cock in my cunt!” Sue swooned.
“Pump the jizz right out of your balls and give me a pussyful of it!” The desk was rocking now, as Roy’s prick pistoned in his niece’s
grabbing cunt. He buried his face between Sue’s tits, scorching their
flesh with his hot breath, while down below, the growing pleasure in
his groin neared the bursting point. “Arrrgggghhhh!” he screamed like he’d been shot, twitching. But the only shooting would be done by his prick into Sue’s cunt.
Liquid bullets of his cum fired into her, piercing her womb, then
turning to slime and backing up so her pussy started to overflow even
as Roy’s cock was still unloading. By the time her uncle’s cock was drained, Sue’s ass was squirming in a
puddle of jism. She had to grip the sides of the desk to keep from
sliding off its slippery surface and crashing Roy and herself to the
floor. “Well, stud, you’ve still got what it takes to fuck a girl silly,” Sue
sighed as their naked bodies relaxed. “Mom’ll sure be glad to find that
out.” “Not half as glad as I am,” Roy said, speaking the truest words of his
life. Chapter 10
Linda Jordan didn’t know what to do with herself. Everybody in the
family had something better to do than stay home, despite what they
should have known this particular date meant to her. “My birthday,” she sighed, “and nobody remembered.” First Sue had phoned, then Bud, and finally Walt–all of them telling
her that they wouldn’t be there for dinner. None of them mentioned her
birthday and Linda was too proud to bring it up. So now she was alone,
feeling increasingly sorry for herself. A drink seemed like a good idea, perhaps a number of them. Linda went
into the kitchen and poured herself a stiff one. She wasn’t used to
such strong stuff and it burned going down, but when her stomach
absorbed the alcohol the warmth was a pleasant change of pace. Determined to cheer herself up, she sighed, “I know, some music. I’ll
listen to some music.” She turned on the kitchen radio. Rock ‘n’ roll abruptly blared. It
wasn’t ordinarily Linda’s cup of tea, but eager for any distraction she
left it on as loud as she could. Then, gradually, the pounding beat
began getting to her and she found herself patting her foot, snapping
her fingers and moving her hips. She began to dance by herself after starting on her third drink.
Working on her together, the raw music and strong booze stimulated her
imagination. She fantasized she was a stripper, shaking her ass in some
smoky dive. It was a kind of silly thing to pretend, she was still
sober enough to realize, but at least it took her mind off her lonely
birthday. The music got wilder and so did Linda, really getting into its frantic
rhythm. Her crotch was thrusting now to the beat, her own body exciting
her as it performed for an invisible audience. “Take it off,” she heard herself say as if she were listening to
someone else call it out of a crowd. “Take it all off!” Linda bolted down the rest of her third drink and started unbuttoning
her blouse. When there was a drum roll in the background, she flung the
garment away and stuck out her tits so her bra had trouble containing
them. Then the bra was no longer a factor, as Linda unhooked it so her
tits fell free. She was in front of the refrigerator now, seeing enough of a reflection
in its shiny surface to watch her own performance. Her tits rolled,
dancing on her chest. If she’d really had an audience, the crowd
would’ve been on its feet and cheering for more. And then they’d have seen Linda’s hands go to her waist, unzip her
skirt, and wriggle her hips so it fell to her feet. Then she was nude,
except for her panties, garter belt and stockings. “Pussy?” she crooned across imaginary footlights to her phantom
admirers. “That’s what you want to see?” She teased by pulling her panties all the way up into the slice of her
cunt, showing her lower lips and billows of pussy hair. As she studied
her reflection it did wonders for her morale, making her feel ultra-
sexy. Then Linda began to peel the panties down, as anxious as anybody in her
make-believe audience for a look at her bare cunt. When it was finally
on display, she ran her fingers through the curly bush and spread the
lips apart. “Now that’s one dynamite pussy,” she sighed, “even if I do say so
myself.” Suddenly, then, the music on the radio stopped.

Without its primitive
beat to spur Linda on, it was as if a spell had been broken. Seeing her
naked reflection, all at once she felt like a fool. “What am I doing?” she gulped with embarrassment. But halfway on her way to the bottle, she stopped short. For, although
twilight’s orange glow was spilling into the kitchen from the rear of
the house, it was blotted out through the screen of the back door.
Linda realized that her audience hadn’t been entirely imaginary after
all, because there was a shadow, the shadow of a man. “Wh-who is it?” a paralyzed Linda stammered, wondering if she was about
to be raped. The screen door creaked open. And, although part of her was relieved by
the appearance of the familiar face, another part of Linda was made
doubly nervous. “R-Roy,” she choked to her brother. “Wh-what’re you doing here?” “Did you think I’d forget?” he calmly answered. “Happy birthday, Sis.” “Oh, uh, that. I’d forgotten all about it myself,” Linda lied
unconvincingly. “That’s hard to believe,” Roy answered with a grin. “When you were
growing up, your birthday was always the best time of all for you.” Remembering that she was still naked, Linda blushed all over as she
felt her brother’s eyes on her bare body. “I-I’d better put something on,” she gulped. “Why? You’re already wearing your birthday suit,” Roy teased. “Besides,
it fits in just right with the present I’ve got for you–something I’ve
wanted to give you for years.” Linda didn’t know what to say, think or expect. So she just stood there
in the nude, waiting for her brother to make the next move. “Close your eyes, Sis,” he suggested. “It’s a real surprise.” Linda did so and heard a series of rustling noises, something being
unwrapped she supposed. “You can look now, Sis,” Roy called. No sooner had Linda re-opened her eyes than she blinked with disbelief.
Her brother had undressed! Roy was just as naked as she was! “Happy birthday, Sis,” he said, stepping forward with his hard cock in
his hand. She gulped. “Roy … if this is your idea of a joke …” Then she
couldn’t finish because her heart was in her throat. “Take it, Sis, take it,” Roy evenly replied, offering her his throbbing
hard-on. “You know you want my cock.” “But it’s been so long, Roy,” Linda murmured. “We were so young
before.” “Just looking at you I can tell you haven’t lost a thing,” Roy said. “Neither have you,” Linda admitted, hungrily eyeing her brother’s
massive cock. “Then what’re you waiting for, Sis?” Linda had no arguments left. She dropped to her knees in front of Roy.
His cock was abruptly in her mouth, the swollen head moving into her
throat. “All the way, Sis, all the way,” Roy urged. “Suck me down to my balls
the way you used to do. Suck my whole cock!” Linda slurped until his crotch was flush with her face, swallowing
every inch of his thick, long cock the way she had as a teenager. His
prickmeat was every bit as salty as it had been back then, the perfect
flavor to make her extra thirsty for his sweet cum. “The way I’m hung, other girls had trouble just trying to give me a
simple blow-job,” Roy recalled. “But you were different, Sis.
Remember?” He took Linda’s head in his hands and began guiding her deep-throating
suction, using her mouth like a cunt. In return, she automatically
began squeezing his balls and snaking a finger into the crack of his
ass. “Sis, you haven’t lost a thing,” Roy panted. “Just keep it up and I’ll
come for you plenty, just like I used to.” Hearing this, Linda doubled her suction. Rubbing in her throat, her
brother’s cockhead made her feel as if she owned a second clit down
there. Indeed, she was already on the verge of coming. “Coming, aren’t you, Sis?” Roy accurately noted. “I remember the first
time you ever came from just sucking my prick.” At this point his hard-on surged in Linda’s throat and his cockhead
seemed to explode. And, abruptly, his jizz was flowing faster than
probably anybody except his horny sister could drink it. After so many years without the taste of his cum, though, Linda
couldn’t down it fast enough to satisfy her thirst. And when her
brother’s prick slowed to a dribble, she wrenched his balls to milk the
dregs. “Enough, Sis!” Roy finally panted. “You’ll use me all up before I can
give you the next part of your birthday present.” “Are … are you going to fuck me now, Roy?” she anxiously asked, some
stray jizz trickling down her chin. “What do you think, Sis?” Roy answered. “Show me how ready for my cock
your hairy pussy is after all these years.” The kitchen floor was hard and cold, but it felt like a velvet cloud to
Linda as she stretched out on it and spread her legs for her hung
brother. Her pussy-lips seemed like orchid petals to her as she
fingered them apart to reveal the inner pink at the glistening center
of her bushy triangle. “You make me feel so beautiful,” she told her brother. “Like my whole
body is one big hairy cunt–just for you, Roy. Fuck me!” Roy didn’t say anything when he dropped to his knees between his
sister’s open legs. He remained quiet as he guided the knob of his
prick to the drooling entrance of her juicy cunt. “Happy birthday, Sis,” he whispered lovingly in her ear, speaking only
when his big cock was hilted to his balls in her grabbing cunt. Along with her pussy full of his cock, it was all Linda needed to hear
to put her on top of the world. Immediately, she’d wrapped her legs
around Roy’s waist, using her thighs to guide the movement of his prick
in her cunt. “It doesn’t get any better than this,” Linda swooned. And Roy surprised her by answering, “Don’t be too sure of that, Sis.” “But you couldn’t fuck me any better if you tried.” “Then maybe I need some help,” Roy answered, surprising Linda even
more. Suddenly the door burst open. Linda looked up, so instantly astonished
that she thought she might pass out from shock. “Happy birthday!” they all cried, all four of them. Sue … Bud … Walt … and even Tim. Linda’s daughter, son, husband
and nephew, they were all there. And not only had they remembered her
birthday, they apparently had planned the surprise party to end all
surprise parties. “It’s just what you think it is, Mom,” Sue called, the first to strip
all the way down. “An orgy! A family orgy! The best birthday party
you’ll ever have!” “I-I can’t believe it!” Linda stammered. “You can thank Sue, Sis,” Roy said. “She brought us all together. She’s
quite a girl. You and Walt must be mighty proud of her.” “Amen to that,” Walt chimed in. “Nobody else could’ve talked me into
this except my little girl.” Bud and Tim both agreed that Sue was really something. “It’s Mom’s birthday. Her special day,” Sue pointed out. “Now if you
guys want to stand around half-undressed shooting the breeze, that’s up
to you. But I’m here to party!” Sue went over to her mother and squatted in the nude astride Linda’s
face. Then down she eased, making moist contact between cunt and mouth. “Eat me, Mom, eat my hairy pussy on your birthday while Uncle Roy fucks
you,” Sue urged. “Then I’ll suck somebody’s cock at the same time. And,
before you know it, we’ll have an orgy!” As her brother’s cock resumed its movement in her cunt, Linda
automatically responded with her long tongue in her daughter’s sweet,
young cunt. Then, reacting quickest to Sue’s mention of a blow-job,
Walt was there first to slip his dick into his daughter’s openly
waiting mouth. This left the cousins, Bud and Tim, temporarily outside looking in.
Both bare-assed by now, they suspiciously eyed one another’s hard cocks
to see whose was biggest. Then Tim broke the tension between them with
a burst of laughter. “Jesus!” he exclaimed, “we’re acting like a couple of fags the way
we’re checking each other out.” “Yeah, guess we are,” Bud sheepishly admitted. “But, shit, just
standing around here is tough on a guy. Wish there was another chick
here so we could have somebody to fuck.” “Right on to that,” Tim readily agreed. “Wish I had a sister who put
out like yours does.” “What about your Mom?” Bud mentioned his aunt Elsie. Tim laughed again, but this time with a scowl. “That frigid bitch?” he
said of his mother. “She’s still plenty good looking, but she doesn’t
put out for anybody–not even my dad.” And just when the boys were startled by a musical voice drifting
through the screen door. “Maybe I haven’t had the right offer–like an
invitation to a certain birthday party.” The door swung open, admitting a tall, striking woman with long, blonde
hair, and ear-to-ear grin–and not a stitch on. “M-Mom!” Tim gulped. “Aunt Elsie!” Bud choked. “In the flesh, boys–as you can plainly see,” Roy’s wife purred to her
son and nephew. “H-how’d you find out we were here, Mom?” Tim asked, as he eyed his
mother’s big tits and naturally blonde pussy. “Your father talks in his sleep,” Elsie chuckled. “It’s always driven
me crazy, but sooner or later it had to come in handy.” Tim and Bud hung on her sexy pause, waiting to find out what she’d
allow them to do to her spectacular body.

“Which one of you is going to be first to fuck my hot pussy?” Elsie
asked the awestruck boys. As so often in the past, once again the cousins were rivals. “She’s my Mom,” Tim snapped to Bud. “I get my cock in her cunt first.” “And if Timmy’s fucking my pussy, Buddy, that means you can fuck my
ass. Would you like that? Your big cock up your auntie’s tight asshole
while Timmy’s cock’s in my cunt?” “Wow, would I!” Bud gushed. Dropping to all fours like a bitch in heat, Elsie opened the sleek
cheeks of her tanned ass so her asshole puckered in exposure and her
blonde pussy yawned from the rear. Clearly, fucking either hole would
be a teenaged boy’s fantasy come true. “Crawl under me, Timmy,” Elsie told her son, “and get your cock in my
cunt. Then Buddy can move in from behind and stick his prick in my
asshole. Just be sure, though, that you boys take turns pushing when
you start really fucking me. Otherwise, your hard, young cocks’ll rip
me to pieces.” Tim and Bud agreed to cooperate. Then Tim got down on the floor on his
back and scooted between his mother’s arms and legs until his hard-on
was centered with the cunt that had delivered him into the world. Elsie
sat right down on his cockmeat as he held it up, taking it to his
balls. “Mmmmm, so far so good,” she sighed. “Now it’s time for your prick,
Buddy. Shove it up my ass.” Bud was eagerly there, aiming his prick at the dent of his aunt’s
asshole. It seemed impossible to him that something like shit could
ever come out of such a beautiful place. “Ooooh,” Bud moaned, as his cock sank into her narrow tunnel. “That’s
tight!” “Then Tim should pull out some in my pussy,” Elsie replied. “That’ll
make more space in my ass. Timmy?” Tim reluctantly withdrew and Bud’s cock surged in, not stopping until
it was buried in his aunt’s asshole. “See, it’s easy if you boys do it my way,” Elsie said. “Now you back up
a little bit, Buddy, and let Timmy stuff my cunt.” Bud went out and Tim went in. Elsie squealed with pleasure. Then she
told the boys to repeat the process. “Back and forth, in and out … pussy and ass,” she instructed. “Over
and over again until I’m coming so much I think I can’t stand it! Then
you boys can fill my pussy and ass with jizz!” The boys’ pricks began alternating thrusts between Elsie’s fuck-holes.
Once she’d started climaxing, which was quickly, she didn’t stop. “Yes, I’m gonna come so hard that I’ll be sure it’s too much before
it’s over,” Elsie said breathlessly. “Probably get to the point where I
beg both of you to quit fucking me–but don’t you dare! Understand?” Tim and Bud answered that they did, while their young cocks continued
trading surges. Then, to heighten her orgasmic response, Elsie began
playing with her own tits, moaning like a dying animal. She wasn’t however, the only one in the kitchen who was coming as if
her life depended on it. There was, of course, Linda, getting her pussy
steadily fucked by Roy’s big cock. And Sue, sitting on her mother’s
face to have her cunt eaten while she simultaneously sucked Walt’s
hard-on. “Man, listen to these bitches come,” Walt told his brother-in-law. “And
your old lady’s just as damned horny as my Linda and Sue. Bet you’re
surprised Elsie showed up.” “Not as much as I would’ve been if I hadn’t talked in my sleep while I
was wide awake,” Roy chuckled. “Elsie and I might not turn each other
on that much, but then neither do you and Linda. With both sides of the
family here, though, there’s plenty to suck and fuck for everybody.” “Won’t get any argument out of me about that,” Walt readily agreed.
“Just talking about it gets me hotter than I already am from Sue
sucking my prick. How about you, Roy? You’ve been fucking Linda a long
time. You ready to come in her pussy?” “The two of us at the same time?” “Sure, why not? Then we can watch Sue lick the cum out of her Mom’s
cunt while we get our hard-ons back for more fucking.” It sounded good
to Roy. He and Walt bore down in Linda’s pussy and Sue’s mouth
respectively with driving cock-thrusts, shooting their wads together in
a matter of seconds. Their spurting climaxes however, didn’t account
for the only jizz which was simultaneously flowing. “Boys, boys!” Elsie deliriously gasped. “It told you not to stick both
of your cocks all the way into my cunt and ass at the same time! You’re
fucking me to death!” “Can’t help it, Mom,” Tim rasped from below. “I’m coming and my cock’s
out of control.” “Same here!” Bud puffed. “Oh, yes … yes … yes,” Elsie whimpered, as her agony became
ecstasy. “Now I can feel it. Feel the hot cum from your two cocks in my
pussy and asshole. That makes it worth whatever you do to me.

boys, come!” Then Tim and Bud had drained their cocks, likewise for Roy and Walt.
Eventually all four men pulled out, their hard-ons temporarily gone.
When this happened, Sue and Linda looked toward one another, then
together at Elsie. Elsie spoke. “Well, girls, look like we have some time to fill before
the male part of the family recovers. How about the three of us keeping
each other busy?” “Took the words right out of my mouth!” Linda said enthusiastically.
“Sue?” And here Sue paused in silence. Her mother and aunt thought it might be
because she wasn’t in the mood for lesbian action. Actually, nothing
could’ve been farther from the truth–she was ready for anything. But
she just felt the need at the moment to stop and reflect on how far she
and her family had come in the last few days. It was hard for Sue to believe that she’d still been a virgin so
recently. And now here she was, in the middle of a family orgy which
she’d personally masterminded. They’d be sucking and fucking until dawn
and she’d made it happen. “You all right, honey?” her mother asked with concern about Sue’s
continued silence. Sue merely nodded. For there was no words capable of expressing her
joy. Anyway, actions spoke loudest of anything.

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