I have seen the light of anal sex in the van
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You know what happened to me the other night? I went out drinking
with Jill, a friend of mine, and we ran into some guys we know. We
sat around drinking and talking for a long time. I don’t drink much,
and after a while I was really, really drunk and feeling funny. I
suspect that there was something potent other than alcohol in that
drink. I asked Jill to take me home, but she asked me to wait. In a
few minutes I realized that I couldn’t move a muscle, not even to open
my eyes. Jill looked at me and said, “Oh, shit! Karen’s passed out
cold. Well, I’ve got to take her home. Help me get her to the car.” Jill wasn’t exactly sober herself. She wasn’t far from joining me
collapsed in a chair. I was hoping she wouldn’t try to drive, but I
didn’t want to stay here. Finally one of the guys suggested that they
drive us home. One guy would take Jill’s car and take her home. The
other guy would take me home in his van, then drive over to pick up
his friend. Had Jill not been drunk, she wouldn’t take these
strangers up on their offer, but not wanting to wake up her brother to
come get us, she agreed. I didn’t like this idea, but I had no way of
expressing my opinion. One of the guys picked me up in his arms and walked out carrying me.
He put me in the back of his van, and we drove off.

After he had
driven for about twenty minutes, he tried to wake me up. After about five minutes he gave up trying. He drove for about ten
minutes more, and I knew I was in trouble. He turned off his engine,
and it was real quiet. No city noises, just crickets chirping. We
were out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I felt a hand on my
thigh as my dress was raised up over my waist. He gasped. I cursed
myself for having worn the sheer pink panties I had on. You could see
every hair, every detail of my pussy through them. Maybe he would just
look, jerk off, then take me home. No such luck. I felt his hands slide down my hips as he took my
panties and pulled them down to my ankles and off my feet. Then I
felt both hands on my thighs as he spread them apart as far as they
would go. I still hoped he would get his rocks off by looking. But then I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips. I hoped he wouldn’t
stick anything in me, because my twat was bone dry. All he was doing,
though, was rubbing my clit. I could take that if he didn’t get too
heavy handed. Although I was paralysed, my body responded. I felt my cunt get wet
and my clit begin to get stiff. That was great. My body had as much
as given him a written invitation. After he had me good and wet, he
stuck two fingers in my hole, twisted them around, and started
finger-fucking me while he continued to massage my clit. This wasn’t
as bad as I dreaded. My juices had me good and wet, so I was
lubricated for his fingers. The finger-fucking continued forever, it seemed like. He kept
thrusting and jamming his fingers in me. Then he added another
finger, then another. I would be sore in the morning, not from the
friction, but he was stretching the hell out of me. I wouldn’t have
thought I could take three fingers, much less four. I was just hoping
he wouldn’t go overboard and try to go all the way with five fingers
and try to fist-fuck me. Finally I felt the first tingle of an orgasm
building. My body was betraying me. I didn’t want this, I didn’t
want his fingers in me, and I most certainly didn’t want an orgasm
from it. No luck, however. I felt a wrenching wave emanate from my
twat and radiate over my whole body. Before that wave had dissipated,
another one came, then another and another. Each wave was stronger
than the one before. Such orgasms normally would have had me
screaming and gasping, but I still couldn’t so much as twitch a
muscle. Finally, the last orgasm rolled over me. I thought I would
blow my ovaries out through my tightly filled fuckhole. I’ll have to admit, though, his timing was perfect. At the precise
moment of my last orgasm, he withdrew his fingers with a sucking
popping noise. My hole felt cold on the INSIDE!

My cunt had been
stretched so wide that it didn’t close when he pulled his fingers out.
My pussy was ruined for life. I hoped he was finally finished with me, but boy, was I wrong! I
hadn’t thought of the point that, with both hands busy on my cunt, he
hadn’t had the chance to get his own rocks off. He rolled me over
onto my stomach, spread my legs, and slid a cushion under my hips. My
asshole was exposed this way, what with my ass cheeks spread. I felt
a little insistant prod at my asshole, which was good and tight. But,
I felt something push past the initial tightness and slide it’s way
easily into my rectum. It had to be his finger, greased with
something. After he wiggled his finger in my ass and finger-fucked me
for a few seconds, I realized what he was doing. He was greasing me
up for something big. I had never had any guy express any interest in
my ass before. And except for one incident in my childhood when, out
of curiousity, I stuck my own finger in my ass during a night-time
exploration, I was an anal virgin. I figured that was about to end. I guess I was no longer fearing or hoping anything except that I could
take his dick or whatever he was going to stick up my ass. I just
wanted him to hurry and finish up without hurting me and take me on
home. I felt his weight on my back, and felt something huge poking at
my anus. It spread my tight little hole wider and wider. I thought
that I would split wide open, but surprisingly enough, his pole just
slipped right in. His grease job worked well enough, but he was huge,
though. I thought he would never quit sliding in his rod. He was
going deeper and deeper. Why couldn’t he have a little dinky prick
like all the guys I’ve ever been in the sack with? Finally, I felt his hips slam against my ass cheeks. That meant he
was all the way in. I guessed now my cunt wasn’t the only thing
stretched out of shape. The bad part was, I liked it! Like I said, I was an anal virgin. I
never thought that there could be any pleasure in getting rammed from
behind like this. After a couple of slow strokes, he started pumping with a vengeance.
His balls slapped against my cunt. Although I had expected the
tightness of my ass to make this painful, it didn’t happen. The
reaming I was getting didn’t hurt at all. As a matter of fact, like I
said, I was starting to get to like anal sex. My body was beginning to
flood with a warm, deliciously full feeling. His tool easily slid in
and out. I was getting jostled and shaken with each stroke, getting
shoved across the floor of his van. If I could have moved, I don’t
think I would have. I was afraid if I moved, it WOULD hurt. Finally, as luck would have it, just as I felt the first twinges of my
first anal orgasm begin to develop, he groaned, jammed his tool into
my ass, held it in and tried to grind it in even deeper, pulling on my
hips the whole time. I felt his pole spasming, hosing my bowels down
with his gush of come. Then he just relaxed and laid on top of me. His prick softened,
shrank, and whatever residual tightness my violated ass had left
squeezed him out. I was frustrated with this. I had changed my mind
about an orgasm. As little as I wanted this anal rape, I would have
at least liked to have gotten an orgasm from it. He finally put my clothes back on me, and took me home. He put me on
my bed at my apartment, clothes and all still on me. One thing,
though. Before he left, he raised my skirt, reached down in my
panties, stuck his fingers between my cuntlips, and gave my clit one
last caress. I fell asleep shortly after that. When I woke up the next morning, I
remembered my anal pleasure and my anal almost orgasm. I finished
myself off, anally speaking, with a huge dildo Jill gave me as a gag
gift. I use that dildo in my ass a lot now. I have seen the light of
anal sex!

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